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Legion of Guardians vs. Darkseid

The Up-and-coming Superhero Team is about to take on Darkseid! Will the Legion of Guardians be victorious? Or will Earth see the next Apokolips?

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 Legion of Guardians

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It wasn't raining when I first caught sight of the Island of Byton. However, the closer I got to it, the worse the weather got. Rain poured hard on the deck of my boat, and the ocean waves crashed against the hull, nearly capsizing it. But no matter how much water it took in, it stayed afloat. I had cast a spell on the boat you see, to keep it from retaining water. Quite a simple spell, but a necessary one for the quest I was on.

Through my research I was able to determine that the Island of Byton was heavily guarded by the magics of Lavinia the Manic. The witch I had come to see. If I had been a sea fairing man, I might have turned around to avoid the storm, but that would activate Lavinia's additional spells.

In order to get to the island, I needed to head straight for it, never turning away, or around to avoid the storm. As long as my boat was protected I should be fine from the waves. And fine I was...until.


My boat splintered in two, and I was thrown high into the air. I was still in the air when my mind cleared. I realized I had begun flying instinctively, a good reflex to have I suppose. I looked down to see a massive shark like monster, many times larger then physically possible. Probably a creature of Lavinia's. It snapped it's jaws hard on the remains of my boat, and jerked its body violently. He was here to make sure no one got past. I didn't discover that in my research. The shark creature seemed satisfied when all the large chunks of my boat had sunk below the surface. It dived back down to the dark depths of the Atlantic.

I wondered what other surprises Lavinia had in store for me. Thunder clapped overhead, and I decided it would be a good idea to get out of the sky. I concentrated on the coast of Byton, and teleported. When I reappeared I wasn't on the island, I wasn't even closer. I turned around wildly and looked at the island. I had gotten farther away! What was more, I was in the water again.

It looked like Lavinia prefers people to get to her island the old fashioned way. I doubted I would even be able to fly over. I pulled a wand out of my inner cloak pocket and waved it through the salty air. A wooden paddle boat appeared, and I clambered in. I was tempted to put a spell on this boat to keep it from sinking like my other one, but it was apparent to me that I needed to get to the island through non-magical means. I only hoped that did not include a magically conjured paddle boat.

After hours of paddling, and dozens of drying spells later, I managed to reach the beach. I waved my wand to get rid of my boat, I had a feeling I would not be needing it. I looked around. Judging from the size of the beach, Byton was probably about the same size of Chetradome Island, if not a little smaller. My path was not done yet, Lavinia's castle was in the center of the island. I still had to go through what I now know to be Ethacova Forest.

I walked on the beach near the forest line, searching for a path inside. I had only taken a few paces when I heard a voice.

“You'll never find your way like that.” the voice said. I looked around confusedly.

“Hello? Who's there?” I asked.

“Step a little closer so I can get a better look at you.” The voice said. It was coming from the forest, and not wanting to make a disembodied voice angry, I stepped forward. It was hard to see with all the rain, so I lit a fire in my hand and held it in front of me.

“PUT THAT OUT YOU LUNATIC!” said the voice. I fumbled with the fire, and would have set the whole forest ablaze if it weren't for my powers. I couldn't see again, but I know I saw something move in front of me. I pulled out my ring of Nevaeh, and lit it. White heavenly light lit the area around me, and I could see the forest trees clearly. As well as the source of the voice. What looked like a giant orchid stood in front of me, at least 7 feet tall. Giant green leaves curled from her stem, and back in. Like she had her hands on her hips.

“You could have killed me!” shouted the orchid.

“I...I...” I stammered “I didn't realize.”

“That my dear Mallow.” she said more calmly. “is evident.” I wanted to ask her 'what are you?' but I thought that would be too rude, so instead I asked.

“Who are you?”

“I,” said the orchid. “am Elvevy. I used to be a witch of unimaginable power, but dear Lavinia turned me into an orchid. Now I am basically in control of all the plant life on the island.”

“Why did she do that?” I asked.

“Lavinia doesn't like uninvited visitors Mallow.” she answered. I paused.

