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97. X-Men vs. Injustice Gang

The Uncanny X-Men vs. a new formation of the Injustice Gang!

-Fight Suggested by Ezrashark

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The X-Men

Rogue           Jean Grey    Colossus     Storm                        Beast                Cyclops      Emma Frost



The Injustice Gang

Giganta   Thaal Sinestro Solomon Grundy Livewire    Lobo     Lex Luthor            Gorilla Grod



Perhaps its the DC fan in me, or maybe my over willingness to underestimate the X-Men, but I feel like this fight has to go to The Injustice Gang. When it comes to heavy hitters, they just have more. In my opinion this fight could be wrapped up by Sinestro and Lobo alone. Then again, the X-Men have never been known to be push-overs. It's hard to say who will win the vote. There are a few more recognizable names on the X-Men side, and they have the advantage of being the good guys. Where as The Injustice Gang has more of a range in strength levels, allowing for more versatile fighting. My vote is for the Injustice Gang.


While The Injustice Gang has more raw physical power, The X-Men however are in no way overmatched by this. The X-Men clearly have the advantage of teamwork, that is a very important advantage in a team battle. My Vote will go to The X-Men as I always want to see the good guys win. I believe The X-Men will win the vote due to their popularity.  


As I've said countless times, I am a huge Marvel fan. So obviously I'm going to vote for the X-Men. And I think most people voting will to, since there seems to be more Marvel fans on this site. But I think the power of the X-Men far exceeds what the Injustice Gang have to offer. They are way out of their minds for taking on the X-Men. The X-Men are just out of their leagues.



“Scott Christopher Summers,” The booming voice of Ganthet echoed across the room, and down to Cyclops. “You have been brought before us to answer for your attempted act of terrorism against the Great Central Battery.” Ganthet glanced at Green Lantern. “And, your assault on your Earth's Green Lantern.” Ganthet paused dramatically. “How do you plead?” The other Guardians glared down at Cyclops, who gritted his teeth, and smiled politely.

“Unfortunately guilty.” He said. His words had an instant effect on the Guardians. Each started muttering and turning their heads to talk to one another.

“We appreciate your quick honesty Scott Summers, and as it turns out, we are in a situation open to negotiation.”

“How can I help you?” asked Cyclops grimly.

“As you may or may not be aware, we, the Green Lantern Corps. are currently at odds with the Asgardians. It is known that you, or perhaps more like some of your allies are closely knit with them. Perhaps you could tell us something about the more powerful ones? We need to know these things in order to be ready should they attack.”

“The X-Men and the Asgardians are not exactly best friends. I don't really know much about them other than what Thor has told me, and other brief encounters. Everything I know is already public knowledge.” Ganthet thought for a moment.

“Perhaps some information about their numbers? ” asked Ganthet a little frustrated.

“I'm sorry Guardian, I know nothing.” Cyclops said slowly.

“Then what about the Avengers? What can you tell us about them?” Ganthet asked. Cyclops gave a large sigh.

“Even the Avengers have been distant lately.” Cyclops said. “All I can really tell you is where they have their base of operations.” This got the Guardians' attention.

“That would be most helpful.” said Ganthet.

“34.16 north latitude, 133.76 west longitude.” It's a good size island. You can't miss it.

“Do those coordinates check out Green Lantern of Earth?” asked Ganthet.

“Let me think.” Green Lantern said. “...That would put it... in the pacific ocean.”

“The perfect spot for a secret base don't you think?” asked Cyclops.

“I think we can trust him on this one.” Green Lantern said to Ganthet.

“Very well. Because you were so kind as to supply us with information, and keeping you prisoner would be an act of war in the eyes of the heathen Avengers, you are free to leave.” Cyclops breathed a sigh of relief.

“But know this.” Ganthet said. “If any more of you X-Men, Avengers, or Asgardians set foot on Oa again, there will be no turning back. It will mean war.” Cyclops gulped.

“Very well.” he said slowly. “I really have no way of reaching the Asgardians directly, but I will try to spread your message.”

“Good.” said Ganthet a little more relaxed. “Green Lantern of Earth, could you escort Mr. Summers out of our chamber, and back to his homeworld?”

“Yes sir.” Green Lantern said as he released the emerald energy cuffs that were keeping Cyclops' arms behind his back. Green Lantern put his hand on Cyclops' shoulder and led him out of the chamber, and into a hall way.

