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Blizzard:                                                The Untold Story of SimbasGuard

This is the Origin Story for SimbasGuard, written by SimbasGuard.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Blizzard's Tail


India (Just South of the Sundarbans , A few years in the past):

A hungry White Tiger was on the prowl and he had just caught site of a hare.

O.K. Blizzard, thinks the white tiger, remember what mom taught you. Attack only when you can no longer stalk.

Blizzard crouches into stalking position when a roar causes the hare to sprint away. Blizzard snarls in disgust, he had never before failed at a hunt. Which was a very impressive feat considering that he was only a year old.

Blizzard’s mother Tanala --a tigress with fur so yellow it seemed to shine like the sun-- had been a highly skilled huntress. She taught Blizzard all she knew about hunting and Blizzard had proved to be a quick study.

However what had Blizzard’s attention at the moment, even more than the fact that he had just missed out on dinner. Was the fact that the roar he heard meant that a tiger had come into his father’s territory. A territory that was now Blizzard’s to defend. Most tigers only a year old would not even attempt to defend a territory, but Blizzard had three things going for him.

Number one: His father Roarba --a tiger with burnt orange fur that made him look almost aflame-- was a highly skilled combatant, and ever since Blizzard could walk his father had been teaching him how to defend himself. Roarba’s training focused on two major areas: lethal strikes and how to block. Just like he had with Tanala’s hunting lessons, Blizzard once again proved to be a quick study.

Number two: Through practicing on his own, Blizzard had been able to combine the stealth he learned from his mother; with the lethal strikes he learned from his father, into what he hoped would be an effective fighting style.

Number three his father’s territory was the only thing Blizzard had left to remind him of his parents, and he would do whatever it took to hang on to it.

Well Blizzard, thinks Blizzard you knew this day would come. Let’s hope you are as capable as you think you are.

With that Blizzard ran to confront the intruder. In moments Blizzard tracked the roar he heard to its source. Being careful to remain unseen Blizzard sized up his opponent. It was a full grown male tiger (of standard color), who more than likely had wandered into Roarba’s territory from the Sundarbans . Blizzard hated the tigers of the Sundarbans; he had only seen them once before, and from what Blizzard saw he could only describe them as insane. Such a tiger would never be welcome in Roarba’s territory. Not if Blizzard had anything to say about it. Blizzard crouched into pouncing position and prayed that his fighting style would work as planned. Blizzard waited until the trespassing tiger was in perfect position and then he leaped, with his claws unsheathed, aiming for his opponents jugular. However luck was not on Blizzard’s side for just as he leaped the trespassing tiger moved to the left, this caused Blizzard’s attack to miss the jugular and instead to leave a gash in his opponent’s right front shoulder. Realizing he had missed the fatal shot, Blizzard quickly tried to make one more attack, this time only slightly more effective. Blizzard had tried to sever the tendon of his opponent’s right back leg, but had only managed to nick it. Upon landing, Blizzard quickly darted to the nearest hiding place and watched the reaction of his opponent from cover. The trespassing tiger could smell Blizzard’s scent, but being that he now had two injuries and had not even seen his attacker, the trespassing tiger decides that retreat is the best option, and limps back to the Sundarbans as fast as he can.

Lucky me, thinks Blizzard as he breathes a sigh of relief, I need a lot more practice, I can’t very well defend my father’s territory if I’m dead. Still maybe that dumb Sundarbans tiger will tell his dumb Sundarbans friends than an invisible tiger stalks this area, and they’ll be too scared to come here. It would be better for them to stay in their swamp, if they hadn’t come here in the first place the hunters would not have followed them and…and my parents…

Tears begin to fill Blizzard’s eyes as he heads for his den and his mind drifts back.



Chapter 2: Fond Memories


Roarba’s territory (Tanala’s Den Four Months ago):

You should have seen it Mom,” said Blizzard “they never even laid a paw on Dad and there were two of them.”

It sounds you and your Dad had an eventful week when he took you on patrol with him.” said Tanala.

It was just that one incident,” says Blizzard “what I don’t understand is why those other tigers attacked in the first place. Dad only asked them what they were doing here.”

From what you told me about where this happened;” says Tanala “it sounds like those tigers may have been from the Sundarbans.”

Does that account for their hostility?” asks Blizzard.

We don’t know why,” says Tanala “but it seems that tigers from the Sundarbans are…well... insane.”

"So that’s why they wouldn’t talk to Dad,” says Blizzard “do you have any idea what makes them insane?”

Not a clue,” says Tanala “maybe it has to do with the food they have in their territory.”

What kind of food is in the Sundarbans?” asks Blizzard.

I don’t know,” says Tanala with a giggle “although your father once chased a trespassing tiger all the way there.”

Really,” asks Blizzard sounding somewhat surprised “he let the ones he fought when I was with him run off toward the east.”

Well I’m sure he didn’t want to leave you alone to chase some intruders,” said Tanala “but are you sure that your father’s opponents ran away?”

Well yes,” says Blizzard “on their three legs that weren’t broken.”

Ha ha ha ha,” laughed Tanala “I thought as much. Your father understands the value of sneak attacks, but he hates it when his opponents attack after he makes a formal inquiry. Especially if they don’t bother to reply to him, Sundarbans tigers are notorious for attacking without any explanation.”

Why did Dad chase one intruder all the way to the Sundarbans and when did this happen?” asks Blizzard.

Your father can tell this story better than I can,” says Tanala “you can ask him when he stops by tomorrow and brings us lunch.”

Aw but mom, can’t you tell me anything?” asked Blizzard pleadingly.

Only that I have never before seen your father so enraged.” said Tanala.

Wow!” says Blizzard.

Enough excitement for one night,” says Tanala “it is almost time for bed so if you want your story. You need to settle down.”

Blizzard loved the bedtime stories his mother told him, he was fascinated by the stories and legends of other animals that had been passed down through the generations of his mother’s family.

Oh do you know anything more about the lions,” asked Blizzard intently “I loved learning about their royals and how to address them.”

Sorry Blizzard” said Tanala “but because lions have not been seen around here for many years. “I don’t know any more about them.”

Awww” said Blizzard.

Don’t be disappointed;” said Tanala “I’m going to tell you a legend about an animal even more unique.”

What animal is that?” asked Blizzard.

White Tigers.” said Tanala smiling broadly at her son.

Blizzard’s eyes lit up upon hearing this and he listened eagerly as his mother began her story.

The next morning (Outside Tanala’s den) :

Blizzard had nearly been too excited to sleep the night before, he knew the color of his fur was different than either of his parents, but he never knew that white tigers like him were looked upon in tiger society as heroic protectors of the territories they inhabited; always the first to confront any danger. Blizzard had thought it would be a good idea to practice the fighting moves his father had shown him. After all, if he was to be a protector like the white tigers of the legends his mother had told him, he had better know his stuff, and what else is there for him to do while his mother was out hunting for breakfast? Blizzard practiced over and over again leaping and slashing at a tree with his claws, making running and slashing attacks, rolling onto his back and slashing upwards with his claws, and finally making right and left slashes with his front claws against a tree.

Tanala returns to her den to see her son repeatedly hitting a tree as if he was fighting a mortal enemy.

Enough my little guardian” says Tanala with a chuckle “it’s time for breakfast.”

Mom!” says Blizzard excitedly as he runs to Tanala and nuzzles her. “You were gone longer than normal, is prey scarce?”

No,” says Tanala with a small laugh “merely to big. Since Daddy is bringing us lunch, I wanted to be sure that you had an appetite.”

What did you bring?” asked Blizzard.

Oh just your favorite snack.” says Tanala with a smile.

Wild Fowl!” says Blizzard excitedly.

Yes,” says Tanala “now eat up.”

After breakfast Blizzard walks over to his mother and lays down with his front paws in between her front paws, Tanala then lowers her head and nuzzles him. She then proceeded to wash Blizzard’s face as she always did after a meal, after that Tanala asks.

Did you enjoy breakfast?”

Yes it was delicious.” says Blizzard licking his chops.

I’m glad,” says Tanala smiling “you sure kept yourself busy while I was gone.”

Yeah,” says Blizzard “I want to be a legendary protector like the white tigers you told me about, so I’m working extra hard.”

It makes me very proud to hear you say that my son,” says Tanala “because even though the legends don’t say how the white tigers became such great protectors. I’m sure it was because of hard and constant training on their part.”

Mom,” asks Blizzard “speaking of training, are you going to show me any more hunting and stalking techniques today?”

No,” said Tanala “today I thought we might go for a run.”

That will be fun.” says Blizzard.

Yes and it will be good practice,” said Tanala “because no matter how stealthy you are sooner or later you may have to chase after your food and you don’t want to be left hungry.”

Right,” says Blizzard getting set to sprint off.

O.K.” says Tanala “do your best to keep up with me.”

For the next two hours (with periodic rest stops in between.) Tanala and Blizzard run from one end of the part of Roarba’s territory where Tanala has made her home to the other. Blizzard only lags a few yards behind his mother. Tanala is not running at full speed so as to teach her son endurance running. After the exercise they return home and Blizzard snuggles up against his mother’s side as they both lay down for a cat nap.

Sometime Later:

Blizzard wakes up to see his mother smiling at him.

That was one long cat nap.” says Tanala.

Wha…..What time is it?” asks Blizzard groggily.

An hour past lunch time.” says Tanala.

Is Dad here yet?” asks Blizzard.

Not yet.” says Tanala.

Should we look for him?” asks Blizzard as he stretches his legs out.

No he’ll be along eventually” says Tanala “would you like to play until he gets here?”

Yeah!” says Blizzard as he crouches into a pouncing position.

Tanala then begins to swish her tail back and forth as Blizzard tries to pounce on it. About fifteen minutes later a voice says.

I hope you’re hungry.”

Blizzard looks up and sees his father standing next to the body of a large buffalo.

Dad!” yells Blizzard excitedly as he runs to Roarba and nuzzles him.

Have you been behaving?” asks Roarba.

Yes sir.” says Blizzard.

Good boy.” says Roarba Who then looks up to see Tanala walking towards him.

You’re late.” says Tanala teasingly as she nuzzles her mate.

We can’t all be as skillful a hunter as you are my love,” says Roarba as he ends the nuzzling and licks his mate’s cheek “I hope you weren’t to terribly hungry.”

No,” said Tanala “I made sure we had a light breakfast. “

That’s my girl.” said Roarba smiling at his mate.

Yes,” says Tanala “we’re not starving, but I think your son still wants his lunch.”

Tanala then motions with her head back to where the buffalo is laying, and Roarba turns his head to see Blizzard waiting by the buffalo licking his chops. Roarba and Tanala join their son at the buffalo and Roarba says:

Alright dig in.”

A short time later:

Wow that was good.” says Blizzard “Thanks Dad!”

I’m glad you liked it Son.” says Roarba.

As am I,” said Tanala “we have enough left over for dinner tonight.”

Good, then you can take a well deserved break from hunting.” says Roarba as he drags what’s left of the buffalo to a safe, but close by hiding place.

Tanala once again washes Blizzard’s face and when Roarba gets back she washes his face as well and he in turn grooms her. Roarba and Tanala snuggle alongside each other for a catnap Tanala places her left front paw on Roarba’s right front paw and Blizzard then lays his head on their paws and goes to sleep.

Chapter 3: Roarba's Training


Blizzard wakes up to his parents nudging him in turn.

Wake up sleepy head.” says Tanala.

It’s time for us to go.” says Roarba.

Where to?” asks Blizzard as he blinks his eyes.

I’m going to take you with me when I check the southern border and then I’ll give you more combat training.” says Roarba

All right!” says Blizzard excitedly.

Have him home in time for dinner” says Tanala.

Of course my love.” says Roarba sounding slightly annoyed.

Hey Dad.” says Blizzard “After dinner will you stay with us for a few days?”

Well son I would like to,” says Roarba “but I need patrol our western border.”

Oh.” says Blizzard disappointedly.

Listen,” says Roarba “when I get back from the western border in a couple of days, the three of us can spend a few days just relaxing and having fun. We won’t even train.”

Really?!” asks Blizzard smiling.

Yes,” says Roarba “does that sound good to you Tanala?”

It sounds wonderful,” says Tanala “but let’s hold off any vacation planning until you get back for dinner”

O.K.” says Roarba with a chuckle “Come on Blizzard let’s run to the southern border.”

I already took him running today.” says Tanala.

Oh well then, we’ll walk home.” says Roarba “O.K. Blizzard, do your best to keep up with me.”

Roarba then runs off at full speed and Blizzard chases after him. After some time Roarba looks back to see that Blizzard though very far behind him was still close enough to him that he still had his father’s tail in sight.

Not bad at all son, just keep running, thinks Roarba.

A short time later they reach their destination. Roarba stops and waits for Blizzard to catch up with him. Moments later Blizzard runs up to his father and stops.

Excellent Blizzard,” says Roarba “you stayed very close with me.”

Th…Th…Thanks …Dad.” says Blizzard trying to catch his breath.

You stay here while I check the borders just over there.” says Roarba gesturing with his head in the direction of some nearby trees.

O…O.K..” says Blizzard still panting.

Roarba checks over the short southern border to make sure that no one is thinking of trying to take over his territory. Roarba closely examines every inch of the border, looking for even the slightest sign of trespassing, when he is absolutely certain that no one in the south is eying his territory. Roarba once again marks his borders and then returns to his son.

Ready to start training now?” asks Roarba.

Yes,” says Blizzard “but I need to ask you something.”

What?” asks Roarba.

Mom told me that you once chased a trespassing tiger all the way back to the Sundarbans.”

Yes.” says Roarba.

Why was that?” asks Blizzard.

Because,” says Roarba “there are certain evils that I will never allow to happen in my territory and that should never be allowed in any territory. Number one, Other than hunting a prey animal; it is wrong to attack a female. Number two, as wrong as the first evil is; attacking a pregnant female is even worse. Number Three, is the worst evil of all; anyone who dares to attempt this evil will not escape punishment at my claws or fangs.”

What evil is that?” asks Blizzard as he listens intently.

Trying to attack my mate and my cub.” says Roarba.

When did this happen?” asks Blizzard

A month before you were born,” says Roarba “It was a beautiful day and your mother had insisted on coming with me when I patrolled the northern border. Since I didn’t want to risk upsetting her I didn’t bother trying to convince her to stay home, your mother laid down to rest and I went to a close by water hole to get a drink. I had just finished quenching my thirst when I heard your mother scream, I rushed to her side and leaped in front of her just as the tiger that had made her scream was about to land his first claw swipe. I blocked it with my claws and then the attacker turned tail and ran before I could even retaliate. I then made sure your mother was O.K., and after I made sure there were no other threats in the area I told her to find cover and wait for me. Then I caught the intruders scent in the air and chased after him. In a very short amount of time I overtook him in the Sundarbans, he must have thought that I would not chase him there because he had stopped running. I then made sure that he would never dare to threaten your mother ever again.”

Dad, what was it like in the Sundarbans?” asks Blizzard “What kind of food is there?”

Well I didn’t really want to do any sightseeing Son,” says Roarba with a chuckle “I just wanted to get back to your mother. So the time I spent there was short.”

Oh, so you can’t tell me anything?” asks Blizzard disappointedly.

Why are you so interested in the Sundarbans son?” asks Roarba.

I just want to know why the Sundarbans tigers are insane.” says Blizzard.

Why would that be of any concern to you?” asks Roarba eager to hear how his son would answer this question.

Well, I never thought about it,” says Blizzard “but if we knew why they are insane. You might be able to figure out why they might attack us.”

Ah it always pays to know how your enemy thinks.” says Roarba who was very pleased with his son’s perception of strategy (if only at its most basic level) “But the tigers of the Sundarbans are a question with no real answers, although from what little I saw of it the Sundarbans is one large swamp.”

Oh,” says Blizzard “I like to swim, but I don’t think I’d like to swim all the time.”

Well the water isn’t so deep that you have to swim all the time,” says Roarba “but I’m sure your paws would be wet most of the day.

Do you think that’s why they are insane,” asks Blizzard “Mom thinks it might be the food they eat.”

The territory they live in may be a factor,” says Roarba “the water I tasted while I was there was very salty. As for the food, I wanted to surprise your mother by bringing her home dinner from the enemy land, but the prey that was readily available there was suited for only a snack, not a meal.”

So Sundarbans tigers may not get many chances at large meals?” asks Blizzard.

It could well be,” says Roarba “but we cannot be sure.”

Oh,” says Blizzard “is the unpredictable nature of the Sundarbans tigers the reason you patrol the northern border more often than the others?”

Yes,” says Roarba “it’s also why the northern border was the last one I took you to. I had thought that they would not come back again.

Well you really showed those two Sundarbans tigers what happens when they trespass in you territory.” says Blizzard smiling proudly at his father.

Speaking of fighting,” says Roarba “let’s get to that combat training shall we?”

Yes sir!” says Blizzard as he takes the fighting stance his father had taught him.

Over the next few hours Roarba reviews the blocking techniques he had taught Blizzard, by having Blizzard attempt to block hard paw swipes. Roarba swings at Blizzard repeatedly at varying speeds and intervals. Alternating between attacks from the left and right; sometimes swinging at Blizzard’s head and sometimes at his legs. Always trying to find an opening in Blizzard’s defense, and much to his delight finding none. Roarba then decided to test how well his son would react to a tactic that he has not been trained to deal with and lunges forward with his head. Blizzard quickly jumps back, effectively avoiding his father’s attack.

Good work Blizzard,” says Roarba “in battle your opponent well attempt to use his teeth and fangs as well as his claws, and it is far more effective to dodge an attack your opponent makes with his fangs than it is to block it.”

But you have never shown me any biting moves.“ says Blizzard.

In battle you must be ready for the unexpected,” says Roarba “you never know what kind of unorthodox tactics your opponent may know or try.”

That makes sense,” says Blizzard “but are you going to show me biting moves now?”

No,” says Roarba “The biting moves you use in battle are the same as the ones you use to catch and subdue your prey and you’re learning those from your mother.”

What training do we do next then?” asks Blizzard.

I think we’ve worked enough on blocking, let’s work on your attacks.” says Roarba.

All right” says Blizzard as he unsheathes his claws.

For a few more hours Roarba has Blizzard go through every attack move he has been taught, when Blizzard had demonstrated that he had learned them well. Roarba showed Blizzard some new moves that would be useful if he ever found himself fighting against multiple opponents. Roarba had Blizzard run between two trees and slash both with his front claws simultaneously. Leap onto one tree, slash it with his claw, then leap off of it onto another and slash that one. Finally Roarba taught Blizzard how to attack with his back claws. As he had done with every tactic his father had taught him before, Blizzard quickly grasped how to do these moves too. Much to the pride of his father.

Excellent my Son,” says Roarba “you have learned these tactics far faster than I would have thought possible. I am very proud of you.”

Blizzard smiled broadly at his father’s praise and then he asks.

What new moves do I have to learn next?”

Well,” says Roarba “you have advanced so quickly that I won’t be able to teach you anything new about combat until you are two years old.”

But if I’m advancing so well can’t I just begin the new training ahead of time?” asks Blizzard.

No,” says Roarba “the new training is a different style, one that is an exact opposite of what I have taught you so far.”

So what will we train at then?” asks Blizzard.

We will continue to review what you have already learned,” says Roarba “by the time you are ready to begin the new training, you will have completely mastered all your current training.”

Is it O.K. if I ask what the next training is?” asks Blizzard.

Roarba thinks for a moment and then says.

I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to give you an idea of what you’re in for, the next training is resilience.”

What is it for?” asks Blizzard.

It teaches you how to deal with the consequences of what happens when you are unable to block or doge your opponents attack.” says Roarba.

Another words,” says Blizzard “how to withstand pain.”

Precisely,” says Roarba “the training is very painful, but if you can remember this creed the training will not take long to master.”

What creed is that?” asks Blizzard.

Never give up.” says Roarba.

What does that have to do with resiliency?” asks Blizzard.

What it means,” says Roarba “is that no matter how much pain your opponent inflicts , even if the pain is so intense that every muscle in your body refuses to obey you commands, even if the pain forces you to surrender your consciousness never stop wanting to survive the pain.”

Now I get it.” says Blizzard.

Good,” says Roarba “try and keep it in mind, because it will be a long time before you begin the resiliency training.”

Yes *yawn* sir.” says Blizzard.

It sounds like you trained to hard Son.” says Roarba giggling.

I’m alright.” says Blizzard.

Are you sure,” asks Roarba “because I can always carry you home on my back.”

I’ll be just….fine.” says Blizzard.

O.K. then” says Roarba “we had better start for home if we want to make it in time for dinner.”

Right…*yawn* behind you.” says Blizzard.

Near Tanala’s Den ( just before dinner):

Tanala waits keeping an eye on the southern horizon , expecting to see her husband and son return shortly. She has just retrieved the leftover buffalo from its hiding place when Roarba came into view carrying the sleeping Blizzard on his back. Tanala walks over to greet her mate and after nuzzling Roarba and giving him a lick on the face. She looks up at the sleeping form of her son and asks.

Did you carry him all the way home?”

No he didn’t want to be carried,” said Roarba “so I walked alongside him until he collapsed against my side.”

Well he certainly puts his all into his training “said Tanala smiling.

That he does.“ says Roarba “Do you want to wake him up and feed him dinner?”

No,” said Tanala “let him sleep; he can have a big breakfast in the morning.”

Roarba then carries Blizzard to Tanala’s den and sees him down, he then goes back to where Tanala was waiting for him with the left over buffalo.

After enjoying a light dinner (Neither of them was very hungry and they wanted to leave enough for Blizzard to eat his fill in the morning.) they went to a nearby waterhole and had a drink.

Well I had best start heading for the western border,” says Roarba “I want to get home in a few days.”

It doesn’t have to take so long.” says Tanala.

How do you figure that?” asks Roarba.

Since Blizzard is sound asleep in the den, why don’t I take a walk with you and explain.” says Tanala.

O.K.” says Roarba “Blizzard will be perfectly safe in the den by himself for awhile and I would love the company.”

Roarba and Tanala begin walking toward the western border of Tanala’s part of Roarba’s territory.

The reason patrolling the Western border takes you so long,” says Tanala “is because you check the border so closely that an ant would draw your attention.”

I just want to keep you and Blizzard as safe as possible.” says Roarba.

I know,” says Tanala “but the only things we really need to be worried about are tigers, so just check for signs of them.”

So you’re not worried about leopards or bears?” asks Roarba.

They are a threat,” says Tanala “but only other tigers would try to take our home. Where as the other predators would just pass through.”

Good point” says Roarba “but if I just check for signs of tiger intruders I feel as if I’m not adequately protecting you and Blizzard.”

If you spend less time on patrols, says Tanala “You’ll be home with us more often; wouldn’t that make it safer for us?”

And here I thought I was the tactician in the family,” says Roarba as he smiles at his mate “see you when I get back.”

You’re leaving now?!” says Tanala rather surprised.

Yes,” says Roarba “I want to get home in a few days.”

But if you do what I suggested,” says Tanala “you can leave at moonrise and be home for lunch tomorrow.”

Yes but to implement your suggestion I have to redesign my patrol strategy,” says Roarba “that in of itself will take a lot of time.”

Not if you go there with a clear mind,” says Tanala “stay here and relax for awhile, forget about patrolling.”

Tanala,” says Roarba disappointedly “you know that once I have a strategy planned for it. Nothing can make me forget that I have patrolling to do.”

Why Roarba,” says Tanala gently as she nuzzles his neck and under his chin “is that a challenge?”

Tanala’s Den (an hour past moonrise):

After reluctantly reminding her mate that he has patrolling to do, Tanala bids Roarba a fond farewell and returns to her den to find Blizzard still sound asleep. Once she finds her favorite spot to lay down Tanala is soon asleep as well.

Chapter 4: The Western Border


Tanala’s Den (Sunrise the next morning):

Blizzard wakes up and stretches his legs, he then looks around the den and sees no sign of his mother and father. Just as Blizzard looks toward the entrance of the den, Tanala comes into view.

Good morning sweetie,” says Tanala with a smile “come get your breakfast.”

Blizzard then joins his mother outside where they usually eat and they finish off the rest of the buffalo. After Tanala had finished grooming him, Blizzard asks.

Did Dad leave to patrol the western border already?”

Yes,” says Tanala “he left last night.”

I didn’t get to say good-bye.” says Blizzard hanging his head.

Don’t feel bad Son,” says Tanala as she nuzzles his face “Daddy is going to patrol faster and should be home in time for lunch.”

Really!?” says Blizzard perking up his ears as a smile comes to his face.

Well to be on the safe side,” says Tanala “let’s give Daddy some extra time.”

In case he has to fight off any trespassers?” asks Blizzard.

Exactly,” says Tanala “although there is hardly ever any trouble on the western border so I doubt anything will delay your father, in fact why don’t we go to the western part of my territory and wait for him?”

Cool!” says Blizzard.

Then let’s go.” says Tanala.

Elsewhere in India (in a mid-sized City ):

A shifty looking man with a thin moustache wearing a hat and smoking a cigarette waits just outside the local police station, when a short fat bald man with a small thick moustache walks out of the police station and comes over to him.

Did you get the information Kutter?” asks the Shifty looking man.

Well I had to grease the desk Sergeant’s. palm,” says Kutter “but I got the information.”

Then let’s hear it.” says the shifty looking man.

Well Jake,” says Kutter “It seems that the two tigers that the police put down attacked that man who the hospital would not let us see, from that direction.” Says Kutter pointing toward the area where the attack occurred.

So the tigers were traveling east,” says Jake.

What good does that knowledge do us?” asks Kutter.

Well now that we know they were traveling east mush brain,” says Jake “if we get a team together and go back the way the tigers came we’ll find more tigers.

I don’t know Jake,” says Kutter “is it really worth all the trouble?”

When the C.E.O. of the Shanghai branch of Hammer Industries says he’ll pay Five Hundred Thousand Dollars for a tiger corpse,” says Jake “you better believe it’s worth the trouble.”

Where will you find the men you’re looking for?” asks Kutter.

At a business establishment I was rather surprised to find had a branch out here.” says Jake.

Starbucks?” asks Kutter.

No,” says Jake fighting the urge thunk Kutter on the head “a place known only as The Dive, a bar where the drinks are ninety five percent water and the clientele are mercenaries.”

Mer…Mercenaries!?” says Kutter.

Yeah,“ says Jake “I’m sure to find at least some who speak English.”

Well O.K.” says Kutter “but one thing still has me confused?”

What’s that?” asks Jake.

Those tigers the police put down,” says Kutter “why do you suppose they each had a broken leg?”

Roarba’s Territory (Tanala’s Western Border):

Being that their vacation was going to begin today anyway Tanala had seen no reason to give Blizzard any hunting lessons and had spent the morning playing tag with him.

Can’t catch me.” said Tanala playfully as she dodged yet another attempt by her son to tag her.

Just because I haven’t caught you yet,” says Blizzard as he continues to chase after his mother “doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop trying.”

Good,” says Tanala “because I’m having a blast.”

The game continues until a familial roar fills the air.

It sounds like Daddy’s home.” says Tanala to Blizzard.

Dad!” shouts Blizzard as he runs to his father.

Roarba sees Blizzard running to greet him and lowers his head to nuzzle his son. However Blizzard stops short of nuzzling his father and instead taps Roarba’s face with his paw.

You’re it dad.” says Blizzard smiling at his father.

Then you’d better run.” says Roarba grinning at his son.

Roarba gives Blizzard a short head start and then chases after him the game of tag goes on for an hour and a half. Then finally Roarba says.

O.K. that was fun, but I think it’s safe to say that neither Blizzard nor I will catch you my love. So that makes you the winner.”

Yay!” says Tanala.

Congratulations mom.” says Blizzard as he nuzzles her.

Thank you sweetie,” says Tanala “seeing as how we haven’t eaten since breakfast. Is anyone hungry?”

I am.” says Blizzard.

Then I’ll go get us something,” says Tanala as she smiles down at her son “Stay here guys I’ll be back soon.”

Wait a moment,” says Roarba “I don’t want you to have to hunt during vacation. Let me go get us something.”

That is very thoughtful my love,” says Tanala “but I don’t want to starve during vacation.”

Hearing the sarcasm in his mate’s last statement Roarba pretends to be hurt by her words this results in a whole hearted belly laugh from Tanala. After she has stopped laughing and somewhat caught her breath Roarba says.

Then let me go hunting with you.”

