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Tournament 4

The Tournament is over!

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The Combatants



Solomon Grundy (15 votes)

Bizarro (9 votes)

Darkseid (9 votes)

Brainiac (8 votes)



Venom (24 votes)

Bullseye (9 votes)

Dr. Octopus (7 votes)

Dr. Doom (6 votes)

 Fight Results:

 Fight 1: Solomon Grundy vs. Bizarro

 Fight 2: Darkseid vs. Brainiac

 Fight 3: Dr. Octopus vs. Venom

 Fight 4: Dr. Doom vs. Bullseye

 Fight 5: Bizarro vs. Darkseid

 Fight 6: Dr. Doom vs. Venom

 Fight 7: Darkseid vs. Dr. Doom

Tournament Table

Solomon Grundy







                                                          -----------------------------Dr. Doom



Dr. Octopus

                                    ------------------Dr. Doom

Dr. Doom

---------------------------Dr. Doom



Tournament IV - Intro


Green Arrow: Hello everybody and welcome to the 4th tournament here, in the Chetradome.

Hawkeye: It's good to be back in the top box after such a long time.

Green Arrow: It is. Now as everyone finishes taking their place, we will take this time to explain a few things about this tournament.

Hawkeye: If you remember, the 3rd tournament was all Marvel and DC Heroes. Well this time, it's Marvel and DC VILLAINS!

Green Arrow: The baddest of the bad are here to duke it out for a fabulous prize.

Hawkeye: And what a prize it is.

Green Arrow: The winner of this tournament will receive a 1 year, C.H.E.T.T. brand health insurance coverage. For those of you who are unaware, the C.H.E.T.T. health insurance provides 100% coverage for ANY injury. Owner of the Chetradome usually only allocates this coverage to poor families in need of medical care, but being that he can afford it –and villains are often in need of medical help-- it makes a perfect prize for this tournament.

Hawkeye: Bullseye, Dr. Doom, Dr. Octopus, and Venom fighting for the Marvel side.

Green Arrow: And Bizarro, Brainiac, Darkseid, and Solomon Grundy for the DC.

Hawkeye: Now that we have things explained, it's over to the Owner of the Chetradome who will explain a bit more.

Owner of the Chetradome: Thank you Green Arrow and Hawkeye. They really are wonderful commentators are they not? I had the hardest time getting these two to sign to commentate this tournament. Luckily though, the Legion of Guardians convinced them to sign a 6 tournament contract. So they won't be going anywhere anytime soon. It's a good thing too, because the only last minute replacements I could find were Black Bolt and Snake Eyes. Although I suspect that the commentary would have been fairly lackluster. I think it best to address the fact that this is a villain tournament, and as such the Chetradome has had to take some extra precautions. No less then 89 countries around the world requested that I re-enforce the security here in the Chetradome in order to make sure that your viewing experience is a safe one. I have asked the Avengers, and the Justice League to appoint one of it's members, to temporarily become a member of my security team. The Avengers met in Santa Barbara a few weeks ago, and the Justice League was here this morning. They have each agreed to my request and have each submitted a security member. From the Avengers, the Chetradome welcomes Iron Man.

Green Arrow: The crowd cheers as Iron Man waves.

Owner of the Chetradome: And from the Justice League, please welcome Batman.

Hawkeye: Batman spins around wildly, when he hears his name. The crowd cheers, and Batman puts away his batarang.

Owner of the Chetradome: As well as the extra security members. Chetradome Island it's self has been undergoing some improvements. Stark Enterprises has donated 10 rocket turrets to border the shore of Chetradome Island. Thank you Tony.

Green Arrow: Iron Man nods.

Owner of the Chetradome: Also, the barrier for the Chetradomic plain has been upgraded, and now the average person would be hard put to find a way in. As far as the general public is concerned...that's you...the ferries that you rode in on, are the only way in and out of the Chetradomic plain.

Hawkeye: Some clapping from the audience.

Owner of the Chetradome: I am pleased to announce the second string to The Legion of Guardians, The Guardian Five.

Green Arrow: A second string of Superheroes?

Owner of the Chetradome: Yes, and combined with their senior members; they are: The Guard. Will The Guardian Five please come out. Team leader, and my son Chem. His girlfriend Calamity, and her twin sister Calamitous. Followed by Verbatim, and the newest young woman to the group Twitch.

Hawkeye: The five make their way over to the Owner of the Chetradome.

Owner of the Chetradome: I will invite you all to say something brief and we can move on. Chem?

Chem: Thanks Dad. Hello everyone. Like he said, my name is Chem. I have the power over elements. Not the elements like Mallow's over there, but specific periodic table ones. Unfortunately I can only have half a dozen or so in my arsenal. And in order to get elements under my control, I just have to touch it. For example.

Green Arrow: Chem pulls out a cell phone.

Chem: I touched some aluminum earlier.

Hawkeye: Chem grips the cellphone tightly, and raises his other hand. Small bits of silvery aluminum sprout out of the cellphone and float inches from Chem's hand.

Chem: ...and...that's pretty much all I got.

Green Arrow: Chem grins. Calamity?

Calamity: My sister and I are identical twins, born 12 hours apart. I in the day, and my sister the night before. I have the power to control and manipulate light. This allows me turn into light, and travel at light speeds. I can alter light so that it changes the appearance of objects and people. Even to the point that I can make things invisible. Using the physical aspects of light, I can condense it, and use it as a weapon. My favorite being throwing stars, made of light. I don't think I need to show you, it's pretty self explanatory. Calamitous?

Calamitous: Well, my sister explained most of our story. So I will begin with myself. I have the power of darkness, as you may have guessed. I have the power to control and manipulate darkness. I can alter my body to become shadow, and travel at light-speeds through the darkness. I can alter shadows to change the appearance of objects and people. I can make an object look like it is in a setting dark as midnight, even on a bright and sunny day. I can use the darkness as a weapon, both physical and psychological. I can warp the mind into thinking that it is the most evil thing on the planet. Even the most pure of hearts can fall prey to my power, it would take me but a thought to make you kill the person next to you. Luckily for aren't worth my time.

Hawkeye: Well...that was...DARK! Ha ha HAAAA!

Green Arrow: I think she just called us out.

Hawkeye: I agree, but I think she must be over exaggerating. She's like five feet tall, and what? 16, 17 years old?

Calamitous: You realize of course that I can hear you?

Hawkeye: forgot about that.

Calamitous: And for the record I'm five-ten, and 17 years old.

Hawkeye: alright, alright, keep your hair on.

Calamitous: I'm coming up there, just you wait. Verbatim, it's your turn to talk.

Verbatim: Thank you Calamitous. Alright, my name is Verbatim, and as my name suggestions I remember things. I have a memory that could rival any super-computer, and have the power to copy and use any superpower, or skill that I see. Although my memory for superpowers and skills are limited, I can usually hold on to 5 or so, but more taxing ones like super-strength may keep me from having all 5. That's basically all I have, so I'll turn it over to Twitch.

Twitch: My name is Tawney Ulrich, but everyone calls me Twitch. I guess you could say that I can stop time. Although, I can only stop it for a split second, and have to wait another second to do it again. It gives the illusion of twitching if I do it right. This time stopping ability also gives the illusion of superior fighting skills, while in fact I'm just taking a second pause every second to figure out what to do next. And that's basically me.

Owner of the Chetradome: Thank you Guardian Five. I hope that everyone now knows more about these five, and will feel comfortable knowing that they are protecting you. Alright, well before I assign you your guard points, there is a little business to take care of. It is a certain someone's birthday today.

Green Arrow: Chem blushes.

Owner of the Chetradome: The Guardian Five have already given their gifts to Chem, but I have asked the Legion of Guardians to each give Chem something for his 18th birthday. And before Beemuh explodes with excitement, I think he would like to give his gift first.

Green Arrow: Beemuh stops hopping up and down and bounds towards Chem.

Hawkeye: Beemuh holds out a large red box --with at least a hundred or so ribbons on it-- out towards Chem.

Green Arrow: Chem grabs the box, and it falls to the ground.

Hawkeye: Chem shouts as the box crushes his toes.

Beemuh: What's the matter?

Green Arrow: Beemuh lifts the box up so that Chem can move his feet, and puts it back down.

Beemuh: Open it up!

Green Arrow: Chem tears open the box, and inside is. A dumbbell?

Hawkeye: AND assorted weights!

Green Arrow: There's got to be at least 600 pounds of weights in there! I guess this is Beemuh's way of helping Chem to get stronger.

Hawkeye: Chem smiles widely at Beemuh, and Beemuh looks satisfied as he walks behind the other Guardian Members.

Green Arrow: Chem touches the dumbbell then the weights, then telekinetically moves them all a few feet behind him.

Hawkeye: SimbasGuard steps forward.

SimbasGuard: I try not to mess with money, so I got you this.

Green Arrow: SimbasGuard raises his paw, and flips it over. In his paw was a rabbit's foot.

Hawkeye: Chem walks closer to him and picks it up.

SimbasGuard: I picked it out of my teeth a few hours ago. A lucky rabbits foot.

Green Arrow: Chem gives him a weak smile.

Pyrian Lupus: SimbasGuard! If you picked it out of your teeth how could it be lucky?

SimbasGuard: Well...I usually catch the whole rabbit.

Green Arrow: Chem's weak smile becomes a happy one, and Pyrian Lupus steps forward. SimbasGuard lies down next to Beemuh. Beemuh instantly sits down next to SimbasGuard and begins stroking the top of his head roughly.

Hawkeye: SimbasGuard growls at Beemuh, and Beemuh pulls his hand away, frowning.

Green Arrow: Pyrian Lupus pushes a fire extinguisher towards Chem with his nose. Nods, then turns to lie next to SimbasGuard.

Hawkeye: Chem puts the fire extinguisher in the box with his new dumbbell, and smiles warmly at Pyrian Lupus, Pyrian Lupus winks.

Green Arrow: The Mysterious Jedi steps forward, and pulls out a knife handle.

Hawkeye: He pushes a button on the handle and a short glowing blade protrudes from the knife handle.

The Mysterious Jedi: It's a lightsaber-bread knife. I made it myself.

Green Arrow: The Mysterious Jedi pushes the button on the handle again, and the glowing blade recoils into the handle.

Hawkeye: The Mysterious Jedi tosses the handle into the air, catches it in between his thumb and fore finger, and holds it out towards Chem.

Green Arrow: Chem takes it, and pockets it smiling in thanks.

Hawkeye: The Mysterious Jedi stands behind SimbasGuard.

Green Arrow: Melt-Down takes one step forward and throws something metal at Chem.

Hawkeye: The object soars towards Chem, then around him, and back to Melt-Down.

Green Arrow: Melt-Down walks towards Chem, and hands him the object.

Melt-Down: It's a bladed boomerang. The perfect, throw-'till-you-hit weapon.

Hawkeye: Chem places the bladed boomerang gingerly onto the red box with many of his presents inside. And turns to find Mina standing in front of him.

Green Arrow: Mina looks empty handed, then a second later a brown trench coat appears in her hand.

Mina: This is a specially designed trench coat with exactly 100 holes in it. The holes are so that you can stalk the jacket with different elements that you may want. This way they are only an arms reach away. I took the liberty of adding 5 in their already. With this jacket on you will have access to Iron, Aluminum, Copper, Silver, and Gold.

Hawkeye: Mina gives him a warm grin as he takes the jacket from her, a truly happy smile on his face, and puts it on.

Green Arrow: Chem smiles wider as he sees that it fits perfectly.

Hawkeye: And that leaves Mallow.

Green Arrow: Mallow?

Hawkeye: Where's Mallow?

Green Arrow: There he is, he's over with the Guardian Five. Talking to Twitch.


Green Arrow: Mallow's attention snaps to Chem, and he runs over blushing.

Hawkeye: Mina rolls her eyes.

Mallow: For your 18th birthday Chem I give you the Ring of Lleh (pron. Lay). I was given the Ring of Lleh along with the Ring of Neveah (pron. Nev-ee-ah) by Merlin himself, to keep safe. This ring will double your power for a time. After 72 hours of wearing it will need to recharge it's self in the earth for ten minutes. A sprinkle of soil will do. Hold on to it, and keep it safe.

Green Arrow: WOW, what a birthday gift! It's not everyday that someone gives you a power-boost!

Hawkeye: Chem takes the ring from Mallow, eyebrows raised high in surprise.

Green Arrow: Chem slips the ring into his pocket and nods at Mallow as if he finally understands him.

Owner of the Chetradome: And last and certainly not least, my gift! Take a look over their Chem!

Hawkeye: Chem looks to where the Owner of the Chetradome is pointing and his jaw drops.

Green Arrow: Wow, I'm not sure what an 18 year old who lives on an island is going to do with that, but wow!

Hawkeye: A Lamborcheti Chesterosa!

Green Arrow: With only 10 of these in the world, this will be the 5th one to be distributed by the Owner of the Chetradome.

Hawkeye: For those of you that don't remember, the Lamborcheti Chesterosa is made of solid gold and runs on SAND!

Green Arrow: Well there is plenty of that here at Chetradome Island.

Hawkeye: Ha, that's for sure. Alright, I think the Owner of the Chetradome wants to say one more thing.

Owner of the Chetradome: Happy Birthday son!

Green Arrow: The Owner of the Chetradome smiles warmly at Chem.

Owner of the Chetradome: Alright Chem, I want you to take the north side, Calamity take the North West, Calamitous take the North East. Verbatim take the South South East, and Twitch take the South South West. Legion of Guardians, you have your routs. Batman and Iron Man, I want you to be on either side of the field, just in case things get too out of hand. Not that Saphira can't handle things I'm sure.

Saphira: Looking at the line up, I'm sure we wont have to many problems.

Owner of the Chetradome: Alright, well I will turn it over to Green Arrow and Hawkeye. Enjoy the Tournament everyone!

Hawkeye: Thank you Owner of the Chetradome. Well while the The Guardian Five, the Legion of Guardians, Batman, and Iron Man take their place; we would like to issue a special thank you to all of you who came to this tournament despite the price increase.

