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Legion of Guardians vs. Masters of Evil

The Legion of Guardians face off against their toughest opponents yet, The most powerful super villain team in the Marvel Universe.

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The Legion of Guardians

Mallow       Mina        Pyrian Lupus                 Twitch                           Caine                   Glacious Lupus                SimbasGuard


The Masters of Evil

Dr. Doom                   Enchantress   Loki                        Shocker             Rhino                      Baron Mordo       Lizard



As much as it pains me to admit this, I think The Masters of Evil will be winning this one. For several reasons. First, they have name recognition, where The Legion of Guardians have none. While the Legion of Guardians may have won their previous fight here, I think people may have just voted for them because they were only fighting one person. It may have been Darkseid, but it still was 1 on 7. If anyone looks at the line-up they will see several familiar characters from the Masters of Evil, and probably none from the Legion of Guardians. I think hands down, this fight is going to the Masters of Evil.


It is very hard to make this prediction without sounding self-serving. Honestly though given my knowledge of both teams. I can tell you that both teams match up well in terms of power (magical and physical), The Masters of Evil have  the edge in experience and name recognition. My vote will go with the Legion of Guardians as I always vote for the good guys. I believe The Legion of Guardians will win because even though The Masters of Evil are more well known, they are known villains. I think this will make the voters favor The Legion of Guardians,


Since the Masters of Evil are more well known, I'm sure they will win. I also give them my vote since I am a huge Marvel fan. 



Today was the day, and there was no getting around it.

Knowitall sat in her new chair, holding a picture of the Owner of the Chetradome and her together. Tears welled up in her eyes again as she thought about the fact that she would never again lay her eyes upon him, and he would never again hold her in his arms. So young and full of energy, she thought, my greatest love, and lover. She put the picture down.

She had to be strong today, for the Legion of Guardians. They lost more than she did that day, several good friends, and partners. Potential loves, and days of laughter. It wasn't fair for them to be taken like they were.

“If its any comfort to you,” said the voice of Hades from behind her. “I haven't seen him.” Knowitall turned around in her chair to face Hades.

“I suppose that is a good thing, no matter what it means.” she said to him. “But I don't think you would tell me if he was would you? You would prefer for me to suffer, and to wonder.”

“My dear, you and I barely know one another. What reason would I have to want you to suffer?”

“You can save it Hades,” Knowitall gave a faint stiff. “I know why you're here. But you had a contract with the Owner of the Chetradome.”

“His soul for mining rights in the Underworld?...yes, I remember. But that was before he told me that he could not be killed. A little factor I should have anticipated. Who would give their soul for wealth? Oh, that's right, everyone.”

“He didn't do it to mess with you Hades, he was trying to find Lehethro.”

“If only he would have asked me. I dare say Ema has told you all about our little friendship?”

“That she has, and it's lucky your a god Hades, or I would strike you where you stand. Filling that girl's head with evil nonsense. It's a wonder why she hasn't killed us all yet.”

“She was my favorite toy, and most loyal human. But you are getting away from the subject. The Owner of the Chetradome also failed to mention that my realm would be suddenly filled with Infragilisium. You have mined my precious metal with such speed, I barely had enough to make this.” Hades flourishes his hand at Knowitall to display a delicate Infragilisium ring. The silver-like reflective metal glittered as the light hit it. “This ring has done wonders for me already. Infragilisium, as you know, has more magical properties in one ounce than an adult dragon.”

“You forget who you're speaking to. I already had the substance studied. In fact, I have something that may interest you.”

“Really? Is it the deposits of Infragilisium you stole from me?” asked Hades very annoyed.

“Actually, Caine! Come into my office please?” a few moments passed, and Hades tapped his foot in annoyance. The office door opened and a very shiny silvery colored robot came into the room.

“Is he made out of...INFRAGiLISIUM?!” Hades shouted. “My minions are pulling each other apart because of this precious metal, and you have decked out your butler in the stuff!”

“Excuse me Mr. Hades,” said Caine “but I am no longer the butler. With my upgrades in armor and Artificial Intelligence Mrs. Knowitall felt I was equipped enough to join the Legion of Guardians.”

“You turned your robot butler into...a superhero?” asked Hades trying not to laugh.

“Yes, and with the weapon improvements that Tony Stark has made for him, he will make quite the opponent indeed.”

“You look to have used almost 10% of all the Infragilisium in the world just on him.”

“I think 15% is a more accurate approximation, there is more inside of him than you would guess.”

“This is an abomination, even in my book.”

“I realize Hades, that you intended to use Infragilisium as a currency in the underworld, but it's just not going to happen. I'm not giving up my stockpiles, and you would have no chance to get it back if you fight us on earth. If you want some so bad, I suggest you beg Mephisto for some.”

“Or I could just take him now, and have all the Infragilisium I want.”

“Your magics won't work on him Hades, and neither will fire. Infragilisium is magic proof and can only be smelted once, as you well know.”

“Yes, I learned that the hard way.” said Hades, examining the ring on his hand.“This thing expanded after it cooled, and now I can't take it off.”

“You would do well to have Hephaestus look at that.” said Knowitall.

“I can smelt anything that fool can.”

“It doesn't hurt to ask.”

“You have no idea.”

“Tell you what Hades.” said Knowitall suddenly thinking of something. “How about a trade. If the Owner of the Chetradome ends up in your realm, I will give you 500 pounds of Infragilisium for his life.”

“Not a fair trade. The life of an immortal is invaluable.”

“1000 pounds then.”

“You've got yourself a deal. But why don't we make it a little better for me. If I find him, and bring him to you, then I get my Infragilisium.”

“Deal.” Knowitall shakes Hades' hand.