I like the sound of that,” says Tanala “we haven’t hunted in tandem since we found out I was expecting Blizzard.”

Then let’s go,” says Roarba with a smile “come along Blizzard. This time you don’t have to take notes.”

Blizzard happily followed his parents as they went to hunt. After about a four minute walk Tanala spots a full grown deer, she motions with her head to Roarba, to let him know that she has chosen a target. Roarba nods then the tigers crouch into staking position, Tanala adjusts her position so that she is standing behind the deer at a south west angle and then with a swish of her tail she signals Roarba to make his move. Roarba silently moves around the deer to attack it from a north east angle, Blizzard then positions himself at a south east angle so as to be out of the way. Once every one was in position Tanala waited until the deer’s position was perfect as well. Then with a flick of her tail she signaled Roarba to make his attack.

Roarba then growled. Startled, the deer looked up to see Roarba rushing at him, and quickly turned and ran in the opposite direction. Right to where Tanala was laying in wait. As the deer was almost upon her, Tanala leaps out of her hiding place and sunk her fangs in to the deer’s throat, as the deer is pulled down by the weight of the tigress on his neck, Tanala regains her footing and pushes her body weight to the left forcing the deer to collapse to the ground on its side. Tanala maintains her grip on the deer’s throat for a few more moments, after which she let’s go and says.

Come on guys it’s time for lunch.”

Roarba and Blizzard quickly join Tanala at the body of the deer, and after a short time the hungry tigers had eaten every last bite.

Delicious,” says Roarba “you always choose the most sumptuous meals my love.”

Yeah mom you’re the best.” added Blizzard.

Why thank you both.” said Tanala smiling at the complement.

After the usual grooming the full tigers snuggled together for a cat nap, so that their meal could digest.

Chapter 5: The Unexpected Hunt


Forty Five minutes later:

Blizzard began to stir, and this in turn woke his parents.

Nice nap?” asked Tanala.

Yes,” said Blizzard “did you sleep well?”

Yeah,” said Tanala “but I’ve slept enough.”

Tanala then turned to her mate and said.

Roarba, do you have any plans for what to do next?”

I hadn’t really planed anything.” said Roarba “is there anything you would like to do Blizzard?”

Blizzard thought for a moment and then said.

We could go swimming.”

That sounds like fun.” said Tanala.

Great idea Son.” said Roarba.

Blizzard smiled, pleased that he picked an activity that his parents both seem to like. It was a long walk from the western part of Tanala’s territory to the midsized lake where the tigers liked to swim. The lake was roughly thirty two miles in from the eastern border of Roarba’s territory, but it didn’t seem like a long walk to the tigers; that just enjoyed the time spent together. When they reached their destination Blizzard darted for the lake when his father yelled.


Blizzard froze in his tracks and his father walked up to him.

I just want make sure it is safe Son.” said Roarba.

O.K.” said Blizzard.

Roarba quickly checked for any sign of Crocodiles or any other predators, when he was certain that it was safe Roarba looked back at Blizzard and said.

All right go ahead.”

Blizzard eagerly leaped in the lake and began playing. Tanala walked up to her mate and nuzzled him as they watched their son enjoy the water. Blizzard noticed his parents were still on the edge of the lake and he asked them.

Aren’t you going to swim too?”

Roarba and Tanala looked at each other, smiled, and then dove in. The tigers spent the next four hours just swimming, splashing, and playing. Roarba and Tanala then decided to come on to land to dry off.

Blizzard,” said Tanala trying to suppress a chuckle “you’ve been in the water for the better part of the afternoon, don’t you want to take a break? It will be sunset in a few hours.”

Aww mom,” said Blizzard “do I have to?”

No sweetie,” said Tanala with a laugh “not if you don’t want to.”

All right!” said Blizzard excitedly as he continues to swim around.

Tanala then walked over to her mate and laid down next to him and as she nuzzled him she said:

All tigers like to swim, but your son is almost as comfortable in the water as he is on land.”

Maybe we should cut fish out of his diet.” said Roarba jokingly as he returned his mate’s nuzzle.

Roarba and Tanala laid next to each other watching Blizzard swim for fifteen more minutes as their fur dried; just enjoying the peaceful and relaxing moment. Then Roarba heard something and got up to investigate.

Sensing her mate’s unease Tanala asked:

What’s wrong Roarba?”

I don’t know,” said Roarba “stay here while I check it out.”

Roarba headed eastward toward the sound which was getting louder, then when he looked to the horizon he saw two things that he had never before seen (What they were was two jeeps carrying four men each).

BANG! A shot rang out striking the ground right next to Roarba’s left front paw.

HUMANS!” shouted Roarba, (although Roarba had never encountered humans before he like every other animal had heard of them from stories passed down through the generations and knew that they were something to be feared) Roarba then shouted to Tanala.


Tanala leaped into the lake as Roarba charged toward the humans.

Mom what’s happening!?” asked Blizzard as he heard his father give a roar so loud and so ferocious that it nearly made the blood in his veins freeze.

We are in terrible danger!,” said Tanala as she ushered Blizzard out of the lake “We have to get away.”

But Dad……” began Blizzard.

Is protecting us,” interrupted Tanala “Now Run!”

Tanala and Blizzard ran into the deep cover of the nearby jungle while the sounds of the battle raged in the distance.

Roarba had nearly reached the jeeps by running in a zigzag pattern to avoid the gun shots. He decided to target the jeep to his left, when he was close enough Roarba leaped at the driver of the jeep with his claws unsheathed, ripping out the drivers throat, then Roarba quickly pounced on the man in the front passenger seat and ripped out his stomach with a quick downward slash of his front claws, Roarba then turned and with a swipe of his left front claws ripped out the throat of the man sitting behind the passenger. Roarba then lunges at the man who had been sitting behind the driver and sinks his fangs into his neck.

In the other jeep Jake Snakely had been trying to get a bead on Roarba and had just succeeded, even as he saw Roarba break the neck of the man in whom he had his fangs embedded.

BANG! The shot impacted in Roarba’s right front shoulder causing him to roar in pain.

Roarba’s pain filled roar is heard by Tanala and Blizzard from their hiding place in the jungle. Blizzard looked at his mother with questioning eyes. Tanala looked into the eyes of her son and said.

Blizzard, stay here …and stay hidden.”

Tanala then lowered her head and gave her son a lick across the face, then as she nuzzled him she said.

I love you.”

Tanala then ran toward the battle before Blizzard could even react to what happened so he just crouched low, hoped, and listened…………What he heard is a gunshot……then another…Then a roar from his mother that sounded both full of rage and anguish……..Then another gunshot…and another… and another…and another…Then nothing…Blizzard waited, then he heard a sound he did not recognize. Blizzard tried to make his body as close to the ground as possible as the jeep stopped mere feet from where Blizzard was hiding, two men got out and started to talk.

Really Kutter, if your hands are shaking so bad let me drive.” said the first voice.

How can you be so calm considering what just happened Jake?” asked Kutter.

What just happened,” said Jake “is that we just bagged two tigers.”

Two tigers Jake?” asked Kutter.

Yeah ,“said Jake “although I have to give them credit, anything else that gets shot in the chest keels over dead, but it took four shots to the chest to stop this big guy , and two shots to the chest to stop his smaller friend.”

Do you know why the second one was smaller Jake?” asked Kutter sounding annoyed and still shaken.

Because the big one gets more food I guess.” says Jake.

No Jake,” said Kutter “the second one is smaller because he is a she, we bagged one tiger and one tigress.”

Big deal,” said Jake “so mister big shot C.E.O. who hired us gets one less bowl of soup, there are still plenty of things that the tigress can be made into, he shouldn’t cut our pay any.”

I don’t know Jake,” said Kutter “in my experience the customer tends to get mad if not given exactly what they want.”

We didn’t even have to go to the Sundarbans like we thought we would to get these two,” said Jake,” That’s what I call a successful hunt.”

A successful hunt,” said Kutter “where two men return out of an eight man hunting party.”

What gives Kutter?” asked Jake “None of those guys the tigers turned into scratching posts were friends of yours, so what has you so upset?

What has me upset Jake,” said Kutter “is the fact that had she gotten even less than half an inch closer to me that tigress would have made you the only survivor of the trip.”

But I got her first,” said Jake “so no need to worry. Can you honestly tell me you don’t like how One Million Dollars splits between two people?”

Well I must admit I like the sound of that.” said Kutter, “But what about the men the tigers killed?”

The thing about mercenaries is this,” said Jake “no one cares when they disappear. Now let’s go get our money. “

Oh I suppose your right” says Kutter as he and Jake get in the jeep and drive away.

As the sound of the jeep faded in the distance Blizzard desperately clung to the hope that his parents would come for him and stayed hidden as his mother had told him. Wanting to cry but being too scared to do so, Blizzard waited for his parents and as the sunrise signaled the birth of a new day. Blizzard’s hope died.

Chapter 6: Teshara, Tenbow, and Tanala's Den


Blizzard’s Den (Blizzard’s present):

Blizzard reaches his den through misty eyes and collapses on the ground.

Legendary protector, thinks Blizzard, I bet the white tigers of legend would not have let their parents die.

With that thought Blizzard at last loses the battle to hold back his tears and cries himself to sleep.

Blizzard’s Den (Sunrise the next morning):

Blizzard wakes up, the painful memories having been pushed to the back of his mind as he slept, Blizzard then started his day as he always did. With a quick look to the northern horizon of his father’s territory.

It looks as if no trespassers are on the border this morning thinks Blizzard, I’ll be sure to take a closer look when I patrol later today, and maybe I’ll even stop by the old den…or not.

After his parents were killed Blizzard had not returned to the den of his birth, he feared that the site and possibly the smells that may linger in his old home would evoke sad memories. So he had found a den just a few miles from the northern border, in a place he would be sure to see any trespassers on the horizon should an attack from the Sundarbans come, still ever since turning a year old Blizzard had wrestled with the idea of confronting his inner demons.

I’ve wasted enough time on this question, thinks Blizzard I had better get started on my training, after my unacceptable performance in battle yesterday I need a double training session.

As if in protest to his plans, Blizzard’s stomach growled so loud that it could almost be described as a roar.

On second thought, thinks Blizzard, first I’ll get some breakfast. Then I’ll do a double training session.

Blizzard then heads to the nearest lake where he can catch some fish, once there Blizzard scouts for the best place to go fishing. Then his eyes catch sight of a wild boar, a very large wild boar.

Hmmmm, pork would be a nice change of pace. thinks Blizzard who had been living on fish, hares, and wild fowl since his parents were killed.

But can I actually take down something that big? thinks Blizzard.

The thought of pork proves to be more appetizing then the thought of fish, so Blizzard thinks back to what his mother had taught him about hunting wild boar. Blizzard first judges the best angle from which to make his attack, then he surveys the ground to make sure the there are no jagged rocks in his way. After seeing that his path is clear, Blizzard crouches into stalking position and silently maneuvers himself into a position to attack from the boar’s side. Then when the boar is in ideal position Blizzard rushes forward, when he is within pouncing distance Blizzard makes a small forward leap and rolls onto his back in mid air. As blizzard hits the ground the momentum of his leap allows Blizzard to slide on his back under the boars throat, as he passes under the boars throat Blizzard reaches up with his right paw, claws unsheathed and rips the boar’s throat out. The boar goes into shock and is soon dead without ever truly realizing that it was under attack. Blizzard then enjoys a delicious pork breakfast.

After eating half the boar, Blizzard Hides the leftovers in a safe place then goes to the lake, gets a drink and washes his face.

Better start my training Blizzard.

Blizzard then spends the next several hours training, repeating every tactic his father had shown him at least two times. Then as Blizzard is catching his breath he takes notice of a large tree.

Hmmmmm, thinks Blizzard, until I am full grown I can count on having to fight opponents larger than myself, it might be a good idea to have an attack that lets me use all my weapons in as few movies as possible.

Blizzard circles the tree a few times then walks away from it, he then turns and charges the tree at full speed. Once in pouncing range, Blizzard leaps forward aiming for a higher trajectory than he would for a normal pounce and is vertical when he reaches the tree, Blizzard then digs into the tree with his front and back claws simultaneously and then grabs the tree with his fangs (being careful not to add too much pressure as to avoid damage to his teeth), he then jumps down from the tree. Blizzard repeats the attack over and over again for the next two hours.

After his training had finished Blizzard runs to the northern border and checks there, upon seeing that the border is secure Blizzard considers his next move.

What do I do now, thinks Blizzard, I could run to the western border to check that out, or I could get some lunch, or third option I could take my lunch to the western border. thinking it over Blizzard decides to go with option three.

Blizzard runs to where he had hidden the leftover boar and retrieves it. He then begins walking toward the western border. Blizzard enjoyed the chance to walk somewhere again. Ever since his parents were killed Blizzard had always run anytime he needed to traverse his father’s territory. Partly to keep him from thinking too much when he had to run through his mother’s territory or past his old den; partly to ensure that he would be so tired by the end of the day that he wouldn’t think to much before he went to sleep, and partly because he knew that running built strength and endurance. Blizzard wanted every edge he could get to defend his father’s territory.

Once he arrives near the western border, Blizzard takes his lunch up a ledge overlooking the path to the western border, but with enough cover that someone walking the path below him would not know he was there. Blizzard is about to begin his lunch; when he catches sight of a feline silhouette, Blizzard stands up to get a closer look, preparing to pounce if necessary. When the feline form stepped in to the sunlight Blizzard notices three things the newcomer is a tigress older than himself but still younger than his mother would be if she were still alive, when he looked at her side her ribs were clearly visible, indicating that she was not well feed, and in her mouth she carried a very young cub, one that was undoubtedly totally dependent on the tigress’s milk for survival.

What do I do, thinks Blizzard, a tigress is no threat to my father’s territory and even if her cub is a male, until he presents himself as a threat I have no reason to treat him as one. She obviously didn’t come from the Sundarbans, it’s the wrong border for one thing and she doesn't have that insane look in her eyes for another. If she has gone without eating for as long as it looks like she might have, her cub may not have had any milk in quite some time as well. However if I go down there she may think I’m a threat to the cub. I don’t want to fight a tigress and besides I’ve spent so much time alone. I don’t think I even want to speak to anyone… but I can’t just do nothing.

Blizzard looked at the hungry tigress, and then at his leftover boar and thinks

I can always catch something else for lunch.

Blizzard moves the leftovers close to the edge of the ledge he is on and then shoves it over into the path of the tigress.

Somewhat startled by the unexpected appearance of half a boar the tigress sets her cub down, steps in front of it, and asks in a half snarl.

Who’s here, What’s going on?”

Blizzard then yells back to the tigress, trying hard to sound authoritative, kind, and older than he is

I thought you might be hungry.”

Who are you? asks the tigress the snarl fading from her voice.

I am the one who patrols this territory,” says Blizzard “you and your cub are welcome here.”

That is very kind of you.” says the tigress “but what is your name?”

My name is Blizzard.” says Blizzard.

I am pleased to meet you Blizzard “says the tigress “I am Teshara and behind me is my son Tenbow, I would very much like to see he who has been so kind to us, would you step out from behind your cover so that I my thank you in person? “

No thanks is necessary and I prefer to keep to myself.” says Blizzard

Blizzard was worried that if Teshara saw that he was only a year old, that she would not take him seriously.

I understand.” says Teshara who then places her cub in between her front paws as she begins to eat the leftover boar.

Blizzard then begins to run to the northern border as he runs he happens to catch sight of a wild fowl, and quickly decides to have a light lunch, after stalking and catching the fowl Blizzard realizes that he is within his mother’s territory.

O.K. thinks Blizzard, as long as I’m here I can do this.

Blizzard then walks to Tanala’s den, brings his prey over to where he and his parents had always eaten together, and has his lunch. Blizzard does his best to focus on happy memories.

After his lunch which only took him slightly longer to finish than it would have normally, (due to the emotions he was dealing with.) Blizzard licks his right paw a few times and uses it to wash his face. Then he looks toward his mother’s den, Blizzard paces back and forth in front of the den a few times, trying to work up the courage to go inside.

This is my home, thinks Blizzard, the memories here are happy ones, I will not fear it.

Blizzard steadies himself and walks into the den, once again trying to concentrate on happy thoughts. Fortunately for Blizzard the smells have faded over the four months since he was here last. Blizzard then lays down where he used to sleep and thinks of the many bedtime stories his mother had told him. With those pleasant memories on his mind blizzard drifts off for a restful sleep.

Tanala’s den (One Hour Later):

Blizzard awakens, stretches his legs, and looks around his mother’s den.

This is my home, thinks Blizzard but one tiger has no need of a den big enough to house a tiger family. Tomorrow I’ll find Teshara and if she has yet to find a den, I’ll tell her of this place, I don’t think Mom and Dad would mind.

Blizzard then leaves his mother’s den and runs to the northern border, after seeing that all is secure on that front he thinks.

Well I could train, or I can confront my last inner demon.

Blizzard weighs his options and then runs east, Blizzard runs at full speed in an attempt to block out all thoughts about where he is going, so intent is Blizzard on his task that he reaches his destination in what seems to him like the blink of an eye, Blizzard then stands staring at the lake his parents had taken him to the day they were killed.

O.K. thinks Blizzard, It was the humans that killed my parents, not the lake …and …not me for bringing them here that day…the water soothes and relaxes me, I will not fear it.

Blizzard steadies himself, and after looking for signs of crocodiles and other predators, attempts to walk forward, only to feel his leg muscles tense, Blizzard reacts by leaping forward into the water. Once in the water Blizzard then tries to relax, but to no avail, the water provides no comfort for Blizzard as the terrifying memories of his parents deaths rush at his mind threatening to overwhelm him Blizzard does his best to fight against this; determined to conquer his fear. After fifteen minutes Blizzard retreats from the water realizing that victory will not be his today.

I didn’t swim today,” says Blizzard to the lake “but that does not mean that I will never swim again.”

To get his mind off the fact that he failed to accomplish the task he set for himself Blizzard runs westward to a place in his father’s territory where he likes to train, and practices his fighting tactics for several hours until the sun begins to set, at which point Blizzard runs to his favorite fishing spot, quickly catches his dinner, and takes it back to his den. Blizzard then eats his dinner, washes his face, removes the fish bones from his den, and thinks as he is about to lay down for the night.

I have a lot to do tomorrow, so I had better be well rested.

With that thought Blizzard closes his eyes and drifts off to sleep.

Blizzard’s Den (Sometime in the middle of the night):

Blizzard is startled awake by a sound that was both new and terrifyingly familiar, it was an unnatural sound that reminded Blizzard of the sounds he heard just before the humans attacked. The sound grew louder as it passed over --or at least close to--Blizzard’s den. Blizzard rushes out of his den and looks in the direction he heard the noise go. When he sees something in the sky with a dim glow in certain parts of it’s body. (What it actually is, is a helicopter operating with low light to avoid detection.) Blizzard chases after the helicopter, intent on finding out where it is going. Then to his surprise he hears it coming back. Blizzard quickly leaps into some foliage for cover and lies as flat on the ground as he can. When Blizzard hears the helicopter fly over and then away from him, he emerges from the cover and thinks.

Why would that thing come here and then just leave, I need to take a closer look.

Blizzard heads the way he saw the helicopter come from and after a short time of running, Blizzard catches a scent that he had hoped to never smell again.

Humans. thinks Blizzard with disgust.

From what Blizzard could smell there were several humans, although he could not tell how many there were. Blizzard followed the scent in hopes of finding out where the humans went. Blizzard tracks the scent for a short time when he hears some kind of commotion over the ridge to his left. Blizzard climbs on to the ridge and then on to a ledge overlooking a small enclosure. In the enclosure there were three humans wearing green uniforms, with green masks that had yellow, red, or, black goggles covering their eyes. The man closest to Blizzard was holding a rifle, the man furthest away from Blizzard was holding a spotlight and shining it up against one of the rocky walls on the edge of the enclosure in an area that was a dead end. And in the middle of the two men was another man who was holding a net and walking toward the area where the spotlight was shinning. Blizzard repositioned himself slightly in order to see what the man was shining the spotlight on and discovers to his horror that within the glow of the spotlight is Teshara, growling at the men surrounding her while trying to shield Tenbow behind her.

Blizzard then ROARS and leaps down at the man with the rifle with his claws extended severing his jugular vein, once he lands Blizzard quickly pounces on the back of the man with the net knocking him to the ground face down and with two fast claw swipes to the back of the man’s neck, he severs the man’s spinal cord. Blizzard then turns to Teshara and yells.


Teshara quickly grabs Tenbow and runs out in the direction Blizzard came in from, as she attempts to escape the man who had been holding the spotlight drops it ,draws a pistol from his belt, aims at the escaping tigress, and... Screams in pain as Blizzard’s fangs sink in to his wrist. The man begins to punch Blizzard repeatedly in the head, Blizzard responds by tightening his grip, the man screams in pain once again and stops punching Blizzard. But no sooner does that happen, than Blizzard feels an intense pain throughout his body, causing him to lose all sense of feeling, Blizzard falls to the ground and as his eyes are about to close for what Blizzard believes will be the last time he has one last thought.

I hope Teshara and Tenbow got away.

Chapter 7: Dr. Seizure


The Man who knocked out Blizzard looks to the man who Blizzard had bit and says:

Are you alright O’Harris?”

I think he broke my wrist,” says O’Harris clutching his wrist “but I’ll be okay, thanks to your quick thinking Stockson.”

Good,” says Stockson “I’ll Radio the chopper to pick us up we have the specimen.”

What about the other one?” asks O’Harris.

Forget her,” says Stockson “Dr. Seizure only sent us out for one tiger.”

But this one is smaller than the one that got away,” says O’Harris.

It looks to me like he has been eating better than the other one.” says Stockson.

Do you think he’ll be tough enough to survive what Dr. Seizure has planned?” asks O’Harris.

Hmmmm I’m not sure if he is tough enough,” says Stockson sarcastically “Maybe we should ask Smith and Weston what they think…Oh wait …they’re dead.”

O.K.” says O’Harris “you made your point.”

Stockson then takes a communications radio from his belt and speaks into it.

This is Agent Stockson to HYDRA chopper; we have the specimen and are in need of pick-up. We also have need of a medic, some sedatives, and two body bags.”

Understood,” says the voice of the pilot over the radio “E.T.A. fifty minutes.”

What,” shouts Stockson “how far away did you fly?!”

Engine trouble,” says the pilot “we’re in mid repair.”

O. K.” says Stockson in a mix of anger and disgust “but keep in mind that I have a wounded man in need of medical attention and a tiger that killed two of my men will probably regain consciousness in an hour…while we’re waiting here!”

We’re doing our best sir,” says the pilot “you could use more tranquilizers on the tiger if you have to.”

That’s a splendid idea,” says Stockson sarcastically “however our supply officer apparently thought they would not be required for this mission.”

The pilot says nothing in response for several minutes, and then says.

Man and I thought the transportation division of HYDRA was getting a raw deal.”

Tell me about it,” says Stockson sarcastically “over and out.”

Stockson then gets the net from under Weston’s body and wraps Blizzard in it. He then searches through the rest of the equipment, after a few moments he says.

Sorry O’Harris, no first aid kit.”

Don’t worry about it Stockson,” says O’Harris “let it not be said that Larry O’Harris can’t deal with a little pain.”

Yeah you’re tough O’Harris,” says Stockson “there is no doubting that, but what I don’t get is how knowing we were sent to capture a live tiger could the supply officer not give us tranquilizers, or night vision goggles, or a cage. And how could they not give us a first aid kit?”

Well at least that high voltage taser baton they gave you works.” says O’Harris.

Now that it does,” says Stockson looking at his weapon of choice and smiling “I was so happy when my brother who works for A.I.M. sent it to me for my birthday…Yesterday!”

Oh,” says O’Harris “then I guess HYDRA is really being micro managed.”

I’ll tell you this much,” says Stockson “when we get back to base. I’m going to kill me a supply officer.”

Fifty Minutes Later:

The Helicopter arrives, and after it lands five men get out. One man quickly injects Blizzard with a sedative to keep him unconscious while the other four men go about placing Smith and Weston in body bags.

Once Blizzard has been sedated the medic turns and asks.

Where is the wounded man?”

Over here Doc.” says O’Harris as he walks over to the medic.

The medic quickly looks over O’Harris’s injured wrist and then asks

Can you wiggle your fingers at all?”

No.” replies O’Harris.

That’s not good,” says the medic as he bandages O’Harris’s wrist and hand “I’ll send you to surgery once we get back to base, but It may be too late to do anything.”

O’Harris remains silent for a moment and then says.

Do you have anything for the pain doc?”

I’m afraid I don’t have anything less powerful than morphine,” says the medic “but you could give this a try.”

The doctor then pulls a large flask out of one of the pockets of his uniform and after removing the cap hands it to O’Harris who then takes a swig.

Vodka,” says O’Harris with a smile “sometimes the old fashion medicine is the best.”

Within moments Blizzard --as well as what remained of the HYDRA equipment-- was loaded aboard the chopper, and they were soon air born.

Stockson then walks up to where the pilot is and asks.

Is this crate going to be able to get us all the way back to the base in Africa?”

Yes sir,” says the pilot “we even have enough fuel to handle having to go around Wakanda .”

How did you swing that with all the cut backs?” asks Stockson.

Simple,” says the pilot “once I mentioned that this mission was to get a test subject for Dr. Seizure. My request flew through.”

That would explain why we were sent here to capture a tiger “says Stockson “when it would have been easier and less expensive to capture a lion. Whatever Dr. Seizure is working on must be very impressive. If Viper is willing to go to such trouble to get Dr. Seizure exactly what he wants.”

I’d say so,” says the pilot “the only problem is between Viper putting all of HYDRA’s financing toward Dr. Seizure’s research and S.H.I.E.L.D. working overtime to cut off our supplies. It’s left the rest of HYRDA scrambling for resources.”

So it isn’t micromanaging?” says Stockson.

No,” says the pilot “it’s just that when Viper takes an interest in a project. She forgets about her other responsibilities.”

That makes sense” says Stockson “but how is it that a pilot knows so much about our leader?”

Because I’m also Viper’s personal pilot,” says the pilot “she sent me down here when Dr. Seizure said he needed a reliable pilot to ensure he received his supplies.”

Interesting,” says Stockson “do you have any idea what Dr. Seizure might be working on?”

Not a clue,” says the Pilot “but apparently Dr. Seizure’s field of expertise is genetic engineering.”

Interesting,” says Stockson who then looks back at Blizzard “I can’t wait to see what the good Doctor has planned for you.”

The flight continued and Blizzard was kept sedated , when the helicopter finally reached HYDRA’s secret base in Africa O’Harris was rushed to surgery, the bodies of Smith and Weston were taken away, and as Stockson is leading the men who are carrying Blizzard off the helicopter. Another man in a suite like the one all the others were wearing --except for the fact that he had a yellow visor of some kind covering his eyes-- walks up to him.

Excellent work Stockson,” says the man in the visor “let’s see the specimen.”

Certainly Dr. Seizure.” says Stockson who then motions for the men to put Blizzard down.

Once Blizzard is on the ground Dr. Seizure walks around him and makes the following observations.

It is a White Bengal Tiger, very impressive find Stockson, although he is much younger that I had planned on the specimen being. He should do nicely, and if he does not survive the experiments, he will make a splendid rug. Did you have much trouble capturing him?”

I lost two men and another was seriously wounded capturing him,” says Stockson “results may have been better, had we been properly equipped.”

You had supply problems? “asks Dr. Seizure.

Yes,” says Stockson “in fact after the tiger is secured in the lab. I intend to deal with Benler in supplies; not having the proper equipment can seriously impair the chances of a successful mission.”

Benler has been taken care of.” says Dr. Seizure.

Is that so? “asks Stockson.

Yes,” says Dr. Seizure “When I went to question him about the numerous complaints I had received regarding missions he had equipped, I caught him trying to transmit our shipping routes to S.H.I.E.L.D.”

So what was done with Benler? and has our location been compromised?” asks Stockson.

To answer your second question first,” says Dr. Seizure “I believe that I stopped transmission before any information got to S.H.I.E.L.D., but to be on the safe side I allowed half of my personal guards to be reassigned in order to bolster perimeter security, as for Benler I believe you know what HYDRA does to double agents.”

Stockson smiles evilly at Dr. Seizure’s last sentence and says.

Do you need my assistance securing the tiger?”

No,” says Dr. Seizure “I’m sure these men, and my lab assistance can handle it, take the rest of the day off.”

