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24. Mr. Fantastic vs. Naruto

The smartest man alive vs. the number one hyperactive knucklehead ninja! This one is for the books!

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Mr. Fantastic                                                                                                                                               Naruto                   




"Alert...Alert...Alert" the voice of Mr. Fantastic's computer chimes. Mr. Fantastic looks up from his BlackBerry which was saying the same thing. "Where?" asks Mr. Fantastic to the computer. Instantly the computer shows Mr. Fantastic a map of Japan, far on the east coast was a red dot.
"So whats going on there?" asks Mr. Fantastic to the computer.
"There is someone outside of this village killing all of the wild life." the computer answers.
"But why? How?"
"Someone is probably trying to make things very difficult for this village, without game to hunt for meat, they might not stand a chance. It is well known that villages in that part of Japan are only self sufficient, as long as there is food to hunt. As to how, it is hard to say, but I do know that it is two people doing it."
"Thank you computer." well, Mr. Fantastic thinks, the others are at the downtown Starbucks, so I guess I'm going to have to do one this alone.
Leaf Village (Japan):
"But why do they need ninja to stop it?" asks a whining Naruto to Kakashi.
"I told you, this is out of the sentries duties, I think you can handle yourself." answers Kakashi.
"WHAT? aren't coming? What about Sasuke, or Sakura? Why don't they have to help?" asks Naruto angrily.
"Sasuke and the 5th Hokage are having a meeting, and Sakura...well, I don't know where she is."
"Fine I'll do this Kakashi sense'  but you owe me!"
"Your usually payment?"
"You becha! Pork Ramen here I come!" Naruto makes his way out of the village to find the maniac who has been killing all of the animals. Meanwhile Mr. Fantastic hops out of the Fantasticar and looks around. The computer said to go north a bit says Mr. Fantastic to himself. He makes his way closer to the village, and finds himself in a clearing. Unfortunately Naruto just did the same from the opposite end. "There he is!" they both say under their breath and they both charge forward. So who wins? The man from a land over seas? or the one who wishes to see over the land?


Invisible Woman                                                                                                                                                      Sakura



Sakura- Why is it that Naruto always gets himself in these situations? It’s a good thing Sasuke had a meeting with the 5th Hokage, or else I would say that this is cutting into my stalking time.

Invisible Woman- My, aren’t you a fiery young lady.
Sakura- LADY? I have you know I am a genin ninja from the village hidden in the leaves, and I could kick your butt, I could kick Mr. Fantastic’s butt, and I could kick Naruto’s butt. Ha! In fact I HAVE kicked Naruto’s butt!
Invisible Woman- Well if you could beat him, I don’t think that Reed will have a problem.
Sakura- He may not have a problem, but now WE do. Naruto may be a blubbering idiot, but remember he IS a Ninja, and was almost a chunin. I doubt even I could take him if he went rogue. Not that he would, as becoming a rogue ninja would cut into his aspirations to become a Hokage.
Invisible Woman- Naruto may be an elite Ninja, but my husband has the ability to stretch every part of his body.
Sakura- So the guy does Yoga? I don’t think that is going to save him in this match.
Invisible Woman- We shall see.
Sakura- Yeah, whatever. Ok, Naruto and Mr. Fantastic are running at each other at full speed. While still running Naruto makes a hand sign. Three guess’s what one?
Invisible Woman- Four Doppelgangers of Naruto appear on ether side of him. Following the same path the original is.
Sakura- Mr. Fantastic thinking fast, stretches his arms to ether side of him grabbing on to trees, sling-shooting himself at the group of Naruto's.
Invisible Woman- Mr. Fantastic hit’s the group, and they all disappear in a cloud of smoke.
Sakura- Where’s Naruto?
Invisible Woman- There! Naruto drops out of a near by tree behind Mr. Fantastic.
Sakura- Mr. Fantastic hearing this turns around.
Invisible Woman- Naruto grins and makes a different hand sign now. There is a cloud of smoke and…and… Oh, my gosh… where did a kid so young learn that?
Sakura- Oh, yeah…that’s Naruto’s sexy jutsu, the pervert….but… It looks like Mr. Fantastic is unaffected by this!
Invisible Woman- That’s Reed for you, never distracted from a mission, unless of coarse one of his teammates is in trouble. Plus he is way to mature to be transfixed by such… um skin.
Sakura- Well it doesn’t look good for Naruto. Because Naruto is taking Mr. Fantastic’s look of concentration to be a look of…well words fail me here.
Invisible Woman- Reed raises his fist, and enlarges it to be the size of a basketball. Then stretches his arm forward to hit Naruto right in the stomach.
Sakura- The sexy jutsu wears off in a cloud of smoke, and Naruto is on the ground panting.
Invisible Woman- Reed acting quickly before Naruto can get up, pulls out his new invention,-- the fantasticuffs-- and restrains Naruto.
Sakura- Mr. Fantastic picks Naruto up, and carries him towards the village, Naruto struggling violently.
Invisible Woman- Well Naruto will have lot of explaining to do, and when Reed hears that he was on the same mission as the kid, well maybe Reed will have some explaining to do too.
Sakura- Well I guess this means that Mr. Fantastic wins.
Invisible Woman- Of coarse he did, he’s the smartest man alive. He can think his way out of any situation.
Mr. Fantastic defeats Naruto 11 votes to 4


Belong to Shonen Jump:

  • Naruto Uzumaki/Number One Hyperactive Knucklehead Ninja
  • Leaf Village/Village Hidden in the Leaves
  • Kakashi Hatake
  • Sasuke Uchiha
  • Sakura Haruno
  • 5th Hokage
  • Chunin
  • Hokage
  • Sexy Jutsu 

Belong to Marvel Comics:

  • Mr. Fantastic/Smartest Man Alive/Reed Richards
  • Fantasticar
  • Invisible Woman 

Belong to So Who Wins:

  • Fantasticuffs (Sort Of)   

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