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31. Sora vs. Eragon

Wielders of the magic blades face off to continue their mission.

-This fight was suggested by: SimbasGuard

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Sora                                                                                                                                     Eragon



Disney Castle(Not to long after the end of Kingdom Hearts 2):
Sora,Kairi, and Riku have come to Disney Castle(Via Merlin's magic)after finding a note from King Mickey. Upon arriving the group is greeted By Daisy Duck and taken to the throne room for a meeting.
In the meeting King Mickey explains that there is still some problems related to The Heartless, and that It is unknown weather or not Maleficent has anything to do with It. So it was necessary to split up and go on a fact finding mission. King Mickey then asked if anyone had any questions or  information to add before they mapped out the search patterns.
Sora Then told everyone of how only weeks ago he was magically pulled away from Destiny Islands and made to fight a warrior on some other world.
"That sounds like it is worth looking into," says King Mickey "do You have any Idea what world you were summoned to Sora?"
"No Your Majesty" says Sora, "although the warrior I defeated looked very similar to the people Donald, Goofy, and I met in the Land Of Dragons."
"Then that is where you'll go," says King Mickey "maybe Mulan knows if there are any new magic users on her world."
King Mickey then sent Sora to the Gummi Garage while the rest of the group planed their next move.
"Hey Sora!" says Chip "Dale and I have Your Gummi Ship all ready to go. Unfortunately due to having to build so many Gummi Ships so unexpectedly We didn't have time to install a shield gummi. So be extra careful."
"Sure thing," says Sora "and thanks."
Sora gets into the Gummi Ship and takes off. The flight is uneventful, but just as Sora is about to pass through the gateway to the Land Of Dragons the rear alert of the ship goes off. As Sora is turning the guns in the direction of the threat His ship is hit by a missile from a heartless ship. This in turn causes the navi gummi to malfunction and Sora is sent off course to some other world.
Alagaesia(Somewhere in The Beor Mountains):
Eragon had a day off from training. and had spent the morning with Saphira. He had been able to convince her despite her protests. That since he had to stay close to The Varden in order to train she should take the time to go back to the Hadarac Desert because he didn't know when time would allow for them to go there together. Saphira reluctantly took Eragon's advise and flew off toward the desert. Eragon then decided that since He had nothing to do to Today He would go hunting in order to help The Varden with their supply shortage. Eragon had been out hunting for a half an hour when suddenly he heard some kind of screeching noise from above and saw something that was not like any creature He had ever seen heading to the ground. Not knowing what He was up against Eragon tried to mentally call Saphira only to discover that she was to far away to hear his thoughts. Eragon hid behind an out cropping of rock as he watched this whatever It is come to a landing and open up. To Eragon's surprise a boy with spiky hair gets out of It. Eragon reaches out with his mind to see If he can sense the boys intentions and comes into contact with very powerful magic. Eragon backs away from trying to mentally probe any further and thinks to himself
He's not with The Varden and there is no way anyone with magic as powerful as His would go unnoticed by The Empire. He must be a spy for Galbatorix.
Eragon then knocks an arrow and prepares to attack
Sora surveys the terrain
Lucky for Me I was able to bring the Gummi Ship down in one piece, thinks Sora still I don't know where I am so I'd better have my keyblade
Sora stretches His hand out in front of him and his keyblade appears. And not a moment to soon, because an arrow bounces off the newly drawn keyblade. Taken by surprise, Sora quickly looks around and sees an archer reaching into his quiver for another arrow. Sora points His keyblade at the archer and shouts.
A fireball then shoots out of the end of the keyblade
Eragon sees the fireball zooming toward Him. raises His hand and shouts

A blue fireball shoots forward. The two fireballs collide canceling each other out. Both heroes stand motionless waiting for the other to make the first move......So Who wins The Keyblade Master Or The Dragon Rider?

-This Set-Up was written by SimbasGuard


Goofy                                                                                                                                Murtagh




Sora: Fire!

Murtagh: a blast of fire shoots out of Sora’s Keyblade toward Eragon.

Eragon: Shelir rosu fra brisingr!

Goofy: The fire merely dissipates as it hits Eragon.

Eragon: Brisingr!

Murtagh: Eragon’s own fire spell hurls at Sora

Sora: Defense!

Goofy: Sora’s deflect spell, well deflects Eragon’s fire spell.

Eragon: Reisa du adura!

Murtagh: Eragon does the “raise water” spell, and as the ground starts to shake under Sora, Sora raises his Keyblade.

Sora: Wind!

Goofy: Sora uses his wind armor to block the reverse waterfall Eragon created.

Murtagh: The water stops, and Sora appears to be unharmed, Eragon looks shocked.

Eragon: Malthinae!

Goofy: Eragon uses a spell, I don’t know, it looks like Sora can’t move.

Murtagh: Yes that is the “Hold in place” spell, don’t ask me how I know.

Goofy: Eragon charges at Sora, and Sora raises his Keyblade.

Sora: Hear!

Goofy: The magnet spell, Eragon is pulled towards Sora.

Murtagh: Sora slashes at Eragon, and Eragon falls to his knees.

Goofy: It would seem that this fight is over.

Eragon: Waise Heill!

Murtagh: Eragon heals himself, and stands up.

Sora: Deep Freeze!

Goofy: Sora uses his Blizzard Spell, and a large bolt of blue energy slings out of the Keyblade.

Eragon: Skolir!

Murtagh: Eragon uses his shield spell,

Eragon: Geuloth du knifr!

Goofy: I don’t think that spell had any effect.

Murtagh: No, it was the “dull the knife” spell, smart, Eragon charges at Sora.

Sora: Stop!

Goofy: The Stop spell freezes Eragon in place, and Sora raises his Keyblade.

Sora: Thunder!

Murtagh: Lightning strikes between the two combatants, Sora uses his reflect spell, and Eragon goes flying backwards.

Goofy: Almost to add insult to injury, Sora throws his Keyblade at Eragon while he is still an the air, and it hits him in the face.

Murtagh: Eragon falls to the ground, unconscious, and Sora’s Keyblade comes back to him.

Goofy: Ok, NOW we have a winner!

Murtagh: That we do, Sora wins!

Sora defeats Eragon 11 votes to 9


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  • Kairi
  • Riku
  • The Heartless
  • Destiny Islands
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  • Gummi Ship
  • Heartless Ship
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  • Keyblade
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  • Varden
  • Hadarac Desert
  • Empire
  • Galbatorix
  • Brisingr
  • Murtagh
  • Shelir rosu fra brisingr
  • Reisa du adura
  • Malthinae
  • Waise Heill
  • Skolir
  • Geuloth du knifr 

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  • Merlin (European) 

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