Thank you sir,” says Stockson “HAIL HYDRA!”

As Stockson walks away Dr. Seizure once again has the men pick up Blizzard and then carry him to a lab. Once in the lab Blizzard is removed from the net and is chained to a wall via shackles on all four of his legs.

Have food and water brought to the tiger,” says Dr. Seizure “but only small portions I want him to stay healthy enough so I can run experiments. He doesn’t need to be a pampered pet, tomorrow the experiments begin.”

Dr. Seizure’s lab (a few hours later):

Blizzard awakens to strange surroundings and the smell of humans, he gets up to explore, but discovers that he can only walk a short distance before his movement is stopped by something around his legs. Blizzard tries with all his might to pull free of the chains, but to no avail. Blizzard then carefully bites the chains to see how strong they are, only to discover that they are much stronger than wood. Blizzard then uses one of his right front claws to try and file away the chain link that attached the shackle to the chain, but Blizzard quickly realizes that all that was being worn away was his claw, dejected Blizzard tries to think of a way to escape, when he catches the scent of meat.

I am hungry, thinks Blizzard, but who knows what the humans did to this meat, then again if I don’t eat I’ll starve.

Blizzard then eats the woefully undersized portion of meat the humans gave him, and then drinks the water. Blizzard then thinks as he lies down on the floor.

I might as well rest as much as I can; I have no idea how to escape so the only option is to wait, until a chance to escape presents itself.

Outside HYDRA’s medical unit:

Stockson sits in the waiting room when a doctor walks up to him.

How’s O’Harris Doc?” asks Stockson.

I’m afraid that Mr. O’Harris’s wrist was crushed beyond repair,” says the doctor “we were forced to amputate.”

Terrific,” says Stockson, with a mix of sarcasm and sadness “my squad survived battles with the Punisher, G.I. Joe, S.H.I.E.L.D., and even the Avengers themselves. Only to be taken out by a tiger…one that isn't even full grown.”

You can go see Mr. O’Harris,” says the doctor, he has already been informed of his situation and is taking it surprisingly well.”

Thanks Doc,” says Stockson “lead the way.”

The doctor leads Stockson to a room where a man with a red crew cut, a very trim beard, and a chiseled physique lays on a bed , at the end of the man’s right arm is a mass of bandages covering where is wrist and hand used to be.

How are you feeling O’Harris?” asks Stockson as the doctor leaves.

Left handed.” says O’Harris trying to make light of his situation.

Ha Ha,” laughs Stockson “I’m glad to see that you’re keeping your spirits up.”

Speaking of spirits says O’Harris, if I’d known that capturing that tiger would be our last mission together I would have shared that vodka the doc gave me.”

A farewell toast sounds like a good idea,” says Stockson “tell you what, you’ll be released tomorrow. Why don’t I bring a bottle of wine and we can toast our fallen comrades and your retirement from HYDRA.”

Toasting Smith and Weston sounds great,” says O’Harris “but I may not leave HYDRA just yet.”

I don’t believe it,” says Stockson “you got a desk job!?”

I’d sooner be shot than be a desk jockey.” says O’Harris.

Then what did you have in mind?”

Let’s just say that I hear that the cybernetics branch of HYDRA still has some resources.” says O’Harris with a smile.

Good luck to you then.” says Stockson.

So what about you?” asks O’Harris “Are you going to ask for an assignment change?”

No,” says Stockson “field ops. is what I’m best at. So that’s what I’ll stick with, even though training a new squad will be a major pain.”

Maybe not as bad as you think.” says O’Harris.

How do you figure that?” asks Stockson.

Simple,“ says O’Harris “back when Baron Strucker put the four of us together we were all greenhorns, but now you have years of leadership experience under your belt. That will be very useful when it comes to training your new squad.”

Thanks O’Harris,” says Stockson “the funny thing is I came here to comfort you.”

Your being here has taken my mind off my pain,” says O’Harris “so you achieved your goal.”

I also have another plan that might bring a smile to your face.” says Stockson.

Which is?” asks O’Harris.

Once Dr. Seizure is done with that tiger,” says Stockson “I’m going to get me a new rug”

I do like the sound of that.” says O’Harris smiling.

Dr. Seizures lab (the next morning):

Blizzard lies on the floor trying his best to rest when Dr. Seizure walks in; Blizzard immediately leaps to his feet and growls at him.

Excellent,” says Dr. Seizure “such fighting spirit, you will do very nicely indeed.”

Dr. Seizure then goes into the back room of the lab where he can watch Blizzard through a plexiglas window.

What experiment are we doing today Dr. Seizure?” asks a lab assistant who was already in the room.

We are going to test the nerve gas today,” says Dr. Seizure “If it works as planed HYDRA will be able to release this gas over a major city, paralyze the populous, and take over with no resistance. Then in two hours when the gas wears off, HYDRA will have a city full of hostages.”

Brilliant.” says the lab assistant.

Thank you Dentree,” says Dr. Seizure “now activate the gas.”

Dentree then presses a button and yellow smoke begins to fill the lab where Blizzard is, smelling the smoke and not liking the scent of it. Blizzard holds his breath and desperately tries to pull free of his chains, as the smoke envelopes the room. For ten minutes Blizzard struggles with his chains while continuing to hold his breath, until he can hold it no longer. Blizzard inhales deeply despite his best efforts to the contrary. His brain begins to throb with such intensity that Blizzard feels as if his head were going to explode. The pain quickly intensifies and within moments Blizzard roars in agony. The test continues for an hour (as do Blizzard’s agonized roars.) before Dr. Seizure says.

Stop the experiment, clear the lab.”

Dentree then presses two buttons, at which point the smoke stops and exhaust fans switch on; removing the smoke from the room. Blizzard who is now bleeding from his nose then collapses to the floor and begins to cough up blood.

The experiment failed.” says Dr. Seizure .

What now?” asks Dentree.

Now,” says Dr. Seizure “I will return to my research lab (A place where Dr. Seizure created the serums and biological weapons that would be tested on the test subjects he kept in the main lab.) and reformulate the nerve gas. Then we will try this experiment again tomorrow.”

Is there anything else you need sir?” asks Dentree.

Yes,” says Dr. Seizure “when the tiger finishes his coughing fit, have security tranquilize him, have the lab cleaned, and see to it that the tiger gets his daily rations of food and water.”

Yes sir.” says Dentree .

Over the next two weeks Blizzard is subjected to the exact same procedure as he was the day before, only this time the test lasts for two hours. Each time not ending in the results Dr. Seizure is looking for, although the gas did have a side effect that Dr. Seizure would never discover. Being exposed to all the different formulas of nerve gas, had caused Blizzard to lose all conscious memory of his past. He could remember nothing of his life before wakening up in Dr. Seizure’s lab for the first time. All Blizzard knew was the pain these humans had caused him, this caused Blizzard to develop an intense hatred for all humans. However the hatred Blizzard felt toward Dr. Seizure was in a class by itself.

The day after the last failed test of the nerve gas, Dr. Seizure calls Dentree into his lab and says.

I’ve decided to abandon the nerve gas testing and my next experiment will not be ready until tomorrow.”

So we have no experiment to run today?” says Dentree.

We must do an experiment today,” says Dr. Seizure “I must have a success to write about when submit my report to Viper.”

How can I help?” asks Dentree.

I’ll take suggestions.” says Dr. Seizure.

Dentree thinks for a moment and then says.

I do have one idea to show you.”

Then lets see it.” says Dr. Seizure.

Dentree then goes to the refrigerator where experiments are kept and brings a back a large syringe, filled with some type of red liquid that had what had some kind of dispersed granulated substance in it.

I thought our agents in the field could carry these as a backup in case their rations ran out.” says Dentree holding up the syringe.

It looks like de-fizzed Red Bull.” says Dr. Seizure.

Yes sir,” says Dentree “mixed with Pixie Sticks.”

Well if this works it will be easy to manufacture,” says Dr. Seizure “let’s give it a try.”

Dr. Seizure and Dentree then go to the back room of the lab That Blizzard is chained in and Dr. Seizure flips a switch, a computer screen then begins to display Blizzard’s vital signs.

The room is lined with sensors.” says Dr. Seizure “This enables me to monitor the tiger without having anything attached to him.”

Impressive,” says Dentree “but how do we get close enough to the tiger to inject the serum?”

Simple,” says Dr. Seizure “Once I press this button high frequency sound waves will bombard the lab for fifteen seconds, then all sound will be cut and the lab’s noise absorbers will switch on. The sudden loss of all sound will have a vertigo effect on the tiger, causing him to lose his equilibrium. While the tiger is disorientated, you can go in and give him the shot. However the tiger will only be disorientated for thirty seconds, so move quickly.”

Yes sir.” says Dentree as he stands at the door to the lab.

Dr. Seizure then hits the button and Blizzard roars in pain, he falls to the floor on his side.

Now!” says Dr. Seizure.

Dentree quickly runs into lab, injects Blizzard and then runs out .

Once Blizzard regains his bearings, his heart begins to pound like a jackhammer. Blizzard Roars and snaps the chains that restrain him, Blizzard then charges at the Plexiglas window and begins to claw at it repeatedly with his right and left front claws.

Dr. Seizure,” says Dentree worriedly “Shouldn’t we call security?”

I’ll notify my personal guards if the window begins to show signs of stress,” says Dr. Seizure “until then let’s see how long the tiger can keep this up.”

Oh…O.K. Sir.” says Dentree trying not to sound scared.

Blizzard continued his assault for twelve hours, the speed and intensity of his attacks never slowing once. Until without any warning at all, Blizzard falls to the floor unconscious.

In the back room of the lab Dr. Seizure and Dentree (Who during the last twelve hours had periodically had other lab assistance take turns watching Blizzard with them.) look on and Dentree asks.

What did you think?”

Truthfully,” says Dr. Seizure who watches as Blizzard’s vital signs slow to all but a crawl before holding steady at a rate that is just a hair away from death “I’m surprised his heart didn’t beat out of his chest. The tiger my yet die before the night is over, I doubt a human heart could survive the strain of this test.”

What if it was ingested rather than injected?” asks Dentree.

That could work,” says Dr. Seizure “in a less direct dose the results could be just what you hoped for and wouldn’t require De-fizzing the Red Bull. Although I suggests a human test subject, as I said the tiger may not live through the night. Even if he does I doubt we could get him to drink it.”

Who should I test it on?” asks Dentree.

How about Mac the HYDRA cook,” says Dr. Seizure “that potato salad he made for lunch today was atrocious. If anything bad happens to him, HYDRA may be better off.”

Not really,” says Dentree “because if Mac were gone Donald would be the new HYDRA cook. When he made potato salad last week, several agents went to the medical unit and requested cyanide pills.”

Dr. Seizure is silent for a moment and then says.

Then it would be best to table the discussion until a later time, but I will inform Viper that your formula warrants further research.”

Thank you sir.” says Dentree.

You‘re welcome,” says Dr. Seizure “now call security and let them know that we need new chains here. Electric ones in case the tiger does wake up.

Yes sir.” says Dentree.

Chapter 8: The Super Soldier Serum


Dr. Seizure’s lab (four days later, sometime in the middle of the night):

Blizzard regains consciousness and thinks.

What did those humans do to me now, these chains on my legs seem different.

Blizzard then tries to pull free of his chains once again but as soon as he exerts strong enough pressure against them, Blizzard is zapped by a powerful surge of electricity.

O.K. thinks Blizzard, my chances of escaping this place just got worse.

Blizzard then lies down and tries to rest.

Dr. Seizure’s lab (the next morning):

Dr. Seizure walks into his lab again, and once again Blizzard leaps to his feet and growls at him.

Amazing,” says Dr. Seizure “you’re still alive. Now I can run my new experiment.”

Dr. Seizure walks into the back room of the lab where Dentree is waiting.

What experiment do we run today sir?” asks Dentree.

My crowning achievement,” says Dr. Seizure “I believe that I have finally recreated the Super Soldier Serum.”

Excellent” says Dentree “HYDRA has been searching for that since its formation.”

Yes,” says Dr. Seizure “I can’t wait to test it. So if you’ll activate the disorientation devise, I’ll do the injection this time.”

Yes sir.” says Dentree.

The injection procedure is followed and when Blizzard regains his bearings, he immediately doubles over in pain and curls into a fetal position. To Blizzard it feels as if every cell in his body is on fire, a fire that burns with enough intensity to boil the blood in his veins. So intense is the pain that Blizzard cannot even gather the strength to roar in agony, the thought of surrendering to the cold embrace of death becomes a very enticing option. Blizzard longs to let death claim him, anything to not have to endure this agony. Then a single though seers its way into Blizzard’s already burning mind.

No matter how much pain your opponent inflicts, never stop wanting to survive the pain.

From that moment Blizzard resolves to never give up, even as he wonders through the pain.


Where did that thought come from?

Blizzard clenches his teeth until the pain stops, and then sleep finally comes to him.

In the back room of the lab:

Is he dead?” asks Dentree.

His vitals are going from one extreme to the other,” says Dr. Seizure “but he is alive.”

That is amazing,” says Dentree “considering all the hours he spent on the floor all but motionless.”

That is most impressive,” says Dr. Seizure “But. There is nothing more we can do for now. See that the tiger gets his rations and then you may turn in for the night.”

Yes sir.” says Dentree.

Later that night (Dr. Seizure’s Quarters):

Dr. Seizure awakens to a pounding on his door.

Just a moment.” says Dr. Seizure as he gets into his bathrobe.

Sir,” says Dentree as Dr. Seizure opens his bedroom door “it’s the tiger you have to see this.”

Dentree quickly leads Dr. Seizure to the lab where Blizzard is chained and says.

The agent that was in charge of bringing the tiger his rations brought this to my attention.”

Amazing!” exclaims Dr. Seizure.

Lying on the floor of the lab, still asleep was Blizzard. Although the amazing thing is that he was now a full grown White Tiger (appearing now to be three years of age.) and the shackles binding him were now too small.

What happened to him?” asks Dentree.

I don’t know,” says Dr. Seizure “I need to take a blood sample and run some tests. While I do that you call security and tell them I want the tiger’s shackles removed and to place him in an energy cage.”

The one designed to hold super powered prisoners?” asks Dentree.

Yes,” says Dr. Seizure “we don’t know how big the tiger is going to get. The shackles are already cutting into his ankles and if the tiger has another growth spurt, he may lose his feet.”

I’m on it sir.” says Dentree who then rushes to carry out the orders he was given.

Hang in there Tiger,” says Dr. Seizure as he draws a blood sample from Blizzard “it would be a shame to lose you…before I learn how successful my version of the Super Soldier Serum is and what improvements I need to make.”

Within moments a security team comes in with a device of some kind.

Work quickly,“ says Dr. Seizure “the tiger may awaken at any moment.”

Moving with ruthless efficiency, the security team cuts the shackles off of Blizzard’s legs and then they activate the energy cage. The energy cage is actually five small energy field projectors designed to project a field of energy in front of whatever they are set before.

Activate the cage.” says the squad leader.

Four of the projectors that were placed around Blizzard,(at a distance far enough away from him so as to keep the security team safe and allow Blizzard room to move around once he wakes up.) are activated and in rapid succession a wall of blue energy appears in front, behind, and along the sides of Blizzard.

Top it off.” says the squad leader.

Another member of the security team presses two buttons on a black sphere he is holding, the sphere then flies above Blizzard and projects a horizontal wall of blue energy that touches the tops of the other walls around Blizzard. When the process is done Blizzard is in a cage about twice the size of the types of cages circus animals are kept in.

Excellent work,” says Dr. Seizure “I see that the projectors themselves are surrounded by an energy field.”

Yes sir,” says the squad leader “that makes it tamper-proof.”

Also if you use one of these,” he says holding up a device that looks like pen with two buttons on it “you can open a service door in the energy field. That will allow you to do your experiments.”

Splendid,” says Dr. Seizure “I’ll be sure to inform Viper of your efficiency and of how useful the engineering division of HYDRA has been as of late. When I make my next report, oh and be sure that the HYDRA agent in charge of feeding the tiger gets one of those cage openers too. Then you may return to your posts.”

Thank you sir.” says the squad leader who then leads his team out of the lab.

Dr. Seizure then begins to look at the injuries on Blizzard’s ankles, at which point Dentree walks in and asks.

How is the tiger doing sir?”

I can’t be sure without my visor to let me take a closer look, but it looks as if the tiger’s ankles are merely scratched.”

What now?” ask Dentree.

I’m going to go get dressed,” says Dr. Seizure --who was still in his bathrobe--,” then I’ll take this blood sample in the back room and run some tests on it. Keep an eye on the tiger, if he has another growth spurt let me know. I will be back shortly.”

Dentree keeps watch over Blizzard who lays motionless on the floor sleeping, in a very short time Dr. Seizure returns and Dentree says.

No change sir:”

Very good,” says Dr. Seizure who then presses a small button on his left glove.

Dr. Seizure’s visor changes from yellow to green; this allows Dr. Seizure to closely examine Blizzard’s ankles without having to enter his cage.

Amazing,” says Dr. Seizure “the tiger’s ankles are only scratched.”

How can that be,” asked Dentree “with as long as he spent in those undersized shackles. Shouldn’t his ankles be bleeding?”

I have no idea,” says Dr. Seizure who had now changed his visor from green back to yellow “let’s get this blood sample into the back room and see if it can give us any answers.”

The HYDRA Base Security Center:

The security team that had just caged Blizzard returned to their post to find another agent there.

Hello men my name is Stockson.“ he says.

How may we help you sir?” asks the squad leader.

I’m the top field operative for this base.” says Stockson “I need to put together a new squad and after seeing how quickly you caged that tiger. I want to recruit you.”

The squad leader looks to his teammates, who nod back to him. The squad leader then looks to Stockson and says.

At your service Commander Stockson. Hail HYDRA!”

Blizzard’s Cage (Hours Later):

Blizzard awakens with a slight headache and compared to what he’s been through thus far, it was like having a back rub.

Blizzard looks around and thinks.

Well these glowing blue walls are new and judging by the strange sound they are making. I had better not touch them.

Blizzard looks around his cage and sees the food and water that was given to him and thinks.

They cut down the size of my portions. It’s not enough that they under feed me as it is but now they are giving me less food. Well I might as well eat what’s available.

Blizzard gets up to walk over to his food and then thinks.

Did the humans put me in a higher area, everything seems to be further away.

Blizzard then walks to his food and realizes that he does not hear the sound of chain links behind him, Blizzard then looks at his ankles and notices that the chains are indeed gone and that his ankle is much bigger that it was the last time he saw it.

What have they done to me now? thinks Blizzard who then lays down on the floor of his cage and tries to figure out what had happened.

Dr. Seizure’s Lab (The Back Room):

Amazing.” says Dr. Seizure as he looks up from a microscope.

Have you found out what caused the tiger’s accelerated aging?” asks Dentree.

According” to these test results,” says Dr. Seizure “the tiger hasn’t aged at all.”

Then how did he get so big?” asks Dentree.

It seems,” says Dr. Seizure “that something in the Super Soldier Serum caused the Tiger’s pituitary gland to kick into fast forward.”

So how big will the tiger get?” asks Dentree.

The tiger’s pituitary gland has since returned to its normal pace of releasing growth hormones,” says Dr. Seizure “however because it was fast forwarded, the pituitary gland will shut down before it otherwise would naturally. Still even with it shutting down early, the tiger could reach liger size proportions before his growing stops.”

It’s a good thing that the energy cage is so big.” says Dentree.

Other than that,” says Dr. .Seizure “I can find no other side effects. So once I isolate whatever caused the pituitary gland acceleration and we run some more tests on the tiger., the Super Soldier Serum will be ready for human testing.”

When will we be ready to resume testing on the tiger?” asks Dentree.

It shouldn’t take a genius of my caliber any longer than two days to find what I am looking for,” says Dr. Seizure “until then I think you have earned a few days off.”

Thank you sir.” says Dentree.

You’re welcome,” says Dr. Seizure “I merely need to check one thing before we go.”

Dr. Seizure then walks out of the back room into the lab where Blizzard’s cage is, while Blizzard is eating his food Dr. Seizure turns his visor green once again and looks at Blizzards ankles.

Amazing,” says Dr. Seizure as he changes his visor back to yellow “the tiger’s injuries are completely healed.”

Is that another side effect?” asks Dentree.

I did not intend this to be one of the enhancements of the Super Soldier Serum,” but it is a plus not a minus. It also gives me an idea for another test.”

Dr. Seizure then spends the next two days in his research lab, finding the ingredient of the Super Soldier Serum that caused the pituitary gland acceleration. Once it has been extracted, A realization comes to Dr. Seizure.

This growth accelerator may have its own uses. thinks Dr. Seizure.

Dr. Seizure then goes to the HYDRA barracks, where Stockson is training his new team; in between maneuvers Dr. Seizure asks.

So Stockson is this your new team?”

Yes sir,” says Stockson “I handpicked them myself.”

How is training progressing?” asks Dr. Seizure.

Quite nicely,” says Stockson “They were a very efficient unit even before I took them under my wing. They just need some advanced tactical training to be at field operations level.”

So they’re not ready for field operations yet?” asks Dr. Seizure.”

Not to attack a S.H.I.E.L.D. Outpost,” says Stockson “but what do you need?”

I need a new test subject.” says Dr. Seizure.

Oh is the tiger dead?” asks Stockson hopefully.

No,” says Dr. Seizure “I merely have an experiment that requires a test subject that has not been exposed to anything else.”

So what is it you need?” asks Stockson.

I need you to go South America and bring me an anaconda.” says Dr. Seizure.

We should be able to do that,” says Stockson “that is assuming we will be properly equipped this time.”

Don’t worry,” says Dr. Seizure “a completely loyal HYDRA agent is now in charge of supplies.“

When do we leave?” asks Stockson.

Tomorrow will be good enough,” says Dr. Seizure “just inform me when you return.”

Yes sir.” says Stockson.

After Dr. Seizure is out of earshot Stockson says sarcastically.

He could have asked for a python, but no we get sent to South America for an anaconda. Oh well it will be a good mission for the team to cut their teeth on.”

Dr. Seizures Lab (The Next Day):

Dr. Seizure walks into the lab and Blizzard leaps to his feet and ROARS at him. Dr. Seizure is so startled by the roar that he loses his balance and falls to the ground.

Dr. Seizure are you all right!?” asks Dentree as he runs out of the back room.

I’m fine Dentree,” says Dr. Seizure.

While still sitting on the ground Dr. Seizure turns his head to look at Blizzard and says.

It seems that growing so big has increased your confidence tiger, let’s see how that confidence helps you in this next test.”

Dentree flip the S switch.” says Dr. Seizure.

Yes sir.” says Dentree who then returns to the back room.

Dentree flips the S switch and spikes pop up from the floor of Blizzard’s cage.

Blizzard roars in pain as the spikes impale his paws, Blizzard tries to jump away from the spikes. Only to impale his paws once again as he lands.

As Blizzard roars in pain for the second time, Dr. Seizure motions to Dentree to once again flip the S switch. This lowers the spikes covering the floor of Blizzard’s cage.

Once the spikes are lowered, Blizzard now enraged leaps at Dr. Seizure. Only to collide with the energy wall, be zapped by the energy, and thrown back to the center of his cage.

It looks as if someone will be taking a cat na…”

Dr. Seizure’s words get caught in his throat as Blizzard struggles to his feet and roars in both frustration and defiance.

Amazing, thinks Dr. Seizure as he changes his visor to green to examine the tiger’s injured paws, that zap should have knocked him out.

A staring contest of sorts ensues between Blizzard and Dr. Seizure, One that lasts for eight hours. Blizzard never once moves from his position.

Finally Dr. Seizure yells.

Enough! I have been staring at that tiger’s feet all day and they do not show the slightest sign of healing! Call it a night Dentree and tell the agent in charge of feeding the tiger. That the tiger is far too ornery to be fed tonight.”

As soon as Dr. Seizure and Dentree leave the lab, Blizzard lies down on the floor; grateful to be off his sore paws. Blizzard is so tired in fact that he doesn’t even try to lick the dried blood off his paws. He just falls to sleep.

Blizzards Cage (The next morning):

Blizzard wakes up and licks the dried blood off his paws; he then proceeds to examine them. Not only do they not hurt anymore, but Blizzard can find no signs of injury. Not being one to question when something good happened to him. Blizzard just lies back down on the floor and tries to rest as best he could.

Dr. Seizure’s Lab (Two Hours Later):

Dr. Seizure quietly tries to sneak into his lab without Blizzard noticing him, but no sooner does he close the door. Then he is startled by another loud roar from Blizzard, although this time Dr. Seizure merely jumps and doesn’t lose his balance.

I was expecting that this time tiger,” says Dr. Seizure who then turns his visor green and examines Blizzard’s paws.

In the back room of the lab:

Dentree is prepping the equipment when Dr. Seizure walks in.

I don’t understand,” says Dr. Seizure “the tigers paws are now fully healed. There is not so much as a scar on him. The tiger can heal at an accelerated rate, but I have no idea what the trigger is.”

Sir,” asks Dentree “could the tiger’s saliva have accelerated healing properties?”

That could be,” says Dr. Seizure “But with way the tiger shrugged off being zapped by his cage wall; I’m not sure how long the disorientation device will affect him. If it effects him at all, it would be too dangerous to get a saliva sample from the tiger.”

Then will you put this in your notes about the Super Soldier Serum?” asks Dentree.

I’ll be keeping the notes as well as the formula in my head,” says Dr. Seizure “that way HYDRA will never find me expendable.”

Now that’s what I call job security,” says Dentree with a laugh “so you’re not going to mention that your Super Soldier Formula accelerates healing.”

Not without knowing what activates it,” says Dr. Seizure “besides if we tell HYDRA’s Super Soldiers they have accelerated healing; they will start to think that they can heal as fast as Wolverine and fight carelessly. We still have several tests to do on the tiger yet.”

What test do we do today?” asks Dentree.

We’re going to see how well the tiger can handle extreme heat.” says Dr. Seizure.

Flame throwers?” asks Dentree.

No,” says Dr, seizure “we’re going to increase the tempter of the tiger’s cage ten degrees every half hour, until he faints.”

The experiment proceeds and as his cage gets hotter, Blizzard begins to pant and pace. Not wanting to stay on any hot spot for too long. Finally when the temperature hits 200 degrees Fahrenheit; Blizzard collapses to the floor of his cage.

Return the temperature to normal.” says Dr. Seizure.

Dentree quickly turns the lab temperature back down to sixty degrees, and then asks.

What now?”

The tiger far exceeded my expectations,” says Dr. Seizure “I think we can leave him alone for the rest of the day.”

Is there anything else you need sir?” asks Dentree.

Yes,” says Dr. Seizure “you can help me prep the second experiment lab.”

Second experiment lab?” asks Dentree.

Yes,” says Dr. Seizure “I sent Stockson and his team to South America to get me another test subject.”

Are we done with the tiger?” asks Dentree.

No,” says Dr. Seizure “but for this experiment I need a test subject that hasn’t had its growth accelerated. However before we go to the lab, inform the agent in charge of feeding the tiger to quadruple the tiger’s water ration for tonight.”

Do you want me to arrange an I.V. for the tiger?” asks Dentree.

No,” says Dr. seizure “if the tiger wants his water. He needs to get up and drink it, meet me in the second lab once you’re done.”

Yes sir.” says Dentree who the goes to carry out his orders.

Chapter 9: Decibels


Blizzard’s Cage (Later That Night):

Blizzard awakens with one thought.

My mouth feels like sand.

Blizzard quickly catches the scent of water, he then looks to where he would usually find his food and water and is surprised to see what can only be described as a trough. Filled with water, Blizzard quickly laps up several gulps of water. He then dunks his head in the water and then resumes his drinking, when his thirst is quenched, blizzard thinks.

I wonder if they increased the portion of food that they gave me as well.

Blizzard then sniffs around for the plate of meat he is usually given and discovers that it is the same size as always.

I thought not, thinks Blizzard but I’m used to never being full.

Blizzard then eats his food, drinks more water, and then goes back to sleep.

The Back Room Of Lab ( The Next Morning) :

Dentree is once again prepping the equipment when Dr. Seizure walks in through the back door.

Dr. Seizure,” says Dentree somewhat surprised “you never come in this way.”

Well,” says Dr. Seizure “the tiger…”

ROAR!” goes Blizzard.

Dr. Seizure and Dentree quickly look through the Plexiglas window of the back room they are in and see that Blizzard is looking at them.