Green Arrow: As you know, the price for a ticket to this tournament was $200. Double the price of a ticket in any of the last three tournaments. This is of course due to the added danger of having so many villains around to potentially cause trouble.

Hawkeye: But what a price increase. I was out there earlier to gauge the reaction of the incoming spectators. I was out there less than a minute and I heard Robin say: “Holy Inflation Batman!”

Green Arrow: ...followed swiftly by a “quit stealing my former catchphrases.” from Nightwing.

Hawkeye: The people in line laughed, but I still don't get it.

Green Arrow: That's ok.

Hawkeye: Alright, well I'm getting word that the people in charge of perfect timing are running a little late at getting Bizarro and Solomon Grundy out onto the field.

Green Arrow: While we have a few moments, lets take a look at what the Legion of Guardians are doing. We have a map of their routs around the arena right here.

Hawkeye: Let's start with SimbasGuard, he's my favorite!

Green Arrow: You didn't even realize he was a tiger until the second tournament!

Hawkeye: Well I do now, I even have his action figure!

Green Arrow: I didn't know that they had action figures of the Legion of Guardians.

Hawkeye: They only got them recently. There is a store over in the concession area where they sell all sorts of Legion of Guardian merchandise! They all have their own action figure, there are shirts with all of them on it. They even have a toy Chetplane that actually flies!

Green Arrow: And you have a SimbasGuard action figure?

Hawkeye: Well actually I bought them all...twice. One of each to keep in it's box and appreciate in value, and one of each to play with...I mean...put on my mantel.

Green Arrow: Well, let's see them then.

Hawkeye: Alright well, let me reach into my bag and see who we pull out. Ah, the Mysterious Jedi. Comes with 3 different shades of black cloaks, as well as 8 different colored lightsabers. Although he wields a blue one, so that's the one I will probably stick with. Alright, Mina. She doesn't come with any accessories, but if you push the button on her back she says a catchphrase.

Green Arrow: Well, go on, push it and see what it says.

Mina action figure: IT'S CLOBBERIN TIME!

Green Arrow: I don't think that's right.

Hawkeye: hmmm, I guess it's ok. On the box it says that when you press the button on her back she says a catchphrase. But it doesn't necessarily say it is HER catchphrase. Hmmm. Alright well next is...SimbasGuard! This is cool, if you flip the switch on his belly, he will run. The only problem is, he is almost impossible to catch. I was testing it earlier today, and I had to get the Road Rovers to help me catch it. They were here early as well, I guess they are good friends with SimbasGuard as well. Also if you turn his tail, he will make a swiping action with his claws.

Green Arrow: Interesting.

Hawkeye: Yeah, ok Beemuh. This is one of the oddest action figures I have ever seen. He comes with one small plastic can of Beemuh Boost, and if the Beemuh Boost is within an inch of Beemuh's head, his whole body swells. But the action figure is make of hard plastic, so I have no idea how that works.

Green Arrow: Magic? I had heard that the Owner of the Chetradome had commissioned some Christmas Elves to work on something for him. I wonder if this was it.

Hawkeye: Hmmm, maybe, ok next is Melt-Down. He comes with all these neat little ninja tools. And if you press this button he will throw one of them. You can press the button in rapid succession and he will throw them just as fast!

Green Arrow: That sound's a little dangerous.

Hawkeye: Well you have to sign a consent form when you buy this.

Green Arrow: Well push the button, I want to see it in action.

Hawkeye: Ok.

Green Arrow: Wait don't point it at me! AHHH my eye!

Hawkeye: I'm sorry Green Arrow. I'll call Madam Pomfrey.

Green Arrow: No it's ok, I have a first aid arrow in my quiver. WHY DO THEY MAKE THOSE OUT OF METAL!?

Hawkeye: I don't know, again I'm sorry.

Green Arrow: It's alright, continue.

Hawkeye: Well next we have Mallow, complete with silver locket and staff. Something cool if you buy the whole set. Watch.

Green Arrow: Hawkeye smashes Beemuh against the commentators desk.

Hawkeye: When one of the other members of the Legion of Guardians are in trouble, Mallow's locket will glow.

Green Arrow: That's pretty cool, although not really useful when it comes to action figures.

Hawkeye: I suppose not, but it's still cool!

Green Arrow: I suppose, and last is-

Hawkeye: Pyrian Lupus. He is pretty cool because he looks like he is on fire, even though he is made of plastic. I even got the fire breathing version. After signing another consent form they filled up the butane cartage, look!

Green Arrow: Just don't point this one at me.

Hawkeye: No worries.

Green Arrow: hmmm, Do you really think a 6 foot flame is necessary for an action figure?

Hawkeye: Of course!

Green Arrow: Alright, I think we should go back to what we were doing with looking at their routes to see what they are doing.

Hawkeye: Ok, but SimbasGuard first!

Green Arrow: Fine, let's see...Oh there he is!

Hawkeye: SimbasGuard's route takes him all the way through the Eastern side of the Chetradome and loops back around again.

Green Arrow: People seem to be giving him a wide birth. I think I would too if I saw an over sized tiger walking towards me.

Hawkeye: I think those people would be less scared of him if he stopped attempting to smile at them. He looks like he wants to eat them.

Green Arrow: It would seem that SimbasGuard is straying from his path a little bit.

Hawkeye: I think I know why, it would seem that Tigress has caught his eye.

Green Arrow: Have you read her first book "Twelve Times: My Day With SimbasGuard”?

Hawkeye: I got a copy a year ago at the 3rd tournament, but have been afraid to read it.

Green Arrow: Why is that?

Hawkeye: Have you read the excerpt on the back?

Green Arrow: No.

Hawkeye: Well here, I just happen to have a copy.

Green Arrow: Of course you do. Ok let's see. “There we were: a tiger and a tigress. Our eyes locked. His a steely blue, mine a willowy amber. Everything around us seemed to blur as I sensed what was coming. It should have been my instinct to stop him, but I was... curious. The world turned as he leaped from the ground, and landed on top of me. His body pressed hard against mine, and his paws held my shoulders down, but it didn't matter. I had no desire to struggle. This is what we came here to do, and the 12th time is the charm.” hmmm.

Hawkeye: You see!

Green Arrow: You do realize that this is a book about two tigers fighting, right?

Hawkeye: What?!

Green Arrow: Yeah take a look, it's full of ways to fight a giant tiger like SimbasGuard.

Hawkeye: Wow, that's really misleading!

Green Arrow: You gonna read it now?

Hawkeye: yeah, it could be interesting

Green Arrow: It should be said that the book is about 12 epic battles between these two tigers. It's quite riveting. And she has written 3 other books about her and SimbasGuard fighting. They are called “Ruffled Fur: Eight More Times With SimbasGuard”, “Getting Soar: With SimbasGuard”, and the most recent “By The Way All Of My Books Were About Fighting And Nothing Else...Oh, And So Is This One.”

Hawkeye: Those other two are sort of misleading titles as well. But I heard “Getting Soar: With SimbasGuard” was the best. The Whole book is about one continuous fight that continues through 5 countries. The title really makes sense that way.

Green Arrow: Indeed. Alright enough about Tigress and SimbasGuard.

Hawkeye: I suppose.

Green Arrow: Who should we look at next?

Hawkeye: How about Melt-Down?

Green Arrow: Alright. Let's see...hmmm. I don't see him on his route.

Hawkeye: Me neither.

Green Arrow: Well I suppose he IS a ninja.

Hawkeye: True, ok how about Mallow?

Green Arrow: Alright, hmmm, I don't see him on his route either.

Hawkeye: There he is, he's talking to Twitch again?

Green Arrow: I wonder what's going on there. I mean he's not even taking his security route.

Hawkeye: No, in fact he is on Pyrian Lupus's route.

Green Arrow: Where is Pyrian Lupus?

Hawkeye: He's over on the North Side...which is...let's see. Yup, he's right on Mallow's route.

Green Arrow: Mallow must have asked Pyrian Lupus to switch with him so that he could chat up Twitch.

Hawkeye: I suppose so. What do you think, should we send a ground correspondent to interview the two of them to see what is going on.

Green Arrow: No in fact, I think we should move on, and give them some privacy.

Hawkeye: If we must. Well lets go over to Pyrian Lupus, another one of my favorites.

Green Arrow: It would seem that Pyrian Lupus is having a heated discussion with Hades and Mephisto who happen to be sitting next to each other.

Hawkeye: Ok, should we send a correspondent over there?

Green Arrow: It looks like Legolas is already over there.

Hawkeye: Alright Legolas, what seems to be going on over there?

Legolas: For those of you that are unaware Pyrian Lupus rules over a fire world called Lehethro. Lehethro is positioned between Mephisto's Realm and the Underworld. Tensions have been escalating between the three. Mephisto and Hades used to fight each other for space, and Pyrian Lupus ended their fighting by inadvertently putting his Realm between the two. Apparently the two have teamed up, and are demanding that Pyrian Lupus surrender Llheretho to them.

Hades: This is pointless Mephisto. This sniveling pup isn't going to give us what we want, I think it's time to initiate the second part of our plan.

Pyrian Lupus: SNIVELING PUP AM I?!

Green Arrow: Pyrian Lupus pounces towards Hades and Mephisto

Hawkeye: Hades and Mephisto both raise their hands.

Green Arrow: Pyrian Lupus howls in pain, and disappears in a flicker of fire. Small amounts of ash sprinkle the field of the Chetradome.

Hawkeye: Wait, what just happened?

Green Arrow: I think Hades and Mephisto just killed Pyrian Lupus.

Hawkeye: No!

Mallow: NO!!!

Green Arrow: Mallow teleports swiftly to the point just behind Pyrian Lupus's remains.

Hawkeye: He looks at them sadly, then turns his attention to Hades and Mephisto.

Green Arrow: Mallow is strong, but these guys are deities. I don't know what Mallow thinks he can do.

Hawkeye: Mallow creates an energy ball and throws it at the two.

Green Arrow: The ball simply bounces off of them, and dissipates into the air.

Mephisto: I think Hades, that we are no longer welcome here.

Hawkeye: Hades and Mephisto disappear in a whirl of fire.

Green Arrow: Mallow turns to Pyrian Lupus's remains.

Mallow: Emoc Throf, Pyrian Lupus!

Hawkeye: Nothing happens.

Mallow:Emoc Throf, PYRIAN LUPUS!!

Green Arrow: Mallow falls to his knees. His jaw clenched, and eyes brimming with tears.

Hawkeye: I don't understand. I thought Pyrian Lupus couldn't die.

Knowitall: Allow me to explain. Pyrian Lupus was created with Hellfire, in well... Hell. Hades and Mephisto were some of the only one's that could have defeated Pyrian Lupus for good.

Green Arrow: Thanks Knowitall. That definitely changes things a bit.

Mallow: Morf eth stnoum fo Olympus, ot eth sllih fo Asgard. Gnirb kcab Pyrian Lupus, yb eth rewop fo X'ard! (trans. From the Mounts of Olympus, To the Hills of Asgard. Bring back Pyrian Lupus, by the power of X'ard!)

Hawkeye: Mallow's hand glows and he touches Pyrian Lupus's ash remains. Nothing happens.

Green Arrow: What was that Knowitall?

Knowitall: That was a highly illegal resurrection spell. Mallow just called on the power of X'ard!

Hawkeye: Who is X'ard?

Knowitall: I think it would be best if you didn't know. Anyway it didn't work, nothing will work. Mallow needs to realize that.

Green Arrow: I think he just might have. Mallow shutters in sadness. Then as a single tear hits Pyrian Lupus's remains, his head jerks up.

Hawkeye: Mallow twiddles his fingers and mutters something and the ash floats into the air.

Green Arrow: Mallow pulls out a small glass jar, and puts Pyrian Lupus's ashes in it.

Hawkeye: In a quick whirl of green Mallow disappears.

Green Arrow: I think to be on the safe side we should leave Mallow alone for a bit before discussing with him what he has planned.

Hawkeye: I am getting word that Bizarro and Solomon Grundy are ready to fight.

Green Arrow: I don't know... someone just died, should we really continue?

Hawkeye: The Owner of the Chetradome just gave the nod to go ahead, so here we go.

Green Arrow: Alright, the competitors are walking onto the field right now.

Saphira: First off, my condolences Mallow wherever you are, Pyrian Lupus was a creature of good. Alright, you two, I want a nice clean fight. The last thing we need right now is for another death before we even get started.

Hawkeye: The competitors look like they might not have understood what Saphira said, but nod their head in agreement anyway.

Green Arrow: Alright, over to you Green Lantern and Robin.

Tournament IV Fight I


Green Lantern: Thank you Green Arrow, and before this fight starts I would just like to take the opportunity to say that I am honored to be a commentator for this very prestigious event.

Robin: I agree, I was astounded that even though the price of the entry ticket doubled, we still have a full house. For those of you keeping track at home, in ticket sales alone, the Chetradome brought in 600 million dollars today.

Green Lantern: That is amazing, but I don't think that the Owner of the Chetradome would appreciate you filling the public in on his financial gains.

Robin: I heard from a source --that shall remain nameless-- that new members of the Legion of Guardians earn a million dollars a year, just being on the team. I keep telling Batman to get in on it, but he just laughs and makes a joke about what he does with a million dollars.

Green Lantern: That's enough, Robin.

Robin: And senior members like Mallow and SimbasGuard earn 10 million!

Green Lantern: Robin! That's enough, we need to start this fight, I want to know what is going to happen with Mallow and Pyrian Lupus.

Robin: Alright, but I would consider it if I were you, I can't, I don't have any superpowers.

Green Lantern: (clears throat) Bizarro, Solomon Grundy, FIGHT!

(Green Lantern rings the “match begin” bell.)

Robin: Grundy immediately bounds towards Bizarro, and Bizarro takes to flight, zooming towards Grundy.

Green Lantern: Just going for a head on smash, I like it, even with bruisers it makes for a quick match.

Robin: Before the two smash into each other, Bizarro shoots his ice vision at Grundy.

Green Lantern: Grundy is frozen motionless for a moment, and breaks free from his frozen prison.

