So Who Wins - The Any Character in the World Battles


64. Simba vs. Kimba

The long-standing rivalry will come to an end at the close of this fight!

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Asgard (Loki’s Home):

Loki sits on his favorite chair thinking.

I really should return to the business of finding my Norn Stones, I searched all of Asgard while’st my dear brother Thor was away battling that dolt Captain Marvel. Even against the World’s Mightiest Mortal, my ever so fortunate brother did’st emerge triumphant. I had so hoped that they would’st be the end of each other when I arranged that confrontation, disheartened I knew not where to look for my Norn Stones. Wanting to gather my thoughts I journeyed to the Chetradome and watched Tournament 3, hoping to enjoy the sight of several heroes pounding on one another. I teleported away in disgust immediately after my dear brother Thor triumphed over the Incredible Hulk. I then allowed Dr. Doom to convince me to once again join the Masters of Evil in order to enact one of his schemes, this led to a confrontation with the Injustice Gang, while’st I did enjoy the exhilaration of combat. I found myself exhausted afterwords, having my Norn Stones would’st have proved most useful. If Thor did’st not hide them in Asgard, Midgard would’st most likely be where they are, I can cast a locator spell, but It needs to be done from a magical focal point. The more powerful the magic in the area the better, however the most powerful magical focal points on Midgard all have guardians, or at the very least are often inhabited by delusional mortals who hope to gain some magical power from them. That leaves only that rock formation in the place mortals call Africa, although casting a spell from the rock formation would’st prove difficult if the lions that live there are not first dealt with. The situation requires a closer look.

Loki then magically teleports himself to Africa.

Africa (The Pride Lands a Moment Later):

Loki appears and then transforms himself into a Brown-throated Sand Martin, Loki flies through the Pride Lands observing what he can of the inhabitants of the land. Until he reaches the rock formation that he wishes to investigate, perching in a tree on the rock formation Loki observes the inhabitants there on and learns much about the lion pride that calls the formation on which they live Pride Rock. (Being that Loki can assume the form of an animal he knows how they speak.) He also learns much of the Pride Land’s King Simba, in addition to his closest family and advisers. The two names outside of Simba’s family that catch Loki’s notice are that of his Shaman Rafiki and the Pride Land’s Guardian SimbasGuard.

Simba appears to rule over a large pride, thinks Loki, I doubt that who or what ever this Rafiki is that his magic is powerful enough to discover my presence here, however SimbasGuard was one of Legion of Guardians that the Owner of the Chetradome introduced at Tournament 3. Meaning that should’st I make even the slightest error in my manipulations, Pride Rock would’st have not only a lion pride rushing to its defense, but a team of super heroes as well. It would’st be a scenario painfully similar to the time I had Thor at my mercy in Niffleheim, I was just about to enact my final revenge against my hated brother. When I was beset by not only Balder and the Warriors Three, but the meddlesome Avengers as well. While’st I doubt a lion pride and some rich mans lackeys could match the power and skill I faced that day, tis a distraction I’d rather not be bothered with. So the distraction I set in motion needs to be something that whlie’st being large enough to make Simba mobiles his pride and his allies to deal with, it can’t be so big a threat that SimbasGuard deems it necessary to contact his teammates. Tis something of a dilemma, but I do enjoy scheming up new ways of manipulating individuals to accomplish my own ends. If a threat to his kingdom such as an adversarial lion were to arise, Simba would’st most likely face it on his own. However if an adversarial pride were to attack, Simba would’st need his entire pride and most likely his allies to ensure victory. All’st I need do is find a lion pride strong enough to battle Simba’s. Given what I know of Midgard, methinks the best place to find a large lion pride would be…I don’t know.

Loki then decided to do an air born reconnaissance of the Pride Lands. Within a few hours Loki manages to discover that most of the animals entering or leaving the Pride Lands are traveling to or from the east.

Intriguing. thinks Loki.

Loki then follows this road that the animals seem to be following and within two days he comes to a large forest. Loki lands in one of the many trees. of this forest, and observes the goings on. After a few hours Loki hears a voice yelling.

Kimba, Kimba!”

A green parrot then flies past Loki and Loki follows him, staying far enough behind so that the parrot won’t know he’s being followed. Loki follows the parrot to a castle like structure and sees many animals of different kinds. Gathered in front of it. A White Lion with blue eyes, black ear tips ,and a black tail tuff. Steps from within the castle and the parrot lands in front of him.

