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92. Morgan le Fay vs. Maleficent

Two of the most powerful sorceresses of all time are going to face off in this battle over a spell book.

-This fight was suggested by Moist Cat

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Morgan le Fay





This is a pretty tough one to predict. Morgan le Fay has some name recognition to anyone familiar with Arthurian Legend, where as Maleficent will be well known to anyone who has played Kingdom Hearts (,or watched Sleeping Beauty). Regardless of that, anyone familiar with the two of them will know that, all in all, its hard to say who is stronger. It's difficult to determine magical power level, but I think the fact that Maleficent can turn into a dragon, might give her some votes. The dragon giving her physical abilities where Morgan le Fay lacks them. So I'm predicting Maleficent will win, but my vote will go to Morgan le Fay as I am a big fan of Arthurian Legend.


Once again, this will be a very even match, I have to give the edge to Morgan in terms of sheer a magical power, but it isn’t that big of an edge considering that Maleficent can turn into a Dragon. Name recognition is also a toss up, but I have to say that Morgan will win the vote because the Arthurian mythology is more well known, plus she appears on the Merlin T.V. Series. Where as Maleficent is know only to Disney and Kingdom Hearts fans. My vote will go to Maleficent because I  like Disney better that Arthurian Mythology.


I give my vote to Maleficent. I'm a huge Marvel fan and I know Morgan Le Fay is a Marvel character, but I'm just not that familiar with her. I'm a fan of Disney movies and Sleeping Beauty is a classic. Maleficent is one of the best Disney villains. She is even considered the #1 Disney villain on Ultimate Disney's Top 30 Disney villains. She's my favorite but I still like her. But I think Morgan Le Fay will win since there are a lot of comic book fans on here. Nevertheless, I will be happy with whoever comes out on top.



“All this running,” said Jafar. “has grown tiresome Maleficent.” Maleficent put her black bag down onto the table, and looked around.

They had just teleported into an old abandoned house.

“She has proved to be persistent hasn't she?” Maleficent said with a grimace.

“Maybe you should just give her the book back.” Jafar suggested.

“Nonsense. I stole it fare and square.”

“Something you felt you needed to keep from me when you first used it. You told me you made a magical copy.”

“You should know full well Jafar that it would be almost impossible to make a copy of something as magical as this book. I'm mean, given enough time of course, I could do it with ease.”

“You said yourself that all you want to do is study it, memorize the most useful spells, but with all this running, you hardly have time to open it up.”

“I think I may have discovered a way to get her off our tail. The Wicked Witch seems to be intent on undoing any magic I do with her book. Did you see the way she followed Voldemort after we resurrected him? I can only assume her goal was to catch up to him and kill him. Luckily for Voldemort, when he was summoned by some Druids to lose Darkseid's tail, he also lost hers.”

“So you think doing more magic from her book will distract her from us?” asked Jafar.


“Doing magic from her book will also give away our location.” Jafar said with a sigh, as he stopped unpacking his suitcase.

“I'm aware, but we wouldn't want to stay here long anyway.” Maleficent looked around uneasily. “This place is full of magical traps placed by Merlin.”

“Then why are we here?” half shouted Jafar.

“This is Morgan le Fay's house. She was cursed by Merlin some time ago and returned here. She's immortal you see, so killing her wasn't an option. As a compromise she was put here to live forever bound by Merlin's curse.”

“You didn't answer my question.”

“I'm going to use an unbinding spell from this book, it should break Merlin's curse pretty easily.” Maleficent fumbled with items in her bag and pulled out a large black book. “We unbind her with this spell, I'll explain to Morgan that she will be hunted, she will flee, and while the witch is following her I will have more time to look through this book.”

“As it is,” said Jafar realizing something. “The last I heard she was almost on the other side of the world. Her broom may be fast, but we'll have hours before she gets here.”

“We may need that time to get out of here.”

“What do you mean?” asked Jafar.

“You can bet Merlin has something set up in case the curse upon Morgan le Fay is lifted.”

