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6. Sasuke vs. Sora

Sharingan Ninja vs. Keyblade Master who will win?

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The Fighters:



The Set-Up


On The Plateau- During the 1 month preparation between the preliminary and 3rd part of the Chunin exams;Kakashi wants to test Sasuke, so he uses his chakra to summon a fierce warrior.
On Destiny Island- Sora is resting, because 3 days ago he and Riku  had defeated Xemnas in "The World That Never Was". He was about to get up and walk to his boat, when there was a flash of blue light. He closed his eyes.
On The Plateau- When he opened his eyes he was on a plateau and there were 2 people with him. One was tall with white hair, and all Sora could see of his face was one eye. The other one was young. 13 maybe 14?
    "You two! FIGHT!" said Kakashi. Sora raises his Key-Blade as Sasuke runs forward.

Terms of the fight:

Sasuke- has dozens of Kunai and Shurikens. This is the 2nd day of Kakashi's training of Sasuke so he has all the abilities he had before the fight against Gaara.
Sora- Has his Keyblade and all his magical powers from Kingdom Hearts 2 ( He also has the Fire spell from Kingdom Hearts 1 )









Kairi- Shaw? What does that mean?


Sakura- never really thought about that, its like a combination between ‘show him’ and ‘Yeah’ and ‘Yee Haw!’


Kairi- Oh, Ok ~chuckle~ what makes you think Sasuke can beat Sora?


Sakura- I don’t know, but he has never lost a battle and Kakashi wouldn’t have summoned him if he did not think Sasuke had a chance.


Kairi- well, Sora has never lost a battle either, plus he knows magic, and has a giant key as a weapon.


Sakura- Well, Sasuke has the Sharingan, so if this Sora guy has any kind of technique, Sasuke can block it, or copy it! Plus he knows a bunch of battle techniques and jutsu.


Kairi- Jutsu?


Sakura- Jeez, don’t you know anything? Ok, real quick, a jutsu is a special move for fighting or defense, this is caused by using your chakra, uh your inner energy kind of, and uh, using the chakra you are able to do a move that you would not normally be able to do.


Kairi- Ok, I think I get it-----SORA!


Sakura- Sasuke threw some shurikens at Sora and Sora blocks them with his Key-Sword- Thingy, and Sasuke does a totally awesome back flip away from Sora.


Kairi- Oh, I thought he had it then.


Sakura- Sora shoots a blast of fire at Sasuke while he is still flying through the air after his back flip.


Kairi- Sasuke puts his hand to his lips like he is about to smoke something.


Sasuke- Fire Style, Phoenix Flower Jutsu!


Sakura- Sasuke’s fire Jutsu deflects Sora’s fire spell and Sasuke lands on his feet.


Kairi- Sora Jumps high into the air using his level 3 High Jump Ability, and throws his Keyblade at Sasuke.


Sakura- Sasuke LOOK OUT!


Kairi- Sasuke is hit and falls to the ground…there is a puff of smoke and-


Sakura- A Replacement Jutsu! Sora’s Giant Key is stuck into the replacement log!




Sakura- the Keyblade disappears in a zap and the key appears in Sora’s outstretched hand.


Kairi- Sora Behind you!


Sakura- Sasuke had snuck up behind Sora and threw about a dozen kunai and shurikens.


Sora- Protect!


Kairi- Yay! Sora saved himself with the reflect spell.


Sakura- a reflect spell? Wow I need to learn that… What’s this? Where did his Keyblade go… Hey, now there are two!


Kairi- Wow, those are Oathkeeper and Oblivion! Normally he is not able to use his forms with out Donald or Goofy, but he seemed to pull off like a half form change. His Cloths are the same, but he has two Keyblades and they are floating.


Sakura- Se he could just sit back and let his Keyblades do all the work?


Kairi- no, he has to be in a certain range, and every move of the Keyblades are made at his digression, he controls their every move.


Sakura- How long can he maintain the Keys?


Kairi- Not very long I expect, because while we were in Destiny Islands, he did not get to practice his form changes, that is to say we did not think he needed to.


Sakura- Sasuke pulls two kunai out and puts one in each hand. He prepares as Sora sort of drifts towards him, Keyblades spinning and slashing.


Kairi- Suddenly Oblivion zooms towards Sasuke while Oathkeeper stays by his side to protect him.


Sakura- Sora’s Keyblade and Sasuke start up a kind of Captain Hook and Peter Pan Sword fight; the Keyblade slashing at Sasuke, and Sasuke dodging and blocking every move.


Kairi- Sora seems to be slowing down, he is losing his mind grip on the Keyblade.


Sakura- Between Keystrokes by Oblivion, Sasuke throws 3 shurikens at Sora.


Kairi- Oathkeeper blocks all three and disappears, and so does Oblivion. Sora’s Kingdom Key is back in his hands again, and he falls to his knees.


Sakura- Sasuke takes his two kunai and throws them at Sora.


