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22. Iceman vs. Human Torch vs. Frozone vs. Pyro vs. Sunfire vs. Sub-Zero

Ice vs. Fire vs. Ice vs. Fire vs. Ice vs. Fire the ultimate battle of the elements!

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The Human Torch







“Insolent Fools” the cold metallic voice of someone oh so familiar echoes from behind a computer screen “Every time, every TIME I try to take over the world it is thwarted, thwarted by some hero or another, the villains too have had hands in defeating me form time to time.” The figure stairs at the computer screen a wondering look in his eye. He puts his hands in this lap and twiddles his thumbs. A dull tak-tak sound of metal on metal is all that can be heard in the room until…” I’m tired of this, they always say ‘were through playing your games’ well maybe its time I actually play one.” The voice begins to laugh a low cold merciless laugh which fills the empty castle. The computer screen is shut off, the figure stands, no light in the room except the dull glow of the moon through the stained glass.  A lamp quivers to life to reveal the face of Dr. Doom.

New York ( in the subway tunnel system)

Two men in spandex make there way through the wide tunnel following a path of broken tracks and what appear to be scorch marks on the walls and ceiling.
     “Remind me again why we’re down here without back up.” said the shorter of the two.
     “Frozone I told you, my family is too new to the field to try and fight an old nemesis like the Underminer, and we haven’t had time to add to the league, it's just us.”
     “So I guess you could call us the Just-Us League” said Frozone half smiling “But we have to make this fast my wife will kill me if I’m not home in time.”
    “For what?”
     “Survivor, she rally loves that show, but for some reason she cant watch it without me.”
     “ I know what you mean, my wife is the same way with--- wait, what was that?” Mr. Incredible holds out his massive hand to hold Frozone back for Frozone had not seen what he had seen. It was only for an instant but he could have swore he saw a flickering yellow-orange light, which could mean fire. But it was gone now.
     “Geesh your really good at scaring me, I gotta go, come on” Frozone said but to no avail.
     “No, just a bit farther we’re almost there I know it.” so they walk on, and on, and on. Just when Mr. Incredible himself was wondering just what city the must be under now he saw it again.
     “We must be catching up” he half whispered to Frozone, they ran making way too much noise then what was necessary. They turned the unusually tight corner for a subway and found themselves face-to-face with a wolf. No, it couldn’t be a wolf, for one thing it was so massive it's back scraped along the ceiling of the subway tunnel. And another, it was made entirely of fire. It had the face and shape of a wolf though, and there was no other name for it but wolf, unless…
     “My name is Pyrian Lupus, remember it for my flame is the last thing you will feel.” His voice was so strong and massive the cement in the walls cracked violently. Pyrian Lupus inhaled sharply and exhaled an enormous jet of fire. This jet hits both of Mr. Incredible and Frozone, but Mr. Incredible was the only one thrown backwards and even around the corner. Frozone was unscathed because he had made a shield of Ice for himself at the last moment. The fiery beast turned around unaware that Frozone was still there. Frozone raises his hand and a wall of ice blocks Pyrian Lupus from his path. He turns around only to be blocked by another thick layer of ice. Pyrian Lupus snarls and tried to create a jet of fire again, But he couldn’t. Frozone’s plan had worked, he had cut off all of the oxygen in the air where Pyrian Lupus was, and he had burned it all up with his mere existence. Pyrian Lupus shrunk and finally disappeared. “Wow” Frozone said to himself. “I did it, by myself even, and I didn’t even need Mr. Incredible” at that moment Green, Blue, and White bubbles erupted around Frozone, and he was transported. When the bubbles stopped Frozone was in a pitch black room.
     “Hello?” he called half hoping no one would respond. When no one did he walked forward, his hands out stretched feeling for a wall. Instead he hit his shin on something cooshy. Hoping beyond hope this wasn’t a sleeping animal he felt it, no, it wasn’t an animal at all, it was a chair, leather no less. So Frozone sat down, face in his hands. Waiting for a killing blow from his captor, but it didn’t come.

