So Who Wins - The Any Character in the World Battles



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The tournament is Over!  All 8 fighters were( in order of the number of votes):

Superman (6)
Iron Man (4)
Batman (3)
Dr. Doom (3)
Hulk (3)
Juggernaut (3)
Captain Marvel (3)
Supergirl (3)

The following are the match ups, they were made completely at random. Due to the nature of the tournament, the rule of one sided fights is temporarily disabled. (that does not mean I want you to give suggestions of one sided fights!) Click on them to see how they turned out!

Dr. Doom           /                   \
                                                \_Supergirl  ___
Supergirl                                   /                      \
                          \_Supergirl__/                         \
Iron Man              /                                                \
Batman                                                                  /
                          \_Hulk_______                           /
Hulk                   /                     \                       /
Superman                                  /
Captain Marvel /

Juggernaut vs. Dr. Doom
Supergirl vs. Iron Man
Batman vs. Hulk
Superman vs. Captain Marvel
Supergirl vs. Juggernaut
Superman vs. Hulk
Superman vs. Supergirl

The Set-Up:

The Green Arrow- Lady's and Gentlemen! Welcome to our first ever Tournament of fighters, here in the Chetradome.

Hawkeye- It's surprising that these competitors would come here to willingly fight each other!

The Green Arrow- Not too surprising, because the winner of the tournament will win a free dinner for two at Olive Garden!

Hawkeye- A free dinner for two at Olive Garden!? I want in!

The Green Arrow- Sorry, the fighters have already been picked by there votes, and they also have to have been featured on some website...uh... the name escapes me. Anyway, the tickets for this fight were sold out before we even knew where the tournament was going to be held, and even who would be in it!

Hawkeye- Wow! That's amazing!

The Green Arrow- Yeah, the tickets were so hard to get that some Superheroes and villains even got a job working concessions just so they can see the fights. Hey look over there! Its the Eternian He-man working at the soup hut.


Hawkeye- Ooo, I'll have some. Clam Chowder if you have it He-Man!

The Green Arrow- Ooo, I'll take a bowl of that too.

Hawkeye- Hey look over there between the Human Torche's hot dog stand, and Rogue's kissing booth. Its Thor!

The Green Arrow- Selling his Asgardian meed, as I thought. Oh, it seems that the Hulk has been enjoying this particular stand.


Hawkeye- I hope he'll be alright, he has to fight later.

The Green Arrow- I'm sure he'll be fine. But not everyone could get tickets or work concessions though. There was a bald man earlier today, hawked up on Red Bull and Pixie Sticks that tried to get in, he took out several security teams including The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the Powerpuff Girls. I don't think he was trying to watch the tournament so much as talk to our referee Saphira the dragon. Luckily before he caused too much trouble; SimbasGuard our head security man tackled him and dragged him outside.

Hawkeye- How did SimbasGuard take out this guy who was hawked up on Red Bull and Pixie Sticks, who took out the Ninja turtles and the Powerpuff Girls?

The Green Arrow- Oh, he was also hawked up on Red Bull and Pixie Sticks!

Hawkeye- Oh, well that explains it.

The Green Arrow- Ok, now lets go to the outer edges of the arena where our ground corespondent slash referee Saphira is going to tell us about the conditions. Saphira?

Saphira- Thank you Green Arrow, it seems that the Chetradome is over a mile wide and can seat over 1 million Spectators. Its location is unknown which begs the question. How did we get here? Anyway its security is better then that at the Olympics as you saw earlier with the bald man and SimbasGuard. Its walls are lined with vibranium, which as you know cannot be phased through, much to the disappointment of Martian Manhunter, The Vision, and Phantom Girl. All of whom were seen walking face first into the wall of the Chetradome, and then buying over priced tickets from Deadpool who was scalping them from outside the front gate. Juggernaut and Dr. Doom are walking out now. Oh how cute a little girl with long black hair is tapping my tail. She must be a fan.



Hawkeye- Woah, you don't want to scare Saphira, the site of Samara's dead face must have scared her. Unfortunately for Samara, when Saphira screamed she also blew a large amount of fire on her.

The Green Arrow- We can see her running around covered in flames, the flames would have gone out long ago, but it doesn't help that Saphira is still continuing to breath fire on her ever though she is no longer screaming.

Hawkeye- Saphira then steps on Samara squishing her against the ground.

The Green Arrow- And Samara is no longer moving. Saphira turns and flaps her wings in celebration for her unplanned victory and her tumultuous applause.

Saphira- Whoa I haven't been that frighted since that crippled bald man, Charles something or another could hear Eragon's and my thoughts about him.

Hawkeye- Professor X? Hmmm when did you ever see him? Oh well anyway; our newly demoted clean-up crew runs into the arena, scrape Samara from the ground and take her out of site. Hey, weren't they our security team?

The Green Arrow- Yeah the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were demoted by SimbasGuard as he found them incapable of decent security, SimbasGuard was seen talking to Battle Cat about a security position.

Hawkeye- Ok Dr. Doom and Juggernaut are standing about 50 yards from each other in the center of the arena with Saphira standing in the middle.

The Green Arrow- Saphira looks at both competitors.

Saphira- Alright I want a nice clean fight, there are no rules except that its just the two of you in the fight, and no killing.

Hawkeye- Saphira glares at them while smoke billows out of her nostrils as if to say 'or else'

The Green Arrow- Juggernaut and Dr. Doom seem a little disheartened to hear that they cant kill.

Hawkeye- But quickly regain there composure as they remember that this is for a dinner for two at Olive Garden.

The Green Arrow- Ok, this as far as we're allowed to go. We will now hand you over to Mr. Fantastic and Blob who will be commentating this match from the top box.



Mr. Fantastic- How they got Victor into the tournament, I don't know. I mean he IS the only bad guy fighting!

Blob- What are you saying? You think that only a good guy has a chance to win?

Mr. Fantastic- Well yes that is what I'm saying. I hope he is taken out of the tournament right away, that way, this can be a heroes only tournament.

Blob- Discrimination... oh doesn't that red light mean---?!

Mr. Fantastic- It's not discrimination. I just don't think that anyone who isn't a hero should be able to participate!

Blob- But!

Mr. Fantastic- Oh, maybe it is discrimination, but at least Juggernaut can take out Dr. Doom before he can stay here too long! Look at him staring up at me shaking his head. He's a real jerk, he should be listening to Green Arrow and Hawkeye right now paying attention to when he is supposed to---

Blob- But Mister Fan---

Mr. Fantastic- DO NOT INTERRUPT ME BLOB! I was saying! this should be a heroes only tournament. Oh, I'm done. When are we supposed to get our Que?

Blob- We already got it, but because you were so busy fretting about Doom, we missed it.

Mr. Fantastic- No, if we were on this light would shine its doing right now... darn...uh...sorry you had to hear that everyone...Blob, why didn't you tell me that we were on?!

Blob- I tried to but---

Mr. Fantastic- Do you know how long we were on before I noticed we were on?

Blob- I'm pretty sure from when you were talking about how Victor should not be eligible to fight.

Mr. Fantastic- Well if they didn't hear it the first time, they just heard it now... you.... uh there's no other word for it...BLOB!

Blob- Ok, lets not embarrass ourselves more then we already have. Dr. Doom and Juggernaut are ready to fight. All that's left now is to give the signal.

Mr. Fantastic- Yeah... whats the signal?

Blob- (sigh) the signal is FIGHT!

Mr. Fantastic- Dr. Doom immediately takes to the air, while Juggernaut runs at him.

Blob- Dr. Doom, raises his hands and shoots purple energy at Juggernaut. Juggernaut positions himself so that his shoulder takes most of the blast.

Mr. Fantastic- Dr. Doom sees that an areal attack is doing little good, and lands on the ground to get a better position that would be harder for Juggernaut to block.

Blob- Juggernaut runs over to Dr. Doom, grabs him by the leg and throws him at the wall of the arena.

Mr. Fantastic- Doom stumbles up to his feet and with one hand shoots some white energy at Juggernaut.

