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Uatu The Watcher

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Uatu is an ally (although in a limited advisory capacity) of The Fantastic Four.

Powers and skills:

Uatu (Like all Watchers) has cosmic power, this enables him to: fly, use telepathy, manipulate energy, create power negating force fields, cast illusions, mentally alter his appearance, and teleport others to seemingly anywhere he wants (Although this type of interaction is a rarity). Uatu also possess enormously powerful cosmic senses, that enable him to be aware of nearly everything happening on Earth. Uatu possess an intelligence that is far beyond any form of human comprehension (Due to the training he received on his home world) and due to his observing earth for millions of years. Uatu has a vast historical knowledge of Earth’s sentient beings. Uatu’s incomparable intellect enables him to simultaneously  monitor events happening in Earth’s solar system. Uatu can also transform his body into an unknown type of energy (and still retain his consciousness) this allows him to travel trough hyperspace and go anywhere in the universe he wishes almost instantaneously. Uatu also has strength that at the very least is at a superhuman level, Uatu can also use his mental power to enhance his strength to an unknown degree (Although Watchers tend to avoid any type of physicality). Uatu (with the permission of The Timekeepers) possesses a view screen that allows him to observe the Earth’s of alternate  realities. Uatu’s knowledge of the history of alternate Earth’s sentient beings is just as extensive as his knowledge of those in the main timeline. Through the use of delta rays Uatu is functionally Immortal and will not die of old age.


Like all Watchers Uatu has sworn an oath of non-interference and regardless of what happens in the universe. He will not attempt to alter the outcome of events.

Uatu has developed a fondness for humanity and on several occasions severely bent and sometimes even broke his oath of non-interference to come to humanity’s aid.

Uatu can die if he losses the will to live.

Only someone with deity level powers can cause Uatu permanent or fatal harm.

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Ultron is an enemy of The Avengers.

Powers and skills:

Ultron is a robot that has near limitless superhuman strength, speed, and reflexes. Ultron also has the ability to fly and has several built in weapons. Such as: Being able to project blasts of concussive energy from is eyes and hands, an encephalo-ray( that places it’s victims in a death like coma and can also be used to mesmerize and hypnotize people. This allows Ultron to mentally control people or give them hypnotic commands to be carried out later). Ultron also has the ability to gather and convert electromagnetic energy into electricity to use (As a weapon or as a power source) or store. Ultron can also control other machines (Most likely by some form of wireless hacking). Ultron’s outer casing is made of adamantium, this renders Ultron all but indestructible. If his body is somehow destroyed Ultron can beam all or part of his programming into other computer systems. Ultron also has a genius level intellect and can repair himself as well as create his own inventions. Ultron can process information and make calculations with superhuman speed and accuracy. Ultron is also an expert  roboticist and strategist.


Ultron is highly vulnerable to Scarlet Witch’s Hex Power.

Despite being virtually indestructible Ultron can be destroyed if a powerful enough force is directed against him.

If Ultron is unable to beam his programming elsewhere before he is destroyed he would be unable to rebuild himself without outside assistance

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