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91. Loki vs. Hades

The most notorious evil deities of the Norse and Greek mythologies face off in a fight over debt.

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This fight is a pretty interesting one in my opinion. Unfortunately for Loki I think Hades will be winning this one. As far as power goes I think that Hades has an edge, combine that with the fact that Hades has been used in a lot more media than Loki, so he has the name recognition advantage. Don't count Loki out though. I like to think that people who come here are more comic book savvy than most, and will vote for Loki. Loki tends to have a reputation similar to Batman in the way that people consider him pretty “bad-ass”. We'll just have to see, but I think Hades will be taking this fight.


While Hades definitely has the edge in overall power. Loki is well known for battling opponents that far exceed his power. I’d also say Loki is more conniving, where as Hades is more into legal manipulation. My vote goes to Loki as I am more of a Marvel fan. I think Hades will win due to being more recognizable, however with the Thor movie coming to DVD this Tuesday Loki may be more in the public eye.

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Hades held a feather quill tightly in his clawed fingers, dipped it in a well of red ink, and proceeded to cross out a white dot on a black page.

Hades removed his quill from the paper, he looked down at his perfect 'X' with satisfaction, but quickly his satisfaction turned to anger as he realized that his plan was falling apart. He stood up to survey the map of the galaxy that he had just written on.

“The Owner of the Chetradome is no where in our galaxy.” said Hades to the room. “If I can't find him.” he said angrily, putting his fingers to his temples. “Knowitall won't give me back my Infragilisium.” Hades glanced up at the only other set of eyes in the room. “And if I don't get my Infragilisium, I can't give it to Loki, who has already paid for it.” He gestured to the heaping pile of gold in the corner.

Hades stood up, and turned his back on his guest.

“I want you to try and steal it again Ema.” He said with a sigh. Ema remained silent for a moment, but stood up from her chair.

“No.” Ema said simply.

“No?” asked Hades both angry and confused.

“No.” She said again shrugging.

“I think you forget how this works.” said Hades with a sweet smile. Well, the sweetest smile a man with a mouth full of long pointed teeth can make.

“I'm not your errand girl.” she said confidently. “Deal with the problem yourself.”

“You actually care for those silly superheroes?”

“I do.” said Ema slowly. “Plus I almost got caught last time.” she finished quickly.

“Very well, but if you can't even do me a simple favor, than why do I even bother keeping you around?”

“Without a member of the Lupus Pack, I'm really your only hope to get into Lehethro...Once I figure out how to do it.” Hades gritted his teeth. Another endeavor he had to complete. Lehethro finally stopped expanding a few weeks ago, and it had squished his and Mephisto's realms even tighter. Lehethro of course only took a small fraction of their respective realms, but it was the principal of the thing. Hades would like nothing more than to get into Lehethro and reclaim what was rightfully his.

“Fine Ema.” Hades said finally. “Please leave so I can think.” Ema didn't move.

“Could you help me out?” she asked as Hades took his seat again.

“Oh, right.” he said a little absentmindedly as he snapped his fingers. Ema disappeared in a flash of ice blue flames. Hades sat back in his chair.

“Thou art losing thy touch Hades.” said a voice from the corner of the room. Hades stared for a moment then grinned.

“Loki, how long where you here?”

“Long enough to see thou hast gotten soft in thy old age.” said Loki as he materialized on top of the pile of gold in the corner. “In days of old, thou would'st hath smote her where she stood. Insolent little wench.” Hades furrowed his brow.

“I never thought I could ever be friends with a human. Well, with someone who looks human. It almost scares me that she has a darker mindset than I do.” Loki's eyebrows rose as he gave a weak smile.

“Thou best be careful Hades, should'st thou give her any reason to, ye may hath to fight for thy throne.”

“Not a chance.” Hades laughed.

“What of Shaxis?” Loki said pointedly.

“Shaxis maybe, but he's not happy unless he can kill someone. He can't kill me, one of the perks of being a god.”

“Thou hast grown complaisant my friend, why I would'st wager even the Legion of Guardians, should'st they come calling, could'st overthrow thee in an afternoon.”

“None of them come close to my power, even Mallow's magic had little effect on me.”

“I doth only jest, Hades.” said Loki smugly. “Those oafs couldn't even defeat Heiðrún on their best day.” Hades laughed heartily, and then they both were quiet.

“I know why you have come Loki.” said Hades seriously.

“My Infragilisium I bought from thee?” asked Loki gesturing to the pile of gold that was his a few weeks ago.

“As you know, Knowitall has almost all of the Infragilisium from my realm. Her company mined it right from under my nose.”

“That be not my dilemma.” said Loki.

“It is when she's already smelted a large chunk of it. You know full well it can't be re-smelted. I lost almost all I had myself to Mephisto in games of cards. All I have left is permanently wrapped around my finger.” Hades gestured to the Infragilisium ring that was too tight to take off.

“Thou doth know of my plans to make a sword of the Infragilisium?”

“I do, and it's a good plan, I wish I had thought of it.” said Hades honestly.

“Well, how can'st I make an Infragilisium sword without any Infragilisium?!” Loki shouted at Hades. Hades stood up.

“If you want your Infragilisium, go and get it from Knowitall.” Hades said angrily.

“Well, if I can'st just steal it from her, thou will'st not mind me taking my gold back.” said Loki as he snapped his fingers. The gold vanished.

