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93. Harry Potter vs. Frodo Baggins

The defeater of the Dark Lord vs. The destroyer of the One Ring.

-Suggested by Moist Cat 

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Harry Potter

  Frodo Baggins




We've had some mismatches before, but this one takes the cake. Harry Potter is at a very clear advantage over Frodo. Not that Frodo doesn't have ways he can defeat Harry, but the simple fact that Harry can do magic gives him the advantage. Since both of these characters are pretty well known, their skill level is also clearly defined. My vote goes to Harry simply because I am more of a Harry Potter fan than a Lord of the Rings fan, and simply because I think Harry is more powerful. I also think the overall vote will be fairly one-sided in favor of Harry Potter.


I think Frodo is over-matched here, but Hobbits are used to facing bigger stronger opponents so I doubt that will dissuade him. Frodo also has the more physically powerful weapon, but against a magic user that isn’t as much of an advantage as it ordinarily would be. Harry has the edge in combat skill, as well as the advantage of  being able to attack at a distance. My vote goes to Frodo, because I enjoyed Lord of the Rings more than The Harry Potter series. However I think Harry will win the vote due to his enormous popularity.


My vote definitely goes to Harry. And I think he will win. He has far more fans. And he is far more known, especially with all his movies. Even if people voted for who they think would win, Harry would get most votes. He is far more powerful than Frodo. He is the greatest wizard to ever live. I'm not familiar with the Lord of the Rings movies, but as far as I know, Frodo doesn't have any powers. Nothing to counter Harry's spells. 



Lavinia stood, her arms crossed studying the room she was in. It was more-or-less a mini-museum filled with normal looking objects. They of course were not normal at all. Lavinia was an avid collector of magical objects, and this was where she put everything she didn't have an immediate use for.

Hundreds of magic wands where dimly lit, and suspended upside-down from the ceiling. Magic carpets filled the far wall, magic lamps holding actual genies were in a display case to her right. Magical keys and enchanted jewelry where to her left, all displayed ornately and around a small glass pedestal. Lavinia furrowed her brow as she glanced at the pedestal. It was empty and she was trying to remember what she had wanted there.

“One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne,” Lavinia recited suddenly, causing Tyselo to jump in surprise and nearly fall off his perch. “In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie. One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.”

“That's not your usual rhyming scheme Lavinia.” said Tyselo “What's wrong?”

“That was an excerpt from a poem I heard a long time ago.”

“I see.” said Tyselo slowly. “And what does it mean?” Lavinia paused for a moment.

“One Ring to rule them all.” she repeated.

“You don't mean...” Tyselo gulped. “The One Ring?”

“Yes father.” Tyselo remained motionless for a moment then, with a single beat of his wings, soared down from his perch and landed softly onto the display case Lavinia was still pouring over.

“You are aware,” Tyselo said. “That The One Ring has long since been destroyed?”

“I am aware.” responded Lavinia coolly. “But wouldn't it be delightful if we somehow procured it from the past?”

“I believe the alteration to History would be detrimental. You can bet that if the Ring where never destroyed, Sauron would still be alive today, and wouldn't rest until he got his claws on it.”

“Whatever the risks, I want it.” Tyselo glared at his daughter for a few moments. His sharp yellow eyes staring with either anger or shock, Lavinia couldn't tell.

“Very well.” said Tyselo.

“As if I need your approval. I can do it myself as it is.” Tyselo kept his wide eyed glare fixed hard on Lavinia.

“I do not doubt your abilities Lavinia, but I think if anyone where to do this, it should be me. After all, my unique ability, mixed with the fact that I was alive during that time make this a perfect job for me.” Lavinia looked a little startled.

“You've always said that you were just over 8000 years old.”

“I say that to avoid questions. I've lost count as to how old I am, but I always say 8000 because that's when I was cursed to change shape every century.”

“I didn't know you where cursed?!” Lavinia said angrily.

“It was punishment for something I did, but we can talk about it later, let's stick to the matter at hand.”

“Right, how is it that you think you are more qualified to do this?”

“I have the ability to shift my consciousness with myself at any time in my history.”

“That sounds great, but not particularly useful.”

“If I ever wanted to win the lottery, it would be pretty easy.”

“That's true, but what if you attempt to shift to yourself in the future, and there is no one there, like you died or something.”