“That is the second time you've said my name. How do you know me?”

“My dear Mallow, you are the spitting image of your sister.”

“Then...then that would make you...”

“Auntie Elvevy.” she said “It doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, but that is the way it is.”

“I see. My mother never talked about you.” Elvevy's pedals drooped.

“Just as well I suppose, I haven't talked to her in years. Since before you were born.”

“What happened?” I asked. “I came here, following Genevieve, hoping to stop her from showing her prophecies to Lavinia. But Lavinia saw me following, and turned me into this. She never did like me.”

“So you haven't seen my mom since she came here?”

“No I haven't. How is she? Did she come with you?” Elvevy's pedals had risen again at the thought of seeing her sister.

“She...” I said. “She is dead.” Elvevy burst into tears, making a green puddle underneath her momentarily. The green mixed with the rain water, and the color faded.

“What happened? When did it happen?” she asked between sobs.

“About 6 years ago now...she...she was murdered.”

“WHO WAS IT?!” screamed Elvevy “Who ever it was, I'll strangle them with my roots!”

“ one knows...” I answered. This of course was a lie. It was in fact me who had killed my mother. When I was under the influence of Teckol. I clutched my locket at that moment. “But her prophecies may tell me who did it.” I lied again. I needed to get out of there. Family reunions were getting too numerous lately.

“That is why you're here.” she said, stifling her sobs. “Bless you child, even 6 years after your mothers death, you are still trying to avenge her.”

“Right.” I said shortly.

“In that case, I will make a path for you. The plants will answer to my will, and move out of the way.” As she spoke several plants and trees stood to attention as if they knew she was talking about them. With her final word they stepped backwards to make a path for me to enter.

“Thank you Elvevy, and I will ask Lavinia if she can release her curse on you.”

“Thank you Mallow.”

I entered Ethacova Forest, and followed a path of fresh dirt in front of me. As I walked, the plants retook their place in the ground behind me. After a few dozen paces I found myself in front of a stone stair case leading up to a giant Castle. I smiled. Not only did Elvevy give me a path to the castle, she gave me a path to the stairs leading me to the castle.

I took the first step up the stairs. Instantly it felt like my legs were on fire. Like I had climbed 1000 steps instead of 1. I fell to my knees, and closed my eyes in pain. I realized at that moment that there should not have been room for my knees on the stair case.

I opened my eyes. The stair, in fact had expanded just large enough for my legs to fit. I looked up. There were only nine steps left to the castle. I looked down. My vision blurred, and I almost fell over. I was literally hundreds of feet above the ground, with hundreds more steps behind me! What kind of magic is this?

I stood up, swaying slightly. If I do it slowly, and take a break between each step, this shouldn't be a problem. I took another step.

Not only did my legs hurt twice as much as the last time, but I wasn't alone on this step.

“You there!” shouted a little man. I was still shocked by the pain. “Are you friend or foe of the witch Lavinia?

“I haven't decided yet.” I said. I was liking the witch less and less as I had to deal with her traps.

“I am here to make sure no one comes to her aid as we stage an attack.” the little man said.

“Who is we?” I asked.

“I am a part of the Dwarfs of Byton. We are a Dwarfish race here on the island, and we are tired of Lavinia's tyranny.”

“The attack is going on right now?” I asked.

“Well.” said the Dwarf. “We planned the attack a few weeks ago. We Dwarfs need at least a nights rest between steps. Stone may be our friend, but not when we need to go up if you know what I mean.” I smiled.

“Good luck on your attack.” I said. If mere steps could keep these Dwarfs from attacking Lavinia straight away, she shouldn't have a problem defeating them. I took another step.

This time I was alone, but the chard remains of a fire was lying on the stone. And several chest plates of fine Dwarfen armor lay next to it. I guess they wanted to carry a lighter load. After a brief rest, I took another step.

It wasn't until I was on the 8th step that I came across anything worth mentioning. It was the Dwarfen army, and they were all dead. Shields and swords were strewn about the stone step, and there was no blood. Dying of exhaustion sounded pretty good to me about then, and I was tempted to take a nap. But the thought of all the dead Dwarfs made me push on. I took my next step.