Blob- Juggernaut shrugs it off and runs at Doom again.

Mr. Fantastic- Juggernaut grabs Dr. Doom's hand and Doom uses his other hand to shoot red energy at Juggernaut.

Blob- Juggernaut stumbles backwards but the energy does not seem to have any effect on him.

Mr. Fantastic- Juggernaut reaches for Doom again this time grabbing both arms and stretching them outwards so that Doom's arm span reaches its limit.

Blob- Juggernaut being bigger, has a larger arm span and has the full advantage here.

Mr. Fantastic- Doom is a sitting duck, he can't do anything.

Saphira- This is the point where I come in. Dr. Doom, I regret to inform you that you have lost this fight. Juggernaut, you will be moving on to the next round. Congratulations!

Blob- Ok, you heard it right here folks! Juggernaut beat Dr. Doom. I would have never thought it possible.

Mr. Fantastic- Well I'm glad, I wasn't looking forward to him being in any longer. Ok, now we will hand you back to Green Arrow and Hawkeye as we move out of the top box and the next fight begins. Green Arrow?

Green Arrow- Thank you Mr. Fantastic, Hey Hawkeye, where on earth did you get that squirrel?

Hawkeye- If you play that ring toss game of Snow White's you win a free woodland animal, you don't even have to win!

Green Arrow- What if you do win?

Hawkeye- Then you get one with out rabies.

Green Arrow- Maybe you shouldn't play with that here. Did she give you a cage?

Hawkeye- She gave me this little white bird cage.

Green Arrow- Why would she give you a bird cage for a squirrel?

Hawkeye- Maybe she ran out of squirrel cages!

Green Arrow- No I think I know why, the squirrel is flying, not like a flying squirrel, not like a bird, but like a helicopter. You were so bad at her game that she gave you a mutant squirrel with rabies.

Hawkeye- Hmmm maybe she'll take it back.

Green Arrow- Oh, I doubt it... just put it in the cage... there you go.

Hawkeye- Sorry about that.

Green Arrow- It's quite alright, but now for some disturbing news. Earlier today there was an assassination attempt made on the owner of the Chetradome. The would be assassin Bullseye had taken an arrow head from Red Arrow's Balloon Popping booth and tried to throw it at the Chetradome owner. Fortunately for the Chetradome owner, but unfortunately for those He-Man fans everywhere. Battle Cat, our newly promoted Security guard jumped in the way, and was carried off by the Powerpuff Girls to the medical ward run by Madam Pomfrey. Battle Cat will be fine which is more than what we can say for Bullseye, who upon throwing the arrowhead was immediately tackled by SimbasGuard who dragged him off somewhere. We currently don't know where Bullseye is, and SimbasGuard is refusing to tell us. We do know that he is not in the Medical Ward.

Hawkeye- I'm sure we'll find him.

Green Arrow- I hope your right. In the mean time though, SimbasGuard was seen talking to the Road Rovers to fill in for Battle Cat until he gets better.

Hawkeye- Ok, Supergirl and Iron Man are coming out now.

Green Arrow- Supergirl looks like she thinks this fight will be a breeze, and Iron Man looks...hmmm.. can't really tell what he is thinking as his mask blocks his facial features. Man, I would hate to play poker with him.

Hawkeye- Saphira turns to face the competitors after talking briefly with Mushu who now looks disheartened.

Saphira- Ok, you know the rules, just the two of you and no killing!

Green Arrow- Neither Supergirl or Iron Man seem to react to these words at all, and continue to stare at each other still as statues.

Hawkeye- Ok, it's that Happy time again where we get to take a break and let those in the top box take over. Who's up there now?

Green Arrow- Black Widow and Wonder Woman.

Hawkeye- Two of the hottest babes in the universe are up in the top box and we are still down here!?

Green Arrow- Yes and we will stay down here. The fight is about to start. Over to you Black Widow and Wonder Woman.



Wonder Woman- Thank you Green Arrow, apparently Blob must have had a tough time getting out of the door. As we past through it we saw large amounts of butter on it. How did he get so fat? Anyway we are here in the top box and the fight is about to go underway. Personally I think that this fight is a cake-walk for Supergirl, and this fight should be over with in seconds.

Black Widow- Don't underestimate Iron Man; he's no pushover.

Wonder Woman- She's related to SUPERMAN! You do know who Superman is right?

Black Widow- Yes, through my many years of spying I have come across the name many times.

Wonder Woman- Well if you know what you do, I don't see how you could possibly think that Iron Man has a chance.

Black Widow- We'll see.

Wonder Woman- Ok, shall we start the fight?

Black Widow- Sure, FIGHT!

Wonder Woman- Supergirl runs at Iron Man right off the bat.

Black Widow- Iron Man shoots his plasma disk at Supergirl, but misses as Supergirl dodges it.

Wonder Woman- Supergirl hits Iron Man in the stomach not too hard though because Iron Man just slides across the ground still on his feet.

Black Widow- Iron Man must realize that this is going to take all of his strength and ingenuity to take Supergirl down. He unloads a tidal wave of plasma disks, repulsor rays and missiles at Supergirl.

Wonder Woman- Supergirl dodges all of these, grabs a missile still in flight, and directs it back at Iron Man.

Black Widow- Iron Man seeing this, uses his quick thinking and takes to the air. The missile hot on his tail.

Wonder Woman- Iron Man, still in flight reaches for his arm and hits a button. The missile detonates in mid air far enough away from Iron Man to have no effect. But while all of this was happening Supergirl was also chasing him.

Black Widow- She grabs his feet, swings his whole body and throws him to the ground.

Wonder Woman- Iron Man zooms downward and hits the ground with the sound reminiscent of the missile that exploded seconds ago. Supergirl hovers far above Iron Man smiling as she tastes the sweet flavor of victory...but not so fast Supergirl.

Black Widow- Iron Man sits up from his crater in the ground, and sits perfectly still.

Wonder Woman- What is he doing?

Black Widow- I have no idea, Oh look at Supergirl!

Wonder Woman- That's impossible! What is he doing?

Black Widow- He must be using his sonic emitters!

Wonder Woman- Supergirl loses her balance and falls to the ground. Another loud boom.

Black Widow- Iron Man stands up and looks at Supergirl's writhing body on the ground. Then suddenly Supergirl stands up still clutching her ears in pain.

Wonder Woman- She must have figured that if he wasn't going to stop, she was going to make him stop.

Black Widow- Supergirl slams her fist into Iron Man's Armored stomach, and sends him flying halfway across the stadium and into the booth area. taking out many stands on his way.

Wonder Woman- Supergirl takes her hands off her ears and takes flight.

Black Widow- Iron Man recovers and takes flight also.

Wonder Woman- They both fly towards each other. Inches away, Supergirl shoots Ice breath at Iron Man.

Black Widow- Iron Man dodges underneath Supergirl to avoid the Ice.

Wonder Woman- Supergirl grabs Iron Mans head as he attempts to escape, pulls it about a foot and a half from her own, and head butts Iron Man square in the helmet.

Black Widow- Supergirl lets Iron Man fall to the ground, Supergirl raises her fist to the sky, smiles and zooms to Iron Mans recovering body in the now bigger crater.

Wonder Woman- Iron Man is attempting to get to his feet when Supergirl grabs his arm, and flies out to the edge of the arena dragging him along the ground as she goes.

Black Widow- Supergirl stops dragging him against the ground when she gets to the inner edge of the stadium. Instead, still holding his arm she pounds him against the ground, over and over again.

Wonder Woman- Saphira the referee takes to flight and zooms over to Supergirl. She probably wants to end the match now that Iron Man has had it.

Black Widow- Supergirl seems to be convinced to, because before Saphira could get to them Supergirl flies up with Iron Man still in hand, and throws him into the crowd.

Wonder Woman- Luckily Supergirl was far enough away, that the crowd had time to get out of the way as to not be squished by Iron Man

Saphira- Ok, Supergirl that was unnecessary, but congratulations! You will move on to the next round, and you will be fighting Juggernaut.