“Thus the reason why I don't do it often. The future is dangerous knowledge.”

“Ok, so, your going to shift to your past self and steal the ring?”

“Or at least convince the holder to give it to me. I will be human during that time, and will be at full power. It won't be difficult.”

“Don't take too long.”

“It will only seem like a moment to you, but be warned, for that moment, I will be taken over by a sort of 'auto-pilot' that takes over when I'm not at present time. It has never been known to be violent, but be careful.”

“I will, and you too...don't die in the past.”

“I'll try not to.” Tyselo closed his eyes tight and blinked a few times, concentrating on a time he knew the One Ring to be on its way to being destroyed.

Tyselo opened his eyes. He was sitting in an ornate ivory chair in front of an assortment of food. He looked up, he was sitting at the head table of a great hall full of Elves having a meal. He looked up and down the head table he was sitting at. Trying to remember why he was here, it had been many years ago. He studied the faces of the people to his right, and spotted one he knew. Elrond, Lord of Rivendell. Tyselo grinned. Rivendell is exactly where he wanted to be. This is where the Fellowship of the Ring was formed. He just had to wait for the Hobbits to come through, and he would be free to take the ring and send it through time using a spell. He just had to figure out what he was in Rivendell for as to not look suspicious.

“Tyselo!” shouted a voice from his right. It was Elrond. “You said you had good news from Calembel? Why don't you tell us all what it is?” Tyselo's throat suddenly grew very tight.

“Uh,” he muttered “well....”

“Louder!” shouted Elrond. “And stand up so everyone can see you!” Tyselo did what he was told, and stood up. Still not knowing what to say.

“Well,” Tyselo said nervously.

Rivendell: Several weeks later:

Frodo had just woken from a good nights sleep. It was to be the day they set out on their journey. Frodo put on his Mithril, sheathed Sting, made sure the Ring was still securely around his neck, and made for the door. But there was someone standing in his way.

He was a tall very pale man, with long dark hair, and eyes that looked like they could injure you with a glance. The man's appearance startled Frodo, you don't see to many men in a city of Elves.

“What do you want sir?” asked Frodo, both respectfully and defensively.

“My name is Tyselo, and I am here for that ring of yours.”

“Unless you've been living in a cave for 500 years, you would know that no one can have this ring, it must be destroyed.”

“I don't have time for this.” said Tyselo. He was not liking being back here, while he loved having his magical powers, and the company of women, he felt like he was messing with history a bit too much simply by being there. With a snap of his fingers Frodo was sent through time and placed in front of Lavinia. Tyselo breathed deeply and returned to the present.


Lavinia's Castle: Collection Room:

“What is this?” asked Lavinia as she catches sight of the Hobbit.

“I'm Frodo miss.” replied Frodo a little frightened.

“What's a Frodo?” she asked, teasing him a little. “I wanted the Ring father!” she shouts at Tyselo.

“He's got it, but he wouldn't give it to me, and I needed to get out of there, so I took him along.”

“Very well.” she says to Tyselo. “Well,” she turns to Frodo. “Let's have it.”

“You can't have it miss, the only place this Ring belongs is in the depths of Mount Doom.”

“You can either give it to me, or I could just kill you and take if off of your corpse.” Frodo thought for a moment. Then he remembered something. The elves had made Frodo a replica of the ring to give to anyone who left him no choice by threat of his death. He felt a little bad about having to use it so soon, but he reached into his pocket, pulled out the fake ring and held out his hand for Lavinia to take.

She looked delighted and snatched it up right away. She hesitated as if she wanted to put it on, but she knew that the Ring was an addicting magical object. Not something that she needed to be hooked on right now. She simply held it for a moment, and put it on the glass pedestal. She smiled at her enchanted jewelry collection. Nearly complete. She turned towards Frodo, but discovered that he was running away. His Hobbit feet making so little noise she wouldn't have even known he was fleeing if she hadn't seen it.

“Run if you must, I have no further use for you!” She shouted and shot a spell from her white wand. In a swirl of white, Frodo disappeared.

“I was planning on bringing him back to his own time.” said Tyselo. “Where did you send him?” Lavinia smiled, still looking at her collection.

“The first place I could think of.”