The stair was empty except for a small owl, perched on the edge of the next step.

“Mallow, My name is Tyselo.” said the owl.

“How is it that everyone here knows my name?” I asked. It was getting annoying.

“I am over 8000 years old. There is little I don't know.” said Tyselo “I am here to tell you Mallow, that this last step will be the hardest. It is here that you could potentially fail, and have to start all over again.”

“I think I will take my chances.” I said. I was almost there.

“Also take into consideration Mallow, that this step could also kill you.” I paused.

“What else should I do?” I asked.

“There are two other possibilities. You could fly, or you could teleport.” I shook my head.

“No, Lavinia would think of teleporting, and the way that the stairs work, flying would not help at all.”

“Take the step if you dare Mallow, but don't say I didn't warn you.”and with that Tyselo flew away. I gulped. Just one more stair. I closed my eyes, and climbed it. Pain seared through my legs and up my back. It felt as if I was going to snap in half. After some time the pain subsided, and straightened up. I looked ahead of me at the castle door, then turned around to see my accomplishment. But the thousands of stairs that were there before weren't there anymore. It was just the ten steps I had seen from below.

I grinned. It was stuff like this that made me miss practicing dark magic.

I pushed on, and knocked at the castle door. I didn't expect an answer, so I was surprised when a female voice shouted. “Come in, Come in!” I opened the door.

The entrance hall was old, and everything you would expect a stone castle to look like with only one tenant. Dust, and cobwebs littered the floors and walls. The were no lights in the room, so the ceiling was not visible. There was light however pouring in from the great hall of the castle to my left. I entered, and the door snapped shut behind me.

I could tell instantly that this was the only room that Lavinia ever used. It was fully lit with golden light, and there was everything that an old witch could want in one room. There was a dirty old bed in the corner, and a sort of mock kitchen with about a half dozen cauldrons set up. A witch who I presumed was Lavinia the Manic was sitting in a rocking chair, fiddling with a thin white wand. I started to walk toward her.

“Why hello there Mallow, I know why you're here. I've been watching you closely, so please do not fear.” Lavinia recited “Your mother my dear, was a good friend of mine. My good friend I say, was a mother of thine.”

“You've been watching me?” I asked. I thought I would ignore the other questions that were floating though my mind. (Like why was she trying so intently to rhyme?)

“Since your battle with Elzienth, I've been watching you. Through your talk with Elvevy, till our 'how do you do?'”

“Elzienth?” I asked. Again choosing to keep the conversation away from her rhyme.

“The beast like a shark, the one in the sea. She eats wayward sailors, and answers to me.”

“Could you cut that out?” I asked.

“If you are my foe, then the answer is no. If you are my friend, this can come to an end.”

“I've brought you a gift.” I said smiling, as I pulled out a rolled up magic carpet from my cloak. Lavinia gasped.

“I haven't seen one of these in years! They stopped making them after the Great Carpet War of 1988.”

“The people I work for have connections. Now I take it from the fact that you stopped rhyming, that you consider me a friend?”

“Oh yes, of course.” Lavinia said as she snatched the carpet from me. She unrolled it a little bit to look at the loom work. “You know,” she said giggling. “Not once, in any of my traps did I account for a magic carpet. You could have flown this thing straight from the Chetradome into my window, and I wouldn't have known until I saw you!” she cackled with laughter. It would seem that the irony was too much for her.

“I hadn't thought of that.” I said. “Although it would have been rude of me to use the gift I was about to give you.”

She pondered that for a moment and said “Now Mallow, I know why you are here, but I don't know how much I can help you.”

“You don't have my mother's prophecies?” I asked, a little put out.

“No I don't, and I am not sure exactly who has them at all.”

“What did you do with them?” I asked.

“I made a spell to divide the prophecies, and disperse them amongst Genevieve's family members.”

“That...that is the stupidest thing I've ever heard!” I shouted “How on earth am I supposed to get them?”

“That is the point isn't it Mallow? She asked. “You are not supposed to know the secrets of these prophecies.

