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96. Thor vs. He-Man

The Champion of Asgard vs. The Champion of Eternia.

-Suggested by SimbasGuard

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These two match up very well. He-Man has the edge in strength, Thor has the edge in durability, Weapon-wise The Power Sword and Mjolnir match up very well in terms of raw power, however Mjolnir also woks as a throwing weapon, The Power Sword is not as efficient in this category. Thor also has the advantage of flight and weather control. My vote will go to He-Man because he is one of my most favorite characters and I may also be one of the only people that will vote for him. Thor will win the vote due to name recognition.


I think Asgardian Magic will conquer the Power of Grayskull. Thor has battled for extremely long periods the likes of skyfather level characters, so I believe he would certainly win in the stamina department. Although Thor wouldn't need flight and ranged abilities for this match up he could always wear down He Man with some powerful shocks. Thor has fought characters more impressive than He Man has so I believe Thor will be prepared for this type of battle.


The 2 are closely matched. Thor has his hammer, power over thunder, and he's a god. He-man maybe mortal but his sword is a match against Thor's hammer and He-man is equally strong. Thor's biggest downfall is that he is arrogant which is the reason is father Odin banished him to Midgard (Earth) to begin with as Dr. Don Blake. HE-man will probably use that to his advantage. 



Outer Space:

The emerald warrior points his ring into the vast emptiness of space in front of him, shines a large spotlight-like beam of emerald energy out of it, and makes a sweeping motion back and forth. After several minutes the emerald warrior ceases his search, his ring then flickers with emerald light, then a headset appears on his head, The warrior then says:

“Kilowog to Green Lantern Corps.”

“I hear you Kilowog,” says the voice of Tomar-Tu over the headset, “what is your report?”

“Nothing good,” says Kilowog “I’m at the coordinates that the main battery provided, but there is nothing here. My searches haven’t turned up anything.”

“That is odd,” says Tomar-Tu “ the main battery is never wrong, and your ring would detect any kind of cloaking or distortion field.”

“It’s like it’s not even there,” says Kilowog “maybe I ought to head back to Oa and talk to the Guardians.”

“Good idea,” says Tomar-Tu “You don’t want to pursue things any further without their consent.”

“Yeah,” says Kilowog “they have been edgy, ever since Hal Jordan fought that Thor character.”

“That is understandable,” says Tomar-Tu “It seems that this Thor is the crown-prince of a world that does not recognize the authority of The Green Lantern Corps, and in fact consider themselves equals of The Guardians.

“God complex much,” says Kilowog sarcastically.

“Kilowog and Tomar-Tu both laugh. Kilowog then creates a warp tunnel, enters it, and once it closes the warp tunnel disappears.

Asgard (Odin’s Throne Room, seconds after the emerald warp tunnel disappears):

Odin sighs deeply as he lowers his arms and in doing so allows Asgard to once again become visible.

“Thine effort doth tax thee My Lord?” said The Grand Vizier with burgeoning concern.

“Aye my loyal Vizier,” says Odin “The servants of The Guardians doth seek Thor. The emerald ones would’st invade The Realm Eternal to lay hold of him, keeping Asgard hidden from them is a daunting task. Even for the power of The All-Father.”

“My Lord,” says Grand Vizier “ if hiding Asgard doth weaken thee, mayhaps t’would be best to let Asgard be seen. If this Green Lantern Corps as they are called, are indeed foolhardy enough to make war ‘pon The Golden Realm. T’will be their folly, for Asgard’s Army will’st smite them soundly.”

“Were it but that simple my loyal Vizier.” said Odin somberly.

“But My Lord,” says Grand Vizier in a rather confused tone. “Tis that not why thou did’st summon The Thunder God from Midgard? Are not Asgard’s Warriors better suited to face The Green Lantern Corps than Thor’s mortal allies.”

“Nay Grand Vizier,” says Odin “in truth The Avengers are most capable warriors and could’st easily meet The Green Lantern Corps in battle.” What doth vex me is the possibility that The Guardians could’st use this war betwixt The Avengers and The other mortal champions The Justice League to further their own ends.”

“If I may ask My Lord, what ends?” asks Grand Vizier.

“The Guardians, in a time nearly as old as time itself.” says Odin “Took it upon themselves to maintain Justice throughout the universe. They sought to obtain an agreement from every race in the universe to abide by their laws. I as well as the head deities of other orders were greatly offended that The Guardian would’st be so arrogant as to think that we would’st e’re place our Kingdoms under any rule save our own. We did’st reject their offer and hath had no dealings with The Guardians since the signing of the fragile truce. How’er with the advent of this war betwixt mortal champions, if Thor were to fall into the hands of The Guardians, he could’st be used to force mine hand into accepting their stewardship of Asgard’s law.”

“Doth thou have a strategy in mind to deal with The Guardians should’st they seek to personally attack Asgard?” asks Grand Vizier.

