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Yahiko is an enemy of Naruto Uzumaki.

Powers, Skills, and Weapons:

Yahiko has near superhuman strength and speed. He also has the ability to do water-style jutsu, such as: Raging Waves: In this technique Yahiko creates a wave of water that washes away his enemies. Yahiko can control the force of this attack depending on the level of chakra he uses when doing this attack. Exploding Water Colliding Wave: This technique is the same as the previous one, except that Yahiko can rider the wave he creates. This makes it easier for him to capitalize on the disorientation of his opponents, and make the chance of his opponents counter attacking very unlikely. As with the previous technique it’s level of intensity can be controlled by the amount of chakra put into it. Yahiko’s water-style powers also enable him to control rain. Yahiko is also capable of sensing the chakra of anyone trying to sneak up on him by water. Yahiko also has the ability to repel and attract objects and people. Although using this power is exhausting and will leave Yahiko vulnerable until he recovers (The time it takes Yahiko to recover depends on the amount of chakra used in the attack). These same powers allow Yahiko to use a technique called Chibaku Tensei, This technique allows Yahiko to create a sphere of dark gravity that he then throws into the sky where it expands and causes surrounding matter to be drawn into it and compressed within it. This attack leaves a large crater in the earth.. The sphere of matter can the be dropped on an enemy, however this technique is also a very draining one and it can not be maintained indefinitely. The Chibaku Tensei can also be used to trap an opponent, The Chibaku Tensei can also be used on a smaller scale, resulting in less loss of chakra, but also in less damage to the enemy. Another way that the Chibaku Tensei can be used is to create a whirlwind of boulders that can be use as both a means of defense and offence. Boulders from these whirlwinds can also be launched individually as a means of attack. The Chibaku Tensei can also be used to trap an opponent just long enough to fire a chakra blast into the sphere and cause an explosion. Yahiko can also use the shapeshifting technique: The allows Yahiko to create body doubles of anyone. Yahiko can also astral project. Yahiko is also skilled in placing Five-Seal Barriers on hideouts and anything else that he does not want his enemies to investigate. Yahiko can also perform The Phantom Dragon Nine Consuming Seals Technique: This technique allows Yahiko (with the help of other members of The Akatsuki) to extract a demon from the body of a jinchuriki and place the demon in an object such as a giant statue. This technique is a time consuming one and the amount of time required to perform it depends on how many members of The Akatsuki are assisting with the process. Being a ninja Yahiko is also highly skilled in hand to hand combat, Yahiko is highly skilled in the use of ninja weapons such as The Kunai and given the fact that he used to carry a sword. It is safe to assume that Yahiko had greater skill with a sword than he did with other ninja weapons. Yahiko is also a very capable leader.


Yahiko is mortal and as such he is vulnerable to the same harm and sickness as any human.


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