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98. Venom vs. Juggernaut

The vicious and vile Venom vs. the uncontrollable, unstoppable Juggernaut.

-Fight Suggested by MoistCat

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This is a pretty interesting fight, but when it comes to brute strength I am going to have to give it to Juggernaut. He's not 'unstoppable' for nothing. Then again Venom's pure ferocity may be enough to offset the muscle. When it comes to the votes, it is hard to say. Both are well known villains, even someone who has never picked up a comic book could probably tell you a little about both of them. Not to mention both of them have been adapted to film in recent years. I think perhaps Venom being Spider-Man's go-to nemesis may give him the name recognition edge that Juggernaut simply doesn't have. I think in the end this will lead to Venom winning, but Juggernaut has my vote.


Juggernaut very clearly has the strength advantage, although Venom will at least be able to hold his own. Venom’s best chance for victory is to use his agility and cunning. (Two things that given his size and savagery people (and possibly his opponents) forget that he has). Still defeating Juggernaut is a tall order for anyone and in an enclosed space I don’t like Venom’s chances. My vote will go to Juggernaut because I see him as the less evil of the competitors. I think Venom will win the vote because I think he has greater name recognition.


Venom. Juggernaut is said to be unstoppable, but obviously that's been proven wrong many times over. And I think Venom will be another one to prove it wrong. He already has my vote. And I'm pretty sure Venom has more fans. So he'll easily win based on votes. But if they did fight in the comics, I think Venom would be the winner. He would wrap so much symbiote around Juggernaut, it's not even funny. There are many ways that Venom could win.



“Hello prisoners,” The voice of Knowitall recited over the loudspeakers. “and welcome to the Winter Re-confinement of Super-powered Evildoers. Or 'Winter Rose' if you prefer.” Venom and Juggernaut took in their surroundings. Both had just been defeated after committing a crime, and the next second they had appeared in separate cells. They were in a large circular room. Four levels around a center empty space. Juggernaut and Venom were on opposite ends of the bottom level.

“Through the tentative combined efforts of The Consulate of Spells, and the United States Government, along with a very large investment from me, we bring you the first of four worldwide extreme security prisons.” Knowitall watched the two as they tried to escape their cells. She smiled.

“Each cell is specifically designed for each and every prisoner. Once your cell is ready, you are transported here. You two are lucky enough to be the first of many to come to Winter Rose. Just so you don't bother trying to escape, Winter Rose is 20 miles north of Chetradome Island, and 1 mile deep in the Pacific Ocean. Should you somehow breach the vibranium laced walls, the entire prison would fill with water at a pressure so high you would die from being crushed before you drown. There is only one elevator that goes up and down, with locking gates every 200 feet should you make your way up there. This place is not for escaping, so don't even try. This prison has 100 cells allowing for 100 prisoners. And once we get more and more inmates, we will make sure that there are 2 guards for every 1 prisoner. That brings me to my next thing. The guards you see standing in various places are members of the Chetradome City task force. They are robots as you can see. They have no need to carry weapons, as their weapons are in their bodies. Don't bother messing with them, if you do happen to get a hold of one, and take it apart, you won't be able to use the weapons. They only respond to encrypted signals, the passwords of which change every minute on the minute based on an algorithm I have made.” Knowitall watched as Venom attempted to rip the bars of his cell apart. They didn't even budge. Juggernaut was merely listening intently.

“There are currently 100 guards in Winter Rose, but there are 900 more 20 miles away should anything happen. Not to mention the Legion of Guardians and the ArchSorcerers.” Knowitall paused. This is the part she was not looking forward to. Something the government had insisted on if they were going to back her on this.

“In order to make sure your stay at Winter Rose is as secure as it can be, we like to evaluate you before you serve your sentence. We do this by having pairs of inmates battle. We will observe you to make sure we can hold you like we think we can, and the winner will have his sentence cut in half. For some of you carrying out multiple life sentences this will mean very little, but it is a formality that we must complete.” Knowitall flipped a switch. “The first to knock his opponent out is the winner.” She pressed a button. “Fight!” Both the barred gates holding Juggernaut and Venom in their cells burst open, and they rushed out to the empty area in the middle of the prison. They now realized it was a mini arena. So Who Wins? The viscous and vile Venom? Or the uncontrollable, uncontainable Juggernaut?


Green Goblin

Luke Cage



Green Goblin: Surely it must be against some law to make prisoners fight each other in order to find ways to better contain them.

Luke Cage: I think that the laws here are under the jurisdiction of Chetradome City.

Green Goblin: Hopefully they treat their citizens better than they treat their prisoners.

Luke Cage: I’m sure they do, but let’s get to the fight.

Green Goblin: Of course.

Luke Cage: Venom starts off by forming giant claws on his hands.

Green Goblin: He rushes towards Juggernaut, slashing at him with his claws.

Luke Cage: The slashing does no good.

Green Goblin: Juggernaut swings his fist at Venom, but Venom seems to have sensed it, and dodges out of the way.

Luke Cage: Juggernaut starts chasing Venom.

Green Goblin: Venom jumps onto a wall and starts crawling upwards.

Luke Cage: Juggernaut jumps. Venom, in order to not get slugged by Juggernaut, jumps off the wall and onto the ground.

Green Goblin: As Juggernaut also hits the ground, he starts chasing Venom again.

Luke Cage: Venom seems to be turning invisible.

Green Goblin: Not quite, but it does look like he is using some sort of camouflage to blend in with his surroundings.

Luke Cage: Juggernaut seems a bit dumbfounded and stops his charge.

Green Goblin: He can’t see him anywhere.

Luke Cage: Suddenly Venom reappears behind Juggernaut and jumps on Juggernaut’s back.

Green Goblin: Juggernaut reaches to pull him off, but Venom shoots several tendrils out of his chest, and into Juggernaut’s helmet.

Luke Cage: After a few moments of struggling, Juggernaut falls to the ground.

Green Goblin: He appears to be passed out.

Luke Cage: How did that happen?

Green Goblin: It looks like Venom pushed his symbiote through Juggernaut’s helmet, and in turn his ear, in order to effect his brain in some way.

Luke Cage: Hopefully Juggernaut won’t have any lasting brain damage.

Green Goblin: Considering how fast he heals, I’m sure he’ll be fine.

Luke Cage: Considering how fast he heals, we should get out of here.

Green Goblin: You’re right. Venom wins!


Venom defeats Juggernaut 225 votes to 123.


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