Impossible!?” exclaims Dr. Seizure “he shouldn’t be able to hear the sound of my voice in here.”

Maybe the tiger just saw you come in sir.” says Dentree.

That’s possible,” says Dr. Seizure “or it could mean that my Super Soldier Serum has enhanced the tiger’s senses more than I would have thought. I’ll take a look at the lab’s security tapes when we’re done here today and depending on what I find. We may have one more test to run.”

What experiment are we running today?” asks Dentree.

We are going to test the tiger’s resistance to extreme cold.” says Dr. Seizure.

Oh,” says Dentree “just like yesterday, but in reverse.”

Exactly,” says Dr. Seizure now begin the test.”

Dentree slowly begins to lower the temperature of Blizzard’s cage; Blizzard shows no visible sign of discomfort as the temperature drops. However once the temperature of his cage reaches one hundred degrees below zero Blizzard falls to the floor and begins to convulse.

Return the temperature to normal.” says Dr. Seizure.

Dentree then brings the temperature of Blizzard’s cage back up to sixty degrees, and then asks.

What now sir?”

Now we wait.” says Dr. Seizure.

Within five minutes Blizzard stops convulsing and in a half hour he stands up and ROARS defiantly.

Amazing.“ says Dr. Seizure.

Is that the last experiment?” asks Dentree.

That depends on what the security tape shows me from when I arrived this morning.” says Dr. Seizure “In any case report to the lab at your usual time tomorrow.”

Yes sir.” says Dentree.

Oh and Dentree.” says Dr. Seizure as Dentree turn his head toward him “when the tiger is fed tonight. I need you to accompany the agent in charge of feeding him, use the disorientation device. If it works don’t turn off the sound absorbers, just make sure the agent is wearing protective ear plugs when he goes in the tiger‘s cage.”

Yes Sir.” says Dentree.

Then see you Tomorrow.” says Dr. Seizure.

Dr. Seizure then goes to the HYDRA base security center and says to the agent in charge.

I need to view the security tapes of my lab from this morning.”

The agent in charge then turns to another agent who is sitting in front of a computer and says.

Call up the security tapes of Dr. Seizures lab.”

The agent in front of the computer then taps a sequence of keys and then gets up and offers his chair to Dr. Seizure.

Thank You.” says Dr. Seizure as he sits down.

Dr. Seizure then quickly locates what he needs and then says.

Amazing.” as a smile comes to his face.

The Back Room Of Lab ( The Next Day):

Dentree is prepping the equipment for the morning experiments. When Dr. Seizure walks in and says.


ROAR!” interrupts Blizzard.

Morning.” finishes Dr. Seizure.

Good morning Dr. Seizure,” says Dentree “did your research last night yield any results?”

Yes it did,” says Dr. Seizure “how did feeding the tiger last night go?’

Once the sound absorbers were shut off,“ says Dentree “the tiger seemed to recover his bearings almost immediately.”

Impressive,” says Dr. Seizure “it would seem that the tiger is resistant to injury, is capable of resisting extreme temperatures, and according to the evidence I found last night. The tiger’s senses may also be enhanced beyond expectations as well, necessitating this last experiment.”

What is the next experiment?” asks Dentree.

We are going to bombard the tiger’s cage with high decibel sound,” says Dr. Seizure “if his hearing is as enhanced as I suspect it is. He should collapse in fifteen minutes or less.”

The sound cannon is ready sir.” says Dentree.

Then begin now.” Says Dr. Seizure.

Dentree then flips a switch and the sound cannon slides up from the floor of the lab, turns in the direction of Blizzard’s cage and fires.

Blizzard immediately falls to the floor of his cage and tries to cover his ears with his paws, as he roars in agony.

Fifteen minutes pass and Blizzard’s agonized roars continue. The test (as well as Blizzard’s agonized roaring) goes on for fifty minutes, when finally Dr. Seizure says.

Enough stop the test.”

Dentree then shuts down the sound cannon.

Dr. Seizure then turns his visor green and looks at Blizzard who has fallen to the floor of his cage, bleeding from his ears.

I don’t understand,” says Dr. Seizure the frustration obvious in his voice “all evidence indicated that the tiger’s senses were enhanced. Even with as resistant as he is, he should never have been able to take that kind of punishment for that long. If I hadn’t stopped the experiment, the tiger would be dead instead of just deaf.”

How long will it take the tiger to recover his hearing?” asks Dentree.

Ordinarily,” says Dr. Seizure “I would say never, but with this tiger. I suspect that he will be as good as new by tomorrow.”

Where does this leave the experiment?” asks Dentree.”

Like this,” says Dr. seizure “according to all indications. My Super Soldier Serum is an improvement on the original version created during World War II, but we have no way of testing the tiger’s speed, strength, and agility. Combined that with the inconclusive results of this last test and the only thing I can tell Viper definitively. Is that I have recreated the Super Soldier Serum.”

Viper will be very pleased to hear that.” says Dentree.

Yes,” says Dr. Seizure “but imagine how richly I would be rewarded if I could tell Viper that the super soldiers I could create for HYDRA, would be superior to Captain America.”

So HYDRA’s super soldiers would actually be super!?” asks Dentree.

Well not necessarily at a meta human levels,” says Dr. Seizure “but at least a level above peek human capability.”

So how powerful would they be?” asks Dentree.

In the best case scenario,” says Dr. Seizure “I’d say that their power and capability would be double that of an ordinary human.”

So what’s next for the tiger?” asks Dentree.

That depends on if he recovers from the test today,” says Dr. Seizure “so just report to lab at your usual time.”

What of the tiger’s rations?” asks Dentree.

The tiger seems rather docile after the test today,” says Dr. Seizure “accompany the agent feeding the tiger just to be on the safe side, but it is not necessary to use the disorientation device on him.”

Yes sir.” says Dentree.

Blizzard’s Cage (Later That Night):

Blizzard lay on the floor of his cage, wondering when the ringing in his ears would stop. When he just barely hears a crackle of energy. Blizzard leaps to his feet and immediately falls back down to the floor of his cage.

O.K. thinks Blizzard, my current hearing problem is messing up my sense of balance.

Blizzard then tries to turn to look in the direction of where he heard the energy crackle, without getting up. When Blizzard did manage to swivel himself around to face the front of his cage, he saw that his food and water rations were not in their usual place.

I guess I must have spooked whoever came to feed me, thinks Blizzard, to bad. If I could stand up, I might have been able to escape. Well I just have wait for my next chance.

Blizzard then crawls over to his water bowl and after taking a drink, he carefully submerges one ear in the water and then turns his head to submerge the other one. After he had washed the blood out of his ears, Blizzard licks his paw and gently rubs his ear until the bleeding stops. After that Blizzard repeats the same process with his other ear, eats his food, and goes to sleep.

In The Back Room of Lab (The Next Morning):

Dentree is prepping the equipment as he always does, when Dr. Seizure comes in and asks.

How’s the tig--”

ROAR!” interrupts Blizzard.

That answers that question.” says Dr. Seizure as he turns his visor green to examine Blizzard’s ears.

A moment later Dr. Seizure changes his visor back to yellow and says.

Just as I suspected, the tiger’s ears show no sign of damage.”

What now?” asks Dentree.

Imagine if you will,” says Dr. Seizure “that HYDRA’s first super soldier had this tiger at his side.”

That would be interesting,” says Dentree “but with as defiant as the tiger is. Do you think his spirit could be broken in order to train him?”

The tiger’s spirit is what makes him useful as something more than just a research specimen,” says Dr. Seizure “I don’t want to break his spirit. I want to bend it to the will of HYDRA. If successful, HYDRA’s army of super soldiers could have an army of enhanced tigers to accompany them into battle.”

Sir, asks Dentree “won’t gathering that many tigers prove problematic?”

Yes,” says Dr. Seizure “that is why I was planning on cloning the tiger we have now.”

You have cloning technology!?” asks Dentree.

Not quite “says Dr. Seizure “but Viper did convince Red Skull to sell her Arnim Zola’s original notes on the cloning process. So once I figure out how to alter the process for the uses I require, cloning the tiger will be possible.”

How do you plan on training the tiger?” asks Dentree.

HYDRA has several forms brainwashing available to us,” says Dr. Seizure “I’m sure one will work.”

When do we begin?” asks Dentree.

As soon as I upload this disc into the computer,” says Dr. Seizure as he removes a CD Rom from his uniform.

At that moment there is a knock on the back room’s back door, Dentree answers the door to find another HYDRA agent standing there.

Dr. Seizure,” says the agent “Stockson and his team have just returned from their mission.”

Splendid,” says Dr. Seizure.

Dr. Seizure then says.

Dentree, change in plans. The tiger can wait, we need to head to experiment lab two.”

Outside the Hydra Base:

A man in a blue and white uniform hides in the foliage, watching as HYDRA patrols scan the area for signs of intruders. The man then reaches into one of the pockets of his uniform and pulls out a communication radio. He then says.

This is S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent 35 calling Helicarrier, come in Helicarrier .”

This is the Helicarrier,” says a voice over the radio “go ahead Agent 35.”

That HYDRA chopper that we spotted in South America has landed in Africa,” says Agent 35 “at an enormous HYDRA base.”

Just a moment,” says the voice over the radio.

The Helicarrier (Inside The War Room):

So we need to keep a close eye on that island in the south pacific,” says a man with an eye patch “word is that the individual who owns it may have access to virtually anything he wants and the last thing the world needs is another Latveria.”

Just then the door to the war room opened and another S.H.E.I.L.D agent rushes in saying.

Colonel Fury Sir, you are needed on the bridge urgently.”

Meetings adjourned men,” says Fury “I’ll inform you when we can reconvene.”

Within moments Fury reaches the Bridge and says.

Status report.”

Agent 35 has found a HYDRA base in Africa.” says the communications agent.

Patch me through to him.” says Fury.

Yes Sir.” says the communications agent who then flips a switch.

Agent 35 this is Colonel Fury,” says Fury “report.”

Following the HYDRA chopper that was spotted in South America has led to a HYDRA base in Africa sir.” says Agent 35.

Is this anywhere near Wakanda?” asks Fury.

No Sir,” says Agent 35 “In fact I think HYDRA has gone to great links to make sure Wakanda stays unaware of their presents.”

Roughly how big is this base?” asks Fury.

It is huge Sir,” says Agent 35 “I have no Idea how something this big could have avoided detection.”

Roughly how well defended is this base?” asks Fury.

Judging by the size of the patrols and their frequency,” says Agent 35 “It looks as if they could hold off an assault by the Avengers.”

HMMMMM, thinks Fury, If HYDRA wants to keep Wakanda unaware of their position . It could be because they may be planning to attack Wakanda. Undoubtedly after the Vibranium, we can’t let that happen.

Agent 35,” says Fury.

Yes Sir?” says Agent 35.

Stay put and activate your homing signal,” says Fury “once we arrive S.H.I.E.L.D. will seize the base.”

Yes Sir.” says Agent 35 who then activates his homing signal.

All right People,” says Fury, let’s get this crate to Africa.”

Chapter 10: Revenge


HYDRA Base (In Experiment Lab Two):

     “How big do you think the anaconda will get?” asks Dentree.

     “Being that he was injected with the growth accelerator,” says Dr. Seizure “the anaconda could reach unprecedented size.”

     “Will the cage be able to contain the anaconda if he should have a massive growth spurt? “asks Dentree.

     “Well if not,” says Dr. Seizure “we’ll merely have the anaconda placed in an energy cage like the tiger.”

     “If the experiment works,” asks Dentree? “what can be done with the anaconda?”

     “Well while not being as useful as the tiger will be,” says Dr. Seizure “the anaconda will not require the training that the tiger will need. It could easily be released several yards away form the base, that would allow us to scale back patrols. Anyone trying to sneak in would become snake food.”

     “Using the anaconda to guard the outer perimeter is brilliant,” says Dentree “how long do you think it will take for the growth accelerator to kick in?”

     “Being that the anaconda has a cold blooded metabolism,” says Dr. Seizure “I can’t be sure. That is why we must keep him under surveillance.“

Blizzard‘s Cage:

     The humans would usually have put me through some kind of torture by now, Blizzard thinks, have they forgotten me? I should be so lucky, this is probably some kind of mind game. I’ll just have to stay alert to whatever they try.

     Blizzard then lays down to rest, all the while remaining fully awake.

Blizzard’s Cage (Two Hours Later) :

     Blizzard is resting as best he can, when suddenly a siren sounds, lights begin to flash, and a voice comes on over the loudspeaker.

     “Attention all HYDRA personnel, report to your battle stations at once, this is not a drill.”

     Blizzard then hears the sound of humans running in the hallway, followed by the sounds of blasting and explosions. The battle rages on for five hours, all the while the sounds of battle get closer and closer.

     Suddenly Dentree rushes into the lab and slams the door behind him, without stopping to catch his breath. Dentree runs into the back room and begins to press some buttons.

     Blizzard growls as he sees the sound cannon slide up from the floor., but this time the cannon turns to face the door to the hallway.

Outside the lab ( In the hallways of the HYDRA base) :

      A S.H.I.E.L.D. agent wearing a brown derby leads a squad of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents through the HYDRA base when a voice comes over his communications radio.

     “Fury to Dugan, Report.”

     “We’re still chasing Dr. Seizures lab assistant Colonel,” says Dugan speaking into his radio “he couldn’t have gotten far. So it’s only a matter of time before we find him.”

     “Carry on ,” says Fury “I’ll take my squad into the jungle to find Dr. Seizure.”

     “Yes Sir,” says Dugan “Good luck to you.”

     “The same to you ,” says Fury “over and out.”

     “All right men,” says Dugan to his troops “Dr. Seizure’s assistant may have valuable information. Therefore he must be brought in alive, now search each room until you find him.”

     The S.H.I.E.L.D. agents all split up to investigate the different rooms and as one agent is about to open a door. It is blasted off it’s hinges. Slamming the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent against this wall on the opposite side of the hall and knocking him out.

     Dugan seeing that one of his squad is pinned against the wall under a door that is being held against him by no visible means, quickly realizes that a sound cannon must be what is behind this odd occurrence. Fearing that his squad member will lose his hearing or worse, Dugan takes an EMP grenade from his belt and tosses it in the room.

Blizzard’s Cage:

    Blizzard sees the grenade roll in to the lab, it then opens. and with one electromagnetic pulse. Shuts down all of the electrical equipment in the lab. This stops the sound cannon and deactivates Blizzard’s cage. Blizzard wastes no time in rushing at the door, but before he can reach it. Several S.H.I.E.L.D. agents come in and are to say the least are very shocked to see a tiger running at them. This delays their reaction time by a split second. Blizzard however has no such hesitation and leaps at the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, intending to rip there throats. However Blizzard’s leap carries him clear over the heads of the S.H.I.E.L.D agents, escape being his priority. Blizzard does not turn back to face his enemies or wonder why he misjudged the strength he put into his leap, he just continues to run.

     “Wh…what was that?” says one of the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.

     “Probably one of Dr. Seizures experiments,” says Dugan who saw Blizzard turn and run down the hallway “we’ll worry about that later. For now concentrate on finding the man we’re after.”

     One S.H.I.E.L.D. agent then goes into the back room and then comes back out and says.

     “Sir, I found an entrance to a underground tunnel.”

     “Good work,” says Dugan “lets just hope HYDRA doesn’t have any other nasty surprises for us down there.”

Elsewhere in the HYDRA Base:

     Blizzard continues to run through the HYDRA base looking for a way out, the sound of battle raging makes it hard for Blizzard to really know where the sounds are coming from. So he uses his sense of smell, to avoid being seen by any humans, Blizzard runs through a different hallway and quickly stops as he catches a scent. Blizzard watches as a HYDRA agent runs up the connecting hallway, after which Blizzard cautiously moves up the hallway. The lingering fumes of tear gas burn Blizzard’s nostrils, this causes him to not notice the other human scents coming up the hallway as he sticks his head out. Needless to say Blizzard is very surprised to hear another HYDRA agent yell.


      Blizzard then turns his head in the direction of the yell and sees two HYDRA agents running toward him side by side and raising their riffles. Blizzard quickly runs at the HYDRA agents and as they fire their lasers, Blizzard leaps over the blasts and at the HYDRA agents, as he is about to go in between them he unsheathes his claws and rips the HYDRA agents throats. Before Blizzard reaches the ground he sees two more HYDRA agents running side by side at him, with their weapons drawn. Realizing that the space between the HYDRA agents he killed and the ones running behind them is to small for him to land and pounce again , Blizzard swings his back legs forward as soon as his front paws hit the ground. As he is about to land on his back, Blizzard makes an outward scissor motion with his back legs and tears the throats of the other two HYDRA agents with his back claws. Blizzard lays on his back somewhat surprised and disorientated by the move he made, recovering quickly Blizzard rolls over and stands up. However just as Blizzard lifts his head he feels a large surge of electricity course through his body.

      “THAT WAS THE SECOND TEAM OF MINE THAT YOU KILLED!” yells Stockson as he holds his taser baton on Blizzard.

      Blizzard tries to lunge forward, but he can hardly move a step before his muscles go completely numb. Blizzard then falls to the floor.

     “It looks like you’re not any tougher than the last time we fought”, says Stockson still holding the taser baton on Blizzard “you worthless cat. I may not have time to skin you, but I do have time to cut your heart out.”

     Stockson then puts his taser baton in his belt and pulls out a knife. Although once the electricity is removed, Blizzard almost immediately regains the use of his muscles. However Stockson does not become aware of this fact until after Blizzard has ripped out his throat.

     Blizzard then continues searching for a way to escape the HYDRA base, his nose still burning from the lingering fumes of tear gas and the smell of various types of explosions. Blizzard advances cautiously, fortunately for both the HYDRA and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents none of them happen to catch sight of Blizzard.

     After searching for forty minutes Blizzard sees a large air vent covered by a metal grating in the corner of the hallway, Blizzard walks up to the grating and feels a breeze of fresh air.

     This must lead outside. thinks Blizzard.

     Blizzard then unsheathes the claws on his right front leg and makes two mighty slashes, however while successfully mutilating the grating there is still no opening to escape through . Blizzard is about to try slashing through the grating with his claws again when he hears something behind him.

     “Well what do we have here?” says a sinister sounding voice.

     Blizzard turns to face the voice and sees behind him another human in a green HYDRA uniform, but this one has no sleeves and the red headed HYDRA agent is not wearing a mask.

     “Oh come on now kitty cat,” says the HYDRA agent sarcastically “Don’t tell me you don’t recognize your old buddy O’Harris.”

     Blizzard crouches into a fighting stance and growls as O’Harris raises his right hand, a hand that now has the same structure as the hand of a skeleton. Only it is made of dense metal.

     “Although these days I go by a different name “says O’Harris as two Adamantium plates slid up from his wrists and completely cover his hand (making now resemble a spear head.) “so when you meet your maker. Tell him it was Cut-Larry that sent you.”

     Cut-Larry makes a downward slash at Blizzard, who rolls out of the way. Leaving Cut-Larry’s slash to tear through the grating over the vent.

      Blizzard does not know what to do against an opponent that can most likely cleave him in two with a single swipe, so he tries to go for an unexpected attack angle. Blizzard leaps onto a wall in the hallway and digs both his back and front claws into the metal walls. This allows him to, in a sense. Cling to the wall.

     “What’s the matter Tiger,” says Cut-Larry sarcastically “no trees to climb up and hide in?”

     Cut-Larry makes a forward charge to stab Blizzard, at the last moment before impact Blizzard lets go of the wall and drops to the floor. Blizzard then prepares to Slash Cut-Larry’s stomach, but decides against it. As Cut-Larry’s hand plunges into the wall…and the power line within it.

     “AGGGGGGGGHHHHHHAAAAAAAA!” screams Cut-Larry as electricity surges through him.

     A moment later Cut-Larry falls to the floor unconscious.

      Blizzard, wanting nothing more than to escape quickly heads for the now open air vent. Blizzard walks through the vent for five minutes when he discovers that the ventilation shaft ahead turns vertical, He then leaps at the wall and digs his front and back claws into the metal. After spending a moment thinking of what to do next, Blizzard reaches up with his right front claws and digs into part of the wall above him, Blizzard then repeats the same process with his left front claws and then places his back claws in the gouges his front claws had originally made. Through repetition of this process Blizzard discovers that he can climb the wall in much the way a human can climb a ladder, although the process is not as fast. Once Blizzard reaches the top of the vent and discovers that it turned horizontal again, that is when Blizzard sees the outside, for the first time that he can remember. The only thing between Blizzard and freedom is another grating, remembering how ineffective his claws were against the grating Blizzard decides on a different tactic. Backing up as far in the vent as he can, Blizzard then rushes forward and slams his right shoulder into the grating. The grating pops loose at the top left corner but it also gives Blizzard a powerful electrical shock., after he is thrown back Blizzard thinks.

     That hurt, but I won’t let a little pain keep me from escaping.

     Blizzard then repeats the same process this time popping loose the top middle of the grating, before being thrown back by the electrical zap.

     I…I made… More progress at least, thinks Blizzard as he struggles to his feet and prepares to slam into the grating again .

     This time when Blizzard slams the grating the top right corner pops loose before he is thrown back by the electrical zap.

     O…O.K. thinks Blizzard, I have …an …opening…at the top, one more shot ought to do it.

     Once Blizzard catches his breath and stretches his aching muscles, he backs up for one more charge at the grating. Blizzard then sprints forward an leaps at the top of the grating, hitting it with both his front paws simultaneously. The electricity surges but only for an instant, as the grating is torn free from the ventilation shaft. Blizzard’s momentum causes him to roll free of the grating and into the grasses of the jungle surrounding the HYDRA base. Blizzard then stands up trying to ignore his sore muscles and inhales deeply, enjoying the scent of freedom. The fresh air is the most wonderful scent that Blizzard can ever remember having smelled, but then he catches a familiar scent. Blizzard quickly figures out where the scent came from and then turns to face the outer edge of the jungle. Blizzard fixes his gaze on a nearby tree, crouches into a fighting stance, and growls.

     “Amazing,” says a seemingly disembodied voice “my stealth technology kept me hidden from even S.H.I.E.L.D.’s cutting edge detection devices. You however found me without having to search.

     Blizzard continues to growl as the yellow visor of Dr. Seizure comes into view from seemingly out of nowhere, then the rest of Dr. seizure quickly shimmers into sight.

     “The anaconda escaped during S.H.I.E.L.D.’s attack,” says Dr. Seizure “even with my visor set to infrared I couldn’t find any trace of him. Discovering that you are still here is a very pleasant surprise, I have so many plans for you, of course I’m sure you won’t come back willingly, so I’ll have to immobilize you. Just to make sure you don’t hinder my escaping from S.H.I.E.L.D.”

     Dr. Seizure then presses a button on his left glove. and his visor turns purple .

     “Now just hold that pose.” says Dr. Seizure sarcastically.

     Dr. Seizure then fires a purple ray from his Visor, Blizzard leaps straight up. Much higher than he intended to, avoiding the blast and on his way down he catches the branches of a nearby tree.

     “Amazing,” says Dr. Seizure as Blizzard pulls himself into the tree “your strength and agility are indeed enhanced as I suspected.”

     Dr. Seizure looks in the treetop to find Blizzard, But can’t see anything. Then Dr .Seizure hears a rustle of leaves and fires a blast that narrowly misses Blizzard as he leaps to another tree.

     From in the treetops Blizzard moves to counterattack Dr. Seizure. The rush of combat and the hatred he feels toward his enemy, having made him forget about how sore he is.

     He can’t seem me from up here thinks Blizzard, that means I have a tactical advantage. I just need to wait for the right moment.

     The tiger leaped into that tree, thinks Dr. Seizure as he walks over , I can’t change my visor to X-Ray. I need to have my immobilizer available, but if I don’t see him coming, my immobilizer won’t do me any good.

     As Dr. Seizure looks at his glove to change the function of his visor, Blizzard leaps down at Dr. Seizure from the tree he is in with a fierce growl. The instant Dr. Seizure looks up, Blizzard’s paws slam into Dr. Seizure’s shoulders. Due to Blizzard’s attack Dr. Seizure’s head hit’s the ground. Knocking him out.

     Blizzard then quickly uses his claws to remove Dr. Seizure’s visor, leaving only a small scratch on Dr. Seizure’s face. Blizzard then grabs Dr. Seizure by the throat , being careful not to harm him in any way and drags him off into the jungle.

     A moment after Blizzard and Dr. Seizure disappear into the foliage of the Jungle, Dum Dum Dugan leads his squad of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents out of the HYDRA base, grabs the radio from his belt, and says.

     “Dugan to Fury, come in Colonel.”

     “Fury here,” says a voice over the radio “Go ahead Dugan.”

     “I’m afraid I have bad news sir,” says Dugan “my squad and I had Dr. Seizure’s assistant cornered in an underground tunnel. Then he threw down a flash bomb, by the time we stopped seeing stars he was gone.”

     “Any idea where he went?” asks Fury.

     “No Sir,” says Dugan “we searched everywhere for a secret passage, trapdoor, or hidden ladder. We didn’t find anything.”

     ‘O.K. Dugan,” says Fury “just maintain your position and try to capture any HYDRA agents that try to escape.”

     “Yes Sir,” says Dugan.

     “We’ll continue our search for Dr. Seizure,” says Fury “maybe our luck will turn. Fury out.”

Elsewhere In The Jungle (sometime later) :

      Blizzard had dragged Dr. Seizure deep into the jungle where he was sure no humans were, he then let go of Dr. Seizure and just sat waiting for him to regain consciousness. A minute later Dr. seizure begins to stir.

     Dr. Seizure blinks a few times and when his vision comes into focus he sees the intense blue eyes of Blizzard staring at him, Dr. Seizure scrambles to his feet. Realizing that his visor is gone Dr. Seizure touches his face and feels the scratch that is on it.

     Somehow after the tiger pounced on me, thinks Dr. Seizure, he managed to claw off my visor. Maybe I can find it?

     As Dr. Seizure starts to look around, Blizzard begins to growl menacingly. Frightened Dr. Seizure pulls a knife from his belt.

     Blizzard then lunges forward and bites down on Dr. Seizure’s wrist, crushing it.

     Dr. Seizure drops the Knife as he screams in pain.

     Then with a slight yet powerful tug of his head Blizzard pulls Dr. Seizure’s arm out of the socket. Blizzard then inhales deeply through his nose, to be sure he will not lose his adversaries scent. Before releasing Dr. Seizure who runs into the jungle, one arm flopping about uselessly at his side. As he tries to escape. Blizzard then waits one minute, then chases after his adversary. Blizzard’s sense of smell allows him to locate Dr. Seizure in only five seconds, he then leaps on Dr. Seizure’s back, knocking Dr. Seizure to the ground and digs his front claws into the back of Dr. Seizure’s shoulders. Blizzard then grabs Dr. Seizure’s good arm by the wrist, crushing it and pulls it out of the socket as well. Before once again backing slightly off, Blizzard savors Dr. Seizure’s pain filled screams as he struggles to his feet and runs away, both of his arms now flopping uselessly at his sides. Blizzard enjoys thinking of the fear that must now be going through Dr. Seizure’s head for three minutes, before giving chase, this time when Blizzard catches up to Dr. Seizure. Instead of pouncing on him Blizzard runs alongside him so that Blizzard’s head is even with Dr. Seizure’s legs, Blizzard then stares at Dr. Seizure’s legs and studies their movement. When Dr. Seizure’s legs next reach the position that Blizzard judges to be ideal for attacking, Blizzard grabs Dr. Seizure’s ankle. As Dr. Seizure falls forward, Blizzard yanks slightly back on Dr. Seizure’s leg pulling it out of the socket.

     After he screams in pain, Dr. Seizure tries to get away by kicking against the ground with his one leg that still works and trying to pull himself forward with his chin.

     Blizzard quickly grows board watching his enemy trying to inch away like a worm and grabs Dr. Seizures good leg by the ankle crushing it, after Dr. Seizure’s latest scream fades Blizzard pulls Dr. Seizure’s leg out of the socket. Before Dr. Seizure stops screaming from Blizzard’s latest attack, Blizzard places his two front paws under Dr. Seizure’s torso and flips him over so that Dr. Seizure is now laying helplessly on his back. Blizzard waits for Dr. Seizure’s pain filled screams to stop before making his next move, Blizzard sits next to Dr. seizure’s waist on the left side of him. Blizzard then unsheathes a single claw from his right front paw and slowly drags his claw down Dr. Seizure’s uniform. Blizzard slashes a single line down from the bottom of Dr. Seizure’s throat to the bottom of Dr. Seizure’s stomach, without scratching Dr. Seizure at all. Blizzard then repeats the process in the exact same place, this time drawing screams from Dr. Seizure as the cut Blizzard makes is slightly deeper and breaks the skin. Blizzard looses all track to time as he just enjoys listening to the terror and pain filled screams of his enemy as they grow louder and louder in relation to Blizzard cutting him deeper and deeper. Then Dr. Seizure’s screams stop…Forever.

