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5. Superman vs. Hulk vs. Juggernaut vs. Apocalypse

The unstoppable Juggernaut vs. The super villain Apocalypse vs. The Incredible Hulk vs. The Man of Steel. Who wins this battle of pure strength?

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 Juggernaut                                                                                                                           Apocalypse   




   Hulk                                                                                                                                Superman







Metropolis- Clark Kent reached for his morning orange juice on the table, and takes a sip. He looks around, it was a shabby place for a break-room, he thought. Especially for such a prestigious place like the Daily Planet, but that was neither here, nor there. He put his cup down and stood up. He could hear someone coming down the hall. Lois? As he turned he realized that it wasn’t Lois, but a man, a skinny man with a long neck, and thick glasses. “Hello,” said the man, “my name is Bruce Banner. I’m here for the interview”

“Oh yes” said Clark, “Please sit.” Mr. Banner sat down in the chair opposite of Clark. Clark sat down too. “OK, what do you have for me?” he said

“Are you familiar with The Hulk?” Banner asked

“Well yes, is that what this is about? The Hulk”, before Banner could answer, a white static noise interrupted The Price is Right that Clark was half listening to before. Clark stood up, and turned the TV off. Then sat, slightly rolling his eyes. He opened his mouth to start again, but was interrupted by the TV turning on by it’s self and more static. Clark stood up again, but before he got to the TV a large man wearing all blue with red eyes was in the center of the screen. “Humans of Earth!” he said with a deep booming voice “I am Apocalypse! You have 3 hours to surrender all your governments to me, and make me leader of earth, or I will personally destroy it starting with New York!” The transition ended and The Price is Right was on again. “I have to go,” said Clark to Banner

“I’m going with you,” he said

“You don’t even know where I’m going,” said Clark

“Yes, I do, your going to New York, aren’t you superman?”

“How did you?“

“I’m a scientist, it wasn’t that hard to figure out, plus I’m the Hulk”

“You’re the Hulk?” Clark said with anger and confusion, how could this puny man be the Hulk?

“Yes, and I can help you” Banner said


“Look, you are frustrating me, and frustration is angers ugly cousin, which means you are making my angry, and you won't like me when I’m angry”

“Fine you can come with, but you need to find your own way there. I don’t want to carry the Hulk, he might attack me while I’m flying”

“That’s fine” said Banner, He gritted his teeth, and held his breath trying to make himself angry, Clark could see that is was working, Banner was getting bigger, and his eyes were green. Then his whole body was green, all his cloths tore except for his pants, which were now shorts. Clark took his top layer of cloths off too, to reveal his red and blue suit with the family of El’s crest on the front, his family.

“Nice Hulk” superman said raising one eyebrow. Hulk turned and smashed the wall, and jumped out of the building, down 30 floors. Superman saw the Hulk jump again out of sight. Why can’t he ever use an elevator? Thought superman as he took off out of the hole in the wall out of the building, “Unnecessary property damage.” Thought superman as he glanced back at the hole in the wall before flying at near speed of light out of sight.

On The Outskirts of Queens- Superman landed near the mouth of the cave in which apocalypse was hiding. After a few seconds Hulk landed with a loud thud along with a cloud of dust about 10 feet from superman. As Superman and Hulk walked into the cave, superman stopped and whispered to Hulk to do the same. Superman turned to see a large muscular man whom he knew to be Juggernaut, who was visiting his stepbrother in New York, and came to help. Unfortunately the Hulk also saw this man to be Juggernaut, having defeated him once before. The Hulk lunged towards Juggernaut; Juggernaut's hands clenched into fists and he stood in a power stance. Superman, seeing the danger, super-ran in front of Juggernaut. Hulk was about 3 feet from the two of them when suddenly there was a huge flash of light and all three of them passed out.

When they awoke, they were in a huge arena. Superman recognized it right away as Mongul's arena, he turned to tell Hulk about this, but all he could see was a cloud of dust where the Hulk and Juggernaut must be battling. Well better start now, Mongul will make us all fight anyway in the end thought Superman.

              In The Stands- “So the winner of this fight, will work for me, you say?” said Apocalypse

            “That is what I said, but there has been a change of plans, the winner of this four way fight will be declared the strongest on Earth” said Mongul.

            “-But you said, uh fine, but I only see three, who’s the fourth?”

            “You!” said Mongul, instantly Apocalypse was teleported to the center of the arena

            “Hello Hulk, Juggernaut, Superman, and Apocalypse, you are at my arena to fight, not to the death. Once you are knocked out you will harmlessly be teleported back to your world” said a booming voice in the stands (It was Mongul).

            “Actually if I lose, I would rather go to Earth, if you don’t mind” said Superman with a slight grin on his face.

            “Oh yeah, whatever” he said back “The winner will just receive a small trophy, be declared the strongest on Earth and will also be sent home.”

            Hulk and Juggernaut are already fighting, but if one of them gets knocked out, the other one wont want to lose thought Superman so I might as well fight back, and all I have to do is knock them out, I Think I can do that. That blue guy who wants to be leader of the world over there looks like he would rather die than lose. I’ll turn my attentions on him first.

            “Fight!” said the voice of Mongul again. Juggernaut and the Hulk have already started thought Superman to himself as he zoomed towards Apocalypse


Lois Lane                                                                                                            Professor X                                                                    







Professor Xavier-  He’s not the only one fighting you know, these are some formidable opponents. Apocalypse had to relocate due to the damage Hulk and Juggernaut did to his cave arena.


Lois- This fight was over before it began GO SUPERMAN!!


Professor Xavier-  We can't really see what’s happening between Hulk and Juggernaut because of the cloud of dust, but Superman is zipping down towards Apocalypse. I think even Superman will have trouble with him. He has the Power to have any power he can think of!