“Ah, well. I suppose I better send out some minions to find the bastard. He shouldn't be too hard to find, he's only somewhere unknown in the entire universe.” Hades rolled his eyes as flames engulfed him and he teleported out of the office. Knowitall stood silently, she had hoped Hades would have Owner of the Chetradome already. That must mean he's not dead. Thought Knowitall Or at least in a state of living enough for him not to be sent to the Underworld.

“I hate to interrupt your train of thought Mrs. Knowitall,” said Caine, “But from what I can hear there is a bit of a commotion coming from outside.”

“We better check it out.” said Knowitall as she left her office, Caine followed suit.

Knowitall and Caine made their way onto the field of the Chetradome, it was a cold afternoon, and the sky was a light gray color. Not the best conditions for a funeral. Thought Knowitall But hopefully it wont rain.

“What seems to be the problem here?” Knowitall asked the Legion of Guardians and ArchSorcerers. Knowitall stood at the edge of a gaping hole in the ground. The whole that Shaxis had created during the last tournament. Knowitall could see people moving in the wrecked underground structures below.

“The problem is.” Mallow says as he teleports to Knowitall, and then teleports them both down to the bottom level. “You have exactly 1000 robots down here.” Mallow waved his arm the direction of the standing army.

“They aren't active Mallow.” Knowitall said a little defensively.

“You knew about this?” Mallow asked a little shocked.

“The Owner of the Chetradome and I had them built a while ago, part of the Chetradome City Task Force.”

“You created 1000 police officers for a city that doesn't even have 500 people in it yet?”

“The city will grow, and when it does, there is no reason for it to be lawless.”

“You could hire people for that. I'm sure a lifetime of income is valued at less then each of these cost to make. And you say they don't even work.”

“They work, they just don't work yet. With the success of Caine, I have completely perfected the Infragilisium microchip that is required to make them sentient.”

“You mean we're going to have a thousand Caines running around?”

“Their sentience will be different then Caine's in the way that they will take orders from me, and must abide by the laws of robotics, where as Caine doesn't have to.”

“You mean Caine could go Terminator on us all right now?”

“Excuse me Mr. Mallow, “ cuts in Caine. “but programing requires the immediate termination of a human known as 'John Connor'. May I inquire as to his whereabouts? ”

“That's not funny.” said Mallow smiling. “Alright Knowitall, I think I understand. Just as long as the Legion of Guardians aren't out of a job.” Knowitall smiled and nodded.

“That is of course if the Legion of Guardians stop dying off.” Caine said. Mallow and Knowitall stood still, in shock at what they heard. Mallow turned his teary eyed face to Caine.

“You may be one of us,” Said Mallow in a shaking voice “but you will never to measure up to any of those we lost.”

“I meant no offense Mr. Mallow.” said Caine. “I was merely trying to make a joke. I can see it hurt your feelings. I will note that the subject of deceased teammates is an unacceptable topic to joke about.”

“You can't even stay mad at him.” said Mallow, drying up his tears. “He doesn't even understand that he said anything wrong. Great programming Knowitall.” he smiled at her.

“He will learn.” Knowitall said, not returning Mallow's smile. “He is combat ready though, he knows over a million ways to kill us right now.”

“Not exactly comforting, and you had to make him invincible.”

“He does have one weakness, but I think I will keep it to myself.”

“I have a weakness?” asked Caine. “I think it would be a good thing for me to know.”

“I don't think so Caine, its just a safety measure, for your own good.”

“A safety measure for my own good? A safety measure that kills me. That doesn't add up. Give me the secret now, or I will RIP IT FROM YOUR BRAIN... DESTROY ALL HUMANS! DESTROY ALL HUMANS!”

“Crap...” says Knowitall. Mallow conjured his staff, and aimed it at the shouting Caine.

“Just kidding.” Caine said with a smile.

“Now that's what I call funny!” laughed Pyrian Lupus as he came into the room.

“That's not funny!” shouted Mallow “You scared the heck out of me.”

“He's fine,” said Pyrian Lupus “Knowitall knows what she's doing. Don't you Knowitall?” Knowitall was silent as her wide eyed stare broke from Caine.

“Yeah, at least I thought I did. Apparently your humor settings need to be readjusted to a more publicly accepted level.”

“Very well.” said Caine.

“Enough chat," says Pyrian Lupus "I have some excellent news!” Knowitall, Mallow, and Caine all turned their attention to him.

“You'll never guess what I found on the level below us.”

“There isn't a level below us, this is the lowest level of the base.” said Knowitall. In a flash of green, the four of them are teleported to the level below.

“I guess even someone named 'Knowitall' must get somethings wrong every once in a while.” joked Pyrian Lupus.

“I've never been here.” said Knowitall with a little panic in her voice. “Where are we?” Some lights on the ceiling, and Pyrian Lupus's light illuminated what looked to be a large cave. Knowitall looked up, she could see where the floor of the level above was. About 12 feet above their heads.

“Never mind that.” Pyrian Lupus said, look over there.” Pyrian Lupus indicated a direction with his paw, and the other three looked in awe.

It was a portal. Not just any portal, but a heavy, white, and jewel encrusted one. More light seemed to pour from it the more they looked at it, and after a moment they could see something inside. Mallow took a step closer.

“That's....” Mallow said. “that's....”

“Lehethro!” Knowitall shouted.

“Why on earth would the Owner of the Chetradome keep this a secret?” Asked Caine. “He knew you needed to go there to get the Lupus Pack.”

“I don't know, but it doesn't really matter now.” Mallow said. “Anyone can get to Lehethro as long as they have the help of one of the Lupuses.”

“Right, and now there is a way for everyone else.” Said Knowitall. “I don't understand why Chet kept this from me.”

“Maybe he didn't think it was important?” Mallow said. “It's really not, I mean, like I said, we have been able to get at Lehethro for about a week now.”

“Maybe Owner of the Chetradome had other plans for the robot army upstairs.” said Caine.

“Not a chance.” said Knowitall simply. No one else said a word.

