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88. New Avengers vs. Justice League

The battle that has been building for years is finally going down! This one may just alter History.

-Suggested by Spider-fan

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The New Avengers

  Luke Cage        Iron Man               Wolverine                      Spider-Man            Dr. Strange                Hawkeye               Captain America


The Justice League

  Steel                        Red Tornado          Aquaman                       Plastic Man           Dr. Fate         Batman            Hawkman



It's really hard to determine who is going to win a team vs. team battle, especially when both teams are good guys. As far as strength goes, I think The Justice League has it in the bag. While neither side has their heavy hitters, I think the ones that are left will be enough to over take the New Avengers. However, as we all know, that's not how it works here when it comes to voting. I think the fact that the New Avengers is composed of more popular characters, I think they will win this fight. The only way I can see the Justice League winning is if people don't look at who is fighting and notice that Superman isn't there. Final verdict: New Avengers will win, but my vote is for the Justice League.


The New Avengers have the edge in raw physical strength, in all other areas the teams match up very well. Popularity-wise I think The New Avengers have Bigger name heroes on there side this time around. but as far as Team recognition goes I think that The Justice League has the advantage. Also having Justice in their name gives the Justice League an advantage among non comic book fans, that may just assume that The New Avengers are bad. The vote could go either way, my vote will go to The New Avengers because I actually think they have the edge and I am a Marvel fan.

The Man of Time:

The Justice League will win this one without a doubt. They have more useful members and more experience with everything, and most importantly they are more well known then the New Avengers are.



Tony Stark sat in his dimly lit office, his hands on his face, and his feet flat on the ground. He was ashamed and embarrassed that it came to this, but it had to be done. They had taken Captain America after all.

Tony slammed his fist on the table in anger. A direct attack was stupid, they were out numbered and out matched. It was time to call in a favor.

Tony reached for his phone and dialed The Owner of the Chetradome's cell phone number. Tony's heart gave a mighty pang as he remembered that The Owner of the Chetradome wouldn't answer. Tony wondered if Knowitall would answer instead, or if the Owner of the Chetradome had taken his cell with him when he went missing. Tony's eyes welled up with tears as the phone continued to ring. He wanted so badly for his friend to pick up, but he knew he wouldn't.

“Hello?” a woman's voice on the receiver greeted.

“Hi Knowitall, this is Tony Stark.” Tony said cautiously. It had only been a few days since the Owner of the Chetradome had gone, and he knew she must still be grieving and adjusting to being in charge of everything.

“Hi Tony,” Knowitall said somberly “What can I do for you?”

“Business can wait. How are you doing?”

“Organizing a five person funeral isn't the easiest thing to do. We have people coming in from all over the world for it, and it's only in a few days.”

“I think you know that's not what I meant.”

“I know, but I don't want to talk about him right now.” Knowitall paused in thought. “That is to say I can't. I need to stay focused until the funeral.”

“I understand, well if your up for it, I do have some business to discuss with you.”

“Just about everybody does all of a sudden.”

“I don't know if you are aware, but the Justice League has taken Captain America. Whether to question him or imprison him, we don't know. But we do know we have to get him out. Captain America is tough, and would never give out Avengers secrets, but we can't stand by and let the Justice League have their way. You said to me the other day that the Legion of Guardians ally with the Avengers, and I would like to take advantage of that if I can. I'm about to plan an assault on the Justice League Watchtower, and we could really use the help of the Legion of Guardians.”

Knowitall was silent for a moment as she thought.

“I'm very sorry Tony. It occurred to me yesterday that maybe Chet wouldn't have wanted me to side with you guys. After all, two members of B.O.O.T. Are in the Justice League. You were just always the nicest to me, and you were the first to ask. I need to think some things through before I let the Legion of Guardians make a move that could lead to more bloodshed.”

Tony clenched his jaw in frustration.

“You seem to have a very loose definition of the word 'ally' to toss it around every which way whenever it suits you.”

“Tony, I didn't mean to--”

“Don't apologize...I'm the one being rude here. But please understand our situation. They have the likes of Superman, Martian Manhunter, and Wonder Woman. We were counting on Hulk and Thor to turn things around to our favor, but Hulk has gone missing, and Thor is in hiding from the Green Lantern Corps. I wouldn't be surprised if it was Asgard and the Corps. In their own war soon.”

