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40. Green Arrow vs. Hawkeye

The Master archers of the DC and Marvel Universes. I hope this doesn't effect their Tournament commentary chemistry.

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Green Arrow






Hawkeye had just gotten home from his nightly patrol, went to his mail box, and threw away the junk mail. Only one peace of mail remained, there was no return address. Hawkeye enters his front door, sits down, and tears open the letter.



I would like to congratulate you, you have been chosen for a master commentator for tournament 3. However, we decided that this time instead of having both you and Green Arrow on equal terms, we are going to have a battle between the two of you, to see who gets head chair. Please arrive at the Chetradome before May 12, 2008.


The Owner of the Chetradome


Hawkeye and Green Arrow both arrive at the Chetradome ready to fight. So which of the Accurate Archers will win?


Red Arrow

Trick Shot




Arsenal: Well here we are at the Chetradome again.

Trick Shot: Yeah, it’s weird being here when there’s not a tournament going on. The view of the stands looks lonely. Almost like a graveyard.

Arsenal: I agree, and in a fight between two competitors that know this place well: Green Arrow, and Hawkeye.

Trick Shot: These Archers are gonna make a pin cushion of this arena Arse, and I’m glad I’m here to witness it.

Arsenal: What is it with people calling me “Arse”? First of all, it’s not really a kid friendly name, and second, I go by Red Arrow now!

Trick Shot: Hmmmm Red Arrow, and Green Arrow…Christmas Colors!

Arsenal: If that’s how you can remember it sure, but enough about me, let’s get to the commentary.

Trick Shot: Hawkeye opens up with a simple enough single arrow shot.

Arsenal: That simple shot made difficult by Green Arrow shooting his own arrow into the air.

Trick Shot: The arrows collide, and ricochet off into opposite directions.

Arsenal: Green Arrow shoots another arrow at Hawkeye, and Hawkeye returns fire with his own arrow.

Trick Shot: The arrows clash, Hawkeye’s arrow is gone, and Green Arrow’s arrow opens to reveal a bola.

Arsenal: Hawkeye thinking quickly jumps up into the air, and over the bola.

Trick Shot: Hawkeye then begins an endless barrage of arrows, shooting them at Green Arrow.

Arsenal: Green Arrow responds by doing the same.

Trick Shot: The arrows ricochet off of each other, but the fighters continue their bombardment.

Arsenal: Green Arrow decides to slip in a smoke bomb arrow, and when the arrow hits the collision point it explodes in a cloud of smoke.

Trick Shot: The cloud of smoke impairs both competitors vision, but Hawkeye keeps firing, and Green Arrow does a front flip over the cloud and lands behind Hawkeye.

Arsenal: Hawkeye, unaware of Green Arrows new position is still firing into the cloud of smoke.

Trick Shot: Green Arrow hits Hawkeye in the head with his bow.

Arsenal: Hawkeye is out.

Trick Shot: Green Arrow wins!


Green Arrow defeats Hawkeye 11 votes to 10


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