What is it Koko?” asks the Lion.

Humans,” says the parrot, “a small army of them with big machinery. What do we do Kimba?”

That explains the helicopters that have been flying over Panja’s Forest for the last few days, thinks Kimba, it’s a good thing that I had all the animals gather here for a meeting.

Kimba then turns to the parrot and asks.

Where did you see them Koko?”

On the outskirts of Panja’s Forest.” says Koko as he gestures with his wing to the direction where the humans were.

Everyone stay calm,” says Kimba, “I’ll investigate this situation and decide on a course of action.”

You can’t go alone.” says a voice from behind.

Kimba looks behind him and a tan lioness with blue eyes and brown hair that becomes curly just below her ears and around the back of her head just above her neck, comes out to stand at his right side, Kimba nuzzles her and says.

I’ll be fine Raiya, I just want to gage the enemy’s strength before I decide what needs to be done.”

Queen Raiya has a point,” says a huge elephant with a broken right tusk, “ let my herd and I come with you. We are best suited to battle the human army.”

That is true Pagoola,” says Kimba, “but your size also makes it easier for the humans to shoot you.”

Then let me go with you Dad.” says another voice from behind Kimba.

Kimba turns his head and sees another White Lion identical to him, aside from having brown eyes and being slightly smaller with a shorter mane. Walk out and stand at his left side. Kimba then takes his son aside and whispers.

I can’t bring you with me Lune, if something goes wrong and I don’t make it back. I don’t want to leave your mother and sister unprotected.”

O.K. Dad,” says Lune, “just be careful.”

I will be.” Says Kimba who then turns to leave the castle.

As Kimba reaches the ground a gray coated Barbary Lion with a dark brown mane (the same age as Kimba) walks up to him and says.

I will accompany you Kimba.”

Thank you for the offer Keruru,” says Kimba, “but I’m only doing a reconnaissance mission and I can do that best on my own.”

Kimba then turns his head to address the animals gathered at the castle and says.

No one is to leave Panja’s Forest until I return.”

What if you don’t return,” says Keruru, “if you go alone and are captured or killed. The humans may attack us while we wait for you and without advanced warning we would be helpless. So whether you like it or not I am going with you.”

I understand your concern Keruru.” says Kimba trying to stay calm, “however the more animals there are in a scouting party. The greater the risk that the scouting party well be seen, if that happens we will definitely be attacked. So whether you like it or not you and everyone else will stay here until I come back.”

I remind you Kimba,” says Keruru becoming very annoyed, “that I am a Co-Ruler of Malody’s Cliff and as such I am not under your rule. I will act in the best interest of my pride regardless of your thoughts on the matter.”

And I remind you Keruru,” says Kimba also becoming very annoyed, “that while Malody’s Cliff is indeed an independent kingdom. It is within Panja’s Forest, as such if you and your brother Amji attack the humans. They will come through Panja’s Forest to attack you, so unless all of us agree that attacking the humans is what we need to do. It is a very bad idea for either of us to take any action other than observing the humans.”

Watching the humans will not drive them away.” says Keruru.

And attacking the humans without knowing anything about their numbers and weapons is suicide.” says Kimba.

Watching while the humans attack us is also suicide.” says Keruru.

I intend to watch the humans,” says Kimba, “so that I can form a defense plan in case the humans attack.”

And I can trust you include Malody’s Cliff in this defense plan?” asks Keruru.

Yes,” says Kimba, ”I will share whatever intelligence I gather with you.”

How can I be sure of that?” asks Keruru.

Since when have I ever given you cause to not trust me,” says Kimba who was both angered and offended by the question, “how many times did I come to your aid when we were cubs? Didn’t that prove that I am a trustworthy ally?”

All right,” says Keruru grudgingly,” how long do we wait before taking some kind of action in the event that you do not return?”

Kimba thinks for a moment and says.

If you hear any gunfire, prepare to defend yourselves.”

Raiya winces upon hearing this and whispers to herself.

Be careful Kimba.”

He’ll be O.K. Mom,” says a tan, brown eyed lioness the same age as Lune as she nuzzles her mother.

I know Lukio” says Raiya as she nuzzles her daughter, “I just worry.”

Kimba is about to head off when he hears Keruru shout to him.