“Maybe you should consider surrendering. I'm sure their demands wouldn't be too outrageous.”

“Surrender went out the window when they started fighting dirty. They sent notes to both Spider-Man from the Avengers and Nightcrawler of the X-Men. They managed to get them both to think each other were spies, and they fought at the X-Mansion.”

“How do you know it was them?”

“It was signed with the letter 'M', and the person said they had the power to alter memory. I assumed it was Martian ManHunter considering the intentions.”

“I see... but... no, I am truly sorry Tony, I can't determine my allegiance right now, even though I led you to believe I already had. Not to mention, we are quite a few members short right now. We had eight before the last tournament, and were down to five by the end. It seems like the tournaments just attract trouble.”

Tony sat in thought for a moment.

“I understand Kathrine, even if I don't agree with your decision.” Tony said. “Please let me know when you decide.”

“You'll be the first to know Tony. Now, is there any other business to discuss? I have a meeting to go to soon.”

“No that's all. Take care Kathrine.”

“You too Tony.”

Tony Stark held the receiver to his ear until he heard the dial tone. Tony gave a long sigh.

“What the hell am I going to do now?” Tony ran his fingers through his hair, and spun around a bit in his chair.

“Master Stark?” asked the voice of Jarvis from his office door.

“Yes Jarvis?” Tony asked.

“Your... guests are here.”

“Excellent.” Said Tony as he got up from his chair. “Tell them I'll be right down.”

Justice League Watchtower: Meeting room:

“This goes against my better judgment,” said Martian Manhunter to seven Justice League Members “but we have no other choice.” He surveyed the seven super heroes before him. Batman, Dr. Fate, Aquaman, Hawkman, Steel, Plastic Man and Red Tornado.

“As you may know,” continued Martian Manhunter. “Superman has left us.” he waited for people to react, but only Aquaman seemed to be disturbed by this news. “He said that he will have no part in this pointless war. I agree that this war will yield little for the victor no matter who wins, but I will not leave my team when things get complicated. He does have a public image to protect I suppose. Wonder Woman left for Themyscira yesterday, as she said she would have no part in the this war of men, and Green Lantern hasn't been seen since his battle with the Silver Surfer. We can only assume his attention is with the Green Lantern Corps., and is trying to find Thor.”

“We seem to be falling apart.” said Batman.

“It does seem that way Batman, but we need to stay strong, and not do stupid things like capture founding members of the superhero team we are at war with.” Martian Manhunter said hurtfully.

“It seemed like a good idea at the time.”

“Superman didn't seem to think so.”

“Don't blame me for his leaving.”

“The blame lies with all of us for perpetuating this silly war.”

“So why don't we just go down there, give 'em what-for, and declare ourselves the winner?” asked Plastic Man.

“Things are a little too out of hand for that to work now. But, back to business guys. I have to leave on a mission. A secret mission if you will. Everyone else is out right now, and its just the seven of you here. You can bet that the Avengers are planning something to rescue Captain America, so I suggest staying together in case they show up.”

“So basically, we're only here to guard the Watchtower?” asked Dr. Fate. “I've got better things to do.”

“Please Fate, we must all stay together, or all of this will fall apart.”

“If it were anyone but you who asked that of me, I would walk out that door right now. What is your mission anyway?”

“I think it would be best not to say until I am done, in case I don't succeed. But I assure you it is in the best interest of the Justice League that I go.

“Hurry back” said Steel. “If the Avengers do show up, we're going to need all the help we can get.”

“I will be as quick as body will allow.” Martian Manhunter said as he phased through the floor.

“So, daddy's gone... Party?” asked Plastic Man

“Seven men in leather, tights, and armor calling each other by made up names while we wait for more men to show up?” Asked Batman “No thank you.”

Stark Tower: Meeting Room:

Thank you all for coming.” said Iron Man to the room. He looked each of them in the eye as he said their names. “Luke Cage, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, and Hawkeye. We have a mission today. I think you all know what it is.”

“We're gonna rescue Cap?” asked Wolverine.

“Indeed. I was able to determine that he is being held captive in the Justice League Watchtower. Which means, we're going to have to go through the Justice League to rescue him.”

“But without Thor or Hulk, what chance do we have?” asked Spider-Man

“I called Knowitall to request the assistance of the Legion of Guardians, but she has backed out of our alliance. She isn't taking sides right now, so we're on our own. As for the biggest threat up there, Superman, I think if we run into him, Dr. Strange has the best chance of taking him down. Superman is vulnerable to magic.”

