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95. Cyclops vs. Green Lantern

The Leader of The X-Men vs. The Champion of The Green Lantern Corps. This one's for honor!

-Suggested by Denzel3590

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 Green Lantern




Cyclops is at a clear disadvantage here, however his spatial awareness may enable him to catch Green Lantern by surprise. My vote will go to Green Lantern, because I am a bigger fan of the Justice League than of the X-Men. I believe that Green Lantern will win the vote because. Has had more media (outside of comics) attention as of late. 


This is going to be a solid fight because both contenders can be long range, and in some cases can be close range. I really enjoy the thought of these two having to fight one another. While Green Lantern in my opinion could over-power Cyclops, I do believe Cyclops's several years of experience in leading the X-men can make his strategies unpredictable. Overall I think Cyclops wins because he is an old-time favorite and more people know more about him. 


Green Lantern will win. Green Lantern's power ring can make anything he wants out of green light energy, while Cyclops's eyes can only make laser. I'm voting for Hal because I'm a bigger Lantern fan then a X-Men fan. I also think more people will vote for the Green Lantern.



X-Mansion (Professor X’s office):

“The New Avengers won and we rescued Cap,” says Iron Man “but I’m not sure of how the battle would have turned out if The Justice League would have had any of their major heavy hitters on duty that day.”

“I see,” said Professor X “and Knowitall backed out of her alliance with The Avengers?”

“Yes,” said Iron Man “but I can’t blame her, she has been through so much. Besides hearing about how little The Legion of Guardians were able to do when the Masters of Evil attacked. The Chetradome makes me think they would be of no use as allies anyway.”

“HA HA HA,” laughs Professor X “ Tony. The Masters of Evil are one of the most dangerous teams of Super villains in the world, the fact that The Legion of Guardians even survived a battle with them is a testament that they should not be taken lightly.”

“Very valid point Charles,” says Iron Man “but The Legion of Guardians are not at the level they need to be in order to be a major player in the war. Which brings me to the reason for this visit. The Justice League is a powerful force that even the Avengers may not be able to defeat, even with the assistance of The X-Men and The Fantastic Four. Add to that the fact that The Justice League have allies of their own, such as The Justice Society and even The Green Lantern Corps which is an entire intergalactic Police force in of itself. I know that there is a war brewing between The Green Lantern Corps and The Asgardians, but aside from the fact Thor and Valkyrie are Avengers I doubt we can count on The Asgardians to come to our aid.

“A war between mortals, super powered or not is most likely beneath their concern.” says Professor X.

“Exactly,” says Iron Man “I had wanted to seek an alliance with The Inhumans and I thought I had an in being that Crystal is an Avenger. However being that The Inhuman Kingdom has unified with The Kree, I’m not sure I can trust them.”

“Being that the Shi’ar are also embroiled in that political mess, I can not reach out to them for assistance either.” Says Professor X “Have you thought of having BOOT negotiate peace between The Avengers and The Justice League?”

“I think the fact that we haven’t addressed this issue, is the only reason that BOOT hasn’t come apart at the seams.” says Iron Man “Besides, we can’t put that kind of pressure on Knowitall, she is the only one of us in BOOT that is neutral so mediation would fall to her.”

“Yes.” says Professor X “trying to end a war on top of all her new responsibilities. To say nothing of the fact that she is expecting a baby, may be more that she can handle. We must Keep Knowitall out of this, What of S.H.I.E.L.D.?”

“Nick Fury called me a few days ago,” says Iron Man “He said that we need to end this soon, or at least find a way to keep tensions from escalating any worse. He said that world governments are becoming concerned, he also mentioned that with how wrapped up we all are in this war. Earth itself could get blindsided by an outside threat.”

“Well we need to take some kind of action,” says Professor X “do you have any ideas?”

“Well,” says Iron Man after our last skirmish, the Justice League will be on high alert. An attack on The Justice Society would only draw them into this war directly, rather than having them waiting on the sidelines. Our best bet would be to find a way to strike at The Green Lantern Corps and being that their focus is on The Asgardians we may be able to do a sneak attack of some kind but I have no idea what to do.”

“Any action we take could serve to escalate tensions between The Green Lantern Corps and The Asgardians.” says Professor X

“I know,” says Iron Man and I don’t want to be responsible for starting a war between two other factions. However if we can somehow catch The Green Lantern Corps off guard, The Asgardians may be able to defeat them quickly. That would also keep The Green Lantern Corps from assisting The Justice League against us, aside from the two Green Lanterns that are part of The Justice League.”

“Actually there are four Green Lanterns in the Justice League,“ says Professor X “but that is beside the point. I have a plan, according to Shi’ar intelligence The Green Lantern Corps’ main base is on a planet called Oa. It is said that on Oa there is a power battery that powers all the Green Lanterns’ Power Rings, if we could damage that power source it would weaken all the Green Lanterns.”