Chapter 11: Panja's Forest


Africa (Elsewhere in the Jungle, Days Later ):

     After having killed Dr. Seizure, Blizzard had been running several days in a direction away from where he thought humans would be, switching directions several times to lose any humans who might be following him. The problem with that being Blizzard had no idea where he was to begin with and going in random directions had not helped him to familiarize himself with any of the terrain. Blizzard had stopped to look around and noticed a large forest a short distance away.

     With all those trees, I’ll at least have some cool shade and maybe I can find some water? Thought Blizzard.

     Blizzard had not eaten or drank anything since the day before he escaped from the HYDRA base and was just now beginning to feel the pains of hunger and thirst, add to that the fact that Blizzard had been running non stop for several days and the fact that Blizzard is still on his feet becomes very impressive. Blizzard jogs to the forest and once there, soon smells water. Blizzard quickly follows the scent to it’s source, a river where he laps up gulp after gulp of cool refreshing water.

     I’ve never had water this good, thinks Blizzard, now let’s see if I can find some food.

     Blizzard then looks around across the river, to his right, separated by another river. Blizzard sees a mountain shaped like a skull.

     I doubt I’d find any food up there, thinks , besides I really don’t feel like climbing.

     Blizzard then looks across the river and sees that the forest is bigger over there.

     There is bound to be more abundant prey in a larger forest. thinks Blizzard.

     Blizzard then wades into the river and swims across it. Once on the other side of the river Blizzard is captivated by the beauty of the forest and while keeping his eyes open for a potential meal, he also does some sight seeing. It is evening when Blizzard finally sees something he can make a meal out of, an antelope wearing a straw hat. Blizzard does a double take, He’d never seen an animal wearing any kind of clothes before.

     I can’t eat the horns anyway, thinks Blizzard, so why pass up a meal because it’s wearing something.

     Blizzard is now so hungry that he forgets to stalk the antelope and just runs after him, the antelope sees Blizzard charge out of the foliage, the antelope then runs away screaming. Blizzard continues pursuit and in a very short time is almost in pouncing distance. Just as Blizzard is about to pounce a mighty Roar fills the air, stopping both Blizzard and the antelope in their tracks. Blizzard turns to see a feline only slightly smaller than himself with a large mane looking at him with anger, Blizzard wonders what he is looking at when the name Lion comes to him. Another thing that amazes Blizzard is the fact that this lion’s fur is pure white, The lion turns to the antelope and says.

     “Get out of here T.K.”

     T.K. wastes no time in running off, The lion then locks eyes with Blizzard and says in a very commanding voice.

     “I am Panja, this is my forest and I do not allow hunting here. Now identify yourself Stranger.”

     Panja’s request caused Blizzard some trouble, because he had no idea who he was. Blizzard was hungry, exhausted, and had just been asked a question he could not possibly answer. The frustration Blizzard feels at that moment quickly clouds his better judgment before turning to outright rage and rather than answer Panja’s question, Blizzard ROARS and charges at him.

     Panja ROARS and rushes forward to meet Blizzard’s charge, both felines raise to there back legs and their front paws slam against one another. Panja feels his hind legs slide backwards as the battle begins and quickly realizes that his opponent is not only larger than him, but even stronger that what his size would indicate, Panja pushes off Blizzard’s paws in a sideways direction to gain some separation, once Panja’s feet are on the ground he makes a claw swipe at Blizzard. Only to have Blizzard block his attack, Panja then barely manages to block the claw swipe Blizzard makes in retaliation.

     The speed and reflexes of White Lions are a step above that of other lions, so needless to say Panja is amazed to discover an adversary that not only matches him, but seemingly has a slight edge in combat.

     The battle continues with neither combatant being able to strike a blow against his opponent, for two hours the big cats battle. Then Blizzard is finally able to land a glancing claw swipe on Panja’s Shoulder, Blizzard’s claw swipe does not draw blood. However it does knock Panja off balance for a split second and that is all Blizzard needs to lunge forward, grab Panja by the mane and force him to the ground.

     Thinking quickly Panja knocks one of Blizzard’s front paws out from under him, this causes Blizzard to lose his balance and let go of Panja.

     Panja wastes no time in pressing his advantage, while Blizzard is still off balance Panja thrust his shoulders into Blizzard’s chest. This knocks Blizzard to the ground on his back. Before Blizzard can get to his feet Panja uses his front paws to pin Blizzard’s shoulders to the ground.

     Blizzard then kicks Panja in the stomach with his hind legs, sending Panja through the air several feet. As Panja lands on the ground on his back, Blizzard leaps to his feet and sprints toward Panja.

     Panja having just caught his breath, rolls on to his stomach and is about to stand up.

     When Blizzard grabs him by the back of the mane and once again forces him to the ground, before Panja can react Blizzard uses his front paws to pin Panja’s front paws to the ground. At this point the only reason that Blizzard has not broken Panja’s neck is because Panja’s mane is preventing Blizzard from getting a hold of it, Blizzard tries to bite down harder on Panja’s mane, just getting more hair. Realizing that his current attack is not working, Blizzard is about to let go and deliver a spinal bite to Panja’s back. However before Blizzard can do this he hears another mighty Roar and before Blizzard can react a set of fangs sink into his right shoulder, Blizzard Roars in pain. This causes him to release his hold on Panja’s mane.

      Panja quickly glances over his shoulder to see who it is that has come to his aid and is shocked to see a black coated Barbary Lion with a white mane.

      Malody?! thinks Panja.

     Not being one to miss an opportunity to seize an advantage in battle, Panja bites Blizzard’s left leg.

     Blizzard now faced with two opponents, reacts without thinking. Blizzard shoves his full body weight against Malody, this at first drives Malody’s fangs deeper into Blizzard’s shoulder. However it also catches Malody by surprise and knocks him off his feet. It also sends him falling backwards and as Malody falls he pulls Blizzard with him.

     Blizzard uses the momentum of his fall to pull Panja over him and swing Panja’s head toward the ground.

     As Malody’s head hits the ground he loses his grip on Blizzard’s shoulder.

     As Panja’s head slams into the ground he loses his grip on Blizzard’s leg.

      Blizzard now wounded, realizes that his chances of defeating two lions are slim at best. Blizzard then decides to take advantage of the fact that his opponent’s are momentarily stunned and retreats, Blizzard does his best to ignore the pain from his injuries as he runs away, feeling angry that he lost a fight and for some reason that he does not understand. Deeply ashamed that he attacked Panja in the first place.

     Blizzard is long gone by the time Panja and Malody overcome their disorientation.

     “Do you want to go after him?” asks Malody.

     “No,” says Panja “with as quick as he ran off I don’t think he will be back.”

     “Very well.” says Malody as he turns to walk away.

     “Malody wait.” says Panja.

     Malody turns to face Panja, then Panja says

     “You saved my life, I am in your debt. Not to sound ungrateful but why did you help me?”

     “For two reasons,” says Malody “first because the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t and second because I didn’t want your cub to have to grow up without a father.”

     “H…How did you know,” asks Panja “Eliza and I haven’t told anyone but Reona and Old Dice and we only did that because we are sure that the cub will be born soon. ”

     “Well the next time you want to tell a secret,” says Malody “make sure that there are no parrots the trees.”

     “Koko.” says Panja rolling his eyes.

     “Yes and if the news has reached my cliff, you can be sure that the whole forest knows. Congratulations just the same though.” says Malody.

     “Thank you Malody.” says Panja.

     “You are most welcome Panja.” says Malody “my daughter Sateema is expecting as well. I will be a grandfather any day now.”

     “Then allow me to give you my congratulations,” says Panja “perhaps my cub and your grand-cub will not carry on the hostility we feel toward each other.”

     “There is always…hope.” says Malody before he turns to leave “farewell Panja.”

     “Farewell Malody.” says Panja as he turns to head home.

Chapter 12: Aslan


Elsewhere In The Jungle:

     Blizzard submerges all but his head in the river as he tries to clean out his wounds, the water stings, but also relaxes his sore muscles. After letting his injuries soak several minutes, Blizzard limps out of the river on to the riverbank opposite Panja’s Forest. He is about to tend to his wounds when an authoritative voice says.

     “For one who would be a protector, your actions are reprehensible.”

      Blizzard looks behind him and sees a Lion, about a head bigger than he was. The Lion was brown in color and with a light brown mane that got lighter the closer it was to his face. Blizzard crouches into a fighting stance and growls, despite his pain.

     “Sit down Blizzard!” commands the Lion.

     Through no effort or choice on his part Blizzard sits down, he also instantly remembered that his name was Blizzard.

     “I am Aslan,” said the Lion “I am here to inform you Blizzard that you are in danger of going down a very dark path. Should you choose to follow this path, you will become the type of evil that you had wanted to protect others from. The anger in you nearly caused you to kill a good and just King. It would have been a terrible tragedy had that happened. Especially since you chose to fight him out of anger. However your rash actions have led to an unspoken truce between two enemies and perhaps stopped a war. This and the fact that you feel such regret over having fought Panja in the first place. Tells me that I can make use of you and your talents.”

     “In what way?” asks Blizzard who just now felt as if he could ask a question.

     “My world has suffered some traumatic battles as of late,” says Aslan “the battles have weakened the dimensional barriers between my world and this one. Some of Adam’s race may inadvertently, or purposely stumble into my world. I wish to prevent that.”

     “Where is this barrier?” asks Blizzard.

     “Along a very long pathway called Kingdom road,” says Aslan “so named because it connects Panja’s Forest with another great Lion Kingdom in the west.”

     “Does this Kingdom have a name?” asks Blizzard .

     “Yes,” says Aslan “although it is not yet time for you to have this knowledge.”

     “O.K.” says Blizzard trying to hide the annoyance in his voice “so I’m guessing you want me to guard this barrier you mentioned.”

     “Perhaps.” says Aslan.

     “Where exactly is the weak point you might need me to guard?” asks Blizzard.

     “The weak point encompasses the entire pathway,” says Aslan “to do what is required you would have to patrol the pathway from one end to the other.”

     “How often would I need to patrol?” asks Blizzard.

     “As first constantly,” says Aslan “but as I deal with the problems in my world. I can fix the barrier, your need to patrol would lessen. When the barrier is fixed you would only need to patrol once a month.”

     “How long would it take me to traverse this pathway?” asks Blizzard.

     “That would depend on how fast you choose to move,” says Aslan “you don’t need to travel the entire path in a day. Just as long as you travel each day.”

     “What should I do about food and water?” asks Blizzard.

     “Prey is plentiful along the path” says Aslan “as well as there being many waterholes to be found. However when crossing the desert always stop at the oasis. Never try to cross the desert without resting.”

     “O.K..” says Blizzard “how will I know when the barrier is fixed?”

     “You will just know,” says Aslan “there is one more thing that needs to be dealt with before I ask you to be the guardian of Kingdom road.”

     “Which is?” asks Blizzard.

     “The methods you would use should encounter any of Adam’s race as you patrol.” said Aslan.

     “Don’t worry,” says Blizzard “I have no problem killing humans.”

     “That is where the problem lays.” says Aslan.

     “What?!” asks Blizzard.

     “I know how you have suffered because of Adam’s race,” says Aslan “you however fail to understand that not all of Adam’s race is evil.”

     “I have yet to encounter a good human.” says Blizzard.

     “Not true,” says Aslan “the sons of Adam you sought to kill upon being released from your cage were good. It is very fortunate that your leap overshot them.”

     “But they had guns.” says Blizzard.

     “Not all who wield weapons do so for the cause of evil.” says Aslan.

     “If I wait for them to shoot me,” says Blizzard “I’ll be dead.”

     “You decided to kill those sons of Adam the moment you saw them.” says Aslan “you could have avoided a conflict until you knew whether or not they were enemies.”

     “Point taken. “says Blizzard becoming very frustrated.

     “Should you become the guardian of kingdom road,” says Aslan “you need to take the time to decide if any sons of Adam you come across are good or evil. Never just assume a son of Adam is evil because of your bitterness toward them.”

     “So you’re telling me not to kill in battle?” asks Blizzard.

     “No,” says Aslan “I know that for creatures such as us. Killing in battle is often necessary, but when you kill an enemy, never take pleasure in causing an enemy’s death. Show compassion and make your foe’s death as quick as possible. Not unlike the mercy you show to your prey.”

     “Some enemies are unworthy of compassion.” says Blizzard coldly.

     “No one,” says Aslan becoming visibly angry with Blizzard “deserves the slow lingering death you inflicted on Dr. Seizure. No matter how evil they are.”

     “With the torture Dr. Seizure put me through,” says Blizzard becoming angry “how can you say he didn’t deserve what I did to him!?”

     “Because.” says Aslan trying to hold back his own anger “if you adopt the ways of your enemy. Is it really you who was the victor in that battle to the death?”

     Aslan’s words hit Blizzard with the force of a charging herd of elephants and he says nothing. Before collapsing to the ground, in a seeming state of shock.

     Forty six minutes later Aslan says.

     “I am Immortal Blizzard, but you are not. You have let my words into your heart and now your shock is over. Stand and tell me if you wish to be the guardian of Kingdom road. Or should I seek the services of another?”

     “I wish to be the guardian of Kingdom road.” says Blizzard.

     “Excellent,” says Aslan “then I have more to tell you.”

     “You have my undivided attention.” says Blizzard with a smile.

     “Then let’s begin,” says Aslan “I know asking you to let go of the anger you feel toward Adam’s race is asking a lot of you indeed. So to give you an option other than to fight, I give you the ability to speak and understand all languages in existence or that will ever exist. Whether they be of this world or any other world, in addition if you should see any kind of being that you have yet to encounter. You will automatically know what it is called.

     “Thank you Aslan,” says Blizzard.

     “You’re welcome,” says Aslan “now about your abilities. The one you don’t fully understand is that you can heal from any injury other than a severed limb or severed spinal cord with a good night’s sleep. Although to ensure that your sleep is a healing, you need to be sure that you have no bleeding injuries.”

     “That is amazing.” says Blizzard.

     “I know most of your past is unknown to you Blizzard,” says Aslan “it is best if your memories return to you on their own. What I can tell you is that you remember more than you think you do and that even though your mind may not remember it all, your heart has not forgotten anything.”

     I hate riddles. thinks Blizzard.

     “It is not a riddle “says Aslan sounding somewhat annoyed “just don’t worry about what you can not remember. When your mind is ready it will heal.”

     “O.K.” says Blizzard “I think I understand.”

     “Good,” says Aslan “now when the time comes for your patrols to decrease. You will find a home in the Lion Kingdom in the west.

      Blizzard can not help but smile at the thought of having a home that isn’t a cage, then Aslan adds.

     “But know this, in the future you will face a threat from Adam’s race. Although they will not be from this world. You will fight with all your strength and determination to protect your home and your friends, but it will not be enough. It is then that a son of Adam also not from this world will come to your aid, He will gain your trust and because of him you will learn to trust Adam’s race.”

     Not quite understanding what Aslan was telling him and wanting to change the subject Blizzard asks.

     “Where is this Kingdom rode that I have to guard?”

     “Your paws know where to go,” says Aslan “just start walking westward tomorrow and you will head straight for Kingdom road. Now get some sleep.”

     “Sure thing,” says Blizzard “as soon as I take care of my injuries.”

     “What injuries?” asks Aslan.

     “The ones on my should…” Blizzard stops in mid sentence, as he looks at his shoulder and leg to see that he has no injuries.

     “Think of it as my parting gift to you,” says Aslan “because although you will remember what I have told you and not question how you got your abilities. You will not remember me, good luck to you.”

     Aslan fades away and Blizzard for the first time that he can remember falls into a deep restful sleep.

Chapter 13: Reona


The Next Day:

     Blizzard awakens from his slumber and stretches.

     What a beautiful day, thinks Blizzard , now let me see if I can find some breakfast.

     Blizzard is about to turn westward to go hunt, when he hears a scream coming from the opposite direction.

     It might be the scream of a prey animal, thinks Blizzard, or someone may be in trouble. I guess it won’t hurt to check it out.

     Blizzard quickly swims across the river and enters Panja’s Forest, not having anyway to pinpoint where the scream came form. Blizzard looks around for signs of disturbance and takes notice of some agitated birds in the trees.

     From the way those birds are perched, thinks Blizzard, they look ready to fly out the way I came in. So if I keep heading straight forward, I should find the source of the disturbance.

     Blizzard continues running and very soon he gets proof that he is going in the right direction, as he encounters some new scents. One he has never smelled before, the other belonging to a lion that he has never met. Blizzard follows the scents, certain that he will encounter who or whatever is giving off the unfamiliar scent first, being that the smell is stronger and therefore must be closer. Blizzard continues running and twenty six seconds later two animals that Blizzard immediately recognized as hyenas leaped out of the bushes and landed in front of him.

     Two, thinks Blizzard, that’s why their scent was so strong.

     “Where do you think you’re going?” asks one of the hyenas.

     “I heard a scream,” says Blizzard “I thought someone might need help.”

     “Our boss Jamar does not want to be disturbed,” says the hyena “so get lost.”

     “Until I find out who was screaming and why,” says Blizzard “I’m not going anywhere. Now I suggest that you two get out of my way.”

     Blizzard snarls to emphasize his point, the hyenas look at each other and laugh.

     “You were warned.” says the hyena who had been acting as the duo’s spokesman.

     Both hyenas then leap at Blizzard simultaneously.

Elsewhere In Panja’s Forest:

     “Oh come now my dear,” says a muscularly built adult lion with brownish red coat, black mane, and one missing eye “I didn’t mean to startle you.”

     “I’ve told you before Jamar,” says an adult white lioness “I am not interested!”

     Oh Reona,” says Jamar “I know I can make you see things differently. Just give me a chance.”

     “Forget it,” says Reona “I know the only reason you want to win my heart. Is because you think that if you marry into the family my brother will lower his guard against you. Then you’ll try to steal his kingdom.”

     “Reona how can you think that?” says Jamar “You are the most beautiful lioness that I have I have ever seen. Any lion that saw you would fall instantly in love, like I have. Panja can keep his forest. All I want is you.”

     “Oh Jamar,” says Reona in an almost choked up voice “you…you really…Think I’m stupid enough to fall for such an obvious line? Now I reiterate, I do not wish to be courted by you.”

     “Why not?” asks Jamar “I am strong, I could protect you, and what I lack in good looks. I can make up for in…Other ways. I’d be an excellent husband.”

     “Jamar you are not the kind of husband I want,” says Reona “now just leave!”

     “Reona when I leave here today,” says Jamar “I won’t be alone.”

     Jamar then begins to advance toward Reona, who crouches into a fighting stance and growls.

     “It looks to me like the lady doesn’t want your company.” says a voice from behind Jamar.

     Jamar turns to see Blizzard a short distance behind him, somewhat hidden by the foliage around him.

     I thought I told those two dimwits to make sure no one disturbed me. Jamar thinks.

    “You are not welcome here stranger,” says Jamar “you need to leave.”

     “Tell you what,” says Blizzard “I’ll leave when you do.”

     “How would you like to be taught a most painful lesson?” asks Jamar in an arrogant and threatening voice.

     “How would you like to lose that other eye?” says Blizzard confidently as he steps out of the foliage into full view.

     Upon seeing that his would be opponent is somewhat larger than him, Jamar is somewhat surprised. Although his demeanor does not show this.

     “You were warned stranger,” says Jamar “Chester, Gufferd deal with this annoyance”

     There is no response, Jamar waits a few moments and then shouts.

     CHESTER, GUFFERD!!!!!!!!!

     “If you're referring to those hyenas I met shortly before I got here,” says Blizzard “don’t expect them to show up any time soon.”

     “Oh.” Says Jamar “and why is that?”

     “Let’s just say that they are no longer in your employ” says Blizzard as he looks casually at his bloodstained paw.

     “It would appear,” says Jamar “that if you want something done right. You have to do it yourself.”

     Jamar then crouches into a fighting stance and Blizzard does the same, both felines slowly advance toward each other. Then a powerful roar causes the two would be combatants to cease their advance.

     All eyes turn to see where the roar came from and meet the sight of a very angry looking Panja walking toward the scene where the battle would have taken place.

     “Jamar,” says Panja in a very commanding tone “leave my jungle now! If you ever come near my sister again, I will personally drag you from my kingdom. Because I assure you, should I ever catch you here again. Walking out of my kingdom will be something that you will find yourself incapable of doing.”

     Jamar glares at Panja, then he looks back at Blizzard. Then back at Panja again and says.

     “Another time Panja.”

     Jamar then runs off and Panja locks eyes with Blizzard.

     Blizzard meets Panja’s gaze and bows his head respectfully.

     “As for you stranger!” says Panja.

     “Yes stranger,” interrupts Reona “I would love to know the name of he who came to my aid." (Reona looks right at Panja as she stresses the last part of her sentence.)

     Panja fully understanding what Reona is trying to tell him calmly but firmly adds.

     “Yes stranger feel free to answer my sister’s question.”

     “My name is Blizzard Your Majesty.” says Blizzard respectfully.

     “So you do have a name,” says Panja with borderline sarcasm “I have never seen one such as you before. What is your kind called?”

     “I am a tiger Your Majesty.” says Blizzard respectfully.

     “Well Blizzard the White Tiger,” says Panja “I thank you for saving my sister. I am in your debt.”

     “If it pleases Your Majesty,” says Blizzard only now lifting his head to look at Panja “don’t look upon my assistance today as a favor. Instead please consider it my deepest apology, for my inexcusable behavior when we first met.”

     “As you wish Blizzard,” says Panja who was amazed at the request “I think Reona wishes to thank you as well.”

     Panja sits down as Reona steps forward and says.

     “Thank You Blizzard, it was very handsome of you to protect me the way you did.”

     “What?” asks Blizzard.

     “Brave,” corrects Reona quickly as Panja suppresses a giggle “it was very brave of you to protect me the way you did.”

     “I’m honored to be of help Princess” says Blizzard.

     “There is no need to be so formal,” says Reona “please just call me Reona.”

     “Certainly Pri…Uh I mean Reona.” says Blizzard.

     “How is it that you were so close by today?” asks Reona.

     Well I was just about to go hunt for breakfast, outside of your kingdom,” adds Blizzard quickly as he looks toward Panja.

     Panja nods and Blizzard resumes his story.

     “When I was about to start my hunt,” says Blizzard “I heard you scream.”

     “Oh then let me bring you breakfast “says Reona as she bashfully avoids eye contact with Blizzard “I’d be happy to hunt something in Skull Rock Forest for you.

     “That is very kind of you,” says Blizzard “but it’s not necessary I enjoy hunting.”

     “Very well,” says Reona trying to hide the disappointment in her voice “good hunting then.”

     “Thank you,“ says Blizzard “If you have no further need of me I will be on my way. I have a long way to travel”

     “Go in peace Blizzard.” says Panja.

     “Good-Bye Your Majesty,” says Blizzard.

     “Farewell Blizzard.” says Reona.

     “Good-Bye Reona” says Blizzard.

     Reona watches as Blizzard disappears into the forest and allows a deep sigh to escape her lips.

     “Don’t feel bad Reona,” says Panja as he walks up to his sister and nuzzles her “I think It’s best if we let Blizzard go his own way.”

     “Well I’m sorry to see him go,” says Reona “I would have loved a chance to get to know him better.”

     “I doubt that it would have worked out for the two of you,” says Panja “he’s not even a lion.”

     “Aren’t you the one trying to encourage cooperation between all animals?” asks Reona.

     “Ha Ha,” laughs Panja “not that type of cooperation sister dear.”

     “Brother dear,” says Reona somewhat annoyed “the only that I was offering Blizzard was breakfast.”

Chapter 14: Sarafina


Just Outside of Panja’s Forest:

     Now back to the problem of finding breakfast thinks Blizzard after he emerged from the river.

     Blizzard searched for fourteen minutes when he saw what he recognized as an ostrich. Blizzard stalks, attacks, and kills the ostrich with no trouble and then eats until he is full.

     I’ve never been this full, thinks Blizzard, I can’t travel on such a full stomach. Besides I hate to leave this beautiful jungle just yet, I’ll just rest and let my breakfast digest.

Two Hours Later:

     O.K. thinks Blizzard, I feel ready to travel.

     Blizzard gets up, Stretches and gets ready to leave. When he hears a voice a short distance away.

     “Please,” says a female voice pleadingly “I haven’t had a successful hunt in three days. My cubs are hungry.”

     A food shortage? thinks Blizzard.

     Blizzard grabs what is left of his ostrich and walks to where he heard the voices, in almost no time at all Blizzard comes upon the scene of a mother cheetah shielding her two cubs behind her as a black panther is about to walk away with a dead gazelle.

     “If you take our food.” pleads the mother cheetah “my cubs may starve.”

     “And how is that my problem?” asks the panther.

     “You look like a capable hunter to me,” says Blizzard as he steps out of the foliage “you can get your own food. Why try to steal someone else's?”

     “Listen,” says the panther as he turns to face Blizzard “Nobody tells Shaka wha…..”

     Shaka’s words get caught in his throat as he looks at Blizzard for the first time and quickly notices that he is somewhat bigger than even the mighty Panja himself.

     “Listen,” says Blizzard “give the cheetahs back the gazelle and I’ll let you have this half an ostrich.”

     Being offered leftovers in exchange for fresh meat angers Shaka enough for him to find his voice again.

     “I don’t want your leftovers.” says Shaka indignantly.

     “you don’t want what?” asks Blizzard pretending not to have heard Shaka.

     “Your leftovers!” says Shaka.

     “You don’t want what?” asks Blizzard still pretending not to hear Shaka.

     “YOUR LEFTOVERS!” shouts Shaka.

     “Sure,” says Blizzard “I’m not going to eat them.”

     Blizzard then grabs the leftover ostrich and with a mighty twist of his neck throws it at Shaka, the ostrich hits the unsuspecting Panther knocking him out.

     Blizzard then turns toward the mother cheetah and says.

     “Enjoy your gazelle.”

     The mother cheetah just stares slack jawed at Blizzard who then looks down at the unconscious Shaka, he then turns back to the cheetah mother and says.

     “I don’t think Shaka wants this leftover ostrich anymore, maybe your family would like it.”

     “Th…Thank You.” says the mother Cheetah still somewhat awestruck at what she had seen.

     “You’re Welcome.” says Blizzard with a smile.

      Blizzard then grabs Shaka by the back of the neck, much in the same way a mother would carry a cub and drags him into the jungle. When they were in a secluded area of the jungle Blizzard sets Shaka down and begins to slap his face none to gently. Within seconds Shaka wakes up startled.

     “Hey what’s going oaaaaaaaa”

     Shaka does not finish his sentence as Blizzard’s paw comes down on his throat, not to hard but definitely restricting Shaka’s air flow.

     “Now listen up,” says Blizzard in a very firm voice “I understand what it’s like to be hungry, but if I ever catch you or even hear of you stealing someone else’s food, let alone a mother and her cubs. It will be the last mistake you ever make. Is that understood?”

     “Uhaa Haaa” grunt’s Shaka.

     “Good,” says Blizzard “now get lost.”

     Blizzard then lifts his paw off Shaka’s throat and Shaka quickly runs away from Blizzard as fast as he can.

     Well, best be on my way. thinks Blizzard who then turns west and begins running.

     Blizzard’s paws take him to Kingdom road without Blizzard really thinking about where he wants to go, Blizzard travels the path as fast as he can stopping only eat, drink, and sleep. Within two days Blizzard has crossed part of a desert and reached an oasis. Once there he quickly finds the waterhole and laps up several gulps of water. Blizzard then looks around and thinks.

     This is a very beautiful place, now to find some dinner.

     Blizzard searches for twenty one minutes and then catches sight of a warthog.

     Perfect, thinks Blizzard, pork dinner tonight.

     Blizzard crouches into a stalking position and judges the best angle to attack from. Blizzard moves into position and is just about to attack, when the wind changes. Blizzard then catches the scent of the warthog and immediately loses his appetite.

