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13. Superman vs. Captain Marvel

The most powerful superheros in the DC universe. The Man of Steel and The World's Mightiest Mortal, square off in this epic battle of mighty champions.

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Superman                                                                                                                             Captain Marvel




In Fawcett City- Billy Batson is working on an essay on his computer for history worth half of his grade. When he hears a loud yell from out side. Billy Batson jumps to his feet and looks out the window to see that Uncle Dudley who was just there to say hi to Billy was apparently being teleported away. Billy runs out to the front yard. after looking around to be sure no one is looking he yells "SHAZAM!". Lightning strikes Billy and he is transformed into Captain Marvel. Using his wisdom of Solomon Captain Marvel figured out where Uncle Dudley was being kept. He jumps up and flies into outer space towards where he knew Uncle Dudley must be. The only thought on his mind other than Uncle Dudley, being that he did not save his essay onto his computer.
In Metropolis- Clark Kent is working on a story about Starbucks' growing establishment, in the Daily Planet. When he Super-hears a scream, he recognizes it as Lois, and he Super-runs to where the scream is, changing into Superman on the way. He arrives at the place of the scream conveniently placed out side of the same Starbucks he took Hulk and Juggernaut to before there fight against Galactus. Only to see Lois being teleported away. Superman looks to the sky using his telescopic vision and sees the ship. He flies towards the ship on which she was being kept. The ship he knew to be Mongul's.
Outside Mongul's ship- Captain Marvel and Superman both arrive seconds from one another next to the entrance in the hull of Mongols ship. As Superman sees Captain Marvel, sup's knows whats going on. Should have saw this coming, thought Superman Mongul wants me and Captain Marvel to fight. "After you" says Superman to Captain Marvel.
In Mongols Arena- "Ladies and Gentleman, Kree and Skrull of all ages," said a booming voice from the stands as Superman and Captain Marvel entered the arena "You have payed a hefty fee to see this fight, and you won't be disappointed!"
    "Fight?" asked Captain Marvel "What's he on about?"
    "You will fight until one of you is incapacitated! Don't bother trying to escape, it is impossible. Your friends are held captive behind a laser grid of Kryptonite along with a force field made of magic proof energy. If you make this fight interesting, they will both go free. If one of you takes a fall, they will both die. If you go easy on one another, they both die. If you try and escape, they both die. If you try and attack me, they both die. Tell you what, if you do anything other than trying to knock the other one out, they both will die. So don't disappoint me, the future of your friends lives depend on it. And more impotently the future of my business."
    Superman and Captain Marvel face each other.
    "You heard him," said Superman "Lets make this good." Superman, secretly thinking about how much he had wanted to fight Captain Marvel again, and now he was given another chance.
    So who wins in this battle of Super-Super heroes?


Power Girl                                                                                                                             Supergirl




Supergirl- Power Girl! We meet again!

Power Girl- Yeah, we talked before the fight.

Supergirl- Play along, I was just trying to add a little drama to the fight.

Power Girl- Well, don't. Anyway, in one corner we have the Man of Steel Superman, and in the other, we have the World's Mightiest Mortal, Captain Marvel. This should prove to be an interesting----

Supergirl- Lady's and Gentlemen...gentlemen...entlemen...en... Lets get ready to rumble!... rumble...umble..ul

Power Girl- Don' t do that.

Supergirl- Sorry, I just always wanted to do that over an amplifier through a microphone, when a fight is about to start.

Power Girl- As long as you got it out of your system. Ok, to the fight. I think it is safe to say that Superman and Captain Marvel don't really want to fight each other, but Mongul said that he would let everyone go as long as they put on a good show.

Supergirl- I'm sure both of these heroes have wanted to let loose on someone for a long time, and before each of them is someone who can take a punch, or two, or a billion.

Power Girl- Well, they better get fighting soon, because Mongul is not looking happy.

