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14. Livewire vs. Johnny Ohm

You can almost feel the static electricity in the air. Two powerful super villains of electricity face off, this should be a shocking fight!

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Livewire                                                                                                                     Johnny Ohm





Lex Luthor pulled some strings, and some lives to get Livewire out of her Amish Prison. He wanted her to defeat Superman, but she had other plans. She goes to the Metropolis Power plant and powers up. She then leaves for New York via the telephone line. She went to New York because she had heard that a Scientist named Van Roekel had recruited an electric being known as Johnny Ohm. She wanted to make sure there was no doubt in anyone's mind that she was the only electric person on earth worthy of  the title super villain. She finds Johnny terrorizing a subway car, and she moves along its electrical lines. When the subway stops, Ohm gets out, and Livewire follows him in her solid form. "You call yourself the Electric Warrior?" asked Livewire snidely from behind Johnny.
    "You looking for a fight?" asks Johnny
    "Maybe I am" Livewire creates a ball of Electric energy in her hand and hurls it at Johnny Ohm. He dodges out of the way, and prepares for battle.
    So who wins this battle of electric energy, the Electric Warrior, or the Mistress of Electrokinesis?







Superman- Hello Spider-Man my fellow newspaper man.

Spider-Man- Well actually I don't work at the newspaper anymore.

Superman- Fired huh?

Spider-Man- What? Why would you think that?

Superman- Well your photography wasn't the greatest and--

Spider-Man- Wait, What? No, no I just stopped bringing in pictures and they stopped paying me.

Superman- Yeah, whatever you want to call it.

Spider-Man- I wasn't fired! I quit!

Superman- Ok, ok, whatever you say, I believe you.

Spider-Man- So, whats going on in all things 'Superman'?

Superman- Well the Daily Planet is doing a really good job.

Spider-Man- Superman!

Superman- At getting in my way when I am flying over the city at the speed of sound, what were you thinking?

Spider-Man- Nice save, anyway. Did you ever notice how our costumes have the same color schemes?

Superman- Red and Blue, huh, I never noticed that before. But I also have the gold.

Spider-Man- But I have the Black, I like it because it makes people think that my personality is a more dark and mysterious one. And chicks dig the dark and mysterious dudes.

Superman- Whatever, I don't have that problem. People adore my costume and all it represents.

Spider-Man- Ok, maybe we should stick to the matter at hand.

Superman- Who's costume looks better?

Spider-Man- The fight that we were paid to commentate. You know money is tight, so I'll take any gig I can get.

Superman- Your that desperate for coffee?

Spider-Man- Coffee?

Superman- Yeah, every time I do this I get a coupon for a free coffee at Starbucks. What do you get?

Spider-Man- A months supply of Ramen noodles.

Superman- RAMEN NOODLES? YOU GET RAMEN NOODLES? AND ALL I GET IS A LOUSY CUP OF COFFEE? Wait, wait, wait is it chicken or oriental, cuz if its oriental than its not worth it man! Chicken is good though.

Spider-Man- (sigh) It's shrimp, but I don't think it is as important as us commentating this fight that looks like it will start any time now.

Superman- Ahh, shrimp is good, but not as good as chicken. Anyway to the fight, jeez why did you get so off topic like that Spider-Man?

Spider-Man- (sigh)

Superman- Livewire wasting no time shoots a bolt of electric energy at Johnny Ohm.

Spider-Man- Ohm raises his hand and deflects it back at Live-Wire. Livewire dodges it, but in the mean time Ohm advances on her and hits her square in the mouth knocking her into the air, and onto the subway tracks.

Superman- That was a mistake I think. Livewire simply laughs as the millions of volts of electricity pulse through her.

Spider-Man- After she absorbed as much as she could handle. Livewire levitates upward in an aura of energy, level with Ohm, but still above the tracks.

Superman- She drifts forward and touches down on the cement floor.

Spider-Man- Livewire slinks to a near by support column, and rips it out of place.

Superman- She swings the column around and hits a stunned Ohm in the side and slams him against the wall.

Spider-Man- Livewire waists no time in zipping over to him, grabbing him by the neck. And slamming him against the hard wall.

Superman- Johnny Ohm falls to the ground, slumped against the cement wall.

Spider-Man- Wow! that was fast!

Superman- They don't call her the mistress of electrokenisis for nothing.

Spider-Man- So Live-Wire Wins!

Live-Wire wins 8 votes to 3


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Belong to DC Comics:

  • Livewire
  • Lex Luthor
  • Superman
  • Metropolis
  • Metropolis Power Plant

Belong to Electronic Arts and Marvel Comics:

  • Johnny Ohm/Electric Warrior
  • Van Roekel

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  • Spider-Man

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  • Mistress of Electrokinesis (Nickname only)

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