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90. Tarzan vs. Hercules vs. Peter Pan vs. Aladdin vs. Jack Skellington vs. Beast vs. Quasimodo vs. Mulan

Eight lovable Disney heroes face off in this unlikely battle.

-Suggested by Spider-fan

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  Tarzan                                                        Hercules                       Peter Pan               Aladdin

   Jack Skellington                      Beast                                                  Quasimodo                            Mulan




This is a really hard fight to determine the winner in this fight. Every character has their own advantage that could put them in the lead as far as strength or power goes. Tarzan has agility, Hercules has strength, Peter Pan has magic, Aladdin has proved his ability to fight any foe, Jack Skellington has his dark side, Beast has strength, as does Quasimodo, and Mulan has her superior fighting skills. As far as total power I think that puts Hercules as the front runner, and that's why he'll be getting my vote. I think when people look at this line up they will agree that he is probably the best choice as the winner. Final verdict: Hercules will win.


This will be an interesting fight indeed, my vote goes with Hercules as he is the most physically powerful, as well as being one of the more well skilled fighters in this battle, he also has great name recognition as well as home field advantage. However Tarzan could rival him in area of name recognition, and his movie was the most recent, so that is also something to consider. All things considered though I have to give the edge to Hercules.



Since I am a Tarzan fan, I want him to win. But since Hercules is the most powerful, he has an edge in this battle, and a lot of people will vote for him because he is the most powerful. But I think Aladdin is the most popular, so I think he will win.




Disney Castle (Throne Room):

Queen Minnie.” said Daisy Duck trying to get her Queen’s attention.

Hmm…what?” said Queen Minnie distractedly.

Does this fabric meet with your approval?” asks Daisy holding out an ebony cloth.

Queen Minnie walks over and rubs the fabric between her fingers.

Splendid, this fabric is as solid as nylon and as soft as velvet.” says Queen Minnie, “It will make the perfect dress for the funeral.”

Excellent choice Your Majesty,” says Daisy, “I’ll bring this fabric to the royal tailors at once.”

Thank you.” says Queen Minnie to Daisy as she hurries off.

Queen Minnie is checking her royal itinerary to see what matter of state needs her attention, when the entrance door within the huge door to the Throne Room opens and in walks King Mickey.

Mickey!” shouts Queen Minnie excitedly and runs to him.

The King and Queen embrace, once they release each other Queen Minnie smiles at her husband and seeing the worry on his face asks,

What’s wrong?”

A lot of things.” says King Mickey with a sigh.

Well, start at the beginning.” says Queen Minnie patting her Husband’s shoulder.

I am very concerned with the war between the Avengers and The Justice league, “says King Mickey “It’s only in it’s opening stages and it has already spilled beyond the confines it was originally in.”

Are you thinking of taking sides?” asks Queen Minnie.

Yes…I am.” says King Mickey.

This isn’t our war Mickey.” says Queen Minnie.

I know Minnie, says King Mickey “and I don’t want to jump right in to this war. However being that the war has caused tensions to escalate between The Green Lantern Corps and Asgard, I think it’s only a matter of time before we are drawn into the war whether we like it or not. We need to be ready for any eventuality.”

Very well,” says Queen Minnie “we can not remain neutral, but who are you going to side with?”

Well,” says King Mickey “after cross referencing the field reports Goofy submitted to me and having Merlin ask Cid to run some specific facts through Ansem’s Computer. I have discovered that while trying to find leads on The Heartless, Sora encountered, battled, and was defeated by. Both a member of The Avengers and The Justice League.”

So we side with the one that had the harder time defeating Sora” says Queen Minnie.”

Yeah…but how did you know that?” asks King Mickey.

We may never have gone to full on war in the history of this Kingdom,” says Queen Minnie “but I know you always fight on the side of good. Being that both sides in this war are good, you will side with the force that is most in need of help.”

Yeah,” says King Mickey “and That would be The Avengers.”

So are we to have our army on full alert in case The Avengers need our aid?” asks Queen Minnie.

Actually,” says “King Mickey I was afraid doing that might cause other worlds to fully mobilize their militaries and escalate tensions further.”

True.” says Queen Minnie “and with Goofy gone we would have to find a capable lieutenant to lead the Royal Knights in his absence. Do you have another plan?”