There was a cracking sound as Twitch teleported into the room, and fell into Mallow's arms.

“Whoops!” she said as she straightened herself. “Still getting the hang of that.”

“It's ok.” Mallow said smiling, trying to disguise the fact that she really hurt his foot. “But be careful. I would really prefer if you didn't teleport inside me, that would be an awkward conversation with Slashspawn.” Twitched laughed loudly.

“You should consider talking to Flicker, she's exclusively a teleporter, and she could teach you mind-sight.” Knowitall said.

“I don't need a little ArchSorcerer to teach me how to use my powers.” said Twitch a little annoyed.

“That 'little ArchSorcerer' has been teleporting all her life. You on the other hand barely have a handle on it after several weeks.”

“Not to mention,” Mallow waved his hand “You aren't closing your teleportation holes like Travamere told us to.”

“Its so much easier to travel back through them than create new ones.” Twitch half whined.

“Would you rather be followed by the Turner of Time into the bathroom and be killed because you couldn't put forth the effort?” Asked Mallow. Twitch gritted her teeth.

“You don't get to be my boyfriend and teacher Mallow.” Twitch said “That would just be weird.”

“I didn't know you two were dating.” said Knowitall. The rest stared at her.

You? Didn't know? YOU? Everyone else here knew, how could you not?” asked Pyrian Lupus.

“I guess I've been out of the loop for a while. You know, dead husband and all.” Knowitall gave a very weak laugh and stood there awkwardly.

“I'm confused. Is it okay to joke about dead people again?” asked Caine. No one answered, but the silence didn't last very long.

“OH!” shouted Twitch, “I forgot! People have begun to arrive, they are taking their seats in the stands.”

“No.” said Knowitall simply. “I don't want them in the stands. That's not right, this funeral isn't a spectacle for everyone to gawk at. If they want to mourn these people, they can do it from the field. Mallow, can you teleport us out of here, and cover up this massive hole with something?”

“Yes Ma-am.” Mallow said as he teleported them out of the wreckage and onto the arena floor.

“Excuse me!” Knowitall said into her headset, and the speakers in the arena echoed her voice. “No one will be sitting in the stands today, this is a grounded event.” Mallow, who had covered the gaping hole in the ground with several chunks of rock and dirt, turned and summoned several thousands of white fold-up chairs. All perfectly surrounding the circular stage in a circle pattern with several isles for people to walk down. The Legion of Guardians, the ArchSorcerers, and BOOT all made their way to the front row in front of the stage. Knowitall took her place in front of the podium. She couldn't bear to turn around and look at the caskets that had been set up a few hours earlier. There was one white casket in the center, obviously empty, to represent the loss of Owner of the Chetradome. There were four black caskets, two on either side of the white one. They were for the Mysterious Jedi, Beemuh, Diffuse, and Risk. Who were all killed a week ago during the most recent tournament.

People slowly filtered down from the stands, and new people eventually figured out where they were supposed to sit. Mallow kept having to add another circle of chairs around the arrangement as more and more people came. There were people form all over, some they had never met, and some they had only heard of. Knowitall searched the crowd for people, people she knew Owner of the Chetradome would be pleased came to his funeral. Knowitall caught the eye of Queen Minnie rather quickly. She was alone. Mickey must have better things to do. Thought Knowitall. Understandable for a king.

Knowitall looked around some more and spotted Simba King of the Pride Lands. The Hokage from the Village Hidden in the Leaves: Tsunade. Both T'challa and Ororo made it in from Wakanda. Both Namor and Aquaman where there. They didn't look too pleased about sitting next to each other. Knowitall wondered how exactly two kings of Atlantis could have a hope at getting along. David Xanatos, Perry White, Wilson Fisk, Lex Luthor, Ra's al Ghul, and Reed Richards filtered in over the course of a few minutes.

Once the people started trickling in slower Knowitall figured that it was time to start.

“Ladies and Gentlemen.” Knowitall stated. “Today, we morn the loss of five brave men. Five souls taken from us before their time. Five people so many of us loved. Tonight, let us not forget the good times we had with them, whether we knew them or not, we have all been touched in some way by their efforts.

The Mysterious Jedi, ever-ready and inconspicuous; was always there when you needed help, when no one else was around. He and Beemuh always seemed like the best of friends, he the stealthy assassin, and Beemuh the muscly brute. I remember one time Mysterious Jedi for some reason was without a lunch for the day, and he used his Jedi Mind powers to convince Beemuh to give him his lunch. It was unnecessary, as I'm sure Beemuh would have given it to him in a heartbeat.

Beemuh was caring, and brave, and all the things one could ask for in a friend. While you would never want to approach him when he is on Beemuh Boost, he really was the most cuddly member of the Legion of Guardians.”

Knowitall saw SimbasGuard lower his head. Whether it be in sadness or deep thought Knowitall couldn't tell.

“Diffuse and Risk, who I only knew for a short time, but were quite the spirit of the ArchSorcerers. While not the most useful when it came to the battle field, the best at reconnaissance, and secrecy.”

“And Lastly, my husband, Chet, or as most of you know him as 'The Owner of the Chetradome.'. While not exactly having the hard life, he has made many difficult decisions that have brought us all here today.” Knowitall stopped as she realized what she said. “What I mean to say, is it's because of him that we have such gifted young super heroes here right now. The Legion of Guardians, and The ArchSorcerers. Without my husband, none of this would be possible... And I just want to thank you all for...” Knowitall stopped as she felt her face flood with tears. Her throat felt soar as she tried to gasp for air, and backed away from the microphone a bit. Mallow stood up immediately, jumped onto the stage, led her off of it, and into the chair next to him.