“I may have the power, but I dare say I don't have the speed.” said Dr. Strange.

“I think I may be able to hold him back with my Sonic Emitters. Supergirl was vulnerable to them when I fought her in the first tournament at the Chetradome, so I assume Superman is too.”

“I think we would all feel better if you weren't assuming.” said Hawkeye.

“I know its a risk, but I just thought of something. Dr. Strange...”

“Yes?” Dr. Strange asked.

“Is there anyway you could make us either invisible or undetectable while we rescue Cap?”

“I can do both, but someone like Martian Manhunter would sense us in an instant.” Dr. Strange replied.

“I think any time we can buy with your spell would do wonders. Remember our ultimate goal is to rescue Cap, not fight the Justice League.”

“Very well.”

“Do you think your spell can cover our whole ship?”

“Scale usually isn't a problem for me.” said Dr. Strange with a smile.

“Smile now while your still in one piece.” Wolverine joked. Dr. Strange rolled his eyes.

“Well, we have a plan for Superman if we see him, but there are other powerhouses up there that can be just as detrimental to our plan.” said Iron Man

“We aren't all push-overs Iron Man.” said Luke Cage. Iron Man pondered for a minute.

“You know what? Your right! I think we can do it. None of you are push-overs, we can take anything they throw at us.”

“I can never tell when your being sarcastic.” said Spider-Man.

Justice League Watchtower: Docking Bay:

The Avengers, under cover of Dr. Strange's spell managed to sneak past all of the Watchtower's external defenses, as well as dock without being discovered.

“So where do we go now?” asked Wolverine.

“Let me check, Cap has a tracking device in his suit like the rest of you, and he's just upstairs.” answered Iron Man

“Ha, and I was impressed when you said 'I have determined his location' earlier. Just a tracking device? That's not quite as impressive.” replied Wolverine

“Never mind that! When did you get a hold of my suit long enough to put a tracking device on it?”

“Quite!” stage whispered Dr. Strange. “My spell doesn't shield the sounds we make.”

“Why the hell not?” asked Wolverine. “That's kind of an important part of sneaking around.”

“There is no sound in space, so I didn't think it was necessary.” reasoned Dr. Strange. “I can re-cast the spell if you want, but it may take time.”

“No, we must push on.” said Iron Man, and they did. They followed the brightly lit hallways, and up the stairs. They eyed the security cameras with trepidation, but they remained hidden.

The six of them stopped as they arrived at the door which obviously led to the holding cells. Iron Man opened the door.

An alarm sounded throughout the Watchtower the second the latch on the door was free from the door frame. The six of them piled into the room.

Captain America was sitting in the first cell. His boots and mask were off, and he looked a bit disheveled. He looked up as they walked in, and immediately stood up.

“What are you doing here?” he demanded.

“We're here to save you of course.” said Spider-Man.

“That was obviously their plan.” said Captain America. “They captured me so that you would come and rescue me.”

“It was a chance we were wiling to take.” responded Iron Man. “Stand Back.” Captain America took a step backwards as Iron Man shot the white bars of Captain America's cell with repulsor rays. The bars clanked as they hit the ground, and Captain America ran out of his cell, and to the desk near by. He quickly put on his boots and mask, and grabbed his shield.

“They're going to be here any second.” With Captain America's final word the wall separating the hallway from the holding cell room was blown apart to reveal the Justice League. Iron Man's heart lifted as he saw that Superman wasn't there, a long with several other powerhouses. We have a fighting chance! He thought.

No Hulk, and no Thor. This is good. This fight might actually be interesting. Thought Batman.

So Who Wins? The New Avengers or the Justice League? 


Iron Fist





Iron Fist: Well, this is a fight that I never thought would actually come to pass.

Robin: It was inevitable.

Iron Fist: The end of he world is inevitable, I just never though I would have to witness it.

Robin: Maybe once the fight is over this whole situation will finally go away.

Iron Fist: Maybe. On the side of the New Avengers we have: Captain America, Dr. Strange, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Luke Cage, Spider-Man, and Wolverine.

Robin: And on the side of the Justice League we have: Aquaman, Batman, Dr. Fate, Hawkman, Plastic Man, Red Tornado, and Steel.

