So Who Wins - The Any Character in the World Battles


Tournament V

This tournament is over.

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The final combatants were as follows:

He-Man – 11 votes

Optimus Prime – 11 votes

Merlin – 10 votes

Harry Potter – 9 votes

Percy Jackson – 9 votes

Scorpion – 8 votes

Gandalf – 8 votes

Sephiroth – 8 votes

It was wonderfully close, unfortunately there were only 8 places open. James Bond (7), Naruto (7), Snake Eyes (7), Tigress (7), Mace Windu (6), Sora (6), Eragon (5), and The Mask (2). Better luck next time.



Tournament V Bracket

Scorpion------/               \
Sephiroth-----\               /               \
               -Merlin--------                 \
Merlin--------/                                 \
Harry Potter--\                                 /
               -Percy Jackson-                 /
Percy Jackson-/               \               /
                               -Percy Jackson-
Optimus Prime-\               /
               -Optimus Prime-

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  1. He-Man vs. Scorpion
  2. Merlin vs. Sephiroth
  3. Harry Potter vs. Percy Jackson
  4. Optimus Prime vs. Gandalf
  5. Merlin vs. Scorpion
  6. Percy Jackson vs. Optimus Prime
  7. Percy Jackson vs. Scorpion

Tournament V - Intro


Green Arrow: Hello everybody and welcome to the 5th tournament here in the Chetradome.

Hawkeye: It's good to be back in the top box after such a long time.

Green Arrow: It really is, and while everyone is taking their place we should go over a few things.

Hawkeye: The theme of this tournament is pretty simple, but sort of complicated to explain.

Green Arrow: Basically since Tournament 3 was about Marvel and DC heroes, and Tournament 4 was about Marvel and DC villains. The Owner of the Chetradome decided that this tournament would be for anyone who was not a part of the Marvel or DC universes.

Hawkeye: And just to avoid further confusion, that is the last time we will mention the different universes during this tournament.

Green Arrow: Participating in the tournament, in alphabetical order are: Gandalf, Harry Potter, He-Man, Merlin, Optimus Prime, Percy Jackson, Scorpion, and Sephiroth.

Hawkeye: These eight men will be fighting for the right to be called “Chetradome Champion” as well as a prize.

Green Arrow: The prize for this tournament is a two week, all expenses paid vacation on the Diviner's Fortune. A newly completed luxury space station that is owned by C.H.E.T.T. Industries.

Hawkeye: The Diviner's Fortune is a 10,000 passenger space station complete with pools, casinos, spa's, and dozens of places to eat. I know as soon as they open up ticket buying to the public, I'm gonna buy one as quickly as I can.

Green Arrow: I'm just glad I'm in B.O.O.T., I was able to buy my tickets straight away.

Hawkeye: Speaking of B.O.O.T., didn't you guys get a new member?

Green Arrow: Yes we did. Only a couple of days ago, Professor Charles Xavier accepted our invitation to be a member of B.O.O.T..

Hawkeye: So are you guys going to change your name to BOTOX?

Green Arrow: Not a chance. Besides, Knowitall is also a part of the group now.

Hawkeye: You could be... KOBOXT.

Green Arrow: I think that we are just going to stay the way we are. You never know, we could still get more members.

Hawkeye: I suppose that's true.

Green Arrow: Ok, we need to turn it over to the Owner of the Chetradome who has quite a few announcements. Over to you Owner of the Chetradome.

Owner of the Chetradome: Thank you Green Arrow and Hawkeye. Alright, I have quite a few things to announce, so I think we should get started. First of all, I am pleased to announce, I'm going to be a father soon.

(crowd cheers)

Owner of the Chetradome: ...again.

(crowd laughs)

Owner of the Chetradome: Knowitall will be having her baby in a few months, and we couldn't be happier.

Now we move on to more serous issues. It has come to our attention that the Lupus Gang, you know, the elemental wolves that were created last tournament, would prefer to be called the Lupus Pack. We agree, that that makes more sense.

In case you didn't notice when you all came in, there are quite a few more buildings outside then the last time you were here. I am pleased to announce the opening of Chetradome City. It has all the things a family could need, a hospital, a grocery store, a park, a small school, even a police station. That being said, I am pleased to announce the formation of the Chetradome City Task Force. CCTF for short. If you are interested in moving to Chetradome Island, just talk to Knowitall. She is the interim Mayor of Chetradome City. You will be pleased to know that there are no taxes, and all the services are free. It should be noted that the Chetradome operates outside of Chetradome City, and that no town event will take place inside the Chetradome. This is due to the Legion of Guardians being based under it, and that training generally takes place here during the day.

Alright, that is enough about Chetradome City, I have two teams to introduce. First, and joining us all the way from Japan is the Suma Fuma.

The Suma Fuma is the team Melt-Down used to be a part of before he came here and joined the Legion of Guardians. The Suma Fuma consists of: Candle, who along with superior fighting skills, possesses limited power over fire. Ice-Pick, who is a ninja with great power over Ice-based attacks. Reclouse, who has the power to control insects and spiders, as well as transform into one himself. And Thrae, who has the power to manipulate plant life, summon small animals, and has limited power over the weather. Due to the number of heroes that need to be introduced right now, I think I will save proper introductions for later.

The last team I need to introduce is the ArchSorcerers. They are a team of my own assembly, and all have powers powered by magic. I have scoured the globe for them, and here they are.

Hawkeye: 9 kids, aged about 14 to 18 walk single file onto the arena floor.

Owner of the Chetradome: The ArchSorcerers. First we have Beckon. She has the power to summon earthly animals to do her bidding. Critter, she can turn into animals. Dessabelle, she can manipulate sound, and can travel on sound waves. Diffuse, he can transfer between dimensional plains at will. Flicker, he is a teleporter. Lullaby, she is a singing hypnotist. Maker, he is a technopath, and a master craftsmen. Paralysis, he can slow an enemy with eye contact, and paralyze them with his touch. And lastly, Risk, he has power over luck. I'll let him explain further later. I will let them all explain, later.

Green Arrow: The ArchSorcerers as well as the Suma Fuma take their places in the stands.

Owner of the Chetradome: There is one last thing that I would like to mention. I thank you all for being here. Every tournament this place is packed to the brim, and every time there are people that try to buy tickets at the last moment. This time however, Tournament V is being televised on the KIT'N news channel. For those of you that are watching at home. Enjoy the show!

Turner of Time: Yes, do. The more people that see this the better.

Green Arrow: A man materializes in front of the Owner of the Chetradome.

Owner of the Chetradome: Who are you?

Turner of Time: I am the Turner of Time!

Owner of the Chetradome: Do I know you?

Knowitall: The Turner of Time is the one that sent Mallow back in time several years ago. The Turner of Time was a good guy then and was working for the Federal Bureau of Incantations, but when Mallow was freed, and no one pursued him, the Turner of Time switched sides.

Owner of the Chetradome: Well, Turner of Time. What do you want?

Turner of Time: We will get to that. But first I think it is time for a little reunion.

Green Arrow: The Turner of Time raises his staff into the air, and four people appear next to him, two on each side.

Owner of the Chetradome: What is this?

Green Arrow: The four people, Doctor Horde, Mr. Drudge, Toxen, and someone I don't know stare at the Owner of the Chetradome menacingly.

Owner of the Chetradome: Have the Terrible Trio joined forces with The Turner of Time and someone else?

Turner of Time: There is no longer a Terrible Trio, Owner of the Chetradome. The five of us, and three others have come together to form the Soulless Syndicate.

Owner of the Chetradome: Three others? Do I know any of them? Or will it be more strangers?

Green Arrow: The Owner of the Chetradome looked at the mystery man when he said this.

Turner of Time: Two you know, but one of them still needs to be recruited. We aren't even sure if she will join us. But of course, you should know Cydyak.

Green Arrow: The Turner of Time waves his arm at the mystery man, now known to be called Cydyak.

Owner of the Chetradome: We've never met.

Turner of Time: Look harder Owner of the Chetradome. I would think that you would be able to recognize your own son.

Owner of the Chetradome: I only have one son, and he looks nothing like him.

Turner of Time: You forget Owner of the Chetradome, that your wife is expecting. I found Cydyak in an African excavation site, he had been there for some time. From what Cydyak has told me, he is your son, and at some point in the far future I send him back in time. He had been waiting for me ever since. He shares your indestructibility power you see.

Owner of the Chetradome: So my son grows up, only to be sent back in time, become a super villain, and fight me?

Turner of Time: I don't think that he has to fight you. From what Cydyak has told me, there is only one way to defeat you.

Owner of the Chetradome: Oh really? And what's that?

Turner of Time: A time bubble!

Hawkeye: The Turner of Time raises his staff, and before anyone has a chance to react, the Owner of the Chetradome disappears without a trace.

Green Arrow: There is an uproar. The crowd shouts obscenities to the Soulless Syndicate, while the Legion of Guardians, the Suma Fuma, and the ArchSorcerers leap from the stands and charge the invading enemy.

Hawkeye: Doctor Horde raises his arms, and about a hundred copies of himself litter the area around him. They all charge.

Green Arrow: Toxen waves her staff, and four dozen horned bears morph out of the ground, and charge at the heroes.

Hawkeye: Mr. Drudge and Cydyak flex their muscles and charge forward, the Turner of Time just watches, looking like he is trying to do a lot of math in his head at once.

Green Arrow: Mallow jumps on to Pyrian's back, and Mina does the same with Glacious.

Hawkeye: Beemuh, SimbasGuard, Reclouse, and Critter all bound towards the enemies. Reclouse in his spider form, and Critter in her Rhino form. Mysterious Jedi and Melt-Down on her back.

Green Arrow: Twitch, Dessabelle, and Flicker were already working together, teleporting and stopping time to punch out the Doctor Horde copies. Diffuse popping in every once in a while to pull a copy into another plain.

Green Arrow: Thrae was surfing on an ever-growing vine, creeping it's way towards the fight, while Candle and Ice-Pick run behind her.

Hawkeye: Lullaby, Maker, Paralysis, Beckon, and Risk all lagging behind.

Green Arrow: There is a flash as Mallow and Pyrian disappear, and reappear behind the Turner of Time.

Hawkeye: Pyrian pounces, and Mallow spins his staff to turn it into a sword.

Turner of Time: ENOUGH OF THIS!

Green Arrow: Before Mallow or Pyrian can land a blow, the Soulless Syndicate disappears.

Hawkeye: The heroes look a little perplexed as they realize that their foes are no longer there.

Green Arrow: It seems that the Turner of Time knew he had no chance against such numbers.

Hawkeye: I don't think he was counting on the ArchSorcerers or the Suma Fuma being here.

Green Arrow: I'm just glad they were able to drive them away. That would have been a nasty fight.

Hawkeye: What about the Owner of the Chetradome? Where do you think he was sent?

Green Arrow: Could be anywhere. I sure would hate to live forever in a time bubble.

Hawkeye: I agree. I'm still a little confused about Cydyak being the Owner of the Chetradome's unborn son.

Green Arrow: I think it's really simple. In the future, the Turner of Time sends Cydyak back in time. Then the Turner of Time finds him, in the present time, and teams up with him.

Hawkeye: ...I still don't get it.

Green Arrow: That's Ok. But while we are trying to get some things sorted with finding the Owner of the Chetradome, I think we should have the first fight.

Hawkeye: I suppose so. What is the first fight?

Green Arrow: The first fight is He-Man vs. Scorpion, who are coming out to meet Saphira on the field now. And it looks like Teela and Jade will be doing the commentating.

Hawkeye: Over to Saphira with a quick word.

Saphira: Thank you Green Arrow and Hawkeye. Alright, He-Man, Scorpion I want a nice clean fight. This is the first match of the Tournament, and the winner will move on to the semi-finals. Back to you Green Arrow and Hawkeye.

Green Arrow: Thanks Saphira.

Hawkeye: Now over to you Teela and Jade.

Tournament V - Part 1 - Fight 1 - He-Man vs. Scorpion


Teela: Thank you Green Arrow and Hawkeye. Now, no offense to Scorpion, I don't think he can possibly stand a chance against He-Man.

Jade: He-Man has plenty of brute strength, but brute strength is no match for a ninja.

Teela: I guess we'll have to see.

Jade: He-Man is the first to act, as he charges toward Scorpion his sword drawn.

Teela: Scorpion acts quickly and shoots a fireball at him, but it's no use. He-Man blocks the fireball with his sword.

Jade: He-Man almost reaches Scorpion, and holds his sword high to strike.

Teela: Before he can, Scorpion teleports behind him, and kicks him in the back.

Jade: He-Man stumbles forward, and regains his bearings immediately.

Teela: He-Man turns around angrily, obviously not expecting Scorpion to be able to teleport.

Jade: He-Man charges again, this time being a much shorter distance, nearly hit Scorpion with his strike.

Teela: But again Scorpion teleports behind He-Man.

Jade: This time however Scorpion's hands start on fire, and a jet of flames erupt from him shooting at He-Man.

Teela: The flames hit He-Man and he shouts. I'm sure the pain is reduced thanks to his abilities, but Scorpion's fire is powerful enough to hurt him.

Jade: Scorpion stops the jet of fire, and He-Man looks a little dazed.

Teela: Scorpion's hands erupt in flames again, and he throws the fire at his feet.

Jade: In an instant the fire engulfs the ground below.

Teela: When it dissipates it reveals a pool of lava.

Jade: The next instant Scorpion quickly sinks into it.

Teela: Then another pool of lava forms underneath He-Man, who is instantly pulled into the lava.

Jade: There is a brief moment of nothing happening, then He-Man shoots out of the lava pool, and lands on his stomach.

Teela: Scorpion emerges from his own lava pit and holds his hand into the air.

Jade: He-Man looks a little crisp, but considering most people come out of that as only a skeleton, I'm sure he will be alright.

Teela: Saphira lands next to Scorpion.

Saphira: Congratulations Scorpion, you had me a little worried there, but you have defeated He-Man, and you didn't break any rules. You move on to the semi-finals!

Jade: Alright, there you have it. Scorpion defeated He-Man (16 votes to 15). Back to you Green Arrow and Hawkeye.

Green Arrow: Thank you Teela and Jade. That was an interesting albeit short fight.

Hawkeye: For this tournament we decided to forgo Legolas' “losers corner”. But not to worry there will be plenty of entertainment as we try to figure out how to get the Owner of the Chetradome out of the time bubble.