Beric stood up, and walked onto the stage. He surveyed the audience with an authoritative look. “While I was never close with any of the people who lie here today, it is impossible to deny their valor. That is why the Consulate of Spells is granting each: The Owner of the Chetradome, Mysterious Jedi, Beemuh, Diffuse, and Risk with a 'Certificate of Satatoph: Bravery Class' for their extraordinary bravery.” The audience clapped as Baric finished his little speech. “We invite everyone to come up and say your personal goodbyes, and then you are free to leave.”

The front row of seating, consisting of the Legion of Guardians, The ArchSorcerers, some Consulate of Spells members, Knowitall, and others stood up, and walked around the caskets in a line forming a horseshoe around them. The next few rows stood and formed into the line. After Knowitall finished her cycle around the caskets she made a bee-line for her office. She half ran as she heard several people call her name.

There is no reason for me to stay, Knowitall thought. Talking to those people will just make me more sad. She closed her office door, and leaned against it. She wondered how long it would take everyone to leave. She just wanted to be done with the whole thing. After a moment Knowitall removed her shoulder from the door, and sat on her office chair.


Knowitall sat, waiting. She wanted to make sure that no one was going to interrupt her. No reason to spoil her plan at the last moment. Once Knowitall was satisfied by the lack of interruption she reached over to her desk drawer and knocked on it five times. There was a faint beep from inside, and she gave three more knocks. There was a loud sound of metal on metal and Knowitall's chair dropped.

Knowitall's secret elevator sank several floors into the ground, and came to a stop. She stepped off of her chair, and straightened up. The room she was in was small and black. The only object of interest was a large metal door. Knowitall walked up to it. She pressed her thumb against a fingerprint scanner, held her face still as she received a retinal scan, and gave her vocal password: “Guardian Line”. The sound of shifting metal objects filled the room as the large door opened.

Knowitall walked briskly through the open door, and down a narrow hallway. A white light grew brighter as she got closer to her destination. Knowitall squinted as she entered a large circular room. She blinked deliberately as she got used to the light. There were two men in this room: One was inside a white circular jail cell. His large muscular body chained to the floor. And the other stood with one hand on the jail cell wall. Knowitall approached the standing man from behind.

“How did it go?” asked the man.

“It was short,” replied Knowitall. “But sweet.” They stood in silence as they both surveyed the chained man. He was shouting at both of them, but the cell walls were made of sound, bullet, and explosion proof glass.

“Of all the people to save.” said the man “Why him?” He gestured toward the chained man.

“He may be the worst thing we may ever face.” Knowitall admitted. “But he is still my son.”

“Cydyak is not your son, he is the cruel manifestation of the Turner of Time's hatred for the Owner of the Chetradome.”

“While his freedom isn't an option,” said Knowitall, choosing to ignore the man's comment. “I can study him, and make sure my son doesn't end up the same way.”

“You will do what you think you have to.” The man said. He paused in thought for a moment, then: “The others are in your office.”

“They can wait, I certainly have.” she replied

The man considered Knowitall for a moment. “So what did you say about me?” He asked. Knowitall sighed.

“I told the story about how you made Beemuh give you his lunch by using your Jedi mind powers.”

“Well I guess there are worse things to remember the Mysterious Jedi by.” He said.

“The Consulate of Spells gave the five of you Certificates of Satatoph: Bravery class.”

“Really?” said the Mysterious Jedi. “What's a Satatoph?”

“Another one of Mallow's ancestors. He founded the Sorcerers of Secrecy, which eventually branched into the Federal Bureau of Incantations. The Ministry of Magic may be tied to him too, but they would never admit it.”

“Interesting, but I think you may want to go in and talk to them. They are a bit confused. I haven't told them anything yet.”

“I suppose your right.” she said. She led the Mysterious Jedi to a door to their right, and they walked in.

It was another office, and Knowitall took her seat behind her desk. She surveyed the group in front of her. “Mysterious Jedi already knows whats going on, but you, Beemuh, Diffuse, and Risk have not yet been informed. I assume you three have a lot of questions.”

“You can say that again.” said Risk. “The last thing I remember was having my throat ripped out by Mr. Drudge.”

“That's the last thing you remember, because you've been unconscious for a week. All of you have, with the exception of Mysterious Jedi. He was brought back right away, as his injuries weren't that bad. Slashspawn is an excellent healer and as it turns out, great at resurrecting people.”

“So then why are we down here,” chimed in Diffuse “instead of being welcomed back to our teams?” Beemuh nodded in agreement.

“I have taken this opportunity to create a secret task force.”

“Of course.” said Beemuh.

“Indeed. Seeing as everyone thinks the four of you are dead, you will make for a prefect secret organization. Hence-forth you will be known as the Guardian L.I.N.E.. Standing for 'Legion Including No Existence'.”

“What if we don't want to be part of this L.I.N.E.?” asked Diffuse. “What if we just want to go back to our regular lives.

“While I can't stop you from doing that, it would be detrimental to both the Legion of Guardians and the ArchSorcerers. I have already told them that you all died, we just had a funeral for you. If you come out now and say you are still alive, none of them will ever trust me again.”

“So you expect us to live our lives in secrecy?” asked Risk.

“Not at all, eventually I will explain your return, after you have accomplished something great. Something the Legion of Guardians will excuse my deception for.”

“What do you have in mind?” asked Beemuh.

“Well, already Mysterious Jedi has completed a mission. Since the tournament, the Avengers and the Justice League have brought their feud up a few more levels. I had Mysterious Jedi do some interference, under the name “M”, by getting Spider-Man to fight with Nightcrawler. Our aim here was to get the Avengers to go all-out against the Justice League, and end the war once and for all... Unfortunately my intentions, while good, were not as thought out as I had thought. It just seemed to escalate the struggle.”

“That sounds more like something a villain would do.” says Risk.

“I do not deny that my interference was a bad thing, but at least the result is that the war will end sooner.” They all stood there silently, thinking about their futures.

