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89. The Akatsuki vs. Organization 13

These two teams of powerful villains face off in this battle of black cloaked mayhem.

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The Akatsuki

  Itachi                 Kisame               Deidara           Sasori                  Zetsu                       Hidan                            Pain


Organization 13

Axel                 Demyx                        Zexion              Xaldin                           Marluxia                         Saix                              Xemnas



This is a hard fight to call. Anyone who has played Kingdom Hearts 2 knows who Organization 13 is, and everyone who has seen Naruto knows who the Akatsuki is. Since Naruto characters never win (against non-Naruto characters) on I think it's safe to say that Organization 13 will win. That added with the popularity of the Kingdom Hearts games will give them the edge in this fight. I think it's pretty even as far as strength and powers go so deciding who to vote for was hard. Mine will be for the Akatsuki, as they are one of my favorite (non Marvel or DC) group of villains.


"This is a though one to call, both teams match up very well. Being (what could be considered) Magical Ninjas and Melee Style warriors that also wield very powerful magic. I think any advantage The Akatsuki have in terms hand to hand combat skills are offset by the melee weapon skills of Organization 13. Magic-wise I’d say it’s even. My vote goes with Organization 13, because I like  Kingdom Hearts better than Naruto. I think Organization 13 will win due to the fact that Kingdom Hearts is a more mainstream property than Naruto.       

This is a though one to call, both teams match up very well. Being (what could be considered) Magical Ninjas and Melee Style warriors that also wield very powerful magic. I think any advantage The Akatsuki have in terms of hand to hand combat skills are offset by the melee weapon skills of Organization 13. Magic-wise I’d say it’s even. My vote goes with Organization 13, because I like  Kingdom Hearts better than Naruto. I think Organization 13 will win due to the fact that Kingdom Hearts is a more mainstream property than Naruto.       



"This is a though one to call, both teams match up very well. Being (what could be considered) Magical Ninjas and Melee Style warriors that also wield very powerful magic. I think any advantage The Akatsuki have in terms hand to hand combat skills are offset by the melee weapon skills of Organization 13. Magic-wise I’d say it’s even. My vote goes with Organization 13, because I like  Kingdom Hearts better than Naruto. I think Organization 13 will win due to the fact that Kingdom Hearts is a more mainstream property than Naruto.       



I'm willing to guess that since the organization is better known they will get more votes.



[Note to the reader: Many of the characters in this fight are now dead, so obviously this fight takes place when they were all alive.]

“Remind me again.” Said Axel to the group. “Where are we going again?”

“We aren't sure what it's called exactly.” responded Xemnas. “But we've detected multiple surges of power. 9 to be exact, and they are scattered throughout a large island on this world.”

“So we're going to track them down? For their hearts?” asked Xaldin.

“Yes, and they will make excellent Nobodies. For these in particular powers to exist they must be housed in very large beasts of some sort. I am hoping the seven of us can managed to capture them. It shouldn't be too difficult as they will all be alone, one by one they should be no trouble.

“These better be worth it.” said Demyx “We still have things to take care of before we start our master plan.”

“Why do you think we left the others behind?” asked Xemnas. “They can manage things until we get back.”

“Sir, we're entering the atmosphere of the world now.” said Marluxia.

“You know where to land Marluxia.” Said Xemnas. “For the rest of you, we're landing in a remote location, far from any villages, but pretty much in the middle of all the points of power.”

“I'm going to touch down in front of that big boulder.” said Marluxia.

“Very well.” Xemnas said as the ship landed with a slight jerk.

“There seems to be something written on the boulder.” said Zexion.

“Maybe we'll have to deal with the locals after all.” said Saix with a grin.

“Everyone, out of the ship.” said Xemnas. “This has to be quick, we have many things to do.”

Akatsuki Base of Operations:

“Looks like we have company.” said Zetsu. “Seven people wearing all black.”

“What do they want?” asked Pain.

“They are just standing there looking at our front door with interest.”

“Let's not keep our guests waiting.” said Kisame with a toothy grin. “Let them in!” Zetsu turned and stared at Pain for approval.

“Very well. Let's see what they want. If they don't serve our interests we can always kill them.”

“We leave tomorrow for the Sand Village.” said Sasori referring to himself and Deidara.

“This won't take long.” said Pain as Zetsu lifted the seal on the inside of the boulder. As he did, the Giant boulder covering up the entrance to the Akatsuki base vanished, and the shocked Organization 13 members walked in.

“Come in if you must!” shouted Pain. “What bring you to our neck of the woods?” he asked as the 7 members of Organization 13 walked into the dark cave.