Hogwarts: Entrance Hall:

Harry Potter was pacing around the Entrance Hall of Hogwarts, trying to figure out why it seemed to be attracting so much outside attention. Many battles with people with little connection to Hogwarts seemed to find there way into the Castle, and, since it was most likely the work of Dark Witches or Wizards, Harry, The Senior Undersecretary to the Head of the Auror's office, was assigned to figure the matter out.

Suddenly Frodo appears about 10 yards in front of him.

“Not again.” said Frodo, it was the second time he was magically transported in the last few minutes.”

“YOU!” Harry said. Frodo jumped a little. “Where did you come from?”

“A dark room, somewhere I don't know, but before that I was in Rivendell.”

“I've never heard of it. Who sent you?”

“I don't know the witches name, but the man who sent me to her said his name was Tyselo.”

“Another name I've never heard.” Harry considered the little man for a moment. “Maybe we should cut to the chase, every person who has appeared here is here to battle someone, and since I'm the only one here, you must be after me.”

“I don't even know your name, I have no quarrel with you.” says Frodo as he pulls out Sting.

“No quarrel huh?” asks Harry “You pulled your sword out pretty quick.”

“I will defend myself if I need to.”

“oh,” said Harry “You need to.”

So Who Wins? The Boy Who Lived? Or the Hobbit with the One Ring?


Albus Dumbledore




Dumbledore: Seems like only yesterday that the two of us were dueling in in this very entrance hall.

Gandalf: If I recall correctly there was a third wizard. What was his name?

Dumbledore: Merlin... surely you've heard of him?

Gandalf: That's right. I remember now, I was on my way in fact to introduce myself to him, then we were transported here, probably because of a spell on his part, and we all fought.

Dumbledore: If I remember, I do believe I won that battle.

Gandalf: I guess you could say that, although considering we all walked away from that fight unharmed you can hardly call it a battle can you?

Dumbledore: Either way, it's Harry and Frodo's turn to fight now. I wish I could pretend that this is a close fight, but I don't believe it wise to instill false confidence in a child.

Gandalf: He's not a child! He is simply a Hobbit. Half-ling! Small folk!

Dumbledore: My apologies...well that is a relief. I thought he looked funny.

Gandalf: I think we should get to the duel perhaps.

Dumbledore: You are correct. Harry flicks his wand at Frodo, shooting a red stunning spell right at his chest.

Gandalf: Frodo blocks the spell with his sword, Sting.

Dumbledore: That must be a pretty magical sword to outright block a magical spell like that. It appears to be elvish if I am not mistaken.

Gandalf: You are correct. That sword has been through quite the adventure, and is about to make it through another once I get Frodo back to his time.

Dumbledore: Harry thinks quickly and shoots another spell at Frodo.


Gandalf: The air between Harry and Frodo shimmers as if in a heat haze, and Sting goes flying out of Frodo's hand and into Harry's.

Dumbledore: Harry tosses it aside, he never was any good with a sword. Better to stick with what he is good at. Wand work.

Gandalf: Harry flourishes his wand at Frodo again.

Harry Potter: INCENDIO!

Dumbledore: Orange and red flames pour out of Harry's wand and towards Frodo.

Gandalf: Frodo is forced to haphazardly dodge out of the way of the flames, and puts his ring on.

Dumbledore: Harry is in shock for a moment as he realizes that Frodo just disappeared without using an invisibility cloak.

Gandalf: An invisibility cloak you say? I would very much like to get my hands on one of those.

Dumbledore: Come on Harry, there is a spell, with just a little alteration would come in handy right about now!

Gandalf: Harry seems to be thinking hard.

Dumbledore: I think he's got it!


Gandalf: Frodo begins to slowly fade into view. He seems to be creeping around Harry in order to get behind him for a surprise attack, but he doesn't seem to be aware that we can see him now.

Dumbledore: That doesn't last long as Harry looks Frodo directly in the eyes.

Gandalf: Frodo stops his creeping, and freezes in fright.

Harry Potter: STUPEFY!

Dumbledore: A jet of red light tears through the air at Frodo, and Frodo falls over unconscious.

Gandalf: Harry begins walking over to him.

Dumbledore: You can bet Harry will have a lot of questions for this young Hobbit.

Gandalf: Well it looks like Harry has won.

Dumbledore: I didn't expect anything less.

Harry Potter defeats Frodo Baggins 16 votes to 4


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