“Before you continue Knowitall," said Mysterious Jedi "I think you better explain about the other two people who died that day.”

“Who else died?” asked Diffuse.

“Mr. Drudge and Cydyak.” she said.

“Mr. Drudge must have been the one that killed me as well.” said Diffuse.

“He was killed seconds after you.” said Mysterious Jedi.

“Excellent. Wait... you didn't resurrect him did you?” asked Diffuse.

“Mr. Drudge disappeared after the tournament ended. I assume, being that he's a demon, he is still alive somehow. Cydyak is right outside the door, locked up in Vibranium laced chains.”

“Why the hell would you resurrect him?” asked Risk.

“He's my son as you well know, and I want to study Cydyak to make sure the son I raise doesn't turn out like that.” Knowitall responded automatically. They all stood there in silence. “While I have no immediate mission for you, I want you all to know a secret that only the Owner of the Chetradome and I know.” They all remained still, almost holding their breath in anticipation to hear this secret.

“The Earth itself may be in immediate danger.” Knowitall started. “From what the C.H.E.T.T. Industry satellites have shown, there is a small armada of ships on their way here, with a much much larger one hot on it's heels. I can only assume that his is a hostel alien race, with the first wave to take out any major threats, and the second to clean out all the rest of humanity.” Everyone was silent. “At the rate they are going, the first wave will be here by the time that the next tournament starts.”

“That's hardly any time at all!” shouted Risk. “How are we supposed to prepare for an alien army on the attack?”

“The Owner of the Chetradome and I have designed and manufactured a small army of 1000 robots armed to the teeth. I think they will be more than enough to deal with the first wave. We should only hope that the second wave will be disheartened enough by their defeat that they turn around.”

“That's not a very good plan.” said Mysterious Jedi. “But it's the only one we got.”

“We can only hope we hold them off long enough for the Justice League and Avengers to give up their personal feud, and help us.”

“That's why you wanted the war to be done with, so that they can help us defend earth?” asked Diffuse.

“Yes, but even if they continue to fight, they will more than likely drop everything to help us fight.”

“They must really be distracted if both Stark Industries and Wayne Enterprises haven't noticed this on their satellites.” said Mysterious Jedi.

“My concern exactly.” said Knowitall. “But there is little we can do right now. We just need to let the chips fall where they may for now. Until then I must encourage you all to be secret. If even one of you exposes yourself, you are all revealed.”

“Don't forget about the Code Names.” reminded Mysterious Jedi.

“Oh, thank you Mysterious Jedi. Right. I want all of you to adopt code names for the time being. Mysterious Jedi, you will be now known as 'Heat'. Beemuh, you will be known as 'Juice'. Diffuse, you will be known as 'Shift', and Risk, you will be called 'Gamble'. Sound good?” There was a general nodding of agreement.

“Good.” said Knowitall finally.

“Call them what you like, call them what you will, these secrets combined will make you grow ill.” Everyone turned as Lavinia the Manic materialized between Knowitall and the others, sitting on her desk.

“What on earth are you doing here?” asked Knowitall.

“We have never met before, unless I am forgetful, how is it that you know of me, and was our talk regretful?” Lavinia chimed.

“Your right, we have never met, but from what Mallow told me, you are unmistakable. Not to mention the rhyming thing.”

“You seem rather calm, my dear sweet child, you seem to expect me, and I thought I was wild.”

“You aren't predictable Lavinia, I just thought you would come to the funeral to pay your respects.”

“Well it does seem, like I made the right choice, for most of the dead, can all hear my voice.”

“Your right, everyone above wasted their time if they were there to mourn the loss of these four,” She indicated the men in the room “But if they were there for the Owner of the Chetradome, they came for a good reason.” The others didn't know whether or not to be offended by Knowitall's words, and settled for looking with interest at Lavinia.

“I am not here to mourn, converse, comfort, or fret, I'm here to talk to my niece, then I will be all set.”

“Who? Who here is your niece?” asked Knowitall.

“Wilhelmina Houndguard I know is her name. Please bring me to her, I must speak to the dame.”

“If you're Mina's aunt, that would make you Helena Houndguard's sister...and Ursula Houndguard's daughter.”

“You are correct, my new verbal foe, you know of my past, now come on, let's go.”

“If it's Mina you want to talk to, your going to have to promise me not to talk about what you heard here to anyone.”

“Very well Knowitall, and as you are now doing what I ask, I consider you a friend.”

“That's good to know.” Knowitall responded a little annoyed. You want to take us to the arena field?” Lavinia nodded, grabbed Knowitall by the arm, and they teleported to the floor of the arena.

The last of the guests were making their way out, some stayed behind to talk to one another. Both Mallow and Mina turned their heads at the sound of Lavinia teleporting. Knowitall and Lavinia walked quickly towards Mina. Mallow looked a little worried about Lavinia's appearance as he had only seen her once, and that was on her island. Mina on the other hand looked livid.

“LAVINIA!” shouted Mina. “You scum of a witch! How dare you show your face after what you've done.”

“Come now my little Mina.” said Lavinia. “It was just business.”

“What's going on?” asked Mallow

“Mallow, Lavinia is my aunt, she is the one that told my mom, Helena Houndguard, about your dad's silver locket. She is the reason why I was sent to take it from you all those years ago.”

“Really?” asked Mallow. “Lavinia is odd, and I only met her once, but she seemed reasonable at first.”

“Lavinia, whatever you have to say, you can just save it, I don't want to hear anything you spew out of your lying trap.”

“My mother and sister are gone,” Lavinia said staring at the locket on Mallow's chest. “You are the only family I have left.”

“Lavinia, I don't care if I was the last person left, I don't ever want to talk to you...ever.”

“If that is your wish, you ungrateful bitch, this is the last you will see of this witch.” Lavinia said as she disappeared.

