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16. Gaara vs. Hulk

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The Sand Demon Gaara vs. The Incredible Hulk. Both have enormous strength and have a hard time getting beat up. What fight could be better?


Hulk                                                                                                                   Gaara




Gaara, under orders of the Sand Village, is sent to the United States to take out the Hulk, as a Sand Village seer had saw The Hulk bringing about the end of all life on Planet Earth. Gaara gets off the boat in California, and can feel the power of the Hulk. He hungers to kill this giant beast. He imagines he will have a lot of fun doing it. So he runs in the direction of The Hulk. When Gaara finds the Hulk, he sneaks up behind him, and pulls out a kunai, he hits Hulk with the blade, but it does not pierce The Hulks skin. Hulk feels this and spins around hitting Gaara with his arm, making Gaara go flying. So who wins this battle of potential beasts?


Mr. Fantastic                                                                                                                                                     Naruto



Naruto: This Hulk guy better watch out, I've seen Gaara squish grown men with his sand and a squint of his eye.

Mr. Fantastic: I don't think that you need to worry about the Hulk, his strength is infinite, and I don't think that some mere sand can contain him.

Naruto: Are you trying to pick a fight or something

Mr. Fantastic: What? uh, no. I was just saying that the Hulk wont be easily beaten by some little kid.

Naruto: You say that now, but watch.

Mr. Fantastic: Gaara gets to his feet, slightly tilts his head to the sky, and makes a hand sign.

Naruto: Sand erupts from Gaara's calabash goard. The sand then surrounds the Hulk, and tightens up around him.

Mr. Fantastic: The sand is completely enveloped around the Hulk.

Naruto: suddenly there is a loud boom, and Hulk steps out of a mound of now softened sand.

Mr. Fantastic: The Hulk runs forward, apparently he didn't like being surrounded by sand.

Naruto: Gaara raises his hands and head again.

Mr. Fantastic: This time the ground underneath Hulk loosens and the Hulk is forced into the earth by his massive body weight.

Naruto: Soon Hulk is out of sight, and all that is visible is the smooth ground that pulled the Hulk down.

Mr. Fantastic: I guess I was wrong about this kid, no wait, I'm Mr. Fantastic, I'm never wrong!

Naruto: The air is then rent by the sound of the ground cracking, the once smooth ground now erupts and the Hulk comes out of it. But that's impossible!

Mr. Fantastic: Why?

Naruto: Because Gaara used the Prison Sand Burial, and that jutsu aims to loosen the ground beneath an opponent and allow them to sink hundreds of feet underground, where the sand compresses to such an extent that the opponent is no longer able to move.

Mr. Fantastic: How do you know that?

Naruto: Wikipedia

Mr. Fantastic: Oh, ok, anyway, the Hulk jumps forward and smashes his arm against Gaara.

Naruto: Gaara goes flying backwards, his sand didn't even hold strong enough to protect him.

Mr. Fantastic: As I said before, Hulk is strong. Woah, that kid should be out cold. What happened?

Naruto: He must have used his sand armor, yeah he did, I can see the cracks in it on his face and arms.

Mr. Fantastic: And I suppose that would be armor made of sand?

Naruto: Yup, your catching on.

Mr. Fantastic: Gaara stands up, makes another hand sign, and blasts of Sand shoot at the Hulk.

Naruto: The Hulk is completely unharmed by these blasts, as I am sure Gaara's strength is leaving him, he must be getting low on chakra.

Mr. Fantastic: I'm not even going to ask. Hulk grabs Gaara with one hand, and throws him.

Naruto: Gaara hits a near by tree. I hope Hulk didn't kill him.

Mr. Fantastic: No, I don't think so, but he is sure knocked out.

Naruto: Well I guess that's it. Hmmm I thought Gaara would have won this fight.

Mr. Fantastic: Very few people can beat the Hulk.

Hulk defeats Gaara 12 votes to 2


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  • Gaara
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  • Naruto Uzumaki
  • Prison Sand Burial Jutsu
  • Chakra

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  • Hulk
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