Black Widow- Ok, it seems that our job here is done.

Wonder Woman- Over to you Green Arrow and Hawkeye.

Green Arrow- Thank you Wonder Woman, and Black Widow. Hey Hawkeye, where did you get that?

Hawkeye- Oh this?

Green Arrow- What else could I mean? The Glow stick in your right hand!

Hawkeye- Oh, Darth Vader was selling them over in the Booth area.

Green Arrow- How much are they?

Hawkeye- Oh, he's not selling them right now because his booth was taken out by Iron Mans body smashing into it. Daredevil's face painting was taken out too.

Green Arrow- So how much did you pay for it?

Hawkeye- Oh, about 12 million republic credits. So about 4 bucks.

Green Arrow- He's still trying to fund that 3rd Death Star I see.

Hawkeye- Maybe, maybe...Ok its time for our "ask the audience" segment of the intermission.

Green Arrow- Oh, yeah, lets see, oh look its Mushu. Hawkeye, give the guy a microphone. Mushu how are you liking to fights?

Mushu- Oh, there alright.

Green Arrow- Mushu, I see you have bought a book from one of our many booths!

Mushu- Oh, yeah never again will I buy a book about how to impress Lady Dragons. Hey everyone! Donkey's book "How to Impress Lady Dragons" DOES NOT WORK! And neither does "Dragon Courting for Dummies!" ....SAPHIRA GIVE ME A CHANCE!

Green Arrow- Ok, that's enough, give the microphone to someone else Hawkeye! Let's see who is that? Oh Tarzan! What do you think of the fights so far?

Tarzan- Me Tarzan, you announcer guy.

Green Arrow- NEXT! Spider-Man! Oh, Hi! What do you think of the fights so far?

Spider-Man- I thought they were good until my guy Iron Man was stomped.

Green Arrow- Well not everyone can win.

Spider-Man- Of course not, But I thought maybe Iron Man would at least make it to the next round.

Green Arrow- Well now that your favorite is out, who do you think will take the tournament.

Spider-Man- Well based on what I know about him, I would say Superman.

Green Arrow- Well you heard it here folks Spider-Man thinks Superman will win. We'll see Spider-Man, We'll see. Well that's all for our "ask the audience" portion of our intermission. Hawkeye?

Hawkeye- Well it seems that it is time for round 3 of our tournament of champions, sponsored by Olive Garden and Starbucks. You know Starbucks is everywhere when they sell it in the Bathroom.

Green Arrow- Yes well that's not as intense as their Starbucks blimp they have over head. You just text what you want, and your seat number, and they will throw it down to you. Unfortunately no one has been able to catch theirs except Captain America, who in turn dropped his apple pies that he was selling and throwing at people. I wouldn't recommend buying coffee this way cause in addition to not being able to catch it. Starbucks charges through your phone bill. And its 300% service charge for every delivery.

Hawkeye- Wow, uh how do you cancel an order, because I just placed one while you were talking to Spider-Man.

Green Arrow- I don't think you can. Anyway, Batman and The Hulk are coming out now, a miss match if ever there was one, but maybe Batman will surprise us... probably not. Ok, Saphira leaves a groveling Mushu and is making her way to her usual spot in the middle of the arena.

Hawkeye- Batman and Hulk are about 50 yards from each other with Saphira in the middle.

Saphira- Remember no rules except, no outside help, and no killing.

Green Arrow- Saphira seemed to only look at Hulk when she said this last bit, and opened here eyes wide as if you say "please, I don't want to have to see this guys internal organs stretched out all over the field"

Hawkeye- Ok, now the fight is almost upon us. We will now hand you over to the commentators in the top box.

Green Arrow- Over to you Robin and Dr. Strange!



Robin- Thank you Green Arrow. You know, Dr. Strange just introduced me to his magic ways while we were waiting for you, and he said that I have all of the makings of a true seer. If I was that good, don't you think I would have seen that coming?

Dr. Strange- Not necessarily, the Inner eye does not see upon command, and even with your intuitive mind you are still yet at a young age to be truly great at it.

Robin- No thanks, I think I will stick to my bow-staff whirling crime fighting style rather than fortune telling, and magic.

Dr. Strange- That's fine, you may find your self changing your mind later in life, when you do, give me a, here's my card.

Robin- Uh, thanks?

Dr. Strange- Ok, I think we should start the fight now, don't you?

Robin- Yes sure, do you mind?

Dr. Strange- By all means.

Robin- FIGHT!

Dr. Strange- Batman leaps into action and runs at Hulk. Hulk in the mean time seems to be transfixed on Saphira.

Robin- What do you think it is?

Dr. Strange- It must be her shiny blue scales. If Hulk doesn't pay attention he's going to get a face full of Batman.

Robin- Batman leaps into the air, just feet from Hulk, and throws several Batarangs, and smoke bombs at Hulk.

Dr. Strange- Hulk coughs, bends double quickly, and straightens up. Now Batman has his full attention.

Robin- Hulk yells, and pounds forward towards Batman. Oh, Batman you better run.

Dr. Strange- And Batman does run, not a scared run, but a defensive out-maneuvering run.

Robin- Hulk, does not want to run it appears and he smashes the ground, causing Batman to trip up and fall to the ground. Man, that must have been some force to knock Batman down.

Dr. Strange- Hulk walks towards Batman, lifts him up, his thumb under Batman's armpit, and his other fingers on his opposite shoulder and upper arm.

Robin- Hulk throws Batman, who luckily did not pass out from the ground shock wave. Batman uses his lightning fast reflexes in mid-air, pulls out his two Bat-grappling hooks, and shoots them at Hulk.

Dr. Strange- The Lextanium tipped grappling hook barely penetrates the Hulks skin. Even so, Batman is flung back towards the Hulk.

Robin- Hulk sees this, grabs the ropes, and pulls them making Batman zoom towards him even faster than ever.

Dr. Strange- Batman is feet away, and still flying at the Hulk. Hulk prepares to punch. This is not going to be pretty.

Robin- Batman, at the last second spins his body around. He is still hit, but barely, as his dodge saved him a fatality. I think Batman will have a hard time staying conscious after that.

Dr. Strange- Batman flies backwards, clearly knocked out. Saphira takes to flight and heads over to the competitors.

Robin- Hulk, still highly involved in the fight runs over to Batman, grabs his leg and sling-shots him up into the sky and out of sight.

Dr. Strange- Saphira acts quickly and flies up above the clouds to save Batman from falling to his doom.

Robin- Hulk stands in the middle of the arena, obviously waiting for Batman to hit the ground.

Dr. Strange- Oh, here comes Saphira, holding Batman.

Robin- Saphira touches down on the floor of the arena, and sets Batman on his back. Signaling with her great scaled head for the clean up crew to come out and bring him to the hospital wing.

Dr. Strange- Hulk seems to think that the fight is still going on and leaps over to Batman, picks him up and attempts to throw him again.


Robin- Saphira's voice rumbles the stadium sending chills down all spines. Either whole, or broken like Batman's must feel. Her voice even made Hulk double take in shock.

Dr. Strange- Hulk quickly regains his composure and grins.

Hulk- Ok pretty lizard.

Robin- Well there you have it folks, Hulk defeats Batman. No surprises there. Ok over to you Green Arrow, and Hawkeye.

Green Arrow- Thank you Robin and Dr. Strange. Say Hawkeye, you seem to have something new every time we come back to the break. What is that?

Hawkeye- Oh, this? Well I wanted something sweet, and being that Homer Simpson's Doughnut hut is always sold out; I bought this from Iceman's Snow cone shop.

Green Arrow- Man, now I'M hungry. I really liked that Clam Chowder from He-Man's, maybe I'll go and get another bowl.

Hawkeye- Ok, but take a microphone with you so you can tell us what else is down there.