Kimba turns his head in Keruru’s direction and calmly replies.

Yes Keruru?”

Watch your back all right,” says Keruru, “we both know how dangerous humans can be.”

Yes,” we do and I will.” says Kimba.

Kimba then runs off and unnoticed by anyone Loki follows him while thinking.

This is ideal, Kimba’s Pride only consists of his immediate family. However with as many allies as Kimba has it will more than make up for the fact that Simba has a larger pride and his alliance however tenuous with that Barbary Lion Pride. Will easily offset SimbasGuard and whatever other allies Simba may have, although before I can arrange this confrontation I must ensure that Kimba does not die on this resonance mission.

With that Loki flies on ahead.

On The Outskirts of Panja’s Forest (Moments Later):

Loki lands in a tree and sees a small army of humans in blue helmets and uniforms, with black scarves covering their mouths, and a red cobra head emblem on their chests. Along with military jeeps and three specially modified tanks, a man in a black helmet, brown uniform, with silver armor over his left forearm and upper chest, a black eye-patch over his left eye and a thin moustache walks in front of the men and addresses them.

All right gents, Cobra Commander sent us here because local legends tell of vast amounts of gold in this area and you can be sure that if there is gold to be found Major Bludd’s troops will be the ones to find it. Now are there any questions?”

What about the White Lion Sir?” asks one of the men.

He is not as valuable as gold,” says Major Bludd, “but his hide could still fetch a very high price. So if you see him go ahead and take a shot, if any other animals get in your way just run them over.”

These humans could make good pawns for me one day, thinks Loki, but for now I need to get rid of them and I know just what to do.

Loki flies from his perch to the ground and then still hidden by the tree assumes his true form, once he has regained his normal appearance. Loki casts a magic spell in the direction of the Cobra troops.

Major Bludd climbs into the turret of one of the tanks and says.

Aright, the will break trail and the jeeps can follow. The rest of you will stay here and guard the camp, all right Forward, COOOOOOOBRAAAA....HALT!”

Major Bludd looks around to see that every Cobra vehicle, helmet, weapon, and even his own armor has turned into gold.

I have know Idea what is going on,” says Major Bludd, “but I definitely like this turn of events. With all this gold we don’t need to go into the forest, attention men break camp we’re returning to base.”

Ha Ha Ha Haaaaaaaaaa,” laughs Loki as he watches the Cobra troops leave, “those mortal simpletons we’ll be very distraught when they discover that my spell only altered the color of the paint that their metal objects were covered in. Still that takes care of things here.

Loki then magically teleports away.


The Pride Lands (SimbasGuard’s Den, Several Moments Earlier):

SimbasGuard closes his copy of Twelve Times: My Day With SimbasGuard, Tigress’s tell all book (that she autographed for him.) he then thinks.

Wow Tigress, it sounds like you enjoyed it almost as much as I did. When my schedule allows I should really take you up on your offer to come visit you in the Valley of Peace. I’d love to spar with you again.

SimbasGuard then hears a Roar that is somehow both loud and yet distant, suddenly SimbasGuard’s den fades away and SimbasGuard finds himself in an open meadow. SimbasGuard begins to sniff the air in the hopes of finding out where he is, when a voice from seemingly nowhere says.

Greetings SimbasGuard, welcome to my country.”

A Lion then appeared in front of SimbasGuard that was twice his size.

Greetings Aslan,” says SimbasGuard with a bow, (Upon seeing the Great Lion SimbasGuard instantly remembered his previous encounter with him.) “to what do I owe this summons.”

Loki the God of Evil intends to use Pride Rock to cast a spell that will allow him to find talismans that will increase his power.” says Aslan.

Thanks for the heads up Aslan,” says SimbasGuard, “would you be so kind as to send me back to the Pride Lands, so that I may find Loki and rip out his throat.”

SimbasGuard,” says Aslan, “I admire your confidence, but don’t let it become arrogance. What makes you think you can defeat Loki?”

If Loki has a throat,” says SimbasGuard, “I can rip it out.”

You are not powerful enough to fight a god SimbasGuard.” says Aslan.

Then send me to the Chetradome,” says SimbasGuard, “I can assemble the Legion of Guardians and together we---”

SimbasGuard,” interrupts Aslan, “ of all the Guardians only the Demon Fire-Wolf Pyrian Lupus has the power to battle Loki and he would lose that battle.”

