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Welcome to the So Who Wins Character Database. This database is filled with characters that have been already featured on this website. As well as ones that are scheduled to fight in the near future. The database also has many original characters that are exclusive to this site. If you are looking for a specific character, click on the letter that the characters name starts with.


If you are unsure what name the Character would be under, try out the search bar. Generally their entry in the Character Database will be the first entry, the other links will be to other places in the website.


SoWhoWins Strength Rating System

The following is a strength level rating system for fictional characters. Based on our opinion as well as research. Not every character is listed, just the names of some characters that fit into the power levels described. We hope this helps you to understand the terms we use in the bios. Another thing to note is that just because two characters are in the same strength class does not mean that a fight between said characters would end in a stalemate. It just means that they are more evenly matched.

Strength Level
 A level of power so great that said character can do anything. Cosmic Level Power doesn’t necessarily pertain just to physical strength, but anyone with Cosmic level power can easily wield Cosmic level Strength. This applies to Deity-like characters. Odin, Zeus, Aslan, Shazam (Wizard), Spectre, Darkseid, The Living Tribunal, Galactus, Gaia, Infinity, and characters wielding immense magic like Genies.
 A level of power so great that any additional power gain would put said character on the level of a Deity, or if A Deity level character were to loose a portion of their power. This does not just apply to physical strength, but can easily be funneled into it.The Titans, The Hydra, The Kraken, Thanos, and Spawn
 For characters so strong that it is highly unlikely that they would ever encounter a situation where they would be forced to say “I’m not strong enough.”Superman, Captain Marvel (DC), Martian Manhunter, Superboy, Hulk, Thor. Hercules (Marvel), Beta Ray Bill Wonder Man, Silver Surfer, Namor, He-Man, Aquaman, Gilgamesh, She-Hulk, Wonder Woman, She-Ra, Faker, Juggernaut, Abomination, Black Adam, and Kalibak.
 For characters that seemingly have no limit to their strength, but still could be defeated by a less powerful opponent.Colossus, Mr. Incredible, Iron Man, War Machine, Thing (Presumably), Hercules (Disney), Solomon Grundy, Rhino, Ultron Titania, and creatures such as Dragons
 For characters that are though of as Big strong bruisers. As well as characters that while not being big strong bruisers, underestimating their strength would be a very serious miscalculation.Luke Cage, Doc Samson, Savage Dragon, Ms. Marvel, Rouge, Ironclad, Mr. Hyde (Marvel), Wrecker, and Captain Britain, As well as races such as Asgardians and Olympians.
 For characters that are very strong, but their great strength is not necessarily the first thing you think of when you think of them.Spider-Man, Darkhawk, Beast, Wolverine, Six Million Dollar Man, Dr. Doom, and Terminator. As well as races such as Atlantians, Eternals Gargoyles, Vampires, Werewolves, and TransFormers 
 For characters that are stronger than most humans, but not strong enough to be SuperhumanCaptain America, Cable, Black Panther, Black Widow, Conan The Barbarian, Thundarr The Barbarian, Spock, Tarzan, Kingpin, Darth Vader,  and Mockingbird. As well certain types of Elves (such as those from Middle Earth, and Alagaesia), and Certain types of Dwarfs (Such as those from Middle Earth and Alagaesia).
 For characters in peak physical condition (or close to it), but who’s strength level would not be unattainable by any human who worked out hard enough.Batman, Falcon, Green Arrow, Nightwing, Red Arrow, Hawkeye, Daredevil, Moon Knight, Shang-Chi, Snake Eyes, Elektra, Catwoman Batgirl, and Black Cat
 For characters that have no significant physical advantage. Penguin, Two-Face, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Jarvis, and Alfred.
 For characters with strengths below an average human. This would mostly apply to children, the elderly, and small animals. Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Dora the Explorer, May Parker, Abraham Simpson, and Charles Montgomery Burns.


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