“And you have no idea where they are?” I asked, ignoring her warning.

“All I know is that there are 12 members of your family with a prophecy, and they don't even know it.”

“Great.” I said sarcastically. “Any idea at all who has them?”

“It will be only people who were alive at the time.” she answered. “So your brother and cousins are probably not in possession of one. It should also be said that since your mother was from a moderately small family, most of the prophecies probably went to the Kradlive Bloodline.”

“I understand Lavinia.” I said. “Is there any other information you can give me?”

“Not pertaining directly to your mission Mallow, but I want to introduce you to someone.” At that moment Tyselo, the owl I talked to on the 9th step of the stairway, flew into the room from outside. “This Mallow, is my father Tyselo.”

“Your...father?” I asked just be sure I heard her right. “You're a half-owl?”

“No.” Tyselo said “I change shape every 100 years. I started as a man, then I started to change, first to a wolf, then back to a man, then to a cobra, then back to a man. You get the pattern?”

“Some people say I'm crazy because I live on an island all by myself,” cut in Lavinia “but I think it may be because my only parent was a talking owl.” she cackled with laughter at her own joke.

“It takes great courage Mallow,” said Tyselo “To risk your life for the the truth. Just don't let it go too far.” I nodded. So the last step had been a test, the final test, to see if I really wanted to meet with Lavinia.

“Thank you Tyselo.” I said. “And thank you for the information Lavinia.”

“And I thank you to not come back.” she said. I smiled, and then I remembered something.

“Lavinia?” I asked.

“Yes?” she responded.

“Is there any way you could lift the curse you set on Elvevy?” Lavinia regarded me silently, and furrowed her brow.

“I can't do that Mallow. I know what she said to you, and most of it is true, but what she didn't tell you is that she was also coming to kill me.”

“I...I understand.” I said a little disheartened.

“Go now Mallow, and be warned.” Lavinia looked serious now. “I may not be as kind to you in the future, I only granted you this discussion as a favor to my late friend Genevieve, and nothing more. If you return, I will not hesitate to kill you.” After that quick shift in Lavinia's mood I teleported to my bed on Chetradome Island.

I lay in quiet, listening to the conversations outside. I caught the word “cake” and I raised my eyebrows. That's right, it's the Owner of the Chetradome and Knowitall's wedding tomorrow, and I was going to be the best man!

I started to drift off to sleep, hoping it would be a restful one.

It wasn't.

That night I dreamed I was flying through the sky, not a care in the world. Blue water below me, and blue sky above me. Suddenly I crashed into a woman who popped into existence in front of me out of no where. We started to fall, and she grabbed my hand.

Before we hit the water, a small island made entirely of sand sprung up to catch us. We collided softly with the sand, our backs to the ground, and we sat up. I turned to the woman. It was Twitch. Her hair was a little bit longer than in real life, but there was no doubt about it.

“Twitch?” I asked a little confusedly.

“Mallow?” She asked of me. There was a long silence. Do you ever have one of those dreams, where you know it is a dream, but you continue anyway, just to see what happens? I reached my hand over to Twitch, and put my forefinger under her chin. As I did this I moved my face closer to her's. Our lips touched, but there was something wrong. Her touch felt a little too real for a dream. Once Twitch figured out what I was doing she kissed me back, with a little more strength then I would have thought possible. I felt a sandy hand on the back of my head as she pulled me closer to her.

“MALLOW!” I woke with a start.

“It's the big day!” Mina said to me excitedly. Her smile faded “Are you alright?”

“Yeah” I said, still a little bewildered.

“Bad dream?” she asked concerned.

“Not even a little bit.”

“Alright then, get up! We still have lots to do.”

I got out of bed, and put on some cloths. The wedding wasn't until tonight, so we had some things to set up this morning. I walked in to the meeting room to see everyone a bustle with work to do. Mina had taken it upon herself to organize the set up for the Owner of the Chetradome and Knowitall's wedding, and it looked like she was doing a good job.