“By the way,” Green Lantern said to Cyclops. “Lying to the Guardians of the Universe? Not generally a good idea.”

“What do you mean?” asked Cyclops with a smile.

“I mean, you better hope that they don't check out those coordinates too closely or else we might have a fight with the Legion of Guardians on our hands.”

“It may force them to finally take sides.” Cyclops said seriously.

“Even the Legion of Guardians wouldn't help you much against the likes of the Justice League, the Justice Society, and the Green Lantern Corps.”

“My goal is to cut the Green Lantern Corps out of the equation. The only one we have a quarrel with is you.” Green Lantern looked shocked.

“So what about the Asgardians?”

“They should not be involved either. The only one of them you should have a problem with is Thor.”

“That is easier said than done.”

“Do you forget that it was you and Thor that started this whole mess?”

“I think you mean, it was Thor. I was just following orders.”

“So was he.”

“Look.” said Green Lantern. “This whole thing has gotten out of control, we really need to set up a meeting to hash out our peace terms.”

“The shear numbers of us make it almost impossible, but I will talk with Professor Xavier. If anyone could get everyone together on our side, it's him.”

“I will speak with Batman, he has a certain way of making sure everyone is punctual.”

“Very good.” Cyclops said finally. “Now, can you take me home?”

Lex Luthor's Private Island Base:

Lex Luthor and Livewire were sitting in Lex's office, Lex sitting in his heavy leather armchair behind his desk. His brow furrowed.

“It will be quite the undertaking.” He said to Livewire.

“You are mad Lex. People warned me before I came here to work for you, but you really are crazy.”

“Why do you say that my dear?”

“You can't hope for a chance in defeating the Legion of Guardians and the ArchSorcerers with just the two of us.”

“Of course not.” Lex said loudly, rolling his eyes. “We are going to need more people to have any hope of defeating them.”

“You got other henchmen I should worry about?” asked Livewire. “Hiding in the attic perhaps?” Lex smiled at her.

“No, we will need to do some recruiting.”

“Who do you have in mind?” she asked.

“Gorilla Grod owes me a favor, and Solomon Grundy should be easy enough to convince to help us.”

“I suppose I could get Giganta, but that only leaves us with five.”

“Seven is the optimum number for these kinds of things.” Livewire rolls her eyes.

“We're going to need some heavy hitters for this one.”

“I suppose if we are willing to wait, we could always get Sinestro to help us.”

“How the heck are you going to contact him?”

“Through my alliance with him, I am one of the few beings in the universe that knows where the Yellow Lantern Central Power Battery is located.”

“I would think that would be public knowledge.”

“That was the case with the old one, and that is why it was destroyed so easily.” Livewire nodded in understanding. “It's on Qward.”

“You just revealed a secret that only you and few others knew.” Lex looked angry with himself. “Maybe Sinestro should pick his confidants better.”

“Shut it Livewire.” Lex still looked upset. “I have a lot on my mind.”

“Like being denied membership into B.O.O.T. for the fourth time?” Livewire asked with a grin.

“There is no reason for me not to be in that little club. I am more than qualified!”

“Does your denial have anything to do with the attack on the Chetradome we are planning?”

“It may, but either way, you can't go wrong with a good piece of real-estate.” Livewire looked a little annoyed.

“Anyway, how is knowing where the Yellow Lantern Central Power Battery is located going to help?”

“I will send a telepathic message using a machine I invented. It should get all the way to Qward in no time.”

“And you have a way of selecting certain minds so that other people accidentally don't get the message?”

“It pre-selects the mind before it is sent, so it will be sent to only the right person, instead of whoever is closest to the battery.” Lex turned to leave the room.

“That brings us to six.” Livewire said with a smile. Lex stops his exit, and thinks hard.

“Maybe we could hire someone?” Livewire suggests with a sigh.

“Like some sort of Super Mercenary?” Lex asks, then thinks hard. “I think I have someone in mind.”

X-Mansion: Professor Xavier's office:

Cyclops had just gotten done explaining everything that had transpired on Oa to Professor Xavier.

“That is a bit foreboding Cyclops.” Professor Xavier said. “That the Green Lantern Corps... is so willing to get involved.”

“I agree Professor.”

“We really don't have time to talk about it now. I will relay the Corps.'s warnings to B.O.O.T. where I know it will be passed on to both the Avengers and the Asgardians alike.”