New York (on top of the Baxter Building)

     “Everybody hold on” says the knowing voice of Mr. Fantastic as the Fantasticar takes off from the top of the Baxter Building. Their adversary is right outside of the building, but Mr. Fantastic doesn’t fly downwards, and he shouldn’t because their foe is almost as tall as the Baxter Building and made entirely of Ice. Mr. Fantastic hits a red button, and the Fantasticar separates into three parts one each for Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, and Thing. The Human Torch flies shooting jets of fire at the Ice Giant which appears to be doing the trick. Mr. Fantastic zooms towards the Ice Giant all the time firing his new and improved heat lasers at the giant, unfortunately the giant does not like this. He grabs Mr. Fantastic’s portion of the fantasticar, pulls Mr. Fantastic out with two fingers, and sling shots him straight into the air like you would shoot a rubber band. The Invisible woman rockets after him in her Fantasticar piece. Thing in turn flies at the Ice giant, jumps out at his face in an attempt to punch the Ice Giant right in the face. The Ice giant sees this and whacks Thing so hard he flies backwards for miles leaving holes in a dozen or so buildings on the way. This leaves only the Human Torch. He flies down to the beast's feet and shoots a continuous jet of fire, causing the brute to melt, by the time the Human Torch is finished his teammates are back congratulating him, but then he is enveloped in Green, Blue, and white bubbles. When the bubbles dissipate he finds himself in a pitch black room. He ignites his hand as to see, he was in a fancy room full of cooshy red leather arm chairs, and there on one of them was a man in white and blue spandex.
     “What is this place?” asked Human Torch
     “You mean,” Frozone put down his sword of ice he was carrying “You aren’t the one who braught me here?”
     “No but I think I know who did.”

New York

Iceman and Storm are infiltrating a skyscraper in an attempt to rescue the ambassador of France who was kidnapped by an unknown man. Being that this was a pretty low level mission there was no point in taking the whole X-Men team, and Iceman and Storm volunteered. Iceman, still wanting to use the element of surprise thought that maybe taking the ventilation shafts would be a good idea. Storm agreed but said that she of coarse was clauster phobic so she would fly back to the X-Mansion and get someone else to assist him, and in the mean time Iceman should wait for that member. After Storm left however, Iceman continued on always wanting to prove to everyone that he is just as strong as every one else in the X-Men. After he got to the necessary floor Iceman found him self in a large hotel room, in the living room was an older lady tied to a chair, sitting on the couch watching TV was obviously her captor. The man stood as he saw Iceman, and pulled out a gun. At that moment Iceman dropped to his knees, hands on the floor. The man smiled, but not so fast, Ice Man stood up and shot an ice blast at him knocking the gun out of his hand. The man tried to turn around to get the gun, but he was frozen to the ground. Iceman smiled, in fact he was still smiling when the Green, Blue, and White bubbles engulfed him and teleported him to the room with the rest of our heroes. When the bubbles were gone he found himself in a fully lit room (Frozone and Human Torch found the light switch) full of plush red arm chairs. Sitting on one of them was a man he didn’t know but on another was a man he had only met twice, the Human Torch.
     “Um, sorry to barge in, but do either of you know what the heck I’m doing here?” asked Iceman
     “You were teleported here, I’m pretty sure it was Dr. Doom” answered Human Torch.
     “Well that makes sense, does anyone know where we are?” asked Iceman
     “Actually this room looks familiar, I was in here during the tournament, I was selling hotdogs, uh don’t ask. If memory serves me correctly as it so often doesn’t, I think we must be in the Red Dragon Arena”
     “How does a man like Dr. Doom gain control of a place this prestigious?”
     “I don’t know but I have a feeling well find out soon.”

