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This is the FAQ page. If you have any questions about the site, hopefully they can be answered here. If not, send me an e-mail ( and i will try to answere it the best that i can.

About Us

  1. What is SoWhoWins?

    SoWhoWins is a site dedicated to fans of fictional characters, who want to see the answer to their question: "Who would win in a fight between...?"

  2. Who runs the site?

    For the most part SoWhoWins is run by me "Chett". However a lot of the monotonous jobs like the character database, and fixing errors is given to SimbasGuard. Although the site would be very boring without members to think of fights.

  3. How can I join?

    It is as simple as going to the members page, making a username a password. Members have easy access to members only pages that give the site an extra demention.

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What We Do

  1. What does SoWhoWins do?

    We take existing fictional characters from almost any media, and put them in fights against one another. After the votes are tallied, i write a commentary describing how the fight took place.

  2. Why did you make this site?

    As it would happen, there is another site like this, that shall remain nameless (CBUB). It was really neat, and Ii liked it, but they never had any new fights. Wanting to see some superheroes fight, I started this site on December 6, 2006. Together with my uncle (SimbasGuard), the site has grown substantially, expecially in the last year.

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  1. When is the next fight going to be posted?

    For the most part, fight commentaries are posted every other week. However time limitations on my end may cause the fight to take longer.

  2. How come my fight suggestion is not on the upcoming fights list?

    Getting a fight from suggestion to the upcomming fights list is a long process.

    1) The fight suggestion is delivered directly to my e-mail

    2) I give it the OK

    3) I send it to SimbasGuard

    4) He gives it the OK

    5) He sends me accepted fights every week

    6) The fights get added to a document that is scored every month or so.

    7) After the fight has recieved its score, it gets added to the upcomming fights list.

    So depending on when you make your fight suggestion, it could take anywhere from 1-8 weeks to get added to the upcomming fights page.

  3. How does a fight get accepted?

    Fights go through SimbasGuard and I for approval. For the most part, all we do is make sure that they follow the rules.

    Accepted fights are added to the news page every week.

  4. How do i know if a fight has been accepted?

    Accepted fights are added to the news page the Sunday after the fight is suggested. (fight suggestions made on saturday may be too late).

  5. Why was my fight rejected?

    Fights are only rejected if they violate one of the rules.

  6. When will my fight be done?

    You fight will be done when it is the next one on the upcomming fights list. Normal numerical progression is almost impossible, however there is a chance that the fight could be selected at random when we have a "random" fight.

  7. What is a random fight? and how does it become random?

    When it comes time to make another top 15 fights list, 3 are always at random. A random fight is a fight that is on the list, but not near the top. Random fights are determined using a computer program.

  8. The fight accepted wasn't exactly what was suggested, why?

    Some fight suggestions need to be tweeked in order to better follow the rules and theme of the site.

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Fight Scoring?

  1. How does fight scoring work?

    Fights are scoring using a 100 points scoring system. Divided into 10 different catagories of scoring. For more information click here.

  2. Why did my fight get such a low score?

    Fight suggestions that involve obscure characters (meaning that they aren't used on the site often), or suggestions that have a lot of characters tend to have a lower score.

  3. How can I improve the score my fight got?

    Generally fights get higher scores when they are 1 on 1, and when they use characters that have been on the site in the past.

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What are these?

  1. Who are the Legion of Guardians?

    The Legion of Guardians are a team organized by the Owner of the Chetradome. They fight supervillains, and the line up can be found here.

  2. What is the Chetradome?

    The Chetradome is a fighting stadium on Chetradome Island. The Tournaments take place here.

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Fight Elements?

  1. Why do all the fights have taglines?

    The taglines were added to fights just to catch the attention of people passing by the page. They generally involve alternative names for characters.

  2. How does voting work?

    All you have to do is read the question. (Usually [character] vs. [character]: Who do you want to win?) Then you click on the radio button of the character you want to win, and then click "Cast My Vote!". You vote will be added to the votes already tallied up, and you will be shown the results so far.

  3. What kinds of things should i leave in the comments?

    Comments or discussions related to the current fight or other appropriate fight subjects can be left in the forum. 

  4. What is a Set-Up?

    A Set-Up is just a short story describing how the competitors go from living their normal lives, to getting in the situation of fighting each other. In the beginning years of this site, the set-up was short and only had information that was neccisary. Lately however, Set-Ups run long, have more detail, and a sub-plot story that follows several characters along through the fights.

  5. What are Commentators?

    Commentators are characters that are in some way related to the fighters. They describe what is happening in the fight as they happen. (much like a sports commentator)

  6. What is a commentary?

    The commentary is the result of the fight. It is only written after the votes have been tallied and finalized. Most run 2 to 3 pages, and usually written the same day that they are posted.

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