“Mallow!” Mina said happily as she caught sight of me. “You and...” she turned looking for someone who wasn't busy. “Twitch go get the flowers from the hall closet. And set them up on the tables in the reception area. Melt-Down, I need you to...” I stopped listening. She had finished talking to me, and Twitch was walking over to me.

She smiled at me, and I couldn't help but think of the dream I had. I wanted to say something about it, but thought it would be too awkward. I smiled back at her, and we made our way out into the hallway.

She opened the closet, and I waved my hand. Instantly the flower arraignments lifted from the tables, and into the air. Twitch smiled.

“Sort of seems like a one person job when you can do magic.” she said, I smiled, and pulled the flowers out of the closet.

“Walk with me anyway?” I asked, and she nodded. We walked in silence until we got to the elevator. She pushed the button, and the door opened. We got in. She pushed the “Arena” button, and the elevator door closed. She looked over at me as if deciding whether or not to tell me something. The Elevator lurched upward.

“I had a dream about you last night.” she said. At first I was embarrassed, and started to turn red. Then I remembered.

“I had a dream about you too.” I said thoughtfully. “We were on an island.” She looked a little surprised.

“I don't remember what my dream was about before our dreams came together. The first thing I remember is popping into the sky in front of you, and know the rest.”

“You mean when we kissed.” I said grinning.

“I think it was you who kissed me.” she said smiling. I stepped closer to her.

“I distinctly remember you kissing me back.” she stepped forward, and I put my arm around her. We both went in for a kiss, this time in real life, but we were interrupted. The Elevator dinged, and SimbasGuard stepped in.

“Hello Mallow, hello Twitch.” he said, as he turned to faced the doors.

“Hi SimbasGuard.” I said, blushing slightly. “How are the preparations coming?”

“As well as can be expected.” he said “We are right on schedule as far as I can tell. Mina is doing a great job.” The elevator dinged again, and SimbasGuard stepped out.

“Be seeing you,” he said, and the elevator door closed. I looked over at Twitch, she was looking intently at the elevator buttons.

“You know,” she said. “It's weird that we had the same dream.” women really know how to change the subject.

“I...yeah” I said.

“Or maybe we didn't have the same dream at all, maybe I entered your dream?” I thought about this.

“It wouldn't be the first time you teleported.” I was referring to the way she escaped capture of the Fatal Four.

“But teleporting into a dream? That's just too weird.”

“Is it really that weird considering some of the other things that can happen?” I nodded towards the flowers I was still levitating. She frowned.

“I just wish I could control it.” she said. “That's not the only thing my powers have done that was wonky. Sometimes I can stop time for more than a second. If I really try, I can get 2 or 3.”

“That's amazing!” I said. “You're getting stronger.”

“I suppose you're right.” she said. “I thought this would be over.”

“Our powers grow as we do Twitch. We can only get stronger.” The elevator dinged its final ding, and the door sprung open. “Ready to set these up?” Twitches frown was replaced by a smile, and we walked out of the elevator.

We walked over to the reception area of the arena, which was right next to where the ceremony was to take place. Beemuh, Pyrian, and Glacious were sitting on the ground next to the reception area having a conversation. I guess Mina didn't think elemental wolves or Beemuh would be much help in the preparation of the wedding.

I spread my fingers, and all the flowers took their place on the hundred or so tables.

“Well,” I said to Twitch. “That was easy.” She smiled at me.

“I'm gonna go and check on Knowitall.” She said. “I'll see you later.” She stepped closer to me, stood on her tiptoes, and kissed me on the cheek. I blushed furiously as she walked back to the elevator.

I glanced around, and Pyrian caught my eye. He winked, and I waved back smiling. Just then I heard the loud call of an eagle. I looked up, and saw it circling overhead. What is an eagle doing all the way out here? The eagle dived. It was getting closer and closer, and larger and larger. Large enough that I questioned whether it was an eagle or not. It landed with a great thud in front of me. It was enormous. At least 12 feet high, with a 30 foot wing span. It eyed me pointedly, and I reached for my wand.

“Not to worry son!” said the voice of my dad, Baric. “This is just Trinth. He's a giant eagle!”

“I can tell” I said as I put my wand away. “Where did you get it?”