Green Arrow: We have also been informed that Knowitall is now the CEO of C.H.E.T.T. Industries.

Hawkeye: The timing isn't the best, but someone has to make business decisions while the Owner of the Chetradome is away.

Green Arrow: It's interesting that the Vice President didn't get put in charge.

Hawkeye: I guess they figured she would know the most since she was married to him, and he had a tendency to bring his work home.

Green Arrow: That could be.

Hawkeye: Alright, we have a lot to get to so let's get to it.

Green Arrow: Arriving only a few moments ago are FBI agents Baric and Azgo. Legolas is with them for the story.

Legolas: Thank you Green Arrow. With me are agents Baric and Azgo who will be conducting small interviews with all members of the Legion of Guardians, the ArchSorcerers and the Suma Fuma. I'll let you take it from here Baric.

Baric: Thank you Legolas. And just to set the record straight. We've been getting a lot of heat from our name, and people just get confused. We changed our name to Consulate of Spells.

Legolas: That sounds suspiciously like the Ministry of Magic.

Baric: We've been trying to cooperate for years, but there are some things we agree on, and some we don't.

Legolas: What kinds of things?

Baric: We used to exist in harmony for centuries, but they decided they didn't like the whole time-bubble-as-a-punishment thing, so they built Azkaban. We don't like to deal with Dementors.

Legolas: Bet they wish they saw it your way now huh?

Baric: I'm sure they do. Now let me introduce to you all my Consulate of Spells partner Azgo.

Azgo: Hello everyone.

Legolas: Nice to meet you Azgo, why don't you tell us about yourself?

Azgo: Well, my name is Azgo Cendora, and I work for the Consulate of Spells. I am 422 years old, and I am a skilled spell caster proficient with wands, staffs, and hands. It was from me that Baric got the ring of Nevaeh. One of the rings that was used to create Mallow's locket.

Legolas: Very interesting, well I guess I will leave you to your interviews. I'll chime in if necessary to explain what may be going on.

Baric: Thank you Legolas. I think we should start with the Legion of Guardians and then work our way throught the Suma Fuma and finally the ArchSorcerers.

Azgo: Who should we start with?”

Baric: I think we'll start with Mallow.

Mallow: Hello Dad, hello Azgo.

Baric: Mallow, do you know what exactly happened here?

Mallow: It just seems like the Owner of the Chetradome was sent into a time bubble by the Turner of Time. When he was sent, I have no idea.

Baric: Do you think anyone here could have had something to do with it?

Mallow: I don't think so, but you can't seriously expect to get information out of them by questioning them briefly.

Baric: We just need to ask one or two questions to each of them. Azgo here has the power to detect if people are lying, and can sense evil intent within in a person. We will know if someone here is responsible with just a few questions.

Mallow: That's good to know, and good luck.

Baric: Next we have Mina. Hello Mina, I'm glad to see you are well. We have some questions for you.

Mina: Shoot.

Baric: Alright. As I understand it, you are the daughter of Helena Houndguard correct?

Mina: Yes.

Baric: Who is the decedent of Ursula Houndguard?

Mina: Yes.

Baric: You spent some time in Teckol (Mallow's locket) correct?

Mina: Yes

Baric: And that is the source of all your non-sorceress powers?

Mina: As far as I can tell, yes.

Baric: You disobeyed your mother several years ago, and she refused to grant you your magic. It was then that you sought the help of my son Mallow, and he let you stay in Lehethro. This question is not directly relating to the Owner of the Chetradome's case, but what did you do there? And what did you see?

Mina: Well, while for the most part it was just a fiery forest filled with fire animals, there was a castle filled with people who seemed to be from the 11th or 12th century. If Lehethro has indeed expanded 8 fold, we are talking about a huge amount of land, and an enormous amount of people. I can only assume that they are probably going to have some disagreements with each other.

Baric: Thank you Mina, that will be all. Ok next we have Melt-Down. Melt-Down you are a ninja with fire powers originally from Australia. Is that correct?

Melt-Down: Yes.

Baric: Both of your parents are deceased, one being an artist, and the other being the notorious Silvia?

Melt-Down: Yes.

Baric: You are also an ex-member of the Suma Fuma?

Melt-Down: Yes I was. As a matter of fact. My mother was the last villain we defeated while I was part of the team.

Baric: Thank you Melt-Down, you can go back to your duties. Next we have Beemuh. Thank you Beemuh for coming to answer our questions. Your real name is Kevin Biggs is that correct?

Beemuh: Yup.

Baric: You occasionally take a substance called “Beemuh Boost” to expand your powers?

Beemuh: Yeah.

Baric: You knew the Owner of the Chetradome well?

Beemuh: Yeah, he gave me a job as a superhero even though I accidently did something bad while on the job.

Baric: Thank you Beemuh, you can go back to your duties. Next is SimbasGuard. Alright SimbasGuard. I know you divide your time between your duties on the Legion of Guardians, and guarding the Pride Lands, but how do you get back and forth? And is the commute tiresome?

SimbasGuard: My commute is taken care of by the Chetplane. At a predetermined time, on predetermined days it comes to pick me up, and I do my duties with the Legion of Guardians. If there is an emergency Mallow will contact me using magic, and ask if I can help out. The commute is fast considering we have to travel such a long distance, but the Chetplane is comfortable and I sometimes have Pyrian for company.

Baric: You and Pyrian seemed to be the odd ones out for a while there, and with the arrival of Glacious, it seems like super-powered animals are making their way onto the scene.

Azgo: If you get any more animals on your team, you'll have to call yourselves the Legion of Grrrrrrdians!

Baric: (sigh) thank you SimbasGuard you can go back to business as usual. Next we have the Mysterious Jedi. As I understand it you are a Jedi...and your identity is a mystery.

Mysterious Jedi: Yes.

Baric: Well...I don't know what else to ask you. Are you responsible for the disappearance of the Owner of the Chetradome?

Mysterious Jedi: No.

Baric: Well, I guess that is it. You can go back to your business. Next is Pyrian Lupus. Pyrian, you and Glacious are the only members of the Legion of Guardians that have been down to Lehethro since the creation of the Lupus Pack. What is it like down there?

Pyrian: There are 8 different regions. All relating to the different types of wolves. Ultimately the different elemental powers that Mallow possesses. Most of the countries are at war, and the animals down there are interbreeding.

Baric: And since the universe hasn't exploded it's safe to say it's safe for you and Glacious?

Pyrian: Yes and no. The creatures in Lehethro only exist to be food for us, so they may not even be sentient. Glacious and I, as well as the Lupus Pack are all sentient...It's really hard to say. All in all I think the best thing to do is to have SimbasGuard go down there and try to talk to the animals. He can speak any language including unknown ones, and I assure you they aren't speaking anything I recognize.

Baric: Thank you Pyrian for that Insight. Next we have Glacious Lupus. So Glacious Lupus, you are pretty new to the Legion of Guardians, and you are an ice wolf. There really isn't much to ask except: Are you an evil wolf pretending to be a good wolf so you can be a spy from the inside working for the Lupus Pack?

Glacious: Absolutely not!

Baric: Thanks, that's all I needed to hear. Next we have Twitch. You're real name is Tawney Ulrich, and you have limited powers of time-stopping, as well as teleportation?

Twitch: That's correct.

Baric: And you are also interested in my son, correct?

Twitch: Well...I um...suppose.

Baric: That's good, let's hope you aren't secretly a supervillainess. One thing though. In the last tournament Verbatim mentioned that you had incriminating evidence against The Owner of the Chetradome. What was it?

Twitch: If it were anything else I wouldn't tell you. But I overheard him talking to Odin about some keys, and the conversation shifted. Apparently the Owner of the Chetradome knew this was going to happen. He was talking to Odin about how the Turner of Time was going to send him into a time bubble, but before he went any further I was discovered. I have no idea how he knew what was going to happen.

Baric: I don't know of any active prophecies concerning the Owner of the Chetradome. Prophecies are heavily tracked by the Consulate of Spells. At least they are now. And I don't know of anyone who would have the power to make a prophecy, at least no one the Owner of the Chetradome would know. Thank you Twitch for telling me this. Alright, these interviews are taking forever. I think we need to blast through the rest. There are 4 Suma Fuma members and 9 ArchSorcerers' members to go through.

Azgo: I'll let you know right away if someone is lying or hiding something.

Baric: Thanks. Alright, first is Ice-Pick. You have powers over Ice, and are a ninja as well?

Ice-Pick: Yes I am.

Baric: You were also the first to meet Melt-Down, and teamed up with him in his early life in Japan?

Ice Pick: Yes I did.

Baric: Thank you that is all I need from you. Ok, next is Candle. Candle you also have powers over fire, but use ninja skills less than your teammates?

Candle: That's correct. I prefer to rely on my powers rather than getting my hands dirty.

Baric: You were also romantically linked with Melt-Down?

Candle: A very long time ago yes. But it never got in the way of us fighting crime together.

Baric: Thank you Candle, next is Reclouse. You have the ability to transform into a spider correct?

Reclouse: Yes.

Baric: And control insects with your will.

Reclouse: For the most part yes.

Baric: Thank you Reclouse, next is Thrae. Now Thrae, you believe yourself to be an extension of mother earth herself?

Thrae: Yes.

Azgo: She's lying.

Thrae: I may as well be! I have her powers. I can control plant life, summon small animals, and can even control the weather. Even the great Gaia herself couldn't match my power!

Baric: You may want to be careful what you say Thrae, you never know who's listening. Next we have Dessabelle who is from the ArchSorcerers. Tell us about yourself Dessabelle.

Dessabelle: I'm Dessabelle, I'm 17 (female), have the power to control sound. I can bend it, shape it, turn my body into it, and can even travel on it. Lullaby and I have similar powers, although I have a bit more control over physical attacks.

Baric: Interesting, next we have Paralysis. Tell us about yourself.

Paralysis: I'm Paralysis, I'm 14 (male). My powers are pretty simple. With eye contact I can cause a person to slow down. Both physically and mentally. With a simple glance I can make someone run slower, become exhausted, and even drive them insane. With a touch I can paralyze any opponent. It is temporary of course, but I have yet to find someone who it doesn't work on. The Owner of the Chetradome himself was effected by my powers.

Baric: Remarkable. Next we have Flicker. Tell us about yourself.

Flicker: I'm Flicker, I'm 15 (female). To put it simply, I'm a teleporter. But I also have what is called mind-sight. If I think about a place, I can actually see it. If I picture the Eiffel Tower, I know that there are 16 people riding the elevator down. I also know where in the elevator would be a good spot to teleport. It's rather useful. I can't imagine what would happen if I teleported inside someone.

Baric: Thank you Flicker, next we have Maker. Tell us about yourself.

Maker: I'm Maker, I'm 17 (male). I can basically make anything. The technical name for my abilities is a technopath, but I like to tell people I'm like a cross between Forge and MacGyver. If it is possible with the equipment I have, I can make it. Sometimes I surprise even myself with the limited materials I can turn into something amazing.

Baric: Thank you Maker, next we have Diffuse. Tell us about yourself.

Diffuse: I'm Diffuse, I'm 16 (male). I can transfer between dimensional planes at will. There are 26 planes of existence that are parallel with our own, but occupy the same space. My ability allows me to transport between them. There is one that I use for travel, and one I use to put bad guys in. The others don't really get used, but some are too scary to want to attempt.

Baric: Wow thank you Diffuse. Next we have Critter. Tell us about yourself.

Critter: I'm Critter, I'm also 16 (female). I am a shape shifter. I can turn into animals. When I do this I get the same abilities as they would have. Because of this I can only turn into animals that exist in nature. I'm hoping Mallow can teach me a little bit about magic so I can maybe turn into some mythical things like Dragons.

Saphira: I hate to cut in, but hello! Dragon Referee!

Baric: (chuckle) Thank you Saphira, and thank you Critter. Ok next we have Lullaby. Tell us about yourself.

Lullaby: I'm Lullaby, I'm 14 (female). I am a singing hypnotist. Anyone who hears me sing is under my control. I of course can omit people from my control. Team members I of course would not want under my control. I also have a magical violin. The body was crafted from a dragon horn, the bow is made from unicorn hair and horn, and the strings are made of Infragilisium.

Baric: Where in the hell did you get Infragilisium?

Lullaby: I think you just answered your own question. A demon will do anything you want when your a singing hypnotist. Anyway. I can use sound as a physical weapon when I play my violin. It's so amazingly magical I doubt anything could break it.

Baric: That is interesting, thank you Lullaby. Next we have Risk. Tell us about yourself.

Risk: I'm Risk, I'm 17 (male). I have the power to control luck. I can increase my own luck, but that decreases the luck of those around me. I can also swap luck with people, or swap the luck of two other people. Let's just put it this way. I'm not even old enough to gamble, and I'm already banned from he state of Nevada.

Baric: Interesting, you might come in handy later. Alright, last but not least Beckon. Tell us about yourself.

Beckon: I'm Beckon, I'm 16 (female). I have to power to summon earthly animals. The animals must be on earth for me to summon them, and depending on their willpower, I can make them do my bidding. While summoning a horde of foxes and making them do my bidding is pretty easy, controlling someone like SimbasGuard would be all but impossible. At least at my current skill level.

Baric: Thank you Beckon, I look forward to seeing you all get more powerful, and maybe some of you will become members of the Legion of Guardians one day. Alright, Azgo, what is the verdict.

Azgo: Even after all that, it looks like they are all innocent. They did not have anything to do with the Owner of the Chetradome's disappearance.

Baric: Well that was a waist of time.

Azgo: I don't know about that. We certainly got to know everyone a little better.

Baric: That's true. Well I guess we better turn it over to Green Arrow and Hawkeye. Back to you guys.

Green Arrow: Thank you Baric, and thank all of you that had to answer questions, we're just trying to get to the bottom of this.

Hawkeye: Alright, the fighters have made it onto the field and are ready to fight. This match is Sephiroth vs. Merlin.

Green Arrow: Saphira would like a quick word.

Saphira: This is the second match of the tournament. Keep it clean, and keep the flames to a 20 foot minimum.

Hawkeye: Alright, now we'll turn it over to Aerith and Guinevere who will be commentating this match. Over to you.

Tournament V - Part 2 - Fight 2 - Merlin vs. Sephiroth


Aerith: Thank you Green Arrow and Hawkeye, and wasting no time both Sephiroth and Merlin pull out weapons.

Guinevere: Sephiroth pulls out his extraordinarily long sword, Masamune, and Merlin pulls out his wand.