Green Arrow- Ok.....doo,doo,doo.....doo,doo,doo,doo....Let's see there's Rogue's kissing booth, I'll have to stop there near the end of the tournament. Thor's Asgardian mead... Human Torch's Hot dogs... Oh, Wolverines Shish kebabs... Blades Steak house... Ok, here we are, right next to Iceman's Snow cones; He-Man's soup hut.... Yes I would like a bowl of clam chow--- Eragon!? What are you doing here? And where is He-Man?

Eragon- Me? Oh, well first, Saphira said she didn't want to come here alone, so here I am. He-Man and I met once before...don't ask... and he needed someone to watch his store for him as he visited Battle Cat in the hospital wing. It was lucky I was here, because the Soup Nazi was working here earlier, but he was taken out by a pie delivered from a livid Captain America.

Green Arrow- Ok, wow, interesting story. You have clam chowder right? Thanks! ...doo, doo ,doo......doo, doo, doo, doo....Hey it's SimbasGuard, accompanied by the Road Rover Colleen. Hey guys, say SimbasGuard, we haven't seen Bullseye since after the assassination attempt when you dragged him out of sight. Do you know what happened to him?

Colleen- SimbasGuard cant talk right now, he is 'orse from excessively yelling at Bullseye. But I can take all of the questions that you may 'ave. Bullseye, tried to make an assassination attempt, we think that 'e was working for some sort of multinational organization of some sorts.

Green Arrow- So you are getting closer to finding out who hired Bullseye to make the assassination attempt?

Colleen- Abso-bloomin'-lootly! We think Bullseye is about to crack!

Green Arrow- Say, isn't that blood on SimbasGuard's coat?

Colleen- No, its ketchup, ketchup! We 'ad 'otdogs for lunch! Ok, I think that's enough questions for one day! We 'ave to get back to torturing--- I mean questioning Bullseye!

Green Arrow- Alright, have a nice day! Ok, back to the announcers booth. Oh, Look everyone, at the Starbucks blimp. Wow, that must have cost him a fortune. Ok, for those who cant see it, or just cant read, it says: SAPHIRA, I LOVE YOU, AND I WISH THAT YOU WOULD LOVE ME TOO. RUN AWAY WITH ME! -LOVE FROM, MUSHU! and then after that in little letters it says: SPONSORED BY MULAN'S RICE.

Hawkeye- Mulan is selling rice? Oooh I'll have to get me a bowl of that. Or maybe a plate of Aquaman's sushi. Or both!

Green Arrow- Well I'm back in the booth. The competitors should be coming out soon, but first a mention of our sponsors. Olive Garden says to everyone in the audience: Soup...Salad...And can get all of these things free if you buy dinner...we mean really buy dinner...don't just say you want these things before the meal, say you are too full to order, and leave...we will hunt you down, shove some pasta down your throat and charge you for it! Plus 20% tip. Oh, how nice! Ok, next: Starbucks, We are Starbucks, and we are everywhere, get used to it. Also, a new sponsor, McDonald's, they have recently changed their slogan, their old one was of coarse "I'm lovin' it!" well to us they say: You better love it! We're still cheaper than Burger King! Oh, and uh, Queen Industries gave some money too.

Hawkeye- SOME money!? They practically built the whole arena! They also paid for all of the stuff I'm buying here!

Green Arrow- Umm, No there not.

Hawkeye- What? I've been writing checks to all of these vendors, and I'm out of a job!

Green Arrow- Oh, wow that sucks. Don't worry about it, I'll help you out. Just do me a favor.

Hawkeye- Oh, name it. I've spent about a thousand dollars already.

Green Arrow- Just don't buy anything else.

Hawkeye- What? That's like asking me not to breath! Oh, Ok I'll try, but I don't think----HOLY HINDENBURG GREEN ARROW! DID YOU SEE THAT?

Green Arrow- The Starbucks blimp seems to be falling down after a large fire ball was shot from somewhere in the field.

Hawkeye- It seems that the blimp's trajectory wont make it crash in the arena, but right next to the outer wall. Lucky they don't use Hydrogen for those things anymore, don't you think Green Arrow?

Green Arrow- Lucky indeed. I wonder where that came from.

Hawkeye- Like you don't know, everyone's ears may be listening to us, but all eyes are on Saphira.

Saphira- Where are those competitors?

Green Arrow- Yeah, where are the competitors?

Hawkeye- Who cares, this is more interesting. She must really not like Mushu to take down a blimp using a fire ball!

Green Arrow- Ok, here they come. Superman and Captain Marvel come out from either end of the field, and make their way to the middle.

Saphira- Ok, you know the rules, just the two of you, and no killing.

Hawkeye- I don't think she has to worry about these two getting carried away, but maybe for a free dinner for two at Olive Garden, these two just might go crazy.

Green Arrow- Ok, now we will hand you off to Mr. Terrific and Green Lantern. Green Lantern?



Green Lantern- Thank you Green Arrow, Mr. Terrific? Will you do the honors?

Mr. Terrific- FIGHT!

Green Lantern- neither combatants waist any time in getting the fight underway. They both immediately run at full speed at each other.

Mr. Terrific- Ok, They are both speeding towards each other. As they are inches away each others fist come in contact with each others face. Being oh so evenly matched they both are rocketed backwards and into either end of the stadium.

Green Lantern- At this point we would like to thank Sony for their donations of the high speed cameras. We wouldn't know what just happened without them.

Mr. Terrific- Superman is the first to compose himself, and he zooms toward Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel hears Superman coming at him, he jumps up, landing on his feet, and races towards Superman.

Green Lantern- Superman, moving so fast that running is slowing him down, takes to flight hovering about four feet from the ground, but still breaking the sound barrier on his way.

Mr. Terrific- Captain Marvel, and Superman are mere centimeters away from each other, and as our high speed camera shows; Captain Marvel uses his speed of Mercury to assess the situation at almost light speed. Captain Marvel at the last second grabs Superman's outstretched fist, and throws him over his shoulder.

Green Lantern- After being thrown, Superman quickly finds his target again, and flies at him.

Mr. Terrific- Captain Marvel sees this and takes to the air. He does circles around the field of the arena, closely followed by Superman. Now where have I seen this before?

Green Lantern- Yeah, it's like deja vu. hmmm, I think it happened in an arena like this one also. Oh well, Superman and Captain Marvel are like red and white blurs as they circle the arena at near light speed.

Mr. Terrific- This circling began as Superman chasing Captain Marvel, But Captain Marvel was going so fast that the almost over-lapped Superman. Now Superman is the one being chased.

Green Lantern- Captain Marvel gets closer to Superman, and grabs his left foot. Captain Marvel then uses the leverage he has on the foot to swing Superman around and down to the ground.

Mr. Terrific- A thunderous BOOM rattles the arena as Superman falls and hits the ground.

Green Lantern- Captain Marvel takes this moment to raise his fists into the air as the crowd applauds. Wait a second.

Mr. Terrific- At the almost exact moment after Superman's impact. Superman lept into the air, flying at Captain Marvel.

Green Lantern- Captain Marvel's Wisdom of Solomon warns him that he is in danger, as he looks down a moment too late to see Superman rocketing up towards him. Captain Marvel crouches in mid-air to dodge Superman's attack.

Mr. Terrific- Unfortunately, Captain Marvel was not quick enough to react. Superman's fist connects with Captain Marvels jaw with a sound that  could shatter glass, and Captain Marvel is shuttled into the sky.

Green Lantern- Superman now takes Captain Marvels place and accepts his generous applause. Meanwhile Saphira is looking worried, she stands up and unfolds her wings, ready to catch Captain Marvel if he should fall.

Mr. Terrific- Now a whistling sound fills the arena. Captain Marvel falls, that's right falls, not flies, falls towards the ground.

Green Lantern- Uh, Oh I know that look!

Mr. Terrific- What?

Green Lantern- Superman is using his X-ray vision on Captain Marvel.

Mr. Terrific- Apparently Superman must have seen that though Captain Marvel is still falling, he is still conscious.

Green Lantern- Superman must think that Captain Marvel is most likely going to try and do the same trick he did on him. Fall to the ground, and rocket back up again and hit him. Superman flies over to Captain Marvels falling body.