Iron Fist: And judging by the way that they are standing, the match-ups are thus: Luke Cage vs. Steel, Iron Man vs. Red Tornado, Wolverine vs. Aquaman, Spider-Man vs. Plastic Man, Dr. Strange vs. Dr. Fate, Hawkeye vs. Batman, and Captain America vs. Hawkman.

Robin: This should really be an interesting fight.

Iron Fist: That it should. Alright, we're going to have to cycle through all of these guys if we want to make sure we say everything we can about each of these fights.

Robin: Alright, starting with Luke Cage vs. Steel. Luke Cage charges forward towards Steel, and throws a punch.

Iron Fist: Steel blocks Cage's punch with his hammer, and pushes back at Cage.

Robin: Cage is pushed back several feet, but recovers quickly.

Iron Fist: Cage throws a punch that is dodges by Steel.

Robin: Over to Iron Man vs. Red Tornado.

Iron Fist: Red Tornado doesn't waste time, and begins spinning his arms in the direction of Iron Man.

Robin: Iron Man takes to flight, and uses his flight stabilizers to maintain a certain distance to the ground.

Iron Fist: Red Tornado gives a surge of wind, and Iron Man is pushed backwards, and hits the wall.

Robin: He quickly pushes against the hurricane force winds, and goes back to his original position.

Iron Fist: Over to Wolverine vs. Aquaman.

Robin: Wolverine dives forward at Aquaman.

Iron Fist: Aquaman shoots a jet of water from his water hand at Wolverine, knocking him backwards.

Robin: Aquaman continues to shoot torrents of water at Wolverine while he is on the ground, but Wolverine digs his claws into the ground to keep from being pushed away.

Iron Fist: Wolverine begins to crawl forward, all the while being pelted by water, and digging his claws in the ground with each step.

Robin: Over to Spider-Man vs. Plastic Man.

Iron Fist: Spider-Man immediately jumps forward and throws a punch at Plastic Man.

Robin: Plastic Man bend-dodges out of the way easily, and throws his own punch at Spider-Man.

Iron Fist: Spider-Man's spidey-sense must have seen this coming as he does a back-flip out of the way at the exact right time.

Robin: Plastic Man stretches out his arm to grab Spider-Man, who is now 10 feet away, by the neck, but Spider-Man eludes the capture.

Iron Fist: Over to Dr. Strange and Dr. Fate.

Robin: Dr. Strange begins by gesturing with his hands, and the ceiling above Dr. Fate begins to collapse.

Iron Fist: Dr. Fate holds his hand up, and the ceiling remains still long enough for him to lazily drift out of harms way.

Robin: The ceiling falls behind him, and he surveys Dr. Strange.

Iron Fist: Dr. Fate makes an odd hand movement and two large marble hands phase out of the ground on either side of Dr. Strange.

Robin: Over to Hawkeye vs. Batman.

Iron Fist: Batman doesn't waste time and throws a batarang at Hawkeye.

Robin: In a split second, Hawkeye shoots the batarang out of the air.

Iron Fist: I think that may have just been Batman trying to gauge Hawkeye's skill.

Robin: Hawkeye shoots another arrow, this time at Batman, but Batman must have been expecting this as he dodges out of the way.

Iron Fist: Over to Captain America vs. Hawkman.

Robin: Captain America charges towards Hawkman, shield poised to strike.

Iron Fist: Once Captain America reaches Hawkman, he swings his shield at Hawkman's neck, but Hawkman blocks it with his mace.

Robin: Hawkman seems a little shocked by the force of the shield, and the effect it's having on his mace, and gives a mighty heave, pushing Captain America backwards.

Iron Fist: Hawkman takes to flight, and charges towards Captain America through the air.

Robin: Hawkman's mace hits Captain America's shield, but it's Hawkman that is most affected by this. The Shield absorbed Hawkman's charge, and Hawkman ends up flying over Captain America. He clutches his arm, the unexpected resistance must have hurt a bit.

Iron Fist: Back to Luke Cage vs. Steel.

Robin: Steel throws his own punch which hits Cage weakly.

Iron Fist: Cage still stumbles backwards, but appears unhurt.

Robin: Cage spins around, and hits Steel in the shoulder with his forearm.

Iron Fist: Steel stumbles backward, and swings his hammer at Cage.

Robin: Cage is hit by Steel's hammer, and falls to the ground, he's alright though.

