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Marvel vs. Mortal Kombat (with all the Mortal Kombat characters!) Add Video

The person Rhino is versing is Motaro. There is also a mistake after Mokap. He fights the Vision, not Wonder Man. Wonder Man is against Dairou. I just messed up when creating the video. If you think any of the fights should go differently, please state it and the reason why. Here are the reasons why I put the fights like this. Marvel vs. Mortal Kombat Spider-man vs. Mavado (Mavodo has grappling hooks that can combat Spidey's webs) Ghost Rider vs. Scorpion (Ghost Rider's chains combat Scorpion's Spear and they both have fire skulls [Scorpion is wearing a mask over his skull]) Iron Fist vs. Liu Kang (both have kung fu that combat each other) Captain America vs. Kung Lao (Cap's shield combats Lao's Hat) Blade vs. Nitara (both are vampires [well, Blade is half vampire] and Blade hunts other vampires) Wolverine vs. Baraka (Wolverine's claws combat Barakas blades) Thor vs. Raiden (God of Thunder vs. God of Thuner, need I say more?) Iceman vs. Sub-Zero (both have ice abilities) Human Torch vs. Blaze (both have fire abilities and are covered in fire) She-Hulk vs.Sheeva (both are tall, super strong women) Storm vs. Rain (both have powers associated with the weather) Lizard vs. Reptile (both are reptilian creatures) Cyclops vs. Kano (both shoot lasers from eye(s)) Chameleon vs. Chameleon (same name and both shapeshift) Mystique vs. Khameleon (both shapeshift) Blob vs. Bo' Rai Cho (both are fat and use that to their advantages) Punisher vs. Stryker (both are cops with a vengeance) Black Widow vs. Sonya Blade (both are agents of organizations that serve justice) Hawkeye vs. Nightwolf (both have bows and arrows) Daredevil vs. Blind Kenshi (both are blind) Elektra vs. Mileena (both wield daggers) Nightcrawler vs. Smoke (both teleport, leaving behind clouds of smoke) Rhino vs. Motaro (Rhino's rampage attack challenges that of Motaro and both have horns) Blizzard vs. Frost (both can freeze) Banshee vs. Sindel (both scream..............very loudly) The Hulk vs. Moloch (both are super strong) Darkhawk vs. Hsu Hao (both shoot beams from chests) Deadpool vs. Noob Saibot (both are ninjas that can teleport) Dragon Man vs. Onaga (both are dragons) The Thing vs. Goro (both are super strong) Juggernaut vs. Kintaro (both are super strong) Iron Man vs. Sektor (both are men that are either a cyborg or a man in armor that is mostly red) Green Goblin vs. Cyrax (both throw bombs and lots of them ) Loki vs. Shinnok (both have similar archenemies) Changeling vs. Shang Tsung (both shapeshift) Mimic vs. Shujinko (both can have the powers of others) Invisible Woman vs. Tanya (both turn invisible) Doctor Strange vs. Quan Chi (both are powerful sorcerors) Jean Grey vs. Ermac (both have telekinesis) Colossus vs. Jax (both have some, if not all, of their bodies covered in metal) Luke Cage vs. Johnny Cage (both have the same last name [are they related]) Carnage vs. Meat (both have a bloody red color and are violent fighters) Doctor Doom vs. Daegon (both are evil overlord hungry for power) Mister Fantastic vs. Taven (both have similar archenemies) Thanos vs. Shao Kahn (both are enemies of almost everybody from their respective universes) Magneto vs. Reiko (both are powerful villains that aren't quite worthy enough to match the 2 above) Gambit vs. Jade (both wield powerful staffs) Psylocke vs Li Mei (both have dual weapons that would make an interesting battle between them) Shadowcat vs. Kira (both are fierce female warriors) Ms. Marvel vs. Ashrah (both are powerful female fighters) Black Cat vs. Kitana (both are feisty [and sexy if I may say so myself] fighters) Rogue vs. Sareena (uh, they both have the same hair colors) Quicksilver vs. Kabal (both have superspeed [one of Kabal's moves have him moving at superspeed]) Silver Surfer vs. Fujin (both are extremely powerful people) Black Panther vs. Darrius (both are fierce male warriors) Beast vs. Drahmin (Drahmin's moves seem like something a beast would have) Bishop vs. Kai (both look kind of similar) Cable vs. Hotaru (both are very powerful men) Scarlet Witch vs. Havik (both cause chaos) Venom vs. Jarek (both are evil men and Jarek's rope can challenge Venom's webs) The Vision vs. Mokap (leftover) Wonder Man vs. Dairou (leftover) Namor, the Sub-Mariner vs. Kobra (left over) I realize some of these I didn't elaborate on quite enough. As I stated above, if you have a suggestion, please state it. Some battles are similar and have the same reason. For example, I put that both are super strong for 3 fights. I put the Hulk against Moloch because they are the strongest. Then it goes down in strength to Juggernaut vs. Kintaro then to the Thing vs. Goro. The last few fights and even some farther above didn't have good reasons for why they were paired up. I couldn't really think of how else they could be matched up. So I repeated some reasons and put "leftover" for the rest.

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Reply SimbasGuard
6:54 PM on March 29, 2011 
Very nicely done, there are a lot more mortal Kombat characters than I knew of.
Reply Chett
3:15 AM on March 26, 2011 
I liked this the first time you posted, and glad you reposted it with the appropriate adjustments. ;)