Aslan,” says SimbasGuard, “every team has a heavy hitter and in the case of the Legion of Guardians. Pyrian Lupus isn’t our only big gun, we have two spell casters and a Jedi. Mallow alone could give Loki a run for his money, as a team I think we can take him.”

Did you not hear the last few sentence I spoke,” asks Aslan Rolling his eyes, “Mallow has yet to tap into the full extent of his power. When that happens Dr. Strange will be Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme in title only, but as things currently stand Mallow’s power is not enough to best Loki.”

Then why don’t you stop him Aslan,” asks SimbasGuard, “you’re a god.”

It’s not that simple SimbasGuard,” says Aslan, “Loki is Odin’s son and due to an agreement between deities that is nearly older than time itself, deities of different orders must not interfere in each others matters.”

Meaning?’ asks SimbasGuard.

That Odin must tend to thing concerning Asgard, Zeus must deal with things pertaining to Olympus, and so on and so forth.”

So there is nothing you can do against Loki?” asks SimbasGuard.

Not directly,” says Aslan, “unless Odin were to request my intervention.”

Directly?” says SimbasGuard with a smile.

Exactly,” says Aslan, “indirectly however I can do anything I want and that is how I will thwart Loki.”

Terrific, says SimbasGuard, “how will you go about indirectly thwarting Loki’s plan?”

Loki intends to cause a war between Simba’s Pride and Panja’s Forest,” says Aslan, “however with some calming words given to Rafiki and Old Dice from me. I will convince Simba and Kimba to look into the situation themselves, rather than bringing their armies. A one on one battle will not leave Pride Rock empty, leaving Loki unable to---”

A one on one battle?” interrupts SimbasGuard sounding very nervous.

Yes, oh he who must learn to not interrupt me.” said Aslan looking very annoyed.

Forgive me Aslan,” says SimbasGuard both humbly and nervously, “but please tell me that Simba and Kimba will not be fighting each other.”

I will not lie SimbasGuard,” says Aslan, “Simba and Kimba must fight.”

Aslan this is my worst nightmare,” says SimbasGuard, “does there have to be a fight?”

Yes,” says Aslan, “if not I risk my involvement being discovered. As long as Simba and Kimba fight Loki will just assume that his manipulations did not work as he planed.”

But…if…Kimba and Simba…fight…It would be terrible.”

I've taken everything into consideration.” says Aslan.

Then you know that neither Kimba or Simba would ever back down in a fight,” says SimbasGuard, “they will fight to the death. I know how to prevent this fight, without anyone knowing you were involved.”

Really?” asks Aslan as if he doubted SimbasGuard’s Idea.

Yes,” says SimbasGuard, “just send me to where the fight will take place. I can always say I was on patrol in the area, then I can get in-between Simba and Kimba and stop the fight.”

I know you SimbasGuard,” says Aslan, “your sense of loyalty will not allow you to raise your claws to either lion. You would be clawed to death.”

If it stops Simba and Kimba from fighting,” says SimbasGuard, “it would be an acceptable loss.”

Aslan then ROARS with such force that SimbasGuard is sent tumbling backwards by his exhale.

BRAINLESS, UNTHINKING TIGER,” shouts Aslan, “clearly the enchantments the Sons of Adam gave you. Did not increase your intellect. If you are killed in the cross claw swipes of Simba and Kimba’s battle, each lion will blame the other for your death. The inhabitants of the Pride Lands and Panja’s Forest would forever look upon the other with anger, the alliance you hoped to establish would die with you and that is not the worst of it. The Mysterious Jedi, in an effort to honor your memory. Would seek to insure that the battle you died to prevent. Would never take place and would use The Force to mentally order every animal in The Pride Lands and Panja’s Forest to never interact with each other. Doing this would cause the Mysterious Jedi to be ensnared by the Dark Side and become Darth Mysterious, as a Sith Lord Darth Mysterious would make the one know as Darth Vader look like an angel of mercy.”

A moment after Aslan has stopped talking SimbasGuard swallows the lump in his throat, waits for his terrified heartbeat to slow to a calm pace and carefully tests to see if his legs (Which felt like jelly while Aslan was yelling at him.) will support his weight. When SimbasGuard regains his footing, he very calmly asks.

I don’t understand Aslan, if I allow Simba and Kimba to fight. Isn’t that the same as betraying them?”