Iron Fist: Over to Iron Man vs. Red Tornado.

Robin: Iron Man shoots a repulsor ray at Red Tornado, and Red Tornado uses his cyclones to sort of deflect it away.

Iron Fist: Iron Man shoots several repulsor in rapid succession. Not a good idea here I think

Robin: Red Tornado gives more force to his wind. So much that the repulsors don't even make it to Red Tornado, and rebound upon Iron Man.

Iron Fist: Only a few repulsors hit Iron Man, but the power behind them mixed with the added force of Red Tornado's epic gale drive the repulsors rays deep into Iron Man's chest. His suit seems to power down as he falls to the ground.

Robin: It looks like Iron Man is the first to fall.

Iron Fist: Over to Wolverine vs. Aquaman.

Robin: Aquaman lets up on the water pressure, so Wolverine stands up, and charges at Aquaman.

Iron Fist: Wolverine goes to punch Aquaman in the face, but Aquaman catches his fist.

Robin: Wolverine quickly uses his claws on his other hand to cut off Aquaman's hand that is holding on to him.

Iron Fist: Aquaman's hand falls to the ground, and Wolverine gives Aquaman a quick slash to the belly.

Robin: Aquaman falls to the ground. He's going to need medical attention real quick. Wolverine turns his attention to Red Tornado.

Iron Fist: Over to Spider-Man vs. Plastic Man.

Robin: Plastic Man's arm is still extended and he continues to try and grab Spider-Man.

Iron Fist: Spider-Man shoots webbing at the arm in an attempt to stick it to the wall.

Robin: The webbing hits Plastic Man's arm, and when the web hits it, The arm slams into the wall.

Iron Fist: Plastic Man's arm thins and he pulls his arm out of the web prison.

Robin: Over to Dr. Strange and Dr. Fate.

Iron Fist: The marble hands grab Dr. Strange tightly, and slowly begin to squeeze.

Robin: Dr. Fate makes a motion with his hand and the hands crush Dr. Strange. But wait.

Iron Fist: Dr. Strange's body turns to water, and the hands no longer have a hold of him.

Robin: The water falls to the ground, and Dr. Strange reassembles himself from it quickly.

Iron Fist: Over to Hawkeye vs. Batman.

Robin: Batman throws several more batarangs as he walks toward Hawkeye.

Iron Fist: Hawkeye shoots several of them out of the air, but he misses one.

Robin: It flies by his cheek, very close, but an intentional miss.

Iron Fist: Hawkeye seems to realize all of a sudden that Batman is now within arms length.

Robin: Over to Captain America vs. Hawkman.

Iron Fist: Hawkman flies towards Captain America again, and Captain America turns around.

Robin: Hawkman stops suddenly as he reaches Captain America, he gingerly touches his mace to Captain America's shield, Captain America looks confused.

Iron Fist: Hawkman, copying his earlier move, pushes forward towards Captain America. Since the two weapons are already touching, Captain America's shield doesn't keep Captain America from being pushed back now.

Robin: Hawkman pushes Captain America into a wall, and Hawkman continues to push hard. Captain America is having his torso crushed by his own shield. Hawkman's mace keeping him a safe distance away.

Iron Fist: Hawkman continues to push hard, and eventually, after several cracking sounds, Captain America passes out.

Robin: Back to Luke Cage vs. Steel.

Iron Fist: Cage gets up quickly, and uppercuts Steel.

Robin: Steel flies up, and hits the ceiling, and falls to the ground.

Iron Fist: Cage give Steel a good kick to make sure he's out.

Robin: Cage turns his attention to Hawkman.

Iron Fist: Over to Red Tornado vs. Wolverine.

Robin: Red Tornado wastes no time in shooting heavy winds at Wolverine.

Iron Fist: Wolverine attempts to fight it at first, but the wind is too strong, and he is pushed backwards.

Robin: Red Tornado's winds continue to pick up speed. He must be getting ready for something.

Iron Fist: Wolverine hits the bars of Captain America's cage, the winds so strong, he can't even move his arms away.

Robin: Over to Spider-Man and Plastic Man.

Iron Fist: Plastic Man throws a long arm punch at Spider-Man, but Spider-Man jumps forward over it to dodge.

Robin: He lands on Plastic Man's arm, and Plastic Man liquefies his entire body.

