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2. Iron Man vs. Terminator

One comes from his tower, and the other comes from the future, who wins this battle of metal on metal?

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Iron Man




The Terminator goes back in time to kill the Hulk because he is destined to destroy the world. Iron Man being another member of the Avengers does not appreciate this android trying to kill his ally. Iron Man and the Terminator fight on 5th avenue in New York.



Captain America



Jarvis - I do hope master Stark does not get injured

Captain America - Don't worry Jarvis, Iron Man will crush that tin can.

Jarvis- Iron Man is standing by the appliance store... which reminds me.. did I leave the stove on?

Captain America - It's Ok Jarvis. Whoa! Terminator is pulling out some major artillery, he's got some sort of high tech weapons!

Jarvis- Iron Man has better artillery with the Repulsor Rays in his gauntlets.

Captain America- I know, I'm just adding drama to the fight.

Jarvis- Iron Man will win... you don't see anyone here rooting for Terminator do you? But I hope Master Stark does not damage his suit too much. Its quite expensive.

Captain America- Iron Man never gets too badly hurt with that armored suit of his.

Jarvis- But this Terminator fellow-machine-man looks tough, and those high-tech weapons of his could do some Serious damage.

Captain America- Yeah, apparently he is from the future, and he was going to kill the Hulk, HA!, like anyone could kill the hulk! Well as you know Iron Man did not like this and attacks, and that brings us to this fight!

Jarvis- Oh, Master Stark has wanted a cashmere coat for a long time, but we are never around here, I'm going to go get one for him, you can commentate until I get back?

Captain America- Yeah, that's fine but hurry! Ok, Iron Man is in the air flying to stay away form the Terminator long enough to formulate a strategy. However, it looks like the terminator being an android has already formulated his 3 move checkmate. Hopefully Iron Man can think fast before the Terminator strikes. Iron Man seems to have worked out a strategy and shot a Repulsor Ray from his Gauntlet. The Terminator dodges it with ease and shoots twice with his gun. Iron Man dodges the beams just as easy. Oh, no, there seems to be a man walking in the way! Oh! Jarvis! Get out of the way! Iron Man taking advantage of the Terminator being detracted shoots another Repulsor Ray from his Gauntlets knocking the guns out of the Terminators hands. Jarvis is running towards me holding something. And Iron Man zooms down towards the Terminator and they start hand-to-hand combat. Ha! It kind of looks like the Terminator is doing the "ROBOT" huh, Jarvis?

Jarvis- oh, sure I went over to the other side of the street to get master stark the suit he wanted, but they did not have any in his size.

Captain America- Then whats in the bag?

Jarvis- A hand Bag

Captain America- A hand Bag? for whom?

Jarvis- Master Stark's date tonight of course!

Captain America- Anyone I know?

Jarvis- lets just say she has a Secret identity

Captain America- I'll take that as a "yes" Ok there hand-to-hand combat just stopped as the Terminator gives Ironman a massive hit to the head.

Jarvis- Master Stark falls to the ground, but quickly composes himself and is ready for another go.

Captain America- I cant see what Iron Man is doing, but The Terminator is up in the air.

Jarvis- That's his Nano Technology

Captain America- Yeah, whatever Iron Man flies into the air, grabs The Terminator and flies high above the clouds.

Jarvis- We cant see him!

Captain America- There he is! He is still holding the Terminator, but Iron man is Flying straight down.

Jarvis- Their going to crash!

Captain America- Iron Man throws the Terminator to the ground, before he himself spectacularly misses the ground by inches and landing gracefully on the ground. There is a huge crater where Terminator hit the ground. He hit so hard, my coke spilled!

Jarvis- lets run over there and see if the Terminator is defeated

Captain America- Ok...(walking)... Iron Man is standing over a small crater made by the Terminators impact.

Jarvis- Terminator is in pieces in the crater

Captain America- his head seems to be muttering something I cant hear.

Terminator- (yelling) I'll be back!

Jarvis- It seems the Terminator has been defeated

Captain America- Iron Man Won!

Jarvis- Ok, well I'll take Master Stark home

Captain America- Ok, well S.H.I.E.L.D. said they had a mission for me. Somewhere called Gotham, and I think someone called Batman.

Iron Man defeated The Terminator 9 to 2


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