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67. Thor vs. Green Lantern

Two fighters who wield the most powerful weapons in the universe fight in this epic battle.

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Green Lantern




Chetradome Arena, Moments Later:

“It's lucky Calamitous's power wore off before either of you got too hurt.” said the owner of the Chetradome as he helped his friend off of the ground. Green Arrow looked worried.

“If you don't mind Chet,” said Green Arrow, “I think now would be a good time for us to get that help you had requested.”

“I think you may be right, Ollie.” said Owner of the Chetradome “Who did you have in mind?”

“I think we should check watchtower first. Just to make sure he's in town.” The Owner of the Chetradome looked a little confused, but said “Mallow!” Mallow appeared moments later.

“What happened here?” Mallow said “Did you guys have a fight?”

“Something like that.” responded the Owner of the Chetradome. “Mallow I need you to take Batman and Iron Man home.” he nodded pointedly at them as if to say: you're not coming with us. Tell the Mysterious Jedi to ready the Chetplane, we're going to the watchtower.”


Watchtower, 23,000 miles above earth

“There is no need for you to be so secretive about who you want to help us Ollie” said the Owner of the Chetradome.

“I don't want you to be disappointed if he isn't here.” Ollie looked around at the various Super Heroes. Trying to find the one he was looking for. The Owner of the Chetradome looked like a kid in a candy store and couldn't resist passing around his card to several heroes as he waited.

“Well Chet,” Said Ollie, “Today is your lucky day, he's here.”

“Who?” asked the Owner of the Chetradome exasperatedly.

“There.” He said as he pointed. The Owner of the Chetradome followed his finger and his eyes fell on a fellow wearing all Black and Green. The Owner of the Chetradome knew him to be the Green Lantern. The Owner of the Chetradome smiled.

“Oh he will do nicely.”


Asgard, Odin's Throne Room

Odin sat on his throne, and looked aimlessly around the room. Save himself, the room was empty. Just when Odin was beginning to grow impatient, a door in front of him opened and his son walked in.

“Thor!” He said happily, but with a tone that meant he had bad news.

“Father.” Thor said uneasily. “Thou summoned me?” he asked although it wasn't a question.

“Twould seem that our very way of life is being threatened.”

“My hammer is ever at thy service Father” Thor said “Ask what thou would of me.”

“There were 3 keys that I didst entrusted to humans. One is for Hel, one is for Niffleheim, and one is for Valhalla. Twould appear that these keys hath been stolen. I needst you to get all the keys, and the one responsible and bring him and the keys to me.”

“How willst I find them Father?” asked Thor.

“A while ago the Owner of the Chetradome told me that the thief who took the keys goes by the name of Chem. Chem is the leader of a group called the Fatal Four. Twould appear that of these members one in particular has been doing most of the dirty work. Her name is Calamitous. I hath her location, and I willst give it to thee, all thou needst to do is follow her and find out where Chem is.”

“Tis a most simple task, but why dost thou needst me to do it Father? Twould not one of thy ravines be better suited to this mission?”

“Given thy relations with the humans, not to mention the Owner of the Chetradome, I didst think that thou wouldst be the best god for the job.”

“I willst hasten on my way anow.”

Chetradome, outside the Legion of Guardians base entrance, that night:

“Now Hal,” said the Owner of the Chetradome to the Green Lantern. “You're job is really simple, do not let anyone in, under any circumstances.”

“I understand” Said Green Lantern as he straightened up. Mallow teleported The Owner of the Chetradome away, and Green Lantern looked around intently. If someone came to get into the Legion of Guardian base, he would see them.

Pacific Ocean, a few miles west of Chetradome Island:

Thor was flying above the water following the signal that his father gave him. I don't see anything. Thor thought, But there must be someone there to move the signal. Thor was startled when the Chetradome came into view quite suddenly. I see, The Owner of the Chetradome didst not jest when he dist say that the Chetradomic Plain was getting an upgrade. Whilst I am far beyond any mortal, I wouldst not hath known that the Chetradome was here if Mjolnir hadst not effortlessly allowed me to pass through the plain upon contact with it. Suddenly Thor felt the signal stop, and he watched as a person shaped shadow walked passed Green Lantern and under the door to the Legion of Guardian base.

I must stop her! Thor thought as he landed. Thor tried to walk past Green Lantern, but Green Lantern put up a green shield.

“Not so fast Thor!” he shouted, and put down the shield “I'm not supposed to let anyone past this point, not even a god!”

