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56. Kraven the Hunter vs. Tarzan

Jungle warrior vs. Jungle warrior: let the battle begin!

*This fight was suggested by SimbasGuard

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 Kraven the Hunter





Africa (In The Not Too Distant Past):
Kraven The Hunter is traveling in search of his next great hunt, as he passes through various villages he hears tales of a great warrior from long ago called Tarzan. Kraven feels that fighting Tarzan would be a great test of his skills and

hires several local shaman to transport him back in time, through the use of magic.

Africa (Tarzan's Time):

Arriving in the past Kraven wastes no time in finding the trail of and tracking down the legendary ape-man.

However Tarzan, always alert to his surroundings is aware that he is being watched and begins to look around with suspicion.

Kraven, realizing that Tarzan has become aware of his presence. Steps from the foliage to confront His adversary.

"Greetings Tarzan,” says Kraven, “I am Kraven The Hunter. You will battle me to see who is the greatest jungle warrior of all, or I will have many new pelts in my collection."

Kraven sneers at Tarzan as both men take a fighting stance. So Who Wins this rumble in the jungle?


*Set-Up written by SimbasGuard



 Jane Porter



Calypso: Tales of Tarzan are told far and wide. It is for this reason that I have heard of him, but I doubt he will be a match for Kraven the Hunter.

Jane Porter: I have never heard of this Kraven fellow, but judging by his name, and his getup. I think Tarzan will assume he is some sort of animal poacher. Tarzan doesn't like poacher's for obvious reasons. If Kraven wants to hunt any animals in this forest. He's going to have to go through Tarzan.

Calypso: Kraven starts forward, and Tarzan darts to a nearby tree, and pulls out a spear.

Jane Porter: Tarzan has lots of these spears around the jungle...just in case.

Calypso: Kraven continues to bound forward, and pulls out his own spear.

Jane Porter: Tarzan charges towards Kraven, and uses his spear as a sort of poll-volt to speed himself up, and bring him into the air.

Calypso: Tarzan, while still in the air, thrusts his spear at the now nearby Kraven.

Jane Porter: Kraven blocks the spear head, and Tarzan continues to move towards him.

Calypso: Tarzan grabs Kraven by the neck from behind, and Kraven swings his spear wildly over his shoulder to hit Tarzan.

Jane Porter: Tarzan moves at the last moment, and Kraven is hit by the shaft of his own spear.

Calypso: Kraven looks enraged, and swings around with this spear in front of him.

Jane Porter: Tarzan ducks under the spear, and kicks up at Kraven.

Calypso: Kraven goes flying backwards, and Tarzan begins to climb a tree.

Jane Porter: Kraven gets up as Tarzan reaches the top of the tree.

Calypso: Kraven pulls out a blow gun, and begins to shoot wildly as Tarzan jumps from tree top to tree top, and finally onto the nearby cliff.

Jane Porter: Tarzan throws his spear down at Kraven, but misses him by inches. Kraven smiles.

Calypso: Tarzan begins to push a large boulder off of the cliff. Just as it is about to fall; Tarzan jumps onto it.

Jane Porter: The boulder falls, and Kraven attempts to move. Only to realize that Tarzan's spear throw wasn't aimed at him directly, only Tarzan's way of keeping Kraven in that spot. Tarzan's spear is in the ground, through the hem of Kraven's leopard skinned pants, keeping Kraven from moving out of the way of the boulder.

Calypso: The boulder crashes down onto Kraven's legs.

Jane Porter: Tarzan hops off the boulder and kicks Kraven square in the face.

Calypso: Kraven is incapacitated, and knocked out.

Jane Porter: Tarzan Wins!

Tarzan defeats Kraven the Hunter 17 votes to 3


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