“Quite. As it stands, I have another mission for you, I hope that your flight home was a relaxing one?”

“Surprisingly so.”

“Good, your next task will not be an easy one.”

“I'm up for anything.”

“Great. I intercepted a message earlier today. It was a message from Lex Luthor-” Cyclops groaned. “to Sinestro.” Fear gripped Cyclops' expression.

“What on earth are those two doing teaming up?”

“What does every villain team want to do lately?”

“Take over the Chetradome...”

“Bingo.” Professor Xavier said. “I think, while your getting the Green Lantern Corps to confuse the Legion of Guardian's base with the Avengers is a good idea in that instance. I think it would be unwise to let the likes of the Injustice Gang attack the Legion of Guardians' base while they are away.”

“Away? Where did they go?” asked Cyclops very confusedly.

“Knowitall took the Legion of Guardians, and the ArchSorcerers on a weekend trip on the Diviner's Fortune space cruise-liner.”

“Why on earth would she do that? What good is it to take all your security and leave your base unprotected?” Neither of them fully aware of the Chetradome City Task Force, 1000 robots strong.

“I think she may be still hurting from the Owner of the Chetradome's death. It was only a few weeks ago.”

“Seems like only yesterday.” Cyclops said.

“Enough reminiscing.” Professor Xavier said. “I need you to assemble a team to fight them before they get to the Chetradome. I don't want anything to interrupt the set up for the tournament in a few days.”

“We can get them at their own base, before they ever leave. How much time to I have?”

“Not long, maybe a few hours, I can sense Sinestro getting closer, it can't be long after he arrives that they will attack.”

“I understand.” said Cyclops thinking.

“Alright. Then you need to go now. Take the X-Jet when you have your team assembled.”

“Yes Professor.” Cyclops said, leaving the room.

Lex Luthor's Private Island Base:

There is a soft jolt as the X-Jet lands roughly on the soft sand of Luthor Beach, and the X-Men quickly get out of the jet.

Less than a minute of their exit, seven people come out of the small wooden house on the island.

“What are you doing here?” shouts Lex Luthor at the X-Men. “What on earth do you want?”

“We know you intend to attack the Chetradome.” shouts Cyclops. “We are here to make sure that doesn't happen.”

“Tell your boss that a simple acceptance into B.O.O.T. would make all this behavior go away!”

“I will do no such thing, and you better save that behavior, you will need it when we finally get you locked up.”

“Good luck!” Shouted Lex. “You haven't a hope to stop us!”

“You won't make it off this Island conscious Luthor!” shouted Cyclops. The two teams take fighting stances. So Who Wins? The Uncanny X-Men, or the new formation of the Injustice Gang?


Professor X


 Ra's al Ghul




Professor X: It would seem that my plan of squashing the Injustice Gang's vile mission has been a success.

Ra's al Ghul: As far as I know, telling the future is not one of your abilities. The X-Men have to first stop the Injustice Gang before you can call your plan successful.

Professor X: My X-Men can handle any challenge, as well as any team of villains that forms up against us.

Ra's al Ghul: Your careful wording seems to discard your defeat at the hands of the Justice League.

Professor X: Unfortunate, but not detrimental. The Justice League is a formidable team. It is lucky that they fight on the side of good.

Ra's al Ghul: On the side of good yes, but on the side of the Avengers and the X-Men no.

Professor X: One thing at a time Ra's.

Ra's al Ghul: Your right. But surely you don't think the X-Men have the power to defeat the likes of this Injustice Gang?

Professor X: My X-Men are more than capable.

Ra's al Ghul: Good, then let's get to the fight.

Professor X: On the side of the X-Men we have: Beast, Colossus, Cyclops, Emma Frost, Jean Grey, Rogue, and Storm.

Ra's al Ghul: And on the side of the Injustice Gang we have: Giganta, Gorilla Grod, Lex Luthor, Livewire, Lobo, Sinestro, and Solomon Grundy.

Professor X: It appears that they way they are situated they will be squaring off one on one.

Ra's al Ghul: We have Rogue vs. Giganta, Jean Grey vs. Sinestro, Colossus vs. Solomon Grundy, Storm vs. Livewire...

Professor X: Beast vs. Lobo, Cyclops vs. Lex Luthor, and Emma Frost vs. Gorilla Grod.