“While not leaving them crippled and defenseless,” say Iron Man “it sounds like the perfect strategy. The only Problem is that the Avengers best suited for a space-faring mission, are off planet or on other missions at the moment.”

“Being that The Avengers are the ones that The Justice League have their focus on,” says Professor X “it is best that you have as many team members available to you as possible. Let the X-Men handle this, despite not being able to ask The Shi‘ar for help. The Starjammers being pirates have more political leeway.”

“O.K. Charles,” says Iron Man “ good luck.”

Professor X then bids Iron Man good bye and he then thought,

This is best suited to be a one man mission, now which of my X-Men is skilled enough in stealth to accomplish this mission and who has the best chance of defeating a Green Lantern should one be encountered.

Professor X thought for a moment , then directing his thoughts outward thinks,

Cyclops meet me in the Cerebro Room.


Cerebro Room (moments later):

Once Cyclops is in the Cerebro Room Professor X explains his plan as well as how he intends to have Forge create a device that will find the faintest trace of the energy residue from the energy that Green Lantern emitted during the X-Men’s battle with the Justice League in Ritt City, analyze it, and track where the biggest source of that energy is. Professor X then explains how he intends to have The Starjammers pick Cyclops up and take him to Oa. Once Cyclops agrees Professor X connects himself to Cerebro and goes about making the necessary arrangements.

Deep Space (Aboard The Starjammer a few days later):

“O.K. so we'll be coming up on Oa in ten to fifteen minutes,” says Havok “just so we are on the same page do you want to run over the plan with me again?”

“O.K. Alex, “ says Cyclops with mock sarcasm “when we get near Oa you will launch me in an escape pod at Oa. Once that is done The Starjammer will buzz Oa and get any Green Lanterns patrolling the planet to chase you so they won’t notice my landing, once I am on Oa I’ll use Forge’s tracking device to find The Green Lanterns’ power source, and then sabotage it. Afterward I’ll return to the escape pod, activate the homing beckon and The Starjammer while in stealth mode will retrieve me.”

“Exactly,” replies Havok “hopefully the plan will go off without a hitch.”

“Hopefully.” adds Cyclops.

Oa (The Council Room of The Guardians):

“I don’t get,” protests Hal Jordan “what does my battle with Thor have to do with The Guardians?”

“Because,” says Ganthet “when The Guardians fist sought to establish Order throughout the universe we were opposed by The King of the Asgardians, The King of Olympus, The King of New Genesis, as well as the kings of several other orders of Deities. They felt that we were going to impose our rule on them rather than just maintain order, a fragile truce was negotiated, but now that you have fought The Prince of Asgard. The Asgardians may see that as an act of war, and they could potentially rally the orders of deities against us. Against such a force our victory may not be certain. We are seeking a diplomatic solution, to that end we have sent Kilowog as an envoy to Asgard. Until we know whether or not that mission is a success you need to stay on Oa.”

“What?!” exclaims Hal “why do you need me to stay here?”

“After you battled the Silver Surfer,” says Ganthet “who I might add had just saved the planet Pla-Tav-Icce from an attack by Space Pirates.” (Hal hangs his head in embarrassment as Ganthet says this) “We feel that if we don’t confine you to Oa, that The Asgardians may use your irrational actions as propaganda to enlist the aid of the other Deity orders against us.”

“So I’m grounded?” asks Hal both embarrassed and slightly angry.

“This is not a disciplinary action Hal Jordan,”says Ganthet “more of a safeguard to ensure that The Asgardians can not use you as a means to initiate hostilities against us. In the meantime John Stewart, Guy Gardener, and Kyle Rayner will be informed that they will be splitting your duties as both a Green Lantern of Earth and a member of the Justice League.”

Before Hal can say anything in response there is a loud ZOOOM as a larger ship flies dangerously close to Oa, in response to this Zghithii, Zale, Xax, and Wissen give chase. Hal looks to The Guardians for instructions, to which Ganthet responds,

“Your fellow Green Lanterns can deal with this Hal Jordan, for the time being you need to remain on Oa.”

“O.K.” says Hal with a sigh as flies out of The Guardians Council Room.

Once out of the sight of The Guardians Hal thinks,

O.K. I have to stay on Oa, but maybe I can see if the main power battery has any information on that ship.

Elsewhere on Oa:

Cyclops continued to follow the beeping of the tracking device in his hand at it grows louder and louder.

So far so good, thinks Cyclops the distraction seems to be working and it seems that The Green Lanterns are so supremely confidant in themselves that they don’t have any security measures on this planet.

Just then The Tracking device makes one loud beeeeeeeeeep sound, Cyclops looks up and sees an enormous lantern.