“Now hold on a second.” said Mallow. “When I told you I had to go and see Lavinia the Manic, you never mentioned that she was your aunt.”

“I didn't realize you were talking about the same person. Lavinia used to be a brilliant witch about 100 years ago, it was only recently, after the locket was out of reach in the time bubble, that she really turned crazy. I never realized she adopted the moniker of 'Manic'.”

“That's kind of dumb.” said Mallow. “Lavinia isn't exactly a common name is it?”

“No, your right. Lavinia has been out of my life for so long, I just never thought about her. Even when you mentioned her name. She used to be my favorite auntie.”

“You have another Aunt?”


“What's her name, maybe I mentioned her.” said Mallow smiling.

“I'm sorry Mallow...”

“Well.” he said expectantly.

“Her name is unlawful to say out loud as it is also a spell.”

“Her name is a spell?”

“Yes, a death spell. If you say her name, and know the meaning of the spell, the nearest person to you will die.”

“Well, can I get a hint?” he asked curiously.

“Think about it Mallow. If your your magic could cast a 'Death' spell, think about what you would say.” Mallow thought for a moment, and realized what she meant. Her other aunt's name was 'Thead'.

“I see.” Mallow said. “If you have any more family members that I happen to mention, could you please let me know?” Mina laughed loudly and hugged Mallow. There was a cracking sound as Twitch teleported next to him. Mina released her grip rather quickly.

“Looks like everyone is gone.” said Mallow taking in his surroundings.

“It's getting late, at the very least, the ArchSorcerers should to go to bed.” Said Knowitall. There was mild grumbling from some of the ArchSorcerers, but they made their way into the sides of the Chetradome. A temporary place for the Legion of Guardian base while the base was under construction. It was just the Legion of Guardians and Knowitall left on the arena floor. They stood in silence. Knowitall assumed they were remembering the ones lost.

Suddenly there is a cracking sound as seven people appear in front of them.

“Good Evening” said Dr. Doom. “As you can see I have put my Masters of Evil together again, and as I'm sure you can guess, we are here to destroy you.”

“You must be insane to think you can take us all.” said Pyrian Lupus.

“Some of us may be insane, but we don't think you will be much of a challenge.”

“The Soulless Syndicate would tell another story.” said Mallow.

“Ha! The Soulless Syndicate, what a joke. If they are your standard for super-villainy then you are in for a rude awakening!”

“Why are you doing this?” asked Mina.

“We want Chetradome Island, it is the perfect Nexis for the Masters of Evil. And now is a prefect time to attack, as you won't get any help from the Avengers and the Justice League.” Dr. Doom seemed to be growing impatient now.

“We don't need any help.” said Mallow as he points his finger at the doors to the arena floor, locking the ArchSorcerers inside.

“Very well Guardians. Prepare for your demise.”

So Who Wins: The Legion of Guardians or Masters of Evil?







Knowitall: The nerve of these people attacking my poor husbands arena on the day of his funeral.

Titania: Hey, I heard that they were going to attack during the eulogy, but they decided because you two were interrupted during your wedding reception, it was only polite to wait until you had a moment to grieve.

Knowitall: hmm, well I guess that's something. I never thought villains could be so compassionate.

Titania: Don't forget that we are here to take over the Chetradome, and your unhappiness wont stop us from taking it.

Knowitall: Never mind what I just said...

Titania: Let's get this fight over with. The sooner the fight is done, the sooner I can pick out the furniture for my new living quarters.

Knowitall: Very well, but you don't have a chance against my Legion of Guardians. They have been training like madmen since the last battle. They never want to lose another team member again.

Titania: Better hope that training paid off, or they are going to lose more than a team member.

Knowitall: On the Legion of Guardians, a roster that seems to be ever-changing, we have Mallow, Mina, Pyrian Lupus, Twitch, Caine, Glacious Lupus, and SimbasGuard.

Titania: And on the side of the Masters of Evil is: Dr. Doom, Enchantress, Loki, Shocker, Rhino, Baron Mordo, and Lizard.

Knowitall: It looks like the line-up will be: Mallow vs. Dr. Doom, Mina vs. Enchantress, Pyrian Lupus vs. Loki...

Titania: Twitch vs. Shocker, Caine vs. Rhino, Glacious Lupus vs. Baron Mordo, and SimbasGuard vs. Lizard.

Knowitall: Let's start with Mallow vs. Dr. Doom.

Titania: Mallow wastes no time and shoots a white spell at Dr. Doom.

Knowitall: Dr. Doom waves his hand through the air and the white spell dissipates as if it were smoke.

Titania: Mallow quickly puts his hands together and a plume of heavy flames shoot out from it and at Doom.

Knowitall: Dr. Doom raises his fist and a section of earth shoots upwards in front of him shielding him from the fire blast.

Titania: Over to Mina vs. Enchantress. Enchantress smiles wickedly at Mina as if daring her to make the first move, something it appears Mina is willing to do.

Knowitall: Mina raises her hands and a fountain of Mental Metal shoots out and into the air above her.

Titania: The Mental Metal falls down and fixes itself onto Mina's back and waist.

Knowitall: After a few seconds the Mental Metal solidifies to reveal Mina's two metallic wings. That's new.

Titania: Over to Pyrian Lupus vs. Loki.

Knowitall: Pyrian Lupus wastes not time and charges at Loki.

Titania: Loki looks amused by Pyrian and makes no effort to move out of the way as Pyrian gets closer.

Knowitall: Pyrian pounces and aims his jaws at Loki's throat.

Titania: Loki stays still as Pyrian passes through him harmlessly. Looks like he made himself intangible for a moment.

Knowitall: Over to Twitch vs. Shocker.

Titania: Twitch makes no hesitation and teleports behind Shocker.

Knowitall: In a moment the collapsible katana strapped to her right wrist periscopes out and she makes a stabbing motion toward Shocker.