Ra's al Ghul: Let's start with Rogue vs. Giganta.

Professor X: Giganta quickly increases her size to around 40 feet tall.

Ra's al Ghul: Rogue takes to flight.

Professor X: Giganta throws a mighty punch.

Ra's al Ghul: Rogue grabs her fist and tosses Giganta over her.

Professor X: Giganta crashes into the wooden house, destroying it.

Ra's al Ghul: Over to Jean Grey vs. Sinestro. They both quickly take to flight.

Professor X: Jean tries to break into Sinestro's mind, but his yellow energy aura seems to be protecting him.

Ra's al Ghul: Sinestro shoots a blast of yellow energy at her.

Professor X: She tries to manipulate it with her telekinesis.

Ra's al Ghul: It doesn't work, and she has to dodge out of the way at the last second.

Professor X: Over to Colossus vs. Solomon Grundy.

Ra's al Ghul: Solomon Grundy roars and charges Colossus.

Professor X: Colossus readies.

Ra's al Ghul: Solomon Grundy throws a punch straight into Colossus's chest, and Colossus is knocked back.

Professor X: Colossus remains on his feet, but barely, and readies again.

Ra's al Ghul: Over to Storm vs. Livewire

Professor X: Storm has the ability to detect electromagnetic energy, so she must be astounded by the amount that Livewire has.

Ra's al Ghul: Livewire wastes no time in shooting a bolt of electricity at Storm, which she catches in her hands.

Professor X: Livewire is stunned, but doesn't seem disheartened.

Ra's al Ghul: Storm in the mean time raises her arms and thunderclouds form overhead.

Professor X: Over to Beast vs. Lobo.

Ra's al Ghul: Lobo wastes no time, and pulls out a laser blaster.

Professor X: Beast is forced to dodge and charge on all fours.

Ra's al Ghul: Beast tackles Lobo, but Lobo manages to flip Beast over himself, and stand on his feet again.

Professor X: Beast also lands on his feet, and charges Lobo.

Ra's al Ghul: Over to Cyclops vs. Lex Luthor.

Professor X: Lex acts quickly, and lets loose several missiles, all of which rocket at Cyclops.

Ra's al Ghul: Cyclops shoots them out of the air with ease using his optic blasts.

Professor X: When the last missile is destroyed, Cyclops aims his blasts at Lex.

Ra's al Ghul: The blast however stops midair a few feet in front of Lex, it must be his force-field.

Professor X: Over to Emma Frost vs. Gorilla Grod.

Ra's al Ghul: This is probably going to be a boring battle.

Professor X: They both must have figured out the other has powers over the mind.

Ra's al Ghul: Gorilla Grod is more about control than anything, so I'm thinking he has a huge disadvantage here.

Professor X: They are just staring at each other, making odd faces in concentration.

Ra's al Ghul: Back to Rogue vs. Giganta.

Professor X: Giganta charges again.

Ra's al Ghul: Rogue has a different plan.

Professor X: Rogue flies up to Giganta's face.

Ra's al Ghul: Rogue users her powers to absorb Giganta's, as well as weaken her.

Professor X: Giganta is defeated. Over to Jean Grey vs. Sinestro.

Ra's al Ghul: Jean shoots a blast of telepathic force.

Professor X: Sinestro puts up a shield, and the blast dissipates as it hits it.

Ra's al Ghul: Jean begins shooting telekinetic force blasts at Sinestro, but he just holds up his shield to block them.

Professor X: The telekinetic force blasts are a bit more powerful than the telepathic ones, and Sinestro's shield begins to break.

Ra's al Ghul: Over to Colossus vs. Solomon Grundy.

Professor X: Colossus charges Solomon Grundy, jumps from the ground towards him, and punches him in the face.

Ra's al Ghul: Solomon Grundy is knocked backwards onto his back.

Professor X: With a roar he gets up, and swings his arms wildly charging.

Ra's al Ghul: Colossus is unexpectedly hit in the gut, and is bowled over in an instant.

Professor X: Over to Storm vs. Livewire.

Ra's al Ghul: Storm causes it to start hailing, and winds push on Livewire.

Professor X: Livewire in the mean time raises her arms and does something we cannot see.

Ra's al Ghul: The next moment a long spike made of glass erupts from the sand below Storm.