Robin: Grundy jumps into the air to grab Bizarro.

Green Lantern: Bizarro flies out of the way, and Grundy falls to the ground, landing on his feet.

Robin: Bizarro files downwards to take a punch at Grundy, but Grundy grabs Bizarro by the arm and slams him against the ground.

Green Lantern: Bizarro is quick to recover, and he throws Grundy to the ground instead.

Robin: Grundy leaps up, grabbing Bizarro who had already taken to the air.

Green Lantern: Grundy tackles Bizarro to the ground.

Robin: Bizarro manages to get Grundy off of him with his Heat Breath.

Green Lantern: Grundy stumbles backwards, putting out small flames on his jacket with his hands.

Robin: Bizarro tackles Grundy to the ground, and begins to punch...and punch...and PUNCH.

Green Lantern: Bizarro is just whaling Grundy in the face, and Grundy is getting hammered deeper and deeper into the floor of the Chetradome.

Robin: Saphira lands next to Bizarro.

Saphira: That is enough Bizarro, you won!

Green Lantern: Bizarro glares up at Saphira, then after a moment nods his head with satisfaction and walks towards his exit.

Robin: That was a little more interesting than I thought it would be.

Green Lantern: I agree, well Bizarro defeated Grundy (12 to 5), and won the first match of this tournament!

Robin: I suppose that's it on our end, over to you Green Arrow and Hawkeye.

Green Arrow: Thank you Green Lantern and Robin. Alright, I know you are all dying to know what Mallow is up to, but before we can move on to that we need to go over to Legolas who will be interviewing the loser of this match, Solomon Grundy. Over to you Legolas.

Legolas: Thank you Green Arrow, alright, Mr. Solomon Grundy. Why is it that you lost this match?

Solomon Grundy: Grundy doesn't know!

Legolas: Alright, well is there anything you would like to say, now that you lost.

Solomon Grundy: Grundy HATE Bizarro!

Legolas: Well, maybe you will get the chance to fight him in another tournament...or not. Alright, Green Arrow and Hawkeye, over to you.

Hawkeye: Thank you Legolas. Alright Green Arrow, please tell me that you have one of our correspondents following Mallow!?

Green Arrow: Relax, don't worry Hawkeye. I told Red Arrow and Trick Shot to follow him with everything they got.

Hawkeye: Alright, and what do they got?

Green Arrow: I think I should just hand it over to one of them. Trick Shot? What has Mallow been up to?

Trick Shot: Well I followed Mallow into this underground base, I assume that it is the headquarters for the Legion of Guardians. However, I was quickly discovered when I tried to enter what I now understand to be Mallow's living quarters. He shot me with a quick spell, and now I am somewhere in England.

Hawkeye: Somewhere in England? Wow, those microphones have a really good signal!

Trick Shot: I agree, but I am very north, and I am very cold. I think I'm going to walk into this abandoned castle here.

Green Arrow: An abandoned castle?

Hawkeye: In England...that Mallow knows about...oh Green Arrow! It's Hogwarts!

Green Arrow: Why is it abandoned?

Hawkeye: Muggles like Trick Shot wouldn't be able to recognize Hogwarts if they saw it, there are enchantments on it to make it look like a dilapidated old castle that looks like it could collapse in on its self at any moment.

Green Arrow: Aren't all of the Hogwarts Students here in section 47GPT?

Hawkeye: I didn't notice that before, hmmm, then I guess it really is abandoned. (chuckle)

Green Arrow: Well, thank you for your help Trick Shot, but since you aren't of any use to us at the moment, I think that we will switch over to Red Arrow. I think the Owner of the Chetradome will be more than happy to send the Chetplane over to you to pick you up. I am pretty sure that the mics have tracking devices in them, so he will know where to send the plane.

Hawkeye: Alright Red Arrow, please tell me you got something.

Red Arrow: As a matter of fact I have. I, unlike my fellow correspondent Trick Shot, knocked on the door before entering, and Mallow let me in. He would not talk to me, he's just been sitting in his chair staring at his locket.

Green Arrow: That is interesting, has there been any other action?

Red Arrow: Well, believe it or not, someone just knocked on the door.

Hawkeye: WHO IS IT!?

Red Arrow: Just a moment Hawkeye, it's...Mina.

Green Arrow: Alright, Red Arrow, what are they saying?

Red Arrow: I think it might be easier if I just hold up the microphone so you can hear for yourself. I will narrate as necessary.

Green Arrow: That would be most helpful.

Red Arrow: Alright, Mallow signals to let Mina in.

Mina: Mallow I'm---

Mallow: Please don't Mina...Pyrian Lupus was quite possibly my best friend.

Red-Arrow: Mina looks a little disappointed, but quickly remembers that Mallow is hurting and returns her attention to him.

Mina: There has to be a way to--

Mallow: There isn't. I tried using a resurrection spell I knew, that would call on my most powerful ancestor. The only eldest one to my knowledge is my uncle X'ard.

Mina: Wait, X'ard is your--

Mallow: Uncle yes.

Mina: Mallow you really have to stop--

Mallow: Interrupting you, I'm sorry, I'll stop.

Mina: Thank you. There must be some other way.

Mallow: There isn't. I even tried something that your mother taught me.

Red Arrow: Mina grits her teeth. Touchy subject?

Mina: That witch showed you the resurrection spell?

Mallow: Yb eth rewop fo alusru draugdnouh, gnirb mih kcab!


Red Arrow: The lights flicker violently with Mina's shout.

Mina: Of all the spells, in all the world! There are only a few that are punishable by death from the Council!

Mallow: I know, but it didn't work any way. What are they going to charge me with? Attempted Resurrection?

Red Arrow: Mina forces a half-smile.

Mina: Mallow. He was a creature of Hellfire. Why don't you just make him out of Hellfire again?

Mallow: Then Hades and Mephisto could just snuff him out again. Besides, I am sure they are monitoring any incoming spells to make sure I don't make anymore fire animals. I wouldn't be surprised if they were invading Lehethro as we speak.

Mina: I think they would have some trouble getting past the armies.

Mallow: There are armies in Lehethro?

Mina: Mallow?! You must have known that when you created the world, several humans got taken down with your spell?! You sent me there years ago, there are lots of people there. They seem to think they are from the middle ages, but they are there.

Mallow: I try not to go there, that is ...that was more of … Pyrian Lupus's turf.

Red Arrow: Mallow puts his face in his hands, and Mina sits on the arm of his chair. Putting her hand on his shoulder to comfort him. After a moment or two it seems to have worked, Mallow gets to his feet.

Mallow: Mina, I think that I have an idea. I'll explain later, but I am going to need some things. And some people.

Mina: What do you need?

Mallow: I need 6 wizards, witches, or sorcerers. A few of each would be helpful. I also need the blessing of a god. I think Odin is here, if you could also fetch him.

Mina: I can do that. Is there anything else?

Mallow: I need to consult with Merlin to make sure that this is going to work. If not done properly this could be disastrous.

Mina: Alright, I'll gather some magic users.

Mallow: Thank you Mina.

Red Arrow: Mallow hugs Mina tightly, and right at that moment Twitch walks into the room, then at the sight of them hugging, she half-stomps out of the room. Neither Mallow nor Mina see or hear her enter and leave. They release each other from their hug. Mallow teleports away, and Mina walks out of the room, grinning slightly. Well I guess that is all for now, over to you Green Arrow and Hawkeye.

Green Arrow: Thank you Red Arrow, that was most illuminating.

Hawkeye: I'll say, I wonder what Mallow has planned?

Green Arrow: I guess we will just have to wait and see. Well it would appear that Legolas is over by Saphira and would like to interview her to fill up more time. Over to you Legolas.

Legolas: Thank you Green Arrow. Alright, I am here with Saphira. And she looks pretty sad, so to cheer her up I decided to interview her. Saphira, you seem pretty sad. Are you alright?

Saphira: Ok, I'll be alright...considering...

Legolas: Considering what?

Saphira: That...that Drake and I...we...we...broke up, about a month ago.

Legolas: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that, why did you break up?

Saphira: Because Drake lives so far away from Alagaesia that we decided a long distance relationship wouldn't work.

Legolas: How are you holding up?

Saphira: Well it has been tough, I spent the first week crying. Then Eragon told me that my depression was starting to overwhelm him, so I tried to move on and I agreed to go on a blind date.

Legolas: How did that turn out?

Saphira: Not well, my date was with a fellow named Godzilla, and although he was rather handsome. His idea of a fun date was destroying a large human village called Tokyo. That is not my idea of a good time, so needless to say our date ended on a sour note.

Legolas: So who set the two of you up?

Saphira: An online dating service called

Legolas: ...ah...well, I'm sure you will find love.

Saphira: I hope you are right Legolas.

Legolas: Alright, that was my interview with Saphira. Over to you Green Arrow and Hawkeye.

Hawkeye: Thank you Legolas, poor Saphira.

Green Arrow: Yeah, poor Saphira. Well it looks like our competitors are ready to fight. For this fight we have Brainiac vs. Darkseid. This should prove to be an interesting one. And commentating the match we have Supergirl and Martian Manhunter. But first Saphira would like to say something.

Saphira: Same rules as always, keep the fight clean.

Hawkeye: Brainiac and Darkseid scowl.

Green Arrow: Alright, over to you Supergirl and Martian Manhunter

Tournament IV Fight II


Supergirl: Thank you Green Arrow, Alright well I think we should get this fight underway.

Martian Manhunter: Your not even going to comment about your last experience here at the Chetradome?

Supergirl: I suppose. Ok, well the last time I was here, as I'm sure most of you remember, I made it to the finals of the Tournament. There, you happy?

Martian Manhunter: You forgot to mention the part where your cousin beat you, and how he is now sitting up in the Champion Box, the box that you were only one victory away from sitting in.

Supergirl: Way to rub it in J'onn. Alright, I think we should get this fight started. START!

Martian Manhunter: Brainiac acts quickly, raises his arm and shoots several blasts of energy at Darkseid.

Supergirl: I hope that Brainiac knows that will do no good against Darkseid.

Martian Manhunter: I would assume so, the only chance Brainiac has against Darkseid is if he out smarts him.

Supergirl: Darkseid's power lies in his sheer brawn, and his amazing Omega beams.

Martian Manhunter: Darkseid chuckles maniacally as the blasts bounce off of his armor.

Supergirl: Darkseid advances on Brainiac.

Martian Manhunter: If I recall these two have had a long standing rivalry when it comes to earth, and Superman. Although they have also called on each other when the situation has called for it. It was not too long ago that these two teamed up -with two others- to defeat a being known as Galactus.

Supergirl: I had heard about that. What was the end result?

Martian Manhunter: Galactus was defeated, but only because he had been surprised by their ambush. I expect Galactus will want revenge at some point in the near future.

Supergirl: We shall see, Brainiac transforms into a spider like robot, and advances quickly towards Darkseid.

Martian Manhunter: Darkseid seems to be un-phased by Brainiac's change of form and doesn't slow his step.

Supergirl: Brainiac and Darkseid are almost upon each other when Brainiac pounces to attack Darkseid.

Martian Manhunter: Darkseid simply looks at Brainiac, and shoots his Omega Beams from his eyes.

Supergirl: The Omega Beams hit Brainiac squarely in his armor, and he disappears. Ummm, did Darkseid just kill Brainiac? Was that the Chetradome's first death? fight death?

Martian Manhunter: I don't think so, you can leave it to Brainiac to have a few extra back-ups of his system somewhere or another.

Supergirl: Saphira flies over to Darkseid.

Saphira: It would have been my first instinct to disqualify you, but I had heard that Brainiac had made sure that he could come back later. So technically you didn't kill him. You win Darkseid.

Martian Manhunter: Darkseid raises his fists into the air, and the crowd cheers. Darkseid won. (11 to 8)

Supergirl: Well I guess that is it, over to you Green Arrow and Hawkeye.


Green Arrow: Thank you Supergirl and Martian Manhunter. Alright, now we go over to Legolas who will be interviewing Brainiac. Legolas?

Legolas: Thank you Green Arrow. Alright, at first I was in a panic when I didn't know where I could find Brainiac to interview him. Luckily for me, it was brought to my attention that Brainiac had made a back-up of himself on this computer before he went into the match. Let's start his program. Alright, Brainiac, why do you think you lost this fight?

Brainiac: I lost the fight? My calculations are never wrong!

Legolas: You don't remember fighting?

Brainiac: Anything that happens after the back-up is made is not saved to my program.

Legolas: I see, so this interview is entirely useless.

Brainiac: Maybe not, my strategy was to transform into a giant spider, did I do that?

Legolas: yes you did.

Brainiac: Alright, and how did that turn out?

Legolas: Darkseid blasted you with his Omega Beams.

Brainiac: Ah...well I think I might have figured out the problem.

Legolas: And what would that be?

Brainiac: I had his Omega Beam maximum acceleration equation wrong. It will take further study of the video footage of the fights, but I should be able have it correct should we ever fight again.

Legolas: Good to know, alright over to you Green Arrow and Hawkeye.

Hawkeye: Thank you Legolas, and since I'm sure we don't have anything lined up right now, I think we should go over to Red Arrow who is with Mallow. As I understand it Red Arrow, Mallow has some explaining to do?

Red Arrow: That is correct Hawkeye. Mallow, how about you let us in on what you are up to?

Mallow: Well to put it simply, I'm going to resurrect Pyrian Lupus.

Red Arrow: Alright, how do you plan on doing that?

Mallow: Basically, Pyrian Lupus was extinguished. I have but his limited ashes to make him come back. Since every resurrection spell I know requires more or less a body to work with, I am going to make him out of pure magic. As I am sure you know by now, I have powers of the eight different elements. Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Ice, Electricity, Metal, and Leaf. By sacrificing a small amount of my fire powers, I can turn them into the life force that is Pyrian Lupus. And if I do it correctly, I should be able to make Pyrian Lupus exactly the way he was, minus the Hellfire thing. He should have all of his same memories, which means he is exactly the same creature.