     The gas Dr. Seizure used on me smelled better than this. thinks Blizzard as he fights not to wretch.

     Not being able to stand the smell Blizzard leaves once again running westward, after getting far enough away form the warthog to get its horrid smell out of his nose. Blizzard stops to drink some water and then leaves the oasis heading west. Within two more days Blizzard had crossed the other side of the desert and was now coming to a place with vegetation and prey. Blizzard was about to hunt when he caught the scent of humans, Blizzard tracked the scent for two minutes. Until he came upon four humans in a jeep, the flashes of their cameras forced Blizzard to squint even though he was not what the humans were looking at. Already angered by the presence of humans, Blizzard unsheathed his claws and growled. As Blizzard began to plot his attack another thought occurred to him. Blizzard then retracts his claws and calmly walks over to the jeep, the humans in the jeep are all to occupied with looking at the scenery and taking pictures to notice what’s in front of them. Consequently they don’t notice Blizzard until he jumps up on the hood of the jeep, as the humans all turned to see what was in front of them Blizzard said, in their language.

     “Hi I’m looking for dinner, can you help me?”

     Blizzard then smiled broadly at the humans, to which they replied.


     The driver of the jeep quickly turns the jeep on and slams it into reverse, as the jeep pulls back Blizzard does a back flip off the jeep and lands on the ground. The jeep then turns left and speeds away, as the jeep quickly disappears over the horizon. Blizzard doubles over in laughter, after three minutes Blizzard regains his composure and says.

     “That will never get old, I just found a new hobby.”

     Blizzard then returns to the task of finding his dinner, Blizzard hunts for thirteen minutes when he locates a wildebeest. After stalking, attacking, and killing his prey. Blizzard is about to enjoy his dinner, when he hears the maniacal laughter of hyenas.

     Hyenas, thinks Blizzard, I wonder if they are as ill-mannered as the ones in Panja’s Forest. A little recon will get me the information I need.

     Blizzard runs in the direction of the laughter and comes to a rocky clearing which over looks a narrow quarry, at the end of the quarry was a ledge about mid sized height. Which then lead to a wide grassy area. Blizzard then looks to see where the quarry began and sees an exceedingly pregnant lioness running from four hyenas who were rapidly gaining on here, the sight of this infuriates Blizzard.

In The Quarry:

     The lioness runs toward the ledge and leaps, but in her condition can not reach the top. She looks back and sees that the hyenas are now casually walking toward her, they know she is trapped. The lioness turns to face the hyenas, knowing that in her condition she has no chance of winning. The lioness crouches into a fighting stance and growls, determined to give her four murderers the fight of their lives before she dies. The hyenas close in on the lioness laughing at her defiance.

     Then Blizzard leaps down from the left upper ledge, landing between the lioness and the hyenas.

     “Leave her alone!” says Blizzard barely able to form the words through the snarl on his face.

     Blizzard slowly advances toward the hyenas and the hyenas slowly back off, this retreat goes on for several yards. Until they are out of sight of the lioness and have reached a point where the quarry widened.

     “Hey,” says one of the Hyenas who had now stopped retreating “what are you, some kind of deformed zebra, or are you a lion that lost his hair?”

     As the hyenas laughed Blizzard noticed two of them fanning out trying to get around him, Blizzard pretended not to see this, but listened closely to the way the hyenas behind him moved. Ready to chase after them if they should try to get to the lioness, however the hyenas behind Blizzard started coming up behind him.

     “What’s the matter, says the hyena who was taunting Blizzard “maybe you aren’t as tough as you think you are.”

     The two hyenas in front of blizzard step forward and Blizzard steps back, even as the two hyenas behind Blizzard step forward and close ranks. The hyenas now have Blizzard exactly where he wants them, without any kind of warning Blizzard leaps straight up. Turning his front paws upside down blizzard makes an upward slash with all four sets of his claws simultaneously, ripping the hyena’s throats. Blizzard lands and takes a quick look at the bodies of the hyenas to be sure that they are dead, He then returns to the lioness. Who although standing up is still poised for combat.

     “It’s O.K.” says Blizzard gently “you’re safe now.”

     “Thank you,” says the lioness “I am Sarafina.”

     “I am Blizzard,” says Blizzard and anticipating Sarafina’s next question he quickly adds “I’m a tiger.”

     “I am very grateful to you Blizzard,” says Sarafina “you saved not only my life but the life of my cub as well.”

     “I’m glad to be of help,” says Blizzard “if you don’t mind my asking. Why are you traveling alone in your condition?”

     Sarafina takes a deep breath and slowly says.

     “That is a very sad story Blizzard, are you sure you want to hear it?”

     “If you wish to tell it, then yes.” says Blizzard.

     “Very well,” says Sarafina “I was the Queen of the Southern Kingdom, a land as the name would imply south of here. My husband Mendarbo and I ruled a small pride, he was a wise and powerful King and our land had abundant prey. As well as a water hole that never seemed to never run dry, even in times of drought. Which I’m sure is why our land was so often sought by others, Mendarbo defeated most challengers with ease. Until two rogue lions showed up, Mendarbo battled and defeated them. However they came back day after day, It became part of our daily life. Mendarbo would battle them in the morning and I would tend to his wounds while my pridesisters would hunt. I lost track of how long it went on like this, I tried to convince him to let the other lionesses and I help him drive the rouge lions off. Only to have him repeatedly insist that defending the kingdom was his responsibility and neither I nor the other lionesses were to interfere, no matter what happened. I was not to place myself in harms way. To make matters worse the rogue lions would always attack from different directions, trying to catch Mendarbo off guard. Sometimes the rogue lions attacked and battled Mendarbo in full view of the pride, It was on one such day that my pridesisters and I watched form the entrants of our cave, as Mendarbo was fighting the rogue lions humans flew through the sky in some kind of…something…that …stayed motionless in the sky. Two loud sounds rang out from whatever it was that the humans were in and then Mendarbo roared in pain and fell to the ground. As did one of the rogue lions, the other rogue lion ran away as there was another loud sound and dirt from the ground seemed to jump up behind him as he ran. Then whatever was carrying the humans landed, the humans got out of it and took Mendarbo and the rogue lion aboard what it was that they gotten out of, then they climbed back in it and flew away. My pridesisters and I cried all night, they had lost their King and I had lost my love. If that wasn’t hard enough to deal with the next morning the last rogue lion came back to claim the land, without a male to oppose the rouge lion’s takeover we had no hope of driving him off. My pridesisters begged me to run away while they occupied the new King’s attention, so I quickly said good-bye to my pridesisters, wished them well, and ran for the life of my cub. It seems to me like I didn’t stop running, until those hyenas cornered me. ”

     “I’m sorry for your loss Your Majesty.” says Blizzard.

     “Blizzard please.” says Sarafina trying to hold back tears “I am no longer a Queen. Please just call me Sarafina.”

     “Forgive me Sarafina,” said Blizzard “I did not mean to hurt your feelings.

     “I know Blizzard,” says Sarafina. “It’s just that with all that I’ve lost. It makes the pain so much worse when I am reminded that my cub, who was to be the heir to the throne of Mendarbo will now have nothing.”

     “Your cub will have a very devoted mother to raise it,” says Blizzard “I think that is definitely something.”

     “Thank you Blizzard,” says Sarafina “you are very kind.”

     “You’re Welcome,“ says Blizzard “have you eaten yet?”

     “I’ve been far to upset to eat and right now I don’t feel up to hunting.” says Sarafina.

     “You don’t need to hunt,” says Blizzard “I had just brought down a wildebeest before the hyenas interrupted me.”

     “Oh I couldn’t impose,” says Sarafina “you’ve done so much for me already.”

     “It’s no imposition at all and besides I bet your cub is hungry.” says Blizzard.

     “Well O.K.” says Sarafina with a smile.

     “O.K.” says Blizzard “just stay here I’ll be right back.”

     Blizzard then sniffs the air and looks around for danger, he then runs to the left edge of the quarry and leaps partway up the side of it. Then digging his claws in to the rock, he climbs up to the top of the ledge. Leaving a rather astounded Sarafina below him.

     In fact Sarafina is so astounded by what she saw, that it seems to her that no sooner does she close her gaping mouth, than the body of a wildebeest hits the bottom of the quarry. Followed soon by Blizzard as he leaps from the top of the ledge.

     Blizzard then drags the wildebeest body over to Sarafina and says.

     “Dig in.”

     “Aren’t you hungry?” asks Sarafina.

     “I can wait,” says Blizzard “I want to be sure you get enough to eat.”

     “I scarcely have an appetite,” says Sarafina “I’m eating because I know I have to. Not because I want to, there is more than enough for both of us. Please join me.”

     “O.K.” says Blizzard with a smile as he then begins to eat dinner.

     “So Blizzard,” says Sarafina in-between bites “Where is it that you come from?”

     “Well,” says Blizzard in-between bites “my story is rather difficult to tell.”

     “Like mine?” asks Sarafina.

     “No,” says Blizzard “my story is difficult to tell because it lacks detail.”

     “Now I’m totally intrigued,” says Sarafina “please tell me more.”

     “Well if you want to hear it.” says Blizzard “then O.K.”

     Blizzard then tells Sarafina his story, while the felines eat their dinner (at least what he can remember of it.) although he chooses not to mention that he is only a year old.

     “So you never knew your parents?” asks Sarafina.

     “Not that I can remember,” says Blizzard “although since I haven’t seen any other tigers around here. I think it is a safe bet that they are no longer alive.”

     “Well Blizzard,” says Sarafina “I think it’s a safe bet that if they are not alive. They look down on you with pride from where they are.”

     “Thank you Sarafina,” says Blizzard with a smile.

     “Well,” says Sarafina “I’m to full to travel anymore tonight. I’ll stay here tonight and figure out where to go tomorrow.”

     “Well then maybe I should stay close by,” says Blizzard “to make sure no other trouble makers show up.”

     “Thank you Blizzard,” says Sarafina “I’d like that.”

     “Then that is what I’ll do.” says Blizzard.

     “Good-Night.” says Sarafina as she finds a comfortable place to lay down.

     Blizzard then takes notice of where Sarafina is sleeping and after taking into consideration the lay of the land. Lays down in a south-east angle from her, in order to react as fast as possible to any threat from whatever angle it may come from.

     “Good-Night.” says Blizzard as he lays down.

     Sarafina soon falls into a deep restful sleep and Blizzard relaxes and rests his tiered muscles, although he remains alert to every sound around him.

The Next Morning:

     Sarafina awakens and stretches.

     “Good morning Sarafina,” says Blizzard as he stretches “shall I go find us some breakfast?”

     “I ate far to much last night, to even think about eating now,” says Sarafina “although if your hungry, don’t let me stop you from getting something to eat.”

     “I can wait until lunch,” says Blizzard “If you don’t mind my asking. Have you thought of where you want to go from here?”

     “Well I had wanted to go to the Pride Lands.” said Sarafina.

     “What are the Pride Lands?” asks Blizzard.

     “It is largest Lion Kingdom in this area,” says Sarafina “I’ve heard legends of a kingdom east of the Pride Lands. Supposedly just as big, but It may just be a legend. Besides The King and Queen of the Pride Lands are good friends of mine.”

     “Who are they?” asks Blizzard.

     “King Mufasa and Queen Sarabi” said Sarafina.

     “How did you meet them?” asked Blizzard.

     “It was two years ago,” said Sarafina “Mendarbo had just inherited the throne two months earlier and only at the end of those two months, had he found the courage to ask me to be his Queen. I was overjoyed and immediately said yes, we then went for a walk to make our wedding plans. After setting a date, our plans hit a snag. We had no Shaman in our kingdom and because of that no part of our land had been blessed and made suitable for a sacred ceremony. This left Mendarbo and I wondering what to do. Well after five days of not being able to think of a solution, we were beginning to become frustrated. It was then that a hornbill named Zazu flew over to us and announced that he was the Majordomo of the Pride Lands and that Mufasa son of Ahadi had inherited the throne a month ago. He went on to say that Mufasa was extending an invitation to all royals and dignitaries of neighboring kingdoms to come to the Pride Lands and meet with him in an effort to encourage good diplomatic relations. Mendarbo thanked Zazu who then flew to the next kingdom, Mendarbo had been wanting to make alliances since he inherited the throne and thought that we should leave for the Pride Lands immediately. So after Mendarbo made sure our borders were secure and had informed my pridesisters of where we were going, Mendarbo then made sure my pridesisters knew what to do in the event of an attack on our kingdom, we were then on our way to the Pride Lands. Once we left our borders Mendarbo told me that another reason we were going to the Pride Lands is that he hoped to find a traveling Shaman among the dignitaries that would accept King Mufasa’s invitation. A few days later we reached the Pride Lands and as luck would have it Mufasa and Sarabi were walking near the border we came up to. Introductions were made and Mendarbo and I discovered that we were the only ones to have responded to Mufasa’s invitation thus far. This news was slightly disheartening because it meant that Mendarbo and I would have a slim chance at best of meeting a traveling Shaman. But we had come first and foremost to wish the new King of the Pride Lands well and take care of our personal problems second. So we exchanged formalities and then we spent the rest of the day visiting with Mufasa and Sarabi. Mendarbo and I discovered that we had much in common with them and soon we became fast friends. Such good friends in fact that Mufasa and Sarabi invited us to there wedding in two months, ironically the date they had picked was the same day that Mendarbo and I had chosen for our wedding. Not wanting to seem rude Mendarbo explained our situation, Mufasa was very understanding and said that if they had known of our intentions he and Sarabi would have picked a different day. Sarabi then whispered something in Mufasa’s ear which mad him simile broadly, before Mendarbo and I could even begin to wonder what Sarabi had told him. Mufasa offered to let us have a double wedding with he and Sarabi at Pride Rock, It would be preformed by their Shaman Rafiki and also serve to demonstrate an alliance between our kingdoms. Mendarbo and I were thrilled, this solved all our problems. We quickly accepted, Over the next few weeks Mufasa and Sarabi visited our lands and Mendarbo and I returned to the Pride Lands to finalized details. Then when our wedding day came. All animals from the Pride Lands as well as the South Kingdom came to Pride Rock, to celebrate Mufasa’s marriage to Sarabi, and Mendarbo’s marriage to me. Since that day Mendarbo and I remained the closest of friends with King Mufasa and Queen Sarabi, visiting each other as often as we can.”

     “Wow,” says Blizzard “it sounds to me like being in the Pride Lands would almost be like being with family.”

     “It would,” said Sarafina “but I can not get over that rock ledge in my condition. My cub needs a safe place to be born, so I must find another place to live.”

     “You don’t have to do that,” says Blizzard “I can carry you over the ledge.”

     Sarafina smiles and gently says.

     “Blizzard I know you are strong, but if you try to pick me up by the nape of my neck and carry me over the ledge. I will get hurt and so will my cub.”

     “No,” says Blizzard with a slight chuckle “I’ll carry you on my back.”

     “What?” says Sarafina sounding confused.

     Blizzard then lays down and says.

     “Just climb on my back.”

     “What?!” says Sarafina sounding even more confused.

     “Climb on my back,” says Blizzard slowly “then I can carry you over the ledge.”

     “Are you sure you’ll be able to do this?” asks Sarafina nervously.

     “Positive,” says Blizzard.

     “Well…O.K.” said Sarafina still sounding somewhat unsure.

     Sarafina carefully climbed onto Blizzard’s back placing, her front paws on Blizzard’s shoulders and her back paws above Blizzard’s hips. Sarafina then carefully lays down on Blizzard’s back.

     “Are you ready?” asks Blizzard.

     “Sure.” says Sarafina not really having paid attention to what Blizzard said.

     Blizzard then stands up and Sarafina looses her balance, thinking quickly Sarafina lunges slightly forward and grabs Blizzard around the neck with her front paws.

     “I thought you said you were ready.” says Blizzard somewhat startled.

     “I’m not in the habit of being carried by a tiger,” said Sarafina sounding very annoyed “you’ll have to understand if I don’t know what to expect!”

     “All right, all right. It’s O.K.” says Blizzard gently trying to calm Sarafina down.

     Blizzard waits for Sarafina to compose herself and then gently says.

     “Now hold on tight.”

     Sarafina tightens her grip around Blizzard’s neck.

     “Now,” says Blizzard “are you ready?”

     “Yes.” says Sarafina.

     Blizzard then looks at the ledge backs up a little and then runs towards it at full speed, when he feels that he is close enough to the face of the ledge. Blizzard leaps for the top of it, however Blizzard’s leap does not just take he and Sarafina to the top of the ledge, but several feet over it. Where they land in a grass covered pathway that opens into a beautiful plain.

     “O.K.” says Blizzard “Which way to the Pride Lands?…Sarafina?”

     “Oh uh…Yes the Pride Lands “says Sarafina who had expected Blizzard to climb up the ledge as she had see him climb the wall of the quarry “are straight ahead. Just keep walking until you see Pride Rock, you can’t miss it.”

      Blizzard begins heading straight forward, then Sarafina says.

     “Uh Blizzard, I can walk the rest of the way. Will you please put me down?”

     “Oh, yes…certainly.” says Blizzard somewhat embarrassed.

     Blizzard than lays down and lets Sarafina, for lack of a better phrase dismount him. The two felines then resume their walk, a short time later Blizzard asks.

     “That mountain, with that promontory sticking out from about the middle. That’s Pride Rock, isn’t it?”

     Sarafina squints her eyes and says.

     “Yes, I think so, but I can barely see it from here.”

     “It is a very impressive sight.” says Blizzard.

     “When I see it again“, says Sarafina sarcastically “I’ll be sure to agree with you.”

     Blizzard laughs and in a short time Pride Rock in all it’s majesty is clearly visible.

     “Wow,” says Blizzard “It’s even more impressive close up.”

     “Yes,” says Sarafina “It is something else.”

     Blizzard admires the beautiful scenery of the Pride Lands and he takes notice of a blue and white hornbill that is doing some low passes over he and Sarafina. Sarafina notices this too and calls out to the hornbill.

     “Zazu!…Zazu come down here please!”

    Zazu then lands at Sarafina’s front paws and bows spreading his wings out sideways and lowering his head.

    “Why Queen Sarafina,” says Zazu,” what a pleasure it is to se……..”

     “Zazu,” interrupts Sarafina as her eyes well up with tears and she fights to hold back a sob “Please tell King Mufasa and Queen Sarabi that my friend Blizzard and I are here.”

     “Oh, yes at once.” says Zazu as he takes a quick glance at Blizzard and then flies to Pride Rock.

     “Are you going to be O.K?” asks Blizzard.

     “I’ll…be O.K. says Sarafina as she composes herself.”

Chapter 15: The Pride Lands


Pride Rock (in Mufasa’s den ):

     “Are you comfortable Sarabi?” asks Mufasa “can I get you anything?”

     “I’m perfectly fine.” says the exceedingly pregnant lioness to her doting husband”

     At that moment Zazu landed outside the entrance of the den.

     “Your Majesties” says Zazu “I have important news.”

     “Enter and tell us.” says Mufasa.

     Zazu then flies to where Mufasa and Sarabi are and says.

     “Queen Sarafina asked me to tell you that she and her friend Blizzard are in the Pride Lands.”

     “Oh that is wonderful,” says Sarabi “I’ve been wanting to see Sarafina again.”

     “Isn’t Mendarbo with her and who is this Blizzard?” asks Mufasa.

     “I didn’t see him,” says Zazu “as for this Blizzard fellow I…well…”

     “What Zazu?” asks Mufasa.

     “Well…He’s not a lion,” says Zazu “but he’s definitely not a zebra?”

     “So what is he Zazu?” asks Mufasa.

     “Well Sire…I…don’t know,“ says Zazu “I have never seen one of his kind before.”

     “Who cares what he is,” says Sarabi “if he is a friend of Sarafina’s that’s good enough.”

     “I’ll just go meet them then.” says Mufasa.

     As Mufasa walks toward the exit of the den Sarabi gets up and joins him.

     “I didn’t say I wanted you to come.” says Mufasa gently.

     Sarabi nuzzles her husband and then says in a gentle yet firm tone.

     “I didn’t ask.”

    A Short Distance Away From The South Border Of The Pride Lands (A Few Moments Later) :

     Sarafina and Blizzard sit patently waiting as Zazu flies up to them and lands.

     “I’m here to announce that King Mufasa and Queen Sarabi are on their way,” says Zazu “they should arrive shortly.

     “Thank you Zazu” says Sarafina as she stands up.

     “My pleasure Your Majesty,” says Zazu.

     Sarafina feels a lump come to her throat once again, seeing that she is again becoming choked up. Blizzard asks in an attempt to take Sarafina’s mind off her sorrow.

     “Are they coming to meet you are should we go to meet them?”

     “Wo…would it be all right to meet them half way Zazu?” asks Sarafina as she composes herself once again.

     “I’m certain it would be O.K.” says Zazu “just follow me.”

     Zazu then flies back the way he came and Sarafina follows him. Blizzard however follows several paces behind Sarafina, remembering what a poor impression he made on the last King he met.

     After several minutes Mufasa and Sarabi appear over the horizon, both lionesses see each other and rush to greet one another (in what is more of a hurried walk rather than a run considering their conditions.). The two lionesses nuzzle each other.

     “I’ve missed you so much Sarabi.” says Sarafina.

     “It’s so good to see you again Sarafina.” says Sarabi.

     The lionesses end their nuzzle and look each other over, broad grins come to their faces as each sees that the other is pregnant. Mufasa Then walks up to the lionesses and says.

     “It’s wonderful to see you again Sarafina.”

     “Oh Mufasa,” says Sarafina “it’s wonderful to see you too. Forgive my breach of protocol.”

     “Forget protocol.” says Mufasa with a smile.

     Mufasa then nuzzles Sarafina and asks.

     “Who is your friend?”

     “That is Blizzard,” says Sarafina “he escorted me here.”

     “He is really very…uh…” says Mufasa at a loss for words.

     “A tiger.” says Sarafina.

     “Oh,” says Mufasa “then I guess I should meet him.”

     Sarafina turns to Blizzard who had stopped following her when she went to greet Sarabi and yells.

     “Blizzard come over here, the King wants to meet you!”

     Blizzard walks over in as dignified a manner as possible wanting to make a good impression. He stops just before he reaches Sarafina’s side.

     “Greetings Blizzard,” says Mufasa “I am King Mufasa. To my right is my Queen Sarabi, welcome to the Pride Lands.

     Blizzard bows respectfully and says.

     “I am honored to meet you Your Majesties.”

     Mufasa nods to Blizzard and is about to turn his attention back to Sarafina when Zazu says.

     “Begging your pardon Sire.”

     “Yes Zazu.” says Mufasa.

     “If you will not be needing me,” says Zazu “may I return to making my rounds.”

     “Yes Zazu,” says Mufasa “you may go.”

     “Thank you your Majesty.” says Zazu who then flies away.

     Sarabi then turns to Sarafina and says.

     “Well now I know why you and Mendarbo have not visited in such a long time.”

     “Why couldn’t Mendarbo come with you this time?” asks Mufasa.

     Sarafina takes a deep breath and says.

     “You two should probably sit down.”

     Mufasa and Sarabi sit down, the concern clearly visible on their faces. Sarafina then tells them her story, up to the point where she had sent Zazu to notify them of her and Blizzard’s arrival.

     “I…Came here,” says Sarafina as tears roll down her cheeks “because I had no idea where else to go.”

     Sarabi gets up and goes to Sarafina’s side and nuzzles her as she begins to sob.

     “I am so sorry for your loss,” says Sarabi “we will all miss Mendarbo.”

     Sarabi then turns to Mufasa and says. “she needs a place to stay.”

     Mufasa simply nods and then walks up to Blizzard.

     Sarabi then turns back to Sarafina and says.

     “The Pride Lands are your home now.”

     Sarafina steps back to look at Sarabi and asks in a voice full of worry.

     “What…of my cub?”

     Sarabi turns to Mufasa again, but before she can say anything Mufasa addresses Blizzard.

     “Blizzard you came to the aid of two members of my pride, for that I am very grateful. If you are in need of a place to stay you are welcome in my land and feel free to hunt within the borders of my kingdom.”

     “Thank you Your Majesty,” says Blizzard as he bows “your offer is very much appreciated. However I am not one to stay in any one place for very long. Now that Sarafina is safe I should be going.”

     “As you wish Blizzard,” says Mufasa “should your travels bring you to the Pride Lands again. Know that my offer to hunt here is an open invitation.”

     “Thank you Your Majesty,” says Blizzard “farewell.”

     “It was a pleasure to meet you.” calls Sarabi.

     “The pleasure was mine Your Majesty.” says Blizzard with a bow.

     “Take care of yourself Blizzard and thank you.” calls Sarafina.

     “You are very welcome Sarafina.” says Blizzard “take care.”

     The Lions watch as Blizzard leaves the way he came, then Mufasa says.

     “Well I guess we should head home and introduce Sarafina to her new pridesisters.”

     “I’d like that,” says Sarafina “I can’t tell you how grateful I am. For you allowing me to join your pride.”

     “Think nothing of it.” says Mufasa.

     “Yes,” says Sarabi “you have always been like family to us. Besides I’m thrilled that there will be another cub for my cub to play with.”

     “I’m sure my cub will enjoy that too.” says Sarafina.

     “Your joining the pride benefits everyone Sarafina,” says Mufasa “Let’s go home.”

     The Lions begin walking toward Pride Rock, along the way Sarabi nuzzles up alongside Mufasa and licks his cheek.

     Mufasa smiles at Sarabi and says in a whisper

     “Now what brought that on?”

     “The fact that you accepted Sarafina and her cub into the pride without a moments hesitation,” says Sarabi also in a whisper “poor Sarafina lost so much coming to us. Although it is what her cub will not have that hurts her the most.”

     “Actually,” whispers Mufasa “I’ve been thinking about that.”

     “Oh you have?” whispers Sarabi.

     “Yes and I was thinking that if between you and Sarafina Pride Rock becomes the home of a lion and lioness cub.” whispers Mufasa “That the heir of Mendarbo would be the perfect choice to become betrothed to our cub, do you like that idea?”

     Sarabi smiles broadly at her husband and whispers.

     “Is it possible for you to be any more wonderful and magnificent.”

     “I can try,” whispers Mufasa “but I’ll never reach your level.”

     Sarabi says nothing, she just nuzzles Mufasa firmly as they head home.

     Blizzard spends the next few weeks patrolling Kingdom road, scaring tourists and eliminating poachers where he finds them. Eventually Blizzard’s travels bring him near the Pride Lands once again. Blizzard is about to venture into the Pride Lands to get a drink of water when he catches the scent of humans, Blizzard follows the scent almost to the outside edge of the northern border of the Pride Lands. There Blizzard looses the humans scent among some other kind of mechanical smell.

     What happened, thinks Blizzard, the scent just disappears here. Where did the humans go, straight up? Well I guess I’ll have to keep an eye on the outer borders of the Pride Lands when I patrol near here.

     Blizzard is about to go back toward the Pride Lands when he once again hears the maniacal laughter of hyenas.

     They sound much to gleeful for this to just be a typical hunt, thinks Blizzard, I’d better look into this.

     Blizzard follows the sound of the laughter in to the elephant graveyard and comes to a ledge looking down into an barren field. Where he sees two lion cubs run to the corps of an elephant and try to leap to the ledge above, however the membrane of skin that had been covering the bones gives way and the cub fall into the elephant’s rib cage. Blizzard then sees three hyenas walking toward the elephant corps, knowing that the Hyenas were after the cubs Blizzard decided to intervene, but the ledge he was on was very high and Blizzard wasn’t sure if he could survive the landing if he were to leap off the ledge.

     Killing myself won’t help those cubs, thinks Blizzard what do I do?

     Blizzard frantically looks over the edge and sees a smaller narrow ledge a considerable distance down from where he is.

     I hope this works. thinks Blizzard.

     Blizzard then leaps straight down the face of the ledge headfirst, while he is falling Blizzard twists his body into an upright position and then digs his front claws lightly into the face of the ledge. This slows Blizzard’s decent enough so that he reaches the ledge at a speed that in no way injures him. Blizzard looks behind him and is about to leap from the small ledge to the ground when a mighty roar fills the air, Blizzard once again looks behind him and sees Mufasa attack and quickly force the three hyenas to retreat, the cubs then come out of the elephant corps with their heads hanging low.