“Trinth is the son of Trath, who belonged to my father. Trinth has has been my main mode of transportation since I was 12. At least when appropriate. I couldn't very well ride to school on him.”

“I see.” I said, a little confused. “I haven't seen you since the tournament. Why don't you come down? I need to talk to you.” Baric stepped off of Trinth.

“Why don't you go find some place to rest Trinth. We will be here well into the night.” Trinth apparently understood English, and took off into the air. The grass of the arena rippled violently as the wind from Trinth's take-off hit it.

“What's up?” Baric said as he made his way over to me.

“I met with Lavinia the Manic.” I said quietly. Baric's face got serious.

“What did she say?” he said. I told Baric what Lavinia told me, as well as mentioning that I found my aunt on the island as well.

“That is...disconcerting” he said. “Well Mallow, I guess the choice is yours. You can either continue to search for the prophecies, although that could take a life time. Or you can continue to fight against the Terrible Trio, the Fatal Four, and the Lupus Gang.”

“I think,” I said “I am going to try and do both. But my duties to the Legion of Guardians needs to come before my desire to know the future.”

“That is a wise choice I think.” Baric said. “we have no idea how helpful the prophecies would have been anyway.”

“You should come by more often dad, it would be nice to see you.”

“The Bureau has kept be busy Mallow. It's not easy.”

“I understand.” I said, with a sigh.

“So” Baric said. “When does this thing start?”

“The ceremony is at 5.” I said, and Baric looked at his watch.

“We've still got 7 hours.” he said. “maybe I should have come later.”

“No, it's fine. We have some catching up to do anyways.” Baric smiled, and we walked back to the elevator. The last thing I saw before the elevator doors closed was Pyrian and Glacious sitting alone in the grass, their bodies so close that cascades of steam were blossoming up from them.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” I said to a seated crowd. “if there's anybody here this afternoon who's feeling nervous, apprehensive and queasy at the thought of what lies ahead, it's probably because you have just got married to The Owner of the Chetradome.” the crowd laughed. The wedding was over, and the reception had started. It's lucky Pyrian helped my out with my best man speech. “Now I know it's traditional for the best man to talk about the number of ex-girlfriends the groom has had, but I don't want to get into all that. Frankly, I find such macho male posturing vulgar and offensive to the bride. But, suffice to say Owner, 72 turned out to be your lucky number.” everyone laughed, and I smiled. “And finally;” I turned to look at The Owner of the Chetradome and Knowitall, both the happiest I had ever seen them. “there are obviously two very important people here today. Without whom, very little of this would have been possible. And the great thing is that as the evening progresses, most of us will get to spend more and more time talking with them. So please join me in a very special toast – to the bar staff!” Some people looked confused, but most everyone laughed. I raised my glass again towards The Owner of the Chetradome and Knowitall, then took a gulp. Everyone else followed suit. I sat down shaking. Even as the Leader of the Legion of Guardians, speech giving was not my thing.

“Thank you Mallow,” said the Owner of the Chetradome. “And thank you all for coming. This is the happiest day of my life, and I am glad you share it with all of you.” The seated crowd clapped, and began eating. I looked to my right, and then to my left. Who was in charge of seating? I was placed right between Mina and Twitch. I hoped that this wouldn't lead to awkwardness later. But I wouldn't get the chance to find out. At that moment there was a loud BOOM!, and the form of Darkseid appeared in the middle of the crowd.


“Mallow, get everyone out of here.” the Owner of the Chetradome whispered to me.

“The Legion will stay behind. We can take him.” I whispered back. The Owner of the Chetradome hesitated.


“Fine, but senior members only.” The Owner of the Chetradome whispered to me “The rest have yet to finish their training.” I glanced at Twitch who was on the same side of me as the Owner of the Chetradome. She looked like she wanted to object, but I raised my hand. With a snap of my fingers, everyone but Darkseid, and the senior members of the Legion of Guardians disappeared in a wave of green sparks.