Red Arrow: Sounds dangerous, and sounds like you are going to need some help.

Mallow: Indeed it is, and indeed I will. There is very little room for error, but there always is when it comes to resurrection spells. With me I will have Mina, Merlin, Albus Dumbledore, Dr. Strange, Zatanna, and Verbatim. The seven of us should be enough to cast this spell. Mina and I share certain aspects of spell casting, Merlin was my teacher long ago. Albus Dumbledore was nice enough to recommend me to the American Federal Bureau of Incantations, and is a very respected Wizard over in Great Britain. Dr. Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme, so that is a no-brainer. Zatanna's spell casting is suspiciously similar to my own, which makes her perfect for the job. And as for Verbatim, he has the power to remember anything, including how to do spells. He also was one of the first to volunteer to help me. As for the last bit, the blessing of a God. Mina went straight for Odin, who is tentative friends with the Owner of the Chetradome. Now that that is all taken care of, all that is left is to cast the spell, and hope that it works.

Red Arrow: We will cross our fingers for you Mallow.

Mallow: Thank you Red Arrow. Alright magicians are you ready?

Green Arrow: The Six magic users nod, and Odin blinks to show his approval. Mallow begins to chant, and the six arrange themselves around him in a circle, extending their arms to push their magic towards him. An Orange aura glows around them, a flash of orange, and the fiery canine figure appears at Mallows side. The magic users put their hands down, and Mallow looks down at his friend and smiles. But wait, suddenly an outrageous look of pain breaks over Mallow's face. A blue flash, followed by a brownish flash, then a white flash, a powder blue flash, a purple flash, a silver flash, then a green flash. The light clears to reveal an awesome spectacle. It couldn't have been more symmetrical if you planned it. In the center, is Mallow on the ground, robes askew. Next to him were two wolves. One is of course Pyrian Lupus, who's fire was bright as ever, but there was another one. This one appears to be made of ice. The three were surrounded by the six now shocked magic users. But it doesn't stop there. Surrounding the six magicians, there are six more wolves. Each their own element from the ones that Mallow can control. Earth, Air, Water, Electricity, Metal, and Leaf by the looks of them. There is a moment of silence as all the wolves look around at each other. None of them seemed to have been expecting one another. Suddenly the earth one growls at the magician standing in front of her, Merlin. The other five on the outside do the same. Thinking quickly, Merlin shouts a spell.

Merlin: Evil Be Gone!

Green Arrow: The six wolves and Verbatim are raised high into the air, and set down about 10 yards from their previous position.

Merlin: That was an unexpected result.

Hawkeye: He must be referring to the fact that Verbatim counted as Evil.

Merlin: Am I to assume you had something to do with this?!

Green Arrow: He is talking to Verbatim, and referring to the wolves.

Verbatim: You are correct old man.

Merlin: Care to explain yourself?

Verbatim: Since I don't have to worry about him.

Green Arrow: Verbatim points at Mallow, still unconscious.

Verbatim: I don't think that it could hurt. You see, I took this opportunity to make sure that instead of sacrificing only his fire powers to make Pyrian Lupus. Mallow sacrificed all of his elemental powers to make all of these.

Green Arrow: Verbatim grins menacingly.

Verbatim: Although I was supposed to have seven, it would appear that one managed to stay close to Mallow, and keep from turning evil. But these will due nicely. I have been thinking about what to call them. Behold, Terra Lupus!

Hawkeye: The largest one, and obviously the earth wolf takes a fighting stance.

Verbatim: Unda Lupus!

Green Arrow: The Water wolf also takes a fighting stance.

Verbatim: Folium Lupus!

Hawkeye: The wolf that appears to be made of leaves takes a fighting stance.

Verbatim: Aer Lupus!

Green Arrow: A wispy clear wolf takes a fighting stance.

Verbatim: Levitas Lupus!

Hawkeye: A wolf made of electricity.

Verbatim: and Ferrum Lupus!

Green Arrow: The Metal wolf.

Verbatim: These are now my pets, and you will be destroyed.

Terra Lupus: Pets?!

Hawkeye: The wolves turn to Verbatim growling.

Verbatim: It would appear that I over estimated my command over them. Well, in any case. Tell my dear brother Mallow that I'm sorry I couldn't stay and chat, and that I will be back soon.

Green Arrow: Verbatim disappears.

Hawkeye: Woah, wait, Verbatim is Mallow's Brother?!

Green Arrow: I think that is something that Mallow is going to have to explain when he regains consciousness.

Hawkeye: This is wicked, ok so Mallow meant to make just Pyrian Lupus, and instead makes 8 wolfs of different elements. 6 of which turn out to be evil.

Green Arrow: That pretty much sums it up.

Hawkeye: Then I think that someone should get them the heck out of here.

Green Arrow: Merlin takes our cue, and casts a spell at the group of wolves. They disappear in a blur of light.

Hawkeye: It just occurred to me that this ice wolf is still left, and Verbatim never gave it a name.

Merlin: I think Glacious Lupus is a good name.

Green Arrow: Merlin winks at the wolf.

Hawkeye: I don't know, it sounds kinda girly to me.

Glacious Lupus: Good thing too.

Green Arrow: Glacious is a female, Hawkeye.

Hawkeye: Well what about the others?

Green Arrow: Unda, Folium, and Levitas are males. While Terra, Aer, and Ferrum are female. You couldn't tell?

Hawkeye: NO! I don't see how you could.

Green Arrow: It's ok, I don't think now is a good time to discuss it. Dumbledore conjures up a stretcher, and here comes Madam Pomfrey to bring him to the Chetradome Hospital.

Hawkeye: If Mallow is ok, then everything is alright. Pyrian Lupus is back, and he even has a friend to play with!

Green Arrow: (sigh) never mind the evil wolves with Mallow's powers.

Hawkeye: Right, other than that everything went smoothly and according to plan.

Green Arrow: Pyrian and Glacious seem to be sizing each other up. They both know that neither one is evil. I suppose the equivalent to a couple of dates.

Hawkeye: (chuckle)

Green Arrow: They seem to be staring at each other intently, but Pyrian Lupus breaks his gaze to look at SimbasGuard who had just arrived on the scene. An awkward silence, then:

SimbasGuard: …You look a little smaller than you did before Pyrian.

Hawkeye: Pyrian immediately grows to twice his size in under a second.

Green Arrow: Glacious turns a darker shade of blue. Is that her way of blushing?

SimbasGuard: Oh yeah, I forgot you can do that. (chuckle) Welcome back.

Hawkeye: SimbasGuard gives Pyrian a wink and a smile, and walks back to his patrol route.

Green Arrow: Pyrian, having returned to his normal size, turns his attention back to Glacious who had resumed her normal color. Pyrian made a little jerk of his head to indicate that he would like to talk in private.

Hawkeye: The two walk side by side and out of sight.

Green Arrow: Interesting. Alright, the magic users make their way back to their seats.

Hawkeye: Before we move on to the next fight, we still have a couple of interviews to do. We have three set-up. One with SimbasGuard, one with Monk, and one with Mina. Who should we go to first.

Green Arrow: Well Legolas is already with Monk, so I think that we can hand it over to him. Legolas?

Legolas: Thank you Green Arrow. Alright, detective Adrian Monk. You have been quite a guest here in the Chetradome. If I recall correctly you were the lead member of the Clean-Up crew in the first tournament here in the Chetradome.

Monk: Yes.

Legolas: You also tied with the Riddler in the Riddle war during the Second Tournament correct?

Monk: That's not entirely correct, here's the thing: I am pretty sure that he cheated.

Legolas: I think that you will find if you review the tapes you will find that you are incorrect. Moving on, you were also the lead member of the clean-up crew before this tournament, you set-up all the chairs exactly 1 inch apart.

Monk: Here's what happened: The coin was flipped by Stupor Duck, and the Riddler called the coin in the air. But Stupor Duck was really his accomplice. Stupor Duck was an expert coin flipper, he's a superhero. He made sure that the side the Riddler would pick would be the right one.

Legolas: I think you might be crazy Monk.

Monk: I'm not crazy, he's the guy, he cheated.

Legolas: Alright, well it was nice talking to you Monk, you can stop with the lint roller.

Monk: You'll thank me later.

Legolas: Over to you Green Arrow and Hawkeye.

Hawkeye: I guess the easiest thing to do is to go over to Red Arrow who is about to cross paths with SimbasGuard and the Mysterious Jedi. Red Arrow?

Red Arrow: I'm just going to turn the mic to them so you can here, they aren't aware of what I am doing.

SimbasGuard: She's really is magnificent isn’t she?

Mysterious Jedi: So, are you going ask her out?

SimbasGuard: Oh, I just don’t think it would work.

Mysterious Jedi: Oh really? Do you think that Tigress would be jealous?

SimbasGuard: No, it’s just that I can’t think of anything dumber than a tiger trying to date a dragon.

Mysterious Jedi: Oh really, what about a donkey trying to date a dragon?

SimbasGuard: You’re right that is dumber.

Donkey: HEY!

Red Arrow: I think I will take that as my cue to talk to SimbasGuard. Alright, SimbasGuard, What have you been up to most recently?

SimbasGuard: It is funny that you mention that, just the other day Poison Ivy attacked the Pride Lands for whatever reasons. She left the place a mess with her plants. I've been pulling so many weeds lately that I feel more like SimbasGardener than SimbasGuard.

Red Arrow: Sorry to cut you short SimbasGuard, but Green Arrow and Hawkeye are motioning for me to hurry up, we are running out of time. Over to you Green Arrow.

Green Arrow: Thank you Red Arrow, alright, a quick spat over to Mina who is with Dr. Strange and Professor X to discuss her Mental Metal.

Professor X: Mina came over here to discuss with us the source behind her Mental Metal. While in the past she assumed it had been more a mental power, Dr. Strange and I have determined that it is both Mental Powers and Magical Powers that grant her this element. What this holds for the future of this weapon of hers, remains to be seen. Green Arrow?

Green Arrow: Thank you Professor. Alright, the competitors Venom and Dr. Octopus are coming out now. Saphira?

Saphira: While the rules may have been bent in the last round, there is still no killing allowed in these fights. Have a nice and clean match.

Hawkeye: Alright we will now turn it over to Human Torch and Captain America who will be commentating this match. Captain America?

Tournament IV Fight III


Captain America: Thank you Hawkeye. It would seem that just like in the previous match two villains of the same hero are fighting each other.

Human Torch: Spider-Man indeed has his work cut out for him with these two, but how will they fair against each other?

Captain America: If I were a betting man I would put my money on Venom.

Human Torch: No way! Doc Ock's got 6 arms, 4 of which are robotic! Venom may be strong, but Doc Ock's arms are about as strong and he's got 4 of them. I just don't think that Venom will be able to keep up.

Captain America: I think we will have to start the match to know for sure.

Human Torch: Let's do it.

Captain America: Ok, START!

Human Torch: Venom charges at Doc Ock, and Doc Ock picks himself up using his mechanical arms.

Captain America: Venom jumps to tackle Doc Ock, but Doc Ock, ready, blocks him with one of his arms.

Human Torch: Doc Ock sends another arm out to hit Venom, but Venom grabs the arm and begins to climb up it.

Captain America: Doc Ock shakes it to dislodge Venom, but Venom still holds on.

Human Torch: Doc Ock then pounds his arm on the ground forcing Venom to let go.

Captain America: Venom gets to his feet, and shoots a web line at Doc Ock's face.

Human Torch: Doc Ock blocks the hit with one of his arms.

Captain America: Venom jumps at Doc Ock again, jaws snapping hungrily.

Human Torch: Doc Ock puts his arm out to block, but Venom seems to have anticipated this, and using a web line swings around Doc Ock's arm.

Captain America: Doc Ock hadn't anticipated that, but manages to put up another arm.

Human Torch: He manages to block most of the attack, but Venom's claws gash Doc Ock's chest.

Captain America: Saphira is there within a blink of an eye, holding Venom away from Doc Ock's bleeding body.

Saphira: VENOM!

Human Torch: The arena shudders.

Saphira: You will stop!

Captain America: Saphira pins venom to the ground roughly with her front claws.

Human Torch: Mina appears next to Doc Ock, and the next moment the two are gone.

Captain America: She must have taken him to the hospital.

Saphira: For the moment Venom, you win. However if Doc Ock dies, you will be disqualified, and arrested.

Venom: I'd like to see a prison that could hold me!

Saphira: I seem to be doing a good job of it.

Human Torch: Venom paused, then relaxed. He seems to be calm, and Saphira releases her hold on him.

Captain America: With that we can conclude that Venom wins (13 votes to 3), for now. Over to you Green Arrow and Hawkeye.

Green Arrow: Thank you Captain America and Human Torch, quite interesting. Legolas I assume that you are in the Chetradome Hospital with Doc Ock?

Legolas: As a matter of fact I am Green Arrow. It would seem that a member of the Guardian Five has an extra skill that we didn't know about. Twitch, combining her vast knowledge of modern medicine, and her ability to stop time in bursts was able to fix up Doc Ock in a jiffy. Blood doesn't spill while time is stopped, so she was able to heal him in less than half the time it would have taken a regular doctor. As well as Mina's quick time stop, they were able to get Doc Ock here almost instantly. So Doc Ock, why do you think it is that you lost this match?

Doc Ock: I had hypothesized that we were about the same strength level, and from my observations from the fight, I have determined that I was correct. One variable that I had not anticipated was Venom's danger awareness, and I assume that he was lulling me into a false sense of security when he let me block him the first few times. If we were to fight again, I am sure I could beat him.

Legolas: Well thank you Doc Ock, and good luck with your recovery. Over to you Green Arrow.

Green Arrow: Thank you Legolas, well we don't really have much set up for this time, but we have a couple of interviews lined up, as well as some things Knowitall would like to mention.

Hawkeye: I think we should start with the Splinter Interview.

Green Arrow: I agree, well as Trick Shot is still not back, over to you Red Arrow.

Red Arrow: Thank you Green Arrow, I have Splinter here, and I thought it would be nice to interview him. So Splinter, have you enjoyed the fights so far?