Supergirl- Oh, I almost forgot. Come to Mongul's coffee shop, he went threw all the trouble of completely obliterating all the Starbucks in the ten and eleventh quadrant, just to get some business.

Power Girl- What are you doing? 

Supergirl- Mongul told me to promote his coffee business.

Power Girl- Yeah, but there is a fight between the two most strongest men in the world down there, and you are trying to sell the listeners coffee?

Supergirl- Your right, sorry.

Power Girl- Its alright. Captain Marvel flicks his hands in front of himself at Superman. A blue orb of light is hurled at Superman, if you would have blinked, you would have missed it.

Supergirl- Superman is hit by the spell. I wonder what it does?

Power Girl- If you are going to hit Superman with a spell, you need to make him tired, or just kill him. And I don't think that Captain Marvel would want to kill anyone.

Supergirl- You were right, Superman shudders to his knees. That must have been one powerful spell.

Power Girl- The Power of the magic makes no difference as Superman is vulnerable to all magics.

Supergirl- Superman seems to be recovering though, really fast.

Power Girl- We must be by a yellow sun, he is recharging his strength.

Supergirl- Superman wants this to be a good fight, so that Lois can be freed but all the same. Being made to look powerless in a crowded arena must not bode well with him.

Power Girl- Superman looks at Captain Marvel, cracks his own neck and speeds off to Captain Marvel.

Supergirl- Captain Marvel using his wisdom of Solomon senses danger and leaps into the air.

Power Girl- He doesn't need his wisdom of Solomon to see whats right in front of him, and how would you know he used it anyway?

Supergirl- Well I just figured---

Power Girl- Don't. Anyway Captain Marvel flies around the arena, Superman hot on his tail.

Supergirl- For now this looks like ring-around-the-rosy at the speed of sound. Captain Marvel and Superman seem to be just red and white blurs as there capes colors are the only thing we can make out as of now.

Power Girl- Superman seems to be gaining on Captain Marvel now, and is only a few feet away.

Supergirl- Superman grabs Captain Marvel by the foot and swings him downward. Captain Marvel flips over and over before finally landing on his head on the ground.

Power Girl- That would have killed any normal man, but as Captain Marvel is not normal, he gets up and takes flight again.

Supergirl- Superman quickly engages Captain Marvel again. Superman wraps his arm around Captain Marvel's neck, and points him downward and flies that way too.

Power Girl- When they hit the ground Captain Marvels head is the first thing to hit.

Supergirl- Superman not wanting a repeat of last time, grabs Captain Marvel by the foot again, before Captain Marvel can fully recover from his head injury.

Power Girl- Superman swings Captain Marvel around and around, slowly edging to the wall of the arena.

Supergirl- Superman slams Captain Marvel against the wall three times, and checks to see if he is still conscious.

Power Girl- Captain Marvel stirs and Superman lifts him up again.

Supergirl- Superman slams him against the ground like a baseball player would hit home base with a bat before the pitch, only harder.

Power Girl- This slamming of Captain Marvel seems to have pleased Mongul, he is smiling and siting at the edge of his seat.

Supergirl- That's all fine and dandy, but what about Captain Marvel? Superman is still slamming him against the ground.

Power Girl- Well I guess we can take this time for a quick bathroom break.

Supergirl- Mongul, and several of the spectators get up and go the bathroom.

Power Girl- Ooo, maybe we shouldn't have said that. Superman throws Captain Marvel completely across the arena.

Supergirl- Of course once everyone leaves, the fight takes a turn.

Power Girl- Turn? what turn? Captain Marvel is not moving, he appears to be unconscious. This fight took an end, not a turn.

Supergirl- Oh, whatever, you knew what I meant! Superman Wins!

Power Girl- Oh Mongul is not going to be happy about this.

Mongul- No, its all good. There are televisions sets broadcasting the fight in the bathroom, I didn't miss a thing.

Supergirl- Yeah, Ok... uh awkward!

Power Girl- Oh, save it. Superman Wins!

Superman defeats Captain Marvel 14 votes to 1


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