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Tournament 6

Tournament 6 has started, and is open for voting!

The first fight will be Supergirl vs. Ms. Marvel. So Who Wins?

We have locked in the final competitors for this tournament and here they are (picked by votes):

Unfortunately there were only 8 places open, and here are the ladies that didn't make it: Sakura (10), Mary Marvel (9), She-Ra (8), Vixen (8), Kairi (7), Zatanna (6), Big Barda (5), Sabrina (5).
Tournament VI - Supergirl vs. Ms. Marvel: Who do you want to win?
Ms. Marvel
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Tournament Bracket

Tournament 6 - Intro

Green Arrow: (Out of breath) Hello everyone and welcome to the 6th tournament here in the Chetradome.

Hawkeye: It's only been two weeks since the last tournament, but it feels like forever. You okay?

Green Arrow: Just had to deal with an assassination attempt. Don’t worry, it’s taken care of. As usual, a lot has happened in the time between the previous tournament and now, so we should go over some things before we get started.

Hawkeye: First being that you can save your questions and autograph requests for after the Tournament.

Green Arrow: What are you talking about?

Hawkeye: My movie came out last summer. I'm famous.

Green Arrow: I think you are referring to your brief screen time during Captain America’s movie.

Hawkeye: Yes. Everyone, give it up for the eternally-handsome and ever-heroic: ME!

One man in the audience: YAY HAWKEYE! WOO!

Hawkeye: See?

Green Arrow: Isn't that Trick-shot?

Hawkeye: Never mind that. We have news to discuss.

Green Arrow: Well, the first order of business is that Chetradome City is growing, at an alarming rate.

Hawkeye: Pretty soon they may have to limit the influx of people moving to the area.

Green Arrow: It seems that the city is attracting some brilliant scientists, both noble and shady. You see there is very little in the way of laws in Chetradome City. Scientists are allowed to do experiments that they may not be able to do in other countries.

Hawkeye: Interesting. I wonder if that will change any time soon.

Green Arrow: We will have to see. You can bet that Knowitall has been busy with being CEO of C.H.E.T.T. Industries as well as interim Mayor of Chetradome City.

Hawkeye: Perhaps she should delegate some of the work out to others during this difficult time.

Green Arrow: We will be going over to Knowitall in just a few moments. Right after we go over a few more changes.

Hawkeye: Certainly. Well it appears that the tournament as usual is quite the destination for many of our guests. People tend to become overzealous when it comes to buying tickets and trying to be the first in line.

Green Arrow: Just a few hours ago two of the Chetradome Island Ferries docked at the same time on the far side of the island. One was carrying a horde of visiting Imperial Stormtroopers.

Hawkeye: The other was carrying a large squad of Starfleet Security Personnel.

Green Arrow: Both seemed to be in a bad mood from the long ferry ride, and had little patience for the other group trying to beat them to the Chetradome.

Hawkeye: A battle ensued. Of which the CCTF robots were too late to put an end to the fight.

Green Arrow: There were no survivors.

Hawkeye: On a happier note, the Green Goblin will be making a full recovery from his fight that took place at a nearby classified location named Winter Rose.

Green Arrow: Glad this classified location has an easy to remember name that you just told everyone.

Hawkeye: Of course! Anyways, he had been healing in the Chetradome city hospital for what seemed like years and he has joined us here in time to watch the Tournament.

Green Arrow: …great.

Hawkeye: I think that is all we need to cover up here for now. Over to Knowitall, who has a few words for the Guests and the Legion of Guardians.

Knowitall: Thank you Hawkeye and Green Arrow. A few things I need everyone to be aware of. I absolutely need everyone’s attention, and I need no one to panic. First, I need all Consulate of Spells officials to return to the Consulate immediately. There is a force attempting to take over the building as we speak. It sounds like they are taking advantage of the distraction the tournament provides. Those with skills in conventional magic are asked to help as well, though you are under no obligation to do so. Those governed by the Ministry of Magic are told however that the must stay put and not get involved in this matter. Anyone else, without a magical background would be advised that you will be no match for the force that they are battling.

Mallow: My dad and Azgo are leaving now, but Mina and I are licensed by the Consulate as well. Would you like us to go too, considering the other danger we face?

Knowitall: Yes, you and Mina need to go, but leave Pyrian and Glacious behind. Not to worry, my next announcement is good news regarding what I told the Legion and Archsorcerers earlier.

Green Arrow: Beric, Azgo, Mallow, and Mina teleport away from the Chetradome.

Hawkeye: I hope that whatever they are about to face is within their magical wheelhouse.

Green Arrow: If they are calling every Consulate member to arms, it can’t be good.

Knowitall: The second bit of news I have may come as a shock to some of you, and to others it will be a bit of a relief. Until a few moments ago, myself and my experts were convinced that we were about to be invaded by an extraterrestrial force. Now that the force grows closer we are able to see that there are no weapons aboard. Whatever they are after, they come in peace. At least, that is the hope. We should be able to come in contact with them soon, though it is hard to say exactly how soon. I will keep you posted. SimbasGuard, since the threat here is now minimal, plans have changed. Instead of being on the ready to fight an alien invasion, I want you to lead the CCTF robots in their security detail. I will give you any vantage point you like, and this custom headset to command your squads.

SimbasGuard: I’m on it.

Knowitall: As for the rest of the Legion of Guardians and ArchSorcerers. Your mission is the same, save for the members without counterparts. As Mallow, Mina, and SimbasGuard are off the table for the time being. You four will meet with me right now. I have something special for you to do. Back to you Green Arrow and Hawkeye.

Hawkeye: Thank you Knowitall. It is good that everyone is now on the same page, and we can get these fights underway.

Green Arrow: Saphira is making her way onto the field now, along with the two competitors for our first match: Supergirl and Ms. Marvel.

Hawkeye: With exception to the respective magical and intergalactic emergencies, I would say that we are off to a great start.

Green Arrow: I would have to ag---. Uh, SimbasGuard? What’s going on?

SimbasGuard: Hello Green Arrow. You wouldn’t mind moving your chair over a bit.

Hawkeye: What’s going on? What are you doing?

SimbasGuard: I was tasked with finding the optimal location to monitor the CCTF, in order to adequately direct the actions of my squads.

Green Arrow: And that’s where we’re sitting?

SimbasGuard: That’s right.

Green Arrow: You kind of just pushed Hawkeye and I aside, and planted yourself between us.

SimbasGuard: That’s right.

Hawkeye: This will be great. The two of us, SimbasGuard, and his friend will make for great banter.

Green Arrow: Who is this you have with you SimbasGuard?

SimbasGuard: This is Wintara, a representative from Snowstone, Siberia. She is here to meet with Knowitall in regards to some C.H.E.T.T. Industry drilling operations encroaching on her homeland. Once the chaos dies down around here, I will make the necessary introductions.

Green Arrow: Siberia is a long way from your usual haunts.

SimbasGuard: I am aloud to have acquaintances outside of the Pride Lands and the Chetradome.

Hawkeye: and China?

SimbasGuard: grrrrr

Green Arrow: And in a galaxy far, far away?

SimbasGuard: GRRRRR

Green Arrow: Alrighty, now is a great time for a transition if I ever saw one. Over to you Zatanna and Spider-Woman.


Tournament VI - Supergirl vs. Ms. Marvel: Who do you want to win?
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Fight #1: Supergirl vs. Ms. Marvel


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