Genosha ( in Magneto’s lab)

     “If this works I could have all of the world on bended knee” said the crule voice of Magneto half to himself and half to Mystique.
     “Well there go my Saturdays” said Pyro, a mock grin on his face.
     “ Indeed” said Magnito “ But I said ‘I’ would have the world on bended knee, In fact Mystique and I have other business to attend to, so If you could stay here and watch the machine that would be much appreciated. Pyro nods as Magneto and Mystique walk out of the steel door.
     “What business do we have attending to do?” asked Mystique looking as though she cared very little about it.
     “Why this.’ Magneto said as he pulled out a black device a red button smack in the center. He hit it, and as he hit it, the machine that Pyro was leaning on erupted to life. Pyro looked around to make sure no one saw him leaning against it and mistakenly turned it on. He knelt at the machine to turn it off, but he could not find a switch of any kind. Pyro was scared now, the machine that could bring humanity to it's knees now was activated in a locked room with him and now way to turn it off. He of course had no idea what the machine could do, but he was already picturing painful boils all over his face and body, or instant incineration, or maybe a slow painful death. The sound of the rumble of the machine was making suddenly dropped an octave like the sound of a car engine shifting gears. Then to the right of the machine, a purple vortex appeared. Pyro was dumbfounded, how could a silly vortex bring humanity to its knees? Then as if in an answer to his question, out of the vortex came a robot, not just any robot, one made of ice, and a build like Iron Man. But, no, this was too easy, a man made of Ice wants to fight me Pyro? You’ve got to be joking. Pyro raised his arms and shot a cloud of flame at the Ice figure, and melted it. But the second the flame touched the Ice-man another one came out of the vortex. Pyro melted this one too but by the time he was done the whole room was full of them, Pyro quickly filled the whole room with flame, then shot at the machine. The vortex disappeared and all that was left moving in the room was Pyro, panting slightly, sweat dripping form his forehead. What would he tell Magneto when he found out what happened? He didn’t think he could bear the thought. Then suddenly he was surrounded by Green, Blue, and White bubbles. When the bubbles were gone he found himself in a room with three others. Two he knew, one he didn’t.
     “Iceman” was all he said as Iceman glared right back.
     “Listen Pyro, we don’t want to fight, we think we were all brought here by Dr. Doom” said Human Torch.
     “What would he want with me? I’m not a hero.” asked Pyro
     “Well personally I think he wants us to join an army of some sort, I mean two with the power of fire, and two with the power of ice? I hope he doesn’t’ want all of the elements or else Storm and Thor are in trouble.”
     “You guys would never go along with that.” replied Pyro, the others grimaced
     “This is Dr. Doom were talking about, we think he may have some sort of mind control thing.”
     “So why don’t we just leave?” asked Pyro.
     “The walls are lined with Vibranium and are also enchanted.”
     “I meant through the door.”
     “Look around, there isn’t one.”

Tokyo, Japan

The Big Hero 6 were in trouble, five of its members were being held captive by the likes of Fing Fang Foom and the Yakuza, and all that were left of the team was Sunfire. Sunfire took several days to figure out where the Yakuza were stationed, and he hoped this was also where his friends were being kept. He stormed into the front hall of the building and found himself face-to-face with a dozen or so guards, all with what appeared to be some kind of high-tech rifle of some sort. Sunfire grimaces, twitches his hand, and ignites them all on fire. He walks past the yelling bodies on the floor and into an open elevator, and goes up. When he gets to the 32nd floor he gets out to find 25 or so Yakuza guards all with Katanas or semi-automatic weapons. Sunfire roles his eyes, twitches his wrist again, ignites them all and continues on. After walking a while he finds his companions all chained to the walls. 5 or 6 guards between them. After taking care of the guards Sunfire lets his friends loose. The second he untied the last one he found himself surrounded by Green, Blue, and White bubbles, when the bubbles were gone he found himself in a room with 4 other men. Thinking this might be a trap he took a fighting stance, then…
     “Sunfire?” Iceman said “Boy, I’ve never been so glad and so upset to see anyone in my whole life.”
Sunfire relaxed a little “Where am I?” he said.
     “Lets see,” said Iceman “ Dr. Doom captured us, three fire powers, two ice powers, we’re in the Red Dragon Arena, can't get out, no door, and walls made of vibranium, that about cover it?” the others nodded, but Sunfire looked worried, and he stated: “Three fire powers, and Two Ice Powers? Anyone have any idea who’s next?”
     “I cant think of anyone else with any ice power” said Iceman “At least no one Dr. Doom would use” the others agreed.