Aerith: Sephiroth charges forward, sword ready to strike.

Guinevere: Acting quickly Merlin flicks his wand, and a large sword appears.

Aerith: Merlin grasps the weapon with his frail hands.

Guinevere: I think that might be Excalibur.

Aerith: hmm, Excalibur vs. Masamune, this could be interesting. Both are extremely magical swords.

Guinevere: Just as Merlin has a firm hold on Excalibur, Sephiroth slashes sharply with Masamune.

Aerith: Both look surprised as the swords collide, both expecting the other to break.

Guinevere: Taking one hand off Excalibur, Merlin flicks his wand at Sephiroth. Sephiroth goes flying backwards, his sword falling out of his hands.

Aerith: Before Sephiroth hits the ground he stops in mid-air, his one wing flapping lazily.

Guinevere: Sephiroth raises his hands and huge flames erupt from the ground around Merlin.

Aerith: The flames must be under 20 feet because Saphira doesn't react.

Guinevere: Sephiroth lands on his feet, bends down to pick up his sword, and points the blade at Merlin.

Aerith: Merlin flicks his wand at Sephiroth again, this time the spell hits his sword.

Guinevere: The sword turns into a snake, which begins to coils itself around Sephiroth's arm.

Aerith: Sephiroth becomes very distracted by the reptile's presence, and doesn't notice Merlin cast another spell.

Guinevere: The spell hits Sephiroth hard in the chest, and he goes flying backwards.

Aerith: This time, magical ropes appear from nowhere and bind Sephiroth's hands and feet.

Guinevere: He falls to the ground, and the snake turns back into Masamune.

Aerith: Saphira takes to flight and lands next to Sephiroth.

Guinevere: She watches for a few moments to make sure Sephiroth is securely immobilized.

Saphira: Congratulations Merlin, you have defeated Sephiroth, and move to the semi-final round of the tournament!

Aerith: Well there you have it, Merlin defeats Sephiroth (14 votes to 8). Over to you Green Arrow and Hawkeye.

Green Arrow: Thank you Guinevere and Aerith. Alright let's get right to it.

Hawkeye: We have discovered that The Turner of Time and the other members of the Soulless Syndicate are circling Chetradome Island on a ship called Neptune's Tear.

Green Arrow: We can only assume that they are getting ready to attack again, this time perhaps with greater numbers. So if any of you see any suspicious activity please alert a member of the Legion of Guardians or the ArchSorcerers.

Hawkeye: The Suma Fuma are guests like you so please don't bug them.

Green Arrow: Also Mina would like to tell everyone something, as well as ask a Knowitall a question if she can hear us.

Hawkeye: Take the floor Mina.

Mina: Thank you Green Arrow and Hawkeye, and thank you all for listening. I just thought I would clear a few things up, as well as create more questions. Baric when you said to Pyrian earlier that only he and the other wolves had been in Lehethro, that was incorrect. I was there about 6 years ago, hiding from my mother. While I was their I became a citizen of Emlaf, the capital of Lehethro at the time, and now only capital of the Fire Country. Eventually I became Mage of the realm. I was there for about 3 years, and during that time I grew close to prince Erif. We married and had a child. Her name is Ema, and I have brought her with me today.

Green Arrow: From the ground phases in a little girl, about 12 years old by the looks of her.

Mina: I had to retrieve her from Lehethro a few days ago. The gates are open now, and I didn't want her to have to be in the middle of the war that is happening down there. It had been years since we had seen each other. There was a 7 year time jump when the Lupus Pack was created. No one inside noticed, so they must have lived those 7 years in an instant. That's why even though it has been 5 years since she was born, she is actually 12. As far as I can tell she only knows how to phase through things, but she wont tell me what else she can do. I request from you Knowitall that you allow my daughter Ema to be a part of the ArchSorcerers, she is young, but I promise she will be a valuable member.

Knowitall: I was already aware of most of what you have told me, you should maybe talk to Pyrian Lupus a little more. But to the matter at hand, yes I will allow Ema to join the ArchSorcerers. I know that if you couldn't keep her close, we would use you as a Legion of Guardians member as well.

Mina: Thank you very much Knowitall.

Knowitall: In the future Mina, if you want to talk about rosters, please do so in private. There is no need to make this a public affair.

Mina: Ye-Yes. I understand.

Hawkeye: Mina bends down to whisper something in Ema's ear, and she runs to join the ArchSorcerers.

Green Arrow: That is interesting. It's hard to think of any of the Legion of Guardians as parents.

Unda: If I have my way, there will be one more.

Hawkeye: The Lupus Pack appears in the center of the arena. How did they get there without anyone noticing?

Terra: When you are an earth-elemental wolf, it's pretty easy to transport from Lehethro up into your world.

Green Arrow: What do you want?

Mallow: Let me take it from here Green Arrow.

Green Arrow: Right...sorry.

Mallow: What do you want?

Folium: We want Glacious of course! She was supposed to be one of us!

Mallow: Pyrian and Glacious are on our side, there is no way that either of them will change sides.

Aer: We don't give a damn about Pyrian. He was always wishy-washy, and will always take the easy way by being on the side of good.

Mallow: You can ask Glacious herself, there is no way that she will join you.

Glacious: Not in a million years!

Mallow: There you go, she's not joining you. You better get out of here before we have to make you!

Levitas: Poor little Mallow, thinks he can defeat us! You of all people should know how powerful we are. We take after you.

Ferrum: More specifically we take after what you were.

Mallow: Even if I can't defeat you myself, I have the Legion of Guardians, and the ArchSorcerers on my side. And there are 3 million spectators ready to back us up should we fail.

Terra: You speak so boldly Mallow, but no one here has any idea of the power we possess. We could be gods, and you speak so freely?!

Mallow: If you are all gods, then what does that make me?

Hawkeye: There is a burst of flames and Pyrian scoops Mallow up onto his back and charges.

Green Arrow: The Lupus Pack looks a little confused at first, but take fighting stances.

Hawkeye: Before Mallow even gets close Flicker teleports in carrying Risk.

Green Arrow: Risk spins quickly and some sort of green energy flows from the Lupus Pack into his body. He must be taking their luck.

Hawkeye: Too bad for them, they're going to need it.

Green Arrow: Flicker grabs Risk by the wrist and the pair disappear.

Hawkeye: Like fireworks small objects explode into existence above the Lupus Pack. What are they?

Green Arrow: Whatever they are, they are diving down at the Lupus Pack.

Hawkeye: They look like owls.

Green Arrow: That's an awful lot of owls. Beckon must have summoned them.

Hawkeye: No sooner then the last owl popped into existence did a great arc of electricity pulsed through them all.

Green Arrow: Levitas just electrocuted all the owls!

Hawkeye: I hope none of them were endangered or we're going to have another problem!

Green Arrow: Mallow reaches the Lupus Pack and conjures his sword.

Hawkeye: Mallow swings it at Unda, but it slides right through his water body.

Green Arrow: A jet of water shoots from Unda's mouth, throwing Mallow backwards, and onto the ground. Pyrian turns his attention to Terra.

Hawkeye: With a pop Twitch appears in the middle of the fight carrying a battle axe...I wonder where she got that?

Green Arrow: She attempts to swing it at the nearest wolf.

Hawkeye: The axe clangs against Ferrum's hide, and she spins around to face Twitch.

Green Arrow: A clump of hair on Ferrum's side, groups together to form a spike. Then like a scorpion's sting, it extrudes forwards piercing Twitch through her stomach.

Hawkeye: Ferrum holds her in the air as she screams in pain.

Green Arrow: Mallow yells, waves his hand, and Twitch is lifted off the spike.

Hawkeye: In a flash he teleports to Twitches position in the air, and teleports away from the battle.

Green Arrow: I would assume to Chetradome Hospital. But it's ok, everyone else seems to have joined the battle.

Hawkeye: The first strike comes from the Mysterious Jedi, wielding two lightsabers, who slashes at Ferrum.

Green Arrow: No metal, magic or not, can stand up to a lightsaber for long.

Hawkeye: Ferrum howls as the lightsabers hit her, and she backs away cringing with every blow.

Green Arrow: Ferrum's feet begin to glow, and her steps become a little harder to take. Melt-Down was using his heat powers to melt Ferrum's feet, to keep her from backing away.

Ferrum: Terra! Help me!

Hawkeye: Ferrum looked fearful as she gazed at her paw-less legs.

Green Arrow: In an instant Ferrum melted into the ground. Terra must have taken her back underground to spare her.

Hawkeye: Paralysis had just joined the fray when his eyes meet with Levitas'. Paralysis' powers slowed Levitas down as Maker, who is wearing some sort of power armor gloves, pulls Levitas into a large container.

Green Arrow: Maker tries to run away with the container, but a hand made of dirt and rock erupts from the ground, and grabs the container away from him. Terra must have saved Levitas too.

Hawkeye: Dessabelle zooms forward at the speed of sound, colliding with Aer. It is no time before Aer falls over onto her side. Apparently air is no match for sound.

Green Arrow: Aer disappears into the earth as Ferrum did. That's three down! We're winning!

Hawkeye: Critter had turned into a deer and was munching on Folium. Folium wouldn't have noticed, but Beckon decided to add to the number of deer.

Green Arrow: Two dozen deer appear from nowhere and attack Folium. With a howl he is consumed by the earth.

Hawkeye: The two dozen deer walk away disappointedly.

Green Arrow: It's Unda's turn, and Glacious is the first to him.

Hawkeye: Unda's got a thing for Glacious, but his mission is to get her to come with them. Knocking her out will be the easiest way.

Green Arrow: But before Unda can strike, Glacious breaths a cloud of cold onto him. With in seconds Unda is frozen solid.

Hawkeye: Talk about the cold shoulder.

Green Arrow: The ground under Unda gives way as he is taken back to Lehethro.

Hawkeye: Terra is all that is left now, but no one can seem to get through her ever-cycling hide. The earth around her is supplying her with enough stamina to keep the fight up.

Green Arrow: Arriving a little late to the fight is Lullaby, who pulls out her violin.

Hawkeye: As the unicorn hair bow hits Infragilisium strings, the great rocks that make up Terra's form begin to crumble.

Green Arrow: Her entire body begins to sort of melt as she turns from rock to dust in a few seconds.

Hawkeye: She growls loudly as she merges with the ground below and out of sight.

Green Arrow: Wow! That was crazy! It's a good thing the ArchSorcerers were here. The Lupus Pack might have been too much for the Legion of Guardians alone.

Hawkeye: Especially with Mallow leaving the second Twitch was hurt.

Green Arrow: Yeah! What's up with that? He never came back.

Hawkeye: I hope she's alright.

Green Arrow: Me too, she appears to be the only one seriously injured.

Hawkeye: That is the second group of villains that have attacked this tournament. And we've only done 2 fights! You said it already, but I'll say it again. It's a good thing the ArchSorcerers are here.

Green Arrow: Indeed. Their powers seemed perfect to offset some of the powers that the Lupus Pack have. Although Mallow has a counter measure for all of them, his elements are not at full power.

Hawkeye: It's too bad that Maker didn't manage to fully capture Levitas. Mallow could have taken his power back from him.

Green Arrow: It's a good thing he has a container that can hold him. Now he needs to make five more for the rest of them.

Hawkeye: Well, now that that excitement is over, I think we should move on to the next fight before another group of villains decides to attack. What is the next fight?

Green Arrow: The next fight is Harry Potter vs. Percy Jackson.

Hawkeye: Oh wow, that will be an interesting fight.

Green Arrow: Indeed it will. Well they are making their way onto the field, so lets quickly hand it over to Saphira.

Saphira: Thank you Green Arrow. Alright not to kill each other.

Hawkeye: Thank you Saphira, alright, over to you Hermione and Annabeth.

Tournament V - Part 3 - Fight 3 - Harry Potter vs. Percy Jackson


Hermione: Thank you Green Arrow and Hawkeye. Wow, this should prove to be an interesting fight.

Annabeth: It will be interesting, but it will be short. Keep in mind that Percy is a demigod.

Hermione: That doesn't change the fact that Harry's long-ranged spell-casting is all but unavoidable for someone without magical powers.

Annabeth: We'll just have to wait and see, but remember that Percy is the son of Poseidon, and we are on an island.

Hermione: Harry pulls out his wand, and Percy pulls out a pen.

Annabeth: Percy clicks Riptide, and it turns from its pen form into its sword form.

Hermione: Harry flicks his wand, and Riptide goes soaring through the air, and into Harry's other hand.

Annabeth: A disarming spell? That's tactful...

Hermione: It would have been unwise for Harry to try and fight Percy with that sword in his hand. He's got nothing to defend himself with other than a shield charm.

Annabeth: It wouldn't matter anyway, it's made of Celestial Bronze, and wouldn't have harmed Harry at all.

Hermione: Really? That's is fascinating.

Annabeth: Riptide disappears from Harry's hand as Percy pulls it out of his pocket again, back in its pen form.

Hermione: Part of the magic of the sword I suppose. That is a curious object.

Annabeth: Harry, who seemed to have gotten over the teleporting sword fairly quickly, flicks his wand at Percy again.

Hermione: A red light, probably a stunning spell, shoots out of Harry's wand.

Annabeth: Percy, who seemed to want to try and test a theory, blocks it with Riptide.

Hermione: There is a loud clanging sound as the stunning spell hits Riptide, and Riptide goes flying backwards behind Percy.

Annabeth: It doesn't matter, he can't use it anyway. I don't know why he keeps pulling it out.

Hermione: Suddenly the stadium begins to rumble violently. What's going on?

Annabeth: I think your about to see the full power of Percy Jackson.

Hermione: Percy has his hands raised high, and Harry looks around for the source of the rumblings.

Annabeth: There is a loud noise as water starts to flood in from the entrance.

Hermione: The water is moving at such force that it pushes over several pillars in the entry way, and spills onto the field.

Annabeth: The crowd chatters nervously, but the water makes a beeline for Harry.

Hermione: Like a great serpent, the water snakes towards him, and finally rears up to strike.

Annabeth: Harry shoots a spell at the rising column of water, and a sizable chunk is cut away from it.

Hermione: No sooner had the chunk been taken, it was replaced by more water.

Annabeth: Harry did all he could do to defend himself now, he put up a shield charm.

Hermione: With a great outcry from the crowd, the column of water falls onto Harry.

Annabeth: The only sound is the water dispersing itself around the arena floor, as Percy releases his control of it.