You bet,” says King Mickey “I was planning on forming a team composed of heroes from all the surrounding worlds.”

But Mickey,” asks Queen Minnie “the world order would be upset, and there is no telling what kind of political upheaval having a multi-world group of heroes here would cause.”

Actually,” says King Mickey “The world order seemed to stop being an issue when The Chetradome was built. Green Arrow even made mention of the fact that the competitors in Tournament 3 were from different universes, it seems like as long as no one talks about it that much. The world order is just fine. As far as political ramifications go, I though it would be best to place the team on whatever world the team leader was from.”

So your not going to lead this team?” asks Queen Minnie.

No”, says King Mickey I figure I can always assist the team if they need help, but actually leading the team could potentially be seen as a political power grab.”

So how will you form this team, if you’re not going to be part of it?” asks Queen Minnie.

I figured I’d ask Merlin to send an invite to prospective heroes, as well as inviting teams of heroes that are as of yet neutral in The Avengers/Justice League war. To send a member to represent them as well. Once they are all here I’ll pitch my plan.

Mickey,” says Queen Minnie “don’t you think having the meeting here could still be seen as political maneuvering?”

Gosh you’re right,” says King Mickey “ I need a neutral meeting place…Say everybody seems to like The Chetradome maybe I can---”

Mickey!” scolds Queen Minnie “The funeral.”

Oh how could I forget that?” King Mickey chides himself.

Olympus Coliseum would work,” says Queen Minnie “even when the world order was an issue that place never had a problem with having people from other worlds on their premise. It was even encouraged.”

Perfect, You’re wonderful Minnie. What would I do without you.” said King Mickey.

Well you’d have to send someone else to represent you at this funeral.” joked Queen Minnie.

Yeah,” said King Mickey “I wish I could go with you---”

Mickey,” says Queen Minnie gently as she puts her finger to her Husband’s lips. “We both know the protocol for state funerals. So don’t feel bad about sending me on your behalf, I’ll make sure to convey your condolences to Mrs. Chetradome, as well as the Legion of Guardians and The ArchSorcerers.”

Oh Minnie,” asks King Mickey “will you be sure to-----”

Not approach SimbasGuard,” interrupts Queen Minnie “I’ll let him come to me if he wants to speak with me.”

Yes,” says King Mickey “it’s beca---”

He has been barely able to keep his rage contained since the death of his teammates.” interrupts Queen Minnie.

King Mickey is about to speak again when Queen Minnie adds,

And given the betrayal by Melt-Down, there is no telling what SimbasGuard’s mental state is. Therefore anything anyone says could send him into a frenzied rage. Don’t worry Mickey, I doubt SimbasGuard thinks so little of his fallen comrades that he would make a mockery of their funeral. There is no need to feel bad about thinking the worst could happen, I know you always worry about me. Is there anything else you need to say?”

Is there?” asks King Mickey with a hint of sarcasm.

No,” says Queen Minnie with a giggle “although you do need to contact Philoctetes and book The Olympus Coliseum before you contact Merlin and have him send out the invites.”

Gosh, your right.” said King Mickey who then hurried about his tasks.

Within the next few days the proper arrangements are made and the invitations are sent.

Olympus Coliseum (days later, in the entrance hall)):

Phil.” Said Hercules, “If I wasn’t invited to this meeting. I shouldn’t go.”

But Kid,” Said Philoctetes “this King Mickey guy that rented the coliseum said that he was going to have a gathering of heroes. We have got to be there…besides I waved half the rental fee so you could come.”

WHAT!” yells Hercules, “Phil…that’s…that’s bribery.”

IT IS NOT!” retorts Philoctetes, “look kid I’m not just your Trainer. I’m your Agent, it’s my job to find you work. I didn’t bribe your way into this meeting, I negotiated you entry into it.”

Oh…All right.” said Hercules reluctantly.

Good,” says Philoctetes “now quit looking so down. You want to make a good impression.

Hercules smiles and straightens his posture.

O.K. Kid I’ll be watching from the stands.”

Philoctetes leave the entrance hall to go around to the spectator’s entrance. When he encounters a short, yet solidly built man with a hunchback.

Excuse me,” says the hunchbacked man “I’m looking for the Olympus Coliseum?”

