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15. Zabuza vs. Cloud

Assassin vs. hero. The big sword brawl

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Zabuza                                                                                                                                         Cloud





After being hired and transported to an unknown planet by some unknown man, Zabuza Momochi is sent to "take care of" Cloud Strife. Zabuza tracks down Cloud into a tiny village outside a large castle where Cloud was thinking. "You better take a good look around," said Zabuza, "cuz it's the last thing your going to see." Zabuza jumps out of the trees in front of Cloud. Cloud doesn't even look up. Zabuza, wanting this to be a quick job, says nothing more, and charges towards Cloud. So will the stars shine in favor of Cloud, or will the days be Cloudless?


Kakashi                                                                                                                                                Squall                   




Kakashi- Hello Squall.

Squall- What? How do you know my name?

Kakashi- They told me your name when I signed up for this, and you are also in my Bingo book under 'S'

Squall- Ok, I'm not much for small talk, so can we get to the fight?

Kakashi- .....hmmm....


Kakashi- I can commentate and read at the same time!

Squall- What are you reading? Oh, "Make-Out Paradise Part 3" good series,  but I've only read up to part 2. Is Part 3 any good?

Kakashi- Yes, but as you can see I have not finished it yet, and was hoping to do that while we commentated.

Squall- Oh...yeah...right...I forgot about the commentary. Ok, Cloud and Zabuza are faced off. Cloud has his Sword still on his back, and Zabuza has his wielded.

Kakashi- Suddenly Cloud leaps into the air, pulling his sword off of his back and holding it over his head.

Squall- He comes down and cuts through Zabuza like butter. Wow that was easy.

Kakashi- Not so fast.

Squall- What? What do you mean? Oh!

Kakashi- Zabuza's remains turn into water. That was obviously a water clone.

Squall- Then where is the real Zabuza? He could be half a world away!

Kakashi- No, Zabuza is close, I can feel his power. Knowing Zabuza, he probably is hiding in that tree behind Cloud.

Squall- And once again Kakashi is right. Zabuza jumps out of the tree behind Cloud.

Kakashi- Cloud realizing that if you have a clone as a distraction, the real one is probably behind you, spins around and clashes swords with Zabuza.

Squall- Cloud uses all of his strength and pushes Zabuza's sword back.

Kakashi- Wow! Zabuza is thrown backwards, but recovers just in time and lands on his feet.

Squall- Zabuza puts his sword on his back and starts putting his hands together in weird ways, and muttering some sort of gibberish.

Kakashi- This could be trouble. Zabuza is using his Hidden Mist Jutsu.

Squall- A cloud of mist comes in from nowhere it seems, and Zabuza and Cloud are enveloped in it.

Kakashi- Zabuza, still in the mist; does a silent front flip over Cloud, and lands behind him. Cloud blissfully unaware of what just happened just stands waiting for Zabuza to strike while looking in the direction that Zabuza was standing before the mist.

Squall- Zabuza raises his now wielded sword, and swings it at Cloud.

Kakashi- Cloud must have figured that since Zabuza was in front of him before, and now he cant see him. Zabuza must be behind him. Cloud catches Zabuza's blade with his own.

Squall- Cloud pushes back again, and Zabuza slides across the ground still on his feet.

Kakashi- Zabuza waits for Cloud to make a move, as to not let another one of his own be foiled again.

Squall- Cloud smiles his "I'm getting bored with this so let's settle this once and for all" smile and leaps into the air.

Kakashi- Cloud spins his whole body and sword around. Blades slicing the humid air. Cloud looks kind of like a sideways helicopter as he flies closer to Zabuza.

Squall- Zabuza runs, but Cloud is too quick for him.

Kakashi- The ever spinning blades slash Zabuza, again and again.

Squall- Cloud slows and finally stops his spinning and lands on the ground next to an unconscious Zabuza.

Kakashi- Zabuza has many cuts all over his body, but none of them seem to be too deep. Zabuza will live to see another day.

Squall- But in the mean time, Cloud Wins!

Kakashi- But even more important! I finished my book! I thought it was so good I think I'll read the whole series again! See ya!

Squall- Ok everyone Cloud wins, and keep an eye out for Zabuza's sword on e-bay.

Cloud beats Zabuza 10 votes to 5


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Belong to Shonen Jump:

  • Zabuza Momochi
  • Kakashi Hatake
  • Bingo Book
  • Make-Out Paradise 1,2, and 3
  • Water Clone
  • Water Clone Jutsu
  • Hidden Mist Jutsu 

Belong to SQUARE ENIX:

  • Cloud Strife
  • Squall Leonhart 

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