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4. Hulk vs. Juggernaut

The powerful Juggernaut vs. The Incredible Hulk, you don't want to make them angry. These enormously muscular guys duke it out and you get to decide who wins!

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The X-men were having trouble with beating Apocalypse, so they called on the Avengers. The Avengers also took the Hulk with them, thinking that he could take out Apocalypse better than all of them put together. During the Double team Infiltration of Apocalypses cave, the Hulk wandered off by himself, and while he was walking through, Hulk spotted Sinister, and after squashing Sinister like a bug; the hulk continued on until he found himself in a great hall of granite maybe a half a mile wide on all sides. It was completely empty except for a giant muscular man in red wearing large boots and a red helmet. The Hulk recognized Juggernaut right away and was happy to see someone other than another bad guy that he had to beat up. However, a short time ago Apocalypse had made Juggernaut work for him by using hypnosis. Juggernaut runs forward towards Hulk. Hulk, always ready for a fight pounds the ground in front of him and leaps forward towards Juggernaut. Hulk’s pounding of the ground causes the tunnel Hulk came through; to cave in. There's no way out that way. Hulk and Juggernaut are running towards each other. Who will win this fight of brawn vs. brawn, Muscle vs. Muscle, Goliath vs. Goliath?


Professor Xavier

Iron Man





Professor Xavier- Congratulations on your win against The Terminator, Iron man!


Iron Man- Thank you, he wasn’t all that hard, maybe I should have let him attack the Hulk, and The Hulk could have beaten him easy!


Professor Xavier- No harm no foul, but this fight should be interesting, Apocalypse sent the Juggernaut to kill the Hulk. Hopefully it does not come to that.


Iron Man- Yeah, well they are running towards each other.


Professor Xavier- Juggernaut seems to be working out a stratagity, while the Hulk, using his pound first ask questions later method is ready to rip Juggernaut limb from limb.


Iron Man- He couldn’t really physically do that could he?


Professor Xavier- You know as well as I, that the Hulks strength, well strengthens as he gets angrier. His strength could only be matched by Superman or Captain Marvel.


Iron Man- Oh, Captain Marvel!


Professor Xavier- Not the Captain Marvel you know, the other Captain Marvel and Superman live in another Universe, but I wasn’t supposed to tell you that, so I’ll erase your memory later.


Iron Man- What about Juggernaut? What’s his edge on Hulk?


Professor Xavier- My brothers power came from-


Iron Man- WOAH! Wait! Your brother?


Professor Xavier- Yes, but please don’t interrupt me. Cain’s powers came to him years ago when he touched the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak. So his enormous strength comes from magic… that’s his edge. Oh! And he is only vulnerable to psychic attack.


Iron Man- Ok, back to the fight, Juggernaut and the Hulk are only a few yards from each other! They are going to crash!




Professor Xavier- As the dust starts to settle, we see a large…uh…something fly from the dust cloud and hit the wall a quarter a mile away!


Iron Man- That something must have been Juggernaut, because I only see the Hulk.


Professor Xavier- It was Juggernaut, and now he is running from where he landed towards the Hulk.


Iron Man- The Hulk in turn runs towards Juggernaut!


Professor Xavier- They are only a few feet away again, but this time Hulk sticks his hand in Juggernauts helmets eyeholes for grip, picks him up by the helmet and slams him on the ground…then again…then again…


Iron Man- even Juggernaut must be feeling the pain by now!


Professor Xavier- He must be…and again…and again…


Iron Man- Oh! Hulk put the Juggernaut down, flat on his stomach I might add… and picks him up again, by his leg this time and is beating his body against the ground over and over again! WOW Hulk really likes to bring the pain!


Professor Xavier- and again… and again…and again


Iron Man- Hulk stops, looks around, and drags Juggernaut over to the wall still holding his leg.


Professor Xavier- He picks him up still using his leg for leverage, and then winds up like a batter ready to swing, and the hulk swings Juggernaut into the wall.


Iron Man- After about 12 hits against the wall Hulk throws him.


Professor Xavier- I have been using my telepathy to see if I can reverse the hold Apocalypse had on Juggernaut, and I seceded, but Juggernaut has been unconscious since he was beaten to the ground the second time.


Iron Man- So this fight has been over for some time?


Professor Xavier- Yes, Hulk WINS!

The Hulk wins 13 votes to 3


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