“We are here on a mission to find 9 beasts.” said. Xemnas. “We plan to capture them, and take their hearts and bodies.” The Akatsuki members remained motionless as they all realized they were referring to the Nine Tailed Beast Spirits. Pain looked very frustrated by this. No one else had ever expressed interest in harnessing all of the Nine Tailed Beast Spirits, save themselves.

“It would seem that we have similar plans.” said Pain as he gritted his teeth. “Unfortunately, we're not willing to share.”

“It's no matter to us.” said Xemnas. “We neither require nor desire your help.”

“You misunderstand me.” said Pain. “You're not leaving here with your lives. The Nine Tailed Beasts are ours!”

“We don't have time for this.” muttered Demyx.

“If you insist.” said Xemnas. “We'll make short work of you.” The 14 villains take fighting stances. So Who Wins? The Coveters of the Nine Tailed Beast Spirits, and betrayers of home? Or the thieves of hearts, and Nobodies from nowhere?









Naruto: It's crazy to think that all these people are here, pretty much fighting over me.

Sora: Well, not just you, but all the Tailed Demons.

Naruto: If they were really smart, they would come and get me now. I'm right here!

Sora: Don't give them any ideas.

Naruto: Haha, alright, on the side of the Akatsuki we have: Deidara, Hidan, Itachi, Kisame, Pain, Sasori, and Zetsu..

Sora: And on the side of Organization 13 we have: Axel, Demyx, Marluxia, Saix, Xaldin, Xemnas, and Zexion.

Naruto: From where they are standing it looks like the line-up will be: Itachi vs. Axel, Kisame vs. Demyx, Deidara vs. Zexion...

Sora: Sasori vs. Xaldin, Zetsu vs. Marluxia, Hidan vs. Saix, and Pain vs. Xemnas.

Naruto: Alright, lets start with Itachi vs. Axel as they look like they are about to rip each other to shreds.

Sora: Axel holds out his hands and his chakrams known as the Eternal Flames appear in his hands.

Naruto: In a flash he throws them through the air at Itachi.

Sora: Itachi simply dodges out of the way of the fiery weapons.

Naruto: Itachi does a hand sign and stares into Axel's eyes.

Sora: Over to Kisame vs. Demyx.

Naruto: Kisame wastes no time in pulling out his sword Samehada, and pointing it at Demyx.

Sora: Demyx doesn't look too pleased with being threatened with a large sword and positions his guitar to play.

Naruto: Demyx strums a few choice chords, and several 6 foot tall music notes made entirely of water materialize around him.

Sora: The music notes form a little battle formation and start charging towards Kisame.

Naruto: Over to Deidara vs. Zexion. Wasting no time, Deidara throws a dozen clay birds into the air.

Sora: The birds zoom full-speed at Zexion, apparently with the intent to hit him.

Naruto: Those birds of Deidara's are explosive, Zexion better take them seriously.

Sora: Zexion raises his hands into the air, and a small meteor shower takes place in front of him. Several meteors hitting the clay birds in mid-air, and exploding them.

Naruto: Over to Sasori and Xaldin.

Sora: Xaldin raises his hands and 6 blue and white lances appear. Two in his right hand, one in his left, and three more circling through the air around him.

Naruto: With a jerk of his left hand, one of the floating lances throws itself at Sasori.

Sora: Sasori deflects the lance easily with his scorpion tail.

Naruto: Sasori removes his cloak, this battle is going to need his full puppet body at the ready.

Sora: Over to Zetsu and Marluxia. Marluxia raises his hand and his scythe, The Graceful Dahlia, appears in his hand.

Naruto: Marluxia pushes the air in front of him, and cherry blossoms appear in mid-air.

Sora: Quickly the cherry blossoms form together and collectively shoot at Zetsu as if they were one giant bullet.

Naruto: Zetsu makes no attempt to dodge, and simply becomes intangible to let the cherry blossom bullet pass through him.

Sora: Over to Hidan and Saix. Saix raises his hand and his claymore, Lunatic, appears in his hand.

Naruto: Hidan remains motionless as Saix charges forward and slashes his claymore at Hidan's chest.

Hidan just laughs and Saix is forced to take a step backwards.

Sora: Hidan wields his triple bladed scythe menacingly.

Naruto: Over to Pain vs. Xemnas. It's really hard to tell whether or not Pain is using his true body or not.

Sora: Well, if it were me, I would think it would be pointless to put myself at risk by walking around home base.

Naruto: Xemnas has not idea about Pain's powers, I guess he's about to find out the hard way.

Sora: Xemnas raises his hands, and red beams of ethereal energy shoot out of them to about the length of a long sword. Xemnas wields them as such and starts to hover forward.

Naruto: Back to Itachi vs. Axel. Itachi's stare seems to be doing little to effect Axel. I wonder why his Mangekyo Sharingan isn't working on him.