“Fool! Thou wouldst dare come between me and my mission?”

“If your mission is to get in there, then yes.”

The two take fighting stances. So Who Wins the pride of the Lantern Corps or the God of Thunder?


Captain America





Captain America: It seem like only yesterday, I was here in the Chetradome commentating a match.

Flash: It seems like forever ago I was in the Chetradome fighting in one of the tournaments.

Captain America: That's right, you had the opportunity to fight both of them in Tournament 3. How did that go?

Flash: Well, actually I fought the Jon Stewart Green Lantern and Thor in the tournament. I defeated Jon in the semi-finals, and lost to Thor in the finals.

Captain America: I see, and below we have Hal Jordan Green Lantern. How do you think this fight is going to go?

Flash: Based on my past experiences with them, I would say that Thor will win.

Captain America: Really? I had my money on Green Lantern.

Flash: Interesting. I know that you've done a lot of commentaries for super heroes and villains fighting. I would think that you could measure them up pretty well and figure out who will win before hand by now.

Captain America: That is true, this will be my 11th. It should be noted that I am right about who is going to win a fight about 70% of the time.

Flash: I guess we will have to wait and see who is right.

Captain America: Not too long, as Green Lantern takes to flight and starts shooting an energy blast at Thor.

Flash: Thor blocks the blast with his hammer, but Green Lantern keeps the blast coming.

Captain America: Still blocking Green Lantern's blast, Thor starts shooting his own God Blast.

Flash: The green and gold colored blasts fight each other for control, and eventually settle in the middle of the two fighters.

Captain America: Both try to push their blasts, but neither of them manage to budge.

Flash: Thor shakes his hammer slightly, and his blast turns from gold to white.

Captain America: Thor's Anti-Force rips through Green Lanterns blast, and rockets towards him.

Flash: Green Lantern quickly makes a thick green wall between him and Thor, but the Anti-Force blast cuts through it like a knife through butter.

Captain America: Green Lantern is forced to move out of the way of the Anti-Force as it finishes cutting a hole in Green Lantern's protective wall.

Flash: Thor stops his blast, and glares up at Green Lantern.

Captain America: Green Lantern raises his ring, and starts shooting green energy blasts at Thor in rapid succession. Aiming for a different part of his body with each shot.

Flash: Thor raises his hammer to the sky, the handle parallel with the ground.

Captain America: Lightning falls, bolt after bolt, in front of Thor blocking each energy blast from Green Lantern as it comes.

Flash: Odin's Beard! That's awesome!

Captain America: Green Lantern looks shocked, and ceases his energy blasting.

Flash: The ground smokes after the last bolt of lightning hits it.

Captain America: Green Lantern looks frustrated, clearly long ranged attacks are not going to work.

Flash: Green Lantern raises his ring to eye level, and creates a giant boxing glove made of his green energy. Probably not a good idea.

Captain America: Green Lantern dives towards Thor.

Flash: Thor remains motionless until the last second.

Captain America: Thor swings his hammer high above his head, then brings it down hard on Green Lantern's shoulder.

Flash: Green Lantern is thrown to the ground, but still moving slightly.

Captain America: Thor picks up Green Lantern, and tosses him a few feet into the air.

Flash: Upon Green Lantern's decent, Thor swings his hammer, and hits him high into the thundering clouds, far away from Chetradome Island.

Captain America: I hope he's alright.

Flash: I'm sure he's fine. Green Lantern always keeps an aura of energy around him to protect him from events like this.

Captain America: Being pounded on by godly weapons?

Flash: You'd be surprised how often it happens.

Captain America: Thor enters the door to the Legion of Guardian base.

Flash: Minutes later he exits holding Calamitous' arms behind her back with one hand.

Captain America: It would seem that her powers of mind control do not work on Gods.

Flash: Good thing too. And seeing how Green Lantern hasn't come back yet, I guess that means that Thor wins. What's your percentage now?

Captain America: (sigh) 64...

Thor defeats Green Lantern 16 votes to 7


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Belong to Marvel Comics:

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  • Iron Man
  • Asgard
  • Odin
  • Hel
  • Niffleheim
  • Valhalla
  • Mjolnir
  • Captain America
  • God Blast
  • Anti-Force 

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  • Owner of the Chetradome
  • Mallow
  • Mysterious Jedi (Sort of)
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  • Chem
  • Fatal Four
  • Legion of Guardians
  • Chetradome Island
  • Chetradomic Plain

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