The Outworld ( mountain ranges )

Sub-Zero is climbing from cliff to cliff because he recently heard word that his arch nemesis Scorpion was hiding out here. Just when Sub-Zero was going to call it a day and continue his search in the morning a red vortex opened in front of him. Sub-Zero immediately adopted a ninja stance just before a man exited the vortex who looked suspiciously like Sub-Zero except instead of the colors of this suit being Blue and Black, it was Red and Black. As soon as the man saw Sub-Zero he took a ninja stance remarkably similar to Sub-Zeros. They just stood staring at each other transfixed, then finally.
     “Greetings Outworlder,” the man said  “my name is Melt-Down.”
     “Well Melt-Down,” said Sub-Zero “Prepare to die.” suddenly Sub-Zero shoots a blast of ice at Meltdown. Meltdown in turn shoots a fire blast at the Ice blast, and the two blasts die in a flash of smoke and water vapor.
     “Fine.” said Sub-Zero before shooting another blast at Melt-Down's feet making a patch of ice underneath him, Melt-Down slips and falls on his back. Sub-Zero walks towards him and bends down.
     “Unfortunately, I don’t have time to stay and chat right now” Sub-Zero said “I can feel a power greater then mine calling me, but in the meantime,” Sub-Zero freezes Melt-Downs hands and feet to the ground “don’t let the Outworld mountain creatures eat you” Suddenly Sub-Zero was teleported in a whirl of bubbles into the little room we all have come to know and love.
     “What’s going on here?” asks Sub-Zero as he takes his ninja stance. Human Torch was about to answer when suddenly a door appeared behind him and everyone but Sub-Zero and Frozone left. Frozone grabs Sub-Zero and leads him through the door saying :
     “We Ice dudes gotta stick together, and frankly I don’t trust that Iceman character, but if you---” the rest of his words were drown out by the cries and exclamations of the other four as they entered a giant arena.
     “Gentlemen,” a voice amplified One Hundred fold echoes from some where above. ”You few have been chosen, because you are all members of a team, and you defeated a foe with out help from said team. People have accused me of playing games, well this time I am. The winner of this six way everyman for himself fight will get to go back to his team and rescue the other 5 that lost. They will be in my castle in Latveria, by the way if you haven’t guessed yet, I’m Dr. Doom. Get ready, get set…”
     “Wait” said Iceman panicked
     “Yes?” answered Doom
     “Where are we?”
     “You are in the Red Dragon Arena they are renting it out while in between tournaments for a very hefty fee I might add. Now enough waisting time, it's time to fight GO!” The six look at each other, all wanting to be the one to rescue the others. They all back up and square off, well hexagon off, and take battle stances. So who will win? Will he be Fire or Ice?


Mr. Fantastic                                                                                                                         Mr. Incredible





Mr. Incredible: Let’s not waist any time, the six competitors square off into three separate fights: Iceman vs. Pyro, Human Torch vs. Sub-Zero, Frozone vs. Sunfire.

Mr. Fantastic: Immediately Pyro shoots a fire blast at Iceman only to be blocked by a ice blast from Iceman. Sub-Zero makes an ice patch underneath Human Torch, causing him to slip up, and Frozone shoots icicles at Sunfire, Sunfire dodges.

Mr. Incredible: Iceman makes a wall of ice around him and Pyro, we can't see what’s happening to them, but Human Torch gets up and shoots a burst of fire at Sub-Zero. Sunfire attempts to ignite Frozone, but Frozone had covered himself with Ice first.