Sora: Must have something to do with the fact that Axel is a Nobody.

Naruto: That's not very nice.

Sora: I think you know what I mean. Axel charges forward, his chakrams ready to strike.

Naruto: Itachi remains motionless, trying to put forth all his effort in using his Mangekyo Sharingan on Axel, but Itachi's determination seems to have been a mistake.

Sora: Axel hit's Itachi with flaming force, and Itachi is thrown across the large cavern, his cloak ablaze.

Naruto: Over to Kisame and Demyx.

Sora: Kisame decides to charge at the approaching water notes and begins slashing through them easily.

Naruto: It was only a matter of seconds before all the notes were puddles on the ground. Kisame turns to Demyx.

Sora: Demyx throws his guitar over his shoulder and begins to run.

Naruto: Kisame jumps into the air, and lands in front of Demyx. Kisame isn't one to show mercy and let you retreat.

Sora: Over to Deidara and Zexion. Zexion raises his hands again, and a tornado made of dark energy picks up Deidara, and spins him around for a bit.

Naruto: The tornado stops quickly, and Deidara is plopped uneasily to his feet.

Sora: A copy of Zexion's Lexicon appears next to him and it zooms at Deidara. Deidara, who was still quite dazed, hadn't seen it.

Naruto: Deidara and Zexion disappear as the Lexicon closes on Deidara.

Sora: Several seconds pass and Zexion re-appears. It looks like he got the better of Deidara inside the tornado dimension.

Naruto: Over to Sasori vs. Xaldin.

Sora: Xaldin's deflected lance makes its way back to him, and resumes it's place circling him.

Naruto: Sasori opens his mouth wide and exactly 100 wooden arms shoot out of it. The arms seem infinitely long, they uncoil from inside Sasori, and they rocket towards Xaldin.

Sora: The hands of every arm bend backwards and sharp six inch blades protrude from the wrists of all 100 arms.

Naruto: Xaldin manages to block quite a few of the guided blades, but a couple manage to get through his defenses and stabs him mercilessly. He'll have to be looked at after the fight.

Sora: Sasori turns his attention to Axel.

Naruto: Over to Zetsu vs. Marluxia.

Sora: Zetsu phases into the ground below himself, and appears almost instantly in front of Marluxia, rising from the ground quickly.

Naruto: Marluxia looks dumbfounded by his quickness through the ground, and barely has time to block Zetsu's punch with the staff of his scythe.

Sora: Marluxia takes a few steps backward and slash at Zetsu's chest.

Naruto: Again he lets Marluxia's attack simply slip through his intangible body.

Sora: Over to Hidan and Saix.

Naruto: Saix seems a little at a loss, how do you defeat someone who can't be hurt?

Sora: Hidan throws his scythe at Saix, his scythe of course attached to a rope for easy retrieval.

Naruto: The blades miss Saix by inches as he dodges, good thing too, you don't want Hidan to get a hold of your blood.

Sora: Saix takes advantage of Hidan being temporarily weaponless, and charges forward.

Naruto: Over to Pain vs. Xemnas.

Sora: Xemnas begins to swing his ethereal energy swords at Pain, but Pain dodges them with ease.

Naruto: Xemnas seems to get bored of this, and retracts his ethereal energy swords.

Sora: In the blink of an eye Pain is covered by darkness. Several dozen beams of ethereal energy rods appear in the air around him, and begin shooting at Pain.

Naruto: There are yells of protest as Pain is hit repeatedly by the ethereal energy. Finally the darkness is lifted, and Xemnas steps backwards to reveal Pains body.

Sora: Isn't this the part where Pain gets up unhurt?

Naruto: Maybe Pain knows that the battle may be lost, and there is no reason to risk his other bodies.

Sora: Alright, over to Axel and Sasori. Sasori bites down on the wooden arms that were left sprawled across the cavern floor, and opens his mouth again.

Naruto: Several hundred large sharp needles, probably drenched in poison shoot out of Sasori's mouth and towards Axel.

Sora: Axel uses his fire powers to create a firestorm on the ground below the needles trajectories.

Naruto: The needles are shoved upwards and hit the ceiling of the cavern. They then fall into the flames pitifully.

Sora: Axel throws both of his chakrams at Sasori. The first Sasori deflects with his scorpion tail, the other slices through Sasori's body like butter.

Naruto: Fire isn't exactly a friend of wood. Sasori's puppet body starts on fire, and blood begins to drip from inside.

Sora: Axel must have hit a vital place for Sasori to be bleeding. He's mostly a puppet right? Sasori seems to be retreating into the cavern caves, probably to repair himself.

Naruto: Speaking of retreating, over to Kisame vs. Demyx

Sora: Demyx pulls his guitar back around just in time for it to block a strong blow from Kisame.

