So Who Wins - The Any Character in the World Battles


9. Merlin vs. Gandalf vs. Dumbledore

The greatest non-comic book related super wizards of all time, face off in this battle of pure magic.

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The Set-Up


Centuries after the Crowning of Aragon, Gandalf hears of a very powerful wizard who lives in a cottage near the newly established English Empire. Gandalf goes to visit this wizard to see if maybe he could give, or maybe even receive some magical pointers.
In a cottage near the newly established English Empire- Merlin senses that a very powerful wizard is on his way, and does not want to bother with him as he needs to meet with King Aurthur one last time before their search for the Holy Grail. So, Merlin casts a spell to catch this Wizard and transport him back in time. Gandalf meanwhile is walking through the woods and gets caught in the trap, the combination of Merlins magic spell, and Gandalf's power makes the spell go wrong. Merlin and Gandalf go forward through time and land sometime just before the turn of the 2nd millennium. "Where are we?" says Merlin "You are trespassers in this school!" says Dumbledore at the top of the stairs in the Great Hall of Hogwarts Castle. "We were just transported through time, the spell was meant to pull back in time, but I did not expect someone as powerful as this guy." said Merlin. "A likely story," says Dumbledore "You are probably spy's sent from Voldamort to destroy this School."
    "no, really we are" replies Gandalf
    "Merlins Beard! give it a rest."
    "What about my beard?" asks Merlin
    "You are trespassers, and trespassers have to answer to me!"
So who wins this battle of the greatest wizards of all time?



Harry Potter



Harry- Dumbledore!

Frodo- Gandalf!

Harry- Dumbledore!

Frodo- Gandalf!

Harry- Dumbledore!

Frodo- Ganda--

Merlin- Hey! I'm here too!

Harry- He's right, come to your senses!

(Slaps Frodo)

Frodo- Owe! what was that for?

Harry- Be quiet little man. I'm Harry-fricken-Potter and I .... make you like... dance your self to death... or something...

Frodo- What ever, Dummydorf is at the top of the stairs looking murderous

Harry- DUMBLEDORE raises his wand flicks and points it at Merlin. A red light erupts from his wand and Merlin, caught off guard, falls to the ground. I can only assume that Dumbledore did not recognize Merlin, for if he did, he wouldn't have attacked him.

Frodo- Only Gandalf and Dumbledore are left standing now.

Harry- Dumbledore raises his wand again, and shoots another stunning spell, this time at Gandalf.

Gandalf- YOU...SHALL NOT... PASS!

Harry- Dumbledore's spell is reflected, back at him and he blocks it with the Protego spell.

Frodo- I think I'm having deja vu.

Harry- Of coarse you are, but almost no one can deflect Dumbledore's spells.

Frodo- Well Gandalf just did so there! Ok, Gandalf seems to be doing a spell, his robes seem to be in zero gravity, and he is raising his staff.

Harry- Lighting erupts from Gandalf's staff and Dumbledore is hit with it!

Frodo- Dumbledore flies back and falls to the ground.

Harry- Dumbledore!

Frodo- Gandalf!

Harry- Gandalf? He's not even in danger!

Frodo- I know, i just like yelling Gandalf!

Harry- Shut up! Dumbledore gets to his feet and conjures a shield with his wand

Frodo- Dumbledore shoots a spell at Gandalf, and turns invisible, Gandalf, in shock about Dumbledore turning invisible, barley can dodge this spell.

Harry- Dumbledore always said he didn't need an invisibility cloak to be invisible, but I have never seen him do it!

Frodo- That's Not fair! Gandalf can't see him!

Harry- That's generally what comes with invisibility, yeah... Gandalf could just use a spell to turn invisible himself, couldn't he?

Frodo- If he had that ring i had for a while then yes, but its at the bottom of a volcano now.

Harry- Sounds like an interesting story, you should like write a book about it, or three.

Frodo- Well actually---

Harry- Don't care, don't care...

Frodo- Gandalf!

Harry- A ball of red magic shoots at Gandalf, and Gandalf blocks it with his protection spell.

Frodo- Dumbledore re-appears, seeing that being invisible is not going to help him with this fight.

Harry- It seems that Merlin is stirring, it makes sense, the stunning spell is not permanent, but it did not last very long, Merlin must really be the father of Wizardry.

Frodo- Hey, I think Gandalf is actually older... any way, Dumbledore sees Merlin attempting to stand up, not wanting to fight them both he raises his wand at Gandalf.