Hermione: With the thin layer of water on the ground, Percy is able to make it over to Harry at the same time Saphira does.

Saphira: Percy JACKSON! You nearly killed him!

Percy: Hold on, I'll heal him.

Annabeth: Percy bends down, puts one hand on Harry's forehead, and one hand in the water on the ground.

Hermione: In an instant Harry stirs. He opens his eyes to see Percy.

Annabeth: Realizing what was going on he searched around for his wand.

Hermione: I'm sure Percy was smart enough to make sure it got washed away.

Saphira: Well...I guess that means you win Percy. You move on to the Semi-finals. Congratulations.

Annabeth: Well there you have it folks. Percy Jackson defeats Harry Potter (12 to 7)

Hermione: Well I think that does it over here. Back to you Green Arrow and Hawkeye.

Green Arrow: Wow, that was an interesting fight, Harry Potter didn't get much of a chance to fight back, but what do you expect when you are fighting a demigod?

Hawkeye: That's true, but Harry is a wizard. It's hard to ask for a tougher competitor.

Green Arrow: That being said, why don't we go and see what Mallow is up to? He must still be with Twitch in the Chetradome Hospital.

Hawkeye: What happened to the Hospital Wing?

Green Arrow: The Tournament takes place while school is in session, and this year Madam Pomfrey just couldn't get away. So the Owner of the Chetradome had the Chetradome Hospital built. As I understand it, they have a new medical officer over there now.

Hawkeye: Alright, then I guess we better hand it over to Legolas who is in Chetradome Hospital now. Legolas?

Legolas: Thank you Green Arrow and Hawkeye. Well I am here with Mallow, Twitch, and Beckon, as well as the healer I have yet to meet. I will make introductions now. Hello there, I'm Legolas.

Slashspawn: I am Slashspawn the Enchanter.

Legolas: That is an interesting name. How is it that you come to find yourself in the employ of Chetradome Hospital?

Slashspawn: The Owner of the Chetradome and I go way back. I was a medic during the Great Carpet War of 1988.

Legolas: I take it from the fact that your name isn't Slashspawn the Healer, you have other powers than healing ones?

Slashspawn: That's correct. It wasn't until I joined the now called Consulate of Spells did I discover my healing powers. But even before that, I used to work with Mallow's father. We made several inventions together.

Legolas: Like what?

Slashspawn: Many have been lost or destroyed, but my pride and joy was the “Repeater”. It was a nifty device that rewound time exactly 1 minute. Only you and whoever you were touching at the time would be aware, and you could retry your endeavors. We tried to distribute our invention, but a young German timeslider named Turner De' Cloks'bach joined our ranks. You know him now, as the Turner of Time. Needless to say, the Consulate didn't need our little invention any more, and it was never put into production.

Legolas: Fascinating. Do you happen to still have a Repeater?

Slashspawn: No, there were only two in existence. One was mine, and it was destroyed by the Turner of Time many years ago. He's not affected by it you see, and it was a useless weapon against him. The other was in the possession of Baric, but he said Mallow had it.

Mallow: I did have it, for a while. But I lost it somewhere in here.

Legolas: Mallow points at his locket.

Slashspawn: Any idea where?

Legolas: Mallow looks taken aback.

Mallow: Probably in Orton.

Slashspawn: The damn dwarves would have no use for it, but wouldn't sell it, as it is a valuable item for anyone else. Should you return to Orton, you should try and get it back. It is a powerful weapon if it falls into the wrong hands.

Mallow: I understand.

Slashspawn: Anyway Legolas, I'm sure you didn't come down here to listen to me reminisce about my old inventions. I'm sure you are curious about the state of Twitch.

Legolas: I am. What's the prognosis?

Slashspawn: To alleviate your tensions I will start by saying that she will be fine. It is interesting though. There were tiny bits of Ferrum's metal, as well as some other liquid. I can only assume that Ferrum uses it, on a subatomic scale, as a lubricant between her metal atoms. I have yet to identify what this liquid is.

Legolas: So you removed all of the metal from her system?

Slashspawn: Yes I did. It was a good thing that Mallow was here. As soon as the metal was in her body, it was trying to spread out. To what end, I don't know. But Mallow's metal powers were able to keep them still long enough for me to remove them. As I said before, she will be fine. She should be waking up soon.

Legolas: Thank you Slashspawn. It was nice to meet you.

Slashspawn: Likewise.

Beckon: Mallow, can I speak with you for a moment?

Legolas: Mallow looks a little unwilling to turn his attention away from Twitch.

Mallow: Sure. What's up?

Beckon: Well, as you know, I'm a summoner. But I can only summon non-magical animals. That is to say, no animals that mortals aren't aware of.

Mallow: Before I answer your question, I must chide you. Unless you live forever, you don't get to call normal people “mortals”.

Beckon: Sorry Mallow, but what should I call them?

Mallow: How about just “non-magical people”.

Beckon: Alright, I'll try to keep that in mind. So what do you think?

Mallow: This question is actually an easy one. Magical creatures generally have something about them that is so magical it keeps them from being effected by magic at all. A unicorn's horn is what keeps it from being summoned, but the blood and hair is also magical enough together to keep it from being affected by magic. For Dragons, It's their heart. But you would be hard put to find anything on a dragon not magical. It's horns, blood, and scales are more than a match for most magical spells. What you need to do Beckon, for magical animals, instead of summoning the body, try to summon the essence. If you summon the animal's essence, the body will follow.

Legolas: A look of excited realization came across Beckons face as she stood from her chair, kissed Mallow on the cheek, and ran from the room.

Beckon: Thanks Mallow!

Legolas: Interesting theory Mallow. It looks like Merlin's teachings have been rubbing off on you.

Mallow: Thanks Legolas.

Legolas: And with that, I will turn it back over to you Green Arrow and Hawkeye.

Green Arrow: Thank you Legolas. That was interesting.

Hawkeye: And a little confusing. It seems like every break we are introduced to someone new! And they are always somehow confusedly tied with several people's past! I should have brought something to take notes with!

Green Arrow: It's ok, I'm sure there are dozens more we will meet before the tournament is through.

Hawkeye: Well I guess we should get the tournament moving again. What's the next match.

Green Arrow: Well the next match is Gandalf vs. Optimus Prime who are coming onto the field now.

Hawkeye: That's an odd fight.

Green Arrow: It is, but when you think about it, it could go either way.

Hawkeye: I suppose. Well over to Saphira before the match.

Saphira: Alright, I want a nice, clean, minimal property damaging fight.

Green Arrow: Well said Saphira. Alright, over to Elita One, and Arwen who will be commentating this match.

Tournament V - Part 4 - Fight 4 - Optimus Prime vs. Gandalf


Elita One: Thank you Green Arrow and Hawkeye. I suppose we should get the fight underway.

Arwen: I agree, not that it will be much of a fight.

Elita One: What do you mean?

Arwen: Gandalf has fought much more powerful enemies than this, and he has always come out on top.

Elita One: Well, Gandalf has never fought an Autobot.

Arwen: I guess we'll have to see.

Elita One: Wasting no time, Optimus Prime's gun appears in his hand, and he aims it at Gandalf.

Arwen: Gandalf, no stranger to projectile weapons recognizes that he is in trouble.

Elita One: The same moment that Optimus Prime shoots, Gandalf raises his hand, and a chunk of the arena floor is ripped up, and put in the laser beam's path.

Arwen: The chunk explodes violently as the beam hits it, and Gandalf is unharmed.

Elita One: Gandalf takes the offensive now, as he raises his hands into the air.

Arwen: A large green ball of swirling energy appears above him, and he throws it at Optimus Prime.

Elita One: The Energy hits Optimus Prime's gun, and it begins to transmute into glass.

Arwen: the energy ripples through the metal, leaving glass behind.

Elita One: Optimus Prime holds on to his gun as finally the whole thing is solid glass.

Arwen: But it doesn't stop there. Optimus Prime's hands begin to transmute before his very eyes.

Elita One: He tries to throw his gun, but his solid hand is still grasped tightly on it.

Arwen: In a last ditch effort not to be turned to glass, Optimus detaches his arm, and throws it at Gandalf.

Elita One: Gandalf points his staff at the flying arm, and a gust of wind pushes it just far enough to the left that it doesn't hit him.

Arwen: Now Optimus Prime is mad. Without his gun, this has to become a melee combat battle, but Gandalf is a wizard, and Optimus is much to big of a target to try and dodge close range spells.

Elita One: That doesn't seem to bother Optimus Prime as he charges forward.

Arwen: Gandalf looks a little taken aback at Optimus Prime's strategy, and shoots another green spell at him. This time aimed at his face.

Elita One: Just as the spell is about to hit Optimus Prime, he transforms into his semi truck form, dodging the spell.

Arwen: Gandalf looks taken aback by Optimus Prime's change in shape that he doesn't notice he is about to be run over.

Elita One: At the very last moment, Gandalf puts up shield spell to soften the blow.

Arwen: But the force that he is hit with causes him to go flying backwards.

Elita One: With a nasty Crunching sound, Gandalf crumples to the ground.

Arwen: Optimus Prime returns to his walking form, and Saphira lands next to Gandalf.

Saphira: He seems to be alright, congratulations Opium. You win!

Optimus Prime: Again I must tell you Dragon. I am not Opium. I am Optimus Prime.

Elita One: Well there you have it. Optimus Prime defeats Gandalf (13 votes to 10)

Arwen: Back to you Green Arrow and Hawkeye.

Green Arrow: Thank you Arwen and Elita One. Alright, there is very little to report right now, except that a thunderstorm has developed overhead.

Hawkeye: So as to be courteous to our audience, the roof of the Chetradome will be closed.

Green Arrow: We have also received word that Autobots Ratchet and Wheeljack are here for the tournament. I can only assume that Ratchet will be more than willing to reconstruct Optimus Prime's arm, and Wheeljack can make him a new gun.

Hawkeye: Good thing too, because Optimus Prime has another match coming up after this next one.

Green Arrow: Indeed. Alright, before we go and check out what is developing in Chetradome Hospital with Twitch, an unexpected guest has joined us.

Hawkeye: The last time we saw him was in the previous tournament, where he was serving drinks in the Champions Box. Let us welcome C.A.I.N.E..

C.A.I.N.E.: Thank you.

Green Arrow: So C.A.I.N.E., What exactly does “C.A.I.N.E.” stand for?

C.A.I.N.E.: C.A.I.N.E. stands for: Cybernetic Artificial Intelligent Nano-mechanical Engine. Although, I am only a few more upgrades away from being known as just Caine. As I will become completely sentient.

Hawkeye: That sounds both awesome, and extremely scary.

C.A.I.N.E.: Don't worry, I'm on your side.

Green Arrow: I just hope that Knowitall knows what she is doing, and keeps your schematics hidden from wondering eyes.

C.A.I.N.E.: As far as I know, there aren't any, and Knowitall is the only one who knows everything about me. Although, if it was imperative, I could take inventory of myself, and rebuild. Knowitall is waiting for a shipment of Infragilisium to come in. I assume it is an integral part of my upgrades.

Hawkeye: That is really interesting. Well, the best of luck to you C.A.I.N.E. and I think I speak for all of us when I say that I look forward to hearing more about you in the future.

C.A.I.N.E.: Thank you.

Green Arrow: Alright, it looks like the semi-finalists are coming onto the field already.

Hawkeye: That's just too bad, they're going to have to wait. I want to know what is happening with Mallow. Legolas is down there right?

Green Arrow: I think so, but this better be quick.

Legolas: Thank you Green Arrow and Hawkeye. Alright I am here with Baric and Mallow, along with Twitch who is still unconscious, but seems to be stable. Mallow and Baric seem to be in the middle of a conversation.

Baric: I suppose you're right Mallow, it would be best to give up your quest to find the rest of the prophecies. There is just too many villains around for you to ignore anymore.

Mallow: I'm glad you agree. Although, I think we shouldn't count out Lavinia. While she is a bit mad, she is also amazingly powerful. She would be great to have on our side.

Baric: I agree. Although I doubt the Owner of the Chetradome would ever let such an old lady join you guys.

Mallow: What do you mean?

Baric: The oldest member of your team is Beemuh, assuming that the Mysterious Jedi isn't older. The Owner of the Chetradome isn't solely interested in talent, he appreciates youth as a strength as well. It seems to me, and several others at the Consulate of Spells, that the Owner of the Chetradome is trying to compete with Professor Xavier. Not to mention taking anyone with a lick of talent before they get old enough to catch the eye of a real team like the Avengers or the Justice League.

Mallow: That's not fair. We defeated two super villain teams tonight! We worked together and everyone helped in the battle.

Baric: Do you think the likes of one member of the Justice League couldn't do what it took nearly 20 of you to do?

Mallow: You're being ridiculous. Of course not, the Soulless Syndicate is much too powerful for one person.

Baric: You must concede however that the Legion of Guardians are not all that great. It took way too much effort to fight those battles today, and almost no one, other than you, could ever handle themselves against any member of the Soulless Syndicate for more than a few moments. Not only does your teamwork suck, you suck as individuals.

Mallow: You can't be serious...Only a half an hour ago you were complimenting us on how well we took care of it. What is the matter with you.

Legolas: There is a loud crash as Azgo bursts in.

Azgo: Sorry I had to leave you for so long Baric.

Legolas: A large band of yellow light poured from Azgo's palm and at Baric.There was a demonic screaming sound, and Azgo stopped his light casting.

Mallow: What the hell was that?

Azgo: From time to time a demon known as Bloodspawn the Brutal takes possession of Baric. As far as I know, I am the only one who can see him. As long as I am close, Bloodspawn is not a problem.

Mallow: So that stuff you said, you didn't mean it?

Baric: Well...

Azgo: Bloodspawn is not very good at making things up Mallow, so he takes doubts, any doubts, and warps them into facts. So while I am sure Baric did not mean to say that the Legion of Guardians are useless, he has had some doubts about your teamwork.

Mallow: I see. Wait, how did you know he said that? You weren't even here!

Azgo: It's all very complicated Mallow, but let's just say that Baric and I share a telepathic link. A link necessary for us to be partners at the Consulate.

Mallow: Well that is a relief. I was starting to get mad. You weren't making any sense.

Baric: Keep in mind Mallow that you do still need to work on your team's teamwork. And some of the members of the ArchSorcerers are going to need your help if they hope to make it in the superhero business.

Mallow: I'll keep that in mind.

Twitch: Mallow?