Oh You’re here for the meeting?” asks Philoctetes.

Well actually I’m here on behalf of Captain Phoebus who could not make it, said the hunchbacked man “I’m Quasimodo.”

Pleased to meet you Quasimodo,” said Philoctetes “you’re in the right place. The Olympus Coliseum is right behind me (he says gesturing with his hand), I’m Philoctetes the manager of the coliseum, but everyone calls me Phil.”

Pleased to meet you Phil.” says Quasimodo shaking his hand.

Oh there are a few things I need to ask you first.” says Phil.

O.K.” says Quasimodo.

Do you have any weapons?” asks Phil.

No,” says Quasimodo somewhat surprised, “was I supposed to bring some?”

No,” says Phil “But before anyone steps on to the coliseum's arena field I need to know if they have weapons or not.”

Oh O.K.” says Quasimodo.”

Are you a magic user?” asks Phil.

No,” replies Quasimodo.

O.K.” says Phil “You can go on in. Just go through those doors (again gesturing with his hand to the doors behind him) and straight through to the door in the back of the room and you’ll be on the arena field. The meeting should start shortly.”

Thank you very much.” says Quasimodo.

You’re Welcome.” says Phil before he heads to the spectators entrance.

In The Stands:

King Mickey observes the Battlefield as Quasimodo enters and thinks,

That makes eight candidates so far, I had hoped to see a representative from The Incredibles, The Justice Ducks, The Mighty Ducks, and from Star Command, but no such luck. Robin Hood is also nowhere to be seen, and I guess Leon and his friends are still to busy protecting Radiant Garden to send a representative. Although I am amazed that Mulan is here, Chip and Dale have been trying for weeks to fix the navi-gummi on Sora’s gummi ship. So far they still haven’t been able to find the right coordinates to get Sora to The Land of Dragons, I should talk to Mulan after the---

O.K. Your Majesty,” says the voice of Phil snapping King Mickey out of his thoughts. “I think they are all here. The guy with the hunchback is Quasimodo, he’s here on behalf of Captain Phoebus.”

Oh thank you Phil,” said King Mickey “Well I guess there is no point in waiting any longer.”

King Mickey walks down to the bottom row of the stands, and jumps atop of the wall separating the stands from the arena field. King Mickey then introduces himself and explains his plan. King Mickey then finishes his speech by saying,

Since I will not be part of this team, I had hoped that you could decide among yourselves who would lead the team and by extension where the teams base would be.”

That’s Simple,” says Jack Skellington “Halloween Town is a place where most people can’t even get. It’s the perfect place to have to have a hero base.

The base should be in China,” says Mulan “We already have The Great Wall to protect the base.”

I have my own personal castle in France, says Beast “There is plenty of room to house a team of heroes.”

Paris is the most important city in France,” says Quasimodo the base should be there.

My jungle would be the best place for a base,” says Tarzan “Bad people would have a hard time finding it.”

Since our first meeting was here,” says Hercules “why not just have the base here? “I’m sure The Gods would smile on that decision.”

I don’t care what you grown-ups say,” says Peter Pan “I know London would be a great place to have the base.”

Peter then adds under his breath,

And it will keep all of you out of Never Land.”

Wait a minute,” says Aladdin, “Agrabah would be the best place for the base. One of my best friends there is a genie, he could easily transport us anywhere we needed to go.”

Shouting begins to ensue among the heroes, King Mickey palms his face wondering what to do. Then Phil walks up to him and says,

Excuse me Your Majesty, but I believe I have a solution.”

Please share it.” says King Mickey gesturing to the arena field with his hand,

Phil then climbs up next to King Mickey on the wall and shouts,


The Heroes all turn to Phil, who then continues,

Since nothing is getting solved this way, I think we should have any every man for himself fight.”

Now wait a minute Phil,” interjects King Mickey “I don’t want anybody getting hurt.”

Not to worry Your Majesty,” says Phil “The Olympus Coliseum is blessed by Zeus. No combatant competing in an officially sanctioned match here will ever receive anything worse than bruises and unconsciousness. No matter what type of attack said combatant is on the receiving end of.”

Well, O.K. then” says King Mickey reluctantly.