Mina and I stood from our seats at the head table. Pyrian, and SimbasGuard stepped towards Darkseid from his left. They didn't have tables to sit at. And Melt-Down, Beemuh and the Mysterious Jedi stood from their seats on Darkseid's right.


Darkseid took a fighting stance, and we followed suit. So Who Wins? The Legion of Guardians? Or Darkseid?


Owner of the Chetradome





Owner of the Chetradome: It's quite a shock to have my wedding reception interrupted by Darkseid.

Desaad: When the enemy least expects it, that is the best time to attack.

Owner of the Chetradome: It won't matter, no one can get past my Legion of Guardians. They are all specially trained, and have such differing skills; that there is no one person who could beat them all.

Desaad: 'Person' is a word that couldn't even begin to describe Darkseid's strength.

Owner of the Chetradome: Whatever the case, my Legion of Guardians will be the victors.

Desaad: Have they fought him before?

Owner of the Chetradome: No, and their knowledge on him is limited. They just know Darkseid has proved more than once to be too much for the Justice League to handle.

Desaad: You can bet Darkseid did his homework before he made this attack.

Owner of the Chetradome: I'm counting on it.

Desaad: The Legion of Guardians all seem to be trying to decide without words who should strike first.

Owner of the Chetradome: Mallow decides he should start. He raises his hand into the air, and a magic staff appears in his hand.

Desaad: He twitches the staff toward Darkseid, and a ball of orange flames shoots out of it.

Owner of the Chetradome: The flame ball bounces harmlessly off of Darkseid's chest.

Desaad: Beemuh, wanting to get involved too, charges forward.

Owner of the Chetradome: Darkseid swings his arm lazily at Beemuh, and Beemuh is knocked backwards.

Desaad: This time Mina steps into action.

Owner of the Chetradome: The world slows to a crawl, and it appears only Mina is moving.

Desaad: I guess we're along for the ride.

Owner of the Chetradome: Indeed. Mina walks slowly over to the motionless Darkseid.

Desaad: She raises her arms, and a metallic liquid appears in the air.

Owner of the Chetradome: That is her Mental Metal. She waves her hands, and the Mental Metal begins to surround Darkseid.

Desaad: Suddenly Darkseid's head turns to face Mina.

Owner of the Chetradome: Mina is so shocked, the Mental Metal falls to the ground and dissipates.

Desaad: Time starts up again, and everyone's eyes shift towards Mina.

Owner of the Chetradome: The next second Darkseid thrusts his knee into Mina's stomach, knocking her backwards, and into some chairs.

Desaad: Mallow rushes to her aid. It seems that Darkseid was able to resist the time slow.

Owner of the Chetradome: Beemuh charges again. This time drinking a Beemuh Boost on his way.

Desaad: Darkseid doesn't even bother to move, and Beemuh punches Darkseid in the gut.

Owner of the Chetradome: Darkseid seems to be unaffected, and he frowns down at Beemuh.

Desaad: With a swing of his arm, Darkseid knocks Beemuh backward again.

Owner of the Chetradome: It's SimbasGuard's turn. He looks a little impatient at having to wait this long for his turn.

Desaad: Darkseid doesn't even take notice of the white tiger bounding towards him.

Owner of the Chetradome: SimbasGuard leaps into the air, and makes a strike at Darkseid's eyes.

Desaad: I couldn't see if he connected or not, but either way; Darkseid swings his arms, and catches SimbasGuard in the ribs.

Owner of the Chetradome: SimbasGuard goes flying backwards. The moment he hits the ground, he begins to get up and start his shaky re-composure.

Desaad: Beemuh really wants to be the one to take down Darkseid.

Owner of the Chetradome: Beemuh charges for the third time, drinking a second Beemuh Boost.

Desaad: Darkseid is ready this time, he now knows that Beemuh gets his strength from his drink.

Owner of the Chetradome: Darkseid lowers his right shoulder to block Beemuh's tackle attempt.

Desaad: Darkseid slides back a few feet, creating deep gashes in the grass.

Owner of the Chetradome: Beemuh winds up for a punch, but Darkseid is too quick.

Desaad: In a flash, Darkseid kicks Beemuh square in the chest, hurling Beemuh backwards.