Legolas: It looks like Twitch has regained consciousness.

Mallow: Tawney!

Legolas: Mallow runs to her bedside and kisses her forehead. Well it looks like everything is back in order, now is a good time to hand it back to you, Green Arrow and Hawkeye.

Green Arrow: Thank you Legolas. Alright, Scorpion and Merlin are already where they need to be, so we'll go over to Saphira to say a few words before the fight.

Saphira: Alright, this is the first semi-final fight of the tournament. Keep it clean, and try not to damage the closed roof.

Hawkeye: Alright, over to Jade and Guinevere who will be commentating.

Tournament V - Part 5 - Fight 5 - Scorpion vs. Merlin


Jade: I think it's safe to say that Scorpion will make short work of this old man.

Guinevere: You shouldn't underestimate Merlin, he has defeated many enemies, each with diverse powers and abilities. Didn't you see him defeat Sephiroth?

Jade: Of course I did, but did you see Scorpion's last opponent? So strapping and rugged, it was a shame to watch him get defeated.

Guinevere: He reminded me of someone back home.

Jade: King Arthur? Isn't he here?

Guinevere: Arthur is here, but he's not who I meant.

Jade: Then who--?

Guinevere: Let's get to the fight, shall we?

Jade: I guess that's best.

Guinevere: Wasting no time, Merlin pulls out his wand, and shoots a red spell at Scorpion.

Jade: Scorpion dodge-rolls out of the way, but Merlin had already cast another spell.

Guinevere: Not having enough time to dodge again, Scorpion puts his hands together and a pool of lava appears below him.

Jade: He sinks quickly into the lava as the spell goes flying through his would-be location.

Guinevere: Just as quickly as he sank in, a pool of lava forms behind Merlin, and Scorpion erupts out of it.

Jade: He takes a swing at Merlin, but before his fist can connect, Merlin teleports away in a shower of blue sparks.

Guinevere: Merlin turns to face Scorpion, and Scorpion points his fist at him.

Jade: A kunai shoots out of Scorpion's bracer and toward Merlin.

Guinevere: It is important to note that there is a rope attached to the kunai, I'm not sure why, it has been my understanding that ninjas had an infinite amount of projectile weapons at their disposal.

Jade: I assure you that is not the case.

Guinevere: Merlin thinks quickly and casts a spell.

Jade: It must have been some sort of slowing spell, as that is what happened.

Guinevere: The kunai's trajectory is slowed to almost still, and Merlin inspects the weapon.

Jade: Scorpion seems to realize that he doesn't just have to wait for Merlin to be satisfied, and tugs on his rope.

Guinevere: The kunai is retracted into it's slot, and Scorpion shoots it again.

Jade: Merlin casts another spell, this time an enormous pair of scissors shoots out of the ground and cuts the rope.

Guinevere: Another slowing charm allows Merlin to avoid the now uninhibited kunai.

Jade: Merlin doesn't know about his other one.

Guinevere: Scorpion spins 360 degrees as he shoots out another kunai, this time from his other arm.

Jade: A large boulder lands on the rope that trails behind the kunai, and it falls to the ground.

Guinevere: Merlin must have done another spell.

Jade: But it doesn't stop there, several more boulders fall from the sky, well that is to say, the air.

Guinevere: The boulders appear from nowhere just below the arena roof.

Jade: Even if Scorpion had another kunai, there is no way that he could maneuver it through all the falling boulders.

Guinevere: He better hope he's got another trick up his sleeve.

Jade: You have no idea.

Guinevere: Scorpion makes a quick ninja pose.

Scorpion: GET OVER HERE!

Jade: Scorpion shoves his open palm in the direction of Merlin.

Guinevere: In a flash some sort of creature erupts from his palm and towards Merlin.

Jade: The creature weaves through the falling boulders, taking care to keep it's body from being crushed.

Guinevere: Merlin seems very taken aback by this, this was the last thing he expected.

Jade: The creature's head plunges through Merlin's robes and out his back.

Guinevere: With a swift tug form Scorpion, Merlin and the creature zoom back towards him.

Jade: Scorpion holds Merlin by the scruff of his robes, and prepares to throw an uppercut.

Guinevere: Saphira lands next to him.

Saphira: That is quite enough Scorpion, put him down now.

Jade: Scorpion retracts his arm creature and lets Merlin fall to the ground.

Saphira: Slashspawn! We have an emergency!

Guinevere: In a violent flash, Slashspawn the Enchanter teleports into being next to Saphira.

Saphira: Can you save him? It looked like it went through his heart.

Slashspawn: Of course I can save him. I can save anyone, even from a fatality.

Saphira: This isn't the time for jokes Slashspawn, he could die.

Slashspawn: I am aware of his condition Saphira, but don't worry. Since I've started here I've never lost a patient.

Saphira: You've only had one other patient!

Slashspawn: Don't fret, he'll be alright.

Guinevere: There is another violent flash and Slashspawn and Merlin disappear from site.

Saphira: Assuming that Merlin survives, Scorpion, you will move on the final match of the tournament. Congratulations.

Jade: Well there you have it, Scorpion defeats Merlin (49 to 30).

Guinevere: Well that certainly was interesting, hopefully Slashspawn will have Merlin up and running again in no time.

Jade: There sure are a lot of people being impaled during this tournament.

Guinevere: I hope the trend doesn't continue, back to you Green Arrow and Hawkeye.

Green Arrow: Thank you Guinevere and Jade. I'm sure Slashspawn is up to the challenge. Before we go on, Hawkeye, why don't you ask me the question you asked just before we were back on?

Hawkeye: I asked you: How can Slashspawn heal a fatality?

Green Arrow: Slashspawn was making a joke, playing up his skills a bit, and if you were watching you would see that Merlin wasn't dead, just very badly injured.

Hawkeye: Oh, I see. I was confused.

Green Arrow: One would think that you would be used to it by now. Alright everyone, very little is scheduled for this break, but Knowitall, who is now on the arena floor, would like to say a few words. Take it away Knowitall.

Knowitall: Thank you. As you all are aware the Owner of the Chetradome was taken away from us at the beginning of the tournament. I have called in a specialist, and he will be here in a while. Depending on what time he gets here, we might have a delay before the final match while he does what he does, and it would be much appreciated if no one bothers him while he works. So I'll hand it back to you Green Arrow and Hawkeye.

X'ard: Before you do that Knowitall, I wish to say a few words.

Hawkeye: The crowd erupts with angry muttering as X'ard and the Fatal Four materialize behind Knowitall.

X'ard: Greetings Chetradome spectators. It is I, the Great Lord X'ard, and I am here to claim what is mine.

Knowitall: There is nothing here that belongs to you.

X'ard: I would have guessed his bride would be informed, but alas I am once again underestimating the intelligence of the Owner of the Chetradome. Where is he anyway? A subject like this should be discussed amongst men.

Knowitall: The Owner of the Chetradome is not here right now. Any issue you have with him, you can take up with me.

X'ard: The issue my dear girl, is that he needs to die. I dare say even you would be unwilling to take such a punishment for him.

Knowitall: How could you hope to kill him? You know he's completely invulnerable.

X'ard: For me, maybe. But for the six of us, I think we can take him.

Knowitall: I know being evil, you must be messed up in the head, but I only count five of you.

X'ard: That brings me back to my first issue, I've come to claim her.

Knowitall: Who?

X'ard: Where is the one called Shadowcat?

Green Arrow: There is more muttering from the crowd, only this time it is confused.

X'ard: I know you're here Kitty, come out come out wherever you are.

Shadowcat: What could you possibly want with me?

X'ard: Ah, there you are.

Hawkeye: With a snap of X'ard's fingers Shadowcat is teleported from her spot in the stands to right in front of X'ard.

X'ard: Go ahead Verbatim.

Green Arrow: Verbatim grabs Shadowcat by the wrists, and he begins to glow.

Hawkeye: About a thousand spectators leap from their seats, and a few even begin to fly at X'ard and the Fatal Four.

X'ard: Oh, calm down!

Green Arrow: X'ard waves his hand and a purple wave of energy pulses from him and to every standing and flying spectator, forcing them back into their seats.

Shadowcat: Stop! Get off me! Why, why can't I--?

X'ard: Hold still a moment while Verbatim borrows your powers. As for the reason why you can't phase away, well, let's just say we stopped to have a chat with the Morlocks before we came here.

Verbatim: I met someone named Leech, and made sure to shake his hand. You mind teleporting her back X'ard? I've got what I need.

Hawkeye: X'ard snaps his fingers again, and Shadowcat is instantly returned to her seat.

Verbatim: I'll be right back.

Green Arrow: Verbatim beings to sink into the ground as he uses Shadowcat's phasing ability.

Hawkeye: What do you suppose Verbatim is doing?

Knowitall: There is nothing for you in the Legion of Guardian's base X'ard.

X'ard: I don't care about the Legion of Guardian's base. What I am after lies far below that.

Knowitall: There is nothing below it but rock.

X'ard: That is where you are wrong. I had Calamitous come here not too long ago to confirm. She is down there.

Knowitall: Who?

X'ard: You really don't know? He never told you about her? He never told you that he locked my dear Silvia in an ice prison?

Knowitall: No, but it can't be true.

X'ard: I have already said that it has been confirmed! Wait and see, in a moment Verbatim will emerge with Silvia, who hasn't seen daylight in over three years!

Knowitall: Are you talking about the same Silvia that wrecked havoc in Japan several years ago? The one with the magnetic powers?

X'ard: The one and the same.

Melt-Down: That's impossible. The Owner of the Chetradome said she was dead.

X'ard: Stay out of this ninja, this is no concern of yours.

Melt-Down: Silvia is my mother, and I am the one who defeated her.

Green Arrow: X'ard stares at Melt-Down intently, as if trying to remember something.

Silvia: You did defeat me son,

Hawkeye: Verbatim, and I assume Silvia, emerge from the ground.

Silvia: but it will never happen again.

Green Arrow: X'ard takes his attention off of Melt-Down to grasp Silvia's hand, and pull her next to him.

X'ard: It's good to see you again sweetie.

Hawkeye: Silvia eyed X'ard with annoyance.

Silvia: You lost the right to call me “sweetie” 20 years ago, when you left me for that tramp.

X'ard: The tramp and I had twin daughters, they came here with me to rescue you. And I think he,

Green Arrow: X'ard points at Melt-Down.

X'ard: is our son.

Silvia: Of course he is.

X'ard: Why didn't you tell me we had a son?

Silvia: Your brother had just had twins, and you were so concerned about getting a hold of that locket, and chasing tail, that I figured you wouldn't care.

Hawkeye: X'ard thought for a moment.

Baric: If he is your son X'ard. Where is his twin?

Green Arrow: X'ard looks expectantly at Silvia.

Silvia: He died, when they were very little.

X'ard: How?

Silvia: Do you really have to ask? He killed him.

Hawkeye: Silvia points at Melt-Down.

Melt-Down: No! I couldn't possibly have done.

Silvia: But you did, I saw it.

Melt-Down: I think I would remember if I killed someone.

Silvia: You were only three, and we were just about to move. I can't describe it aloud, as it is too horrible to even think about. But believe me when I say, you killed your brother.

Melt-Down: I suppose that makes me the evil twin...

Mallow: Not necessarily. We live in a world of uncertainty, a world where there is magic, and demons, and superheroes. I think Calamitous and Calamity are perfect examples of how not all Kradlive twins are stuck with the “one good, one evil” curse.

Melt-Down: But still, I...killed my brother. That sounds pretty evil to me.

Mallow: An action that you can't remember shouldn't change your life because you learn of it. You are still Melt-Down, you have still saved countless lives, and have done so much good, your alleged evil act in your youth doesn't even compare. Especially if it was indeed he that was the evil one. If that is the case, you did the world a favor.

Melt-Down: I suppose your right.

X'ard: Enough family reunion for now. I think that since we are here, and since the Owner of the Chetradome isn't, now is a good a time as any to take over the place. We could use a new headquarters.

Verbatim: You should see what else is down there X'ard, under the Legion of Guardian base, there is a lot more than just an oubliette for Silvia.

Knowitall: There shouldn't be anything down there other than the Legion of Guardian's base.

Verbatim: You should talk with your husband when he gets back. That is, if we haven't killed you all.

X'ard: By now all the spectators should realize that they are immobilized. It didn't even occur to me to do so until you all reacted so violently earlier. So after we get rid of Mallow, Melt-Down, and Knowitall, we can kill each and every one of you one by one. Sound like a plan? What the? How the hell did you get out of my immobilizing curse little girl?

Green Arrow: Ema walks slowly and confidently from her spot on the sidelines towards X'ard, Silvia, and the Fatal Four.

X'ard: You will answer me, or you will answer to the gods!

Hawkeye: Ema's eyes glow white as she continues to walk. Her dark hair becomes weightless as X'ard's face gets redder with anger.

X'ard: With the time I had to lay the spell, no one could possibly break it.

Ema: It was not a matter of breaking your spell, it was simply stepping aside as the spell went past me. You see, I am impervious to magic.

X'ard: Is that all? And you still confront me?

Ema: No, that is not all.

Green Arrow: Ema stops walking as she gets within about 10 yards of the group. She raises her hand slowly and points her open palm at Chem, who was the farthest to her right side. In a swift motion, she closes her hand, and Chem falls dead.

Ema: He's not dead Green Arrow. I have placed his body in a state of suspended animation, and disconnected his soul. He is now living in an after-life state, powered by his brain, and controlled by me. Let's just say it's not too pleasant in there. When I put him right, he won't even be aware that time has passed. Then again, I could just leave him like this forever.

X'ard: If you don't put him back, you will be the first to be killed!

Ema: Idle threats mean nothing to me. As I have said, magic can not harm me, and I also have the power to phase through things, so your physical attacks won't work. And I can do this as many times as I want.

Hawkeye: Ema thrusts her palm in Verbatim's direction and he falls over like Chem.

Ema: You will leave, NOW!

Green Arrow: The arena shakes with Ema's last word. What kind of power does this girl have?

Hawkeye: It looks like X'ard is thinking this same thing.

X'ard: Very well, I can see we have no choice. But I'm not taking them. Silvia and I have plans that don't involve the Fatal Four. They are no use to me anymore.

Ema: Flee without them if you must, but I hope for their sake they retreat as quickly as you.

Green Arrow: X'ard and Silvia teleport away, and Ema reanimates Chem and Verbatim.