O.K. then Combatants,” says Phil “the only rule is no summoning. Other than that, fight with whatever weapons and abilities you have. The winner will be the last one conscious. ”

The eight combatants go out to the edges of the arena and form a circle with the middle of the arena in the center.

Phil then nods and a barrier of magical energy (Invisible except for a few white sparkles indicating when it was activated) goes up between the stands and the arena field.

So Who Wins: This battle for a base?







Simba: It seems like only yesterday we were in an arena like this.

Nala: It was only a week ago that we were at the Chetradome for Tournament V.

Simba: I have to say I like the Chetradome a bit more than the Coliseum. Even though the Coliseum has the style of architecture that I like, The Chetradome's size puts it on a whole different level.


Nala: (laughs) What do you know about architecture?

Simba: Well, I suppose not much, but of what I have seen, the Greek architecture is magnificent.

Nala: So you, my husband, has an eye for architecture, and yet we still live in a cave?

Simba: Well, yeah. It's got great access to Pride Rock, and it's been in the family for generations.

Nala: (chuckles) I'm only teasing Simba. Let's get to the fight ok?

Simba: Very well. I suppose we should start with the line up. All eight of the competitors seemed to pick a fighting partner to start out with. Let's tell everyone what they appear to be.

Nala: First is Tarzan vs. Quasimodo, followed by Hercules vs. Beast, Peter Pan vs. Mulan, and Jack Skellington vs. Aladdin.

Simba: Lets start with Tarzan vs. Quasimodo.

Nala: Very well. Tarzan brandishes his spear, swinging it through the air accurately as well as menacingly.

Simba: Quasimodo looks a little put off by the spear, as he himself has no weapons, but he charges forward.

Nala: Tarzan returns charge, and as the two are level, Quasimodo makes a grab for Tarzan's spear.

Simba: Tarzan sees this, and while running swings his spear around his body, and hits Quasimodo in the back with the staff part of his spear.

Nala: Over to Hercules vs. Beast.

Simba: Beast wastes no time and charges forwards towards Hercules, who seems un-phased.

Nala: Beast pounces onto Hercules, who is pushed back by Beast's weight, but Hercules remains standing easily, and throws Beast off of him.

Simba: Beast goes flying backwards, hits a marble pillar, and falls to the ground.

Nala: After a moment or two Beast gets to his feet and charges at Hercules again.

Simba: Over to Peter Pan vs. Mulan

Nala: Mulan seems a little put off by her opponent. It's not everyday that you face off against a child.

Simba: This seems to only bother her for a moment as she pulls out her sword.

Nala: Peter Pan smiles, pulls out his dagger, and takes to flight a few inches from the ground.

Simba: Peter Pan flies forward quickly approaching Mulan, and she pulls her sword into a battle ready stance ready to fight.

Nala: Over to Aladdin vs. Jack Skellington.

Simba: Aladdin seems a little hesitant to pull out his scimitar as his opponent is unarmed, but changes his mind when Jack Skellington shoots a fireball at him.

Nala: Aladdin deflects the fireball with his scimitar and it goes flying into a wall.

Simba: Aladdin charges forward, his scimitar ready to strike, but Jack Skellington quickly puts his hands together, and three fireballs appear around him, and begin circling him quickly.

Nala: Aladdin is forced to pause his charge, and looks for a way around the protective fireballs.

Simba: Back to Tarzan vs. Quasimodo.

Nala: Quasimodo is pushed forward by Tarzan's hit and falls face first to the ground.

Simba: Tarzan runs to him, waits for Quasimodo to roll over, and puts his spearhead to Quasimodo's throat.

Nala: Quasimodo seems aware that Tarzan has no hope to kill him here and stands up.

Simba: In a flash Tarzan hits Quasimodo twice in the head with the staff of his spear, one on each side.

Nala: Quasimodo falls unconscious.

Simba: Over to Hercules vs. Beast.

Nala: Hercules decides that his time he would meet Beast's charge, and charges forward as well.

Simba: Unfortunately for Beast, I think this can only end one way.

Nala: Beast pounces towards Hercules, claws outstretched, but Hercules seems to be ready for that.

Simba: Hercules jumps up, balls his fists together, and hits Beast in the back of the head.

Nala: Beast is shot downwards, and his head hits the ground.

Simba: Beast is unconscious.