Splinter: Yes, They have been very entertaining.

Red Arrow: Glad to hear that, so do you have any words of wisdom to share with the people?

Splinter: Yes, Man who spend his lifetime studying will have learned nothing in the end.

Red Arrow: What does that mean exactly?

Splinter: That true knowledge can only come with accepting that there are things that you do not know.

Leader: But I already know everything! (begins to sob)

Red Arrow: Most enlightening Splinter, Ok over to you Green Arrow.

Green Arrow: Thank you Red Arrow. Ok while Red Arrow moves to the next interview point Knowitall would like to say a few things. Knowitall?

Knowitall: Thank you Green Arrow. I just thought everyone should know that I have gathered intelligence that Extinction and Oblivion have changed their names to Dr. Horde and Mr. Drudge respectively. No one has seen hide nor hair of either since Pyrian Lupus kicked Mr. Drudge from Lehethro after the previous tournament. It is a mystery what they could be planning next, but I'm sure that we haven't seen the last of the Terrible Trio.

Hawkeye: Dr. Horde and Mr. Drudge used to be Mallow's teammates when Mallow was a villain right?

Knowitall: That is correct, and they have not been happy since he left them. Since then they have added Toxen to their ranks, and you all saw her in the previous tournament.

Green Arrow: Thank you Knowitall, it is always nice to know what villains are doing.

Knowitall: It should also be mentioned that there is another mysterious group of Villains that have only appeared recently. The Fatal Four. They are extremely powerful, and their only crimes so far all took place during a robbery of the First National Bank of Chetradome. No one knows their identities, so any information on the subject would be helpful.

Hawkeye: Thank you Knowitall, we'll keep our eye's peeled.

Knowitall: And lastly but certainly not least, we decided that I would give everyone the news. The Owner of the Chetradome and I are getting married.

Green Arrow: Wonderful!

Hawkeye: When is the wedding?

Knowitall: It will be sometime between this tournament and the next. It will be here in the Chetradome, and you are all invited!

Green Arrow: Well congratulations, good luck catering for 3 million people, but you guys know that I will help in any way that I can.

Knowitall: Thank you Green Arrow. Alright, that is all I wanted to address.

Hawkeye: Alright, well it looks like Red Arrow is ready for his interview with the Joker. Red Arrow?

Red Arrow: Thank you Hawkeye. Here I have the Joker, who despite months of campaigning was not selected for the roster of this tournament. What are your thoughts Joker?

Joker: Well after seeing the other combatants for this tournament, I am glad that I wasn't chosen to participate. I mean did you see that fight?! Doc Ock got ripped to shreds!

Professor Farnsworth: To shreds you say!?

Joker: yes, shreds. Anyway, the only combatant that I can say I would have a good chance against would be Bullseye. Although I haven't seen him fight that much. Just the feeble assassination attempts on the Owner of the Chetradome. I was angry at first, and was considering coordinating an attack on the Chetradome, but I just don't have the funding right now. If the Bat hadn't foiled my last robbery, I could have managed it. But the Owner of the Chetradome was nice enough to give all the candidates a weeks free stay in the first Chetradome Island Hotel, so I figured I would let it slide...for now.

Red Arrow: Well thank you Joker, back to you Green Arrow and Hawkeye.

Green Arrow: Thank you Red Arrow, and as luck would have it, there is a knocking at the door of our box. COME IN!

Hawkeye: It appears to be some sort of agent.

Green Arrow: What can I do for you?

FBI Agent: We're looking for Mallow.

Green Arrow: Who are you?

FBI Agent: I am from the FBI.

Hawkeye: Which one?

Green Arrow: What do you mean which one?

FBI Agent: The Federal Bureau of Incantations.

Green Arrow: Wait what?

Hawkeye: Which One?

FBI Agent: What do you mean?

Hawkeye: Which country do you represent?

Green Arrow: Now hold on a second!

FBI Agent: America.

Hawkeye: Better question, What are you doing here? The last I checked Chetradome Island is it's own sovereign nation.

FBI Agent: We figured that since there was no one here to enforce certain international laws, we should take it upon ourselves to make sure that there is justice where it is deserved.

Hawkeye: Ok, but why do you want to speak with Mallow?

FBI Agent: Some of the resurrection spells he used are illegal.

Hawkeye: I see, then you guys should go arrest the crap out of Toxen.

FBI Agent: None of the resurrections she has used were illegal, at least from what we have seen.

Hawkeye: But you want to arrest Mallow?

FBI Agent: Yes.

Hawkeye: Good Luck buddy.

FBI Agent: I will have you know that I am as high up as it gets in the magical world. I answer only to the council. We have dealt with Mallow before. It was us that set-up his little trip into the time bubble, forcing him to change his ways and fight on the side of good. I was new to the agency, but I had already known Mallow for years.

Green Arrow: Now I'm confused, just who are you?

FBI Agent: I think that it would be best for me to see Mallow.

Hawkeye: If you just sit tight, we can arrange for him to meet you here after the next fight.

FBI Agent: I suppose that is acceptable, given the events of the day so far.

Green Arrow: Thank you, alright, our last interviews will be done by Legolas who is in the Legion of Guardian Base with Mallow, Mina, Pyrian, Glacious, and Merlin.

Legolas: Thank you Green Arrow and Hawkeye. Alright I think that the first interview should go to Mallow. Mallow, how do you feel now that you have found your long lost brother.

Mallow: It was a pang at first when Mina told me, but it makes sense. My uncle took him when I was about 5, and I didn't much like him then. You see in the Kradlive Bloodline there is always a good brother and a bad brother. I just figured mine was gone for good. I am curious how his powers developed. His are no where near like mine, and we spent about the same amount of time in the locket. But since we were never close, and I assumed him dead, I don't really care if Verbatim is my brother, he is just another villain to me.

Legolas: Well I am glad you are taking the news lightly Mallow, considering the bad news that seems to be everywhere today. Alright, next we have Merlin. Merlin, I have to ask. Where on earth did you send the Lupus Gang?

Merlin: The Lupus Gang? Is that really what you're calling them. Ok I guess if you want to go for cliche obviousness. Well to put it simply I put them in Lehethro. I had sensed as I guess many magic users did, the shift in the magical plane when Mallow created the...Lupus Gang. Not only were the Lupus's created, but their own version of the existing Lehethro was created. Lehethro is now eight times the size it had originally been. Eight countries filled with different creatures, elements, and architecture. It's quite amazing. Not surprising when you consider the two magical brothers were teaming up. Unintentionally for Mallow of course. The last time that happened in the Kradlive Bloodline, the brothers created Mallow's locket. Further study is required on both Pyrian and Glacious to determine if this is merely temporary, or what the case may be.

Legolas: It's amazing for sure. It's just too bad that Mallow had to lose all his elemental powers to make more enemies for himself.

Mallow: Actually, I seem to still have some of my elemental powers. I can still control all the elements, but the amount, and power of it I can wield is about a quarter of what it was before, while from what Pyrian Lupus has showed me, he seems to have my full fire elemental power. Maybe with the combination of Verbatim and I. They took power from both of us.

Legolas: From my knowledge of magic, your theory seems probable.

Pyrian Lupus: And the funny thing is, I feel more powerful than I did before. I know that it is at a great cost to Mallow, and I am very grateful for his sacrifice, but this could be a good thing for me.

Legolas: And hopefully ready to talk to us, Glacious.

Glacious: I am ready. It is a very strange feeling. I know that I was just created a few minutes ago, but I know all the things that Mallow does. Not like memories, or anything like that. I just know. I knew what Mina's powers were when I saw her. I knew Merlin was Mallow's mentor, and I knew that Pyrian Lupus had gone through this before. I am excited about getting to see Lehethro, I can picture my ice country like I've lived there a lifetime.

Mallow: We should all go there soon. From what Mina has told me, there is a civilization in the Fire country, so I expect there might be ones in the other seven as well. There could be valuable resources in the people there, and maybe they can help us defeat the...Lupus Gang did you say Legolas?

Legolas: That's right, hopefully temporary until you can think of something better. Alright, I think that is all for me. Over to you Green Arrow and Hawkeye.

Hawkeye: Thank you Legolas, that certainly was interesting.

Green Arrow: You can say that again. Alright, I think that we are ready to move on to the next part of the tournament. The final match of the first round. Dr. Doom vs. Bullseye. The competitors are in their place now.

Saphira: Alright, I mean it this time. I WANT A NICE CLEAN FIGHT!

Hawkeye: The crowd shifts uneasily, and so do Dr. Doom and Bullseye.

Green Arrow: Alright, we will now hand you over to Elektra and Mr. Fantastic who will be commentating this match. Mr. Fantastic?

Tournament IV Fight IV


Mr. Fantastic: Thank you Green Arrow and Hawkeye. Alright here we have the final match of round one. Dr. Doom vs. Bullseye.

Elektra: Personally I think that this fight is pretty one sided, but Bullseye has been known to surprise me.

Mr. Fantastic: I agree, Dr. Doom is pretty powerful, but Bullseye always has an ace up his sleeve.


Mr. Fantastic: I suppose both literally, and figuratively.

Elektra: (sigh) Lets just hope that he brought something with him. Alright, ready to start the fight?

Mr. Fantastic: Yes. START!

Elektra: Neither move forward, as both seem to prefer to keep at a distance when fighting.

Mr. Fantastic: Bullseye pulls a few darts from his belt, and throws them at Dr. Doom.

Elektra: Dr. Doom lazily puts up a force field, deflecting the darts. Dr. Doom then starts to shoot blasts of energy at Bullseye.

Mr. Fantastic: Bullseye smoothly dodges the blasts, and Dr. Doom stops.

Elektra: Clearly these two are going to have to rely on more than their go-to skills to defeat each other.

Mr. Fantastic: Bullseye pulls out some exploding darts, and throws them at Dr. Doom.

Elektra: Dr. Doom shoots them out of the air with his energy blasts.

Mr. Fantastic: Bullseye pulls out several objects, some darts and some spherical objects.

Elektra: Dr. Doom shoots energy blasts at the darts first, and hits one of the spheres.

Mr. Fantastic: The sphere explodes, and Dr. Doom realizes that Bullseye had thrown some high-powered grenades.

Elektra: Dr. Doom is forced to dodge out of the way, but they explode closely behind him.

Mr. Fantastic: Bullseye seems to have developed a plan, and throws about a dozen grenades at Dr. Doom.

Elektra: Dr. Doom is able to shoot 5 or 6 of them out of the air, but is forced to dodge the rest.

Mr. Fantastic: Uh, oh!

Elektra: What?

Mr. Fantastic: One of the Grenades flew into Dr. Dooms hood!

Elektra: The grenade explodes, and the clanging sound of metal on metal signals that Bullseye's aim was true.

Mr. Fantastic: Dr. Doom lay on the ground, parts of his armor scattered about, but he looks ok. He is standing up.

Elektra: Dr. Doom is mad now. He raises his hands, and the ground shakes.

Mr. Fantastic: A large boulder sprouts from the ground, and takes to the air.

Elektra: Dr. Doom uses his magic to aim the boulder at Bullseye, and bring it down on his body.

Mr. Fantastic: Saphira takes to flight.

Elektra: Did Dr. Doom just kill Bullseye?

Mr. Fantastic: I don't think so, that boulder was big, and it would probably kill any normal person. Bullseye's skeletal system is special, not to mention his adamantium spine.

Elektra: Saphira lands and pushes the boulder off of Bullseye with her mussel.

Mr. Fantastic: Yup, he's alright. Saphira scowls at Dr. Doom

Saphira: Alright, Dr. Doom, you won. Someone come and get Bullseye?

Elektra: A medic and a stretcher appear next to Bullseye.

Mr. Fantastic: Alright, there you have it. Dr. Doom defeated Bullseye (24 votes to 11).

Elektra: Over to you Green Arrow and Hawkeye.

Green Arrow: Thank you Elektra and Mr. Fantastic. We have indeed notified Mallow, and he is on his way up here right now.

Hawkeye: Can't he just teleport?

Green Arrow: He probably could, but maybe he is trying to think of ways to get out of trouble with this agent.

Hawkeye: That could be. Ok well we are going to go over to Legolas who is going to interview Bullseye.

Green Arrow: Over to you Legolas.

Legolas: Thank you Green Arrow, and here I am with Bullseye who just regained consciousness. Bullseye, why is it that you lost this match?

Bullseye: Well, saying that I was at a disadvantage would be an understatement...I was put up against DR. FRICKING DOOM!

Legolas: That is true, although I have to say you put up a heck of a fight. You even managed to damage Dr. Doom's armor. As I understand it, that is not an easy feat.

Bullseye: That is true, and I would also like to point out that I didn't miss at all. Blocking doesn't count as a miss, and I purposely missed those last grenades so that he would get one in his hood. I just wanted to point that out...

Legolas: Ha ha, well thank you Bullseye, and over to you Green Arrow and Hawkeye.

Green Arrow: Thank you Legolas, and it would seem that Red Arrow is trying to get our attention over by Batman.

Hawkeye: Over to you Red Arrow.

Red Arrow: Thank you Green Arrow, and Hawkeye. Ok, here I have Batman, now Batman this will be the first tournament here in the Chetradome that you have not participated in.

Batman: Yes it is, but I was a little busy helping Wonder Woman out with her lawsuit against, so I couldn't find the time. However being that the theme for this tournament is villain's The Owner of the Chetradome could hardly let me participate.

Red Arrow: That is true, but I have noticed something else. It would seem that yes, you have participated in every past tournament, you also lost in the first round. Why do you think that is?

Batman: Thanks for reminding me. Well I think it is just that my opponent has the crowd, and my opponent is super powered.

Red Arrow: That is true enough I suppose. And why is it that you were selected to help with security in this tournament?

Batman: Well the Justice League determined that I was the best choice considering my friendship with the Owner of the Chetradome.

Red Arrow: Fare enough. Well, thank you Batman, over to you Green Arrow and Hawkeye.

Green Arrow: Thank you Red Arrow. Alright, it looks like Mallow is almost here.