Mr. Terrific- Superman grabs Captain Marvels foot, Spins him 360*  vertically over his own head and back down to the ground.

Green Lantern- If Captain Marvel was planning on being conscious after he hit the ground, he wont be now!

Mr. Terrific- Captain Marvel hits the ground with bone crunching speed, and the sound reminiscent of a meteor hitting earth.

Green Lantern- Saphira takes to flight, and flies lazily to Superman.

Saphira- We have a winner! Superman! You will be going to the next round of the tournament, you will be fighting the Hulk

Superman- You've got to be kidding me! Why do I always have to take out the big guys!?

Mr. Terrific- Oh, there you have it, Superman defeats Captain Marvel...again.

Green Lantern- Over to you Green Arrow and Hawkeye!

Green Arrow- Thanks guys! Ok, While the fight has been going on, we had a break in at our booth. Mushu snuck in while I was trying my hand at Red Arrow's Bow and Arrow Balloon Popping booth.

Hawkeye- Thanks for the 12 foot Stuffed Panda Bear by the way!

Green Arrow- uh, yeah you're welcome. Anyway I was at a booth, and Mr. Buy-every-thing-in-sight-because-it-won't-be-there-tomorrow was finishing off his 8th banana split at Gorilla Grod's Banana splits!

Hawkeye- There good, and good for you!

Green Arrow- Who told you that?

Hawkeye- ...Gorilla Grod

Green Arrow- I don't think they are really good for you. I think he was just trying to make a sale.

Hawkeye- Oh, don't worry, I didn't eat the banana, I think they were rotten. They were YELLOW! And the Ice Cream was different colors so I didn't eat that either.

Green Arrow- So you ate 8 bowls of Chocolate, Strawberry, and Butterscotch SYRUP?

Hawkeye- Yes, why? is that bad?

Green Arrow- I think maybe you should go to the bathroom now.

Hawkeye- Oh, don't worry I have a stomach made of Iron. Figuratively speaking of course!

Green Arrow- You'll see what I'm talking about later. Ok, we sent a delivery pidgin to send a message to Sora, our resident lock smith.
Hawkeye- Unfortunately our pidgin got lost as it was almost hit buy a cup of coffee falling from the sky. Starbucks got their Blimp back, if you haven't figured that out! And there prices are higher than ever!

Green Arrow- Ok, maybe we should find something more interesting to talk about, while the clean-up crew led my Adrien Monk does their job.

Hawkeye- Hey look its Eragon at the soup hut! Maybe we should get some more soup!

Green Arrow- Do you never stop eating? Fine lets go!

Hawkeye- Ok, Eragon I'll take three bowls of clam chowder, four cream of broccoli soup, and two chicken noodle. Oh, and put it on his tab!

Green Arrow- Now wait a second, why cant you pay for it?

Hawkeye- Oh, I ran out of checks. And I brought four checkbooks with me!

Green Arrow- Ok, but this is the last thing I'm buying you.

Hawkeye- Just one more thing? Please?

Green Arrow- FINE! fine, dang, like a child wanting a toy this one!

Hawkeye- Oh, look its Mulan!

Mulan- Eragon? We need to talk!

Eragon- I was expecting this.

Mulan- All Mushu wanted was to be loved, he is in denial about Saphira loving him because she was so rude when she shot him down.

Eragon- What do you want me to do?

Mulan- Personally I think you should have invested some time in teaching your dragon some manners.

Eragon- What I do with my dragon is none of your business!

Mulan- When it affects the people around you, it's everyone's business!

Eragon- Just because Mushu is too much of a baby to accept that he was rejected by------


Green Arrow- Mulan draws her sward and swings it at Eragon.

Hawkeye- Eragon catches the blade with his own, pushes it back, and slashes at Mulan.

Green Arrow- This impromptu fight for the dragons should prove to be most interesting.

Hawkeye- Eragon and Mulan clank swards with more intensity now, but Eragon seems to have the upper hand.

Green Arrow- Eragon pushes Mulan backwards almost hitting a spectator, and spilling his Duff beer that was sitting on the ground next to him.

Hawkeye- The man looks at the spilled beer and stands up. Hey its Chuck N----

Green Arrow- Walker Texas Ranger! Uh, oh this isn't going to be pretty.

Hawkeye- Eragon and Mulan stop their fighting as they are distracted by Walker's reaction to the spilled beer.

Green Arrow- Walker then jerks his head a little, smiles and round-house-kicks them both in the heads knocking them to the ground unconscious.

Hawkeye- He hit them so hard even Saphira, who has a telepathic link to Eragon looks a little dazed.

Green Arrow- Walker bends down and picks both Eragon and Mulan up in each hand.

Hawkeye- Suddenly about 30 S.H.I.E.L.D. agents burst from no where and all aim their high-tech weapons at Walker.

Green Arrow- The shield agents then begged...I mean pleaded...I mean persuaded Walker to put the two down and to return to his seat.

Hawkeye- Walker puts them down, and signals to the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to huddle around him.

Green Arrow- We can't hear what they are saying but now Walker is leading them out of the arena.

Hawkeye- We should get the clean-up crew out here to take care of Eragon and Mulan. Meanwhile, I'm gunna raid the soup hut.

Green Arrow- I've just received word that Walker Texas Ranger is now 3rd in security command. SimbasGuard is 1st, A recently hired unknown Jedi is ranked 2nd, and that leaves Walker; closely followed by The Road Rovers and the newly re-enstated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Hawkeye- Ooh, ooh tell them about the information that was uncovered during the last fight!

Green Arrow- I was just getting to that. Ok, SimbasGuard along with the Road Rovers and the mysterious Jedi have left for a mission. This mission is to go and question the man who hired Bullseye. After a lot of interrogating on SimbasGuard's part; Bullseye gave up the name of his hirer. After all this time it turns out that the man who hired Bullseye is in fact....Mongul. His arena was not doing so well, and he blamed the owner of the Chetradome for his losses, so he tried to have him assassinated. SimbasGuard, the mysterious Jedi, and the Road Rovers are going to make sure this never happens again.

Hawkeye- Hey isn't that Sora?

Green Arrow- Oh, good, did you get the pidgen we sent?

Sora- No, I just came over to see Chuck...uh Walker Texas Ranger!

Hawkeye- Well he left and is now with the security teams, but we need your help.

Green Arrow- Yeah, we were locked out of the commentators booth by Mushu. Can you unlock it for us?

Sora- Uh, sure

Hawkeye- Sora raises his Keyblade, swings it around a few times and shoots a white beam of light at the door nob.

Green Arrow- So, did you do it.

Sora- I would have...if the door had been locked!

Green Arrow- It wasn't locked?! Hawkeye, you said that you couldn't open it!

Hawkeye- I pulled and pulled, and it wouldn't open.

Green Arrow- The door says push!

Hawkeye- Oh...well I guess that would explain it!

Green Arrow- Mushu out!


Green Arrow- OUT!!!!!

Hawkeye- Oh, on your way Mushu, you might want to tell the clean-up crew to come and get the bodies! ...Thanks!

Green Arrow- This just in, the same bald man who tried to get in earlier today just tried to get in again. This time he is even more hawked up on Red Bull and Pixie Sticks, and he has an axe handle! He takes out the Ninja Turtles...again...and he obliterates all of the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents we had for backup...all that's left is...Walker Texas Ranger....Walker walks up to about 10 feet from The bald man, does his ninja stance, and gives him the crazy eye. The bald man drops his jaw, pees his pants and runs away. The Ninja Turtles stand up ashamed that this man beat them again. They should know Walker doesn't take kindly to people with out confidence. He jerks his head, smiles, and round house kicks them all at the same time.

Hawkeye- Wow, It seems that we wont need a security team with Walker here. Not that we have one anyway, SimbasGuard, The Mysterious Jedi and the Road Rovers are gone on a mission. The Ninja Turtles, and the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents are gone. Walker demoted the Ninja Turtles to clean-up crew again, but Adrian Monk said that he was doing better without them, and last I heard was that they started their own Pizza selling booth here in the arena...hmmmm I wonder where it is?

