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47. Captain Marvel vs. Thor

The Magic might of Captain Marvel vs. the "godlike" weather power of Thor: Let the property damage begin!

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Captain Marvel 




Asgard ( Loki’s secret headquarters):

Loki sits in his favorite chair filled with rage.

“Dr. Doom convinces Me to join The Masters Of Evil and attack some castle on some other world.” says Loki “Where I loose a magic battle to some wench dressed as a bird, The humiliation Would’st have been unbearable had’st Enchantress not told me that that same wench also did fell Dr. Doom and Baron Mordo.”

“ If I but had my norn stones the battle would have ended differently, Still that was Doom’s plan and therefore Doom’s failure.”

“Me thinks it would’st be best to pursue my own interests and what interests me now is recovering my norn stones, but where in Asgard could my dear brother have hidden them?”

“Searching Asgard would’st be simple enough given my talent for disguise, but to be on the safe side Thor needs to be lured away from Asgard and kept away long enough for me to find the norn stones.”

“Arranging for an army to attack Asgard and draw Thor away would’st put all of the Golden Realm on high alert and complicate my mission , I need an individual to occupy Thor’s attention.”

“There in lays the problem, Very few individuals can stand against Thor for very long.”

Loki tries to think of someone capable of sustaining a prolonged battle against Thor. And in a span of time so short that even Loki is impressed the answer comes to him.

“This is perfect!” says Loki, “Now all that remains is to be sure that all of the pieces are in place.”

Asgard (Thor’s Home, Days Later):

Thor had just stepped out of his house, ready to make sure all was well in Asgard when Hermod runs up to him.

“Thor, thank Odin I found you.” says Hermod

“What troubles thee good Hermod?” asks Thor

“I was out for My morning run when I came upon a wounded Asgardian scout,” says Hermod “He said that the Rock Trolls were amassing an army in the part of Midgard that mortals call The Grand Canyon”

“What madness is this!?” says Thor “Dull- witted though he is surely Ulik must know that there is no tactical advantage to be had by placing his armies there.”

“Aye,” says Hermod, “Tis most passing strange.”

“Still I dare not overlook anything that may threaten The Golden Realm,” says Thor, “Hermod! Get the healers and see to it that the scout is tended to , Whiles’t I look into this Rock Troll mater.”

“At once!” says Hermod who then runs to get the healers.

Thor then takes to flight and heads toward The Grand Canyon.

Asgard (Near the outer wall of the city):

Loki who is hidden among the foliage around the outer wall sees Thor fly out of the City.

Ah perfect thinks Loki Hermod has fallen for my ruse and sent Thor on what the mortals call , a wild goose chase. Now to enact Phase 2 of my plan.

The Rock Of Eternity ( In The Throne Room of Shazam) :

Captain Marvel sits upon the throne of Shazam guarding the Rock Of Eternity as he has been since The Wizard's disappearance some time ago.. Without warning the image of Shazam appears in front of him.

“Captain Marvel I need your help.” says the image.

“Wizard, Where are you?!” asks Captain Marvel as he stands to his feet.

“ I am trapped within the dungeons of Asgard.” says the image . “I have only just now been able to circumvent the magic that has kept me from contacting you.”

“I’m on my way.” says Captain Marvel as he prepares to take flight

“Wait,” says the image “Even with all your power you are no match for an entire army of gods.”

“What would you have me do Wizard?” asks Captain Marvel

“Thor is on his way to the Grand Canyon as we speak,” says the Image “ If You capture him you can trade him to the Asgardians for me.”

“O.K. Wizard,” says Captain Marvel “You’ll be free in no time.”

The image of Shazam then fades away as Captain Marvel takes flight. Had it not been for Captain Marvel’s joy at seeing the wizard again and the fact that what the image said contained some truth Captain Marvel would have heard the wisdom of Solomon telling him that things are not as they seem.

Asgard (Near the outer wall of the city):

“HA HA HA HAAAAAAAA!” Laughs Loki maniacally “Those two could very well destroy one another, the only thing that can this day more perfect is if I can find my norn stones.”

The Grand Canyon:

Thor arrives and after a quick airborne reconnaissance that finds nothing Thor decides to land, and see if he can find any sign of the Rock Trolls. Thor investigates the ground and is about to examine the banks of the Colorado River he hears a voice shout.