Hawkeye: So, FBI Agent, what do you expect from Mallow? Do you think he will come quietly?

FBI Agent: It doesn't matter, I will achieve what I came here for.

Green Arrow: Mallow opens the door to the master commentators box. He steps in, and glances at the FBI Agent. He freezes.

Hawkeye: It looks like Mallow recognizes him.

Mallow: Dad?

Green Arrow: Oh boy.

FBI Agent: Yes Mallow.

Mallow: You are Alberic Kradlive?

FBI Agent: Yes.

Mallow: For real? Your not a shape-shifter of some sort?

FBI Agent: No, it's me, Dad.

Mallow: I have a million questions for you!

Alberic: Unfortunately we don't have time for them all. I came here to warn you of a few things.

Mallow: Alright, but then I get to ask my questions.

Alberic: Some of them Mallow, some of them. Alright. First as you may or may not be aware, your mother Genevieve, had the power of precognition. She made 12 prophecies in her life, and there are a couple that concern you right now.

Mallow: Mom was Psychic?

Alberic: Yes, she was. Now Mallow, pay attention. One of her visions described what happened earlier today. That two brothers would merge their powers to create 8 beings, that would be the Lupus Gang. Now the one that concerns you in the future is this:


His fathers brother's hate is true,

But what's an evil old man to do?

Four minions he makes to take HIM down,

the four will kill HIM just for renown.

Two are his children, one is blood,

one's an outsider who's seed's yet to bud.

The fatal power of the four,

will shake the heavens right to the core.

Only he can stop them from their evil trends,

but he doesn't know: that they are his friends.


I am pretty sure that this means there is an evil force that is closer to you than you think. A force so powerful that it could defeat even you. Not only that, but I think X'ard is behind it.

Mallow: You think that X'ard created the Fatal Four? And that they could be here?

Alberic: Indeed I do. I think you should keep your eyes open for suspicious activity.

Mallow: Is that all of your warnings?

Alberic: For now.

Mallow: Alright, then it's my turn. Where the heck have you been?

Alberic: To put it simply, I escaped at the same time that you let X'ard out. I figured that the best way to keep an eye on things, was to join the magical government. I am 2nd in command at the American Federal Bureau of Incantations, and the only group above me is the Council. That reminds me, you need to stop using resurrection spells. I was able to talk you out of trouble this time because you are my son, but if you continue to break the law you will be punished.

Mallow: I understand, and hopefully I wont have to. Next question. Why didn't you look for me?

Alberic: You were already on the path to evil, my only hope for your rehabilitation was to make you change. Discovering I was alive might make you go deeper, and I couldn't have that. We hired the Turner of Time to send you back to Merlin, who we had contacts with. He was supposed to bring you back, but he went rogue and we lost contact. It was up to Merlin to finish your training and bring you back here.

Mallow: So why didn't you contact me then?

Alberic: You seemed to be doing nicely, you had given up on your constant pursuit of X'ard, and you had a home, and a job.

Mallow: I kind of understand. But where do we go from here?

Alberic: You will remain on the Legion of Guardians, and I will go back to the Agency. I just needed to warn you.

Mallow: You said you have a lot of other people under you, why didn't you just send one of them to tell me all of this?

Alberic: I thought it was time that you knew that I was alive, and considering that the prophecy was from your mother, I thought it was appropriate.

Mallow: I am glad to see you. I haven't seen you since the night that you left.

Alberic: I know.

Hawkeye: The pair hug.

Mallow: Now that you mentioned the FBI, I've been trying to join them for years, is there anything that you can do?

Alberic: As it would happen, I also wanted to talk to you about that. The reason that you were denied so many times was that you were my son, and it would not be good for you to know that I am alive. However now, that is not the issue. However, it is very important that you stay on the Legion of Guardians. However, I am allowed to make you an honorary member. With that you have the license to pass between all 26 magical planes. And if you arrest enough people, we can make you a full fledged member. As long as you can keep up with your Legion of Guardian duties.

Mallow: That would be wonderful. I have a few people in mind.

Alberic: I assume that you are talking about Dr Horde, and Mr. Drudge. They are on our wanted list, but they are not our top priorities. Helena Houndguard, and X'ard are at the top of the list.

Mallow: I see. What about Verbatim?

Alberic: Your dear brother Timothy will eventually pay for his crimes, but not now. He hasn't done anything wrong yet, at least that we can see.

Mallow: Other than suck out 75% of my elemental powers?

Alberic: technically you surrendered your powers to the other magic users that were helping you. It is not up to the Agency to avenge magic users that have made bad decisions.

Hawkeye: ouch

Mallow: So he's not even on your list?

Alberic: He is suspected of a couple of murders a few weeks ago, but other than that we can't pin anything on him.

Mallow: And what of the other Kradlives?

Alberic: The others?

Mallow: The resurrection spell called for the naming of my oldest blood relative, that would be X'ard. You had said that he was born hours before you. Since the spell didn't work, he must not be the oldest one in the family. Who is?

Alberic: Technically your oldest relatives are Satatoph and Galdon. Satatoph would be your great great great great great grandfather, and Galdon is your great great great great great uncle.

Mallow: They must be at least 180 years old!

Alberic: 189. They are direct descendents of Kradulous Kradlive, who was the source of our magic power.

Mallow: This is beginning to be a lot to absorb.

Alberic: I know Mallow, and there is plenty of time to ask more questions later.

Mallow: I have millions more.

Alberic: We can discuss them later, at the moment I need to speak to Merlin.

Mallow: I think that can be arranged, I'll take you down to him now.

Green Arrow: Mallow reaches out his hand to his fathers, obviously so that they can teleport together.

Alberic: I think I prefer to do it the old fashion way.

Hawkeye: Alberic winks, Mallow smiles, and the two leave. Wow that certainly was interesting.

Green Arrow: Indeed. Knowitall, how much of that was new information?

Knowitall: Most of it was, except for Alberic working for the FBI, and all the stuff about Mallows oldest ancestors

Hawkeye: Well it would seem even Knowitall can't know it all.

Green Arrow: Well I think that is enough drama for 10 minutes. Bizarro and Darkseid are walking onto the field now. Over to you Saphira.

Saphira: Thank you Green Arrow, alright you two, this is the first match of the semi-finals. I want a nice clean fight. And keep in mind that this is for a place in the finals.

Hawkeye: The fighters nod, and Saphira sits.

Green Arrow: Alright, now we will hand you to Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter.

Tournament IV Fight V


Green Lantern: Thank you Green Arrow, well here we go into the semi-finals. Who do you think will take this one J'onn?

Martian Manhunter: While at first glace I would have said that Darkseid has this one in the bag. However, Bizarro has surprised me in the past. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Green Lantern: Well, let's begin now. START!

Martian Manhunter: Bizarro takes to flight, but Darkseid remains motionless.

Green Lantern: Bizarro dives toward Darkseid, fist outstretched.

Martian Manhunter: Darkseid grabs Bizarro's fist, and slams it against the ground.

Green Lantern: Bizarro skids across the ground behind Darkseid, and Darkseid turns around.

Martian Manhunter: Bizarro gets to his feet, and shoots his freeze vision at Darkseid.

Green Lantern: Ice forms on Darkseid's chest but he doesn't seem to be phased by it.

Martian Manhunter: Bizarro sees that his attack is doing no good, so he charges at Darkseid.

Green Lantern: Bizarro goes for a punch, but Darkseid is too quick. Darkseid uses Telekinesis and Bizarro goes flying backwards, this time taking a little longer to get to his feet.

Martian Manhunter: Darkseid, who seems to have gotten bored with the fight laughs as Bizarro steady's himself.

Green Lantern: Darkseid shoots his Omega beams at Bizarro, and Bizarro disappears.

Martian Manhunter: There is sudden hush in the crowd.


Green Lantern: Darkseid shrugs, and Bizarro re-materializes where he was moments before.

Martian Manhunter: Wherever Darkseid sent him, it must not have been good. Bizarro is riddled with deep gashes, bruises. And he appears to be unconscious.

Green Lantern: Saphira flies over to Bizarro.

Saphira: He is still alive, so technically Darkseid wins(22 to 9). You are very lucky.

Martian Manhunter: Darkseid stares menacingly at Saphira, she stares back.

Green Lantern: Darkseid breaks eye contact. As powerful as he is, he's no match against magic.

Martian Manhunter: Well there you have it, Darkseid is the first to enter the finals, and what a final it will be. Will he be against Venom? Or Dr. Doom.

Green Lantern: We'll just have to wait and see. Over to you Green Arrow and Hawkeye.

Green Arrow: Thank you Green Lantern. Wow that was interesting. Alright, over to Legolas who will be interviewing Bizarro following his defeat. Legolas?

Legolas: Thank you Green Arrow. I am here with Bizarro. Now Bizarro, why do you think it is that you lost this match?

Bizarro: Bizarro win cause Darkseid shoot with eye lasers, and send Bizarro to happy place.

Legolas: I...see. Well thank you Bizarro, and I hope that we see you in a tournament again. Until then, over to you Green Arrow and Hawkeye.

Green Arrow: Thank you Legolas. Alright, we're back, and it looks like there is going to be another conversation that we don't want to miss down below. Red Arrow is with Mallow, Beric, and the other members of the Guard. What's going on Red Arrow?

Red Arrow: It would seem that there is a meeting going on concerning the Legion of Guardians, The remaining members of the Guardian Five, Beric, and Merlin. Let's listen in.

Beric: I have gathered all of you here because we have to address some issues. First being that the Fatal Four is here somewhere, and you are all number one suspects.

Red Arrow: Everyone looks silently around at each other.

Beric: Verbatim is obviously a member, and since the Guardian Five are the newest, they are at the top of my list. What say you?

Red Arrow: Beric points a crooked finger at the group. There is a brief pause where they all look at each other. What's this? Calamitous, Calamity, and Twitch step forward!

Calamitous: I hate prophecies, they always spoil the ending.

Calamity: I wish we could have finished our plans, thanks a lot uncle Beric!

Twitch: I'm sorry Mallow.

Red Arrow: Before Beric could shout something along the lines of “seize them”, the trio melt into the shadows of the room. Everyone is shocked. Beric looks pleased that he got who he was looking for so quickly, Mallow looks hurt, and Chem looks confused.

Beric: Excellent! Now that that is taken care of, we can move on to more pressing matters.

Mallow: More pressing matters? What just happened is pretty pressing to me! They could have killed any one of us at any moment!

Beric: They are gone now, there is nothing we can do. They will be back I am sure, and we can deal with them then.

Red Arrow: Mallow looks angry, and a little taken aback. His fathers attitude must have surprised him.

Beric: Now, as I was saying, there are more pressing matters to deal with. Merlin, its been a long time, and I thank you for the work you did with Mallow. However I think that even you can see a problem with this.

Red Arrow: Beric points his finger in the direction of Pyrian and Glacious who were standing so close to each other there was a faint sizzling sound, and light steam emanating from them.

Merlin: I see. Yes. You Pyrian and Glacious have grown together considerably in just a short time. I must make it clear however that you two must not mate. The magical paradoxes would be astronomical!

Mallow: Why is that?

Merlin: (sigh) In the same way that when you conjure up something like a chair, you are not creating it, you are either taking it from somewhere else, or altering the environment around you to create it. Magic can not create matter. These creatures or “Lupus's” are more of an energy than anything. Albert Einstein declared the law of conservation of energy. You can't combine two energies, to make another without extinguishing part of the original energies. If the two creatures were to mate, and create more energy, the universe could implode, shatter, or continuously loop time until the problem resolved.

Mallow: Ahhh... So separate sleeping quarters good, elemental puppies bad.

Merlin: Exactly. That being said, I have no idea what would happen if you were to take your power back from a member of the Lupus Gang that had produced offspring. Would the puppy be destroyed? Or would the puppy live on to live its own life. Either way, it will probably mean the end of the universe.

Mallow: Wow, I guess the Lupus Gang just made the top of our list.

Merlin: There are other reasons to destroy them quickly, but yes, and as long as these two keep their paws off of each other, there is no need to destroy them.

Mallow: Who needs fire and ice powers when I have these two?

Red Arrow: Pyrian grins, but Glacious still looks worried.

Beric: The last thing that I think we need to address, since we figured out Genevieve's earlier prophecy, there is another one that I think you should all hear.

His fathers brothers ex-wife's son

of which she has the only one.

Side by side together they fought,

a relation of which each other knew not.

The young taught the old, and the stronger he got,

the evil inside of him grew red and hot.

The young lost his powers, the old got more strong,

but no one could see, that something was wrong.

All would have been well, if it weren't for that day,

the day that the time man came ticking his way.

The old fights the young, and the battle will end,

but who's gonna win? The younger one's friend.

The old finds his mom, and his would be ex-dad,

The hatred inside of him makes him go mad.

But who should he blame for his new mental stay?

The young one of course, he made him this way.

In one of two ways the battle will end,

the old beats the young, and to death he will send.

Or be it the younger, who'll take of this day,

the life of his comrade, the one he called friend.


Pyrian Lupus: Sounds kind of like a Dr. Seuss rhyme.

Beric: The rhyming patterns of her prophecies are pretty random. But back to the subject of the prophecy. From what I gather, this means one of you, who have trained under Mallow is going to betray him. Anyone feel like they would be up for a little betrayal later today?

Red Arrow: No one moves. I was under the impression that they all had studied under Mallow at one point or another.

Beric: I didn't think it would be that easy. I don't think there is anything we can do from here. I mean, “His fathers brother's ex-wife's son” Mallows fathers brother's ex-wife's son. Well I'm Mallows father, X'ard is my brother. Technically him and Gwendoline are separated, but she doesn't have any sons. Hmmm, this is beginning to be a bit confusing.

Mallow: I think at this point it would be easier not to think about it.

Beric: Then I think that we can call this meeting adjourned.

Red Arrow: And with that, we will return to Green Arrow and Hawkeye. Green Arrow?

Green Arrow: Thank you Red Arrow, that certainly was interesting. And as it would happen, Legolas is trying to get our attention. Over to you Legolas.