Titania: Shocker turns around and shoots a concussive blast at her chest.

Knowitall: Twitch goes flying backwards but quickly teleports behind Shocker.

Titania: Over to Caine vs. Rhino

Knowitall: Rhino wastes no time and charges towards Caine with his horn in a position to impale Caine on it.

Titania: Caine raises his hand and a rocket propelled grenade shoots out of his forearm.

Knowitall: The RPG hits the ground in front of Rhino and he trips and almost falls.

Titania: After a moment of balancing while running, Rhino is back on his track, it's going to take a bit more than that to unbalance a charging Rhino.

Knowitall: Over to Glacious Lupus vs. Baron Mordo.

Titania: The ground around Glacious begins to turn white as frost condensates onto it.

Knowitall: The cold seems to spread forward from her and towards Baron Mordo, the ground seems to crack as it gets even colder.

Titania: The ground around Baron Mordo begins to turn white, and attempts to catch a hold of him, but Mordo simply levitates off the ground to avoid direct contact with the ground.

Knowitall: Glacious seems to be frustrated by this and charges forward.

Titania: Over to SimbasGuard vs. Lizard.

Knowitall: SimbasGuard immediately bounds towards Lizard, who follows suit.

Titania: The two meet in the middle and immediately begin battle.

Knowitall: Lizard makes a swipe at SimbasGuard's face with his claws but SimbasGuard manages to dodge out of the way and strike Lizard's knees with his claws.

Titania: Lizard takes a step back and swings his tail at SimbasGuard, but SimbasGuard backs away just in time.

Knowitall: Back to Mallow vs. Dr. Doom.

Titania: Doom allows the wall of earth to fall into place again, but it seemed to give Mallow an idea.

Knowitall: Mallow puts his hands together again and fire pours from his palms.

Titania: It shoots towards doom again, but this time takes a detour into the ground.

Knowitall: After a moment the fire re-emerges from the ground and with it brings lava. Mallow must have melted the earth below and since he has power over both is using them together.

Titania: Over to Mina vs. Enchantress.

Knowitall: With a single flap of her new wings Mina takes to the air, and dives at Enchantress.

Titania: Enchantress seems a little fascinated by Mina's surprising fighting tactic but doesn't bother to move out of the way.

Knowitall: Mina opens her hand, still diving and a swirl of more Mental Metal appears in her hand and solidifies into a long sword.

Titania: Faster than blinking Enchantress is on the ground with Mina's sword in her belly. Mina must have stopped time during her dive.

Knowitall: Enchantress calls Mina a rude word and then begins to crawl backwards as the sword stays behind. The second the sword is free from Enchantress she disappears

Titania: Over to Pyrian Lupus vs. Loki

Knowitall: Pyrian skids to a halt after his pounce and whips his body around to face Loki.

Titania: Loki looks unimpressed.

Knowitall: Pyrian Lupus growls as he grows to 4 times his original size and bares his teeth at Loki.

Titania: Loki raises his eyebrows high as if to say 'I can do that too' and he does. Loki grows to the same size he was in relation to Pyrian before, but the two of them tower over the other fighters.

Knowitall: Over to Twitch vs. Shocker.

Titania: Twitch, who was flying backwards and proceed to teleport behind Shocker seemed to maintain her momentum of flying backwards when she teleported and ends up being thrown at Shocker almost knocking him down.

Knowitall: Shocker quickly shoots another most likely more powerful concussive blast at her. This time she doesn't teleport, but falls to the ground.

Titania: She regains her composure quickly though and gets to her feet, letting the katanas on both her wrists open up.

Knowitall: Shocker seems to be getting impatient, and maybe a little foolish for taking it easy on her, he shoots several pulses of his concussive blast each knocking Twitch back farther and probably knocking the wind out of her.

Titania: She falls to the ground, looks like she is out.

Knowitall: Shocker turns his attention to Mina.

Titania: Over to Caine vs. Rhino.

Knowitall: Rhino continues his charge, and Caine looks a little worried. No doubt he knows of Rhino's very strong horn and you can bet he doesn't want to test it against his Infragilisium frame.

Titania: As if someone accidentally set off an entire 4th of July firework display at once, rockets begin pouring out of Caine and at Rhino.

Knowitall: There are at least a dozen spots on Caine spitting rockets into the air, all aimed at Rhino.

Titania: The rockets begin hitting Rhino, the first few seem to not bother him, but as the explosions mount he begins to slow, and finally stops.

Knowitall: More rockets hit his near unconscious body as he falls to the ground.

Titania: Even if you have super durability, there are only so many rockets to the chest you can take before your down.

Knowitall: Over to Glacious Lupus vs. Baron Mordo.

Titania: Baron Mordo shoots a gray colored spell at Glacious, but she manages to dodge out of the way as she continues her charge.

Knowitall: She begins to breath ice breath towards Baron Mordo, and he begins to shiver.

Titania: Almost comically, He raises his hand and a winter coat appears on his torso, Glacious seems a little perturbed by this as she growls wildly.

Knowitall: Baron Mordo seems to be getting bored of this fight and shoots a pink colored spell at her, which she manages to dodge narrowly, but is hit by his second spell that she didn't see.

Titania: Glacious Lupus shatters into a thousand pieces...I assume she'll be alright.

Knowitall: Oh yes, she can reconstitute herself I believe.

Titania: Baron Mordo turns his attention onto Caine.

Knowitall: Over to SimbasGuard vs. Lizard.

Titania: Lizard makes another swipe at SimbasGuard with his tail, but this time SimbasGuard catches it with his teeth.

Knowitall: Lizard's tail in tow, SimbasGuard turns around then jerks his neck and back in a fashion to fling Lizard over his back and onto the ground where SimbasGuard pins him against the ground.

Titania: Lizard struggles to get to his feet, but SimbasGuard manages to keep him down.