Professor X: Storm starts to move out of the way, but the spike impales her leg, and she falls over onto her side.

Livewire: There is another spike on its way into your skull if you try to move before we are done here.

Ra's al Ghul: It's no use as Storm is unable to move anyway.

Professor X: Storm is out, and Livewire turns her attention to Rogue.

Ra's al Ghul: Over to Beast vs. Lobo.

Professor X: Lobo reaches over his shoulder and pulls out a missile launcher.

Ra's al Ghul: He aims it at Beast, who rather than trying to dodge, charges forward.

Professor X: It makes sense, that way Lobo is less likely to shoot, if he could hurt himself.

Ra's al Ghul: Lobo is forced to stop aiming.

Professor X: Over to Cyclops and Lex Luthor.

Ra's al Ghul: Lex's force-field can't last forever.

Professor X: In the mean time Cyclops increases the intensity of his blast, the noise is incredible.

Ra's al Ghul: Lex starts sliding backwards in the sand a few inches.

Professor X: Over to Emma Frost vs. Gorilla Grod.

Ra's al Ghul: They are still trying to crack one another...still rather boring.

Professor X: Over to Rogue vs. Livewire.

Ra's al Ghul: Rogue wastes no time and charges forward at Livewire.

Professor X: Livewire shoots a chain of electricity at Rogue.

Ra's al Ghul: Rogue is hit, and screams in pain.

Professor X: The electricity fades, and Rogue continues her change.

Ra's al Ghul: Over to Jean Grey vs. Sinestro.

Professor X: Sinestro decides to take the offensive and starts shooting his own blasts from behind his shield.

Ra's al Ghul: Jean is forced to stop her barrage to block using a telekinetic force field.

Professor X: It doesn't look like the force field was enough to block Sinestro's yellow energy.

Ra's al Ghul: One hits her in the stomach, and Sinestro doesn't waste a moment.

Professor X: He puts a sort of yellow energy straight jacket around Jean's arms and torso., forcing her to lay on the ground.

Ra's al Ghul: Jean is down, over to Colossus vs. Solomon Grundy.

Professor X: It looks like the two of them are just trading punches for now.

Ra's al Ghul: Over to Beast vs. Lobo.

Professor X: Beast throws a punch at Lobo, but Lobo dodges.

Ra's al Ghul: Beast is open for attack now, and Lobo hits him in the back of the head with his missile launcher.

Professor X: Beast is pushed forward, and somersaults over the sand and onto his feet.

Ra's al Ghul: He turns around to find the missile launcher aimed at him again.

Professor X: Over to Cyclops vs. Lex Luthor. Lex changes tactics, and shoots a continuous blast of blue energy at Cyclops.

Ra's al Ghul: Lex's and Cyclops's energies meet in the middle and fight for control.

Professor X: Lex must have dropped his force-field.

Ra's al Ghul: Over to Emma Frost vs. Gorilla Grod.

Professor X: They seem to still be in a lock to get the other to break.

Ra's al Ghul: Suddenly Gorilla Grod falls over backwards.

Professor X: Well I guess it's safe to say Gorilla Grod lost that mental battle.

Ra's al Ghul: Emma Frost turns her attention to Sinestro.

Professor X: Over to Rogue vs. Livewire.

Ra's al Ghul: Livewire tries a different tactic, and turns herself into electricity.

Professor X: In her electric form she shoots towards Rogue.

Ra's al Ghul: Rather than electrocuting Rogue, the second Livewire touched her she turned back into her human form.

Professor X: Livewire falls to the ground in shock, and Rogue grasps her face to finish her off.

Ra's al Ghul: Livewire is defeated.

Professor X: And it looks like Colossus and Solomon Grundy are still trading punches.

Ra's al Ghul: Over to Beast vs. Lobo

Professor X: Lobo shoots the missile at Beast, and he can't move fast enough to dodge.

Ra's al Ghul: Sand shoots into the air around Beast, and when it settles we find him unconscious and bloody.

Professor X: He should heal fine, but it will take a while.

Ra's al Ghul: Lobo turns his attention over to Rogue. Over to Cyclops vs. Lex Luthor.

Professor X: Lex and Cyclops continue to blast at one another.

Ra's al Ghul: Lex uses his other hand to shoot a blast of electricity at Cyclops.

Professor X: It hits him and he is pushed backwards. He stands up quickly.