Hawkeye: No sooner do they stir, they vomit on the arena floor. It must have been some torment they endured, but if they don't get out of here quickly it won't be over.

Ema: X'ard has abandoned you, and taken Silvia as well. You would do well to leave now.

Calamitous: I would like to see you try that soul thing on me, I guarantee you, it wont work.

Ema: I'll take that as a no.

Green Arrow: With her last word the arena begins to rumble. It's light at first, but more intense.

Hawkeye: Does she have earthquake powers or something?

Green Arrow: I don't think that's it. Listen.

Hawkeye: What is that?

Green Arrow: It sounds like a voice. Some sort of creature's voice roaring.

Hawkeye: It's getting louder.

Green Arrow: And the arena is shaking more violently.

Hawkeye: The noise, it's almost unbearable.

Green Arrow: The Fatal Four look terrified.

Hawkeye: Suddenly a deep crack appears in the middle of the arena. Orange light emulates heavily from it, then suddenly something enormous emerges from it.

Green Arrow: It looks like a pillar of molten lava, and it is stretching almost to the arena ceiling.

Hawkeye: What is it?

Green Arrow: Suddenly the pillar bends. Uh oh. I think it is some sort of lava creature.

Hawkeye: More lava erupts from the now gaping hole in the ground, and what looks like a clawed hand of sorts pulls the creature out of the ground.

Green Arrow: Words cannot describe what we are seeing. A huge horned creature made almost entirely of lava is emerging from the ground. It is so huge, that only it's head, shoulders, and arms have made it out, and it's horns are puncturing gashes in the arena ceiling.

Hawkeye: What the hell is this thing?

Ema: I call him Shaxis.

Hawkeye: Well, Shaxis is ridiculously huge, and scary, and now the subject of my nightmares.

Green Arrow: I hope you know what you're doing Ema.

Ema: The Fatal Four have 5 seconds to leave here now, or Shaxis will kill them. He doesn't stop, ever, and will pursue them until he catches them, or they expire. Either way, they better not stop to rest.

Verbatim: Alright, we're leaving, Calamity, do you think you can carry us all?

Hawkeye: Calamity nods, as she grabs the other three, they all turn into light, and fly out one of the new holes in the ceiling.

Green Arrow: It's a good thing Ema had an ace up her sleeve, or we all would have been in trouble.

Hawkeye: I don't think the Fatal Four could take on Mallow.

Green Arrow: I don't know, that Calamitous is pretty powerful.

Shaxis: EMA!

Hawkeye: Oh god!


Green Arrow: What are the rules?

Ema: Every time I call him without giving someone to kill, I lose my powers for ten days.

Hawkeye: Well that's not so bad.

Ema: I suppose not, but for those ten days, he gets them, and he doesn't have to listen to me.

Green Arrow: Well F--!

Ema: Listen here Shaxis, if you hurt any of these people, when I get control of you back, I'll send you to the ocean. You want to spend the next thousand years as rock at the bottom of the sea?


Hawkeye: With that Shaxis disappears into his hole. Ummm, the hole isn't going away.

Green Arrow: Did you expect it to?

Hawkeye: I just assumed that that was the power of the creature, to appear anywhere he wanted. But it looks like he literally tunneled up from the earth's mantle.

Knowitall: The entire Legion of Guardian's base was just destroyed, and we have a huge hole in the floor of the arena. (sigh) This is going to be a long week.

Green Arrow: I really think that getting Shaxis involved was overkill. Although maybe it will discourage the Fatal Four from trying to attack again.

Hawkeye: At least without a strategy.

Green Arrow: That's true. So Ema, how is it that you gained the ability to control Shaxis?

Ema: When you live so close to Hell for so long, you make some interesting friends. The others in Lehethro didn't understand that we were underground, and that we could leave anytime. It's hard to explain if you haven't been there, but it looks like you're outside, there is a sky, but no sun or stars. The light changes color and shade depending on the time of day and your location. I needed to get out of there as soon as possible. It didn't take long for me to find Hades, that is, for him to find me. He sensed my abilities straight away and began training me to work with more dark magic. I entered tournaments on his behalf, and in one against Mephisto's legions I managed to defeat everyone. My prize was Shaxis. I had to sign a contract in blood before I could gain full control of him, but he is under my care and control now. He is the Fire-Country's ace in the hole if the rest of Lehethro turns on us.

Hawkeye: Wow, that is pretty crazy stuff. But I'm glad you were here to stop X'ard and the others. I just hope he doesn't come back, and if he does, hopefully we will be more aware of immobilizing curses.

Green Arrow: Knowitall seems to be saying something to Mallow, I hope there was nothing of too much value in the Legion of Guardian base.

Hawkeye: And whatever Verbatim was talking about when he said there was some crazy stuff down there.

Green Arrow: Yeah, I can't imagine what else the Owner of the Chetradome has hidden.

Hawkeye: Indeed. Oh, it looks like Knowitall was telling Mallow to fix the hole in the floor and the roof for the next match.

Green Arrow: Mallow stretches his arms wide, and the mounds of earth pulled up by Shaxis fit themselves smartly in place, as to make a smooth surface for the arena floor.

Hawkeye: It's still a crazy mess underneath, but I assume after the tournament is over they'll have to tear the whole floor up to rebuild the Legion of Guardian base.

Green Arrow: Probably, Mallow also stretches the metal roof to cover up the holes, and welds the seams with his fire powers. Well, now that that craziness is over, I think we should move on to the next fight.

Hawkeye: This is the last Semi-Final match of the tournament. Who's fighting in it again?

Green Arrow: Well they just walked out, it will be Percy Jackson vs. Optimus Prime.

Hawkeye: This should be interesting, and it looks like Optimus Prime is all repaired and ready to go.

Green Arrow: Before we start the fight, we will go over to Saphira who will have some words about the next fight.

Saphira: Thank you, but before I talk about the fight, I just wanted to tell you all, since Ema didn't, that Shaxis is a Lava Dragon. I've never seen one in real life, but due to my ancestral memories I knew right away. I've never heard of one working for anyone before, as they generally just live in the earth's mantle and keep to themselves. Alright, as for the fight, keep it clean, I don't think we have too much to worry about with you guys, and try to keep the property damage to a minimum. When The Owner of the Chetradome gets back, he's already got a large enough check to write.

Green Arrow: Thank you for that information Saphira. Alright we will hand it over to Annabeth and Elita One.

Tournament V - Part 6 - Fight 6 - Percy Jackson vs. Optimus Prime


Annabeth: Thank you Green Arrow and Hawkeye. Well it looks like Percy has quite the large opponent. If Percy weren't a demigod, anyone looking at this fight would say that it is unfair.

Elita One: Don't sell Optimus short, he is quick, strong, and made short work of Gandalf earlier, a pretty powerful wizard as you well know.

Annabeth: As Percy proved in his previous fight, a wizard is no match for a demigod.

Elita One: We shall see, but they both seem to be taking a while to start.

Annabeth: I think Percy is trying to figure out how exactly to take down such a large opponent.

Elita One: And I think that Optimus is having a hard time with the idea of fighting a child.

Annabeth: It's your move Percy, make it a good one.

Elita One: Percy seems to be thinking the same thing, and raises his hands into the air.

Annabeth: Oh wow, did you feel that?

Elita One: What?

Annabeth: The moisture is gone from the air. It seems like he is taking the water vapor from the air, and bringing it towards him.

Elita One: Will that be enough water to fight Optimus with?

Annabeth: Let's see. I remember hearing that the diameter of the arena is 1 mile. And lets assume that the arena is about half the area of a sphere of that size. So we take the diameter, divide it by two, for the radius, convert it to meters for simplicity's sake. Then figure out the volume of the arena. Ok, so I have the volume of the arena in meters. I assume that the humidity in here is about 60%. Since it would normally be about 20%, and add about 20% for the humidity with the storm outside, and another 20% for the 3 million people breathing for several hours. That is about 120 gallons of water.

Elita One: For those of you listening in, that's about 3 barrels full.

Annabeth: It's nowhere near enough to take down Optimus, but it will supply Percy with a means of transportation, since he can control it perfectly, and it will heal him when and if he needs it.

Elita One: Percy lets the water pool below him as he begins to float in his flowing little area of water.

Annabeth: Percy pulls out Riptide and clicks it.

Elita One: Upon seeing the sword Optimus seems to have gotten over his reservations about hurting Percy, and pulls out his gun.

Annabeth: Optimus fires one shot at Percy's shoulder, a flesh wound should it hit him.

Elita One: But we don't get to find out as Percy blocks the laser blast with Riptide. Hmm, how exactly does that work?

Annabeth: Celestial Bronze is really powerful. It can even deflect a lightning bolt from Zeus, so I don't think a laser stands a chance.

Elita One: Optimus transforms into his semi-truck form, and drives full speed at Percy.

Annabeth: Percy, using his advanced control of water, dodges to the side, just enough for Optimus to miss him.

Elita One: I also noticed, he allowed Riptide to slice along Optimus' side while he went past, but nothing happened. It went through him with out harming him.

Annabeth: Celestial Bronze only works on Gods, Demigods, and Monsters. Optimus Prime is none of those things. But you have to hand it to Percy for trying.

Elita One: Hand what to Percy?

Annabeth: Never mind. Optimus transforms quickly right after passing Percy, turns around and throws a punch.

Elita One: I've never seen Optimus throw a punch at a human before, he must want to get this over quickly.

Annabeth: Luckily Percy has a defense against that, and I'm not talking about the Curse of Achilles.

Elita One: What do you mean?

Annabeth: Percy can also harden water, not make it ice, but just harden it.

Elita One: Optimus' fist hits a layer of water in front of Percy, and it stops dead.

Annabeth: Optimus retracts his arm in confusion, but takes another swing at Percy, to the same end.

Elita One: Optimus makes a move to retract his arm again, but finds that it's stuck in the water.

Annabeth: The water begins to creep up Optimus' arm as he tries to free himself.

Elita One: It doesn't take long for all of Percy's water to be crawling around on Optimus.

Annabeth: If Percy is doing what I think he's doing, it's brilliant.

Elita One: If he is trying to short circuit Optimus, he hasn't a chance, our mechanics don't work like that.

Annabeth: No, watch.

Elita One: Optimus is trying to get rid of the water, but it's no use, and it seems like it's going inside of him.

Annabeth: Optimus decides that it would make more sense to go after the defenseless Percy instead of trying to free himself, and makes a motion to grab him.

Elita One: Inches away from touching him, Optimus stops dead. What happened?

Annabeth: It looks like Percy used his hard water trick again. This time pushing water into all of Optimus' joints, and hardening them so he can't move at all.

Elita One: Clever. Saphira lands next to Percy.

Saphira: I assume that you plan on keeping him like this until you win?

Percy Jackson: Yes I do.

Saphira: Then Optimus is immobilized, and you win the last semi-final match. Congratulations, now run along and get ready for the finals.

Annabeth: You can bet sitting in that water for so long has him at peak condition as it is.

Elita One: Alright everyone, Percy Jackson defeated Optimus Prime. (10 votes to 9)

Annabeth: Indeed. Back to you Green Arrow and Hawkeye.

Green Arrow: Thank you Annabeth and Elita One. Alright guys, we have some big news regarding X'ard and Silvia.

Hawkeye: Indeed we do. It seems that the pair have joined the rankings of the Soulless Syndicate. All of whom are aboard the Neptune's Tear circling the island.

Green Arrow: I suppose that explains the people that The Turner of Time was hoping to recruit. I guess they planned this all along.

Hawkeye: How many is that now?

Green Arrow: Let's see there's The Turner of Time, X'ard, Silvia, Doctor Horde, Mr. Drudge, Toxen, and seven.

Hawkeye: Man, what is it with teams and the number seven?

Green Arrow: I dunno, but is quite the team, I think the Legion of Guardians and the ArchSorcerers are going to have a hard time fighting them. Let's just hope no more join their numbers.

Hawkeye: You can say that again.

Green Arrow: Indeed. Before we move on to the final match of the tournament, Slashspawn the Enchanter has a few words. He is in the Chetradome Hospital with Twitch, Mallow, Mina, and Legolas, who will be our corespondent. Legolas, what is going on?

Legolas: Well it seems that Slashspawn has been waiting patiently to tell us something, I'll hand it over to him to make his big reveal.

Slashspawn: Thank you Legolas. During the last fight I have made an interesting discovery that I want to share with you all. This greatly concerns you Mina.

Legolas: Mina looks a little confused.

Slashspawn: I requested a few minutes ago for Mina to produce her “Mental Metal” so I could study it. It's interesting that no one has been able to identify it, as I recognized it right away.

Mina: Where did you see it before?

Slashspawn: Had you shown it to me an hour ago, it would have been the first I saw of it. As it turns out, the same compound that you are able to create at will is the same compound I pulled out of Miss. Ulrich's stomach.

Legolas: Twitch is the one that looks confused now.

Mina: What does that mean?

Slashspawn: It means that your “Mental Medal” is the same material that Ferrum uses to move around. As you know metal can't just bend and twist freely without heating up. So Ferrum has this sort of lubrication between her metal atoms. It's quite fascinating, and I was sure I would have never discovered what it is, until you showed me your substance.

Twitch: How can that be? Mina didn't create the Lupus Pack, Mallow did.

Mallow: I think because I got my metal powers, and Mina got her “Mental Metal” powers from the same place.

Slashspawn: Your locket.

Mallow: Indeed. But since Ferrum can control small amounts of it, that means I must be able to as well. I've never tried, but I wouldn't know where to begin. Could you conjure some up for me Mina, and let me see if I can control it?

Mina: Mental Metal is magic proof, so it would be no use. I'll have to teach you to create it, if you can.

Legolas: Mina looks a little sad as she realizes that her unique power is no longer unique.

Mallow: Let's do it now, the sooner I master it the better.

Legolas: Mallow and Mina make a motion to leave the room.

Twitch: Wait! I'll come with you! Auuug!

Legolas: Twitch yells as she tries to get up.

Slashspawn: You need to stay in bed. It seems that even the tissue injured by the “Mental Metal” laced metal cannot be healed by magical means. I was able to stop the bleeding, but your going to have to heal the good old fashioned way I'm afraid.

Mallow: You didn't mention that before, that's kind of a big thing to leave out.

Slashspawn: I didn't feel it was my place to worry anyone, when there is no need to worry.

Mallow: The next time a friend of mine is injured, I want the full story. If you're worried about your place, it is not your place to keep important things from us.