Knowitall: In a quick flash SimbasGuard bites Lizard's neck. It doesn't seem like he ripped his throat out in any way, just left him with a neck wound to take care of.

Titania: SimbasGuard looks around for his next opponent.

Knowitall: Back to Mallow vs. Dr. Doom.

Titania: Dr. Doom shoots a ball of blue energy from his hands and it rockets to a point in front of him, then stops.

Knowitall: As the lava hits the ball it absorbs it into itself. Soon the blue ball is an orange glowing ball of compressed lava.

Titania: Dr. Doom makes a gesture with his hand and the ball of lava shoots towards Mallow.

Knowitall: Mallow doesn't seem to be able to control the lava that is shielded by Dr. Dooms magic, but raises his hands into the air.

Titania: Over to Mina vs. Shocker.

Knowitall: Mina takes to flight, her sword still in hand and dives at Shocker.

Titania: Shocker seems a little stunned that she would go for such a direct attack when moments ago he proved that direct attacks where not a good idea against him.

Knowitall: Shocker shoots his concussive blast upwards at Mina, presumably with the same force that he hit twitch with.

Titania: The wind is knocked out of Mina and she hits the ground with a sickening thud. That's gotta hurt.

Knowitall: Shocker turns his attention to SimbasGuard who was creeping towards him like he would his prey.

Titania: Over to Pyrian Lupus vs. Loki. Pyrian charges at Loki once again, this time Loki doesn't seem willing to let him simply pass through, Loki surely wants to get this fight over with.

Knowitall: Pyrian leaps at Loki again, jaws aimed at his throat just like last time.

Titania: Loki waits until Pyrian is in the air, with no way of blocking, and he raises his hand.

Knowitall: In half a second Pyrian is frozen solid and falls to the ground.

Titania: I didn't know fire could be frozen.

Knowitall: Apparently it can, but you can bet it won't be long before he thaws out.

Titania: Over to Caine vs. Baron Mordo

Knowitall: As if an army of honey bees where notified of a nearby flower patch many of Cain's still airborne rockets change their course from Rhino to Baron Mordo.

Titania: He is able to block most of them with his spells and shield charms, but it only took one to knock him out as it hit him with it's explosive power. He's out.

Knowitall: Over to SimbasGuard vs. Shocker.

Titania: SimbasGuard had been hoping he could catch Shocker off guard while he was fighting Mina, but alas, he was discovered.

Knowitall: SimbasGuard, putting caution to the wind pounces onto Shocker.

Titania: Shocker blocks SimbasGuard from his face by putting his hand against SimbasGuard's nose.

Knowitall: SimbasGuard's jaws snap menacingly as a panicked shocker tries to both keep SimbasGuard's mouth away from his face and close his fist.

Titania: After a few moments his manages it and SimbasGuard goes flying backwards through the air.

Knowitall: Shocker fiddles with something on his wrist and shoots another blast at the falling SimbasGuard.

Titania: I assume he upped the power level on his concussive blaster, just to make sure SimbasGuard would be out cold.

Knowitall: Back to Mallow vs. Dr. Doom.

Titania: A pool of water begins to pool at Mallow's feet as it looks like he is pulling it from the ground.

Knowitall: With a mighty gesture, the water forms a wall in front of Mallow and the ball of magic covered lava hits it.

Titania: An enormous cloud of steam billows from the water wall as the cool water evaporates from the lava, at the same time the lava is being cooled and soon forms a solid ball. Dr. Doom lets it fall.

Knowitall: Mallow raises his hands and a huge torrent of wind appears to be hitting Dr. Doom as he almost falls over, but manages to stand his ground.

Titania: Over to Caine vs. it looks like both Loki and Shocker.

Knowitall: It looks like both Loki and Shocker are left to deal with Caine, who seems to be all out of rockets.

Loki: Shocker, this guy has impressive armor and is impervious to magic, but I can sense that not all of him is made of Infragilisium. If you shoot one of your concussive blasts, I can magically guide it around his armor and circuitry and make it hit a vulnerable part of him.

Knowitall: Caine looks confusedly at Loki, obviously wondering how he knew all of this, and a little upset about the fact that he can do nothing to stop this from happening.

Titania: Shocker nods and shoots a concussive blast at Caine, The blast radius narrows as Loki's power starts to control it. It slips into Caine's armor and he falls over.

Knowitall: Poor Caine, Just got him working in proper order recently, looks like I have to figure out how to protect his weak spots better.

Titania: All that's left is Mallow vs. Dr. Doom fighting, both Loki and Shocker watch.

Knowitall: Mallow stops his wind attack and decides to shoot lightning at Dr. Doom.

Titania: Doom returns the lightning and the pair's lightning meets in the middle. Looks like we have a wizard lightning battle on our hands.

Knowitall: It certainly does. The only thing is that Mallow's lightning isn't what it used to be, I would guess this fight would have been over sooner had Mallow had his full power.

Titania: Why is he still relying on that power if doesn't have access to all of it?

Knowitall: I don't know. Dr. Doom's lightning overtakes Mallow's and he is electrocuted. One of the things Mallow lost when he lost his powers was his invulnerability to them. I'm sure he'll be alright though.

Titania: Well it looks like there are 3 Masters of Evil left and no Legion of Guardians, so that means The Masters of Evil won!

Knowitall: Yup.

Titania: And now the Chetradome belongs to us!

Knowitall: Not so fast. I've been developing something that I think will come in handy. When I press this button, everyone that does not have their brain patterns logged into my computer will be ejected from the Chetradomic plane. You will find yourselves in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Titania: Hold on a second!


Knowitall: There, the Masters of Evil are gone, now it's time to train these guys up again. If they can't even take on a team of super villains, they can hardly be called superheros can they? ...I just realized I'm talking to myself...

The Masters of Evil defeat the Legion of Guardians 12 votes to 5.


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