Ra's al Ghul: Over to Emma Frost vs. Sinestro.

Professor X: Sinestro wastes no time and tries the same tactic he tried on Jean. He shoots several blasts of yellow energy at Emma.

Ra's al Ghul: Emma turns into her diamond form, and blocks the blasts with her forearm.

Professor X: The energy scatters as it deflects off of her.

Ra's al Ghul: Sinestro is surprised by this, but tries firing more powerful blasts.

Professor X: Back to Colossus vs. Solomon Grundy.

Ra's al Ghul: Colossus and Solomon Grundy are fighting even more ferociously.

Professor X: Solomon Grundy knocks Colossus over with a sweep of his arms.

Ra's al Ghul: Solomon Grundy grabs Colossus by the arms and pins him to the ground.

Professor X: Solomon Grundy punches Colossus in the face repeatedly until finally Colossus is unconscious.

Ra's al Ghul: Colossus is out, and Solomon Grundy turns his attention to Cyclops.

Professor X: Over to Cyclops vs. Lex Luthor.

Ra's al Ghul: Cyclops blasts again, this time it seems that Lex was not ready with his force-field.

Professor X: It doesn't seem to matter, the outer shell of Lex's suit seems to be absorbing the concussive blast. Lex smiles.

Ra's al Ghul: Cyclops intensifies his blasting, and Lex's eyes widen.

Professor X: There is an explosion as Lex's suit is overwhelmed.


Ra's al Ghul: Lex takes to flight and flies away in what remains of his suit.

Professor X: Over to Emma Frost vs. Sinestro.

Ra's al Ghul: Even the more powerful blasts don't make it past her diamond protection.

Professor X: After a pause, Sinestro makes a giant drill out of his energy, and grabs a hold.

Ra's al Ghul: With some lever pushing he fires up the drill, and he quickly drills under the sand.

Professor X: Sinestro is no where to be seen.

Ra's al Ghul: Over to Rogue vs. Lobo.

Professor X: Rogue is obviously pumped up after defeating 2 enemies.

Ra's al Ghul: She flies at supersonic speed, her fist outstretched toward Lobo.

Professor X: He makes no reaction until she is almost upon him.

Ra's al Ghul: Quick as a flash he grabs her wrist. The on that was about to punch him.

Professor X: Over to Emma Frost vs. Sinestro.

Ra's al Ghul: Emma seems to have an idea of Sinestro's location as she is staring at the ground getting closer to her.

Professor X: The next second she dives out of the way as Sinestro's drill erupts from the ground. If she had not been in her diamond form, that would have surely killed her.

Ra's al Ghul: Sinestro lands on the sand, and Emma jams the drill easily with her diamond hands.

Professor X: Sinestro takes this opportunity to put Emma into a yellow energy cage.

Ra's al Ghul: He doesn't seem to know that this is what Emma wants.

Professor X: Over to Rogue vs. Lobo

Ra's al Ghul: Rogue spins around under Lobo's grasp, and wraps her free hand around Lobo's neck.

Professor X: With a choking sound, Lobo is knocked unconscious.

Ra's al Ghul: Rogue is on a roll.

Professor X: Over to Cyclops vs. Solomon Grundy.

Ra's al Ghul: Cyclops shoots his blast at Solomon Grundy, but it doesn't seem to effect him that much other than making him mad.

Professor X: Solomon Grundy charges for Cyclops, and Cyclops ups the level of his blasting.

Ra's al Ghul: It is for nothing though, as Solomon Grundy tackles Cyclops to the ground.

Professor X: One swift punch, and Cyclops is out.

Ra's al Ghul: Rogue, obviously not wanting to fight Solomon Grundy directly, sneaks up behind him as he gets off of Cyclops.

Professor X: She grabs the back of his neck, and after a confused glance at her, he falls over unconscious.

Professor X: Over to Emma Frost vs. Sinestro.

Ra's al Ghul: Emma drops her diamond shielding, and concentrates.

Professor X: Within an instant Sinestro falls over backwards, and his yellow energy cage disappears.

Ra's al Ghul: Another win for Emma.

Professor X: And seeing as it is only her and Rogue left, we can call it a victory for the X-Men. As I had predicted.

Ra's al Ghul: It looks like the X-Men really are a force to be reckoned with.


The X-Men defeats the Injustice Gang 89 votes to 43


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