Legolas: Thank you Green Arrow. Alright, I have Imperiex here, and it would seem that he is making an assault on the Chetradome. Is this true?

Imperiex: Not entirely, I am here to destroy the Legion of Superheroes!

Beemuh: But we're the Legion of Guardians!

Green Arrow: Beemuh and the rest of the Legion of Guardians have come out from down below, and are all in fighting stances, and glaring at Imperiex.

Imperiex: Oh...Sorry, my mistake.

Green Arrow: Imperiex disappears.

Bouncing Boy: Thanks for not telling him that we're here.

Beemuh: No problem!

Green Arrow: Beemuh grins widely at Bouncing Boy. Thank you Beemuh for saving the day, and thank you Legolas for bringing that to our attention. At this point, the competitors are coming out now. Venom and Dr. Doom.

Hawkeye: Now hold on just a second. I haven't got a single line since before the last fight! When do I get to say something!?

Green Arrow: I think you just did. Ok over to Saphira for her pre-match briefing.

Saphira: It would seem that my words are lost on competitors.. No matter how much I demand a clean fight, it never is one. But, KNOW THIS! If the other person dies because of injuries received in this fight, you will be DISQUALIFIED!

Green Arrow: I assume that everyone else in the arena just got goosebumps from Saphira's words. Hopefully Dr. Doom and Venom did too, and they can keep it clean. Alright, we are ready to get the fight underway. Over to you Captain America and Mr. Fantastic.

Tournament IV Fight VI


Captain America: Well here we are folks ready to start the final match of the semi-finals. Dr. Doom vs. Venom. Who do you think will take this one Mr. Fantastic?

Mr. Fantastic: Hands down, I think Dr. Doom will be the victor.

Captain America: (brief pause) Now I disagree, Venom surprised me when he hospitalized Dr. Octopus, there is no telling what he could do to Dr. Doom.

Mr. Fantastic: I think we will have to agree to disagree until the fight is over. Are you ready to begin?

Captain America: That I am. START!

Mr. Fantastic: Captain America barely started the word when Venom started charging towards Dr. Doom.

Captain America: Dr. Doom seems taken aback by Venom's eagerness to destroy him, but regains his composure just in time.

Mr. Fantastic: Dr. Doom shoots an energy blast at Venom, toppling him long enough for Doom to take to the air.

Captain America: That doesn't stop Venom though, he jumps at Doom from the ground.

Mr. Fantastic: Before Doom can shoot out another energy blast, Venom tackles Doom in mid-air.

Captain America: The two plummet to the ground, Venom clawing at Doom on the way down.

Mr. Fantastic: Venom lands on Doom, still clawing, green bits of fabric accompanied by blue sparks emulate from the two where Venom is clawing.

Captain America: An enormous blast of red, and Venom goes shooting backwards from Dr. Doom.

Mr. Fantastic: Venom lands on his feet and charges at Dr. Doom again.

Captain America: Dr. Doom straightens. I don't think that he was hurt in the tussle, but certainly shaken.

Mr. Fantastic: Dr. Doom takes to the air again, and Venom tries to follow suit.

Captain America: This time however, Venom is blocked by a force field generated by Dr. Doom.

Mr. Fantastic: Venom falls to the ground, and tries to jump again.

Captain America: The force field blocks him, and he falls again.

Mr. Fantastic: Venom roars in outrage.

Captain America: The roar is cut short however by the pounding of earth on either side of him.

Mr. Fantastic: Dr. Dooms arms are in the air. He must have magically moved the slab of grass and soil under Venom, and folded it like a taco to trap him.

Captain America: I don't think that this battle is finished yet. The muffled bellows of Venom seem to be coming clearer and clearer. He must be digging his way out.

Mr. Fantastic: Dr. Doom realizes this, and a layer of rock claps into place around Venom.

Captain America: I don't think Venom will be able to claw through two feet of rock wrapped tightly around him any time soon.

Mr. Fantastic: Me neither, but I think Dr. Doom disagrees, and the ceiling of the Legion of Guardians base cracks, rips from the facility, and buckles around Venom.

Captain America: I don't think that Venom will be getting out of their any time soon.

Mr. Fantastic: I agree. Saphira lands next to Dr. Doom.

Saphira: Congratulations Dr. Doom, you move on to the finals where you will be fighting Darkseid for the title of Tournament IV Champion!

Captain America: Dr. Doom raises his arms in celebration, the crowd cheers.

Mr. Fantastic: Well there you have it Dr. Doom wins (10 votes to 6). Over to you Green Arrow and Hawkeye.

Green Arrow: Thank you Mr. Fantastic. Alright folks, there is only one fight left of this tournament before we know who will join the Champion's in the Champion's box.

Hawkeye: I can't wait to see who will win. Dr. Doom or Darkseid. I think it is anyone's fight at this point.

Green Arrow: I agree, but before we do that we have a few things to take care of. Normally we would have Legolas interview the loser of the fight, Venom, but he is currently under several feet of concrete, rock, and soil.

Hawkeye: So we will move on to the stuff we have lined up next. But first, some good news! Trick Shot is back!

Green Arrow: Indeed. The Chetplane dropped him off a few minutes ago, and he said that he is ready to go. Only he wants to avoid Mallow for a while.

Hawkeye: Trick Shot is almost to his designated location, the Champion's box. We will hand it over to him now. Trick Shot?

Trick Shot: Thank you Green Arrow and Hawkeye, and on my way to the Champion's box, I stumbled across the “Royal” box, where SimbasGuard is keeping...guard. Hello SimbasGuard, We’ve come to take a tour of the Royal Box.

SimbasGuard: I’m afraid It’s being used now.

Trick Shot: Really, being it’s a new addition. I didn’t think it would have been reserved yet.

SimbasGuard: Well Simba and Kimba got into a fight a short time ago and as a result, diplomatic relations between The Pride Lands and Panja’s Forest have gone downhill fast. I thought that if Simba and Kimba would come and watch Tournament IV together That it might also give them a chance to talk and work out their problems. So I asked The Owner of the Chetradome if I could reserve The Royal Box for them and he agreed.

Trick Shot: So Simba and Kimba are in the Royal Box?

SimbasGuard: Well…No…You see even though I gave both Simba and Kimba a ticket to Tournament IV and….Allowed….Both of them to think that they would have the Royal Box to themselves, it turns out that neither of them wanted to see a villain tournament.

Trick Shot: Well then who’s in the Royal Box?

SimbasGuard: Well Kimba gave his ticket to his son Lune and Simba gave his ticket to Vitani, who is the sister of his son In-law.

Trick Shot: Oh, could we interview them?

SimbasGuard: Actually I want them left alone.

Trick Shot Oh…I see.

SimbasGuard: Hey, if you’re trying to imply that I have the crazy notion that Lune and Vitani will fall in love, get married, and heal the rift between The Pride Lands and Panja’s Forest. Just like Kovu and Kiara did with the Pride Lands and The Outsiders, let me make one thing perfectly clear. SIMBASGUARD DOES NOT DO SET-UPS.

Trick Shot: Alright SimbasGuard, perhaps I'll come back later. Alright, over to the Champion's box, which is right next to the Royal Box. A quick knock on the door. Oh, it's C.A.I.N.E..

C.A.I.N.E.: Hello...Trick Shot.

Trick Shot: For those of you that are not aware. C.A.I.N.E. which stands for Cybernetic Artifical Intelligent Nano-mechanical Engine, is the robotic butler of the Legion of Guardians. He was built by Knowitall a few months ago. Normally he stays below ground, since his software is still in Beta, and the Owner of the Chetradome put him to work in the Champion's Box. Thank you C.A.I.N.E., can I come in?

C.A.I.N.E.: ...You can.

Trick Shot: … (sigh) Sometimes you have to explain things to him more clearly. C.A.I.N.E., please let me in.

C.A.I.N.E.: Your request has been approved.

Trick Shot: Thank you, oh wow this place is nice. I've never seen so much black velvet and gold in one place! The furniture is exquisite, and the food is taunting me with its rich aromas. And standing about are Superman, Spider-Man, and Thor. If you three don't mind, I would like to interview you three quickly...Thank you. Alright, I will start with you Superman, since you won the first tournament here at the Chetradome. How are you liking the fights?

Superman: They have been pretty enjoyable, its always nice to see friends let loose and engage in friendly combat.

Trick Shot: And if you had to pick to be in any tournament other than the one that you were in, what one would you have been most excited to fight in.

Superman: Hands down, Tournament III. I would have liked to take on the god of thunder here. (laughs)

Trick Shot: How about you Thor? How are you liking the fights?

Thor: I didst enjoyed bearing witness to the glorious spectacle of the first two tournaments, and fighting in the third didst prove to be a most exhilarating test of my might. How'er this tournament doth by far exceed those that came before it.

Trick Shot: Do you think you could take Darkseid or Dr. Doom?

Thor: Indeed. Though they both be mighty warriors, none can stand before the power of Thor and Mjolnir.

Trick Shot: Alright, thank you. What about you Spider-Man? Are you enjoying the fights so far?

Spider-Man: It's always nice to see villains beat each other up, it saves me the trouble.

Trick Shot: I suppose your favorite fight so far was Venom vs. Dr. Octopus? Considering they are both known exclusively to be enemies of yours.

Spider-Man: You guessed it, but I couldn't help but smile when Dr. Doom kicked Venom's butt.

Trick Shot: I know what you mean. Alright, thank you three, and enjoy the final match. Over to you Green Arrow and Hawkeye.

Green Arrow: Thank you Trick Shot, it is good to have you back.

Hawkeye: And as luck would have it, Red Arrow is radioing in that Mallow is on the move with Baric, and he is tailing them.

Green Arrow: That is our cue to turn it over to Red Arrow.

Red Arrow: Thank you Green Arrow. It had appeared to me that Mallow and Baric wanted to be left alone, but Baric gave me the go ahead so I guess we will all get to hear the conversation. Here we go again.

Baric: Mallow, I need to go back to the Agency shortly after the tournament is over, so I want to take this time to tell you a few more things.

Mallow: This has already been a day with a lot to absorb, but go ahead.

Baric: You remember how I told you about your mother's prophecies. How there were 12 of them.

Mallow: Yes.

Baric: Well, I may have under-exaggerated a bit.

Mallow: You're joking.

Baric: The truth is, she made 24 prophecies, but I only have the first 12. She kept them all in her journal.

Red Arrow: Baric hands Mallow half a journal.

Mallow: I suppose someone else has the other 12?

Baric: It could be someone, or many someones. Before Genevieve died she contacted a witch friend of hers. I believe she is known as “Lavinia the Manic” now. Anyway, Genevieve told Lavinia to hide the second half of her journal using magical means. What these magical means were, we do not know. We haven't been able to contact her.

Mallow: Why not?

Baric: She lives in a castle, on a little island called Byton, somewhere in the Atlantic ocean. For one thing, we don't know where it is. And for another, we are certain it is protected well by protection spells.

Mallow: Why are you telling me all this?

Baric: Because Mallow, I think it wise that you seek out Lavinia, and try to find those prophecies. Your mother may not have wanted you to have them, but with these recent events, I dare say even she would have reconsidered her decision.

Mallow: I see.

Baric: So Mallow, take your mother's journal. Read the prophecies, and only share the most time sensitive one with your team. It would not be wise for you to share your entire future with them. Just keep in mind, that I think you should seek out Lavinia, she may have to key you need to defeating the Lupus Gang.

Mallow: I will have to talk it over with my team, but I will try to do what you ask father.

Baric: Excellent. Now what do you say we watch this last match?

Mallow: Sounds good to me.

Red Arrow: More and more about Mallow's family seems to be getting revealed. I'm a little confused, but I'm sure it will all make sense one day. Ok over to you Green Arrow and Hawkeye.

Hawkeye: Thank you Red Arrow. Well thanks to Merlin the arena floor is fixed, and the competitors are coming out now.

Saphira: This is the final match, remember guys, keep it clean. You can still be disqualified if you don't follow the rules.

Green Arrow: alright, over to you Martian Manhunter and Mr. Fantastic.

Tournament IV Fight VII



Martian Manhunter: Thank you Green Arrow, and welcome everyone to the final match here in the Chetradome!

Mr. Fantastic: Quite a nail bitter this tournament has turned out to be, and now it is finally time to take these two super villains from separate universes, and find out who is tougher.

Martian Manhunter: Who do you think will win Mr. Fantastic?

Mr. Fantastic: Even though I have fought with Dr. Doom many times before, and know what he is capable of, I think I am going to have to say that Darkseid will take this one. Both of his previous fights here have been hands down in his favor, and I don't think that this fight is any different.

Martian Manhunter: I am going to disagree with you. Darkseid has the brawn...they both have the brain...but Dr. Doom has the magic.

Mr. Fantastic: Well I guess we will just have to wait and see who is right, and get the fight underway. Darkseid, Dr. Doom! START!

Martian Manhunter: Darkseid does a half battle cry, half roar, and charges towards Dr. Doom.

Mr. Fantastic: Dr. Doom takes to flight hovering a few feet from the ground.

Martian Manhunter: Dr. Doom raises his hands and shoots red lightning at Darkseid. He couldn't honestly think that would work.

Mr. Fantastic: Darkseid tackles Dr. Doom, but before the pair hit the ground there is a crackle of energy and Dr. Doom appears behind Darkseid.

Martian Manhunter: Darkseid looks a little confused, but due to his skills from being a warlord he seems not to be detered. You can bet that Darkseid has dealt with magic users before.

Mr. Fantastic: Dr. Doom raises his hands, picking up a struggling Darkseid with his magic.

Martian Manhunter: It's odd, but this is the most magic I have seen Dr. Doom use in this tournament.

Mr. Fantastic: I think Dr. Doom was waiting for the final match to really let loose. It would have been unwise to let his final opponent see what cards he had up his sleeve.

Martian Manhunter: That's Dr. Doom for you, always planning ahead. Although never enough to keep his plans from being foiled by the Fantastic Four.