“Is this the way you do business Loki?” asked Hades anger turning his pale skin red.

“I was about to ask thee the same thing.” said Loki coolly.

“We had a deal!” shouted Hades.

“And thou” Loki took care to emphasis the word. “broke it.”

“Give back my gold.”

“Give me the Infragilisium.” Loki said.

“Give back my gold, or I will ring your neck!” Hades shouted as fire began igniting from his fingertips.

“That be the Hades I know.” said Loki. “Fine, if thou want thy gold back, thou art going to have to wrest it from me.” Hades shouted and the whole room filled with fire. In an instant the fire dissipated and they found themselves on Chetradome island, outside the Chetradome.

“Why doth everyone want to battle here?” asked Loki with a grin.

“This is a nice and temporarily open Nexus, not to mention, I don't want to mess up my office.” Hades plunged his hand into the sand, and pulled out a large rock which slowly began to transform into a sword.

Loki grinned, held his hand open for a second and an elegant silver sword trimmed with gold and encrusted with rubies appeared in his hand.

So who wins? The devilish god of the underworld? Or the tricky god of mischief.






Thor: It's not like Loki to go into battle wielding only a single sword. You can wager he has something up his sleeve.

Hercules: And Hades doesn't make a single movement without thinking how he can profit from it.

Thor: Almost comical how two powerful deities like them decide to start with swords.

Hercules: The two step closer to each other, both with their swords ready. They may be evil, but when it comes to dueling, every man is a gentleman.

Thor: They both stop, just short of sword length, each waiting for the other to attack.

Hercules: In a single movement, Hades leaps forward and clashes swords with the ready Loki.

Thor: Hades seems to have the upper hand in the strength department here, but it won't matter once Loki makes his move.

Hercules: Loki's sword begins to relax, from the point of collision and upwards, like a balloon loosing it's air.

Thor: After another moment the flaccid sword begins to have a mind of it's own, and begins wrapping itself around Hades' stone sword.

Hercules: Hades was so perplexed by the odd sword, he didn't even realize that it was heading his way.

Thor: In a moment the sword was around Hades' arm, constricting tighter, thinning, and elongating it's body.

Hercules: Hades is shocked when the living sword began to draw blood. What kind of sword is that?

Thor: If I had to guess, I would say it's Enchanted Mithril. Thousands of years ago the Asgardians managed to buy loads of it from the Midgard Dwarves of the time. We had to pay ten times it's weight in gold. We were going to smith weapons from it, but the dwarfs quickly closed their last mine. The Mines of Moria if I remember correctly was their last source, so they had no more of it. So we decided to hold on to it, hoping to eventually turn a profit. I guess we sat on it too long, as there are very few Dwarves left in the world. Loki must have taken it upon himself to obtain Mithril from the coffers, and craft a sword of it, as well as enchant it.

Hercules: Loki seems a bit obsessed with making swords out of rare metals.

Thor: It would seem so, I don't like to think about what he might do with this new obsession.

Hercules: Hades yells as the Mithril sword digs deep into the flesh of his arm. The growing pain must have jolted him into fighting mode because he raises his hand to Loki, and torrents of fire shoot out of it.

Thor: Loki is forced to let his stretchy sword go as he dodges backwards out of the way.

Hercules: The second Loki lets go, the sword turns back to its normal state, and Hades is left with a spiral gash around his arm.

Thor: Loki's sword falls to the ground, and Hades picks it up studying it closely.

Hercules: Loki looks a little sheepish, obviously bored by Hades, who I assume Loki thinks hasn't a hope of figuring out how to work it.

Thor: Hades turns it over once, and smiles.

Hercules: In a moment the sword relaxes, and begins to twist around like a snake about to strike.

Thor: Loki looks a little shocked by Hades' quick skill with the blade, and a little disappointed in himself for not making the enchantments a little more complicated.

Hades: I like this...I think I'll keep it.

Hercules: Hades lets the sword return to its normal state, and puts it into his robes.

Thor: Loki looks thoroughly disheartened. I can only imagine what he went through to get the Mithril out of its vault, not to mention the time it took to craft, and cast the enchantments.

Hercules: Loki turns from disheartened to angry quick as a flash, and shoots an energy blast at Hades.

Thor: Hades teleports in a burst of fire behind Loki, and Loki conjures up a force field just in time.

Hercules: Hades had made a movement to grab Loki by the throat, but Loki's spell seems to have saved him.

Thor: Hades looks irritated, but gives a grin none-the-less.

Hercules: Hades keeps his hand raise, and it begins to glow white.

Thor: Loki seems to be transfixed by it, and doesn't even have time to react as Hades plunges it through his shield and around Loki's throat.

Hercules: In a flash Loki yells in surprise and disappears.

Thor: What happened there?

Hercules: Hades can quite easily banish people to the Underworld, just with his touch.

Thor: People yes, but gods, surely not.

Hercules: Well, as it happens yes, gods are affected, but Loki will have the option to leave, unlike Hades' other victims.

Thor: How long do you think until Loki can get back?

Hercules: Well, he has to escape the Underworld without using any of his magic, so I think we have some time.

Thor: I guess since more time was Hades' goal, and Loki is no where to be seen, I guess we can call this match in favor of Hades.

Hercules: Indeed. Hades wins!

Hades defeats Loki 18 votes to 14


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