“Whie’st Asgard’s warriors can easily stand against The Green Lantern Corps, The Guardian’s power doth rival mine own, t’would be unwise for Asgard to face this threat alone. To that end I shall seek the aid of Olympus in this coming war, though Zeus and I have yet to discover what forces did’st conspire to bring us in to conflict in the recent past, and though mine pride hath yet to heal from the defeat I did’st suffer that day. I am certain that Zeus will’st not refuse mine call for aid.”

“Shall I send for Hermod My Lord ?” asks Grand Vizier.

“Hold for the moment Vizier, “says Odin “I must first speak with Hermod. I must send him to Olympus by way of Valhalla.”

“Valhalla My Lord?” asks Grand Vizier

“Aye,” says Odin “whilst I can easily hide the presence of any Asgardian from being detected by The Green Lantern Corps while’st they are in Asgard. Once beyond our hallowed halls, they doth risk being discovered. How’er being that Valhalla is beyond Asgard, it is beyond what The Green Lantern Corps search.”

“Then there be no risk of detection My Lord?” asks Grand Vizier.

“Though the risk be greatly diminished,” says Odin “tis still present.” (Unseen by anyone a small mouse scurries out of The Throne Room)

“Tis there no way to avoid the risk altogether My Lord?” asks Grand Vizier.

“Nay “ says Odin rather dejectedly “the risk is unavoidable.”

“Then said risk should’st be mine to take Father.” says the voice of Thor as he enters The Throne Room.

“I say thee nay my son,” says Odin “the swiftness of Hermod is best suited to accomplish this mission.”

“Father,” says Thor the stress evident in his voice, “Asgard faces this peril as a result of mine actions. Mine warrior’s honor demands that I undertake what’e’re risks are needed to end this threat.”

Odin considers his son’s words and reluctantly says,

“Very well my son, thou art Asgard’s finest warrior, and sending mine son to Zeus as mine envoy is a grater sign of my respect to The Lord of Olympus. Although for this mission I demand that thou use a tactic, that here onto now has been an unknown to thee.”

“What be this tactic Father?”

“Caution my son.” says Odin.

“HA HA HA,” laughs Thor “Indeed father I will’st be the very embodiment of caution.”

“Then go my son, may thy journey be safe and swift.”

Thor bows to Odin and then leaves, Odin then sighs and palms his face.

“My Lord,” says Grad Vizier “doth sending Thor on this mission not---”

“I am well aware of the perils of sending Thor on this mission Vizier.” interrupts. Odin “How’er tis of utmost importance that Thor not suspect that I did’st summon him from Midgard for his protection rather than Midgard’s as he doth believe. In truth I doth find the way Thor whishes to place the needs of Asgard before himself most heartening. Tis a quality most becoming a king.”

Valhalla (a short time later):

Loki hides behind a tree across from the magical well that leads to Olympus thinking,

Tis an opportunity I hath dare’st not hope for, not only was Father so focused on the coming war with The Green Lantern Corps that I was able to spy ‘pon him undetected, under his very nose no less. I also hath been provided a means make myself the ruler of Asgard, All’st I need’st do is trap Hermod in the teleportation well. Without the aid of Olympus Asgard will’st surely fall to The Guardians. Then before they can’st establish a foothold ’pon The Golden Realm, I will’st lead mine Frost Giant allies against them. Not only will’st I gain The Throne of Asgard, I will’st also be hailed as a liberating hero whence the time doth come.

Loki waits patiently and Thor arrives shortly.

Father did’st send Thor?! thinks Loki somewhat shocked T’would seem that the stars doth align in my favor, without her greatest warrior Asgard’s fall will’st be hastened further.

Loki prepares to cast his spell and just as Thor leaps into the well. Loki’s spell is cast, once Thor is submerged in the well he is tossed about helplessly by in the inter-dimensional vortex.

What treachery is this? thinks Thor as he attempts to gain some stability.

Thor tries in vain to right himself within the vortex, and then changes his tactics. Thor stops trying to fight against the vortex and allows it to toss him where it will. While Thor is being tossed about he whirls Mjolnir over his head and surrounds himself in a vortex of magical energy.

Eternia (The Village of Felis Qadi):

Chief Carnivus examines a large stone base, upon seeing that its solid he says,

“O.K. He-Man, whenever you are ready.”

He-Man then picks up a massive statue of Saz (The Qadians' god) and carefully places it on the stone base.

Chief Carnivus checks the placing of the statue to make sure that it is centered and he than says,

“Splendid work He-Man, with so many of my people injured during our battle with Skeletor’s Forces, it would have taken us weeks to set up this statue. I can’t tell you how grateful we are to have your help.”

“After the way the Qadians meet and held Skeletor’s Forces.” said He-Man. “Not to mention sending a messenger to alert The Royal Palace so that the Masters could come to reinforce you. Helping you repair the damage to your village is the least I can do.”

No sooner had He-Man finished his sentence, than a lightening bolt strikes the muzzle of the statue.

