So Who Wins - The Any Character in the World Battles


8. Darkseid vs. Apocalypse

They are both big, and want to take over the world. What battle could be better?

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The Set-Up


All the Televisions in The Western Hemisphere go blank for a moment then a huge man wearing all blue, with a gray face appeared in the center of all screens. "People of Earth," Says the evil face of Darkseid "It has come to my attention that the Justice League is off on an intergalactic mission in the Andromeda Galaxy, so during this time I would like to take over the earth, starting with Metropolis! You will all Bow to the Lord Of Apokolips!"

In Apocalypse's cave in New York- "No Creature, Beast, or Mortal is the Lord of me!" said Apocalypse. Apocalypse had been watching TV at the time because he had been watching the Season Finale of Survivor and was interrupted by this telecast. After Apocalypse finishes the end of Survivor, he flies over to Metropolis to give Darkseid a piece of his mind. They come face to face with each other in front of the Daily Planet.  So Who wins this battle of really really really big Super villains?



Professor Xavier



Superman- Hello Professor, its good to see you again.


Professor X- Hello Superman, have you given any thought to my job offer?


Superman- I’ve told you before Professor, I am not a mutant, so I don’t think it would be right for me to join, plus I’m already in the Justice League.


Professor X- Well alright then, you have fought both of these guys before, what do you think about this fight?


Superman- Well you know Apocalypse, he can have any power he wants. Why he didn’t want Kryptonite lasers to shoot from his eyes when I fought with him is beyond me. Not to toot my own horn but Darkseid is so powerful; he can stand toe to toe with me. And you know what I can do!


Professor X- Yes, well either way, whoever wins this there will be a loser, and a villain loser always goes a little crazy after losing a fight.


Superman- Lets not worry about that right now, this fight is so evenly matched, I think if it doesn’t end right away, then this fight could go on forever. Hows about a bet? I bet on Darkseid, 20 bucks sound good?


Professor X- Well I’m not the gambling type, but alright. Ok to the fight, Apocalypse is angry about Darkseid's comment about being ‘Lord of Apokolips’, but I think is was just a misunderstanding.


Superman- It defiantly was, Darkseid said he was the lord of Apokolips as in the Planet, and Apocalypse thought he was talking about him.


Professor X- Ok, well Apocalypse is standing ready to blow up with anger, and Darkseid is upset that he was unable to take out the Daily Planet before someone tries to attack him. I wish he would have, it would have put that useless tabloid out of business.


Superman- Its not a useless tabloid, take it from someone who works there!


Professor X- Superman!


Superman- Works there with someone who works there, Lois Lane works there and she interview’s me of coarse, what were you thinking?


Professor X- We’ll talk about that later, but Apocalypse raises his hand in the air and a sword appears that is as big as you are Superman.


Superman- he must have the power to manipulate matter. Hmmm, Apocalypse runs towards Darkseid, sword in battle formation.


Professor X- Halfway there Darkseid uses his omega beams and Apocalypse’s sword is hit and disappears.


Superman- Apocalypse stops and raises both his hands in the air, and creates two more swords, one in each hand.


Professor X- Apocalypse runs toward Darkseid again.


Superman- Darkseid cannot split his omega beams, as far as I know, but it would be pretty simple to shoot them one at a time.


Professor X- Darkseid shoots again, disintegrating one of Apocalypses swords, and Apocalypse continues his battle run, but before Darkseid could concentrate again and disintegrate the other sword, Apocalypse slashes at Darkseid.


Superman- Darkseid catches the sword in his hand and crushes the blade.


Professor X- Darkseid picks up Apocalypse over his head and slams him down onto his knee, Apocalypse falls to the ground.


Superman- Apocalypse is not getting up, but Darkseid is stomping his face into the ground.


Professor X- Even if Apocalypse does regain consciousness, this fight is over.


Superman- Darkseid wins!!


Professor X- Uh, do you have change for a fifty?

Darkseid wins 4 to 3


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