Nala: Over to Peter Pan vs. Mulan.

Simba: Peter Pan reaches her, and makes a quick lunge with his dagger for her chest, obviously thinking Mulan's large sword would make her reaction time slower.

Nala: He was wrong. Mulan not only blocks his attack, but manages to twist her sword around Peter Pan's dagger and leave a deep cut in Peter Pan's forearm.

Simba: Peter Pan flies upward, clutching his wound. Un-bleeding from the magic of the Coliseum I assume.

Nala: Peter Pan and Mulan stare at each other, each trying to think of the best way to proceed.

Simba: Over to Aladdin vs. Jack Skellington.

Nala: Jack Skellington makes a hand motion and the fireballs that were surrounding him stop and shoot towards Aladdin.

Simba: Aladdin dodges out of the way of the first one, and hits the second one back with his scimitar.

Nala: The third one narrowly misses him by inches as he manages to dodge out of the way. Aladdin looks pleased with himself as he takes a step forward to attack Jack.

Simba: Suddenly there is a crash of thunder as lightning hits Aladdin in the top of the head. He falls to the ground unconscious.

Nala: Well that's one way to do it. Jack turns his attention to Tarzan.

Simba: Jack doesn't hesitate to use the same move he just used on Aladdin on Tarzan.

Nala: Lightning crashes downward, but it can't resist hitting Tarzan's spear.

Simba: Tarzan releases his spear instinctively and the electricity passes into the floor. His spear stays standing momentarily, then begins to fall.

Nala: Tarzan grips it tightly and charges for Jack.

Simba: Over to Peter Pan and Mulan.

Nala: Peter Pan decides that he needs to be the one to make the first move, and aims his dagger at Mulan. He throws it downward at her, and dives.

Simba: Mulan smiles as she sees the blade fall towards her. She swings her sword at the dagger, and it rebounds upwards at Peter Pan.

Nala: Peter is too slow to get out of the way, and the dagger sinks into his shoulder.

Simba: His reaction to the sudden stabbing makes him lose focus, and he doesn't even notice Mulan stepping out of the way.

Nala: Peter Pan crashes into the marble floor, wounded, un-bleeding, and unconscious.

Simba: Mulan turns her attention to Hercules. She charges towards him, her sword drawn.

Nala: Hercules decides to pull his own sword out in order to fight more efficiently with Mulan.

Simba: Mulan swings at Hercules, but Hercules blocks it.

Nala: The two swords appear to be in a lock, but Hercules gives a grin and pushes forward.

Simba: The sudden and strong force causes Mulan's sword to become lodged in her own side, she falls to the ground unconscious.

Nala: Over to Jack Skellington vs. Tarzan.

Simba: Jack shoots a fireball at Tarzan, but Tarzan simply knocks it away with his spear.

Nala: Tarzan puts his spear between Jack Skellington's feet, and begins to run around him.

Simba: Jack seems to be unable to turn around fast enough to keep up with Tarzan running around him, and Jack is tripped by the spear.

Nala: He stumbles to the ground, and Tarzan gives him a few whacks in the head with his spear until Jack is unconscious.

Simba: Tarzan glances around looking for his next opponent. All that is left is Hercules.

Nala: Tarzan charges forward, his spear outstretched to impale Hercules.

Simba: Hercules just stands there, and waits for Tarzan's attempted attack.

Nala: The spear head hits Hercules in the stomach, but with the force of Tarzan's charging mixed with Hercules' durability, it snaps in half.

Simba: Tarzan looks a little disgruntled, and Hercules grabs him by the neck.

Nala: Tarzan makes several attempts to wrap his legs around Hercules' arm, and bring the fight to his favor, but Hercules is just too strong.

Simba: Hercules slams Tarzan against the ground a few times, still holding him by the neck, causing Tarzan's head and back to be repeatedly hit hard by the marble ground.

Nala: After a half dozen slams Tarzan is unconscious.

Simba: Hercules is the only one not unconscious, Hercules wins.

Nala: Looks like you will be catching dinner for us tonight after all.

Simba: (sigh) I was pulling for you Tarzan!


Hercules (17 votes) defeats: Tarzan (13), Jack Skellington (6), Mulan (5), Peter Pan (4), Beast (2), Aladdin (2), and Quasimodo (1)


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