“By the whiskers of Saz!” yells Chief Carnivus “ They’ve destroyed…The whiskers of Saz! I’ll not stand for this!”

Chief Carnivus then hurriedly grabbed his dual bladed Trident/Scimitar weapon (which was conveniently located nearby) and was about to find who was responsible for this atrocity. When He-Man stepped in front of him and said:

“Wait Chief Carnivus, we have no idea where this attack came from or if it is an attack from a large or small force. You need to remain here to protect your people, I’ll look into this matter.”

“Very well,” says Chief Carnivus with slight reluctance “Although you have no idea where to look.”

At that point there is a loud BOOM!

“Well,” says He-Man “I’ll start over those hills just outside the village.”

He-Man begins to jog toward the exit of the village and Battle Cat trots up to meet him. He-Man than says,

“Battle Cat, with most of the Qadian warriors injured, Chief Carnivus will need your help to protect the village. Don’t worry it’s only a short distance to where that sound came from, I can get there on foot.”

Battle Cat gives a small growl in protest, but does as he is told.

Outside the Village (Over The Hills):

Thor comes to in a foul mood (having been unconscious for a few moments but otherwise unharmed), he quickly gets his bearings, stands up, steps out of the sizable impact crater he created, and looks around wondering where he is.

Shortly thereafter He-Man comes running over the hill and says with a mix of caution and anger,

“Greetings stranger, I don’t know if you know anything about the attack---”

“Mortal!” interrupts Thor “I am in no mood to be trifled with, T’would be most foolhardy of thee to accuse The God of Thunder of seeking to make war ’pon any, save The Guardians of The Universe,”

“That’s Masters of the Universe.” says He-Man now becoming angry “and we don’t take kindly to anyone attacking our allies.”

Masters of the Universe you say.” replies Thor with sarcasm and anger. “T’would seem that my Father’s fears hath been proven true.

“Yes,” says He-Man the anger clearly evident in his voice, “The village has a protector. You should save yourself the trouble and leave.”

“T’was not mine intention to do battle warrior,” says Thor angrily “How’er if thou doth seek to hamper the completion of mine mission. Then HAVE AT THEE!”

A bolt of lightening strikes Thor’s hammer as he makes his challenge. Seeing this He-Man draws his Sword of Power and takes a fighting stance. So Who Wins? The Champion of Asgard or The Champion of Eternia?

-Set-Up Written by SimbasGuard






Odin: Quite an ordeal. I did tell Thor to use caution.

Sorceress: I suppose this is his way of using caution?

Odin: His caution has gotten us into trouble before. It's his fault for all this tension between the Justice League and the Avengers. Not to mention Asgard and Oa.

Sorceress: Goodness.

Odin: If he's not careful here, we'll have the Masters of the Universe knocking on Asgard's gate within the fortnight.

Sorceress: I can't see the Masters of the Universe holding much of a grudge. He-Man isn't one to seek revenge.

Odin: That is good.

Sorceress: Well, I guess as long as Thor doesn't fight dirty. He-Man can get over a fight against someone willing to fight honorably.

Odin: Even if he loses.

Sorceress: That isn't likely, but yes, as long as Thor keeps it clean.

Odin: My son wouldn't dare fight dirty.

Sorceress: Then I guess we'll just have to see.

Odin: I agree, let's get to the fight.

Sorceress: He-Man wastes no time, charges forward, and swings a mighty blow at Thor.

Odin: Thor blocks the hit with his hammer, and pushes back at He-Man.

Sorceress: He-Man is forced to take a step backwards, but swings his sword again, a little more swiftly this time.

Odin: Quick as a flash, Thor blocks the swift attack.

Sorceress: In another quick movement, Thor pushes He-Man in the chest with the top part of his hammer.

Odin: He-Man takes a step back.

Sorceress: Thor raises his hammer, and lightning descends upon He-Man's sword.

Odin: He-Man is taken aback, and looks to the sky, but the lightning seems to be having little effect on him.

Sorceress: As to be expected.

Odin: Thor takes advantage of He-Man's lack of attention, and swings his hammer at the hand He-Man is using to hold up his sword.

Sorceress: The combined blow to his hand, and the power of the lightning on his sword, cause He-Man's sword to be knocked out of his hand.

Odin: He-Man is weaponless.

Sorceress: Thor hits the now unarmed He-Man square in the jaw with his hammer, sending him flying upwards into the air.

Odin: Thor takes to flight, and meets He-Man at the peak of his height.

Sorceress: With a mighty swing, Thor hits He-Man in the face, knocking He-Man back downwards.

Odin: He-Man goes flying towards the ground, Thor follows quickly.

Sorceress: He-Man slams hard against the ground.

Odin: Thor lands next to him.

Sorceress: Thor's hammer hits He-Man in the head again.

Odin: He-Man in unconscious.

Sorceress: I didn't expect this.

Odin: Thor wins!

Thor defeats He-Man 51 votes to 22


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