Green Arrow- Unfortunately, I'm getting in that Walker wants to watch the next fight, and he has hired six people to temporarily take his place, they are: Thing, Hercules, Wonder Man, Colossus, Prime, and Tigra. This security team will be nice, but its no replacement for Walker Texas Ranger.

Hawkeye- That.s for sure, Ok the combatants are coming out now. Supergirl and Juggernaut. hmmm that should be an interesting one.

Green Arrow- That's for sure.

Saphira- Ok, you know the rules, no outside help, and no killing.

Hawkeye- I don't think there will be a problem with killing, all though these two have been known to get a little carried away!

Green Arrow- Ok, now we will hand you over to Wonder Woman, and Professor Xavier. Professor X?



Professor Xavier- Thanks Green Arrow, Alright lets get this first match of the semi-finals underway.

Wonder Woman- FIGHT!

Professor Xavier- Juggernaut waists no time and bounds forward towards Supergirl. Supergirl meets Juggernauts fist, grabs his wrist and flings him up into the air.

Wonder Woman- While Juggernaut is flying through the air, Supergirl takes flight and zooms towards Juggernaut. Finally hitting him in the stomach, and causing him to go further into the air.

Professor Xavier- Supergirl waits in midair for Juggernaut to fall.

Wonder Woman- Juggernauts upwards trajectory stops, and he falls several yards.

Professor Xavier- A resonating boom echoes across the arena as Juggernaut belly-flops on the ground.

Wonder Woman- Supergirl lands on the ground next to Juggernaut obviously thinking that she has won.

Professor Xavier- Juggernaut pushes his upper body up, and looks at Supergirl through his helmet. Then he swings his massive arm, and catches Supergirl in the back of the knees.

Wonder Woman- Supergirl falls, and lands on her back.

Professor Xavier- Juggernaut gets up, raises his hands into the air in celebration, and attempts to stomp on Supergirl. Supergirl catches his huge foot, and pushes it away from herself. Juggernauts massive weight, and her strength seem to have reached a stale-mate as Juggernaut still tries to squish Supergirl, and she holds his foot at bay.

Wonder Woman- Supergirl, still holding Juggernauts foot, shoots her heat vision at Juggernaut, hitting him in the helmet. Juggernaut's helmet glows white hot and he backs off of Supergirl.

Professor Xavier- Juggernaut regains his composure about the same time Supergirl gets to her feet.

Wonder Woman- Supergirl pulls her fist back, and at the speed of sound, punches Juggernaut square in the face.

Professor Xavier- Juggernaut goes flying backwards, and lands on the ground about 1/2 a mile away.

Wonder Woman- Supergirl grins, jumps up into the air, and flies at Juggernaut.

Professor Xavier- Juggernaut gets to his feet, sees Supergirl flying at him, and he charges towards her.

Wonder Woman- As the two connect a resounding crash envelopes the arena. Juggernaut is pushed backwards and he hits the wall of the field, just below the spectators. Supergirl on the other hand seems to be unharmed.

Professor Xavier- Saphira takes to flight, and flies in the direction of Supergirl. Most likely to congratulate her.

Wonder Woman- Supergirl then picks up the now unconscious Juggernaut, flies with him up into the air and throws him straight down to the ground, like a football player would do with a football if he just made a touchdown.

Saphira- Again, that was unnecessary, but you win Supergirl, you move on to the finals.

Professor Xavier- Well, there you have it. Supergirl defeats Juggernaut. Over to you Green Arrow.

Green Arrow- Thank you professor X. Ok, while were preparing for the second fight of the semi-finals: The Hulk vs. Superman. Lets take a look at our sponsors. We have Starbucks, McDonald's, Sony, Olive Garden, and myself of course, but also we got the Vibranium that lines our outer walls from Wakanda, and they say to the spectators: "Wakanda: Our borders are closed; tourists will be shot, returning tourists will be shot again". Ok, and Dumbledore, a wizard who didn't get enough votes to be in the tournament, was here hours before we started, and he was conjuring armchairs for our spectators. So all of you sitting our there, those chairs that you are sitting on were provided by Dumbledore! and Dumbledore says: "Hogwarts: a beautiful castle of magic and mystery. All are welcome...unless we didn't send you a letter. For the last time! You have to get an acceptance letter from us to get in! No amount of money will give you a free pass!"

Hawkeye- Oh, hello He-Man

He-Man- Nice to see you, I---

Green Arrow- How's Battle Cat?

He-Man- Battle Cat is out of the Hospital Wing, and back on his duties as security guard. No matter what he says, it still feels weird seeing that Walker Texas Ranger guy riding Battle Cat everywhere. But I did run into Bullseye down there, Madam Pomfrey is baffled you see.

Green Arrow- Bullseye is down there? Oh, since SimbasGuard left we were wondering what he did with him.

Hawkeye- We should get a correspondent out there.

Green Arrow- We certainly should, we have a newly hired hand here. I've never met the man, but I hear he is a rather good archer too. Legolas! can you get to the Hospital Wing to do a correspondence?

Legolas- I will make haste!

Hawkeye- Can you make some for me too! I'm starving!

He-Man- Speaking of starving, Hawkeye, you owe me 600 bucks, from raiding my soup hut when I was gone.

Green Arrow- You heard him Hawkeye, pay the man. Ok, over to you Legolas!

Legolas- Thank you Green Arrow, Ok, In the Hospital Wing here we have: Mulan, Eragon, Bullseye, and about 30 S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. Madam Pomfrey said that Mulan and Eragon will recover, but wont regain consciousness for several hours. The 30 S.H.I.E.L.D. agents all have minor head injuries, and will be back on their feet before the finals. Lastly we have Bullseye, who...uh... I'll let Madam Pomfrey tell you. Madam Pomfrey?

Madam Pomfrey- Well Bullseye's injuries are very irregular. If I didn't know any better I would say that these injuries were caused by magic. He suffers no visible affliction, but he has almost no energy in his entire body, it's a miracle he made it here. He will live of coarse, there is nothing I can't cure, but it may take some time.

Legolas- do you have any Idea how SimbasGuard has access to magic?

Madam Pomfrey- well actually---

Hawkeye- sorry to cut you short Madam Pomfrey, but Mushu has just jumped off of the Starbucks blimp. I always thought he was a happy dragon.

Green Arrow- No, look where he is going to land! Mushu, zips through the air, and according you his current trajectory, he is going to hit Chu...Walker Texas Ranger!

Hawkeye- Walker looks up, unsurprised, Mushu descends closer and faster. finally, feet away, Mushu hits an invisible barrier surrounding Walker.

Green Arrow- I have just been informed that the Invisible Woman has also joined ranks with the security team.

Hawkeye- Mushu, smashed up against the force field, slides off, and plops on the ground. He must really be protective of Mulan to do that!

Green Arrow- Didn't you see Mushu and Saphira talking with each other for like an hour?

Hawkeye- Oh, I thought he was just trying to chat her up again, and in turn get turned down...again.

Green Arrow- What do you have to say Saphira?

Saphira- What who? Me? Oh, I don't know... I just asked him to... I mean he wanted to...where are those competitors?

Hawkeye- Well I guess that settles that! Mushu did try to kill himself!

Green Arrow- You really don't pay attention do you? Ok, the competitors are coming out now. Hulk and Superman!

Hawkeye- I was hoping that these two would get to duke it out in this tournament!

Green Arrow- Well now is your chance.

Saphira- Ok, you know the rules: no outside help, and no killing!

Hawkeye- This should be an interesting fight!

Green Arrow- Ok, now we will hand it over to Green lantern and Dr. Strange. Dr. Strange?



Dr. Strange- Thank you Green Arrow, I've been looking forward to this fight for some time now.

Green Lantern- I think Superman will still wipe the floor with him.

Dr. Strange- We shall see. They are both looking anxious to start the fight. Will you do the honors?

Green Lantern- FIGHT!