Owner of the Chetradome: That is going to be hard to recover from.

Desaad: The Mysterious Jedi and Melt-Down give each other a little nod, and they both step forward.

Owner of the Chetradome: Melt-Down throws flaming ninja tools at Darkseid's face, and Mysterious Jedi charges, two light sabers aglow.

Desaad: Darkseid is forced to block and dodge the projectiles, as to avoid losing his ability to see.

Owner of the Chetradome: But Darkseid is too distracted by the ninja tools to see the Mysterious Jedi swing both his lightsabers at his legs.

Desaad: Darkseid yells and brings his fist down hard onto the top of the Mysterious Jedi's head.

Owner of the Chetradome: As the Mysterious Jedi falls, Darkseid kicks him away.

Desaad: Melt-Down stops throwing weapons as they are doing no good.

Owner of the Chetradome: There is a roaring sound, and everyone turns their heads toward Beemuh.

Desaad: Beemuh drinks another Beemuh Boost.

Owner of the Chetradome: He was specifically told not to take more than two. We don't know what happens when he has three.

Desaad: I guess we'll find out.

Owner of the Chetradome: Immediately Beemuh starts to break out in purple blemishes, and grows about 20% bigger.

Desaad: It looks like those are veins, not blemishes.

Owner of the Chetradome: Beemuh turns his head towards Darkseid, a new fire in his eyes.

Desaad: Beemuh leaps at Darkseid, and tackles him to the ground.

Owner of the Chetradome: Beemuh grabs both of Darkseid's wrists, holds them down, and smashes his own head into Darkseid's helmet.

Desaad: The helmet crumbles off, and Darkseid is pissed.

Owner of the Chetradome: Darkseid's eyes glow red, and two beams come out of them.

Desaad: In an instant, Darkseid's Omega beams obliterate Beemuh.

(brief silence)

Mallow: AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Operation Ogatog!

Owner of the Chetradome: It really has come to this. They are only supposed to do this when lives are in danger, and Darkseid just proved that he has no problems killing people.

Desaad: Darkseid stands. What is Operation Ogatog?

Owner of the Chetradome: You'll see.

Desaad: Mina raises her hands, and her Mental Metal appears above her.

Owner of the Chetradome: She waves her arms, and the Mental Metal maneuvers its way to surround Pyrian Lupus.

Desaad: Pyrian Lupus, who is now covered in Mental Metal, nods at Mallow.

Owner of the Chetradome: Mallow raises his staff, and points it at Pyrian Lupus. Pyrian Lupus is instantly sucked in to Mallow's staff.

Desaad: Mallow twirls his staff methodically, and finally points it at Darkseid.

Owner of the Chetradome: There is a flash of white as Pyrian Lupus rockets out of Mallow's staff at the speed of light.

Desaad: His body collides with Darkseid, and the pair disappear...ok so what just happened?

Owner of the Chetradome: Mallow, Mina, and Pyrian Lupus put their magic together for the Ogatog spell. What the spell does is teleport both Pyrian Lupus and the target, Darkseid, to another universe.

Desaad: So they sacrificed Pyrian Lupus?

Owner of the Chetradome: Not exactly, while Pyrian Lupus doesn't inherently have the power to teleport himself between universes, Mallow does have the ability to summon Pyrian Lupus no matter where he is.

Desaad: Mallow raises his staff, and Pyrian Lupus appears in front of him, Amazing. Even though you lost a member, your team still managed to win.

Owner of the Chetradome: Don't get too far ahead of yourself.

Desaad: Mallow looks at his locket and grins. Alright, now what does that mean?

Owner of the Chetradome: If Beemuh had just died, Mallow's locket would glow red. If he were in danger, it would glow green. Neither is happening, so that means that Darkseid just teleported Beemuh away rather than destroying him.

Desaad: I think Darkseid may be losing his touch. The Legion of Guardians defeat him, and there isn't even a single casualty.

The Legion of Guardians defeat Darkseid 12 votes to 7


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  • Federal Bureau of Incantations
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  • Ogatog Spell

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