Lois- He’s still going to dominate!!


Professor Xavier- Yeah, uh, OK… Superman flew and punched Apocalypse square in the face then backed away. Apocalypse did not fly backwards or even fall down. He staggers clutching his face. He seemed to have the power of invulnerability, but Superman is so powerful it still hurt him.


Lois- YEAH! GO SUPERMAN! Woohoo...OH... What?


Professor Xavier- Apocalypse removes his hands from his face. He is Smiling, if you can call it a smile.


Lois- What’s going on?


Professor Xavier- He seemed to have faked an injury to throw Superman off. Superman has to be feeling pretty silly; his punch did not more than show how weak he is compared to Apocalypse.




Professor Xavier- Superman zooms to the opposite end of the arena, and stands next to the wall.


Lois- Superman flies lazily up to about half the height of thee arena and plants his feet on the wall. The top of his head facing Apocalypse.


Professor Xavier- Superman charges up and kicks off from the wall with such force, the vibrations knock Juggernaut and the Hulk on to their backs. Superman, using the combination of his kick off and his super-speed zooms towards Apocalypse, shattering the sound barrier into pieces on the way.


Lois- Superman’s fist connects with Apocalypse’s face before he even realizes that superman had kicked off.


Professor Xavier- Even though Apocalypse has invulnerability, he is flung backwards into the electrified wall of the arena. Apocalypse falls to the ground, smoldering.


Lois- Superman smiles and gives a half solute half wave to the stands where Superman believes Mongul to be…. SUPERMAN!! BEHIND YOU!!!


Professor Xavier- Superman is given a reverse bear hug by Hulk, and Hulk is squishing him! Superman is fighting back.


Lois- Oh, good, he got free! So what happened?


Professor Xavier- It seems to me that when Superman took off from the wall and Hulk and Juggernaut were pushed down, Hulk was first to recover, and he pounded Juggernaut before he came to.


Lois- So Hulk and Superman are the only ones left?


Professor Xavier- Yes Apocalypse is gone and so is Juggernaut, they must have been teleported back to Earth.


Lois- Oh, I wish we wouldn’t have missed the fight between Hulk and Juggernaut.


Professor Xavier- Hulk has beaten Juggernaut before. I was kind of expecting it for this fight as well.


Lois- I thought Superman would win this fight like a cake walk, but considering Apocalypse took 2 hits from Superman to go down, I’m having my small to non-existent doubts. But Superman has always won his battles in the end.


Professor Xavier- We’ll see. Neither one of those two have tapped into their true strength limits, but Hulk has no limit. So Superman needs to end this fight before Hulk gets too mad.


Lois- Superman lands on the ground, and runs towards Hulk.


Professor Xavier- Hulk Lazily swats Superman away. This is only due to the fact that Superman was caught off guard because Hulk had not charged at him.


Lois- Superman catches himself in midair and hovers 6 inches from the ground.


Professor Xavier- Superman flies towards Hulk and punches him in the stomach, Hulk does not clutch his stomach in pain, all that happens is Hulk is thrown back 6 feet and lands on his feet. Hulk then adopts the boxing stance.


Lois- Frustrated by this, Superman flies towards Hulk again with even more speed, aiming for his face this time.


Professor Xavier- Blinded by his frustration, Superman fails to see that the Hulk is ready for him this time.


Lois- Hulk punches Superman Square in the jaw, and Superman is thrown backwards.


Professor Xavier- Superman catches himself in the air 20 or so feet from the Hulk. Superman stares at the Hulk and raises his hand to the right side of his face. Superman opens his mouth to make sure it still worked properly… It seems that the Hulk hurt, actually hurt Superman. This moment is one for the books!


Lois- AWE! Poor Superman!


Professor Xavier- Hulk must be pretty angry to have hit Superman and make his mouth hurt.


Lois- Superman needs to really lay it on the Hulk or this could not turn out in his favor.


Professor Xavier- Superman flies to the edge again, plants his feet on the electrified wall, charges up, and kicks off. Again going faster than the speed of sound, Superman flies towards his adversary. Hulk, not realizing what’s up, does not realize that the fight was almost over.


Lois- Superman hits Hulk straight in the face. While Hulk is still flying through the air, Superman is winding up for another go on the opposite wall.


Professor Xavier- Superman kicks off for another hit before Hulk has even hit the ground. Superman hits Hulk with enormous force again, this time Superman hit the Hulk on the back of the head.


Lois- and there he goes again for another go! Do you think it is safe to call this match?


Professor Xavier- no, lets wait until Superman is finished playing ping-pong. What number are we at now?


Lois- 9


Professor Xavier- now 10


Lois- 11


Professor Xavier- 12


Lois- 13


Professor Xavier- 13! Superman beat the Hulks face in 13 times! And the Hulk is down! My telepathy tells me that he is unconscious.




Professor Xavier- The Hulk vanishes in a blast of light, and a small trophy appears in Superman’s hand. Superman vanishes into a blast of light too.


Lois- Wait! How are we going to get back?


Professor Xavier- hmmm good question-


Lois- or more importantly, how did we get here?


Professor Xavier- uh, the magic of imagination?


Lois- maybe, but we are going to have to fly in a ship, 9 par-sects back home!


Professor Xavier- Oye! It’s going to be a long ride!


Lois- what’s that supposed to mean?


Professor Xavier- Nothing… forget about it… in fact…




Lois- Who are you?


Professor Xavier- no one you need to know.


Superman won:

Superman - 13 votes

Hulk - 4 votes

Apocalypse - 3 votes

Juggernaut - 0 votes


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