Loyalty is a very admirable quality SimbasGuard,” says Aslan gently, “but being loyal doesn’t mean following those you give your loyalty to blindly. Sometimes being loyal means letting your friends know when their course of action my not be the right one, you may find that in order to protect your friends. You may have to take actions that may not seem like acts of loyalty.”

Oh no thinks SimbasGuard, what is Aslan trying to forewarn me of.

Fear not SimbasGuard,” says Aslan with a smile, “I am merely letting you know. That if you want your loyalty to truly be an asset to your friends, never let your loyalty cause you not to act. If action on your part would result in a better outcome.”

O.K.” says SimbasGuard, “So what do I need to do to stop this Simba/Kimba fight.”

You need to trust me,” says Aslan trying hard to suppress the annoyance in his voice, “Simba and Kimba have to fight. I knew you would never be able to let that happen, so I brought you here. Not just to keep you out of the way, but so I could assure you that no matter how vicious the battle becomes. That no one will die and no one will be permanently injured or disfigured. Although this conflict will leave both lions bitter and mistrusting of each other, that will merely open the door for you to encourage peace negotiations between the Pride Lands and Panja’s Forest, a crucial first step toward the alliance you hope to establish.”

I am very glad to hear that,” says SimbasGuard, “but how will you get Simba and Kimba to stop fighting? Because neither of them will ever give up.”

Due to my counter measures of Loki’s manipulations,” says Aslan ,The Queen of the Pride Lands and the Queen of Panja’s Forest will find themselves witness to this battle and when a victor has emerged they will end the fight.”

What,” says SimbasGuard, “If I can’t bare the thought of Simba and Kimba fighting. Nala and Raiya will never be able to sit and watch the fight, it will be emotional torture for them.”

I have made sure that Nala and Raiya will neither be tortured by worry nor become hostile toward one another during the fight,” says Aslan, “In fact they will become only half as emotional as that simpleton Beemuh does when he watches a Minnesota Vikings game.”

O.K.” says SimbasGuard, “but I’m very worried about Nala and Raiya getting hurt when they stop the fight.”

SimbasGuard,” says Aslan rolling his eyes, “The love that Simba and Kimba have for Nala and Raiya. Makes your loyalty toward Simba and Kimba seem like a part time hobby by comparison. Trust me when I tell you, that with one word from their Queens. The Kings will stop fighting without a second thought.”

O.K. says SimbasGuard, “so all I have to do is wait here until the fight is over?”

Actually,” says Aslan, “time passes differently in my country and since I doubt you want to stay here for the next one hundred years, I’m going to send you back. Although to insure that you do not interfere in the fight, I’m sending you on vacation or as far as you and Simba will be concerned Simba is sending you on vacation. As like before you will not remember having met or spoken with me but you will remember my advice to you, I will also allow you to retain the knowledge of my existence. Farewell SimbasGuard.”

Farewell Aslan and thank you.” says SimbasGuard with a bow.

Aslan then ROARS and the Great Lion and his country fade from SimbasGuard’s sight.

The Pride Lands (A Second After SimbasGuard Disappeared From His Den):

Loki appears just in front of the entrance to Kingdom Road.

My plan is ready to be set in motion thinks Loki although speeding up events would’st make things simpler.

Loki then casts a spell in front of the entrance to Kingdom Road, he then teleports away and appears behind the trees below Pride Rock.

Now the risky part. Thinks Loki.

Loki then transforms himself into Zazu (Simba’s Majordomo.) and flies above Pride Rock, after making a few circles to make sure the real Zazu is not around. Loki flies to the entrants of the den and yells.

Simba, come quickly!”

Simba then runs out of the den and asks.

What is it Zazu?” (Loki’s magic is so powerful that not only does he look like Zazu but he smells like him too.)

It’s Kimba Sire,” says Loki, “the underground has reported that his army is on the way. You must do something!”

Zazu,” says Simba, “fly around the eastern boarder of the Pride Lands and report to me if you see any suspicious activity.”

At Once,” says Loki who then flies off.

Simba then runs to the promontory of Pride Rock and is about to Roar an alert to the inhabitants of the Pride Lands, when Rafiki climbs up over the tip of the promontory and says.

Greetings Your Majesty.”

Rafiki,” says Simba somewhat surprised, “I’m glad you’re here. Kimba’s army is heading for the Pride Lands and I have to assemble everyone to head them off.”