“Then do you think we should proceed?”

“Yes Jafar, now shut up, I need to concentrate.” Maleficent held the book open in front of her “lla sesruc nopu sith gnillewd dna esoth edisni ti eb detfil!

After a moment the entire house began to change. Soon the dilapidated old house was turned into handsome manor home. Maleficent was so surprised by the change in scenery she didn't even notice the woman in the black dress materialize in front of her.

“I thought I would be here forever.” said Morgan le Fay at once. “I thank you for your help... Unfortunately,” a smile spread across her face now. “The curse only locked me in my house... invisible. I heard everything you two just discussed.” Maleficent shot a nervous glance at Jafar who was backing away.

“It sounds to me like the best way to get this Wicked Witch off of my back is to take that book of yours and give it to her.”

“Alas, this is unexpected.” Maleficent said with a smile. “But you must understand that you are very expendable. Jafar get her!” The sound of the front door slamming echoes throughout the manor. “JAFAR?!” Maleficent shouted.

“Looks like you lackey isn't going to save you. We fight here and now, for the book.” Morgan le Fay pointed at the book as Maleficent put it in her bag.

“Seeing as I am somehow unable to teleport, I guess I have no choice. Be warned however that the Wicked Witch of the West is on her way as we speak.”

“I'm not worried. This wont take long.”

So Who Wins? The most powerful nemesis of Merlin? Or the Mistress of all Evil?



 Princess Aurora




Merlin: Hello Princess Aurora.

Aurora: Do I know you?

Merlin: No, but I know you, I'm good friends with Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. I'm Merlin.

Aurora: Oh, hello Merlin. Your name precedes you.

Merlin: Good, then I don't have to explain myself.

Aurora: Maybe we should get to the fight?

Merlin: That's a good idea.

Aurora: Morgan le Fay wastes no time and shoots a purple spell at Maleficent.

Merlin: Maleficent puts up her staff and a green force field appears in front of her, blocking the spell, and causing it to fly backwards at Morgan le Fay.

Aurora: Morgan claps her hands together, and her body burrows into the floor.

Merlin: After a few confusing seconds, she erupts into the room from the floor behind Maleficent.

Aurora: Maleficent makes a slashing motion with her staff, and green flames shoot towards Morgan, who had already put up a purple force field.

Merlin: I'm not sure what good Morgan's basement burrowing did, but--


Aurora: The floor underneath Maleficent explodes upwards, and Maleficent is thrown against the ceiling.

Merlin: Morgan must have placed a timed exploding spell underneath where Maleficent was.

Aurora: Obviously. Maleficent lands hard onto the floor, and straightens up quickly.

Merlin: She gives Morgan a quick grimace. Then with a swing of her cloak, and some brief green flames, Maleficent turns into her dragon form.

Aurora: It was very quick, but it looks like her new dragon body is destroying Morgan's house.

Merlin: She looks a little ticked off as bits of her ceiling fall to the floor.

Aurora: Morgan shoots a spell of dense black energy at Maleficent, but the spell simply bounces off her hide.

Merlin: It's very difficult to cast a spell on a dragon.

Aurora: I would assume so.

Merlin: Morgan is helpless to react as Maleficent swipes at her with her tail, and Morgan hits the wall behind her.

Aurora: Maleficent doesn't waste any time in pressing her advantage, and promptly bites Morgan in half at the waist.

Merlin: Leaving her bottom half to fall to the ground, and spitting out her top half.

Aurora: Wait! Did Maleficent just kill Morgan le Fay?

Merlin: It appears so, but Morgana has always been tricky in that respect. She can resurrect herself pretty easily, and quickly if she needs to. She should be fine in an hour or so.

Aurora: In the mean time Maleficent returns to her...human...form and runs out the front door.

Merlin: While Morgan is recovering, I'm going to replace the spells I cast that Maleficent broke.

Aurora: Well, there we have it. Maleficent wins!

Maleficent defeats Morgan le Fay 15 votes to 11.


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