That’s obviously the main power battery, thinks Cyclops now I just have to make sure I fire an optic blast that does enough damage to the battery without destroying it.

Cyclops takes careful aim and fires, but an instant before the blast hit’s the power battery a screen of emerald energy blocks it.

“I didn’t think anyone would ever be daring, not to mention stupid enough to attack the Green Lantern Corps on Oa.” says Hal as he lands between Cyclops and the main power battery. “So what is your story, have The X-Men and The Avengers decided that Justice League isn’t enough of a challenge and want to draw The Green Lantern Corps into this war as well?”

“The X-Men have always preferred to take the fight to the enemy.” says Cyclops as he takes a fighting stance.

“The Green Lantern Corps is an enemy you do not want to attract the attention of.” says Hal as he takes a fighting stance.

So Who Wins? The Pride of The Green Lantern Corps or the mutant that proudly leads The X-Men.

-Set-Up written by SimbasGuard







Beast: Quiet an interesting situation.

Superman: Indeed. This whole thing is getting out of hand.

Beast: I think its been out of hand for some time.

Superman: I agree. Something has got to give.

Beast: The pride of both sides is too great to simply let this subside, but we are looking at a break down of pleasantries soon. The repercussions of which, the world will have to pay for.

Superman: Well said Beast, but perhaps we should put the matter aside for now and get to the fight.

Beast: This fight is part of the problem, but perhaps you're right. We need a massive meeting, at a later date, for everyone to discuss this.

Superman: Indeed.

Beast: Cyclops wastes no time and shoots a well aimed blast of energy at Green Lantern's chest.

Superman: These two have fought before, so they are well aware of one another's powers.

Beast: That is correct. Another bi-product of this horrible situation.

Superman: Green Lantern blocks the blast with a small barrier generated by his power ring.

Beast: He returns fire at Cyclops, which Cyclops blocks with a blast from his visor.

Superman: Cyclops fires again at Green Lantern, and Green Lantern blocks it once more. This is going to take a while.

Beast: Green Lantern uses his rig to create an automatic turret that stands about 5 feet tall.

Superman: 4 barrels, alternating fire between the top and bottom two.

Beast: They start firing green bullets of energy at Cyclops, and Cyclops is forced to shoot them out of the air in very quick succession.

Superman: It looks like the repetition, and predictability of the bullets are easy for Cyclops to anticipate.

Beast: It doesn't matter that the bullets must be moving faster than Cyclops can look at them.

Superman: It seems that the diameter of Cyclops's blast is large enough to not have to worry about the two bullets at a time.

Beast: Cyclops seems to be getting into a grove, so much so that he has time to periodically take shots at the turret.

Superman: Green Lantern in the mean time is building up a small blast.

Beast: With a swift blast from Cyclops, the turret is destroyed, and Green Lantern shoots his blast.

Superman: The blast hits Cyclops in the face, blasting off his visor.

Beast: This seems like a pointless strategy. Its not like Cyclops needs to be careful here. He is on a alien planet, and there is no one around.

Superman: I'm not really sure what he is playing at either. I guess we'll have to see.

Beast: Cyclops keeps blasting like only he can, and Green Lantern puts up a barrier.

Superman: Cyclops is blasting through it on one side, and Green Lantern is adding on to it on the other.

Beast: Green Lantern seems to be on the winning side of the barrier, as it gets thicker faster than it is getting destroyed by Cyclops.

Superman: Green Lantern seems to be using this to his advantage as he seems to be adding more and more energy to his aura.

Beast: I suppose he is reinforcing his personal shield.

Superman: Its gotten so thick, it is almost opaque, we can hardly see Green Lantern through his shielded aura.

Beast: Cyclops finally manages to blast through the barrier.

Superman: He takes his aim at Green Lantern, who seems to be near invincible.

Beast: The blast torrents through the air from Cyclops to Green Lantern's chest.

Superman: Green Lantern's aura starts to fade, but he already has a plan.

Beast: He raises his ring and shoots a blast of emerald energy at Cyclops, who seemed to be too concentrated on getting through Green Lantern's shielding, he didn't even notice.

Superman: Cyclops is blasted backwards.

Beast: Green Lantern creates an emerald blindfold onto Cyclops's face.

Superman: I guess that is what he was doing, making it easier for him to get the blindfold close to his face?

Beast: Must have been. Green Lantern seems to be continuing to add to the blindfold's energy. Cyclops seems to be trying to blast through it, but Green Lantern doesn't stop.

Superman: It looks like Cyclops is both blind, and weaponless, that means. Green Lantern wins!

Beast: Green Lantern picks up Cyclops and is walking him away. I assume he is arresting him.


Green Lantern defeats Cyclops 44 votes to 14


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