Slashspawn: Very well Mallow, but in all fairness, I didn't know she wouldn't heal as I didn't know that Mental Metal is magic proof.

Legolas: Mallow looks a little embarrassed.

Mallow: I...

Slashspawn: It's alright Mallow, I understand. Just don't make a habit out of it.

Mallow: Thank you Slashspawn. Twitch, I'll be by later to see how you are doing. Let's go Mina.

Legolas: Mallow and Mina walk out of the room, and just as the door closes Twitch makes an odd noise, and pulls her bed sheets over her head.

Slashspawn: What's the matter dear? Should I up the pain killers?

Twitch: (sniff) He said 'friend'...

Legolas: (sigh) Well, I'll hand it back to you Green Arrow and Hawkeye.

Green Arrow: Thank you Legolas, and just in time too. It seems that we have a new visitor, and he's on the arena floor with Knowitall. Knowitall, is that Travamere the Timeslider?

Knowitall: Yes it is, he is surveying the arena floor where the Owner of the Chetradome was taken.

Travamere: This is most curious. I've never seen so many time holes in my life. Do you have any time manipulators here?

Knowitall: During the tournaments we have hundreds, but we do have two on the Legion of Guardians that can manipulate time. Mina can stop time, and so can Twitch for a short time, although she can also teleport.

Travamere: Both time stopping and teleporting would create holes like this. It's difficult, I can sense them all, but I have to take a further look in order to figure out the context of the timeslide. Wait, I think I see one. Oh my.

Knowitall: What? What is it?

Travamere: I see a hole, and it's a big one. It appears that the Owner of the Chetradome was sent back in time to before the universe began.

Knowitall: Can you get him back? The Turner of Time likes to put people in time bubbles, he should still be there.

Travamere: I have never gone back that far, how could I? I don't know what is there. I could appear in the middle of space and die, or in the center of a star. It is way too dangerous. The Owner of the Chetradome could live however, if he is indeed immortal. But there is some good news.

Knowitall: I could use some.

Travamere: Based on my magical studies, I know that time worked a little differently before this universe began. So different in fact that a Time Bubble would be impossible. To that end, the Owner of the Chetradome would be forced to live out through the end of the previous universe. And if somehow he was able to survive the creation of this universe, he could still be alive, somewhere in the outreaches of space.

Knowitall: If he were out there, wouldn't he have contacted me by now?

Travamere: Maybe not. Remember that our universe is inconceivably massive, and the Owner of the Chetradome would have started with nothing. It could be that he never came in contact with a planet, in which case he would have no resources to get here. Or even worse, he could have been caught in the gravity of a star, and forced to live on, or more likely in the hot mass.

Knowitall: I would rather not think about it. I suppose I can only hope that he died in the creation of this universe. For his sake. Thank you Travamere, I know it isn't easy for you to get away from your work.

Travamere: It's no bother, but I would like to speak with Mina and Twitch. They shouldn't leave these holes around, they can be used by people to go back the way you came. Of course I think I'm the only one who knows how to do that. When I was teaching the Turner of Time back in the day, he wanted to know how. But since there weren't really any other time travelers at the time, I didn't think it was a useful skill. And good thing too, otherwise Turner would be much more powerful today.

Knowitall: I knew about you teaching the Turner of Time, but I didn't know about the time holes. Twitch is in the Hospital, and Mina is with Mallow somewhere. I'll help you find them.

Green Arrow: Alright, wow, that is interesting. And too bad for the Owner of the Chetradome. I hope he is alright.

Hawkeye: Probably sipping mojitos on some alien beach somewhere.

Green Arrow: We can only hope.

Hawkeye: Alright well, it's time to start the final match of the Tournament. Who do we have left?

Green Arrow: The final match is Percy Jackson vs. Scorpion.

Hawkeye: I'm excited, this should be an interesting fight.

Green Arrow: I agree. As the competitors walk onto the arena floor, we'll hand you over to Saphira for her pre-match word.

Saphira: Alright guys, I never thought it would be you two in the finals, but here we are. Keep it clean, and keep the property damage to a minimum. Specifically the dome ceiling. It's raining Fanghurs and Ra'zac out there.

Hawkeye: Alright, here we go. Over to you Annabeth and Jade.

Tournament V - Part 7 - Fight 7 - Percy Jackson vs. Scorpion


Annabeth: Thank you Green Arrow and Hawkeye.

Jade: Scorpion has to fight this weakling for the final match? This is going to be a cake walk.

Annabeth: You forget that Percy is a Demigod, and he has a little more of an advantage in this match.

Jade: What do you mean?

Annabeth: There are actually two things. One, Scorpion is clearly demonic in some way so Celestial Bronze will work on him, and that happens to be the metal on Riptide, the blade Percy is carrying. And Two, the water from the previous match is on the floor. Percy is the son of Poseidon. You do the math.

Jade: Percy raises his hands into the air, and the water that was barely coating the arena floor pools into a mound of water right under his feet.

Annabeth: Percy suspends his body in it like he did in the previous match. He definitely has a speed advantage now.

Jade: Next Percy reaches into his pocket and pulls out a pen.

Annabeth: Have you not been watching the previous matches? That's Riptide.

Jade: Percy clicks the pen and it turns into a sword.

Annabeth: ...Riptide. Wasting no time, Percy immediately propels himself forward at breakneck speed. Sword outstretched.

Jade: Scorpion, who seemed to be watching in amusement continues to stand still until Percy gets within a few yards of him.

Annabeth: Scorpion creates a pool of lava below himself, and he falls into it, dodging Percy's strike.

Jade: As soon as the water leaves the spot Scorpion's lava pool was, it reappears and Scorpion emerges from it.

Annabeth: Wasting no time, he aims his wrist at Percy and a kunai attached to a rope shoots out of it.

Jade: Percy, who was almost completely facing the wrong direction, barely manages to turn and block the kunai with his sword.

Annabeth: That was close, Scorpion almost hit Percy's only weak spot.

Jade: What do you mean?

Annabeth: Percy has a weak spot on the small of his back right behind his naval.

Percy Jackson: ANNABETH!

Jade: You do know that they can hear you right?

Annabeth: What? No! I didn't realize! I'm sorry Percy!

Jade: Before Percy even has time to react, Scorpion shouts and shoots his reptile creature from out of his hand. It dodges out of the way as Percy tries to block it, and makes its way behind Percy.

Annabeth: As quick as it had exited Scorpion's hand, the head of the reptile stabs into Percy's back.

Jade: In another movement the length of the snake tightens and Percy is pulled back to Scorpion's waiting hands.

Saphira: ENOUGH!

Annabeth: Saphira brings her foot down hard onto Scorpion, causing him to drop Percy.

Jade: With a wicked crack, Slashspawn appears next to Percy, who is very clearly near death.

Annabeth: Slashspawn does his thing to heal Percy, and Saphira releases her hold on Scorpion.

Saphira: You are very lucky Scorpion that we have such a great healer on site. This would be the second time you would have been disqualified for killing your opponent. However, you did just win the final match. So to you I say Congratulations you have won Tournament V! You should walk over to Knowitall to discuss your prize.

Jade: As Scorpion makes his way to Knowitall, Slashspawn teleports away with Percy.

Annabeth: I hope he'll be alright.

Jade: I'm sure he'll be fine. So, Scorpion just defeated Percy Jackson (36 votes to 13), over to you Green Arrow and Hawkeye.

Green Arrow: Thanks Jade, and what a match that was. It's too bad Annabeth spilled the beans before they could do anything really exciting.

Hawkeye: Indeed, I'm sure Percy didn't appreciate it either.

Green Arrow: Alright, Scorpion has made his way to Knowitall, so I'll turn it over to her to discuss his prize.

Knowitall: Thank you Green Arrow, and congratulations to you Scorpion. You just won Tournament V! You have won a two week, all expenses paid vacation on the Diviner's Fortune. A newly completed luxury space station that is owned by C.H.E.T.T. Industries. As well as a seat in the Champions box. For the next two tournaments you will be sitting with the likes of Superman, Spider-Man, Thor, and Dr. Doom. Again, congratulations!

Hawkeye: Knowitall takes Scorpion's hand and lifts it into the air. The crowd cheers as Scorpion begins to make his way off of the field.

Knowitall: Now for the big announcement, the one I'm sure a lot of you have been waiting for. The theme of the next tournament. Now the Owner of the Chetradome had decided on something else, but I think the situation being what it is, I decided to change it. For the next tournament since all of the tournaments have been pretty male dominating, the next tournament will be an all female tournament.

Hawkeye: There are sounds of approval from the audience, and Knowitall nods.

Knowitall: Then all that is left is--

Green Arrow: Knowitall stops as a loud creaking sound is heard from overhead.

Hawkeye: What's going on?

Green Arrow: Very slowly, and very noisily the arena ceiling begins to open.

Hawkeye: Who's operating the retractable roof? Don't they know it's raining outside?

Green Arrow: I think the noise is the sound of gears grinding. Someone is opening the arena roof from the outside.

Hawkeye: Who would be doing that? And how!?

Green Arrow: Isn't it obvious? The Soulless Syndicate has been circling the island for over an hour, and Silvia has the power to control metal. They must be about to attack.

Hawkeye: The Members of the Legion of Guardians and ArchSorcerers assemble onto the field. Only Twitch and Ema missing from their ranks.

Green Arrow: The noise suddenly stopped, maybe they gave up?


Hawkeye: Something huge hits the arena ceiling from the outside.

Green Arrow: The bow of an old ship wedges into the small opening, before finally the ceiling motors give way, and the entire ceiling breaks open.

Hawkeye: Neptune's Tear, the Soulless Syndicate's ship, floats in from the sky outside, and touches down on the arena floor. I had no idea that Neptune's Tear could fly.

Green Arrow: Me neither, it kind of defeats the purpose of having a ship if it can just fly.

Hawkeye: Are they going to get out? The ship is just sitting there...maybe it's a trick? A distraction?

Owner of the Chetradome: Not to worry my friends. It's just me, and the Soulless Syndicate is gone.

Hawkeye: Holy cow! It's the Owner of the frickin Chetradome! I thought he was gone forever!

Owner of the Chetradome: That's because you're an idiot.

Green Arrow: That's not the Owner of the Chetradome.

Owner of the Chetradome: Aren't you the astute one Green Arrow. No, I'm not the Owner of the Chetradome, and I'm sure you have already gathered that I am in fact Dr. Horde.

Hawkeye: The image of The Owner of the Chetradome turns into the form of Dr. Horde.

Dr. Horde: I just thought I would mess with you a little before we killed you all.

Green Arrow: You can't honestly expect to kill everyone here! You're got over 3 million people surrounding you. Many of whom are superheroes.

Dr. Horde: Not to worry, 99% of them have already been ensnared by X'ard's mind paralyzing spell. For the rest, they have been frozen by the Turner of Time.

Hawkeye: How could he possibly have paralyzed everyone here?

Dr. Horde: It took some time, that's why we were circling for so long. And it only works on such a scale like this when people are uninhibited. When they sense no danger. Fortunately for the Legion of Guardians and the ArchSorcerers, they work security, so they are always conscious of danger. The paranoid and the telepathic had to be restrained by the Turner of Time as this particular trick of X'ard's wouldn't work on them. Now that we've played 20 questions, I think it's time for the rest of the Soulless Syndicate to reveal themselves.

Green Arrow: Seven people appear next to Dr. Horde. Six of whom we've met before. For those of you that don't remember, all together that's Turner of Time, Dr. Horde, Mr. Drudge, Toxen, X'ard, Silvia, Cydyak, and someone I've never seen before.

Hawkeye: She looks odd...I don't know why.

Vinecry: I'll tell you why.

Green Arrow: The lady transforms into a dragon.

Turner of Time: Her name is Vinecry, and she is actually a Dragon. But for traveling purposes she uses her human form.

Hawkeye: A Dragon with the ability to transform into a human. Usually transforming works the other way.

Turner of Time: I confiscated her from a Dragon dealer many years ago. She was my steed until she revealed to me her intelligence and skill. It was then that I sent her back in time to train with dragons of old. She can hunt and kill anything that has a pulse, and if the situation calls for it, is quite handy with a sword. And while to this day will still deny me, she is the love of my life.

Vinecry: This in neither the time or the place Turner.

Hawkeye: Not to mention, it's weird!

X'ard: Let's stick to the matter at hand, the death of the Legion of Guardians!

Turner of Time: You were instructed not to speak X'ard. You would be wise to hold your tongue.

Green Arrow: I'm sensing some hostility between Turner of Time and X'ard.

Hawkeye: Yeah, the Turner of Time is the leader, but X'ard is clearly more of the leader type. He led the Fatal Four, and accomplished his mission. Not to mention the Turner of Time used to be a good guy, and then went crazy. Not a good quality in a leader.

Toxen: Let's get on with it. I'm looking forward to adding some more to my numbers.

Hawkeye: Eek, that's creepy.

X'ard: Mallow, you've been remarkably silent for our entrance. Is something troubling you nephew?

Mallow: This is the fourth attack on the Chetradome today, and the second by you. This is more than a vendetta against us or the Owner of the Chetradome. There is something here that you want.

X'ard: I admit that this place does have a certain aesthetic charm, but no Mallow. Most of us aren't here to destroy the Legion of Guardians.

Mallow: Then it's me your after. The Turner of Time failed to defeat me years ago, as well as what used to be called the Terrible Trio.

Green Arrow: Mallow waves his hand in the direction of Dr. Horde, Mr. Drudge, and Toxen.

Mallow: You couldn't kill my dad, so now you're after me.

X'ard: What threat could you possibly pose to us? You've lost most of you powers, and your complacency has caused you to lose much of your magical knowledge. No Mallow, we are not after you. We want the locket.

Mallow: There's nothing in there for you. You've already taken more than your fair share.

X'ard: I don't want to take anything for myself. The powers inside belong to those who live there. No, I want to let everyone out.

Mallow: You're insane. They'll never leave! They are free to do whatever magics they possess in there.

X'ard: That may be true, but we live in a different world now. Where magic, mutants, and gods are common place. Where no one would fear a goblin if they saw one.

Mallow: The world isn't ready for them. Not to mention they would probably destroy it.

X'ard: What they do when they are out is not my concern. I am after what is left.

Mallow: What's left?

Hawkeye: Mallow seems to be thinking hard.

X'ard: I think you know Mallow.

Mallow: All that's left is Ursula, and she's dead...AND you put her there!