Dr. Strange- The Hulk immediately bonds forward, while Superman stands, arms folded waiting for Hulk. It seems that he too thinks that this will be a walk in the park.

Green Lantern- Hulk stills pounds after Superman. Just feet away, Hulk swings, Superman dodges the swing lightning fast, and ends up behind the still momentum filled Hulk.

Dr. Strange- Hulk would have fallen over anyway because of him shifting his massive body weight to one side to hit Superman, but it didn't help that Superman kicked Hulk in the small of the back.

Green Lantern- Hulks momentum keeps his body moving as he rolls halfway across the arena.

Dr. Strange- Hulk finds his footing sliding on both his feet and one hand, he stops just a few feet away from the edge of the arena field.

Green Lantern- Hulk roars and stomps towards Superman again. Superman still on the ground charges at Hulk.

Dr. Strange- Superman is moving so fast that Hulk can't see him, But our high speed cameras showed that Superman, after charging directly at Hulk, and going so fast that he couldn't see him, took a detour around the edge of the arena. Hulk still rushing forward is unaware that Superman is now charging behind him.

Green Lantern- Hulk is swinging his massive arms wildly in the hopes of hitting the nonexistent Superman that Hulk thinks is still in front of him.

Dr. Strange- Superman advances on Hulk, with Hulk blissfully unaware that Superman tricked him.

Green Lantern- Superman takes to flight, and hits an unsuspecting Hulk in the back of the head.

Dr. Strange- Hulk rolls forward, lands on his feet, and looks at Superman, who was hovering a few feet from the ground, with his arms folded, and his feet together.

Green Lantern- Hulk is not happy, he reaches up towards Superman, only to have Superman fly higher into the air.

Dr. Strange- Hulk does a little hop in the hopes of getting Superman, but Superman just flies higher.

Green Lantern- Hulk jumps a little higher, and Superman evades it again.

Dr. Strange- Hulk roars, and leaps at Superman, this time Hulk wasn't aiming to catch Superman, he wanted to hit him. But Superman dodges this leaping attack, and Hulk soars into the air.

Green Lantern- Superman acts quickly following Hulks path into the skies. Our Cameras on the Starbucks blimp show that Superman grabs the Hulks foot as he begins his descent, and Superman hurtles him to the ground.

Dr. Strange- Superman follows the now rocketing Hulk through the air.

Green Lantern- Hulk hits the ground with an almighty POUND!

Dr. Strange- Hulk hit the ground so hard, he actually bounced back up a few feet only to have Superman crash into him in mid air, and bashing him into the hard ground again.

Green Lantern- Saphira flies over and lands next to Superman.

Saphira- Congratulations Superman! You move on to the finals! You will be fighting your cousin Supergirl!

Dr. Strange- Superman vs. Supergirl? I never thought that those two would be put against each other!

Green Lantern- Superman is not looking to happy about having to fight his cousin, but just remember Superman DO IT FOR OLIVE GARDEN!

Dr. Strange- Well this fight is finished, over to you Green Arrow, and Hawkeye.

Green Arrow- Thank you Dr. Strange, and Green Lantern. Wow Hawkeye you didn't buy anything this time.

Hawkeye- FFeeha, Hoy Fated woonteel jah cohmanterray wa doe.

Green Arrow- Uh what.

Hawkeye- (swallows) I said "Yeah, I waited until the commentary was done.

Green Arrow- So once I started talking you pulled out some thing you bought during the fight?

Hawkeye- Yeah

Green Arrow- So, what have you got there?

Hawkeye- Oh, its Ramen, from Naruto's Ramen Hut.

Green Arrow- Ok, Well I just got in that SimbasGuard, his mysterious Jedi friend, and The Road Rovers are back from Monguls arena. Hawkeye, take your Ramen and see if you can find anyone from that team to interview.

Hawkeye- Fill goo

Green Arrow- What?

Hawkeye- (swallows) will do!

Green Arrow- Ok, go!

Hawkeye- Hey, Mushu! Everyone, I found Mushu right outside our door. Mushu, How are things with you and Saphira?

Mushu- Well you know, its a love-hate relationship. I love her, she hates me. But I think---

Hawkeye- Yeah, that's interesting. No, not really. Hey its Colleen!

Colleen- Watcha 'awkeye!

Hawkeye- So what happened at Mongul's arena? Where's SimbasGuard? Is everyone Ok?

Colleen- Slow down! I'll explain. Ok, since our attack was ranked Classified by the owner of this 'ere Chetradome. I can't go into too much detail. But lets just say that Mongul won't be able to 'old anymore fights in 'is arena for some time now, what wit all the Laser, and Lightsaber damage. And don't even get me started on what SimbasGuard did to Mongul's security team. It even made Muzzle sick.

Hawkeye- so where's SimbasGuard now?

Colleen- SimbasGuard is still on our ship, 'e kinda crashed from all of the Red Bull and Pixie Sticks 'e was taken. He will be transferred to the 'ospital Wing shortly.

Hawkeye- so everyone survived the invasion?

Colleen- O' course! We wouldn't 'ave gone in, if we didn't know we were coming out!

Hawkeye- Well thank you Colleen. Over to you Green Arrow until I get back.

Green Arrow- Ok, Well I think I will take this time to tell the listeners about some booths that didn't quite make it, due to losing money. First we have the Punisher's target range, we think it has something to do with the fact that booth goers wouldn't want to shoot live criminals. Next, there was a blood drive, and the people at the advertising committee thought that calling it "Dracula's Blood Drive" would bring in more customers, well needless to say they got absolutely no business. On a happier note, after Batman was out of the tournament, he opened his own booth, selling mock Bat-gadgets, they completely sold out, well unfortunately, when Robin was the one that Batman had get them, and Robin grabbed all of the real gadgets on accident. The arena has been in a state of recall for the gadgets as Batman says he has to work tonight. If you bought a bat-gadget, stop playing with it, don't point it at your brothers face, and bring it over to Batman's booth, where he will refund your money.

Hawkeye- Ooh, ooh, did you tell them about Spider-Man's----

Green Arrow- I'm getting to that. And lastly not one person bought Spider-Man's dream catchers, as everyone knows that his webbing dissolves over time. Sorry Spider-Man.

Hawkeye- Alright, the competitors are flying down now, Superman and Supergirl.

Green Arrow- The battle of the Kryptonians. This battle is going to be epic! For those listening in, since the last fight, both Superman, and Supergirl, have been above the clouds charging there strength to the max. If ever there was going to be massive damage to the Chetradome, its going to be now.

Hawkeye- Saphira flies to the center of the arena, glances at each competitor once.

Saphira- You know the rules, no out side help, no killing, and a special rule for this final battle! The owner of the Chetradome requested this one himself... stay below the clouds. If you fly above the clouds, or you throw someone above the clouds, you lose! REMEMBER THAT!

Green Arrow- With this extra rule, the fight may be more interesting, neither can go above the clouds and recharge their strength. I don't know how much of a difference that will make to the outcome of the match, but well see. For the last time, we send you over to the commentators in the top box. Over to you Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern.



Green Lantern- Thank you Green Arrow, this fight is going to be interesting. However, I just don't see Superman fighting Supergirl without massive amounts of provocation.

Wonder Woman- You forget Green Lantern, that this fight is for Olive Garden.

Green Lantern- You may have a point, I guess we shall see. FIGHT!

Wonder Woman- Supergirl immediately takes to flight and zooms toward Superman.

Green Lantern- Superman on the other hand is looking around at the 1 million spectators, biting his lip and looking worried.

Wonder Woman- It seems you were right Green Lantern, Superman is hesitant about fighting his cousin Supergirl.

Green Lantern- That hesitation doesn't sway Supergirl from her flying attack. She hits him right in the stomach and Superman is pushed back several feet.

Wonder Woman- The hit seems to have stunned Superman a bit, but he is still on his feet, and Supergirl in the mean time is circling the arena for another go.

Green Lantern- Supergirl gains on the still Superman, while he stands transfixed on her, as if deciding what would be the best course of action.

Wonder Woman- When Supergirl's fist is inches from Superman's face, he reaches out, grabs her fist and flings her upward.

