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58. Hawkman vs. Angel

Ironically they both have the same theme song: Bring out Bette Midler!

*This fight was suggested by SimbasGuard

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New York:

A group of ninjas from the Hand have set out to steal a very valuable painting. Easily getting in and finding what they are looking for, the ninjas proceed to go out the way they got in, through a skylight in the roof. However as the ninjas were making their escape, Carter Hall who was on his way to the museum to examine some recently discovered ancient Egyptian artifacts. Notices movement on the roof.

What would anyone be doing on the roof at this hour, Thinks Carter, I'd better check It out.

Carter ducks behind a nearby Tree and Changes into Hawkman, he then flies up to the roof to see the ninjas with a painting and their swords drawn.


"You gentlemen should be well aware that this museum hates to have its exhibits stolen." says Hawkman sarcastically as he brandishes his mace.


Being that the ninjas were under orders not to draw attention to themselves, the squad leader tosses the painting aside and quickly throws down some smoke pellets. Smoke surrounds the ninjas, after the smoke clears the ninjas are gone.


"That was easy." says Hawkman. he then lands on the roof and picks up the painting to see If It is damaged.

At that point Hawkman hears a voice yell




Hawkman turns in the direction of the voice to see a winged man in the air above Him.

It looks like Those ninjas have an enforcer, thinks Hawkman as He drops the painting and prepares to take flight.


New York (Earlier In The Evening, At Warren Worthington The Third’s Penthouse Apartment):

Warren was just about to sit down for dinner when an a alarm goes off.

"Just Great!" Exclaims warren, "I knew if I lent the museum that painting It would get stolen. It's a good thing I had my own personal alarm installed on It."

Warren quickly changes into His costume and flies to the museum, when Angel arrives he sees a winged man on the roof with His painting.

Oh great, thinks Angel, someone not only wants to steal my painting, but they want to frame me for the crime. I'd better put a stop to this.

Angel then shouts to the winged man on the roof.


the winged man on the roof looks in Angle’s direction and drops the painting as He prepares to take flight...So Who Wins this battle of warriors with wings?


 *Set-Up was written by SimbasGuard


 Mr. Terrific





Mr. Terrific: Hawkman takes to flight, and the two charge at one another.

Cyclops: What? No pre-match banter?

Mr. Terrific: Well the fight has already kind of started.

Cyclops: I suppose so. Ok, Hawkman and Angel meet in mid-air and Hawkman takes a swing at Angel with his mace.

Mr. Terrific: Angel dodges out of the way of the mace at the last moment, and spins around.

Cyclops: Hawkman turns as well.

Mr. Terrific: The two flap their wings a few times to stay airborne.

Cyclops: Then suddenly Angel flaps his giant wings and soars toward Hawkman.

Mr. Terrific: Hawkman takes a mid-air stance and does not move.

Cyclops: Just a moment before Angel reaches Hawkman, Hawkman swings his mace at Angel.

Mr. Terrific: Angel, using his horizontal momentum to stay level with Hawkman, cups Hawkman's mace with his left wing, and moves it to the side.

Cyclops: Then using his right wing, he smashes down hard onto Hawkman's head.

Mr. Terrific: Hawkman looks a little surprised that Angel's wings were so strong.

Cyclops: Strong enough to block an attack from an Nth metal mace, And hit Hawkman over the head with enough force to surprise him.

Mr. Terrific: This is turning into an exiting fight indeed.

Cyclops: Some might say Fantastic.

Mr. Terrific: What?

Cyclops: Incredible?

Mr. Terrific: I see where you are going with this, but this is not the time.

Cyclops: Alright, Hawkman bolts towards Angel, mace first.

Mr. Terrific: Angel raises his wings as if in slow motion, and brings them down hard onto Hawkman's back.

Cyclops: Hawkman falls several yards, and regains his stability.

Mr. Terrific: Not a second later, Angel's wings are beating down on Hawkman's back again.

Cyclops: Angel continues to beat Hawkman down to the ground, and then some.

Mr. Terrific: Due to the repetitive concussive force of being thrown to the ground so hard, and hit so many times, Hawkman seems to have passed out.

Cyclops: Then that makes Angel the winner!?

Mr. Terrific: Yes, Angel wins!!!

Angel defeats Hawkman 18 votes to 13


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  • Nth Metal

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