Hmmmmmm,” says Rafiki, “does dis seem like someting Kimba would do?”

Simba thinks for a moment and says.

Actually no, Kimba has always been nice if not outright friendly towards me and he has never shown any signs of hostility. Come to think of it SimbasGuard is always telling me what a nice guy Kimba is and how much we have in common, maybe I ought to look into the situation myself before I gather the pride for war.”

Very good Simba.” says Rafiki with a bow.

Simba then runs to the outer area of the den and calls.


Simba’s daughter Kiara (Who is herself a young adult.) walks up to him and says.

Mom went hunting Daddy."

O.K.” says Simba, “where’s Kovu?”

He’s patrolling the western boarder,” says Kiara,” he should be back any time.”

Look,” says Simba, “when your mother and Kovu get back tell them to stay here until I get back and make sure the rest of the lionesses stay on or near Pride Rock. I have to look into something.”

Is something wrong Daddy?” asks Kiara.

Maybe,” says Simba, “but I need to find out more.”

Be careful Daddy.” says Kiara.

I will.” says Simba.

Simba then heads toward Kingdom Road while thinking.

I really picked a lousy time to send SimbasGuard on vacation, his assistance in this matter would be very helpful.

Panja’s Forest (A Moment After Loki Flew Away From Simba):

Loki appears at the entrance to Kingdom Road.

Two more things to take care of and then all’st I have to do is go back to Pride Rock and wait.

Loki then casts a spell in front of the entrance to Kingdom Road and then he teleports away, Loki then reappears in the foliage near Kimba’s castle. Loki looks around and make sure that no one has noticed him, he then transforms into Koko, then flies to the entrance to the Castle and yells.

Kimba, Kimba, come quick!”

Kimba then runs out of the Castle and says,

Koko, what’s the matter?”

Loki then lands at Kimba’s feet and says.

Simba is leading his pride this way, it’s an invasion. What do we do Kimba?”

Koko,” says Kimba, “fly to the western boarder and let me know if any intruders show up. I’ll alert the animals to prepare for war.”

I’m on it.” says Loki, who then flies off.

Kimba then runs toward the highest point in Panja’s Forest, in order to alert the animals to the danger. On his way there, he comes across Old Dice the rhinoceros.

Old Dice,” says Kimba, “I’m glad I found you.”

Oh,” says Old Dice, “What’s the problem ?”

It’s an attack from the Pride Lands.” says Kimba.

Are you sure,” says Old Dice, “that doesn’t even seem like good strategy. Isn’t Simba supposed to be a wise king?”

Kimba thinks for a moment and then says.

Yes he is, in fact the last time Bliz…Uh SimbasGuard visited us. He mentioned several times how nice Simba is and how much Simba and I have in common. Which has proven to be true, in the few dealings I’ve had with Simba. He was at least nice if not necessarily friendly and he has never shown any hostility toward me, I’ll take a closer look at this matter before gathering the animal army.”

Good thinking Kimba.” says Old Dice.

Kimba then runs to the outskirts of the castle and calls.


Lukio then comes out of the castle, walks up to her father and says.

Mom went hunting Dad,”

Perfect timing. thinks Kimba sarcastically.

Noticing her father’s unease, Lukio asks.

Is something wrong?”

I’m not sure yet,” says Kimba, “but I’m going to find out. Do you know where your brother is?

He’s out patrolling the eastern boarder,” says Lukio, “ He should be back any time now.”

When your mother and Lune get back, tell them I said to stay here until I get back.”

O.K.” says Lukio, “you will be careful though. Won’t you?”

Of course Lukio, says Kimba with a smile.”

Kimba then heads for the entrance to Kingdom Road and thinks.

Koko must have misunderstood something, if Simba did intend to attack. SimbasGuard would have formally asked me to surrender, he’s to honorable to serve a king who would make an unprovoked attack., unless SimbasGuard and Simba have had a falling out since SimbasGuard’s last visit? There is no point in worrying about it, even if I have to battle Simba’s Pride I know SimbasGuard will not be among them. No one who has fought as hard to save my life as SimbasGuard did, would ever just suddenly attack me without a reason.

Somewhere in the Valley Of Peace (Well Outside of the Village two seconds after SimbasGuard disappeared from his den):

Tigress sits meditating, when the sound of a footstep interrupts her. Tigress leaps to her feet and is in a fighting stance, before even seeing who made the sound.