X'ard: That was before I realized what a great asset she would be for our team.

Mallow: So what your saying is...what your saying is...

X'ard: The Soulless Syndicate's ultimate goal Mallow, is to take your locket, and take Ursula out of it.

Mallow: And you don't care how many thousands you kill along the way?

X'ard: That's why they call us the 'bad guys'.

Mallow: While my teammates may not know who Ursula is, I can safely say that they are behind me in defending her prison.

X'ard: Exactly why we have arrived in such numbers. This battle will end in bloodshed.

Cydyak: X'ard?

Green Arrow: X'ard snaps his fingers and Cydyak disappears. Almost immediately Neptune's Tear begins to rise. Cydyak must be flying it.

Hawkeye: The ship turns slightly, then suddenly a volley of cannonballs shoot from its hull.

Risk: I've got this!

Green Arrow: The Legion of Guardians and the ArchSorcerers look worried at first, but relax as they realize who was talking.

Hawkeye: Risk glows gold for a moment, and the cannonballs hit the ground at their feet. That's some luck.

Green Arrow: Did you really just say that? Unfortunately that will probably be Risk's job for this fight, making sure no one gets hit by the cannonballs. Since he doesn't really have any fighting skills.

Hawkeye: There are a few ArchSorcerers that will be all but useless in this fight.

X'ard: Toxen! That was your cue!

Green Arrow: Toxen raises her hands and about 4 dozen hellhounds emerge from the ground and charge at the heroes.

Hawkeye: Mallow, who was on the back of Pyrian charges forward. Mina on the back of Glacious, Beemuh, SimbasGuard, Melt-Down, Mysterious Jedi, Lullaby, Dessabelle, Critter, in her bear form, and several wolves, who were summoned by Beckon, follow suit.

Green Arrow: Diffuse disappears, Flicker teleports to behind Silvia, gives her a good kick in the back of the leg, and teleports away again. Beckon stays back to command her wolves, Maker appears to be building something, Paralysis seems to be waiting for a moment to use his powers, and Risk is making sure no one gets hit by the cascade of cannonballs somehow all being shot by Cydyak.

Hawkeye: The Turner of Time and X'ard don't seem to be doing anything, but maybe they are fighting to keep the audience from intervening. Dr. Horde makes about ten copies of himself and the copies charge forward, leaving one of himself behind.

Green Arrow: Silvia is tearing down metal struts from the ceiling with her powers, and throwing them at the heroes. Risk seems to be taking care of these as well.

Hawkeye: Vinecry takes to flight and circles the heroes over head.

Green Arrow: Beemuh grabs a running SimbasGuard and throws him at the Neptune's Tear. SimbasGuard lands and searches for Cydyak.

Hawkeye: Dessabelle shoots forward at the speed of sound and makes several swipes at the Dr. Horde clones. They disappear with cries of pain, but as each one dies, the others get stronger.

Green Arrow: Mallow teleports off of Pyrian's back, and to a position right in front of X'ard.

Hawkeye: Instantly a sword appears in Mallow's hands.

X'ard: And you call yourself a Sorcerer!

Green Arrow: X'ard waves his hand simply and the sword disappears. Magic lightning instantly erupts from X'ard's fingertips. Mallow returns the lightning, and they are locked in a magical lightning battle.

Hawkeye: It's kind of like arm wrestling...except with magic!

Green Arrow: Exactly. Pyrian, now free of his rider grows in size to the point where he is about the size of Vinecry, who is still flying overhead.

Hawkeye: In an almighty leap, Pyrian tackles Vinecry to the ground, and they roll around biting and clawing at each other.

Green Arrow: Mina on the back of Glacious, Beemuh, Melt-Down, Mysterious Jedi, and Lullaby have reached Toxen's hellhounds and are fighting them off, all the while Toxen creates more.

Hawkeye: Mr. Drudge who had been following the hellhounds teleports to a point right behind Risk.

Mr. Drudge: Looks like your luck's run out!

Green Arrow: Mr. Drudge grabs Risk by the neck and throws him to the ground. Before he can react, Mr. Drudge steps on his head, grabs his legs and pulls upwards... so brutal.

Hawkeye: Mr. Drudge just killed Risk! They really mean business!

Green Arrow: The next instant Diffuse appears next to Mr. Drudge, places his hand on his back, and the two disappear.

Hawkeye: In another moment Diffuse reappears, all alone. He must have taken Mr. Drudge to another plane.

Green Arrow: That's not a good idea! From what I understand Demons can travel through them at will.

Hawkeye: A second later Mr. Drudge appears next to Diffuse again.

Green Arrow: In a swift motion Mr. Drudge rips his throat out.


Green Arrow: Flicker and Mysterious Jedi appear behind Mr. Drudge. As if he were butter, the Mysterious Jedi cuts mr. Drudge in half by the waist.

Hawkeye: Mr. Drudge's upper and lower half land on the carnage of Diffuse and Risk, and Mysterious Jedi plunges his lightsaber into Mr. Drudge's face.

Green Arrow: Finally, we got one of them.

Hawkeye: There is a great shout from Neptune's Tear as both Cydyak and SimbasGuard fall out if it.

Green Arrow: It appears that SimbasGuard managed to get a hold of him, and good thing too, without Risk, those cannonballs were about to do some serious damage.

Hawkeye: Neptune's Tear careens out of control and smashes into the ground while SimbasGuard lands on Cydyak right next to Paralysis.

Green Arrow: SimbasGuard bites and claws at Cydyak, but to no avail. He has the same powers as the Owner of the Chetradome, and is thus indestructible.

Hawkeye: Well at the very least, SimbasGuard is successfully holding him down.

Green Arrow: Paralysis bends down and puts his palm to Cydyak's forehead. Cydyak screams as he starts to feel SimbasGuard's claws in his flesh.

Hawkeye: A squelching sound is heard as SimbasGuard silences him.

Green Arrow: That's two down for them! I didn't know that part of Paralysis's powers were to get rid of the powers of whoever he is touching. That will come in handy later.

Hawkeye: SimbasGuard wastes no time, and runs into battle again.

Green Arrow: BEEMUH!

Hawkeye: Just as he had just taken out one of the hellhounds, Beemuh is crushed by one of the support beams Silvia was throwing.

Green Arrow: I hope he'll be ok.

Hawkeye: If he was on any amount of Beemuh Boost, he'll be fine. That is the first Legion of Guardian member taken out so far.

Green Arrow: There is a loud howling sound as Vinecry bites Pyrian's front leg.

Hawkeye: Pyrian shrinks a fraction smaller to escape her grasp and they begin their scuffle again.

Green Arrow: Mina and Glacious approach Silvia, and Mina fashions a Mental Metal sword.

Hawkeye: Silvia laughs at the sword, and makes a motion with her hand to bat it away, but it doesn't move.

Green Arrow: She obviously can't control mental metal.

Hawkeye: Mina makes a motion to swipe at her, but she blocks it with a length of steel from the roof.

Green Arrow: Glacious breaths ice onto her, and Silvia freezes solid.

Hawkeye: She sure has a way of getting frozen a lot.

Green Arrow: Mina raises her sword to finish her.

X'ard: ENOUGH!

Hawkeye: Everyone, even the hellhounds and the wolves summoned by Beckon freeze in place.

X'ard: We can see when we have been defeated. We overestimated our strength. Let us leave, and there will be no more losses on either side for now.

Lullaby: Oh, just one more!

Green Arrow: Lullaby closes her eyes and plays a single long low note. Instantly all of the Dr. Horde copies explode.

Hawkeye: Good for him that she left the original in the back.

Green Arrow: I think she was just trying to rub it in that they were winning.

X'ard: If you will let us, we will leave. This is not what I had in mind when I said bloodshed.

Mallow: You never thought it would be your own blood?

X'ard: Or rather, her's.

Hawkeye: X'ard indicated Silvia, who was moments away from being slain by Mina.

Turner of Time: You're soft X'ard! You know I could turn back time at any moment and do this all over again, but with new knowledge that they wouldn't have!

X'ard: It wouldn't matter, we are outmatched. If I ever have a chance of taking your locket Mallow, it will have to be one on one.

SimbasGuard: Then you don't have a chance.

Green Arrow: SimbasGuard stepped forward in front of Mallow.

X'ard: You are the one who killed Cydyak, a feat I never imagined. You are all a lot stronger than I anticipated. You, just a tiger, killed the man who could never die. I only shudder to think what the rest of you can do.

Pyrian Lupus: This is starting to sound like a surrender to me.

X'ard: Don't get me wrong, I am happy to die for my cause, but I will not let Silvia.

Mallow: Your sudden nobility doesn't excuse your evils X'ard.

X'ard: I don't claim to be noble, and in any other situation I would have fought till the end, forgetting my teammates, and letting them die for my cause.

Mallow: I don't think we can let you leave X'ard.

X'ard: (maniacal laughter) You are all such fools! You think I give a damn about her? I was just wasting your time while I ensnared my spell around the rest of the Syndicate. We'll be seeing you!

Melt-Down: WAIT!

X'ard: What do you want Nickolas?

Melt-Down: Take me with you!

X'ard: Out of the question, you are the enemy!

Melt-Down: Not any more! I want to join you, I am the evil twin!

X'ard: Prove it!

Hawkeye: Melt-Down doesn't hesitate to throw one of his Boomerang-Shuriken at Mina.

Green Arrow: The blade flies straight toward her head, and she doesn't have time to react.

Mysterious Jedi: NO!

Hawkeye: The Mysterious Jedi leaps in the way of the blade, and falls to the ground.

Green Arrow: Mina immediately bends down to help him.

X'ard: Very well Nickolas, we need to replenish our numbers after our loss here. See you soon Mallow!

Hawkeye: With his last word the entire Soulless Syndicate, Melt-Down, and Neptune's tear disappear.

Green Arrow: Mallow, and SimbasGuard rush to Mysterious Jedi's side.

Mina: Why? (cries) Why did you do that?

Mysterious Jedi: Because...I...I love you...

Hawkeye: Mina cries out loud as the Mysterious Jedi says his last words.

Green Arrow: I don't even know what to say. We lost quite a few people, and Melt-Down.

Hawkeye: Beemuh hasn't moved since he was hit by that iron support.

Green Arrow: Damn.

Hawkeye: The crowd is shouting, and crying as they realize what they just witnessed.

Green Arrow: We better stop the tournament now before everyone loses it.

Hawkeye: I agree.

Green Arrow: I'm Green Arrow.

Hawkeye: (sniff) ...And I'm Hawkeye.

Green Arrow: This has been Tournament V. Goodnight.


In loving memory of:


-Mysterious Jedi



Battle I - He-Man vs. Scorpion



He-Man                                                               Scorpion





   Teela                          Jade


Battle II - Sephiroth vs. Merlin



Sephiroth                                                           Merlin






 Aerith                                Guinevere


Battle III - Harry Potter vs. Percy Jackson



 Harry Potter                                       Percy Jackson






  Hermione                          Annabeth


Battle IV - Optimus Prime vs. Gandalf



Optimus Prime                                                 Gandalf






  Elita One                  Arwen


Battle V - Merlin vs. Scorpion



Merlin                                                                          Scorpion






  Guinevere                  Jade


Battle VI - Percy Jackson vs. Optimus Prime



Percy Jackson                                         Optimus Prime





Annabeth                                      Elita One


Battle VII - Percy Jackson vs. Scorpion



Percy Jackson                                        Scorpion




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Annabeth                                     Jade



Belong to So Who Wins:

  • Chetradome Tournament
  • The Chetradome
  • Owner of the Chetradome
  • Chetradome Champion
  • Diviner's Fortune
  • C.H.E.T.T. Industries
  • B.O.O.T.
  • Knowitall/Interim Mayor of Chetradome City/CEO of C.H.E.T.T. Industries
  • Lupus Gang/Lupus Pack
  • Chetradome City
  • Chetradome City Task Force/CCTF
  • Chetradome Island
  • Legion of Guardians
  • Suma Fuma
  • Melt-Down
  • Candle
  • Ice-Pick
  • Reclouse
  • Thrae
  • ArchSorcerers
  • Beckon
  • Critter
  • Dessabelle
  • Diffuse
  • Flicker
  • Lullaby
  • Maker
  • Paralysis
  • Risk
  • KIT'N
  • Turner of Time/Turner De' Cloks'bach
  • Mallow
  • Federal Bureau of Incantations/FBI/Consulate of Spells
  • Dr. Horde
  • Mr. Drudge
  • Toxen
  • Terrible Trio/Soulless Syndicate
  • Cydyak
  • Pyrian Lupus
  • Mina
  • Glacious Lupus
  • Beemuh/Kevin Biggs
  • SimbasGuard (Sort of)
  • Mysterious Jedi (Sort of)
  • Twitch/Tawney Ulrich
  • Loser's Corner
  • Azgo Cendora
  • Ring of Nevaeh
  • Mallow's Locket/Teckol
  • Helena Houndguard
  • Ursula Houndguard
  • Lehethro
  • Silvia
  • Beemuh Boost
  • Chetplane
  • Mind-Sight
  • Infragilisium
  • Neptune's Tear
  • Emlaf
  • Fire Country
  • Prince Erif
  • Ema
  • Unda Lupus
  • Terra Lupus
  • Folium Lupus
  • Aer Lupus
  • Levitas Lupus
  • Ferrum Lupus
  • Chetradome Hospital
  • Slashspawn The Enchanter
  • Great Carpet War of 1988
  • Repeater
  • Orton
  • Champions Box
  • C.A.I.N.E./Cybernetic Artificial Intelligent Nano-mechanical Engine
  • Lavinia The Manic
  • Bloodspawn The Brutal
  • X'ard
  • Fatal Four
  • Verbatim
  • Calamitous
  • Legion of Guardians Base
  • Calamity
  • Kradlive Bloodline
  • Chem
  • Shaxis
  • Mental Metal
  • Travamere The Timeslider
  • Timeslide
  • Vinecry
  • Boomerang-Shuriken        

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  • Gaia (Greek)
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  • Hades (Greek)
  • Lava Dragon (European)
  • Monsters
  • Hellhounds

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  • Azkaban
  • Dementors
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  • Shield Charm
  • Stunning Spell
  • Madam Pomfrey

Belong to Rick Riordan:

  • Percy Jackson
  • Annabeth Chase
  • Riptide
  • Celestial Bronze
  • Curse of Achilles

Belong to The Warner Bros. Corporation:

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  • Jade
  • Fatality

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