Mr. Fantastic: Sub-Zero is engulfed in flames, and his shots of ice at Human Torch aren’t getting through the torrent of fire being blasted at him. Frozone shoots some more icicles at Sunfire.

Mr. Incredible: Human Torch continues his barrage of fire, when Sub-Zero is teleported away in a swirl of bubbles. Frozone on the other hand froze Sunfire’s feet to the ground, along with his hands together. Sunfire also disappears in a swirl of bubbles.

Mr. Fantastic: All we can see now is Human Torch and Frozone, along with the giant cube of ice that is hiding Iceman and Pyro.

Mr. Incredible: Human Torch waists no time in shooting his fire blast at Frozone, who had already started shooting his ice blast. The two blasts meet in the air, pushing each other with almost equal force leaving a fire and ice clash in between the two fighters.

Mr. Fantastic: It seems that Frozone has the edge in this particular fight. His ice blast pushes Human Torches fire blast back on himself, and Human Torch is thrown through the air. Before he hit’s the ground his is teleported via bubbles like the others.

Mr. Incredible: Frozone is looking around for the other competitors, as Pyro and Iceman have not come out yet.

Mr. Fantastic: Suddenly a door appears in the cube wall, and out walks Iceman. Pyro must have given him a run for his money, it took Iceman a while to beat him.

Mr. Incredible: All we have left now is Iceman and Frozone, and the now melting giant ice cube.

Mr. Fantastic: The two immediately start shooting yard long icicles at each other, all hitting the other’s and blasting into ice shrapnel that goes in all directions.

Mr. Incredible: While Iceman continues his ice shooting with one hand, he raises his other high into the sky. After a few moments he grins and uses both of his hands again to shoot ice blasts at Frozone.

Mr. Fantastic: Suddenly there is a sickening whistle, and out of the sky falls a bolder, no not just any boulder, an ice boulder the size of a minivan. And it’s going to hit Frozone.

Mr. Incredible: Frozone hears the whistle too and looks up. Immobilized by fear, he doesn’t move, he couldn’t have gotten out of the way any way. Suddenly Frozone disappears in a whirl of bubbles. I sure hope Iceman knew that Frozone would be saved from death by Dr. Doom.

Mr. Fantastic: He must have, heroes don’t usually kill unless necessary. Well it seems that Iceman won. He also disappears in a whirl of bubbles. Hopefully he was sent back to the X-Mansion.

Mr. Incredible: Yeah, and he gets to bring his team to Castle Doom to kick Dr. Dooms butt. Do you want to head to Latveria to see that?

Mr. Fantastic: I don’t see why not. So do you have any family?

Mr. Incredible: Yeah, I have a wife and three children.

Mr. Fantastic: Any superpowers?

Mr. Incredible: My wife has the ability to stretch, we call her Elastigirl.

Mr. Fantastic: Hey, that what my superpower is. What’s yours?

Mr. Incredible: Super strength and enhanced durability.

Mr. Fantastic: That’s kind of like my friend Ben, we call him Thing.

Mr. Incredible: Hmmm, ok, well, my daughter turns invisible, and can make force fields.

Mr. Fantastic: My wife can do that, we call her the Invisible woman.

Mr. Incredible: Do you have any relatives that can run really fast?

Mr. Fantastic: Well my wife’s brother, The Human Torch, he sure talks real fast… what about your other child?

Mr. Incredible: Jack Jack, well we haven’t really figured out what he can do yet.

Mr. Fantastic: Hmmm, well it seems that we have a lot in common. We should do this again sometime.

Mr. Incredible: Maybe, my friend, maybe.

Iceman wins

Iceman- 7 votes
Human Torch- 5 votes
Frozone- 1 vote
Sub-Zero- 1 vote
Pyro- 0 votes
Sunfire- 0 votes


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