Kairi- Sora attempts to move out of the way, but he is still hit, each kunai in each of his legs, just above the knee caps.


Sakura- Sora removes the Kunai and throws them at Sasuke, Sasuke steps to the side to avoid the Kunai.


Kairi- Sora raises his Keyblade into the air.


Sora- HEAL!


Sakura- Heal? He can heal too?


Kairi- yup, but he can’t do any magic for a while, but its worth it not to bleed to death.


Sakura- Sora stands up with his Keyblade taut, and Sasuke pulls out 2 more kunai.


Kairi- How many of those does he have?


Sakura- shhhhhh!


Kairi- But I--


Sakura- We don’t talk about that.


Kairi- Ok, well, Sasuke runs towards Sora and Sora runs towards Sasuke. Hey, what is Sasuke doing?


Sakura- Oh, he’s just running in slow motion… wait running in slow motion?!


Kairi- Sora continues to run, but stops when he realizes what’s going on.


Sakura- Sora walks around Sasuke a couple of times, all the time Sasuke is still running in slow motion.


Kairi- Sora stands behind Sasuke and raises his Keyblade to make the final move of the match.


Sakura- When suddenly Sasuke does a backwards kick into Sora’s stomach.


Kairi- Sora is thrown onto his back, and then quickly stands up. Sora yells and charges the two feet to Sasuke.


Sakura- There is a sound of metal on metal and the two are in a lock; kunai and Keyblade, this fight could go anywhere from here.


Kairi- They punch each other back and forth, and neither seems to be the stronger of the two.


Sakura- Sasuke removes one of his kunai from the lock, using only one hand to defend against Sora, he makes a swipe for Sora’s stomach and Sora jumps backwards to avoid the blade, breaking the lock between them.


Kairi- Sasuke slashes again before Sora has gotten his footing. Sora dodges this too but this time he raises his Keyblade.


Sora- Thunder!


Sakura- Sasuke! Sasuke was struck by lightning and has fallen to the ground onto his back.


Kairi- He didn’t use his replacement Jutsu did he?


Sakura- No, but he is getting up again, and he appears to be unharmed.


Kairi- Sasuke prepares his kunai ready for melee battle once again.


Sakura- But Sora raises his Keyblade and shoots Ice out of it.


Sasuke- Fire Style, Fireball Jutsu!


Kairi- Sasuke’s fire balls hurtle towards Sora, melting his ice charge with ease.


Sakura- Sasuke’s fireballs are now inches from Sora when Sora some how deflects them back at Sasuke.


Kairi- Sasuke dodges what he could of his own fireballs, leaving a few singes on his cloths.


Sakura- Sasuke pauses to analyze his choices as to what to do next.


Kairi- He must be thinking that he has to finish the battle before Sora gets too much of the upper hand.


Sakura- Sasuke seems to have figured out a strategy.


Kairi- He made a hand sign but nothing happened.


Sakura- That’s the Shadow Clone Jutsu, but I don’t see any Shadow Clones.


Kairi- Sasuke throws some shurikens at Sora, and Sora deflects them with ease.


Sakura- More shurikens zoom towards Sora.


Kairi- But he didn’t throw any more after the first time.


Sakura- That is what Sasuke cloned when he did the Shadow Clone Jutsu, usually when someone does the Shadow Clone Jutsu, they clone them selves, But this time Sasuke cloned shurikens, and they will keep aiming for Sora until Sasuke is forces to stop, or he runs out of chakra.


Kairi- Sora! Throw your Keyblade!


Sakura- But now Sasuke heard you, he would know that Sora would throw his Keyblade, and Sasuke will do a replacement jutsu… so Sora throws his Keyblade, anything for you huh Kairi?


Kairi- Maybe, Sora’s Keyblade hits Sasuke right in the chest, another puff of smoke and it was another replacement jutsu.


Sakura- Wow! Your really catching on, but where is the real Sasuke?


Kairi- SORA!


Sakura- Sasuke is behind Sora, and he literally stabs Sora in the back, and Sora falls to his knees.


Kairi- ~sniffle~


Sakura- Sora reaches into his pocket and pulls out a green bottle.


Kairi- Sora drinks the potion and stands up.


Sakura- Now he’s got potions too! Look even Kakashi is surprised by this one.


Kairi- Sora turns and faces Sasuke.


Sakura- Sora raises his Keyblade and shoots his ice spell again.


Kairi- Sasuke dodges it with a jump and flips over Sora, landing behind him.


Sakura- Sora, having expected this, spins around and hits Sasuke with the butt end of the Keyblade in the side of Sasuke’s head. Sasuke is down!


Kairi- He does not seem to be moving.


Sakura- Sasuke didn’t use a replacement jutsu and he never use his sharingan in this fight.


Kairi- Sasuke is still not getting up, Sora wins!

Sakura- Yup, Sora wins.


Sora defeats Sasuke 8 votes to 4


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  • Oblivion
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