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Make a Fight Suggestion

This is the "New and Improved" make a fight suggestion page. Before you make your fight suggestion, please take a look at these pages to make sure that the fight isn't already in the system.

Fight Suggestion List (new!)- This page is fights that are in the system. Here you can see their status. (Most recent at the bottom)

Upcoming Fights List - This page is full of fights that are accepted, and are ready to go, they are just waiting for their number to come up.

Rejected Fight List - This is a list of fight suggestions that were rejected.

So Who Wins News - This is where fight suggestions that are being processed go. This only updated weekly, so it may take time for you to get your fight here.


Things you should know about your fight suggestion:

1. If you don't explain where the character is from, we will assume you mean one or another. (example Scorpion (Marvel) or Scorpion (Mortal Kombat))

2. Fight Suggestions may be changed, to make the fight fair, or if you say a team (ex. Avengers) i will decide who is on that team.

3. You might want to take a look at the way i score the fights for points. Here.



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