Iron Fist: Spider-Man takes a few steps backward as Plastic Man slowly creeps toward him...a creepy red and flesh colored puddle.

Robin: Spider-Man shoots some webbing at the liquid Plastic Man, but to no avail.

Iron Fist: Over to Dr. Strange vs. Dr. Fate.

Robin: Dr. Fate's step backwards seems to express some concern about Dr. Strange's power.

Iron Fist: Dr. Fate seems to regain his composure, pauses for a moment, and shoots a jet of purple lightning at Dr. Strange.

Robin: Dr. Strange is almost hit by the lightning, but teleports behind Dr. Fate

Iron Fist: Dr. Strange presses his hand to the back of Dr. Fate's helmet, and Dr. Fate falls down. I wonder what kind of spell that was...

Robin: Dr. Fate is out of the fight. Over to Hawkeye and Batman.

Iron Fist: Batman grabs Hawkeye's bow, and tries to jerk it away from him.

Robin: Hawkeye holds on tightly , and doesn't let Batman take his bow from him.

Iron Fist: Batman instead punches Hawkeye in the stomach once, and gives him a swift hand chop in the neck.

Robin: Hawkeye falls to the ground, and Batman turns to Dr. Strange.

Iron Fist: Dr. Strange flexes his fingers and Batman is instantly frozen in place.

Robin: Dr. Strange raises his hand and Batman crashes into the ceiling.

Iron Fist: Dr. Strange removes his hands form the air, and lets Batman fall hard to the ground.

Robin: He'll be out for a while.

Iron Fist: Over to Spider-Man vs. Plastic Man.

Robin: Spider-Man seems to get an idea and shoots his webbing towards the wall he was facing.

Iron Fist: A red fire extinguisher lands in Spider-Man's hands as he retracts his webbing.

Robin: Quickly he shoots the Plastic Man puddle with the extinguisher.

Iron Fist: Plastic Man begins to freeze, and only part of his body has any movement. Looks like he's out of this fight.

Robin: Over to Red Tornado vs. Wolverine.

Iron Fist: The wind is so strong now that little cuts are appearing all over Wolverine as flecks of dust and dirt hit him.

Robin: Red Tornado gets closer, the wind getting stronger on Wolverine. It would seem that at this point the force of the wind is knocking the wind out of Wolverine.

Iron Fist: Red Tornado raises one of his spinning hands and slowly brings it closer to Wolverine's head.

Robin: The spinning cyclone hand hits Wolverine's head, and he is knocked out almost instantly. He falls to the ground.

Iron Fist: Wolverine is out. Over to Luke Cage vs. Hawkman.

Robin: Hawkman zooms towards Luke Cage, his mace extended to hit the bruiser.

Iron Fist: Luke Cage pretty much catches Hawkman's mace by the handle, and spins Hawkman around.

Robin: Hawkman doesn't let go of his mace, for good reason, and Cage throws Hawkman and his mace with great strength.

Iron Fist: The air erupts with a cracking sounds as Hawkman zooms through the air, and crashes through several walls before finally falling to the ground. I guess it's good Cage didn't throw him through the hull of this ship, or we would all be in trouble.

Robin: It's just Luke Cage, Spider-Man, and Dr. Strange vs. Red Tornado now.

Iron Fist: Red Tornado turns his wind to Luke Cage, and Cage struggles to remain standing.

Robin: Spider-Man quickly web-zips to a spot behind Red Tornado, and waits for a moment.

Iron Fist: Dr. Strange raises his hand and a thin green shield appears between Luke Cage and Red Tornado. It looks like it's blocking the wind.

Robin: Spider-Man shoots a bit of webbing at the back of Red Tornado's head and pulls hard.

Iron Fist: Red Tornado does a sort of half back flip and he is knocked off balance.

Robin: Red Tornado ceases his wind attack in order to avoid going flying through the air. He lands on his feet.

Iron Fist: Luke Cage had already been charging forward to punch him, and Dr. Strange kept Red Tornado's hands down with a spell.

Robin: Cage gives a mighty blow to Red Tornado's chest, and another to his head.

Iron Fist: Large sparks fly out of Red Tornado's head and chest, and he falls to the ground.

Robin: Only Luke Cage, Spider-Man and Dr. Strange remain.

Iron Fist: Looks like the New Avengers win.


The New Avengers defeat The Justice League 26 votes to 16.


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