Thor turns his head in direction he heard his name shouted and sees Captain Marvel land about two yards behind him.

“Greetings Captain Marvel,” says Thor “What brings Thee here this fine day?”

“I have no time for pleasantries Thor.” says Captain Marvel sounding both angry and annoyed , release the wizard and there doesn’t have to be any trouble.”

“I know not of what you speak Captain.” says Thor.

“I was going to give you a chance to save face and just give the wizard back to me,” says Captain Marvel “However if you’d rather I drag you back to Asgard and force your people to trade the wizard for you that’s fine by me.”

“Curb thy insolent tongue Captain Marvel,” says Thor angrily “ or mayhaps you would rather Mjolnir curb it for you.”

Both men take fighting stances……………So who wins The Champion of Shazam or The Champion of Asgard?


*Set-Up was written by SimbasGuard


Mr. Terrific

Captain America



Mr. Terrific: Immediately Thor pushes the top of his hammer at Captain Marvel’s stomach, causing Captain Marvel to go flying backwards.

Captain America: Captain Marvel catches himself mid-air, and charges --flying-- at Thor.

Mr. Terrific: Thor raises himself a few inches off of the ground, and brings his hammer down on Captain Marvel’s Back.

Captain America: Thor glides about 6 feet behind where Captain Marvel hit the ground, as Captain Marvel takes to the air.

Mr. Terrific: Thor raises his hammer and a bolt of lightning hits Captain Marvel.

Captain America: It looks like he is unaffected.

Mr. Terrific: Captain Marvel is used to being struck by lightning…haha, you have to remember, though Thor is a god, Captain Marvel has the powers of gods. There couldn’t be a more even fight.

Captain America: I have a feeling that Thor has a few aces in the hole…but we’ll see.

Mr. Terrific: Thor continues to hold his hammer in the air. Captain Marvel dives to hit him.

Captain America: Mid-flight, Captain Marvel is caught by an enormous, and sudden gust of wind.

Mr. Terrific: Captain Marvel crashes into the ground, but gets up quickly.

Captain America: Thor lowers his hammer a little bit, as it begins to glow yellow.

Mr. Terrific: Captain Marvel looks a little confused, but seems to be expecting an attack.

Captain America: As well he should, I’ve seen this before, Thor is putting his entire power in his hammer, he is about to throw it.

Mr. Terrific: Just as the Hammer begins to emit a ~crackling~ like sound, Thor hurls it at Captain Marvel.

Captain America: The Speed of Mercury just saved him from being hit by Mjolnir.

Mr. Terrific: Captain Marvel, taking advantage of the few seconds Thor is unprotected by his hammer, charges forward.

Captain America: Too late, Mjolnir’s handle slaps Thor's outstretched hand, and Thor swings it around at the approaching Captain Marvel.

Mr. Terrific: Captain Marvel is thrown back several yards, and Thor raises his hammer.

Captain America: For an instant, Thor seems to glow.

Mr. Terrific: Thor swings, and brings his hammer down on the ground.

Captain America: An almost liquid like wave, flows through the ground, hitting Captain Marvel with a tumultuous explosion.

Mr. Terrific: What happened to Thor? How did he get so much more stronger?

Captain America: He must have entered his “Warrior’s Madness” state, I have been told that it increases his strength tenfold.

Mr. Terrific: Amazing! Captain Marvel’s in trouble now.

Captain America: Captain Marvel speeds out of the dust from the explosion, and charges at Thor.

Mr. Terrific: If Captain Marvel gets hit by Thor’s hammer, while Thor is in his “Warrior’s Madness” stare, he’s done for.

Captain America: Thor charges all of his power into the hammer once again, and throws it at Captain Marvel.

Mr. Terrific: It seems that the speed of Mercury isn’t enough to dodge a hammer thrown ten times harder than Thor’s previous attacks. Captain Marvel is hit in the chest.

Captain America: Mjolnir comes back to Thor, and Captain Marvel is thrown backwards, clearly unconscious.

Mr. Terrific: Good fight, good fight. Ok well, Thor wins!


Thor defeats Captain Marvel 15 votes to 5


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