You are as impressive as always Tigress.” says SimbasGuard with a smile.

SimbasGuard,” says Tigress trying not to sound surprised as she assumes a normal stance , “What brings you here?”

Simba decided I needed a vacation,” says SimbasGuard, “so I decided to take you up on your invitation to visit. Did I come at a bad time?”

No,” says Tigress, “in fact It’s my day off and I was planning on spending the day training. However with Master Shifu, Po, and the rest of the Furious Five busy with missions. I find myself without a sparring partner.”

Well,” says SimbasGuard with a smile, “it would be my honor to spar with you Master Tigress.”

SimbasGuard then bows to Tigress, Tigress returns the gesture and then says

Excellent SimbasGuard, I graciously accept your challenge. Tell me though are you really ready for another twelve times.”

Tigress then smiles at SimbasGuard and takes a fighting stance.

Definitely.” says SimbasGuard as he smiles back at Tigress and crouches into a fighting stance.

The Oasis (moments after Simba and Kimba set out to investigate the attack reports) :

Simba and Kimba reach the oasis simultaneously, (both having encountered Loki’s spell as they were about to enter Kingdom Road. The spell was meant to boost the speed and stamina of both Simba’s pride and the animal army, so that they could make a journey of days in only minuets. Without leaving any kind of exhaustion or wear and tear on the warriors.) both lions then head for the water hole, it is there that they see each other. Both lions then lock eyes with each other and walk to the edge of the water hole, where there is no water separating them. Each lion then thinks.

It’s true, my kingdom is about to be invaded. Although since he is alone, if I can defeat him before his army gets here. I can stop the war before it starts.

Each Lion then simultaneously crouches into a fighting stance.

So Who Wins The Lion King or The Jungle Emperor?


-Set-Up Written By SimbasGuard







Nala: All these years of peace between these two, and now look at them, ready to destroy one another.

Raiya: Although these two have always been on tender hooks because of the name thing.

Nala: There is no denying that. Let's just hope that these two remember that this fight is about the defeat of one another, and not the death.

Raiya: They're men, they probably won't think about it until after the fight is over.

Nala: (chuckle) While that is true, they are more than just men, they are kings.

Raiya: I guess we will just have to see, won't we?

Nala: Simba and Kimba charge for one another, Simba leaps into the air.

Raiya: Kimba speeds his charge, and Simba almost over shoots him.

Nala: Kimba jumps at the same time that Simba's hind quarters are just above him.

Raiya: The added force of Kimba's push causes Simba to flip end over end, and land on his back.

Nala: Simba gets to his feet, seemingly unhurt.

Raiya: Kimba charges again. Simba hesitates, but manages to block Kimba's claw attack.

Nala: Simba bears his teeth, and snaps his jaws at Kimba's face.

Raiya: Kimba recoils from the near bite, and takes a few steps back. Why is Simba being so ferocious all of a sudden?

Nala: Simba's ferocity is the only thing that can tip this battle in his favor. After all, it looks to me that Kimba has a bit of a strength advantage.

Raiya: Simba digs his claws into the ground, and charges hard at Kimba.

Nala: Kimba does the same. The two swipe their claws at the others front grounded leg, and they both fall over.

Raiya: Kimba rolls away, and the two get to their feet, blood glistening from both of their legs.

Nala: The two make eye contact and charge once more.

Raiya: This time the two try and tackle one another, but their equivalence in mass would make it look to a human like they were doing some kind of hugging dance.

Nala: Finally, Kimba's strength proves to be too much for Simba to match.

Raiya: Kimba has Simba pinned to the ground.

Nala: Just as Kimba was about to make the final swipe, Simba inhales deeply and roars hard in Kimba's face.

Raiya: What is that?

Nala: That is Simba's Proud Roar ability.

Raiya: Proud Roar ability?

Nala: It' magic.

Raiya: So he is a King AND a Shaman?

Nala: No, he just...never mind.

Raiya: Kimba goes flying backwards, and back first into a nearby tree.

Nala: A loud crack from the impact, and Kimba crumples onto the ground.

Raiya: Oh I hope he's ok.

Nala: I'm sure he is. Simba is getting to his feet.

Raiya: That makes him the winner.

Nala: Yes, Simba Wins!


Simba defeats Kimba 12 votes to 3


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