     Those must be Sarabi and Sarafina’s cubs and with the way they’re avoiding eye contact it looks like they are in deep trouble. Now is not the best time to go introduce myself. Thinks Blizzard.

     “Well guys,” says Blizzard speaking to his claws “I’m sorry, but we have to climb back up this ledge. Don’t worry, I’ll take it slow. Thirty six minutes later Blizzard reaches the top of the ledge.

     I went as slow as I could and my claws hurt worse than they did before. Thinks Blizzard.

     Blizzard quickly examines his claws to see that they are not bleeding, he then retracts them (which also hurts.) and returns to Kingdom road. Then (after getting a drink of water.) Blizzard finds a comfortable place to sleep for the night and quickly falls into a deep, restful, and healing sleep.

Chapter 16: Kimba


The Next Morning:

     Blizzard awakens and stretches, then after a light breakfast of fish. Blizzard heads out on patrol, eventually Blizzard crosses half the desert and once again comes to the oasis. Blizzard cautiously sniffs the air and is pleased to detect no sign of that horrid smelling warthog. Blizzard takes the time to examine the oasis and finds a large lake.

     It would be nice to get this desert sand out from between my paw toes thinks Blizzard.

     Blizzard then dives in the lake and swims, for forty one minutes Blizzard enjoys the water. Then on the far side of the lake Blizzard notices a giraffe heading to the lake.

     It must be here to get a drink, thinks Blizzard, Lunch is served.

     Blizzard waits for the giraffe to begin bending his head down to drink, Blizzard then submerges and swims to where he knows the giraffe is. Once he begins to reach the shallow part of the lake, Blizzard leaps from the water. The giraffe never sees the attack coming.

Thirty Two Minutes Later:

     Blizzard awakens from his catnap having digested his meal enough to comfortably move again, Blizzard is wondering what he should do next when the wind changes. Blizzard just barely catches the scent of that horrid smelling warthog.

     Not now, thinks Blizzard, I just ate and he’s coming this way.

     Not having time to hide the leftover giraffe Blizzard silently slips into the water and swims out far enough to submerge all but the very top of his head. Blizzard then concentrates on listening, hoping to hear when the warthog passed by.

Above The Water:

      “I tell ya Pumbaa old buddy,” says a meerkat riding on the warthogs back “that was fun. Now a nice relaxing swim will be the perfect way to unwind before lunch.”

      “I agree Timon,” says the warthog “after a hard morning of playing Coconut Football. Swimming is the best way to relaaaaaaaaa!”

    Wondering why Pumbaa screamed, Timon turns to him and asks.

     “Gee Pumbaa what’s the maaaaaaaaa!”

     Having just seen the giraffe’s body Timon and Pumbaa are to say the least frightened.

     “LET’S GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!!” screams Timon.

     Pumbaa says nothing, he just runs back the way he came, at a very impressive speed for a warthog of his size.

     Blizzard waits a moment and then sticks his head out of the water, almost immediately he nose is burned by the smell of Pumbaa.

     I will not be sick. I will not be sick. thinks Blizzard repeatedly.

     After coming out of the water, Blizzard grabs the leftover giraffe and leaves the oasis. Bringing food along slows Blizzard’s trip across the desert considerably, but it’s nice to not have to wait for dinner when he gets hungry.

     Days later Blizzard is once again nearing Panja’s Forest, when he hears someone calling behind him.

     “Excuse me?” says the voice.

     Blizzard turns to see a white lion cub, with blue eyes black ear tips, and a black tail tuff. Come running up to him.

     “Can I help you?” asks Blizzard.

     “I’m Kimba,” says the lion “I’m looking for Panja’s Forest. Do you know where I can find it?”

     “I don’t normally go that far,” says Blizzard “but I can show you where it is.”

     “Really,” says Kimba “thank you uh…”

     “Blizzard,” says Blizzard “I’m a tiger.”

     “I’m pleased to meet you.” says Kimba.

     “The same to you,” says Blizzard “but can you tell me something?”

     “What?” asks Kimba.

     “What is a cub doing out here all by himself?” asks Blizzard.

     “That’s kind of a long story.” says Kimba.

     “It’s a long walk.” says Blizzard.


    “Well O.K.” says Kimba.

     Kimba then begins to tell his story.

Fifty Three Minutes Later:

     “That is an amazing story Kimba,” says Blizzard “I’m so sorry about your parents. Your Father was…”

     Blizzard is interrupted as the ground shakes.

     “What’s happening?” asks Kimba.

     “I’m not sure.” says Blizzard.

     The ground shakes again, then a voice is heard chanting in a nearly amplified manner.

     “Tormas Vlando Callan Kantra Bamak Ofan !” said the voice

     Then the ground shakes once again and the spell is repeated. Only this time louder.

     “Tormas Vlando Callan Kantra Bamak Ofan !!”

     The ground shakes for nearly a minute and red lightning flashes through the air. The chant would have made no sense to anyone who heard it, for it was an ancient mystical language that would make even the most knowledgeable and skilled magician have to search through their library to find the meaning of. In truth it could not actually be translated directly, however Blizzard understood the meaning to be (or at least as could closely be explained.) Power From Beyond Come To Me, Blizzard knew that this could only mean trouble and he also noticed something else. Though the ground shook the ridge on the right side of him seemed unaffected higher up.

     “There is danger up ahead Kimba,” says Blizzard “I need to get you out of here.”

     Without waiting for a response Blizzard grabs Kimba by the nape of the neck, runs toward the ridge, and leaps for one of the crisscrossing outcropping on the ridge wall. With two quick and powerful leaps from outcropping to outcropping, Blizzard carries Kimba to the top of the ridge and sets him down.

     “I’m sorry Kimba,” says Blizzard “I can’t take you to Panja’s Forest. I need to find out what is causing this trouble.”

     “Maybe I can help you.” says Kimba.

      “I don’t know what I’m up against,” says Blizzard “the best way you can help me is by getting to Panja’s Forest. Just head south until, you see the way down from the ridge. Once you’re down from the ridge start heading east again, until you get past the ridge. Then head northeast, you’ll still get to Panja’s Forest, it will just take longer and the way is more barren. But It’s the safest way now, do you need me to repeat the directions?”

     “I’ve got it,” says Kimba “if I get a little lost. I’ll have to ask directions again.”

     “O. K. Kimba,” says Blizzard “take care of yourself.”

     “You too Blizzard.” says Kimba who then runs south.

     Blizzard turn’s back the way he came and leaps back down to Kingdom road. The shaking of the ground while now constant, has lessened in intensity. Not knowing if that was good or bad Blizzard begins running toward the disturbance as fast as he can.

     Eventually Blizzard makes visual contact with who it was that had been chanting. it was a human with stringy white hair and a full white beard wearing Black Robes. He was holding a red crystal ball that had red lighting shooting from it, toward the rock wall he was facing. Seemingly embedded in the rock wall the human was facing was a crack of pink energy, the human then spoke as Blizzard was closing in on him.

     “Once I have the power from beyond, all shall fear the name of Juan De Majous!”

     “Not Today!” shouts Blizzard as he leaps at De Majous.

     De Majous turns around just in time to have his throat ripped out by Blizzard’s claws.

     Blizzard lands and looks behind him. Expecting to see De Majous’ body fall to the ground, however what Blizzard sees is De Majous, having dropped his crystal ball. Shooting white lightning from his right hand at his throat.

     De Majous then says in a raspy voice.

     “A…AN…Other…Time…Tiger!” De Majous then disappears into nothingness

     That was weird. thinks Blizzard.

     Blizzard is about to turn and walk away when he hears a high pitched sound growing in intensity. VERRRRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMMMMM! Is the sound he hears , Blizzard looks back and sees De Majous’ crystal ball. It is cracked and pulsating with energy. Realizing that it is going to explode Blizzard leaps forward, lands flat on the ground and tries to cover his head with his paws. When the crystal ball explodes magical waves of energy ripple outwards, incinerating any crystal shards and severely burning Blizzard. Blizzard roars in pain but only for an instant as he soon loses consciousness.

Sometime Later:

     Blizzard awakens feeling slightly sore and looks around.

     How long was I out? thinks Blizzard, well no time to figure it out now. I better go to Panja’s Forest and see if Kimba got there O.K.

     Blizzard begins running and reaches Panja’s Forest in a few hours. Blizzard then sniffs around for Kimba’s scent and upon finding it, follows it to another river where many animals have gathered. Among them Blizzard sees an exhausted Kimba struggling to stand and being challenged by Jamar. Blizzard is about to roar and charge into battle when a rhinoceros slams into Jamar knocking him against a tree, then with a loud bellow the rhinoceros sends Jamar and Shaka running.

     It looks like Kimba has some trustworthy friends. thinks Blizzard, but it wouldn’t hurt to talk to him before I go.

     Blizzard then hides in some foliage and watches as the animals go their separate ways, as Kimba heads out on his own Blizzard says.

     “I’m glad to see you got here.”

     Kimba turns around as Blizzard steps out of the foliage.

     “Blizzard,” says Kimba with a smile “when did you get here?”

     “Just in time to see your rhino friend knock Jamar up against that tree.”

     “Yeah,” said Kimba “Old Dice was a really big help. How do you know Jamar?”

     “I was here several weeks ago,” said Blizzard “Jamar was causing trouble then and if he’s going to cause trouble for you. I'd be happy to…”

     “Thanks Blizzard,” interrupts Kimba “but if I am to get the animals of Panja’s Forest to accept me as their King. I need to deal with my enemies myself.”

     “Spoken like a true king Kimba,” says Blizzard with a smile “I won’t go looking to fight your battles. However if your enemies should attack me, I will defend myself.”

     “Fair enough.” says Kimba.

     “I wish you success Your Majesty,” says Blizzard “farewell.”

     “Good-Bye Blizzard and thanks.” says Kimba.

     Blizzard turns to leave and Kimba calls out.

     “Blizzard, just one more thing.”

     “Yes, Your Majesty.” answers Blizzard.

     “Please just call me Kimba,” says Kimba with a smile.

     “Certainly Kimba.” says Blizzard who then turns and leaves.

     Once getting outside Panja’s Forest Blizzard searches for sixty five minutes before finding a Zebra.

     It’s about time thinks Blizzard, I thought I might have to skip dinner. So these are the animals that the hyenas thought I looked like a deformed version of, the color scheme is the same. However their stripe pattern is nothing like mine, Oh well I wonder how they taste?

     Blizzard would soon discover the answer was delicious.

Chapter 17: Simba


    Over the next year Blizzard continued to guard Kingdom road routinely scaring tourists, dodging wildlife documentary makers, and dealing with any poachers who were unlucky enough to be trying to work in an area where he was patrolling. Using the same finality he always had.

     When patrolling near Panja’s Forest Blizzard would often encounter animals seeking to overthrow or in some other way cause trouble for Kimba. When this happened Blizzard stayed true to what he had told Kimba and did not fight them, however he did confront them and negotiate a deal with them so that they would not attack Kimba. The deal Blizzard brokered consisted of Blizzard showing Kimba’s would be enemies his claws and saying.

     “Now if you change your mind about attacking Kimba, I won’t rake these across your throats.”

     This proved to be a very effective tactic for the most part, although one day when Blizzard encountered a group of armed humans in a jeep. He attacked without warring or mercy, needless to say those mercenaries never reported to whoever it was that hired them. Even though Blizzard killed them with the efficiency of an assassin, he cold not help but take joy in having caused the deaths of those men. No matter how hard he tried not to.

     Blizzard had now reached the age of two and as Dr. Seizure had predicted he did indeed reach a stature beyond what any tiger otherwise would, Blizzard was now twice the size of even the largest Siberian Tiger. Which considering the fact that Blizzard was a Bengal Tiger (Which never reach the size of their Siberian cousins.) is extraordinary.

     Blizzard was preparing to once again cross the desert and head for the oasis, but he wanted a large source of food to take with him. Blizzard had been searching for forty three minutes and had passed up several wildebeests when he finally found a adult Cape Buffalo. The buffalo had strayed away from the herd and was all alone, Blizzard ROARED!

     The buffalo lowered his head.

     Blizzard charges the buffalo and the buffalo rushes out to meet Blizzard. Halfway to the impact point Blizzard turns and runs, he also takes a quick glance behind him to see that the buffalo is still chasing after him.

     Perfect. thinks Blizzard.

     Blizzard then slowly decreases his speed allowing the buffalo to catch up to him. When Blizzard feels the hot breath of the angry snorting buffalo on his tail, Blizzard leaps upward and does a back flip, Blizzard then lands on the buffalo's back and digs his front and back claws simultaneously into the buffalo’s front shoulders and somewhere above the buffalo’s hips respectively, The buffalo cries out in pain, but only for an instant as Blizzard quickly sinks his fangs into the back of the buffalo’s neck snapping its spinal cord. The buffalo’s death is virtually instantaneous and as the buffalo’s body collapses Blizzard leaps off its back and watches it skid to a stop.

     Now I’m ready to cross the desert thinks Blizzard .

The Oasis ( Several Days Later ) :

     Blizzard arrives at the oasis and quickly yet cautiously sniffs the air, to be sure that Pumbaa is not around. Satisfied that he is alone Blizzard goes to the lake and eagerly laps up gulp after gulp of cool delicious water, after his thirst is quenched. Blizzard wades into the lake for a nice relaxing swim, however no sooner does Blizzard relax his muscles when he hears Timon and Pumbaa scream in terror.


     The fear in their voices sounds so intense, that Blizzard races to get out of the water and rushes to investigate.

     In seconds Blizzard reaches a clearing and sees Timon, Pumbaa and a Sixty Two foot long anaconda that is squeezing an adolescent lion in its coils.

     “R…run.” says the lion.

     “Simba we can’t just leave you.” protests Pumbaa trying to hold back tears.

     “…for……s…ave…your…selvs…uhhhh… says Simba as he looses consciousness.

     “Go,” shouts Blizzard who has yet to emerged from the foliage “I’ll help your friend.”

     Timon and Pumbaa hesitate for a moment and then leave.

     Thank God, thinks Blizzard, fighting this snake will be hard enough without having to hold my breath.

     Blizzard then ROARS and charges the anaconda, quickly finding the best attack angle. Blizzard leaps at the anaconda’s back and quickly digs in his front and back claws into the anaconda’s back simultaneously, Blizzard then less the a second later follows up this move by sinking his fangs into the anaconda’s hide. The anaconda thrashes about wildly in pain, but Blizzard maintains his grip and during the anaconda’s thrashings Simba is released. The anaconda continues its thrashing and Blizzard eventually sees that Simba is no longer in the anaconda’s coils.

     Simba is safe, thinks Blizzard, but if I try to press my attack the anaconda will throw me off. A change in strategy is in order.

     Blizzard then kicks off of the anaconda, racking his claws deeply as he does so. Blizzard does a back flip and lands on his feet crouched in fighting stance, he now has the anaconda’s full attention.

     The anaconda raises his head back to strike at Blizzard and lunges.

     Blizzard dodges the attack with a backward leap. This move both saves Blizzard and leads the anaconda away from the unconscious Simba, Blizzard continues to dodge the anaconda’s attacks until he finds himself. back against a large tree.

     Terrific thinks Blizzard, now I have make a right or left dodge into a vine covered area. If I get tangled up in there I’ve had it…Unless.

     The anaconda once again raises it’s head to strike at Blizzard and lunges.

     Blizzard somersaults forward.

     The anaconda’s strike connects with the tree and the anaconda teeth become so deeply embedded, that it can not free itself.

     Blizzard is quick to capitalize on the anaconda’s vulnerable state and as the anaconda pulls frantically to free itself, Blizzard leaps for the anaconda’s throat. Blizzard once again digs both his front and back claws into the anaconda simultaneously, he then follows up by sinking his fangs in the anaconda’s throat.

     The Anaconda thrashes about to try and shake off Blizzard, but with it’s teeth stuck it is unable to generate much movement.

     Recognizing that this is his chance to win the battle, Blizzard releases the grip he has on the anaconda with his front claws and begins a swimming motion attack against the anaconda with multiple alternating swipes of his right and left claws. The battle continues a few moments. Then the anaconda’s thrashings cease permanently.

     Blizzard then leaves his defeated opponent and jogs over to Simba, Blizzard is relieved to see that Simba is breathing, however shallowly. Blizzard carefully puts his right front paw on Simba’s shoulder and gently shakes him.

     “Hey Simba are you O.K.?” asks Blizzard.

     Simba regains consciousness and says groggily.


     Simba then takes a deep breath.

     “How do you feel?” asks Blizzard.

     “Soar,” says Simba “but I’ll be O.K.”

     “Glad to hear that,” says Blizzard “although I think you should take it easy for a few days.”

     “That sounds like a good idea,” says Simba “are you a medical expert…Uh…”

     “Blizzard,” says Blizzard “I’m a tiger and I’m no medical expert. I just know that when I’m hurt. I like to relax.

     “That makes sense,” says Simba “I guess I owe you my thanks as well. It must have been you that saved me from that snake, how was it that you managed to show up when you did?”

     “I was not to far away swimming when I heard your friends yell,” says Blizzard “so I came to see what was up. How is it that you ended up in the anaconda’s coils?”

     “Timon, Pumbaa, and I were about to have cricket crunching contest.” said Simba “When the snake, seemingly out of nowhere. Attacked Pumbaa.”

     How could anything want to eat something that smells as bad as Pumbaa? thinks Blizzard before he asks Simba to continue.

     “I bit the snake somewhere by it’s tail,” said Simba “I tried to drag it away from my friends. It let them go, but before I knew it. I was in the snakes coils, some protector I turned out to be.”

     “Not entirely Simba,” says Blizzard “when I got here your friends were not in immediate danger. So as far as keeping your friends safe, which is the job of a protector. You succeeded, although it would be better to defeat those that would threaten your friends. Rather than appease their hunger, but you are not even full grown yet. With more time and some practice you will be a great protector, your friends are lucky to have you.”

     “Speaking of which,” says Simba “I’d better let them know I’m O.K. Why don’t you come meet them, I’m they would like to hear how you beat that snake as much as I do.”

     “Uhhhh,” says Blizzard Knowing he can’t bare to face Pumbaa “I have some traveling to do and I can’t stay in any one place to long.”

     “O.K.” says Simba “do you think you’ll make it back here again?”

     “Sure.” says Blizzard.

     “Maybe you can meet them then.” says Simba.

     “Well…sure.” says Blizzard reluctantly before he turns to leave.

     “Blizzard.” calls Simba.

     “Yeah.” says Blizzard.

     “Next time you come here,” says Simba “do you think you can teach me some of your fighting moves? I’d like to be able to protect my friends better.”

     This was something Blizzard had no idea how to do, because even though he was a very skilled fighter. Blizzard had no conscious memory of how he learned his skills and therefore felt that he would be unable to effectively teach them to anyone.

     “I’m not a capable teacher Simba,” says Blizzard “however I can practice your moves with you if you would like.”

     “That would be great,” says Simba “the next time you come here just roar and let me know you’re here.”

     “Sure thing.” says Blizzard who then leaves.

     Blizzard would return a few days later (having mastered the art of not breathing through his nose when being in close contact with Pumbaa.) and would spend at least four days at the oasis letting Simba practice his fitting moves, this is something Blizzard would do throughout the course of the year. Despite not showing Simba a single move, having someone to practice his fighting with allows Simba to develop his own formidable fighting technique.

     Also in-between the training Blizzard and Simba spend a lot of time talking and each gains a great deal of the others trust, Simba tells Blizzard his story (Although he leaves out names and places.).

     Blizzard in turn promises not to tell Timon and Pumbaa, after unsuccessfully trying to convince Simba that his father’s death was an accident and that he should not blame himself. Blizzard decided that it was best to let the subject go, until Simba had let go of enough guilt to listen to reason.

     Blizzard then told Simba what he could remember of his story (Although he also neglected to mention names and Places.), one fact that Blizzard did share with Simba was the fact that he was only a year older than Simba. This fact surprised Simba, but actually made it easier for him to talk to Blizzard. Being that Simba now felt Blizzard could relate to him better than he had originally thought.

     Simba even went as far as tell Blizzard of his cubhood friend Nala and how very much he missed her.

     That name seemed oddly familiar to Blizzard, but he had no idea why.

     Simba suggested that perhaps Blizzard knew someone by that name, but no matter how hard he tried Blizzard could not think of anyone he knew by that name.

Chapter 18: Kraven The Hunter


    Blizzard did not spend all his time at the oasis, he still patrolled Kingdom road. Only now Blizzard did not travel as much, taking a week to go from one end of Kingdom Road to the other.

     Among Tourists circles stories of a very large talking White Tiger roaming somewhere in Africa begin to become increasingly wide spread.

     Among poaching circles the area Blizzard knows as Kingdom road becomes known as a place poachers go to and never return from.

     The amount of documentary film makers increases and due to the stories, they were now looking for Blizzard himself.

     Blizzard had to work twice as hard as before to avoid being seen by humans and that wasn’t the worst of it.

     S.H.I.E.L.D. had decided to look into the reports of the abnormally large talking White Tiger of Africa .

     Avoiding detection by the S.H.I.E.L.D. patrols required a Herculean effort on Blizzard’s part. He sometimes had to spend several hours with all but his face submerged in a lake, ready to dive should a S.H.I.E.L.D. patrol pass by.

     It was a very hectic year in which Blizzard turned three. He was now the age that he had appeared to be for the last two years.

     One day In an effort to evade S.H.I.E.L.D. patrols, Blizzard went much further east than he normally would. And decided to go to Panja’s Forest to visit Kimba, who he had not seen in quite some time. Skull Rock Forest (The forest that was on the side of the river just before. Panja’s Forest.) was just barely visible on the horizon, when Blizzard caught a human scent on the wind. Blizzard stops and listens carefully, he then hears a voice

     “Ah yes my magnificent White Lion,” says the voice “Once I fashion a costume from your pelt. Alyosha Karvinoff will at last emerge from his father’s Shadow and it will be me that people think of when they hear the name Kraven the Hunter.”

    Oh no, thinks Blizzard, a hunter got Kimba!

     Blizzard pushes all the terrifying thoughts of what may have happened to his friend out of his mind and crouches into a fighting stance, ready to pounce on the hunter the moment he sees him.

     Moments later Kraven (wearing a costume made from the skin of a standard colored lion.) leaps out from around the corner with a spear in hand and tries to drive it into Blizzard’s neck.

     Blizzard rolls to the left out of the way of the spear attack at the last moment.

     “Impressive speed for a tiger your size,” says Kraven holding his spear in a battle ready stance “although if you wish to hunt effectively. Be sure to adjust your position when the wind changes.”

     “You…Caught my scent?” asks Blizzard.

   “The stories are true,” says Kraven “you do talk.”


    “Where’s Kimba?” asks Blizzard angrily.

     “Who?” asks Kraven.

     “The White Lion I head you speak of making a costume out of,” says Blizzard “if he is no longer alive. Then you have seen your last day as well.”

     “The White Lion is alive,” says Kraven “he will be the basis of my ceremonial hunting costume and so must be killed and skinned in a sacred place.”

     “If Kimba is alive than maybe we can make a deal.” says Blizzard.

     “What could you have to offer me?” asks Kraven.

     “If you release Kimba and leave here never to return,” says Blizzard “I won’t kill you.”

     “Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!” laughs Kraven arrogantly.

     “I wouldn’t laugh if I where you Kraven,” says Blizzard “this is a better deal than I usually give anyone who would threaten my friend.”

     “You think yourself a threat to me tiger,” says Kraven “though you are big I have battled and defeated elephants. Capturing the White Lion has been my greatest accomplishment, wearing his hide will make me forever know as the greatest hunter that ever lived. Hunting is my life, I would not surrender this trophy for anything.”

     “Not even for a chance at the hide of what may be the largest White Tiger in the world,” says Blizzard “not to mention the only one in Africa.”

     “Intriguing,” says Kraven “I would have never thought an animal could have a sense of loyalty that would override his survival instinct. However a hunter would never trade one trophy for another, a hunter COLLECTS ANY TROPHY HE WANTS!”

     Kraven suddenly throws his spear at Blizzard’s head.

     Blizzard tilts his head to the right and catches the spear in his mouth. Blizzard then turns to face Kraven and with surprisingly little effort, snaps the spear in two with his jaws.

     “Understand this Kraven,” says Blizzard “I offered you a chance at my hide. If you wish to have it as a trophy, you’ll have to fight for it.”

     “Then this will also be a great hunt.” says Kraven.

     “Yes,” says Blizzard “however I AM NOT THE PREY!”

     Blizzard leaps high into the air and angles himself to come down claws first on Kraven’s shoulders.

     However while Blizzard is in the air Kraven runs two steps forward and also leaps into the air. Kraven slams into Blizzard’s chest with his shoulder, knocking Blizzard toward the ground.

     As Blizzard and Kraven fall Blizzard digs his right front claws into Kraven’s shoulder (Catching only the lion mane of Kraven’s vest.) and pulls backward with all his weight, this causes Blizzard and Kraven to flip positions. So that Kraven would be the first to hit the ground, Blizzard then pulls his back legs up and kicks with claws unsheathed at Kraven’s Waist. This sends Blizzard upward away from Kraven, but Blizzard’s claw slash only snagged part of Kraven’s belt. Ripping lose the pouches containing Kraven’s blowgun and poison darts.

     Kraven then twists in mid-air and lands on his feet.

     Moments later Blizzard also lands on his feet a few yards away from Kraven, both tiger and hunter stare at each other with determination in their eyes. Both realizing that the opponent they face is more powerful than they expected.

     Kraven then grabs a bolas from his belt and throws it at Blizzard.

     Blizzard sees the bolas coming and makes a small forward leap he then turns his front paws backwards, intending to cut the rope with an upward slash from his claws. Unfortunately, when Blizzard tries to cut the rope his claws are only able to damage it not cut it. The bolas wrap around Blizzard’s front paws, binding them. As Blizzard falls forward he somersaults and manages to land with most of his weight on his back feet and only gently sets his now bound front paws on the ground. Blizzard tries to pull free of the bolas, but to no avail.

     Seeing that his opponents is vulnerable, Kraven draws a knife from his belt and charges at Blizzard.

     Still unable to free himself Blizzard continues to struggle with the bolas.

     Kraven is about to drive his knife into Blizzard’s neck, when at the last possible instant Blizzard leans back on his back paws and swings his front paws sideways. Blizzard’s attack connects with the side of Kraven’s head, not only is Kraven hit by Blizzard’s paws, but one of the bolas spheres as well. This leaves Kraven momentarily disorientated, Blizzard then presses his attack by leaping sideways and racking his left back claws across Kraven’s stomach. The cut is very deep, in fact only Kraven’s mutant reflexes save him from being disemboweled.

     Kraven screams in pain and grabs his stomach with both arms and then he staggers away, leaving Blizzard laying on the ground trying to free himself from the bolas.

     After several minutes when Blizzard is certain that Kraven is not coming back, he curls up into a position that allows him to use his back claws on the bolas and after eleven minutes. Blizzard is free. He then runs around the corner that Kraven first attacked from and sees a net a few yards away, Blizzard runs to the net where he finds the now full grown Kimba with his paws and muzzle bound.

     “I’ll get you out of there Kimba.” says Blizzard.

     Blizzard easily cuts through the net with his claws and then Blizzard uses a single claw to cut the rope surrounding the nylon strap around Kimba’s muzzle, he then repeats the same process with the nylon strap itself.

     Once Kimba can move his mouth he says.

     “Untie my paws, hurry!”

     “I’m on it,” says Blizzard.

     Blizzard begins to cut the rope binding Kimba’s feet, only to discover it is the same type of rope that the bolas were made of.

     “This is going to take awhile Kimba,” said Blizzard.

     “Just Hurry!” says Kimba.

     “I’ll go as fast as I can.” says Blizzard.

     To Blizzard’s surprise not being in an awkward position and being able to use his front claws allows him to cut the rope in half the time it had before.

     As soon as Kimba can stand he darts off toward Panja’s Forest, at a speed that almost impresses Blizzard.

     Having no idea what is going on, but wanting to find out Blizzard chases after Kimba and soon catches up to him. Blizzard runs alongside Kimba, his head even with Kimba’s shoulder (at least in stride.). Blizzard then shouts

     “Hey Kimba what’s the hurry?”

     Kimba says nothing and actually tries to accelerate away from Blizzard.

     Realizing that Kimba does not want to talk. Blizzard allows Kimba to run ahead of him, but Blizzard stays close enough to Kimba. That Kimba never thinks that he lost Blizzard. The two big cats race though Skull Rock Forest, swim across the river, and rush through Panja’s Forest.