Naruto: The strength of Kisame and the sword knock Demyx onto his back, still blocking the large sword with his guitar.

Sora: Kisame bears down on Demyx, and his guitar snaps in half, allowing Kisame's sword to hit him in the chest.

Naruto: The blade cuts deeply into Demyx's chest, but that wasn't the intent. The blade's power pulls all of Demyx's energy out of his body, and he passes out.

Sora: Kisame turns to Zexion. Over to Zetsu and Marluxia

Naruto: Zetsu smiles, and takes a few steps back.

Sora: It looks like he only got close so he could use his spore attack.

Naruto: Giant mounds of green spores almost spring to life around Marluxia, getting bigger and bigger surrounding him.

Sora: Not only is Marluxia now unable to move, Zetsu's attack is sucking all of the energy out of him.

Naruto: Zetsu turns his attention to Xemnas. Over to Hidan vs. Saix

Sora: Saix takes another swing at Hidan's body, but Hidan just lets it hit him. This isn't going good for Saix.

Naruto: Fighting someone who can't be harmed isn't a good idea.

Sora: That mixed with the fact that Saix gets his powers from the moon, it's midday, and we are all inside.

Naruto: Not good at all. Hidan's scythe lands in his outstretched hand, and Saix is still looking frustrated about his lack of ability to hurt Hidan.

Sora: Looks like he waited too long as Hidan slashes at Saix with his scythe. It wasn't a killing blow, but Saix falls to the ground, he'll probably be out of this fight for a while.

Naruto: Hidan turns his attention to Axel. Over to Kisame vs. Zexion.

Sora: Zexion wastes no time and tries to do the same trick he used to defeat Deidara with.

Naruto: A clone of his Lexicon appears next to him and zooms towards Kisame.

Sora: Kisame simply cuts through the book with ease, and does a quick hand sign.

Naruto: Kisame leaps into the air, and begins to spin. Water seems to pour out of him as he tornado-dives at Zexion.

Sora: Zexion is too amazed by Kisame's quick defense and now spectacle, that he doesn't even get out of the way of Kisame's attack.

Naruto: Kisame slashes and spins into Zexion, and lands on his feet. Zexion falls to the ground unconscious.

Sora: Over to Xemnas vs. Zetsu.

Naruto: Xemnas makes no effort to come up with a new attack on the spot, and begins to wield his ethereal blades again.

Sora: He rushes at Zetsu, who looked un-amused by Xemnas' simple attack.

Naruto: Xemnas slashes at Zetsu, and Zetsu becomes intangible.

Sora: The blunt blade hits Zetsu in the neck, and he is so taken aback by the blades power to hit him while intangible, he doesn't even block the second attack to his head.

Naruto: Zetsu falls to the ground, and Xemnas gets ready to fight Kisame.

Sora: Over to Axel and Hidan.

Naruto: Axel, who seems to be on of the busiest of all the fighters here, once again brandishes his chakrams at his opponent.

Sora: Hidan looks less than impressed and throws his scythe at Axel.

Naruto: Axel blocks the scythe with his chakrams and throws one at Hidan.

Sora: Hidan really likes to play with people so he let the chakram hit him in the chest.

Naruto: Over to Xemnas vs. Kisame.

Sora: Kisame, who seems to be liking the fact that he gets to use his sword so much leaps forward at Xemnas, and makes to slash at his body.

Naruto: Xemnas' ethereal energy blade catches Kisame's shark skin blade.

Sora: They both seem surprised by the others weapon's ability to stand up to their attack, but Xemnas' ethereal energy blade begins to flicker violently and starts to dim.

Naruto: Quickly he uses his other one to hit Kisame in the face.

Sora: Kisame stumbles backwards, breaking the weapon lock, and Xemnas hits him in the head again, this one aimed to knock him out.

Naruto: Kisame falls to the ground.

Sora: Back to Axel and Hidan.

Naruto: Hidan pulls the chakram out of his chest simply, and throws it on the ground.

Sora: Axel looks dumbfounded.

Naruto: Axel seems to be thinking quickly and throws his remaining chakram.

Sora: Hidan looks rather annoyed at Axel's inability to realize he can't be hurt, but decides to let the chakram hit him, as now Axel will be unarmed. Big mistake.

Naruto: Hidan seems to realize something is up at the last moment as his eyes widen.

Sora: The chakram hits him square in the neck, severing his head from his body.

Naruto: It's a good thing Axel figured that out. That's really the only way to immobilize Hidan for any length of time.

Sora: Well all the Akatsuki members are either unconscious, dismembered, or out of range.

Naruto: With Axel and Xemnas from Organization 13 left, That means Organization 13 wins.

Organization 13 defeats The Akatsuki 14 votes to 11


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