Mr. Fantastic: (chuckle) No, I suppose not. Dr. Doom, using his magic, throws Darkseid at the arena floor. The ground shakes, and Darkseid is up again.

Martian Manhunter: These two are just too powerful, this fight could go on forever unless--

Mr. Fantastic: Darkseid grins at Dr. Doom and shoots his Omega Beams at him. Doom doesn't even try to get out of the way. Something's up.

Martian Manhunter: The Omega Beams bounces off of Dr. Doom's armor and rocket towards Darkseid.

Mr. Fantastic: Darkseid has a look of shock as the Beams collide with him, knocking him backwards and on to the ground. He remains still.

Martian Manhunter: ...But...nothing...NOTHING can block Darkseid's Omega Beams.

Mr. Fantastic: You said it yourself earlier: “Magic”. Dr. Doom must have cast a spell on himself either before or during the match. The red lightning Dr. Doom sent at Darkseid at the beginning of the match must have been cloaking his real intention, his spell to make Darkseid's Omega Beams refract when it hits a magical object. You can bet Dr. Doom's armor is enchanted.

Martian Manhunter: Genius.

Mr. Fantastic: Leave it to Dr. Doom. Saphira flies over and lands next to Darkseid.

Martian Manhunter: She lowers her head to make sure that he is out, then smiles at Dr. Doom.

Saphira: Congratulations Dr. Doom, you are the winner! You are now a Chetradome Champion! Please make your way over to The Owner of the Chetradome to claim your prize!

Martian Manhunter: Well there you have it, Dr. Doom wins the tournament! (18 votes to 5)

Mr. Fantastic: I would just like to take this opportunity to say that I greatly enjoyed commentating these three matches in the tournament.

Martian Manhunter: And I as well.

Mr. Fantastic: Alright, over to you, Owner of the Chetradome.

Owner of the Chetradome: Thank you Martian Manhunter and Mr. Fantastic. Alright, Dr. Doom, congratulations you have now earned the rank of “Chetradome Champion”. Here is your C.H.E.T.T. Brand health insurance card! I am pleased to announce Dr. Doom that you are also receiving a free weekend stay at the Chetradome Hotel and Resort during Tournament V.

Green Arrow: Chetradome Hotel and Resort?

Owner of the Chetradome: If you haven't noticed there is currently a bit of halted construction going on outside the arena right now. That will be the first building in the official Chetradome Island Township of “Dome City”. The building being constructed right now is the Chetradome Inn, just to start the tourism train moving. I hope to have Dome City up and running before the next tournament starts, and more about it can be explained then. Speaking of the next tournament, the theme for the next tournament will be--

Green Arrow: But the Owner of the Chetradome is cut short by a yell from the young woman in front of him.

Hawkeye: Twitch, who had not been there a moment ago, gets to her feet and shouts.

Twitch: MALLOW!

Green Arrow: Mallow appears instantly at her side. Followed closely by Baric, who shimmers in, accompanied by green flames and Chem. Mina appears a second later, a little out of breath.

Mallow: What's going on? Why have you come back here?

Hawkeye: Apparently seeing his old friend in distress hasn't clouded his judgment regarding the fact that she is a villain now.

Twitch: Somehow, I teleported. But never mind that, it was HIM not me!

Mallow: What was who?

Twitch: Chem is the fourth, not me!

Mallow: The fourth what?

Twitch: Chem is the leader of the Fatal Four!

Green Arrow: There is a short silence, then all eyes shift to Chem.

Mallow: But Chem can't be, I've known him for years...and...and, well... he's the Owner of the Chetradome's son!

Twitch: And he is also a murdering Super Villain!

Hawkeye: Twitch points a quivering finger at Chem. Chem looks a little smug.

Chem: What evidence do you have girl? Why would they believe you over me?

Green Arrow: That's kind of an odd thing to say.

Hawkeye: Twitch blinks, she hadn't thought of that.

Green Arrow: Before anyone can say another word, there is a clap of thunder, and a bolt of lightning, and Verbatim, Calamitous, and Calamity appear beside Chem.

Verbatim: You can thank Thor for that entrance. Took me hours to get him to show it to me. Chem, it's time to stop this. We have some new information that could lead us to...her.

Hawkeye: Everyone but Chem, Verbatim, Calamitous, Calamity, and Twitch look confused.

Chem: Fine I guess, but what was the point in leaving me here, when you just come back less than an hour later to give away my cover?

Verbatim: Ask Calamitous, she was the one that pulled a plan out of her ass at the last moment. And lucky she did. Calamitous was able to get some information out of Twitch... Some information I'll have you know.

Green Arrow: Verbatim was addressing The Owner of the Chetradome now.

Verbatim: That could be incriminating to you! You better get a better handle on your team members Chetradome, before she blabs your secret to these--

Hawkeye: Before Verbatim can finish his sentence, a ball of fire hits him square in the chest, starting his shirt on fire. Mallow is shaking with anger.

Verbatim: Neat trick brother.

Green Arrow: The flames lick at Verbatim's neck, but he doesn't seem to notice.

Verbatim: I think I'll borrow it.

Hawkeye: Verbatim snaps his fingers and the flames extinguish.

Verbatim: And perhaps I'll come back for the rest.

Calamitous: Enough cousin, it's time to go. X'ard! We need to leave now before the rest of them show up.

Green Arrow: Both Mallow and Baric look around frantically. The bane of their existence for many years, is here?

Trick Shot: Oh come now Calamitous, won't you please call me dad?

Hawkeye: Wait, what?

Green Arrow: The form of Trick Shot turns into another man, whom I assume is X'ard.

Hawkeye: What the heck? What happened to Trick Shot?

X'ard: I assume he is somewhere in Antarctica still. I put him there before the Tournament started.

Green Arrow: Why on earth have you been pretending to be Trick Shot all this time?

X'ard: Why do you think? Special correspondents do get an all access pass to this place don't they? I was able to get the information that I needed, and sabotage the Legion of Guardians. Who do you think made sure that Hades and Mephisto attended today's tournament? I did. And who do you think made sure that they got front row seats? I did. And who do you think Mr. Arrow contacted the FBI about Mallows resurrection spells? I DID! It was my plan to catch Baric on his way here and kill him. But I was unable to go through with my plan because before I could, Mallow teleported me away when I was coming to kill him. And of course, I just had to be disguised as the most useless super hero in the history of the world. It would be infeasible for me to return too quickly, it would raise suspicion. So I was unable to achieve everything I had hoped, but at least I succeed in cutting your power Mallow. Your willingness to sacrifice your well-being for others will be your downfall.

Hawkeye: Baric can't hold back any more and he pulls out a wand.

Green Arrow: Baric raises his wand to cast a spell at X'ard, but the wand disappears.

X'ard: My dear brother, you always did get the short end of the stick when it came to genetics. I got the looks, the talent,...and the magic!

Hawkeye: X'ard raises his hand, and Baric lifts off the ground.

Calamitous: X'ard!

Green Arrow: X'ard blinks and looks at his daughter like he just realized she was there.

X'ard: Time to go, right. There will plenty of time for this later.

Hawkeye: X'ard relaxes his hand, and Baric falls a few inches back to the ground.

X'ard: Until we meet again Guardians!

Green Arrow: X'ard and the Fatal Four disappear in a flash of light.

Hawkeye: ...So let me get this straight...Twitch isn't a member of the Fatal Four?

Green Arrow: That's right, and Chem is...and Trick Shot was actually X'ard the evil Sorcerer this whole time.

Hawkeye: And Beemuh is actually the Thing?

Green Arrow:

Hawkeye: Ok, I think I got it. So wait, does this mean that X'ard is the leader of the Fatal Four?

Green Arrow: Looks like it.

Hawkeye: Wow, that is a lot to absorb!

Green Arrow: That's for sure, but I think everything is in order now. We are going to go back to the Owner of the Chetradome who has information about the next tournament.

Owner of the Chetradome: ...

Hawkeye: Where is he?

Green Arrow: I think he must have left...I suppose it is a lot to handle, finding out your son is the leader of a super-villain team and all.

Hawkeye: Ok, but I kind of want to know what the next tournament theme is going to be.

Green Arrow: Knowitall? Are you available to comment?

Knowitall: Yes, I am. The Owner of the Chetradome is in his room, he told me that he needed to be alone for a bit to think. So I let him be. Alright, since he was going to spill the beans anyway, I can tell you. The next tournament is open to everyone! ...Except people from the Marvel or DC universe.

Hawkeye: Massive uproar from the crowd.

Knowitall: I know, I know, but Marvel and DC had the last two tournaments, it's time to give some others a shot.

Green Arrow: Well there you have it folks; things are a little bit confusing on the Legion of Guardian front, but the tournament is over, and Dr. Doom has won. Thank you and Good Night!



Battle I - Solomon Grundy vs. Bizarro


Solomon Grundy







Battle II - Brainiac vs. Darkseid










Battle III - Venom vs. Dr. Octopus







Dr. Octopus


Battle IV - Dr. Doom vs. Bullseye


Dr. Doom







Battle V - Bizarro vs. Darkseid








Battle VI - Venom vs. Dr. Doom






Dr. Doom


Final Battle - Battle VII - Dr. Doom vs. Darkseid


Belong to So Who Wins:

  • Chetradome Tournament 4
  • The Chetradome
  • Chetradome Tournament 3
  • C.H.E.T.T Health Insurance
  • Owner of the Chetradome
  • Legion of Guardians
  • Chetradome Island
  • Chetradomic Plain
  • Chetradome Ferries
  • Guardian Five
  • The Guard
  • Chem
  • Calamity
  • Calamitous
  • Verbatim/Timothy Kradlive
  • Twitch/Tawney Ulrich
  • Mallow
  • Beemuh
  • SimbasGuard (Sort of)
  • Pyrian Lupus
  • Mysterious Jedi (Sort of)
  • Lightsaber-Bread Knife (Sort of)
  • Melt-Down
  • Mina
  • Ring of Lleh
  • Ring of Neveah
  • Lamborcheti Chesterosa
  • Legion of Guardians Action Figures
  • Legion of Guardians Merchandise
  • Chetplane
  • Beemuh Boost
  • First Aid Arrow (Sort of)
  • Mallow's Silver Locket
  • Twelve Times: My Day With SimbasGuard
  • Ruffled Fur: Eight More Times With SimbasGuard
  • Getting Soar With SimbasGuard
  • By The Way All Of My Books Were About Fighting And Nothing Else...Oh, And So Is This One
  • Lehethro
  • Knowitall
  • X'ard
  • Section 47GPT
  • The Council
  • Chetradome Tournament 1
  • Champion Box
  • Federal Bureau of Incantations
  • Terra Lupus
  • Unda Lupus
  • Folium Lupus
  • Aer Lupus
  • Levitas Lupus
  • Ferrum Lupus
  • Glacious Lupus
  • Chetradome Hospital
  • Riddle War
  • Chetradome Tournament 2
  • Mental Metal
  • Extinction/Dr. Horde
  • Oblivion/Mr. Drudge
  • Terrible Trio
  • Toxen
  • Fatal Four
  • First National Bank of Chetradome
  • Chetradome Island Hotel and Resort
  • Kradlive Bloodline
  • Lupus Gang
  • Alberic Kradlive/Beric
  • Genevieve Kradlive
  • Turner of Time
  • Helena Houndguard
  • Satatoph Kradlive
  • Galdon Kradlive
  • Kradulous Kradlive
  • C.A.I.N.E./Cybernetic Artificial Intelligent Nano-mechanical Engine
  • Gwendoline Kradlive
  • Lavinia The Manic
  • Byton Island
  • Chetradome Tournament Champion
  • Chetradome Tournament 5
  • Dome City   

Belong to Marvel Comics:

  • Venom
  • Bullseye
  • Dr. Octopus
  • Dr. Doom
  • Hawkeye
  • The Marvel Universe
  • Black Bolt
  • Avengers
  • Iron Man/Tony Stark
  • Stark Enterprises
  • It's Clobberin Time
  • Mephisto
  • Trick Shot
  • Odin
  • Glaactus
  • Dr. Strange/Sorcerer Supreme
  • Professor X
  • Human Torch
  • Captain America
  • Leader
  • Elektra
  • Mr. Fantastic
  • Adamantium
  • Spider-Man
  • Thor/God of Thunder
  • Mjolnir
  • Fantastic Four
  • Thing

Belong to Mythology:

  • Merlin (European)
  • Christmas Elves (United States)
  • Hades (Greek)
  • Underworld (Greek)
  • Wizards
  • Sorcerers

Belong to J.K. Rowling:

  • Madam Pomfrey
  • Hogwarts
  • Muggles
  • Hogwarts' Students
  • Albus Dumbledore

Belong to The Warner Bros. Corporation:

  • Road Rovers
  • Stupor Duck

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  • Drake
  • Adrian Monk

Belong to Hasbro:

  • Snake Eyes

Belong to The Estate of J.R.R. Tolkien:

  • Legolas 

Belong to Nickelodeon:

  • Splinter


Belong to DC Comics:

  • Solomon Grundy
  • Bizarro
  • Darkseid
  • Brainiac
  • Green Arrow
  • The DC Universe
  • Justice League
  • Batman
  • Batarang
  • Robin
  • Nightwing
  • Green Lantern
  • Red Arrow
  • Supergirl
  • Martian Manhunter/J'onn J'onzz
  • Omega Beams
  • Superman
  • Zatanna
  • Riddler
  • Poison Ivy
  • Joker
  • Wonder Woman
  • Imperiex
  • Legion of Superheroes
  • Bouncing Boy

Belong to The Disney Corporation:

  • Pride Lands
  • Simba
  • Vitani
  • Kovu
  • Kiara
  • Outsiders

Belong to Christopher Paolini:

  • Saphira
  • Alagaesia
  • Eragon

Belong to Tezuka Productions:

  • Kimba
  • Panja's Forest
  • Lune

Belong to DreamWorks Animation:

  • Tigress
  • Donkey

Belong to Lucasfilm Limited:

  • Lightsabers

Belong to Toho Company Limited:

  • Godzilla

Belong to Comedy Central:

  • Professor Farnsworth