     Kimba is running so hard that he barely stops in time to change direction and run into a large stone castle like structure.

     Once inside the castle Blizzard follows Kimba though a hallway into a large room. Laying in the center of the room is a lioness. With a very unique feature, while it could never be referred to as a main, the lioness had a head full of brown hair that became curly just below her ears and above the back of her neck.

     “Raya!” yells Kimba.

     Raya lifts her head as Kimba rushes to her.

     Kimba begins to carefully remove the ropes and nylon strap that bind Raya’s muzzle (in the same way that Blizzard had removed the restraints on Kimba’s muzzle.).

     Meanwhile Blizzard begins to claw Raya free of the ropes that bind her paws.

     Once Raya’s Muzzle is free she and Kimba nuzzle each other.

     “Raya, are you all right?” asks Kimba still nuzzling her.

     Raya licks Kimba across his muzzle and says.

     “I was so worried about you, how did you get away?”

     Raya returns to nuzzling Kimba, as Kimba tells Raya what happened after he was captured by Kraven the Hunter.

     Raya is so caught up the story that she doesn’t notice when Blizzard finally frees her paws.

     Once the story is concluded Raya turns to Blizzard and says.

     “Thank you for saving Kimba Blizzard,” I could never bare the thought of loosing him.”

     Raya then once again licks Kimba across his muzzle and nuzzles him.

     “Yes Blizzard,” says Kimba “thank you so much and about the way I acted when you rescued me. I’m…”

     “Don’t worry about it Kimba,” interrupts Blizzard “If my mate was in danger I wouldn’t have time for pleasantries either.”

     Upon hearing this Raya becomes slightly embarrassed and says.

     “Well actually I’m…not.”

     “Thanks for understanding Blizzard.” interrupts Kimba.

     “No problem.” says Blizzard

     “But I’m not Kimba’s mate.” says Raya almost regretfully

     Kimba then touches his forehead to Raya’s, licks her across the lips, looks into her eyes, and says in a very gentle, but somewhat unsteady voice.

     “Would you like to be?”

     “W…What?” asks Raya almost as if she were afraid of the answer.

     “My mate,” says Kimba “you are the only one I would ever chose. I love you Raya.”

     Raya smiles broadly as tears well up in her eyes, Raya then leaps on Kimba. Knocking him to the floor on his back, Raya then licks Kimba across his lips, nuzzles him, looks into his eyes and says.

     “I love you too Kimba and nothing would make me happier than to be your mate.”

     The two lion’s then nuzzle and embrace.

     Not wanting to spoil the moment Blizzard whispers.


     Blizzard then quietly sneaks out of the castle.

     Blizzard stayed in Panja’s Forest for a few days and was among the animals gathered at Kimba’s castle when Kimba and Raya announced their engagement. After the cheers die down Kimba and Raya invite all the animals present to attend their wedding in a month.

     I’ll have to be sure I’m here for that thinks Blizzard, for now I’d better head to Skull Rock Forest and find something to eat. I can’t cross the desert on an empty stomach.

Chapter 19: The Battle For Pride Rock


The Oasis (A Few Days Later ) :

     Blizzard arrived at the Oasis and after going to the lake to quench his thirst, he decided to see if Simba wanted to spar with him.

     “ROAR!” went Blizzard.

     Blizzard waited a few moments and listened for Simba’s answer, When he gets no response Blizzard ROARS again, this time louder. When he again receives no answer after waiting Blizzard thinks.

     Are they playing a joke on me?

     Blizzard then searches the parts of the oasis where Simba, Timon and Pumbaa liked to hang out at. When he finds no trace of them Blizzard thinks.

     I don’t think they would just move, they seemed to like it here. I didn’t want to do this, but I have no choice.

     Blizzard sniffs the air and takes two steps back as Pumbaa’s scent burns his nostrils, once Blizzard recovers he thinks.

     Pumbaa’s scent is not as strong as it normally is, I don’t think he’s been here for at least a day. I can do this I just need to concentrate.

     Blizzard braces himself and sniffs the air again, this time when Pumbaa’s scent hits his nostrils. Blizzard focuses on trying to find Simba’s scent. Ignoring any other scent that gets in his way, finally with a lot of effort and willpower. Blizzard finds Simba’s scent.

     Simba left two nights ago, thinks Blizzard, if I want to find out why I’d better follow him.

     Blizzard then stops by the lake and drinks several gulps of water before heading west to the desert

The Pride Lands (Two Days Later) :

     Wow, thinks Blizzard, What Happened to the Pride Lands? There is no vegetation or prey to be found anywhere, It’s a good thing I happened upon that rat and had a quick snack before I came here. Well I know Simba came this way so maybe I’ll find out.

     Blizzard then heads toward Pride Rock, which is barely visible on the horizon. When a lightning strike starts a fire.

     By the time Blizzard reaches the outskirts of Pride Rock, the fire is raging and the sound of battle can easily be heard. Blizzard surveys the situation and takes notice of a very large group of hyenas heading toward Pride Rock. Knowing that such a large amount of reinforcements would bode ill for the lions. (Who Blizzard assumes from the sound of battle, already have a lot to deal with.) Blizzard moves to intercept them.

     The hyenas are nearing Pride Rock when Blizzard runs in front them and stands at his full stature, this brings the running hyenas skidding to a stop.

     “Hi I’m Blizzard,” says Blizzard “but you can call me death.”


    A few hyenas run upon hearing Blizzard’s statement, but four hyenas rush out to attack him. Two running side by side, most likely aiming to attack Blizzard from the left and right simultaneously, behind them a shot distance was another hyena running up the middle, most likely intending to attack Blizzard’s throat while he was to occupied fending off attacks form his left and right to defend himself, running directly behind that hyena was another one, most likely a backup in case any of the first three hyena couldn’t accomplish their goal. Blizzard rushes forward to meet the charge, as the first two hyenas angle in to attack Blizzard. He leaps forward between the two with his left and right front legs outstretched and his claws unsheathed, ripping the hyena’s throats out. When he lands Blizzard somersaults forward, the hyena in front of Blizzard tries to leap over him. In mid somersault Blizzard extend his legs and claws upwards, this rips out the stomach of the hyena passing over him. Blizzard gets to his paws just as the last hyena in the attack formation begins to leap at him, Blizzard seizes the leaping hyena by the throat pressing his fangs deep into the hyenas neck. Then with a quick twist of Blizzard’s head, the hyena’s neck is snapped. Blizzard then looks to the large group of hyenas, to see what their next move will be.

     Half of the group turns and runs away, leaving a smaller but by no means small group of hyenas behind. This group of hyenas charges at Blizzard like a living wave, the story of battle that ensued is something that would surly be passed down from the hyena warriors to the cubs of their clan for generations to come…Had any of them actually survived.

     Blizzard then rushes toward pride rock, only to have his entrance blocked by some tall flames.

     O.K. thinks Blizzard, That wall of fire is only slightly taller than the rock ledge I have to leap on my way to the Pride Lands.I can do this.

     Blizzard then takes several steps back, he then runs at the flame wall and leaps. Blizzard clears the flame wall and lands on the other side, with only the pads of his paws getting slightly warmer.

     Blizzard then runs toward the battle.

     In moments Blizzard sees for himself the battle that rages on Pride Rock, in particular he sees Sarabi and Sarafina, standing nearly back to back. Each fighting against two hyenas, Blizzard also sees two more hyenas. One running toward Sarabi and on the opposite side one running to attack Sarafina, seeing that the lioness will never be able to defend an attack from their blindsides Blizzard moves to intercept the hyena about to attack Sarabi (the lioness that from where Blizzard is standing can be reached the quickest.).

     The hyena is just crouching his legs to pounce on Sarabi, when Blizzard’s fangs sink into his neck and then snap it. Blizzard then drops the dead hyena and runs to intercept the hyena about to attack Sarafina, without enough room to run between the lionesses without the risk of disrupting their balance (Which could prove fatal in combat.). Blizzard runs right at Sarafina and leaps over her (leaping high and far enough that Sarafina is neither aware of Blizzard leaping over her or landing on the other side of her.).

     The hyena charging at Sarafina has just picked out the part of Sarafina’s spine he wants to bite, when Blizzard lands in front of Sarafina. The Hyena tries to stop his charge, but only succeeds in skidding (with his throat in a very vulnerable position.) right into Blizzard’s claw swipe. Blizzard then grabs the dead hyena by the back on the neck and tosses him into the hyenas that Sarafina is battling.

     When the hyenas that she is fighting are suddenly knocked unconscious by a throat-less hyena that seemingly flew into them, Sarafina glances to her left to see what was the cause of it. Seeing nothing, Sarafina goes to assist Sarabi with her hyena opponents.

     Blizzard continues to search through Pride Rock , ripping out the throats of any hyenas unlucky enough to catch his eye. Blizzard then sees an old baboon strike a hyena across the throat with the bottom of a staff that he is wielding, another hyena is about to sneak up on him. Blizzard knows that with as far away as he is, even with his speed, he can’t run fast enough to thwart the hyena’s attack and is about to shout a warring to the baboon. When the baboon knocks out his would be ambusher with the back of his hand.

     It looks like that Baboon doesn’t need any help. thinks Blizzard.

     Then amidst the chaos of the battle Blizzard catches Simba’s scent and is about to follow it, when he hears a voice from behind him say.

     “Blizzard, stop!”

     Blizzard turns around to see the Baboon standing about two feet from his face, before Blizzard can say anything the Baboon says.

     “Simba seeks to battle his uncle Scar, to see who will be de Lion King of de Pride Lands. If Simba is to claim de throne he must be allowed to do so himself.”

     “I can’t just do nothing, and how do you know my name?” asks Blizzard sounding somewhat annoyed.

     “If you wish to help Simba,” says the baboon “den help his lionesses against de hyenas. It is where you can do de most good. As for how I know your name well…Rafiki knows many things.”

     Blizzard glances in the direction he knows Simba went and then says as he turns back to Rafiki

     “I guess that makes se…”

     Blizzard looks around for Rafiki and sees no sign of him.

     Where did he go, thinks Blizzard, I’ll figure that out later. Right now I’ve got hyenas to kill.

     Blizzard then runs back and forth on Pride Rock, killing any hyena in his way and assisting any lioness that is in need of help. A single claw swipe from Blizzard ends any battle in victory for the lioness. Through it all Blizzard never stays in any one place long enough to be seen by any of the lionesses he helped and thanks to the fire surrounding Pride Rock, none of them catch his scent either.

     Blizzard is searching for more hyenas when a he sees a lion that he does not recognize fall from the top of Pride Rock. Blizzard does not see what happens to the lion due to the smoke from the fire.

     Moments later rain falls from the clouds above and extinguishes the flames.

     Shortly thereafter Blizzard sees Simba limping down from the top of pride rock, Blizzard watches (hidden in the shadows.) as Zazu bows to Simba, Simba nuzzles Sarabi, and then Simba nuzzles, with obvious affection. Another lioness who seems to be his age. Rafiki then shakes his stick and motions for Simba to go out the promontory of Pride Rock.

     Simba walks to Rafiki, stopping to hug Timon and Pumbaa along the way. Simba then hugs Rafiki and walks to the promontory of Pride Rock.

     Once there Simba Roars. The lionesses then answer Simba’s Roar with one of their own, Blizzard wanted to answer Simba’s roar as well, but chose not to for fear that an unknown roar may startle the lionesses and spoil the moment. So Blizzard just smiles broadly as the roar of the lionesses ends and Simba answers it with another mighty ROAR of his own. Once Simba finishes announcing with his roar to any and all who hears it that the Pride Lands now has a new King. He descends from the promontory of Pride Rock and is greeted by all the lionesses.

     Simba then introduces his pride to Timon and Pumbaa. Then they all go into the cave to get out of the rain.

     Blizzard then decides to leave Pride Rock and see if he could find out where the hyenas ran to.

     Blizzard goes to the outskirts of Pride Rock and sniffs the ground and air, With a lot of concentration on his part Blizzard is able to find the scent of hyenas. Despite the burned smell covering it.

     Blizzard tracks this smell to northern border of the Pride Lands and is relieved to see no forces gathering near the border.

     It looks like they have had enough, thinks Blizzard, but it always pays to be vigilant. I should probably leave, but I can at least inform Simba of where his enemies are before I go.

     Blizzard heads back to Pride Rock and finds a secluded spot where he would not be seen by anyone, but had a clear view of the cave entrance. Blizzard then lays down and relaxes.



Chapter 20: Wedding Plans


Sometime Later:

   The rain has stopped, the stars are out, and Blizzard hears someone come out of the cave, He opens his eyes to see Simba walk out of the entrance and turn to go to the back of Pride Rock.

    He doesn’t seem to have anything else on his mind, thinks Blizzard, maybe now would be a good time to talk to him.

     Blizzard gets up and walks out the way Simba did, once he is around the corner Blizzard sees Simba walking up an inclining path. Blizzard follows Simba up the path and discovers that it leads all the way to the top of Pride Rock.

     Blizzard then sees Simba sitting at the edge of the top. Looking out over his kingdom,

     Blizzard then says.

     “Greetings Your Majesty.”

     Startled Simba turns and says.

     “Blizzard, When did you get here?”

     “Shortly after the fire started.” says Blizzard.

     “You fought in the battle?” asks Simba.

     “A few hyenas got in my face,” says Blizzard “so I took care of them. It’s not like I was on the front lines of the battle.”

     “Have you met any of the lioness?” asks Simba.

   “Right now the only one who knows I’m here besides you is Rafiki,” says Blizzard “although I ha…”

    “Simba,” says a voice from behind them “is everything all right?”

     Blizzard and Simba turn around to see a lioness walking up the pathway to join them.

     “Nala.” says Simba who then gets up and nuzzles her.

     “Why are you out here?” asks Nala “are you nervous about the speech you have to give tomorrow?”

     “Yeah,” says Simba “kind of.”

     Simba then turns his head toward Blizzard and says.

     “It is tradition that when a new Lion King assumes the throne, he delivers a speech to the lionesses, to encourage their loyalty.”

     “With the way those lionesses were fighting for your cause“, says Blizzard “I’d say their loyalty is already yours.”

     “It is.” adds Nala as she nuzzles Simba.

     “That’s great.” says Simba “although I’ve never seen the land the way it is now. Do you remember what it was like when it was beautiful Nala?”

     “Yes,” said Nala “I still see the Pride Lands as they used to be.”

   “If the rains stay constant,” says Blizzard “I’m sure your land will recover.”

     “Your friend seems very wise Simba “says Nala “when did you meet this…li…uh…lep…uh…”

     “He is a tiger,” says Simba “forgive me for not introducing you. Nala this is Blizzard, Blizzard this is Nala.”

     “I’m very pleased to meet to you Nala,” says Blizzard “Simba has spoken of you often.”

     “Oh? “says Nala “how often?”

    “You’re all he would ever really talk about.” says Blizzard.

    Nala smiles at Simba, and Simba (now visibly embarrassed.) backs away from her avoiding eye contact.

     Nala then walks over to Simba and says.

     “Well Simba now that you’re King, I hope it doesn’t change things between us.”

     As Nala finished her sentence she touched her nose to Simba’s.

     Simba backed away from this and said.

     “Actually Nala, now that I’m King. I want things to change between us.”

     Nala’s expression changed from a flirtatious one to one of shocked confusion, she then swallows hard and asks.

     “Will…We still be friends Simba?”

     “Well Nala,” says Simba as he walks over to her and touches his nose to hers “the thing is. I can’t marry my friend.”

     Upon hearing this, Nala’s eyes light up and her lips form a kind of unsure smile.

     Simba then looks into Nala’s eyes and says.

     “I love you Nala, will you be my Queen?”

     Nala responds by licking Simba across the lips, she then looks into Simba’s eyes and says.

     “I love you too Simba, I’ll marry you tonight.

     Simba then licks Nala across the lips and says.

     “Nala you have just made me more happy than words can say, but I was thinking the wedding could be in four months. When the Pride Land have begun to heal.”

     “Oh. All right,” says Nala “we can wait a week.”

     “Nala,” says Simba “even if it rains every day for the next week. The Pride Lands will still be in very bad shape, if you’re worried I’ll retract my proposal. I can assure you that I would sooner retract my claim to the throne. You don’t need to be in a hurry.”

     “Simba,” says Nala “the reason I am in a hurry is because, when we were cubs and Zazu told us we were betrothed. Even though I said it would be so weird, I liked the idea. Later that night after Mom punished me for going to the Elephant Graveyard with you, all I could think about was how bravely you tried to protect me from the hyenas. As the days went on I began to dream about what our life together would be like, when we grew up. Then Scar told us you and your father had been killed in the stampede, my heart was shattered and my dream was dead. As I grew up no matter the torture Scar inflicted on this pride, the reason my heart ached day after day. Is because I had never said good-bye to you. Now you’re back and I don’t want to wait any longer. I want to make my dream come true.”

     Simba stares at Nala completely speechless.

     Nala then says.

     “Oh there is another thing.”

     Nala then steps forward and leans toward Simba’s ear.

     As she does this Blizzard takes two steps backwards and pins back his ears, to avoid hearing what Nala says to Simba. While this works and Blizzard does not here so much as a syllable of what Nala whispers in Simba’s ear, Blizzard can’t help but grin, as he watches Simba’s eyes widen and then a broad smile forms on Simba’s face.

     Then Nala steps back and says to Simba.

     “So we’ll have the wedding in a week then?”

     Simba merely nods yes.

     “Good,” says Nala “I’m looking forward to it.”

     Nala turns to go down the path, playfully rubbing her tail tuff under Simba’s chin as she leaves.

     Several minutes after Nala has gone Simba has not moved nor has his expression changed.

      Blizzard finally asks.

     “Are you going to walk back down to you den, or do you need me to carry you?”

     Simba, just nods yes.

     “ Then it looks like I’ll be here for your speech tomorrow,” says Blizzard “in the meantime I’ll go down the path and make sure no one comes up here. We can’t have any of the lionesses thinking that their King is out of touch with reality.”

Chapter 21: A Most Capable Guardian


The Next Morning:

     Simba (Who had managed to regain his composer and return to his den the night before. ) was pacing back and forth at the base of Pride Rock, as he waited for the lionesses to assemble.

     Blizzard had found a ledge just slightly above where Simba would be speaking, this position allowed him to see what was happening below and still make sure that no one saw him.

     When all the lionesses had gathered Simba began his speech. He first thanked the lionesses for supporting his bid for the throne, he then told them that as long as he reigned he would remember their loyalty and work to prove worthy of it. Simba then called Nala out to stand at his right side, he then formally requested that she be his Queen. Nala quickly accepted, this resulted in very loud cheers from the lionesses.

     When the cheering had subsided somewhat. Sarabi and Sarafina shouted in unison.

    “When is the wedding!?”

     “In a we…Uh in six days.” says Simba who then looks to Nala.

     Nala nods her approval and Simba continues his speech. Simba next speaks of how bad conditions in the Pride Lands currently are, as Simba began explaining his plan to hut for food and find water in the free lands not claimed by any lion pride. The lionesses were hanging on his every word.

     However Blizzard noticed a lioness. With a dark blaze down her forehead, sneaking around to Simba’s left. Unseen by any of the lionesses (Who were all watching Simba.).

     The lioness silently charges and slashes at Simba’s spine with her left front claws. A Roar of pain fills the air as the lioness’s claw swipe leaves a deep gash…In Blizzard’s right front shoulder.

     Before the lioness even realizes what has happened Blizzard backhands her. Sending her flying several feet through the air, the lioness lands on her back and before she can even get her bearings. Blizzard’s left front paw slams down on her chest, pinning her. Blizzard then pulls back his right front paw, claws unsheathed. Ready to deliver a fatal strike, when he hears a cry from within the crowd.

     “MOM!” cries a very small voice.

     Blizzard looks to the crowd of lioness and sees a very scruffy, almost sick looking cub with tears in his eyes.

     Blizzard then retraces his claws, turns to Simba, and asks.

     “What do you wish to be done Your Majesty?”

     “Who are you and why did you attack me!?” demands Simba to the lioness .

     “I am Zira,” says the lioness “you are a usurper! These lands belong to Scar!”

     “Scar is defeated,” says Simba “I am now King. If you accept my rule and give me your loyalty, I will forget that this incident occurred.”

     “NEVER!” shouts Zira “now get this striped brute off of me!”

     In response to Zira’s command nearly a quarter of the lionesses gathered to hear Simba’s speech separate from the crowd and begin to advance toward Blizzard growling.

     “ROAR!” goes Blizzard. 

    The hostile lionesses stop in their tracks.

     “You have left me no choice, says Simba “Zira by royal decree you, your cub, as well as any whose loyalties still belong to Scar. Are hereby exiled to the Out Lands, I will grant you safe passage out of my kingdom, but should you or any of Scar’s followers ever return to the Pride Lands. The penalty will be death!”

     Simba then looks toward Blizzard and says.

     “Blizzard, release Zira.”

     Blizzard slowly lifts his paw allowing Zira to get up, but he does not lower his guard in the process. Zira looks around and says to the lionesses that had thought better of attacking Blizzard.

     “There was only one of him and many of you, the next time I require your aid you will attack without hesitation! Now lets go.”

     Zira then picks up her cub and she and the rest of the Scar loyalists leave.

     Once they are out of sight Simba speaks to his pride once again.

     “This turn of events is completely unexpected,” says Simba “I will tell you what I intend to do about it momentarily.”

     Simba then turns to Zazu and says.

     “Zazu follow Zira and the Scar loyalists, make sure they leave and be sure to stay out of sight.”

     “Yes Sire.” says Zazu as he flies off.

     “Nala, Rafiki, Blizzard,” says Simba “conference now.”

     Blizzard and Rafiki follow Simba and Nala as they walk under the promontory of Pride Rock.

     “Rafiki,” says Simba “Will you treat Blizzard’s wound?”

     “Yes Your Highness.” says Rafiki.

     “If you can just stop the bleeding,” says Blizzard to Rafiki “everything will be fine.”

     “As you wish Blizzard.” says Rafiki as he opens a gourd on his staff that contains some kind of salve.”

     The problem at hand,” says Simba “is that with one decision, I both diminished the strength of our pride and gave us new enemies.”

     “Simba,” says Nala “Considering the circumstances. What other choice was there?”

     “De enemy within is far more dangerous den de enemy without.” says Rafiki.

     “A smaller pride also requires less food and water,” adds Blizzard “so there is a silver lining with the dark cloud.”

     “Only now the lionesses will have concerns about the safety of the Pride Lands,” says Simba “Blizzard you saw Zira’s attack coming when I would never have imagined that I was in danger. I am very grateful to you.”

     “As am I.” adds Nala.

     “Glad I could be of help.” says Blizzard with a smile.

     “Of help,” says Simba “Blizzard with that incident out there you proved to be invaluable. That’s why I’d like you to stay in the Pride Lands.”

     “Simba,” says Blizzard “with as powerful as you are. I don’t think you need a bodyguard.”

     “I wasn’t thinking of having you protect me “said Simba “I was thinking that since the Pride Lands are so big, it might be useful to have someone to assist me in defending it. Or in just keeping an eye on things.”

     “Ah.” says Rafiki “A knight of de realm as it were.”

     “Exactly,” says Simba “I know you like your space. “There is a small den with a nice view of the northern border on it’s horizon and it’s not to far away from Pride Rock. I would let you have it.”

     “I’m sure the lionesses would be glad to hunt for you.” adds Nala.

     “That sounds very nice,” says Blizzard “but I can’t always be here. I need to be here able to leave when I feel that it’s the right time to go.”

     “I only need you to stay here until we know how stable the security of the Pride Lands is,” says Simba “all I ask is that when you resume your travels. You make the Pride Lands one of your regular stops and if you would be willing to inform me of your arrivals and departures. You can come and go as you please.”

     “That sounds perfect,” says Blizzard “I accept.”

     “Terrific,” says Simba “within a few days we should have enough of an idea of what kind of threat the Scar loyalists will pose. Then I can let you have that freedom of moment that I promised you.”

     “Your majesty,” says Rafiki “De hyenas may still pose a great threat too?”

     “Arrgg how could I forget about the hyenas?” says Simba “they could be massing to attack us right now.”

     “There was no sign of a hyena counterattack when I checked the northern border last night,” says Blizzard “if there going to make a move it won’t be today.”

     Simba, Nala, and Rafiki all stare at Blizzard with surprised expressions.

     “After the pride went in the cave to get out of the rain,” says Blizzard “I wanted to make sure that the hyenas had actually retreated and not merely regrouped. So I tracked them to the northern border.”

     “Ha Ha Ha,” laughs “Rafiki “King Simba has chosen a most capable Guardian for de Pride Lands.”

     “Yeah,” says Nala “I think we can skip orientation.”

     “Well Blizzard,” says Simba with a smile “ready to go make it official?”

     “Yes,” says Blizzard “but I need to tell you one thing.”

     “Which is,” asks Simba.

     “I don’t travel as much as I used to,” says Blizzard “so I’ll probably be staying here more often then I led you to believe.”

     “Then welcome home,” says Simba with a smile “now let’s go introduce you to the lionesses.”

     “I’ll be with you in a minute,” says Nala “I just want to make sure I look my best.”

     “O.K.” says Simba “I doubt it will take you that long.”

     Simba and Rafiki start to walk from under the promontory of pride rock, as Blizzard begins to follow them Nala says.

     “Blizzard, can you wait a minute?”

     “Sure.” says Blizzard as he turns toward Nala.

     “You saved Simba’s life today” says Nala.

     “You already thanked me for that Nala.” said Blizzard.

     “I know,” says Nala “but I need to ask you a favor.”

     “What can I do?” asks Blizzard.

     “I know that both you and Simba feel that he doesn’t need a constant protector,” says Nala “but I have already felt the pain of Simba’s death. It was unbearable and that was before I knew how very much I loved him, I can’t stand the thought of going through that again. So when you become the Pride Land Guardian can you please…just…you wouldn’t need to watch him all the time…but… at least when you are here…could…you just please…”

     Realizing that Nala is about to cry Blizzard answers her.

      “Yes Nala, I promise you that at any time I am here. Whether Simba asks me to fight, travel, or just stand alongside him, no enemy will ever send him to join the Great Kings of The Past. Without first sending me to the afterlife ahead of him, I will always protect Simba, his family, and his pride.”

     “Thank you Blizzard,” says Nala.

     “You’re welcome,” says Blizzard “now can I ask something of you?”

     “Certainly.” says Nala.

     “I mean no disrespect to the hunting skills of you or the other lionesses,” says Blizzard “but I enjoy hunting my own meals. Besides prey is going to be hard enough to find for a while, so it will be easier on the pride if the lionesses only have to worry about feeding the pride.”

     “O.K.” says Nala “but when conditions allow and we have our first big feast at Pride Rock. I want you to join us.”

     “You’ve got it.” says Blizzard with a smile.

     Nala and Blizzard then join Simba and Rafiki where the lionesses are waiting, Simba then addresses the pride.

     “Due to the new dangers we face, I have chosen to appoint a Guardian of the Pride Lands. I know none of you know my friend Blizzard, but you have all seen what this White Tiger can do. I feel that he is best suited to fill this position.”

     Simba then turns to Blizzard and asks?

     “Blizzard, will you assist me in defending this land?”

     “Yes I will Your Majesty.” says Blizzard.

     Simba then nods to Rafiki, who then walks up to Blizzard and says.

     “Bow your head Blizzard.”

     Blizzard bows his head.

     Rafiki then shakes his staff over Blizzard’s right shoulder and then his left shoulder. Rafiki then says.

     “Rise Blizzard Guardian and Defender of de Pride Lands.”

     That’s an awfully long title, thinks Blizzard, I wouldn’t have to defeat my enemies. They would fall asleep waiting for me to introduce myself.

     Blizzard then stands, turns to Simba and says.

     “If it pleases Your Majesty, why not just call me SimbasGuard?”

     Simba thinks for a moment and says.

     “Welcome to the Pride Lands, SimbasGuard!”

The End


The Character Blizzard/SimbasGuard, Roarba, Tanala, Mendarbo, Teshara, Tenbow, Larry O’Harris/Cut-Larry, Stockson, Dr. Seizure, Smith, Weston, Benler, Dentree, Mac, Donald, Sateema, Chester, Gufferd, The South Pride, Juan De Majous. As well as the places The Dive Kingdom Road and The South Kingdom.

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