Dumbledore- EXPELIARMUS!

Harry- Gandalf's Staff goes flying out of his hand, in the direction of Dumbledore, but not quite to him.

Frodo- Gandalf is powerless, and Merlin is finally to his feet.

Harry- Panicking, Dumbledore points his wand above Gandalf's head, and a large chair is conjured above Gandalf.

Frodo- The chair falls onto Gandalf's head. Causing his head to go through the bottom of the seat.

(Frodo sobs)

Harry- Gandalf seems to be knocked out, but Merlin is not happy. He Picks his wand up form the ground, and swishes it at Dumbledore!

Frodo- Dumbledore, having spun around right after incapacitating Gandalf, Shoots a spell at Merlin as well.

Harry- The two spells ricochet from each other... Merlin's goes behind him, causing the Gryffindor hourglass to spill rubies all over the floor.

Frodo- And Dumbledore's spell flies upward and hits the crystal chandelier, causing it to fall to the ground in between the two of them, shattering over the rubies.

Harry- Merlin does half of a sinister smile before pointing his wand at the rubies, crystal mixture.

Frodo- The stones fly into the air, and settle in to a pile.

Harry- Not just any pile, he seems to be making something... something with claws!

Frodo- Maybe a Griffin?

Harry- No, no, no, no... its a.. i"m sure it is.. its a Dragon... a Rubie and Crystal Dragon

Frodo- As the last Rubie falls into place on the Dragons head, Dumbledore is backing away in horror.

Harry- The Dragon Shakes his jeweled head and roars, luckily no flames where expelled, but Dumbledore dodges it anyway, and turns invisible.

Frodo- The Dragon roars again and spins around getting angrier and angrier, like a cat looking for a lost toy.

Harry- I don't think that Dumbledore can see that Merlin is not controlling the dragon anymore, and Merlin himself also searches for Dumbledore.

Merlin- The Dragon! Just engulfed the whole hall in fire, he may be invisible, but I think he is still here!

Frodo- A pink spell comes out of thin air, and hits the jeweled dragon right in the eye!

Harry- Brilliant! He used a conjunctivitis curse! The Dragons eyes are his weakest point!

Frodo- But will it work on a dragon with crystal for eyes?

Harry- Maybe not, but The Dragon clutches his face in agony, stomping around in pain.

Frodo- The Dragon, blinded by the pain kicks Merlin, causing him to roll across the room.

Harry- Dumbledore re-appears to the side of Merlin, so that Merlin is lying at his feet.

Frodo- Merlin attempts to get up, but Dumbledore's wand is at his throat.

Harry- Dumbledore says something to Merlin that I cant hear from hear, but Merlin Points his wand at the Dragon, making it fall into a pile of rubies and crystal

Frodo- Dumbledore looks triumphant, but not so fast Dumbledore. Merlin sort of teleports behind Dumbledore, and kicks him in the back

Harry- But you cant disapparate in Hogwarts! uh, he must really be powerful to get past Dumbledore's enchantment on this school.

Frodo- Your right Dumbledore himself looks shocked at this. He spins around and shoots a jet of orange light at Merlin

Harry- Merlin shrinks, his skin turning pink... Dumbledore turned him into a...a...

Frodo- A Pig!

Harry- A Pig? I guess it was the first thing Dumbledore could think of, oh well.. it worked!

Frodo- The Pig is running around squealing with fright.

Dumbledore- Stupefy!

Harry- Dumbledore's stunning spell makes the pig skid to his feet.

Frodo- Dumbledore picks up Pig Merlin, and points his wand at him.

Dumbledore- Portus!

Harry- HA! Dumbledore turned Merlin into a Portkey

Frodo- Dumbledore tosses the Merlin pig onto Gandalf's unconscious body, and they both spin, and disappear.

Harry- I wonder where he sent them.

Frodo- Me too!... Gandalf!

Harry- Oh, Shut Up! Dumbledore Wins!

The poll ends thus:

Dumbledore- 9

Gandalf- 8

Merlin- 7


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Belong to J.K. Rowling:

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  • The Great Hall
  • Hogwarts Castle
  • Voldemort
  • Harry Potter
  • Stunning Spell/Stupefy
  • Protego Spell
  • Invisibility Cloak 
  • Expeliarmus
  •  The Gryffindor Hourglass
  • Gryffindor
  • Conjunctivitis Curse
  • Disapparate
  • Portus
  • Portkey

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