Green Lantern- If Supergirl was smart she would do nothing, for Superman's fling would have knocked her into the clouds, therefor disqualifying  Superman. But she changes her trajectory and rockets after the still unmoving Superman.

Wonder Woman- This time it seems that Superman is feeling annoyed with Supergirl, and he brushes her off with a lazy swing of his arm.

Green Lantern- Supergirl is getting angry that her constant offense is doing little to change the fact that she is the underdog of this fight. She stays airborne, and shoots her heat vision at Superman. Superman acts lightning fast and does the same back at her.

Wonder Woman- The two blasts of heat meet. Unfortunately for Supergirl, Superman has been on Earth much longer than she, and he has been absorbing up Solar Radiation from our yellow sun, making him much stronger than she is.

Green Lantern- Superman's heat vision overtakes Supergirl's, and hits Supergirl in the face knocking her backwards and on to the ground.

Wonder Woman- Superman looks surprised, but all the same takes to flight high into the air almost to the clouds.

Green Lantern- Superman raises his arms in celebration of his victory.

Wonder Woman- Not so fast Superman. Supergirl gets to her feet, scowls at Superman high in the air celebrating, thinking; that should be her up there.

Green Lantern- Supergirl takes to flight, and Zooms after Superman fueled on her desperation to win, and the thought of Olive Garden tonight.

Wonder Woman- Superman sees her coming at the last second and dodges out of her way. Supergirl's angry momentum forces her to miss Superman, and to be flung into the clouds.

Green Lantern- Well that's it folks, Saphira said that one of the rules were that you cant go above the clouds, and she did. Saphira takes to flight as Supergirl flies away, and out of sight.

Saphira- Superman, Congratulations, you are the winner of the first tournament here in the Chetradome. Here is your prize!

Wonder Woman- A man is walking out onto the field with some paper in his hand.

Green Lantern- Is that the Owner of the Chetradome?

Wonder Woman- It is. I didn't know he would be giving out the prize. The owner of the Chetradome walks up to Superman, Microphone in hand.

Owner of the Chetradome- Thank you Superman for competing, and winning this tournament. Here is your prize...A certificate for a dinner for two at Olive Garden. And a special prize that I am about to announce from McDonald's.

Green Lantern- The owner of the Chetradome reaches into his pocket.

Owner of the Chetradome- ......It's ......a Yoyo.

Wonder Woman- Well there you have it folks, Superman won the tournament, and now for the last time here is Green Arrow, and Hawkeye.

Green Arrow- Thank you Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. Well this is the last little segment until we are done, But before we go, we need to clear some things up first. Mulan was seen during the last fight carrying a very disgruntled Mushu. Shortly after that, our sentry, Zatanna noticed a red dragon spray painted on the outer rim of the arena, it goes all the way around. Don't worry everyone, we will not try and track down Mulan and Mushu, because the owner of the Chetradome has agreed to leave it there for publicity. He has also said he will be changing the name of the Chetradome after the Arena is vacated at the end of the tournament. Now the arena is called The Chetradome, but he is going to change it to the Red Dragon Arena. With an acronym of RDA for short. Now I will let Hawkeye, who is in the 'fighters who lost' tent is going to let the losers give there opinions on the fights and the Chetrad--- Uh I mean The RDA, it's going to take some time to get used to that name. Over to you Hawkeye.

Hawkeye- Thanks Green Arrow, Well in the tent right now we have all of the.... fighters-who-didn't-win-but-they-had-a-cold-or-were-tired-from-the last-match-and-it-just-wasn't-fare....uh just for the sake of saving time lets call them Losers for short. Let's see, Batman what do you have to say about your fight?

Batman- Well let's see, I was knocked out of the first round by the last person I had expected to fight in the tournament The Hulk. What were they thinking? Putting the only being on earth with infinite strength against a guy with no superpowers?

Hawkeye- I guess they weren't, oh Iron Man, what do you have to say?

Iron Man- The fight set-ups were rigged. Me versus Supergirl? Are you kidding?

Hawkeye- The fights were random, Oh, Dr. Doom, what have you got to say about your fight?

Dr. Doom- Well Iron Man said it all, but when I gather enough strength, and am on the brink of taking over the world, I'll start with the Chetradome!

Hawkeye- Its the Red Dragon Arena now, but I get the point, oh Juggernaut what have you got to say about all this?

Juggernaut- I was beat by a girl.....a GIRL?!

Hawkeye- But you did beat Dr. Doom! Hulk do you think about your fights?

Hulk- ...Hulk...sad.

Hawkeye- And Captain Marvel? You were kicked out right away, what have you got to say about that?

Captain Marvel- Well if I was to lose to anyone in the tournament, I'm Glad it was Superman. It would be really sad if I was beaten by Batman or something.

Batman- Hey!

Hawkeye- Well that's everyone here, oh wait a moment, Spider-Man? What are you doing in here? Oh, never mind, You were right about the winner of the tournament, very good guess.

Spider-Man- It was a good guess, and I just came back from collecting my massive winnings from Gambit, who bet on the Hulk.

Hawkeye- Well there you have it. I'll make my way up to the commentators box as you wrap up, Green Arrow.

Green Arrow- Alright, Now for the last shout-outs to all of the sponsors, ~~Olive Garden: Soup...Salad...and can get all of these things free if you buy dinner...we mean really buy dinner...don't just say you want these things before the meal, then say you are too full to order, and leave...we will hunt you down, shove some pasta down your throat and charge you for it! Plus 20% tip. also: When your here your family, AND FAMILY HELPS WITH THE ELECTRIC BILL! ~~Starbucks: We are Starbucks, and we are everywhere, get used to it! ~~Wakanda: Our borders are closed: Tourists will be shot, returning tourists will be shot again. ~~Queen Industries: We know it was you who dumped that toxic waist in the river and put our name on it Luthor! And we're coming for you! ~~ Sony: We're better than everyone! ~~ McDonald's: You better love it! We're still cheaper than Burger King! ~~Dumbledore: Hogwarts: a beautiful castle of magic and mystery. All are welcome...unless we didn't send you a letter. For the last time! You have to get an acceptance letter from us to get in! And finally, all of our commentators, and referees will receive an automated photocopied certificate for a free fried ice-cream at Chichi's.

Hawkeye- Didn't they go out of business?

Green Arrow- Maybe.

Hawkeye- All right, well everyone, its been fun to be the intermission between the fights, but now is the time to go, and for us to say goodbye! Or maybe just me? Where did Green Arrow go? Oh, man he really did go to Rogue's Kissing booth.

Special Thanks to:



-everyone who voted

-everyone who read the commentary, which is less then those who voted!


Juggernaut vs. Dr. Doom


Juggernaut                                       Dr. Doom


Mr. Fantastic                            Blob

Juggernaut won 12 votes to 7

to view the commentary CLICK HERE!

Supergirl vs. Iron Man


Supergirl                             Iron Man



Black Widow                    Wonder Woman


Supergirl defeats Iron Man 12 votes to 4

To view the commentary CLICK HERE!

Batman vs. Hulk


Batman                                 Hulk


Robin                                      Dr. Strange


Hulk defeated Batman 11 votes to 6

CLICK HERE to view commentary

Superman vs. Captain Marvel


 Superman                                            Captain Marvel



Green Lantern                                  Mr. Terrific


Superman defeats Captain Marvel 9 votes to 2

Click here to read the commentary

Supergirl vs. Juggernaut


Supergirl                                          Juggernaut


Wonder Woman                   Professor Xavier

Supergirl defeats Juggernaut 12 votes to 3

To view the commentary CLICK HERE!

Hulk vs. Superman


Hulk                                       Superman


Dr. Strange                               Green Lantern

Superman defeats Hulk 9 votes to 3.

to view the commentary CLICK HERE!

Superman vs. Supergirl


Superman                                     Supergirl


Green Lantern                             Wonder Woman

Superman defeated Supergirl 10 votes 8

To read the commentary for it CLICK HERE!


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